Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and the Weight of Empire.

To say that I was surprised would be an understatement; when I heard Ron Paul was scaling back his campaign and closed out any possibility of an independent run. WTF?
You see, I had assumed his candidacy was not his own but that it belonged to his supporters; that he was just the standard bearer. Suddenly... just like that... lights out. It sank under the radar the same way his campaign stayed off the radar and everything just kept going on the way it was going on.

Then I see that Dennis Kucinich backed off of his impeachment effort, shortly after a visit from AIPAC and sundry. Word has it they guaranteed his seat in the next round. Was his seat in danger? Does that matter? Did this visit influence his choice? I don’t know that either. What I do know is that there is no honorable reason for him to have backed off. Either he had his price or someone told him they knew where his family lived. I don’t buy the re-election support thing. It sounds like something they cooked up to hide the offer he couldn’t refuse.

I was attracted to Ron Paul for two reasons; dismantling the so-called Federal Reserve and cutting off aid to Israel. I didn’t think his Dr. No persona would be very effective in the White House but it was a good place to start from. I’ve read so many untruths about Ron Paul that I have to wonder if the people making these statements are reading the chronology that I have read or just pulling their opinions out of that place where the sun don’t shine. One wag of a zealot actually said, “They keep making up excuses for his support of Apartheid Israel” As far as I know... and I could be wrong... that isn’t true at all and I never saw hide nor hair of that sort of activity but I’m not omniscient.

One of the things I didn’t care for about Ron Paul and don’t care for was his timidity in the face of uncomfortable truth. Yes, he spoke out on the war and common issues like the economy and he had some positive, radical ideas but when it came to 9/11 he danced out of the way. I allowed for how that might be a good idea at the time because he was running in an election. I thought, maybe after he is elected he’ll open the gate. One thing keeps disturbing me though. You would think as smart as he is and as smart as some of his supporters are that he should have addressed all of the issues from day one because it was always very unlikely that he was going to win so why not use the campaign to focus the world’s attention on something that is the lever for all of the rising fascism of the day?

Dennis Kucinich presented himself as a knight in shining armor defending the honor of the American people. You can’t just put on your metal suit and go out and have a few practice rounds with sword and mace and then say, “Man, I’m tired, I’m going back to the clubhouse.” I was always leery of him and that’s been cleared up now.

When Paleolithic Barbie Doll, Nancy Pelosi slid into the speaker seat one of the first things she said was impeachment was off the table. Wouldn’t you think that members of the Democratic leadership would know more about what’s been going on the last seven years than I do? It appears not. I don’t think in all of American history that there has ever been a more damning case for indictment than this. The crimes of this administration would make Stalin proud; given that it was visited upon a people considered the freest in the world and given that Stalin’s weren’t free to begin with.

So... it goes without saying... or it should go without saying that there is a mystery here when a tractor trailer load of skunks collides with a sewage tanker on Main Street and nobody smells anything.

Somebody is putting on the long arm. Something is pressing closer and closer to some Big Kahuna of an event that’s connected to a row of dominoes. In the Rand Corporation they’ve bio-engineered an Archduke Ferdinand and as we speak stage hands are guiding him to the podium. Because... look at the progression. Look at the quiet bowing out and the careful stepping back from every opportunity to speak truth to power.

Scan if you will the ranks of entertainers of every stripe with name recognition; scan the religious world, scan the scientific world, scan the political world, scan all the worlds and what do you find? Sometimes you find silence. Sometimes you find smirking contempt. Sometimes you find that evasiveness usually born of fear. Sometimes you find indifference and sometimes hostility but seldom do you find the natural indignation that should be the first response of any human being at the evils practiced upon a nation from 9/11 until the present day.

It falls to the bloggers and independent news sites alone to carry the standard. Is anyone, anywhere else saying anything at all? Maybe I’m just not seeing it. I want to.

Is my reasoning faulty? You see, I’m drawing the evidence upon which I base my conclusions from actual recorded events. I look at the PNAC manifesto and then I see 9/11. Then I see major inconsistencies in the 9/11 story. Then I look at cui bono. Then I look at the likely suspects who also have left enormous pecker tracks across the crime scene. I’ve tracked Bin Laden’s history and associates. I know he’s dead. I’ve looked at the increasingly draconian measures taken against the ordinary citizen and the blatant manipulation of fear for profit. I’ve looked at the wars and the lies and the “step by step, inch by inch” all the way to “Niagara Falls!”

Meanwhile I have studied our leaders in every field and what they have said and done in these years. I’ve compared that against events and I’ve compared events against their words and deeds and lack of words and deeds. It’s like I went to sleep one night and much of the worlds people were replaced by Stepford Wives. This fear of standing forth and speaking the truth... isn’t anyone going to come forward and tell us what they were threatened with?

By now there can no longer be any question that there is a group of temporally powerful people who fancy themselves a global elite who are, in reality blood sucking weasels that hide from the light. See, I’m not afraid to say it. Why should people far better placed than me be afraid? Is it because of the placement? Do they fear the loss of their job or their income? Is this more important than their integrity and honor? Did they have none to begin with? I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t sell my ass to a master who held me in contempt just so I could continue working for him. And by the way... a lot of us see this you sad fools. You can prance around in your appearances of fame and power and wealth but we know you are bought and sold like cattle. It must be a bitter pill to trade all that makes you human for a cruise through the wreckage. We may not have much but we are richer than you will ever be. We still have our souls and our humanity.

I wish someone could explain to me what it is that made being a whore a job market plus and a social climbing accessory. Sometimes I am thinking that this is the very generation of vipers spoken about in that book that’s utilized as a baseball bat with nails studding the head.

I wouldn’t be much surprised by anything now. The one thing I do know is that no matter how bad it gets these blood sucking weasels will fail and when they go down so will all of their ticks and fleas and sycophants. You can’t kill the human spirit. It will come back. There is something unquenchable within it. Call it what you will. These are quite simply dark times ...but we carry our light with us.

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kikz said...

kucinich.... who knows.. the wife could be a "honey pot".

i put nothing past anyone.

dr no. can't give away that the game is rigged.. cuz then there would be no game. ugly riots in the streets... they'd come for us all w/nooses.
i'm sure this has been calmly and quietly explained this to him.

i'm sure he and kucinich both have been shown, just how close "the blade" was..... to them/theirs.....on numerous recent occasions, just for clarity's sake of course.

it won't tip, til there's nothing left to lose.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Les.
Type into your search engine "sustainable earth population" and read some of what comes up (I know you have probably done this already).
I read somewhere, just recently, 500,000 million was the max. number of people this Earth could sustain.
As I say read some of the top results. Frightening if true. 1 bn is quoted in some of these papers.
It could be like ‘global warming’ and all of the death and destruction to come will be for naught!

Anonymous said...

If a microchip controlled population is their goal, I wouldn't be surprise if our politicians were the first to undergo the transformation. I also want to know what the price was for their last inch of integrity.

I'm not for prophecy, but this all reminds me of a passage from Terence Mckenna on one of his psylocybin induced trances:

"I saw a planet covered with a society of slave worker machine symbiots. I saw the life of North American society running through several hundred years of upheaval and political change. An image like a great animated war planning board. The dualism of facism and democracy hung around America's neck like the albatross. Again and again nightmare police state fascism would sweep like a foul tide over the aspirations of the people, and again and again the subtlety of the people would organize around the stupidity of the oppressor and rise in wild and bloody revolt to again secure the space of a few generations in which to inaugurate attempts at democratic social justice."

It doesn't take an altered state of consciousness to see this path laid out for us.

sockmonkey said...

it does seem like the bottom feeders have been given a glimpse behind the curtain.

correct me if i'm wrong but aren't they running a shadow goverment as we speak. that's probably where rummey, rove and the rest resigned to.

two things that make me wonder.
the space station "lab",cern.

growing viruses in zero gravity and playing god. wtf

Anonymous said...

Yes sockmonkey, Rove in particular. You can be sure that his 'skill set' wouldn't be shelved; they will be making specific use of that creeps 'special talents' for sure

Anonymous said...

Like you, Les, Ron Paul was very much a voice in the wilderness to me. I hpped on his bandwagon last August and watched the contradictions multiple: a man who apparently captured a great following via the internet and a man who was scourged by the mainstream media. His constant motto made clear that he was in it until the end.

And now this. Pardon me for feeling somewhat foolish today. I even contributed to his campaign. Now, I feel as I did in the months and years "Pre-Paul", that no one cares and that the stolen election of 2000 was merely the launching point for the all out attack on what was left of free thinkers in the United States. You see, the election measured just how far our nation would go in professing its outrage.

Al Gore was outraged. Cynthia McKinney ws outraged. And where the government was concerned, that was about it. What transpired in 2000 would have caused revolution in other nations. In America, the populace simply turned the page. What we've watched since has simply been dominoes. More incidents that come and go in the media's consciousness and more events that draw the ire of a segment of the population for a day or so, and then disappear. And those in government know this.

Your comments describe a "conspiracy" going on within our government these days. Perhaps that conspiracy was always there except now, things are a little more overt. Most certainly, Matt Taibbi's latest article in Rolling Stone details the cowards who swept into power as democrats last year. I'd lump Ron Paul in with them.

The difference in America of the 60's and of today comes down to one word--apathy. The average American doesn't want to get off of his ass. And nothing is real to him unless it lands on his doorstep.

Perhaps a McCain win--something that is grotesque to me and now something I believe will happen thanks to rigged elections and both racial and gender prejudice among voters--will awaken some from their comas. More war, more thug police officers and a return to the draft will do that.

Viva the revolution.

Visible said...

Hi Iron Man;

See... thousands and thousands of pweople worked their asses off for Paul. Ordinary people from all over contributed money; even friends of mine. I hate to think of the disappointment in the face of this, 'no warning fading into the sunset' thing.

He was in the vanguard of a lot of hopes and dreams. Shouldn't he have bought a nationwide commercial to explain and to thank all of his supporters? There's something very weird here.

Anonymous said...

You hit upon something I wondered a few months ago in Paul's campaign. Here is a man making millions via his "special fundraising days" and "special fundraising periods" and yet, why no national television and radio spots that would seek to offset the general lack of knowledge as to who he was?

A former trainer once told me that in a fight, "if you are going to hit someone, hit 'em to kill 'em." No pulled punches, and no half-assed efforts, especially in something which you have a passion for--something that is life and death.

Paul made us feel that this campaign certainly was life or death. He made us feel that our voices were not coming from the fringe of American society but were reflective of our remembering just who we are.

And Les, I wondered this in the days after the 2000 election, in the days after 9/11, in the days leading up and immediately after the Iraq invasion, after the 2004 election...and most certainly now...why are there no voices of the people? Why are all politicans and media "playing nice" where Bush and Cheney are concerned? Where are the "stand up" guys who'll tell it like it is? Why are so many people "fighting nice."???

We see what they did to Al Gore, to Dan Rather, to John Kerry. They humiliated these people--heroes of the armed services, and political and media "straight talkers". I have to wonder--like you do--in a nation that watched a president get impeached for thinking with his private parts--just what is going on here? I believed in Paul because I thought he saw things in silent lucidity. Wow, was I wrong.

Thanks Les.

sockmonkey said...

ron paul march ????

first shipment to the doomsday seed vault

the only thing that will save us is to get brittney back in her trailer stat

this reality oscillating out of control. anti m anti m help!

Anonymous said...

Some tricks for elimination of competition or silencing dissent have ingenious surprises in the playing out, others are merely formulaic such as:
Offers that can't be refused.
The test of human character is the ability or failure to remain steadfast.
None of the strategies for destruction can work unless the victim has somehow overlooked a forgotten vaccuum for exploitation though old habits of thinking its untouchable, especially in the civilized world, especially when the applause of cash speaks approval.
Nothing is untouchable. There is no depth low enough, no device for pain not impossible. Take note icons, lie with dogs and you'll get fleas sure as the day turns to night.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Ron Paul, maybe things aren't exactly as they seem. I just came across this little tidbit:


Anonymous said...

RP2 had his chance to alter the course of history during the Fox News debate, and declined. Just today, I read of another engineer who said the towers were exploded. This was the chief electrical engineer at the World Trade Center complex.

We are now, smack dab in the middle of the largest psychological experiment of all time. All possible outcomes have been wargamed. At this point, the damage to our social structure from recognition of the level of corruption necessary to pull this off, would be immense. The USA might devolve into a civil war or worse. We just don't know.

I'm in the dark as to why so many people have remained silent. Sure, they might have photos, threaten their families, or assure them they'll never work in this town again, but it seems there's something more. Tony may be on to something regarding sustainability. This population bomb was entirely the result of a one time endowment from fossil fuels and is absolutely not repeatable, nor sustainable. Perhaps the evil ones have a plan for unwinding it, I don't know.

sockmonkey said...


Anonymous said...

All the way. So long as we carry within us the spirit of justice, truth will prevail. 911 still sits deep within my heart as if he happened an hour ago. What makes me and many like me, so very angry is how 911 was called for by the very people who sit in the Whitehouse staff and continue to use all our fears and ill spent anger to carry out the destruction of other lands and destroy our good name. They will not succeed in blinding us into submission much longer. God knows how many Generals and soldiers and politicans are coming out now to warn the public the enemy is within. The eye that sits on top of it's pyramid scam, represents what is hidden from the publics view. The blinding light of evil. When one redirects his focus, the truth is often revealed.

Anonymous said...

The truth will set you free. If you skirt around it you may end up in a dismal pit. Is there light in the midst of darkness "of coarse there is, for without the darkness there would not be light"...At the end of the day we all know who/what rules.

Thanks Les, keep the synapse fired!

Anonymous said...

What Ron Paul shows us is that there will be no voting ourselves free from the vampires. Forget playing the system. Now, there is only one way out, and that is by the gun. The monsters in La Cesspool Grande, Jew York, London and Tel Aviv have nothing but contempt for us and will never listen to us unless we shoot them. Unless you get off your knees and fight for your life they will create their world prison. Then it will be like Orwell's 1984. No escape. Unless men get that into their heads the situation is just going to keep getting worse.
You cannot avoid it and there is no running away.

Anonymous said...

things are going on behind the scenes all the time

have you seen the new video by seymour hersch


but i did want to make something perfectly clear

it was near a month ago where Bin Laden's Son was interviewed with his girlfriend and wife. (see Huffington Post)

I hate to say this, i don't believe for a minute that he's NECESSARILY dead.

this is the hard part, did anyone question Bin Laden's Son to see if his DAD was alive.

AND, did he look like someone who was mourning his Dad's passing away?

you know the War on Terror is a farce and a crock of sludge when they toruture 'joe arab public on the street' but DON"T even bring Bin Laden's Son in for questioning


the guy and his family are worth buku bucks, oil bucks

not everyone can get emails 24/7 - But i do think Impeachment is on the edge of being implemented

what is the choice left to the nation? I think they'll ALLOW it to begin 'just to see what it dreges up' and they'll hold their noses and cover their eyes, because they have sent their very OWN flesh and blood to die in Iraq and Afghanistan

the vast majority of those people believed they went there to defend New York City and the 911

yes, they did

now they all find themselves in utter shock and in historical cross hairs

pull the country together

get these bums into the courts

or the international courts, the Haugue will do it for us

what is worse? if the haugue does it. (period)

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, as always. I feel toally betrayed by Ron Paul. I donated to him before the Nov 5 money bomb, on the Nov 5 money bomb, on the tea Party money bomb, on the 51st aniv. money bomb. Now the organizers are starting a "media company". Ron Paul was bought off, and the elections are fixed. I feel sorry for people who do not own gold or silver. They are toast.

Anonymous said...

Truth and the human spirit might prevail, but it won't be with the current batch of Americans.

We're too fat, too indolent and like our "Dear Leader", way too incurious.

We're getting our just desserts for decades of knowing more about which team won last night's Big Game instead of knowing what in the hell was going down in the fetid halls of justice and government.

We Americans are like the proverbial frog, that was set in a pot of cool water and didn't notice that someone was turning the temperature up until his skin was boiling.

That is our current fate and short of a repeat of "Bastille Day", American style, i don't see either our generation or the next, gathering enough wits about us to jump out of the pot.

Welcome to Occupation in the country formerly known as the Democratic Republic of America.

Where you'll learn to enjoy that iron heel smashing into your face.

Anonymous said...

Well - with Dennis. His brother was found dead 1 month before he dropped out. Plus remember Perot, when he suddenly dropped - he cited that he was forced to do so to protect his family in press conference. These people are responsible for the death of a million Iraqis - probably everyone on 9/11 - what's another couple people to them.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like either Ron had his price, or someone did tell him they knew where his family lived. I expected the guy to stay in to the very end regardless. He could have brought down the republican party if he ran a 3rd party ticket, although we'd end up getting hillary or obama then. http://www.iamsooverme.com

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Thank you for writing it.
What you say speaks for the thoughts of many of us who also saw Pelosi and Reid and others suddenly Stepforded, to everyone's astonishment.

Someone who truly did speak loudly and sincerely was relegated to village idiot status, Mike Gravel. Gravel has cojones that won't quit, but they effectively marginalized his voice to where he is silenced.

What is happening? Is the mind control device now fully up and running in DC? But even those who also are not afraid at times to speak, like Rocky Andersen, are quieted.
The silence is scarier than the proffered noise of prattling about meaningless issues, those fringe moots like abortion and gay marriage that comparatively are a tiny thorn in an elephant's backside. The silence is like something out of a SciFi movie when the attacking aliens have altered normal physics.
'Follow the money' is the standard in crime investigation. But either there is an ungodly amount of money, or something stronger than simple greed has taken over. I don't get it. Does the Second Coming refer to Christ, or Lucifer?

We should all be concerned.

Anonymous said...

Les, love your postings but this one is off the mark. This morning Dr. Paul sent this out to meetup members:
Ron Paul continues to carry his message; however misinformation is rampant, another way to create confusion around the direction of the revolution. Don't lose faith, Dr. Paul is not betraying us, but many dark forces are continuing to deny his message to the masses and his supporters. Rumors today during the Virginia primary kept swirling saying he had dropped out of the race, certainly something the MSM would love for us to believe, since there has been a virtual "verboten" to mention his name. Even his website has been mysteriously difficult to reach on too many occasions for coincidence.
Plan for a mass march before convention to rally a force of change.

Anonymous said...

we all know we are getting stiffed but ron is'nt out he's still having a go. march on dc before sept this year is what utube is saying and there's 1 more for you americans go the strike on april 15 your tax time ,no work no buy anything see what happens. should frightin the shit out of them.have a go ya mugs.

Anonymous said...

How are they doing it?

I think we're seeing the effects of the last 20 years' Information Technology on the intelligence "services". We used to say back in the 60's and 70's that 'they' had a 10 year lead on technology. Just imagine what such a lead represents. At the end of the 80's a mobile phone was the size of a car battery, now it's the size of a credit card and way out-performs capt Kirk's communicator.

Every single electronic communication in the world for the last decade has been intercepted, cross-referenced, evaluated, integrated and acted upon, in real time. The circumstances, ambitions, motivations, psychological drives and leverage points are available for to therm for each and every one of us. Nearly all of us do what they want, and still think it's of our own choosing. Film-makers, policemen, politicians etc, etc...

Films like the Matrix are deliberately showing us a truth, in a hollywood sort of way. And their purpose is to draw all the emotional energy of any resistance wtp might make. You may know the film is an enjoyable fiction, but many parts of your unconscious react as though it were real.

The entire point of almost all film is the invoking of a massive emotional release and relief when the lone hero overthrows the baddies. While you may see what's going on in the 'real' and, if asked, condemn it, your unconscious say's "it's OK, It's been dealt with, never mind, someone's on it, It's ok, it's ok". Your emotional drive and motivation has been neutered.

Anger may be an unpleasant emotion. But it is there to make you DO something.

Abandon Hope! The shit has already hit the fan. Abandon hope and let us try to deal with what faces us and salvage what we may.
Abandon hope! but do not abandon your sense of humour, your humanity, or your belief in miracles.

All the best

Anonymous said...

And Les,

I think disagree with you about the inevitability of their fall. The Dark Ages were quite deliberately introduced by the Christians and their owner-drivers. Thousands, and more likely tens of thousands of year's of our true history destroyed for ever, learning and understanding an offense punishable by being burnt to death Everything turned into a pile of shit. Apparently for the sole purpose of being able to sit at the top of the pile of shit. For century after century, without technology. And they are going to bring us the Darkest of Ages, unless there's a miracle. Like in the hollywood movies.

Abandon Hope And get on with facing what is truly in front of us

Oh, and don't let's be too depressed. Remember, at least we can tell our grandchildren - "We were There when civilization peaked".


Visible said...

Yes... thank you. I was aware that Dr. Paul had not dropped out of the race which is why I said this-

"To say that I was surprised would be an understatement; when I heard Ron Paul was scaling back his campaign and closed out any possibility of an independent run. WTF?"

Still I found it very odd that a bold and unmissable message and statement did not preceed the small anouncement in the newspaper about his scaling back his campaign and at the days that passed with no word; that I could see.

I believe in Dr. Paul's message let us hope this did not harm his base. I'm very curious about what to me sounds like very bad management. A lot of rank and file people have put a lot of time and money into his campaign the least they are owed is information.

Anonymous said...

The sustainable earth population mantra is probably the worst and most vicious deception of the global elitists.

Western Europe is probably the most populated area of the whole wide world and still it can easily feed its population.
And while western Europe is the most industrialized area of the world, it also has become an economic region with the lowest over all pollution of air and water.
Anti-pollution-laws and progress in environmentally friendly technologies have made this possible.

Another fact proven by every country which has come to a level of a reasonable safe and decent living standard for its majority population is this:
The birth-rate of any nation always stabilizes when it´s people have enough feed and clothe themselves, live in stable housing and peaceful social conditions with the reasonable expectation that their children will grow up to have children of their own.

Economic and social instability leads to a higher birth-rate and in spite of hardships eventually to a higher population. We can see this in European and American history. And we can see this in current events in developing countries.

The over-population myth has been created and is being reiterated by a Malthusian elite afraid to loose their positions of power.

sockmonkey said...

if ron paul is going to march on dc he needs to do it on aug. 10 and give a speech from the old post office at sunset.

tell the world the terrible truth, the beautiful lie

Anonymous said...

Another amazing interpretation of the current state of affairs Les.

So now that the last hope (Ron Paul most of us believed we had has shown he will not continue on his quest; where do we go from here?

As I have feared for a long time there can be no leader who will give humanity back it's true freedom. Any leader will eventually become corrupted by the power they obtain, in my opinion.

When will people open their eyes?
When will people get so mad that they cannot stand the obstruction os justice anymore? When will people realize that if they do not protect the people they love no one will?

Maybe I have just lost all hope that we will not have to fight to regain our freedom. Am I the only one?

Ronnie D. Traywick Jr.

Visible said...


It's kind of like the 'signs and wonders' thing in the Bible that attends the coming of teh false prophets and the 'deceiving of the very elect and so forth. It's a lot of appearances and the point is to make you lose faith and embrace dispair. The battle has already been fought and they lost. We are living in the echo. It will materialize in it's time. Ignore appearances. All will be well.

Anonymous said...

Les, it's more than the false prophets and the deceiving of the vey elect. You have famine, plague (AIDS), pestilence, volatile weather.

The signs are all around us, and that comes from someone who used to scoff at such things.

I used to wonder who would fall for the coming "great deception" if you follow Revelations. I used to wonder just who could tag someone as being the new messiah when in reality, he was of evil.
Having watched what has happened in our country, and having watched 59 million people vote for a monster in 2004 and another one running with fanfar in 2008...I wonder no more.

Visible said...

Iron Man;

Well... I was speaking in a narrow context. But it doesn't matter how many maladies you can name. One came and mastered this plane. Evverything answers to him. Though he be differently defined through certain large windows of diverse populations he IS ONE. Nothing can stand against him and if you stand with him what trouble have you? Surely many and any may perish by placing their faith in nothing but otherwise... this is the only power, there is no other. All of that is illusion, like a shadopw thrown so much larger than the thing that casts it.

It's funny how just one small light can dispell a roomful of darkness.

annemarie said...

All of these words have some resonance...some more than others...

Listen. to. the. music ;)

RG - Texas said...

Ron Paul is my Congressman. My initial take on his backing off was that he sees he cannot win nor even be a force in the nomination, and I can tell you as a member of the 14th District here in Texas, that he is catching hell from all the media about being an "absent Congressman" because of his "Don Quixote" run for the nomination. Perhaps he feels like the only weay he'll be able to stay in the fight, even if on alimited basis, is to secure his Congressional seat. Your editorial made some excellent points, posed some pertinent questions, and was well-expressed with good COMMON SENSE. I don't know the answer, but I do feel certain that Ron's campaign staff was loaded with Judas goats, to insure his failure. And with all the electronic votes being registered and then counted by an Israeli company, it is not surprising that his vote totals have been miniscule.
Don't know what else to say but that the time for the ballot box for fixing problems has long passed, and - the sun don't shine on the same dog's ass every day. Their time is coming...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul will be my horse to the end, not because I believe that he is the 'last hope for America', but rather he is the only candidate speaking truth to power, however timid and questionable the roar may be.

I personally believe his platform is 'pie in the sky.' How do you have monetary reform by going back to the gold standard? On a level playing field it may work for a while but those holding all the cards currently could merely sweep the gold rug from under the markets in a whim. It's so plainly obvious one has to wonder if this is the intention. Why has no-one spoken of 'colonial scrip'? It's the only currency in America I'm aware of to have actually worked for the people and not for private interest. For God's sake, there's still no evidence that the US even possesses its once vast gold reserves!

The same lop-sided struggle pertains to corporate interests. How can they be reigned in through a truly capitalistic system when they already have all of the power? And further, how would they be held accountable if they still possess the legal rights and freedoms of an individual? I fear that this would be Greenspan's capitalistic wet dream come true, and those of us left would only exist under our corporate owner's terms and conditions. I haven't heard a peep form Dr. Paul about this very blatant concern.

Throughout Dr. Paul's campaign I am eerily reminded of a documentary about decision making and the mind. Upon the studies conclusion the fundamental principle was, in Dr. Leon Festinger's own words "the people seem to come to believe in and love the things they have to suffer for". It would make sense that the grand outcome, no matter what it is planned to be, would best be complimented by the people's consent. And if the people were the ones that fought for it, well, that would be the master of all illusions. No matter the change in this strange and eluding political arena I always come back to the idea that no matter how hard the fight seems, and no matter the people's perceived positive outcome, it's still following this absurd script.

Why else would this fight be so hard but still plausible? Why if Dr. Paul was indeed such a threat that he is still allowed to talk? I'm sure with unlimited influence these people could think of something to vanquish a 72 year old rebel with a cause; still though, I'm unsure of what that cause may be. In our patriotic ignorance, are those of us fighting through the Ron Paul proxy fighting for the 'perfect solution'? It seems that only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I want to start off by saying i am on your side about all the crazy shit going on these days.

i ask you as a former sheep, i took my wool off about 8 years ago, what are we supposed to do.

1. know about the issues - check
2. talk to others about it - check
3. write every politician and bitch - check
4. vote - check
5. get on/make a website and bitch - check
6. dontate to Ron Paul - check
7. talk to relatives and they hate you - check
8. lose all your friends talking about issues - check
9. get depression - check
10. get in a protest that the media doesnt cover, so its a non event - check

now that i have nothing left, someone tell me what to do, something real, maybe i missed something. i am not shitting neither someone has to tell me.

Anonymous said...

i think most of the problem is our media. read it and weep

i believe we are in a shitstorm of the century. i think most of it stems from our media, we have to take back the media





All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because, being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice.
—George Orwell, 1984



With suspicions mounting that heavy TV viewing produces passivity and attention disorders among children, brain scientists and communications researchers gathered Oct. 2 in Washington , D.C. to review the issue and plan future research efforts.

Psychologist Jane Healy, author of "Endangered Minds: Why Children Don't Think and What We Can Do About It," opened the conference by citing "an epidemic of attention-deficit disorders" and "diminished higher-order thinking skills" as evidence that heavy TV viewing may be harming children.

Healy said it was refreshing to attend a conference at which the nation's schools and teachers are not being blamed for children's academic weaknesses. "Teachers are not doing that bad a job nor are the schools that much different. I believe this decline in skills is not the fault of teachers."

Healy helped plan the conference, entitled "Television and the Preparation of the Mind for Learning: Critical Questions on the Effects of TV on the Developing Brains of Young Children."

The conference was sponsored by the Division of Children and Families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Jane Holmes Bernstein, a researcher at Boston 's Children's Hospital, added that 20 percent of the nation's students have "disorders of learning and thinking . . . but consume more than 20 percent of school budgets" in remedial training.

The neuropsychology specialist noted the difficulty of studying how TV affects a complex system such as the rapidly developing brain interacting with the environment. "TV is embedded in a socio-cultural matrix. It may simply be filling a gap. Other cultural factors may be limiting conversation, therefore leading to diminished linguistic skills," Bernstein said.

Another contrarian, Jennings Bryant of the University of Alabama , attacked critics of " Sesame Street " who claim the program's relatively fast pace clashes with the developmental needs of young children.

He said a recent study comparing editing pace and/or length of shots in TV programs found that prime-time shows such as "Coach" averaged between 6 and 7 seconds per shot, while " Sesame Street " shots averaged about 10 seconds.

MTV, by contrast, averaged less than 3 seconds per shot.

Though Bryant was able to demonstrate the more moderate pace of " Sesame Street " compared to prime-time programs, some participants felt the comparison missed the point.

"It's quite a commentary on children's TV when 10 second shots are considered long," said Jane Healy, following Bryant's remarks.

Bryant is a former consultant to the Children's Television Workshop, producer of " Sesame Street ."

Yale University psychologist Jerome Singer called heavy TV viewing "a clear hazard to children."

He and his wife and fellow researcher, Dorothy, have correlated amounts of TV viewing among children with reading comprehension scores.

They found that children who watched the most TV with the least parental supervision had the lowest reading scores. By contrast, children with low TV-viewing and high parental involvement had the highest scores.

"How parents mediate their children's TV viewing is the critical factor," Singer said. Parents who mediated via "discussion" rather than "prescription" ( "That's not nice" ) were more effective, he said. He advised "limited doses of TV with very careful parental monitoring."

Psychologist Sidney Segalowitz of Canada 's Brock University said the growing visual and aural power of television threatens "a child's ability to control his or her own attentional processes."

An age old, self-dwefensive brain function called the "orienting reflex" ensures that "we are genetically drawn to novelty."

Segalowitz called for research to determine "how pervasive is the failure to realize that one's attention has been captured?"

He also speculated that heavy TV viewing among children inhibits "self-monitoring," a psychological response that helps the developing child learn how to behave in various social settings. "Self-monitoring is not required when watching TV," Segalowitz said.

Published by CITIZENS FOR MEDIA LITERACY 34 Wall St, # 407 , Asheville , NC 28801 Phone: 704-255-0182 Fax: 704-254-2286 e-mail: cml@unca.edu


The Party claimed, of course, to have liberated the proles from bondage. . . . In reality very little was known about the proles. It was not necessary to know much. So long as they continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina , they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern. They were born, they grew up in the gutters, they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire, they married at twenty, they were middle-aged at thirty, they died, for the most part, at sixty. Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and, above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.
—George Orwell, 1984


"The fact that TV is a source not actively or critically attended to was made dramatically evident in the late 1960s by an experiment that rocked the world of political and product advertising and forever changed the ways in which the television medium would be used. The results of the experiment still reverberate through the industry long after its somewhat primitive methods have been perfected.

"In November 1969, a researcher named Herbert Krugman, who later became manager of public-opinion research at General Electric headquarters in Connecticut , decided to try to discover what goes on physiologically in the brain of a person watching TV. He elicited the co-operation of a twenty-two-year-old secretary and taped a single electrode to the back of her head. The wire from this electrode connected to a Grass Model 7 Polygraph, which in turn interfaced with a Honeywell 7600 computer and a CAT 400B computer.

"Flicking on the TV, Krugman began monitoring the brain-waves of the subject What he found through repeated trials was that within about thirty seconds, the brain-waves switched from predominantly beta waves, indicating alert and conscious attention, to predominantly alpha waves, indicating an unfocused, receptive lack of attention: the state of aimless fantasy and daydreaming below the threshold of consciousness. When Krugman's subject turned to reading through a magazine, beta waves reappeared, indicating that conscious and alert attentiveness had replaced the daydreaming state.

"What surprised Krugman, who had set out to test some McLuhanesque hypotheses about the nature of TV-viewing, was how rapidly the alpha-state emerged. Further research revealed that the brain's left hemisphere, which processes information logically and analytically, tunes out while the person is watching TV. This tuning-out allows the right hemisphere of the brain, which processes information emotionally and noncritically, to function unimpeded. 'It appears,' wrote Krugman in a report of his findings, 'that the mode of response to television is more or less constant and very different from the response to print. That is, the basic electrical response of the brain is clearly to the medium and not to content difference.... [Television is] a communication medium that effortlessly transmits huge quantities of information not thought about at the time of exposure.'

"Soon, dozens of agencies were engaged in their own research into the television-brain phenomenon and its implications. The findings led to a complete overhaul in the theories, techniques, and practices that had structured the advertising industry and, to an extent, the entire television industry. The key phrase in Krugman's findings was that TV transmits 'information not thought about at the time of exposure.'" [p.p. 69-70]

"As Herbert Krugman noted in the research that transformed the industry, we do not consciously or rationally attend to the material resonating with our unconscious depths at the time of transmission. Later, however, when we encounter a store display, or a real-life situation like one in an ad, or a name on a ballot that conjures up our television experience of the candidate, a wealth of associations is triggered. Schwartz explains: 'The function of a display in the store is to recall the consumer's experience of the product in the commercial.... You don't ask for a product: The product asks for you! That is, a person's recall of a commercial is evoked by the product itself, visible on a shelf or island display, interacting with the stored data in his brain.' Just as in Julian Jaynes's ancient cultures, where the internally heard speech of the gods was prompted by props like the corpse of a chieftain or a statue, so, too, our internalized media echoes are triggered by products, props, or situations in the environment.

"As real-life experience is increasingly replaced by the mediated 'experience' of television-viewing, it becomes easy for politicians and market-researchers of all sorts to rely on a base of mediated mass experience that can be evoked by appropriate triggers. The TV 'world' becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: the mass mind takes shape, its participants acting according to media-derived impulses and believing them to be their own personal volition arising out of their own desires and needs. In such a situation, whoever controls the screen controls the future, the past, and the present."

There have been many studies which suggest that television increases violence, increases tribalization, shortens attention span and lowers school performance among heavy viewers. But that is not my concern here. Instead, I am concerned that watching television instead of reading tends to degrade the minds of heavy viewers so that they can not think in abstractions such as "cause and effect." In other words, the 100 billion dollars spent on advertising each year, has simply burned abstract reasoning out of their minds.

Today with functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET), researchers catch brains in the very act of cogitating, feeling or remembering. The scans show that blood flow varies depending upon the type of activity the brain is occupied with. In other words, a child that grows up on a heavy diet of TV viewing has a physically altered brain. Once adulthood is reached, it is still possible to enhance brain function but it requires much more effort. Needless to say, it is naive to expect TV-mutants to "figure it out" anytime soon.

In AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH, Neil Postman provides a brilliant analysis of our TV-mutant society:

"We were keeping our eye on 1984. When the year came and the prophecy didn't, thoughtful Americans sang softly in praise of themselves. The roots of liberal democracy had held. Wherever else the terror had happened, we at least, had not been visited by Orwellian nightmares.

"But we had forgotten that alongside Orwell's dark vision, there was another—slightly older, slightly less well known, equally chilling: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Contrary to common belief even among the educated, Huxley and Orwell did not prophesy the same thing. Orwell warns that we will be overcome by an externally imposed oppression. But in Huxley's vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history. As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think.

"What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny 'failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions.' In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us.

"This book is about the possibility that Huxley, not Orwell, was right." [p.p. vii-viii]

"From Erasmus in the sixteenth century to Elizabeth Eisenstein in the twentieth, almost every scholar who has grappled with the question of what reading does to one's habits of mind has concluded that the process encourages rationality; that the sequential, propositional character of the written word fosters what Walter Ong calls the "analytic management of knowledge." To engage the written word means to follow a line of thought, which requires considerable powers of classifying, inference-making and reasoning. It means to uncover lies, confusions, and overgeneralizations, to detect abuses of logic and common sense. It also means to weigh ideas, to compare and contrast assertions, to connect one generalization to another. To accomplish this, one must achieve a certain distance from the words themselves, which is, in fact, encouraged by the isolated and impersonal text. That is why a good reader does not cheer an apt sentence or pause to applaud and even inspired paragraph. Analytic thought is too busy for that, and too detached." [p. 51]

"I will try to demonstrate by concrete example that television's way of knowing is uncompromisingly hostile to typography's way of knowing; that television's conversations promote incoherence and triviality; that the phrase "serious television" is a contradiction in terms; and that television speaks in only one persistent voice—the voice of entertainment. Beyond that, I will try to demonstrate that to enter the great television conversation, one American cultural institution after another is learning to speak its terms. Television, in other words, is transforming our culture into one vast arena for show business. It is entirely possible, of course, that in the end we shall find that delightful, and decide we like it just fine. That is exactly what Aldous Huxley feared was coming, fifty years ago." [p. 80, Neil Postman, AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH; Penguin, 1985. ISBN 0-14-009438

nobody said...

Hey Les,

I already used the Lord Jim analogy way back when. Let's switch it to a more graphic metaphor.

Ron Paul is on a train. He's in the first passenger car. The other passenger cars are endless and contain the multitudes. And he communicates with them, not over the PA system, which he's denied, but an auxiliary system that exists. This in an attempt to convince them to vote him into the train's engine that he might control the train.

But somebody has a quiet word with Paul. Says the quiet fellow, the engine has no controls apart from the air-conditioning and a few other minor things. The controls that count, the throttle and the brake, are not on the train at all, ha ha. They're elsewhere. The train is going to crash and there's nothing to be done for it. He is perfectly convincing. Meanwhile he shows Paul the crash compartment for him and his family.

The fellow says, 'If you wish, tell everyone to rise up and throw down the conductors, tell them to run around looking for an answer, tell them anything you like. Whatever you think will happen, won't. We have the PA and we unplug the auxiliary whenever we like. Whatever plans you have, will come to nought. There's nothing you'll think of that we haven't considered. The only weapon you have is a mob and they can be directed at no one but themselves. In fact we will ensure this. All you'll achieve is a murderous chaos that will lengthen their suffering and result in the destruction of your crash compartment. And we'll kill your family anyway. You know we can do it.'

In the face of such inevitability, what's a right-thinking man to do? Doom the masses and his family or doom the masses and save his family?

Just a thought...

Visible said...

Dear Anonymous who is asking, "What do I do now?"

I tried to answer you in a new post here;


Be Well.

Anonymous said...

"Murder" is what is whispered in the ears of any significant person who opposes the agenda. The question is from whose wretched lips such foul threats drop. I say it could only be from the creators of 9-11.

Eugene said...

Visible said - "It's funny how just one small light can dispell a roomful of darkness."

It's also funny how all the shining flaming lamps in the sky cannot dispel the darkness in the Universe nor the darkness that encompasses the Universe. In fact the oh so long reach of the light only highlights the even greater reach of the darkness.

No matter how far the little fish swam and swam and swam the ocean was greater still!

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; this one was in the beginning with God; all things through him did happen, and without him happened not even one thing that hath happened. In him was life, and the life was the light of men, and the light in the darkness did shine, and the darkness did not perceive it." YLT -John 1:1

"Darkness did not perceive it" is literally the darkness *actively resisted* the lights penetrating power. And in like Jesus is powerless to effect anything "until his hour". When all the tumblers fall and this hour arrives it is due to the *doing* of one being.

"If you love me *do* my commands"
"If you receive *the one I send* you receive me"
"One of you will *hand* me over"
"*Do* what you do quickly!"
"*Handed* him the morsel"
"that one *immediately went* forth"
"it was night"

Sperm finally enters ovum and the child slouching towards Bethlehem is weaved. His weft will take all by surprise!

One wields a dagger in his stoneish hands. Three strikes your out! Back to the dug-out to be recycled next inning.

One is the dagger. A blade forged in stealing wisdom from beyond Isis veils'. Takes one to know one.

Thief in the night! Sheep in wolf's clothing! At-one-ment is the day of two lambs, one for all to see, one for none to see, both on a stick we call TAU. Catch 22?

During the day does not the one and only Sun speak all day long "I'm the only one in the sky"?

During the night do not all the stars counter the lying fool with unveiled truth plain to see?

Humans see only the sliver of bandwidth in the very middle of the spectrum. In stealing wisdom we visit the eyes of others and know even at the very bottom of the darkness there is truly only one thing, always.

There is only as much light as you create and the darkness in absolute truth tells you how much you've created. If we embrace the darkness for what it is and allow the daggerish ray in...what reward is there for such obedient faith? It can only be found in the words of the word who fashioned such a dagger...

"No man may take my life I lay it down and pick it back up again"

Such is the horizon of self who seeds itself below to stand up against itself on high. Cui bono indeed!

Anonymous said...

That last comment drives me to say one thing. The Flying Spaghetti Monster came, and none did perceive it. But simply wait for his noodly appendage to strike, and do nothing yerself. So it is written.

Justice is mine saith the pasta.

Eugene said...

If one took say goetic magic as the method of engaging life's issues and wielded the sword as archetype...would it have effect?

If not, then wielding the sword in revolutionary fashion would be the only answer left. Red tooth and claw rules the day as surely as empircism says the former is not real.

The object for the fish is to step over the horizon line of it's present ocean to the ocean above.

Grow wings oh caterpillar and fly!
This is the very meaning of metamorphoses.

The fish who doesnt, becomes rock like, shell like, bound in law contracts, etc. etc. as he takes on the calcification of murder in the ocean below. But hey even in sinking to the very lowest depths nothing is left behind. "If I descend into Sheol thou are there."

Fight anyway! But how? If the fish wields the sword of the lower ocean it can only remain in the lower ocean. If it decides to pop the horizon and invite metamorphical agents to help...what then? Again is it real? Does it have effect?

The words in last comment were meant to show the wonderful inversion hidden in the standard line perversion. All of christendom is built on Peter, the disobedient adversary. The other is something altogether different, an obedient adversary, ie the once daemonic spirits are really our allies.

Once upon a time we used to visit Persephone in Hades to get all the wisdom we needed. Then the great eraser came along in those peterfied hands wielding the great thou shalt not scalpel, and our once incubated mind...died. Died to the magical metamorphoses that only Persephone in Hades could provide. Since then the shell has only become thicker, stronger.

In taking nature as true to her word, the nut inside this shell is about to shatter its motherly prison. Its not me that says so...its the light in the seed that says...I want the hell out! Question is..how do you get out? If you dont want to kill people, ie wield the sword as we normally nowadays do...you have to take it up as an archetypal weapon. Will it work? It will if the fish says "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do".

Would the empire of the lower ocean have any weight, any pull, any gravity to a one who knew he had wings? This is the very heart of taking the words "no man my take my life I lay it down and pick it back up again" to heart.

Its not a machine, its a choice of fighting the arrangement on terms that nowadays seems like madness. Evoke and invoke are hard for empirically calcified minds. Its not 'do nothing nothing for yerself' ...its what the hell am I and inviting that hell in. The longer hell is made an enemy, instead of a friend, the hotter it gets.

Persephone and the wisdom of "if I go to Sheol thou art there" is still calling from on high, down low, in the rocks, in the snow, in the air, in the trees, begging begging like good fairies...play with us please!

Visible said...


Without parsing any of that or adding conversation to conversation... Let me say I got every word of that.

Mostly this sort of thing goes down over at Visible Origami where you are likely to find a few others that this won't be ancient Greek to.

One night, many miles from any town or another human being I was walking through the sandstone caverns of a sacred Indian area. Shortly after dark fell I was approached by those things that drive men mad and they were in there in force.

Without knowing exactly why, I said, "Good Evening my friends." and I meant it. There was no other option and I did know certain things concerning these matters. Still... the information and the sheer insanity of the moment are two different things. Suffice to say they howled and danced at my side all that night as I walked (and danced) to the distant freeway that I could see for many miles before I arrived.

I am in the Devic Realm more and more as time passes. I expect I will run into you at some point, time and space being what it is.

Anonymous said...

Well, another rigged election!
Ron Paul is also fundraising for his house seat, and I think the Bushites have again arranged several other Repugs to run against him in the primary next month. Billary = McInsane. Have thrown around the idea of leaving the country since 9-11 but now I'd better get off my ass and go to it! I'd imagine the percentages Ron Paul got in the primaries equals the % of people getting news off the internet. Guess most Americans go there for entertainment, mp3 and pornography. Sleep, obey, marry and reproduce...They Live.

dzinto said...

I think the question why Congress etc. are so silent is mainly psychological, and could be expanded to the question why _everybody_ is so silent. Face it, the percentage of people who are really concerned about 9/11 and all the current fascist trends is minuscule. Try to talk about it at your work, or even at a party, and the most probably reaction will be ridiculing you. I know many quite intelligent people who don't think it was a hoax, don't think fascism is coming, and if I try to convince them, most likely I will appear as village idiot. Not necessarily, not with everyone, but much more likely than not. I think that's the main problem. And those in power, certainly, don't want to appear as village idiots - that's I think the main reason. This explanation seems to me more likely that that they are blackmailed and all that.

Why such a "mood" exists, is quite a phenomena to which I have no explanation, but that it exists, I get another proof almost every day.

Anonymous said...

Before she died, Jacquelyn Onassis asked that certain documents be released 75 years after her death, which would assure that her children had passed on at that point. What in the hell did she have to say that she feared for her children's lives?

That someone could murder JFK, RFK and and most likely JFK, Jr. and yet one of the most powerful families in the US does nothing to expose these murders. They are cowards.

ryanshaunkelly said...

Nader Gravel & Paul Kucinich

Awake from your slumber
4 Wise Men march with the people
Washington DC

Honesty compassion intelligence guts
Not carrots sticks coercive diplomacy

Divided we fall
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Ron Paul
Ralph Nader
No bribery blackmail extortion

Rage against the machine
Democracy rising democracy now
Suffer not

Anonymous said...

Paul didn't go away.

look for revolutionmarch.

paul thinks we should march on wash, mem day or july 4.

however, i;'ve surveyed several supporters and all agree that a march on all capitals, state and wash could really get the mess out.

this could grow to a march on all world capitals.

paul says lets not drop the ball now.

his announcement on scaling back was a little unfortunate.

annemarie said...


Yes, I distinctly recall reading/hearing about Jackie O saying that. And it was most absurd to me. She knew something/s that are terrifying. Too terrifying for even her to expose. WTF?!!!

And remember too people that Maurice Templesman was Jackie's last and I believe constant "companion". ???!!!

Anonymous said...

What amazing writing. I am not only referring to your usual gemstone maunderings Les, but the quality of all the wonderful points of view expressed here. Whatreallyhappened and your blogs are the places I go to see what’s happening in this crazy dream called life.
The writers here are outsane. The average person lives in a world which they call “sanity”. Since they live IN it, they are in-sanity. You people have seen through the ruses and are out of sanity. Many thanks to all for the expressions of truth.It's gonna get darker before the light shines fully...

Wu Wei said...

What amazing writing. I am not only referring to your usual gemstone maunderings Les, but the quality of all the wonderful points of view expressed here. Whatreallyhappened and your blogs are the places I go to see what’s happening in this crazy dream called life.
The writers here are outsane. The average person lives in a world which they call “sanity”. Since they live IN it, they are in-sanity. You people have seen through the ruses and are out of sanity. Many thanks to all for the expressions of truth.It's gonna get darker before the light shines fully...

Anonymous said...

Great job. Check out the article on the Sign of the Times website on the mangling of the Sophie's Choice book to movie. I think you will find it very interesting and relevant.


It was posted Feb. 17th.


Anonymous said...

America should be more afraid of it's government more than anything else. Terrorists can't take away your freedoms or rights, nor can a terrorist use torture that is protected under American laws allowing them to do so with immunity. The CIA created the name Al-Qaeda. The CIA ran the drugs from all around South America into the streets of America. The United States of America set a plan to take over the worlds oil lands and had to have 911 (New Pearl Harbor - PNAC). Your President laughs about the death, no WMD's, he dances in Africa and on the steps of the whitehouse and sings praises about his fellow criminals and receives standing ovations by congress. Cheney and Pelosi sitting in the background, smiling away. America thinks the democrates were going to impeach Bush, and at the last minute ,Pelosi let you know you yet again ,were taken (whats America's saturation level for agains?) for another ride. And America still thinks they can vote for change. What pinheads, what stupid idiots you all must be.

Even your own self-described "shit kicker survivalist" would rather hold up in a basement or a cave soemwhere to wait it out. Rather than face the truth that your country is now under control of a full blown association dictatorship that fakes it's freedom to vote and fakes it's way into your homes and childrens lives with un-God-like teachings. The 60% America christian (even if by name) Church should be front row and center, a cross out front , held high on a pole and protesting on the very steps of the WhiteHouse. What's the government gonna do, start beating up on christians for demanding the end to a in-your-face satanic government. America is afraid, you've always been afraid to face your demons for fear you will be looking in a mirror. So instead of fighting evil, they go to church to learn how to make money and give more money to wealthy evangelical ministers with 4 private planes to fly into paradise and drive around in cars that thay say Jesus himself would cruise straight into heaven in. And America, it wonders what to do, asks itself if it is just a nightmare that will go away the following morning , then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

A fleecer government couldn't ask for more.



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