Friday, February 1, 2008

Hold that Thought, I've got to go to the Al Qaeda.

The first thing I want to say is that there is no Al Qaeda; not in the way we understand it to be. The only Al Qaeda ever found is this one here and given the fact that there are now more Al Qaeda outlets than there are McDonald’s makes it all the more absurd. On Friday, unknown gunman attacked the Israeli Embassy in Mauritania and once again it was Al Qaeda. A bystander said the colors were melting from the flag flying from the getaway car.

Al Qaeda means The Toilet ...think a little people and add this in to what we know about 9/11.

Over the last several days four underground cables have been cut in the Middle East. You can read about it here . One was also cut that linked UAE and Oman so this gives us four cables. Guess what? Ships dragging anchors caused this in every case. At no time in the past did four major cables get cut at the same relative time by dragging ship’s anchors and now four have been cut just like that. Can you say “three high rise buildings tumbling into their own footprints in one day?” I thought you could.

Iran has virtually (pun intended) no internet at the moment and there are many countries whose internet and telephone are seriously disrupted. See anything about this in the whore press? Nada...

It may or may not matter who wins the White House- out of the likely suspects- this November but you can be sure that many an ugly will bump in the night of this endless year because it’s just easier with the present set of blood-stained clowns. That’s right, the United States and the world are a legion of frightened Boy Scouts running from a fifty foot John Wayne Gacy. He’s got a set of handcuffs in one hand and a massive rotating sexual device in the other and he sounds like Mick Jagger saying “Peace brother’s and sisters.” during the mob pandemonium at Altamont while he beats the stage with his studded leather belt and launches back into Midnight Rambler on top of the pentagram painted on the stage.

Does anyone want to tell me how an organization being controlled from some non-existent Pakistani mountain fastness can be in contact with it’s satellite outlets in every country of the world and recruit faster than the Mormon’s and Scientologists put together?

Sometimes it seems to me that if there were just more common sense going around most of this bullshit would be the fodder of comics and no one would take it seriously. The fact is that common sense isn’t very common. You throw in a little fear; you season it with suspicion and the threat of want and loss and you’ve got a dish that can turn a pretty green planet into a dark blue nightmare at a moment’s notice.

There’s no Al Qaeda except maybe for people who support the idea of an Al Qaeda which got cooked up in the CIA media labs and then given more international airplay than Bob Marley. Bin Laden is dead and gone and you have to be bone deep stupid not to know by now. Why the hell would they need to fabricate all of those video tapes if the real thing was still running around loose? Then you have to ask why the first thing the administration did after 9/11 was to spirit all of his relatives out of town.

Now we’ve got the Sibel Edmonds report and the news about Philip Zelikow and it’s as clear as clear can be that everything we see and hear is being manipulated to bring into being a world that no one wants to live in except neo-cons and Al Qaeda; who doesn’t exist.

We know that boat anchors didn’t cut those cables. We know that one boat anchor might have cut one cable someday, somewhere and that it might have cut two cables right next to each other but it damn sure didn’t cut four cables in all those different locations. So why did ‘they’ do it? You might as well ask why Israel won’t tell the people cleaning up the cluster bombs in Lebanon where they dropped those bombs at no matter how many times they are asked. You might as well ask why torture people who couldn’t know the answers to your questions since you are the ones who did the things you are torturing them for the information about. You might as well as ask yourself why you go along with all of this. You won’t get any answers and if you do you won’t like them.

I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake people up but if it’s even possible to happen you are going to see it this year. Mikhael Aivanhov was a great disciple of Peter Dunov from Bulgaria. He lived most of his life in the south of France and some of that during the Nazi regime. He once said, “When God comes to wake you up, he first gently shakes you on the shoulder. If you do not awaken he shakes you harder. If you still do not awaken, he picks up a two-by-four.” These times are just about your two-by-four.

It should be crystal clear to anyone with even a borderline intellect that those chosen to serve us and those who usurped the process by which we pick those who serve us, are the biggest enemies we have. I get all kinds of bullshit letters from people who tell me there’s nothing we can do; who tell me that my distaste at what is happening is part of the problem, that really wise minds like theirs have the proper dispassion to see that this is all just a mental projection and everything’s okay. I’m glad that your pristine sense of detachment allows you this unique perspective.

One of the things I like about Ron Paul supporters is that they know lies when they see them. They are from every political persuasion and every walk of life and they all have some idea that things are not what they should be.

Let me say it again; there is no Al Qaeda, Bin Laden is dead and besides he was a CIA asset, 9/11 was an Inside Job and no boat anchors cut those cables. The same swine coalition of bankers and politicians and military and corporate interests are behind every bit of this with the drag queens of the established church throwing flowers in their wake.

Did you really imagine that they were through yet? Did you think those swaggering bullies at the airport check in with the rubber gloves dangling from their belts were Buddha’s in disguise? Did you not wonder why you couldn’t wear your t-shirts anymore and why every single thing you say is now suspect if someone wants to suspect you? Did you not wonder at Blackwater and all of the incremental international and local injustices taking place every day? Do you not wonder why every member of congress is a concubine with their face pressed into a pillow and their ass raised into the air? Did you not wonder at the marks on Bush’s face? What’s it going to take people for you to realize that they are not done at all yet?

I know a lot of you have watched action movies and thrillers and you always imagined that you were the bronzed model doing all the tumbling and rolling and firing from the hip. I hope you’re in shape because they’re about to call you on to the set. It’s a little different being a hero when they drag you out of line and it’s not a movie anymore.

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Anonymous said...

How the atmosphere would change if the msm gave you just an honest segment of time.

Push-ups and target practice. Time for the slaves to make a stand, Lets greab our guns and send them running.Turn an empire back to stand.


Visible said...

New essay here;

Anonymous said...

Once again, Les eloquently speaks the "unvarnished truth."
THIS is Al Queda, the real Al Queda,
and as in the Jan. 30 essay, THIS is the face of the true psychopath in Bushamerika. This is going on everywhere. Coming to a FEMA camp near you! Posted on rense today:

Anonymous said...

Not only are your opinions on our current situation dead-on accurate, you're a damn good writer. I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

I like and practice non-cooperation with all that I do not like following Mahatma's example

Visible said...

in the words of Michael Rivero

In the days leading up to 9-11, the FBI shut down Muslim websites across America, silencing the voices that would have spoken out against the propaganda blaming Arab Muslims for 9-11.

So now we see the websites in the Middle East being cut off from the entire world.

And the Superbowl is this Sunday!

annemarie said...

After reading only the title of this essay, the headline, and before reading the essay, if you will allow me, dear Les,

let me post this link to another fantabulous writer whose essay I only discovered a few hours ago:

here's the link:

It's called "The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy", and it really is superb. I post it here because I feel that it will deeply resonate with your most sincere readers.

Thank you Les.

Now, back to your essay to give it the care/attention I (already) know it warrants.

Love is in the air :)


nobody said...

Bravo Les,

Your ability to draw a bigger picture is peerless.

We're real close now, huh?

Anonymous said...

Like old man Bush said, "If the people knew the truth..".

For the same reasons, former US government agents were wondering why the heads at the CIA kept some of the worlds largest drug traffickers and cocaine kings out of prison.

Now the same type of ruthless people are in Iraq, all over the Mid-East. America has now turned professional hitmen and serial killers into a fully funded cold-blood killing industry.

America has morphed with it's subbasement demons, into a powerful Beast with many heads. They no longer fear the light of day and is so large and arrogant, they know only God can destroy them now. It has easily subdued the American christian and the elite thinkers, it fits the description of the ruler in the last day's who wants a mass war of death and destruction. And is building up to it, with the help of China and Russia.

Anonymous said...

" . . .every member of congress is a concubine . . .".

Hmm, Houses of Congress. Why not Houses of Concubines ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les
I"ve been reading you for a month now and agree entirely with your analysis. The 'Cable Incident' is just truly amazing.... What action do you think we should be taking...

annemarie said...

While reading, so that I can keep track of my thoughts/feelings:

Les? Yes!

Am soooo happy that you see thru that Jagger-meister. What a fokker! Thank you.

Those cable stories? Funny how they aren't all over the "cable" news, huh. No, it isn't funny haha. Not in the least. It is funny / curious. Aint it though!

Yes. John Wayne...Gacy.
Hmm. Fuck!grrrr

Blood-stained clowns? And who could wonder why children run and scream in the presence of such clowns. I don't wonder about those things. !

Sometimes it seems to me that if there were just more common sense going around most of this bullshit would be the fodder of comics and no one would take it seriously.

Was just having a conversation with a good friend (who also reads and sometimes posts here btw), topic of common sense. And it was said that no one would ever need political "correctness" if common sense were common! Word.

Geezeus H! A two-by-four. And with a nail in it! You know, just for effect ;)

"pristine sense of detachment". Just another way of saying sterile, dead, lifeless, uncaring, frigid, cold, heartless... Yup. That's what they are. And they are going to pay, big time for this un-caring. They don't know or think about this, but it's inevitable. As sure as the sun does shine. I do not envy them. I envy them nada.

Holy fuck! I just finished reading this piece. I am speechless.

Long may you roll Senor V. Long may we roll and rock and sing and dance (along) with you :)

I love you man. You are amazing. annemarie

Anonymous said...

We now realize war , scandal and corruption are a fact of life. After all, the bible does tell us that Lucifer is the ruler of this world. One of his own (American funded) once said..

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death"

-Adolf Hitler

annemarie said...

Love may be (is) much closer than you think :)

Anonymous said...

Dude Al Kayduh iz real and, unfortunately, they ate my homework. Al Qaida gets blamed for everything these days, and that's got me wondering. I mean, how do they know if some "perp" with a towel on his head is part of the alleged terrorist organization or not? Do they all have the same tattoo or wear the same ring like the idiots that worked for SPECTRE in those old James Bond movies? Come to think of it Al Qaeda is an awful lot like SPECTRE, isn't it? They never seem to run out of money. They never seem to run out of henchmen. Is there a suicide bomber outlet store in the Middle East that I'm not aware of? There's this great scene in On Her Majesty's Secret Service that is Al Qaeda to the max! Bond has disguised himself and penetrated the location of Blofeld's latest caper and it's this itty bitty little space-age resort house at the top of the Alps. They have aerial shots galore of this place in the movie and, although it's all very breathtaking there's no disguising the fact that this place cannot be gigantic, even with the supposed underground chambers. So anyways, back to the scene...Bond has been discovered and captured but he manages to escape and takes off on skis in the middle of the night. Naturally Blofeld realizes that he's flown the coop and orders his thugs to give chase. Now here's the Al Qaeda soon as he gives the order you're treated to the sight of a small army of ski-clad goons launching themselves out of the tiny ski lodge hell bent on giving pursuit. It's like "where the hell were all of these guys hiding"?? Did Blofeld have a walk-in closet someplace where he could cram them in like sardines until he needed them? WTF?? You Only Live Twice is also very Al Qaeda-like in that in this movie we're expected to believe that SPECTRE could construct a base capable of launching manned orbital rockets inside of a dormant volcano on an inhabited Japanese island without anybody knowing about it. Think about it. The scope of such a project would be daunting even without the absolute need for secrecy. I would venture to say that such an endeavor would be completely impossible to achieve, and that's why it reminds me so much of Al Qaeda. They seem to turn up in the unlikeliest of places and they supposedly manage to pull off their lethal assaults without the aide af a single government or covert intelligence operation. Bullshit! Absolute nonsense. They're supposedly stronger than ever but how is that possible when there isn't a country on the planet right now that would willingly allow them to set up their infamous terror training camps? Seems to me that the cadre of capable thugs ought to be dwindling by now if that were true. Al Qaeda, like SPECTRE, is a fiction, a fairy tale if you will, and meant to frighten the children into going to sleep. Sleep long you children and dream the dream of vanquishing this latest boogieman, this ultimate foe, who can hide anywhere and appear everywhere. It's a foe that will require a mega-trillion dollar defense budget if we're to have any chance of defeating it/him/them. When it comes time to explain to your children why you can't afford to send them to college you can always tell them that Al Qaeda ate that money, along with my homework.

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to get a perverse sense of satisfaction watching people swallow load after load of media churned neo-con spooge. I should talk though, I have no clue who is playing in the stupor bowl. I'm just glad they're not playing here in Tampa.

Anonymous said...

For the past five years, I've wondered mainly about one thing -- when is the sh*t going to hit the fan? When will decades of evil planning come to fruition, and the paradigm of what constitutes the 'norm' be changed forever?

It looks like the plotters are indeed entering their end-game stage. I don't think that 2008 will end before major manufactured catastrophes change the way that virtually everyone reading this blog lives.

Anonymous said...

Les, Aivanhov's quote is like the fresh scent of napalm. You would hope that people would catch the scent and wonder, but apathy rules the day in this nation.

As stated earlier, too much of 9/11just never added up. If we can agree on nothing else as a nation, we certainly can come to terms with the idea that the event was THE audacious moment in our national consciousness. It is one of those rare, non-personal events in which each of us knows precisely where we were when the planes hit the buildings. And yet...

We have never ever seen detailed footage on major media outlets of that day. We have never seen replays that benefit from retrospective thought. Heck, I still see more on JFK's assassination than I do of 9/11. An intelligent person would think that such an incredible event would be examined and re-examined in the years since the "attack". Instead, we merely are reminded of the attacks by a reporter's words. If a conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words, well, the silence has been deafening.

How can the CNN's, the FOX's, even the CBS's NOT have done long, retrospective pieces about that day? One would think that each subsequent 9/11 at least would have programming that detailed the event, but such has not been the case.

And I wonder why. I'm left only to ponder.

Perhaps too many viewings of those planes would drive more people to wonder how 18 young men who had only box cutters could commandeer these planes. Perhaps there would be questions as to how these men--who, if reports are accurate--could not fly single engine Piper Cubs, could fly airliners at 350 miles per hour and bank turns with ease. Perhaps viewers would ponder why 35 air national guard bases stood down. Perhaps viewers would wonder about the structural abilities of these skyscrapers.

And as you said so well, Les, perhaps they would wonder how a man who ws holed up in a cave could direct such an incredible event. Certainly, this type of event needed some sort of "inside" help.

A free and open press would have asked these obvious questions. They'd have continually shown footage and asked questions like "How" and "Why". They'd have pressed for answers and featured many experts who simply doubted what was being fed.

With that in mind, how can we call this a free press? How can we say that the press is not taking its orders from somewhere else?

I don't know who was behind 9/11. I'll never know who, beyond the idea that it was an incredibly powerful and rich entity. This event was meant not only to push a personal agenda, but to advance man's greatest impetus--the impetus of fear.

That 3000 people were sacrificed that day is mind numbing. That 4000 more men and women in the military have also been sacrificed makes me believe that someone in the military is on board, as well.

This is not my America, friends. Any entity that can engineer such a massive, spectacular event can steal a piddly election.

Anonymous said...

Les, tptb are rubbing our face in it.
And wtp are letting them do it.

Anonymous said...

*** Victory~~! Bravo, This is (a part of) the Truth !*! SCHAKE HANDS ! ! ! From ,The Netherlands I wish all American resistants GOOD LUCK! and fair fight And NOW, MOVE ! ! Your commander in Chief yours, Paul van den Akker. Dordrecht The Netherlands EUROPE ! !***-$$$ (- is minus)

Anonymous said...



I noticed at least two posts from readers that obviously got the link/reference from Mike's WRH site.

My only comment to them is that it is admirable to direct others to those links; but don't write in the attitude that you are some sort of revolutionary when in fact all you are doing is parroting something you saw on another site. You are doing no research or activity on your own. (preaching to the choir as it were)

Research, compile, ask questions to your heart's content; but don't use a "comment" area on someone's blog to express your self-indulged wannabe prowess. You aint shit until you do the following....

1) register a domain name

2) build a website - if you can't do it yourself I really can't imagine you won't be able to find someone who can.

3) start spreading the message to others sans bullshit. A very good example of that is the site you are currently viewing now...


Unknown said...

Graphic and gory - as is the US today. Truth hurts - but the lying has been deadly.

And note: thank you for mentioning Aivanov - tremendous teachings there, though he, like Ron Paul, gets very little coverage.

Anonymous said...

This is the best post I've read on here, and unfortunately it's all true.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thought Les before I retire for the night...

I really do appreciate your linking to one of your songs at the end of each article. I'm sure many others do as well, I've just never seen it mentioned before.

Please keep up the good.

annemarie said...

You might not be aware of this, but I just happened onto a white supremacist site and on the page was a blogroll and smoking mirrors is included on this list.

Here's the link to that hate site:

I'd found it by reading a comment by Henry Makow at Rense. And now I remember why I can't stand either Makow or Rense. Both neanderthals.

Anyhow, thought you'd like to know this.

Anonymous said...

No, you stupid, “Al Qaeda” DOES NOT mean toilet in the Arabic language. Where on earth did you get that from? Israel!!!?
Al Qaeda in the Arabic language means:
- The foundation of
- The base provided for a structure to be built upon
- The pillars to hold a structure
- The bases of laws” (constitution)
- The bases of a language” (grammar)

If you fools can not look up a word properly, how on earth are you going to liberate your country from the Zionists? I wonder!!!

Anonymous said...

FAX from the US Navy to most of the Middle East:

Dear targets...uhh "friends"

Sorry about cutting those Internet cables. We were only trying to fasten some uplinks onto those cables and well, hey, you know how undercover work that is underwater can go.

We needed those uplinks so our president, vice-president, the Israeli PM and oh hell, just about anyone who is anyone in DC and Tel Aviv can get 24/7 intelligence reports from the ME. We're looking for something, just what that is, we don't know.
But as soon as we find what it is we don't know we're looking for, we'll reply with the usual bombs and missiles.

Again, sorry about the interruption. Soon, you'll be back online reading your email....

And so will we.


That nation of freedom loving people


Anonymous said...

Hello from Pennsylvania, I agree, this is the year we must use the knowledge we have acquired over the last six years. Below is a comment I sent to BBC's "Have Your Say" responding to the story -- German foreign minister Franz Josef Jung wants troops out of Afghanistan.

Here is your assignment: get a picture of the Pentagon on September 11 2001. Now, find the following: a large hole in the side of the building, two small engine holes, a vertical tail mark, 100,000 Kgs of airplane debris. Use a picture taken before the building section collapsed. Compare that with pictures of World Trade buildings 1 & 2 and their wing marks and holes. Now, explain why NATO is fighting Afghanis.

Visible said...

The literal translation of "Al Qaeda" is "The Base" (as in
'database', but in Arabic slang 'Al Qaeda" means toilet!) [1]
"Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet".

sockmonkey said...

the powers that be are one step ahead all the time. they are using all the census info we hand them constantly through the use of cards : credit, special membership, discount, on line polling, personal communication they track our behavior after applying different types of stimulus in order to build a data base which in turn is used to predict our behavior and expose future truoble makers. i would assume its just like weather forcasting which leads to weather modification. a little stimulus here and watch the sheeple run.

they have been perfecting the process (ww2, ibm and the holocaust nonstop census, behavior experment) they know who you are what you do and when you do it and what you will do next, just remember who invented the inter net. they got us to hand them everything.

Anonymous said...

The world of humanity has never experienced the joys of world government ala the dark side. The dark side has ruled this nation or that satrapy before the last century but not the whole world at once. If it doesn't have outright control of every nation, nations not directly under its heel are indirectly controlled.There isn't much we can do to fight this "beast" (read beast of Revelations, "who can fight the beast")Though the "beast" threatens and is accomplishing world domination it can't dominate your spirit unless you allow it.

Your choice is to live your life as you see fit or to be manipulated into the pretzel shape of the ordinary citizen who is paying no attention to the man behind the curtain.

One thing that won't happen before the sounding of the end is that the majority of people will understand what is happening to them or how it came about. The events that brought us to this place in time also included some equally bad education or should it be called deprivation of education. It wasn't education/deprivation without direction either. It was a planned ignorance bomb. Can you imagine the chaos if suddenly the whole world of humanity came awake. Think about your personal path to awareness of the activities of the dark side. First you go through denial, then anger, then terror, then accumulating weapons (I'll beat those skunks at their own game), then acceptance (after realizing that gas, water and electricity can be turned off, food can be withheld, electronic weapons can be aimed at and used on you and your neighborhood, county and state, your neighbors will turn you in for a scrap of food and an hour of heat per day.....oh haven't got to acceptance yet? Okay then.

Though you may be aware of the darkness that almost everyone else is ignoring, you are most likely unaware of the purpose of your humanity. Don't look there. Nothing to see there. Move along. Only a small disaster. It has nothing to do with why you are in the awkward position you are in. Continue to ignore it.

It doesn't matter to you though because you are all wrapped up in what you are all wrapped up in and thats all you see. "To a worm in horseradish the whole world is horseradish". Old Jewish proverb.

I could harp, and I do, about this but there is the small matter of a lacuna/scotoma to deal with. I can't deal with it unless it is my own. I'm busy everyday with pulling the giant redwood out of my eye. Whats in your eye? See, you are watching your wallet when you might be keeping an eye on your eye. What lense filters your reality and who put it there? Try removing it, then a little eyewash and things don't look the same. So you feel you need some panic meds, be careful not to sedate yourself too much. Better get a wiggle on. Getting low on time.

For help: It may not be "Ghost Busters" but it is the best help you can get. Remember to remove your filter before reading the material. The prejudice element of the filter is put there to keep you from seeing things as they are.

Anonymous said...

In last post: "sounding of end" = the end of the corrupt world order. It won't go quietly nor will it go with out trying to take you with it. It will be only partially successful and you personally aren't going to have a whole lot to do with its failure.

Do you see things as they are? Maybe you don't. Remove all filters and splinters, a full time job, and have a good look. Then ask, why do I exist? Oh yeah! Now your heading is toward the core of your problem.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't usually see too many mouthbreathers around here. I'm thinking Les included this because it's funny and now has a new segment of bottom feeders to filter.

Speaking for everyone here let me say I'm impressed by the all caps feature. That's a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

These cables
Should we not be outraged that this has been done by one of our western 1st world governments?
I am!
An investigative team should be on the spot, now, to find out who did this thing to the world.
Forget your 3000 people being killed in a fabricated attack. What about this.
This has been done to all of us! Blatantly by one of our own! Jump on the bastards. We surely have satellite imagery of it being done. Nail them now!
Let's start to put these people where they belong - in jail.

Anonymous said...

So some "hate sites" link up to
Smoking Mirrors. So what? A lot of them link up to Ron Paul 2008 as well. A lot of them are federal listening posts. The defunct Aryan Nations in Idaho had more undercover feds and informants and RCMP most likely than ex cons and dupes. Such places are bankrupted by Morris Dees and a synogogue or tolerance centre goes up in their place... these places are useful for the Zionuts. When I lived in rural Idaho not ONCE did I see a skinhead. I met a lot of libertarians, greens, even ex-Diggers who moved there just to be LEFT ALONE. N. Idaho is also a playground for Republicans playing golf at their third or fourth homes during the summer. Don't think the rich don't know enough to have their own redoubts to flee to when the shit hits the fan here!
And Jeff Rense is NOT a "neanderthal."
Arabic is a hotch potch of dialects, many mutually unintelligible. In anthropologist Carleton Coon's "Caravan," (1951) indispensable in understanding that part of the world, his fluent Moroccan Arabic was not understood in 'Iraq; the words had different meanings, so his speech provoked much laughter. So a sort of pidgin lingua franca was employed. No doubt words from classical Arabic then take on "slang" meanings.

Anonymous said...

Cranston, we can't all be chiefs. This movement really needs some Indians. Look at the Ron Paul campaign. It's dominating the internet but languishing at the precincts. What does this tell us? Internet alone will not sway enough minds to the truth. I've stated on many comment sections the need of a single page pdf newspaper with columns contributed by vanguard truth writers, xeroxed by the Indians and disseminated to the public. The de facto newspaper should contradict the MSM's take on current issues and provide the URL's back to contributing columnists. Cranston, perhaps you or someone reading this who can see the value and are capable of bringing it to fruition will do so. I am not able to at this time.

AnneMarie you are not completely deprogrammed yet. Patrick Grimm is not a supremacist by any definition. You should know labeling people is a technique used to dismiss them without hearing them. If you find certain people's information erroneous, double check and make sure you are not the one in error. Labeling people as Neanderthals is your way of saying they are beneath you and your social circle. The enemy loves to partition people and divide them against each other. Question everything, label nothing, avoid organizing, make the enemy catch us one by one. Stop making the game easier for them.

kikz said...

i'm not takin or makin bets..

just some data points. on 3/3

1919: orig date of founding of League of Nations, later morphing into the UN.

1950: Russian spy Fuchs, brought to Britian aftr WWII, arrested for passing nuclear secrets.

1959: Buddy Holly's plane crashes, The Day the Music Died.

2005: Alberto Gonzales appointed AG

so, Phoenix (site of superbowl) AZ, is a nice non-strategic target, containable, surrounded by desert, won't interfere w/major biz ops. big audience, big bang for the buck. more tv's on...than on a cloudless tues morn in sept.

so.. will the phoenix again burn & rise from the ashes, after the day the music dies (first home nuke)?

i dunno.....

the cable situation is worrisome also. SOP setup, knock-out enemy coms.

if we took a hit, it would automatically be blamed on iran... regardless of any associated illogic.

lebanon, iraq and israel still "online". but from a mil standpoint, no matter.. sat-coms.

so we shall see.

sockmonkey said...

cable cuts?

1 "chop off its head so it will stay on its knees" Bruce Cockburn

2 delay, hasten? collapse of global economy

3 genocide mosoul?

4 cover for some ops

5 drunken sailors

Anonymous said...

As the internet and communication was being shut down in the middle eastern and Indian business arenas, gold was soaring. The Friday morning Hong Kong, Tokyo and Indian markets were on precious metals fire. This would have triggered a mad dash into commodities when the US markets opened. Das iss verboten. Your IRA and 401K must ride Yahoo, Google, Intel, etc to the bottom.

Those cables were not cut to silence the bloggers, they were to shut down flight from the dollar before the weekend. A bad Friday on Wall Street, given all of the other horror show fundamentals, would have completely wrested control from the sticky fingers of the market manipulators and capital would have fled like a crack head running from a 7-11 with a fist full of twenties from the cash register.

Fear not. The masters of the universe shut down the major "problem" markets without a single cluster bomb. Just stop all electronic fund transfers from the key markets. Anyway... something like that went down. Perhaps it was oil related. Whatever, the banksters were at the root of it.

The Friday gold COMEX session was the most blatantly orchestrated take down that I have ever witnessed. When gold breaks out, the dollar is finished. They are dancing as fast as they can to keep the illusion afloat a little longer. Apparently it is still a bit too soon to pull the plug.

nobody said...

kikz you evil genius,

If only you could overcome your sad lack of murderousness, you'd be a shoo-in as a Bilderberger.

Anonymous said...

- Dance of the Dead

I've just come back to check on the comments and I think DotD's idea of a single page pdf that could be handed out, left around, posted on a wall could be a viable idea. Because of the sheer volume of potential stories it should carry headline paragraphs and the links!. Giving people the ability to not just read what's really going, but also the ability to check it out for themselves with internet links is a transformational advantage. How come our glorious Free press here in the Free West don't already do that? (sarcasm)

I'd also suggest that there was no 'official' version How could there be? But a Pro-forma pdf page, with a recognizable title/layout could be posted to a site allowing people to trawl the net, add a para or two - and provide the links that lets people check if they want! - then print and distribute.

I know little about setting up such a site, but I do know some about typesetting, and if anybody wanted to go forward with such an idea, I'd help where I could.

Visible said...

Hi Folks;

Due to the traffic at this site it is to be expected that I am going to get a certain amount of ad hominem comments and occasional troll offerings. I also get some posts that want to identify whole groups of people; races, colors, religions as being uniformly evil.

As long as a response is not completely pointless or on fire with that sort of suppressed rage which we all know about and which is really just venom looking for a target, I tend to put it through. I'd say these comments add up to about 2% of what comes in and never more than 5%.

I've got a policy that those of you with more than the normal amount of anger, or suffering from a deeper degree of denial should know about. When you submit anonymously that tells me you are either afraid or not willing to stand behind what you say. So... if you've got a criticism it is far more likely to show up here if you put your name behind it and I can determine that you are who you identify yourself as.

I think everyone can see that there is no point in letting anonymous night riders use this place as a grafitti wall.

I've got nothing against being criticized. I would be hard pressed to learn anything if I was. Therefore, keep these things in mind and... if sometimes your comment doesn't show up there are two reasons; sometimes comments don't come through and sometimes it is because you have nothing useful to offer and don't appear to exist either.

This site is blessed with many an articulate and intelligent reader and it's probably as important to what happens here as anything I might have to offer and I intend to keep it going that way.

I've put through a few as examples of what I've gotten; leaving aside the more virulent and vituperative just so others can see what shows up sometimes. I may still do that now and then. Still, if you want to be heard, be a person behind the message. If you don't care enough to do that then I don't care enough to see that you are heard.

I'd like to thank the large majority of you who make this place a delight for me and whose contributions are very often the equal of anything that I do. I'm sorry I can't get into running exchanges here. I hope the posts themselves speak for what I have to say. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Welll my friend i am with you.
If you want to make a change show me how and i will help you.
Am Samir dallasheh from israel and am sick of this bullshit and share the same opinions as you (you're information is accurate but its believed that bin ladin is buried in iran... am not sure though ).

This is good but people don't go believe this topic immediatly first if you want to bring a chance to a socity you have to stop beleiving everything you see on the news (not everything is fake though ) and start being open minded and surfing for the more important stuff on the web (rather than spend years playing halo games online... :P )Its very important to inform the people we care about as well about the online pages we incounter that give us this information(don't go try to explain to every one you see what you believe in they will just laugh... just direct them to the pages... )

Anonymous said...

visible 9:40 AM
Your brush strokes colour each of us differently.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Middle East Undersea
Cable Cutting A Zionist-NeoCon
Covert Operation?
By Dr. Richard Sauder, PhD

In the Middle East in the last three days, there have been several undersea, international communications cables that have been cut. On Wednesday, 30 January 2008, two major, undersea communications cables were cut off the Egyptian coast, in the eastern Mediterranean. (1) The story has received prominent play in the international news cycle. Various explanations have been floated in the mainstream news media as to the cause - the most popular culprit being a "ship anchor". In any event, communications in the region have been severely disrupted, all the way from Egypt to India, and most points in between.

Then on Friday, 1 February 2008, an undersea cable in the Persian Gulf, running between Oman and Dubai, was also cut "causing severe phone line disruptions and compounding an already existing Internet outage across large parts of the Middle East and Asia" according to the International Herald Tribune. (2)

There was also a report on Friday, 1 February 2008, of yet another undersea, fiber optic communications cable between Suez and Sri Lanka that has been cut. The reporting is a bit confused; however, given that the Persian Gulf is geographically distant from the Suez, this appears to represent a fourth undersea cable that has been cut. (3)

So let's see if we can figure this story out. I will say up front that I am well and thoroughly skeptical of the "ship anchor" explanation that has been so prominently advanced in the mainstream news media. Yes, ships do sometimes drag their anchors and dragging anchors can cause damage, true enough. But to have three undersea cables -- or is it actually four cables? -- cut in the same region in just a two day span, strains credulity; the more so, when we look at how the damage has played out across the region.

Two countries in particular stand at conspicuously opposite ends of the continuum of communications disruption.

1. The website,, reports that as of Friday, 1 February 2008, internet traffic routing through/from/to Iran has been cut to zero. Packet loss is 100%. (4)

2. Whereas CNN reported on Thursday, 31 January 2008, that internet traffic to Israel has been unaffected because Israel uses a "different route". The same CNN article also reports that Lebanon and Iraq have been "spared the chaos". (5)

So, the sudden, unprecedented round of undersea, communications cable cutting in the Middle East leaves Israel and Iraq still connected, while completely shutting down the Iranian internet.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

As it happens, the two actors in the international arena in recent years whose rhetoric has expressed the most animus for Iran are the United States and Israel. They have also been by far the most bellicose, Zionist-NeoCon propaganda notwithstanding. Israel and the United States have repeatedly committed military aggression against other countries in the region, and have made many thinly veiled threats of war against Iran. In this decade, the United States has militarily invaded and occupied first Afghanistan, then Iraq, where its forces remain, bogged down in bloody wars of attrition. In the same period, Israel has bombed Syria, bombed and invaded Lebanon, and placed the Palestinian territories under a merciless blockade/occupation/assault. Parallel with these international war crimes, the United States and Israel have repeatedly rattled their sabres against Iran.

Which brings the discussion back around to the instant spate of undersea, communications cable cutting in the region that has uniquely brought Iranian internet communications to a complete halt, while sparing Israel, which has a different internet route than any of the cut cables, and Iraq, where the American military occupation is bogged down.

As it happens, the U.S. Navy has for decades had special operations teams that go out on submarines and deploy undersea, on the seabed itself, specifically for cutting or tapping communications cables. The U.S. Navy divers go out through special airlocks and use very sophisticated equipment. This has all been thoroughly documented in the excellent book, Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage, by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew (New York: Public Affairs, 1998).

For the uninitiated it seems bizarre and unlikely, but the plain fact of the matter is that American military divers really go out onto the seabed from special submarines outfitted with airlocks and they actually cut undersea communications cables-- then patch in sophisticated surveillance equipment -- then they splice the cables back together. That is if the motive is espionage. If the purpose of the operation is garden variety sabotage, then simply cutting the cable suffices. It's like something out of a spy novel thriller, but the U.S. Navy really does have submarines and deep diving, special operations personnel who specialize in precisely this sort of operation. So cutting a few undersea cables in two or three days is well within the operational capabilities of the United States Navy.

Couple this little known, but very important fact, with the reality that for years now we have seen more and more ham-handed interference with the global communications grid by the American alphabet soup (NSA, CIA, FBI, HoSec) and major tel-comms. Would the tel-comms and the American military and alphabet soup agencies collude on an operation that had as its aim to sabotage the Iranian communications network, even if that entailed collateral damage to other countries in the region? The honest answer has to be: sure, maybe so. Who can really tell? I mean, after all, we are living in a bizarro world now, a world of big and bigger lies, a world of 24/7 propaganda, a world of irrational and violent policies enacted against the civilian population by multinational corporations and military and espionage agencies the world over. We see the evidence for this on every hand. Only the most myopic among us remain oblivious to these realities.

In light of the American Navy's demonstrated sea-floor capabilities and espionage activities, the heavy American Navy presence in the region, and the many veiled threats against Iran by both the Americans and the Israelis, suspicion naturally falls on them both. It may be that this is what the beginning of a war against Iran looks like. Or maybe we are merely seeing a dry run, a practice run, for a planned, upcoming war against Iran. The cables that have been cut are among the largest communication pipes in the region, and clearly represent major strategic targets.

Whatever the case, it is crystal clear that we are not looking at business as usual. On the contrary, we are looking at distinctly unusual business, that much is obvious.

The explanations being put forth in the mainstream news media for these several cut, undersea communications cables absolutely do not pass the smell test. And by the way, the same operators who cut undersea cables in the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea and possibly the Suez as well, presumably can also cut underwater cables in the Gulf of Mexico or Great Lakes or ... you see my point. This could be a multipurpose operation, in part a test run for isolating a country from the international communications grid. Iran today, the USA tomorrow?

What's that you say? I don't understand how the world works? That kind of thing can't happen here?

In any event, if the cables have been intentionally cut, then that is an aggressive act of war. I'm sure the Iranians have gotten that message, and are actively making counter preparations against a possible imminent attack. I'm looking at the same telegram as they are, and I know I would be, were I in their shoes.

kikz said...

another factor...

Iranian Oil Bourse to open soon. i'd forgotten about that. also, the dilinking of USDollar from Reserve Currency Status for oil trading.

hasan declue's money angle shouldn't be neglected in our discussions, or guesses at which chess-piece will be moved where .

as we all know... money shares the top two, along w/ motive for these events.

why thankz noby >:)

nodz to tzun tzu; it is always beneficial to understand the motivations and mental machinations of one's enemy. (waist bow)

kikz said...

typo on earlier post.. "this day in history" data correct.. but my typo is "3/3" instead of 2/3.

hmmmm. ok.. so..
aftr a conversation w/hubz... who's been in telcom for over 20yrs, and knows some about internet vs telecom traffic.

most big biz, anything strategic, has sat-com.

cable cuts are not an effective means to sever coms, even to just joesixpak user. due to the selfhealing/redundant nature of the net (darpa's entire purpose) the control points would be routers, not the cables. so access to and trashing the "routing (traffic fwdding ) tables" from/thru Cisco or Juniper, would knock it out. peer to peer routers gone.. net gone.

notably.... these BFR's (big fukin router) vendors, are the only vendor entities to have survived the telecom meltdown back around '99 & '00.

cable cuts... red herring?

Anonymous said...

stop that train i wana get off,
got heirlooms? got ammo? get the ropes. great work!
gets ya all sorta fired up inside, ya know.
personally i'm sick of these losers and the subhuman program they are running,just must round them up,before they do any more damage.

Anonymous said...

what do you want the sheep to do?

i hear ya and all the other websites, nobody offers solutions, just bitching.

what are we supposed to do? tell us please.

make another website?
write to our congressmen?
talk to our neighbors?
get in the streets?

all has been done, no effect.
sheep mostly dont read these sites
congressmen dont care
neighbors think your nuts
people in the street think your nuts

mass media wont cover it so it aint happening, right.

so... what?, what would get real results
because anything else has been just been nothing but useless.

i need to know



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