Thursday, December 28, 2023

"It Is in Emulation of The Great Mind that Brought into Being The Many Splintered Phenomena of The Separated Minds."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every year has a certain quality to it. I don't know why this is. There must be some kind of law that governs this. I keep thinking of the works... the gears inside a watch. Somewhere there is the first gear that turns the next gear that sets all the other gears turning.

This year is an election year in America and all bets are off on how far THEY will go to stay in power.

There is a painting or... is it a woodblock carving? It's from a few hundred years ago. It shows a man breaking through The World of Appearances into The World of Forces behind it. There you see the machinery... the gears, and that's what it's really like too. It was in black and white for a long time and then someone colorized it. (grin)

In the realm(s) of The Invisible, there are forces that move like ocean currents. They include rip tides and undertows. I know this is the case when one has a propensity toward lower passions, and they encounter one of these invisible forces passing by on its appointed route. People get sucked away... swept away. Sometimes they get pushed away. Sometimes they get stopped in their tracks.

There are door wardens who sit between The Worlds... where the portals are... that lead from one to the next. For most people... this world of appearances is the only one they know. They are at a terrific disadvantage trying to negotiate their way because... what you see is not what you get.

In Times of Material Darkness, the press of the forces is toward the lower regions. People drop through trap doors all the time, It might seem like they have simply fallen into bad habits when... actually... they have fallen onto a lower plane of being. You can still see them on the common plane, but... they are not really there in the same way anymore.

Any number of times we have tried to describe this world as being like one of those complex intersections of multiple cloverleafs going in all directions... round and round... over and under, and higher and lower still. I've seen some impressive engineering feats in this direction. I don't know how you can find your way to certain places unless you live there. Many people can't find their way out either.

Some people say that feeling trapped is one of the worst experiences. I think claustrophobia and similar pathologies come out of this feeling of being trapped. People freak out over their sense of confinement, and... the more they struggle... the more they are caught in the tangles. You can't fight a barbed wire fence. You have to finesse it. If you don't have a system... you are a prisoner of The System.

Of course. Karma answers for most of it. People who build the systems... that confine other people... USUALLY wind up a long-term guests of these very systems at a future point. It is one of the reasons that you often see no Justice here, even though you are looking directly at it. You don't know how someone got themselves into whatever fix it is. However... I assure you... they had something to do with it.

Life looks terribly unfair... often... doesn't it? This is because we only see the present situation. We do not see what led us... them... there. We don't see. With our eyes wide open, we do not see.

Whenever we do injury to anyone else, At the same time that we make a mark on them; be it mental... emotional... or physical or... a combination of them all, which is what it usually is... we make a similar mark on our aura... on our etheric being, AND... when we are reborn, we are born with a weakness in that same area where the injury occurred in another. Then... at some point, an object driven by similar force will hit us there accordingly.

If you have no such marks on you, you are in no danger of it happening. I have directly experienced this a number of times. I know that others have too. There are all sorts of seeming miracles that appear. History is littered with such tales that are ascribed to luck, (which doesn't exist) good fortune... serendipity... whathaveyou. There is no such thing as luck.

There is no good luck. There is no bad luck. There is only whatever you have dialed up for yourself on The Big Switchboard; “Hello? Can I talk to so-and-so?” “Just a minute,” or... “So-and-so is not here,” or... “there is no one named So-and-so living here. You must have the wrong number.” The Big Switchboard never has a wrong number, but you might.

I'm going to tell you a little something. Some of you probably already know this. The inheritors of The Kalergi Plan... The Frankfort School... the people who were behind The Weimar Republic... are the people directly behind the invading migrant hordes. Their agents are roaming through countries around The World and arranging passage and sustenance for them to arrive here for the purpose of the destruction of the American financial system, and the American way of life, such... as... it... is.

A cursory look at the individuals who are heading up the various agencies and departments of The United States government are... SURPRISINGLY... in the majority... all dual-nationals of the same country that is exterminating The Palestinians in Gaza. These two events are connected events... on the same timeline... with an overall eye toward world domination. They... and The Chi-Com government are in a relationship with similar objectives.

They are in consort with The EU... The WEF and an assortment of billionaires desiring to put a stranglehold on The World. Their objectives are clear. We have it right from The Gorgon's mouth.

This has been going on for some time... more than your present lifetime, certainly. Seen from another perspective, it is no more than a wave upon the ocean of time. It will complete itself on the shore, and be followed by another. Usually, they come in sets of 7, and that is no accident. Everything is based on numbers. Certain things are being figured out by certain groups of people... people of both good and bad intentions.

This is that time... in the cycles of human advancement when a flood... an asteroid... something or other comes to counter the latest Tower of Babel... soon to be known as The Lightning-Struck Tower. You can count on something happening. What that might be... few know. That it... will... be... some larger number are privy to.

Everything good and bad comes out of The Invisible. Everything is a product of Mind... in emulation of The Great Mind... that brought into being The Many Splintered Thing of The Separated Minds. The Separated Minds... continue in separation... for the purpose of demonstration and the exercise of The Cosmic Lila.

It rises and falls endlessly... like a breathing in and out. The Life Force animates the temporary forms that are occupied by The Separated Minds until The Life Breath leaves. Twas ever thus.

The first thing that comes into any separated mind... when confronted by a challenge... in the appearance of danger or critical choice is... 'What should I do?” The Mind that is not separated is not troubled by the need to take some kind of action. I recommend that you seek a unity within. It will be all that can protect you from having to make a choice based on incomplete data.

Some may see this as a cop-out because they... damn... well... know... what... they... would... do... right up until the moment arrives, and all thought of their former plans are wiped from their separated minds.

This has all been coming for a long time, and you are not here by accident. The government is controlled by The Bankers... who also control the mediums and infrastructure... across and upon which... all information flows along The Information Highway. They control the shape... the warp and the woof... of the information, and... it is all lies.

If only the majority of us would turn away from this... stop contributing to it... stop buying into it... just stop. Then all of that would stop too, except for the whirring machinery and those who chose to get caught in it, and then... that would stop too. There are laws that control the continuance of circumstances and events. You can't have a baseball game if the players don't show up, and they aren't going to play if the crowd doesn't show up.

I'm trying to say something that can't be said, but which Common Sense should tell you if you are the sort to employ Common Sense in the first place. The end result is that many will not heed what Common Sense tells them. However... everything you can see and hear outside of you has a counterpart within you, and if you can't hear what is being communicated to you from within, it is because you have too much of your attention invested in outer things. This is something you can correct... if you want to.

It's going to get hot and heavy... one way or the other... soon. Fortunately... very fortunately... Evil destroys itself. You can count on this, and one of the things I can say... is that you should not be standing too close to Evil when it starts to come down. That is a good place to start. Stand far away from the toppling colossus, both inside, and outside.

End Transmission.......

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All kinds of things like this are coming to my attention, and a whole new wave of gifted artists is appearing as well.

"What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."

~ Blackfoot Proverb

Monday, December 25, 2023

"May You Find The Eternity of The Spirit that Exists Outside of The Parameters of Time. May You Find Your Way Home."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Christmas Spirit seems to come later and later to me every year now. Some might think it won't come at all next year; swallowed up as it is in the darkness of Material Culture. I felt it singing through the birds in the trees outside... just two days ago. Then it was shrouded by the weather that The Juju Man sent. Now a mist is moving in waving tatters... like ghost soldiers returning home again and again, though they never arrive. There will be Sun today! Hooray! Hooray!!!

♫ When Mithra comes marching home again... hurrah... hurrah! ♫ No! I am no pagan... no Julian The Apostate come lately. I recognize the authority of The Christ, but not of Christianity. I also recognize the new version coming like Spring through the cold shudders of Material Winter; only just arrived two days ago. Heh heh, well... I tend to live in a time that is not here yet. I find it preferable all around... by comparison with what The Hive Mind dreamed up... under the directions of their acknowledged overlords.

(The oddest thing just happened. I mentioned the mist outside. Since I wrote about it, it has nearly obscured the greensward out back. A great many more ghost soldiers seem to have arrived. Possibly their ranks are swollen by casualties from The Killer Vaccine Wars... The Gender War... The Culture Wars... The Color Wars... The Political Wars, and... of course... The War on Humanity by The Unhumans of The WEF, and sundry Satanic coalitions.

It's like I'm in that film, “Secret Window.” I think I just saw Stephen King fly by with Apeel and Past Due Stickers on his face. Not even I see this kind of thing every day, but... lately.)

The World is bent over under grievous burdens. One is the weight of Karma. Another is The Out of Thin Air debt of The International Bankers. Another appears like a woman giving birth in a war zone... a sense of something coming that might better have passed us by... coming into a world that might better have passed more quickly than it has. Something... something. As Archer would say, “Damn! I had something for this.”

Well, on this day, I must say it again. Jesus Christ was not a Jew. That's one of the reasons it is so hard to find any historical record of him. Please! The Bible is not a historical record. As best it is an anecdotal journal of inspired channelings. People have no sense of Time. Well... poor things... they are only here for a little while, and then? Off they go. Soon to return again, under another name... speaking another language.

Everything about the story of Jesus Christ is symbolic... allegorical; every... single... thing! Study your religions and you find that every one of them has a similar tale of someone born on or about the same day in the same season. All the events are similar. Go ahead... look!!! I've been including snippets of Ageless Wisdom after each posting lately, as evidence of that very thing. The Dying God... The Resurrected God. It's always The Sun God... dressed specifically for the occasion.

I do not say these things to diminish Jesus The Christ. I celebrate him. Watch out for Christians though. They will kill you just as quick as Jesus was alleged to have been done away with (albeit temporarily).

Oh! Christians will howl like werewolves before the full moon if you say anything contrary to what the revisionists... who control their historical perspective... have told them. They don't want to know that the very people who have enslaved them in temporal debt, are also the controllers of their religious perspectives, WHICH... ARE... DESIGNED... to set them against every other religious persuasion.

The fix went in a long time ago, my friends. Whoever it was that played the character Jesus, just like whoever it was that played Shakespeare... came and went under a cloak of anonymity. Was it really Apollonius of Tyana or... one of those other guys... whose names come up whenever people unafraid to speculate... outside the hearing of the fire-eyed true believers... gather to discuss the possibilities?

I serve The Spirit of God, NOT The Fecal Letters of tan-your-hide Judaic Law. Render unto Caesar. These days... people of questionable faith... render their hearts unto Caesar's version of God's comings and goings.

Was there someone who met all the criteria of being Jesus The Christ? Absolutely. He comes around here like clockwork on a regular basis, just as humanity goes off the rails and into the swamplands, he comes down to winch them out again... and again. He is the timeless avatar of human need... personified for the time and place of his arrival.

I can hear The Fundies now... stomping through the undergrowth... dreaming about getting their hands on me and shutting my heretical mouth. Well... it didn't work on previous occasions, and... when it did, it was only temporary. All thought of brotherly love and understanding flies from them and leaves only a cold... plotting... malice; been there, done seen that.

The whole story is true, after... a... fashion... like the stories of folk heroes and legendary characters, BUT... you have to be able to shift the wheat from the chaff... the glamour from The Truth. History is a lie that got written down by people making bank on it. The CONVENTIONAL stories of Jesus Christ are like the tales that parents tell their children about Santa Claus. There is SOME truth there. The same with Santa Claus.

This is what causes atheists... who are often smart people that don't buy into the bullshit. They entirely miss the point. The greatest concentration of atheists is among those people who are reported to have arranged the killing of Jesus. They are the people who wrote the false histories, so... it's no wonder they are atheists who... ALSO... throw the baby out with the bathwater, cause...There is a God. There is a Son of God. There is a Mother of God. It's all true... just not the way you were told it is.

If you want the truth about Jesus The Christ, you have to look deeper, and you have to understand that none of them... even the repositories of ancient wisdom... have all the truth. There is truth in Gnosticism. There is truth with The Essenes... The Templars... The Albigensians. They all had some... of... the... truth. None of them have all... of... the... truth. The Truth is within you, and... cannot... be... spoken.

Now we have the new revisionists spreading all sorts of lies about The Templars and The Masons. Sure! The Masonic Brotherhood has been corrupted by the same burrowing... Satanic termites who have hollowed out Buddhism and every other faith, BUT... Masonry was built on solid substance. I am not controlled by what some people say. I am controlled by what is revealed to me. They are... very much... not the same thing.

Our very belief in something adds the substance needed to manifest it. It is how saints come to their visions. It is how mystics see into the finer worlds. Faith is The Substance of things unseen... just as low desires are the substance of things unseemly. (grin)

Everything is summed up... as close as that is possible to do... in these three words; God is Love! Now... God is more than Love, but that goes beyond the reach of words, and then there are the parts that go beyond the reach of thought. You don't have to concern yourself with all that, though some people do. They are never satisfied with the simple version. As Christ said, “Except you become as little children, ye shall not enter The Kingdom of Heaven.”

If you reach to the skies within... crying out to be heard and answered, you will be. Sometimes it comes in images. Sometimes it comes in events or... a change in conditions, and sometimes it comes in words that are ferried through The Intuition.

Jesus The Christ is an eternally resonant reality that echoes forever through time, and so is every other valid appearance of The Divine. I'm not here to argue about which presentations were and were not valid. That's not my department, neither is argument. Every argument in my mind has been answered through its unification with The One Mind. There is no need for further argument; not for me anyway.

God is real, and God takes the trouble to let us know this if we are so inclined toward that knowing. The World is also real, momentarily... after... a... fashion. For some, The World is of greater importance. For some, God is of greater importance. Where your heart is, there your treasures are also. I've no quarrel with people and their choices. I am not here to convert The Heathen. I don't work for Religion or the mercenary priests who serve their own interests through that medium.

The Divine is not an indirect connection for me. I do not need intercession or intermediaries waving censers about my head, and... generally confusing the issue. God is an integral part of me. God is what is real in me, and becoming more and more real... as everything that is everything else... is supplanted and replaced by The Presence of God within me.

When there is no more me, in... a... state... of... separation. That is The Completion of The Great Work. Everything else is people running about in circles and chasing a non-existent tail, but... a tail will appear if one insists on it, cause... Faith is The Substance of things unseen.

Negative Faith... Positive Faith... these are both The Substance of things unseen, and you live... this moment... surrounded by your creations of the same.

In this time of greater weights and measures, may The Spirit of God find its way into your heart and mind, and may what has been seasonal until now... become a thing for all seasons. May you find the eternity of The Spirit that exists outside of the parameters of time. May you find your way home. May you see the candle in the window... in the cabin of sanctuary... at the center of the darkness of the surrounding forest... of conflicting directions... ladled out by the voices in the wind.

The central core of existence is present within you. You are made in the image of The One who contains in his being... the entirety of the universe... which is the body of God. You contain a version of the same. Getting there, and recognizing it... is the objective... unless it is not. Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas in the spirit of Christmas.

May The Golden Child of Immortal Love be born again in The Manger of your heart, as Bethlehem is The House of Bread.

End Transmission.......

A song of devotion to The Holy Mother by two legends on this Christmas Day.

Powerful and profound insights into the nature of existence-

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"Neither of These Are Going to Work Now, In This Next Phase, Which is Steaming Round The Curve in The Continuum."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We have ALWAYS maintained that The Apocalypse is a time of unveiling and revealing, just as the dictionary and scripture define it. In that sense, and a few others... we are a traditionalist. With some things... what you see is what you get... with other things what you see is not what you get, but... a time comes when the covers come off, and the curtains are torn away from the window. The Light floods the room (or your life) and one can see into and through things, and that is what an apocalypse brings us.

Here is an example of apocalypse in action.

So is brunching with a busload of drag queens. Then again... The Pope is the biggest drag queen on the planet. Now he is fiating (is that really a verb?) his way to blessing same-sex marriages, and the troops are getting restless. It's one thing to do stuff out of sight. It's another thing to do it in the public square; ♫ Why don't we do it in the road ♫ (I hate that song)

In an apocalypse, people are revealed for what they really are, instead of what they are pretending to be, which is how it goes the rest of the time when an apocalypse is not in effect. People get outed AND... people out themselves. It's a package deal. The same way you can no longer hide things from yourself the way you hide them from others. Neither of these are going to work now, in... this... next... phase... which is steaming round the curve in the continuum.

Bill Gates was cruising along, wiping out hundreds of thousands in India, with his Polio poison-vaccine. He was going great guns in Africa killing left and right, and never taking a day off. He's been the hardest-working man in the cemetery. Stephen King has nothing on The Clown Prince of Murder.

Klaus Schwab wants you to own nothing and be happy like he's The Ghost of Bobby McFerrin. The idea is that he and his band of pederasting (is that a verb?) Satanists will own it all, and parcel it out if you suck up real nice.

George Soros wants to destroy Western civilization, and he's been doing an impressive job as Dr. Evil. They all have. They are all in the same club with John Kerry and the whole of The EU... The Crown Colonies, and the American leadership. They all drank The Witches Brew, and now they got Halloween 7 days a week, BUT... that's the thing about an apocalypse. That's when the masks come off; no more turning into a pumpkin whenever you feel like it, and slipping out of town in The Midnight Hour.

Satanyahu was cruising along like nobody's business, and... if you made it your business... you were soon out of business. He was in the room when they plotted out 9/11 with Ehud Barack... Dov Zackheim and the rest of the band of merry psychopaths. He's the Israeli Obama. He may not have drowned as many chefs or hit as many bathhouses, but he's got his own serial kinks and an easily as impressive body count.

So there he was... cruising along... when The Apocalypse went into prelim warp speed, (warp speed hasn't hit yet but it's round The Curve), and then? Everything went 'tits-up' as the yobs like to put it. There he was... only somewhat harassed by the angry mob calling for his ouster, and he figured; why not stage a false flag?

They'd been going great guns for generations, BUT... The Apocalypse is in effect now, and suddenly... there are pictures and videos... eyewitnesses who didn't get killed in time, like all those pesky journalists. Ben-jammin was poleaxed and mystified at the same time. This was not going like it had always gone before. Same with those other bloodthirsty motherfuckers we already mentioned.

Oh... there are plenty of names we left out, like Lagarde and the rest of The Bitches of Dippedwick. I'm not the stats guy with the lists. I do more of a broad strokes thing, BUT... you've seen the faces of these fluffers and enablers... these boil biters and front-personas. It used to feel good to stand before the microphones and blow gallons of smoke up everyone's ass, while they jockeyed for the pole positions, hoping to be pole-greaser Numero Uno.

Now... is not a good time to be a Podesta or a Clinton. It still all looks right in the CIA media, but... these soon-to-be stripped naked, dipped in pigshit, and lashed down the boulevard... are presently trembling just off camera. They are all a tremble. They surely are. They have seen the changes in The Winds of Change, BUT until very recently... they did not hear The Voice inside their heads. Now... now... they can hear the baying of The Hounds. They can hear the man in the hood sharpening Madame La Guillotine... heads are going to roll in this new Age of UnReason.

Dancing with The Qliphoths is about to be this season's hit show. The contestants come out and are assigned a qliphoth they have not rehearsed with, AND... as soon as they make contact, the contestant is exposed to spiritual radar that shows them in a sort of infrared... color mapping... where all of their vices are REVEALED in clear detail.

The audience is informed ahead of time that murky reds mean low-level passions... institutional greens are jealousy... envy... and the like... puke yellows and dirty oranges indicate unnatural attractions, and the winner is the one who is able to break the qliphoth's grip, BUT... none of them do. There are other color designators but you don't want to know about them. (I don't think)

This will be an especially big hit in New York City and LA where a certain demographic dances with the qliphoths all day long... and deep into the hot iniquitous night. Hey! It comes with the territory.

Until now... The Apocalypse has mostly been revealing name players and formerly trusted industries and infrastructures. It's coming street-side soon, and people will be able to see the previously invisible marks on the bodies of everyone they encounter. ♫ And it was fun... fun... fun... fun... fun... till Big Daddy took the shitbirds away now ♫

You see... there are many degrees to revealing... as there are to revelation...and there are stages and phases too. It's going to get... strange (somebody cue Jim Morrison or... is he still haunting the Chateau Marmont?)

Let not my inclination to be flippant here be an indication that it's all going to be fun and games. It's definitely not going to be fun for a certain collection of people, and it is certainly not a game...even when it looks like that is exactly what it is.

Try to imagine how clever The Devil is. He's known for it. That's where the term diabolical comes from. Well... imagine how clever by far The Divine is when The Devil is only his shadow, and that place where people hide from The Light... like that's a possibility, to begin with. Sure... temporarily... but... The Sun moves and The World turns. Keep it in mind, which is just what those who should do... do not do.

Evildoers, as clever and informed as they think they are, are blind to the most basic laws of the process. Evil and Good emerge from the same point of origin; The Divine setting the parameters of both The Light and The Darkness. The thing is... when you've been living high on the hog, you often forget what's going down around the dark underbelly, or where the snout has been rooting. You're above all that, but you're still on-the-hog, and eventually assume its likeness by association.

That's another one of those cosmic laws; The Law of Association. Hogs go to the butcher. I saw those carrier semi-trucks, taking the turn to Parma, every time I went South on The Italian Interstate. It made me thoughtful... though... there was nothing I could do about it. The only thing I have any control over is whether I recognize The Supreme Controller or become deceived into thinking I am The Supreme Controller.

You either go along with The One who rules every particle of being and non-being or... you don't. You're either dancing with the qliphoths or with the angels. Your choice, It is a choice. Some are looking up and some are looking down, though it is good to have a sense of them both. Some are looking out some are looking in, and some aren't looking at all. You find out all about that in The Final Reel, and that is also a dance.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, December 15, 2023

"The Biggest Problem... for The Majority of People... Is that The Supreme Controller Does Not Get Right Back to You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

"V for Vendetta" was about a virus, St. Mary's Virus; interesting name for it, eh wot? So through a series of events, martial law comes into play. Just like in real life... the ♫ row... row... row... your boat ♫ life that you are presently dreaming through... the virus was created by The Government.

Most of the evil in this world is caused by financial skulduggery, and the center of financial skulduggery is London, and the chief orchestrator of the blood-soaked hanky panky is The Rothschild Banking Syndicate that pulls the strings of The Federal Reserve, and every other banking institution in The World... except for three or four countries. They are responsible for all the pushing in the wrong directions, AND all the pulling that occurs as a reaction to it.

Before you start trying to analyze what is happening in The World, you have to look into how everything comes about here; how everything came into being in the first place. Not everyone is going to agree with my version of all this, and even those who do... might disagree with my means of handling it on a personal level. My means of handling it involves my leaving all The Details in the hands of The Supreme Controller.

Not everyone believes there is a Supreme Controller and most of those who do have had their perspective whacked in the back of the head by Religion. Most religions... by this time... have been diddled and fooled with by the very people doing all the pushing and deceiving in The World.

Very few people follow the tenets of Ageless Wisdom on which ALL religions were originally based. London and The UK were in much better shape when The Druids were interpreting the effect of The Invisible upon The Visible.

I am not a Druid or any of the rest of the name players of arcane legacy. I belong to an invisible Brotherhood, BUT it wouldn't do any good to name it because you don't head off to The Local to sign up, AND... it goes by a number of names depending on where you run into it OR... more likely... where it runs into you.

Everything in this life comes down to The Supreme Controller. Everything you see moving about in The World around you is the plaything of The Supreme Controller. If you don't like what you see. If you feel threatened by what you see. If you don't understand what you see, you need to go to The Supreme Controller about it.

How do you reach The Supreme Controller? That's easy. The Supreme Controller has a listening device planted into the consciousness of EVERY... LIVING... THING... When you can spare a moment, you go somewhere private and tell The Supreme Controller all about it.

Many people are not happy about this process. They are used to going into a place and when they don't like what they see... or they have a complaint... they demand to see The Manager. Often enough that will do you no more good than talking to a Supreme Controller that you can't see, and are not sure is there to begin with.

Since I KNOW The Supreme Controller is there, I don't have that problem. The biggest problem for the majority of people is that The Supreme Controller does not get right back to you. That is because you... PROBABLY... do not have a personal relationship with The Supreme Controller. It can take some time to develop this, BUT... most people do not like to wait or invest in what they cannot see, and would prefer to thumb-hump their cellphone or... yell for The Manager, or... leave a bad review on Yelp.

When you have a personal relationship with The Supreme Controller... a real back and forth... you don't need to demand to see The Manager or lose your shit in any other way... BECAUSE... The Supreme Controller is ALREADY handling your details just the way your Portfolio Manager now handles your financial affairs, BUT... much more comprehensively... in every area of your life, and... much more efficiently too.

Perhaps you don't have a Portfolio Manager. You have to have some tidy resources... to start with... to have a Portfolio Manager, and most of those people have no interest in The Supreme Controller because their life... for the moment... is moving right along... ♫ row... row... row... your boat ♫ That's certain to change in a big way for many people in the short term, and then your Portfolio Manager isn't going to be able to do much about it because he is going to have problems of his own.

Here's The Deal, and... I know that many people are not going to agree with me on this, so... you'll have to find out about it further up... or down... The Road. Everybody does. The Deal is that The Supreme Commander is called The Supreme Commander because he supremely... handles everything. He's on both sides of The Dance of Good and Evil. He sets the parameters for everything. He is at the beginning where it all started, AND... at the end of it all as well.

You can argue about it till doomsday's break and many people choose to do just that. This argument often goes on in their heads their whole life long. At some point... it spills out into an argument with everyone else, and nothing but more argument and confusion EVER comes out of that.

So... we got a real virus about 15 years after "V for Vendetta" came out and... so far... it hasn't ended up like the movie did... in The Dreaming Life, which many people call Real Life.

The Rothschild Banking Scam is responsible for most of the tumult in The World because they engineer and finance all of the conflicts and wars around The World for their personal advantage. They have their hands in everything, just like The Supreme Controller does. They are the opposite side of the equation.

See... The Supreme Controller has a shadow self that SEEMS to rule in The Shadow World, where everyone who is occupied with shadows does their life dance. For more details on that, I recommend Plato who has some good explanations for you, and he wasn't all twisted out of shape by Religion so... that's a good thing.

I know that Religion does some good things. It sets temporal parameters for behavior. It's got a book; each religion does... that has all the rules and regulations in it, and it is very useful for people who have learned how to walk and are thinking about riding a bike. In that case, Religion is like training wheels that help you find your balance as you go. Once you can ride that bike you don't need those training wheels anymore but... people are insecure because they have not developed the necessary trust in what they cannot see.

The Rothschilds... Warburgs... Schiffs... and other Satanic banking families are aligned with The Shadow World, which includes The Carnal Plane, AND... because of the rising intensification of Material Culture... they have become more powerful in appearance, BUT... REALLY... they are just a department of operations... at a particular level... on a particular bandwidth, and... they operate at the pleasure of The Supreme Controller who... can... shut... off... their... water... any... time... he... pleases.

You see... the whole of life external... as it appears to you... is a sort of game. It is The Supreme Controller playing with himself. He prefers to play with everyone else, and so he created everyone for that purpose. Not everyone is in on the way things work, and... that should be obvious, but... some of us are... some of us are.

Until you realize that the entirety of existence is in the hands of a single ruling authority, you are going to be the plaything of forces you don't understand where... the forces Inside of you... meet the forces Outside of you.

The forces Inside of you ALWAYS control the events that take place Outside of you. It's math. It's physics (lately anyway) and it is... especially... metaphysics. That way you can see more of the whole picture, even if a particular portion can only be viewed by closing your eyes OR... using the math... upon which it is all based... to see around the corner. That's why most things have Theory and Practice.

If you don't have a working relationship with The Supreme Controller, the present state of The World might be causing you a great deal of distress; woo-woo! What's going to happen? What will I do? What if... this? What if... that? Yadda yadda. If you do have a good working relationship with The Supreme Commander then none of this should alarm you at all. It's just the way it's being worked out by The Supreme Commander and The Shadow World does not have jackshit to say about any of that... ever.

Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

"Above The Carnal Plane... Above The Level of Sensory Mystification... Outside The Magnetic Parameters of Wanting."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Let us not forget the connections between events, and how often they occur. You'd think even once... or at long reaches between... it would still make you think, BUT... it seems there is not much that makes a great many people think... unless it goes off two feet behind them. Here are some examples of what I am referring to.

Did you not know that Sandy Hook was a put-up job? If it is evident to us, and there is so much evidence of that... how could the courts have run so far afoul of Justice in the Alex Jones suit?

The logical explanation is that the courts are corrupt. Even The Supreme Court of The Land is corrupt, by commission and omission. Didn't they grant corporations personhood back when one of the Sons of Satan was in The White House?

Is it all a little fixed... a lot fixed... or simply fixed where and when it needs to be... on a case-by-case basis? What I am getting around to exhibiting a certain persistent and nagging curiosity about... is the matter of Donald Trump and the hijacked 2020 election. If I know... beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was stolen... certainly the people most affected by the outcome know it was stolen, BUT... it all went by the way soon enough. There just wasn't the sort of outrage and inquiry that I would have expected.

And now there is? The same with COVID and The Killer Vaccines. The same with The Palestinian Genocide... The Gazacide. The same with everything that is now... like June; busting out all over.

Maybe most people are numb by now from whatever they are putting in the water and the food... what's streaming to them non-stop through electronic media... what's coming through 5-G and all the invisible forces we don't know about. Still... it seems a bit much that something that big and that obvious would just slide by the glazed eyes of the donut-mind world; at least we know why there's a hole in the donut.

See... increasingly... it seems to me that the whole stolen election thing went down with the full consent of all parties... for the purpose of what's around the corner. All the name players know it was stolen. They were all consciously involved in the process, and it is all about bringing Donald Trump back to The White House like some victorious Caesar.

Everything between then and now has been part of a pacification effort to hoodwink the ones who were being hoodwinked... by letting them believe the fix was in but just from the one side. It seems logical AND highly likely to me that they WERE ALL IN ON IT because otherwise, they were really stupid.

The real question is who is behind the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine?

I understand about the climate created by The COVID Hoax... absentee ballots and Facebook drop boxes. I can see all the seemingly disconnected connections, and I can even see invisible aspects because they all become visible at some point. Even I became Visible at a certain point. Still (once again) this looks like The Long Con to me.

How could Trump have not known about The Killer Vaccines? Even more troubling... how can he still not know about The Killer Vaccines? Some highly placed members of The Real Ruling Junta have a great deal of juice to be able to keep this absurd... top-heavy impossibility of Physics... still upright even now.

Okay... okay... I even understand all that. I get it. I can see how Humanity got dumbed down to such an extent; not all of them, but... enough of them to become a major stumbling block to the rest of us. I can see how they got such control over the banks and the media and everything that has any effect on perception at every level in the material bandwidth.

Their lies go right past me, and I KNOW that is the case with a significant number of the rest of you, BUT... then there are all those people... at every level of society that are hooked... lined... and sinkered into the net of confusion. Yeah... I know why that is too. They are invested in the process. They have skin in the game. They have hostages to fortune. They are caught in The Gimme Racket of... “We wants it, Precious.”

It all comes back to WANTING again. It's The Treadmill of The Carrot and The Stick. It's the endless distraction... the confusion over whether you get to eat it before it eats you... you get to get it before it gets you... you get to fuck it before it fucks you; as long as you can be DRIVEN to participate, they control the amusement park rides that you are waiting in line for.

That brings me to the point of the matter. The game is fixed AT EVERY LEVEL, but... here's the kicker. At The Carnal Level, which is the level that everything we've mentioned so far takes place at... on The Plane of Mortality... in The Department Store Mind... on the Playing Fields of Appetite and Desire... it all works one way with two outcomes; those who do the getting, and those it gets taken from... The Winners and The Losers if you prefer, and the roles change at consistent and regular intervals... and... they are all losers.

Above The Carnal Plane... above the level of sensory mystification... outside the magnetic parameters of Wanting... it works just the one way and results in a timeless process of disentanglement from the fishhooks and glueboards of material attractions. It is at this level... and all the stages that follow... where real freedom lies, and... where you don't have to worry about who's president... who seems to be in charge... what next calamity is approaching... where the war zones are... what direction prosperity lies in, and... yadda yadda.

There's not much you can do for those caught up in the machinery of It, except pray for them, and provide directions if they ask you on the sidewalk... in the supermarket... or wherever they are looking for something they can't find, and still don't have after they located it... cause that wasn't it in the first place.

They move on dream rails. They are the perpetual somnambulists... sometimes closer to the surface and the free air, and sometimes not. The Dream Machine continuously produces the items the desire body orders up... from the last time they were here... or before that... or suddenly this minute ...once they see it up ahead... until it winks out of sight... once they get close enough... like the endlessly replicating images of mirage... the ghost items for the hungry ghosts... who do not know they are disembodied and haunt the abandoned shopping malls on The Lower Astral Plane.

When the dream ends for you, and you are suddenly detached from all the noise and confusion of the jostling crowds... it can be a bewildering period of wonderment... because you can still see into The World that is back the way you came, and you can see all the newly emergent forms that were not perceptible previously... because of the noise and confusion that filled the airwaves in your head... and there is a dangerous moment or two when you have to decide whether to jump back into the pool or simply... walk away.

We've mentioned this before and called it The Dark Splendor. Don't get transfixed by the shimmering lights! All this sexual nonsense that is caused by the centrifugal suck of Materialism is not real. These people are not this... that... and … the other thing; bouncing up and down on this, and sucking on that... cause their pacifier went missing too soon... cause Daddy did this... or Mommy did that OR... Daddy didn't do this... and Mommy didn't do that.

Yes... The Perversity Meisters are twisted enough. They had to get bent out of shape that way to join the club. It's like the buggery rites in the coffin for Skull and Bones. There are various fees for the cost of membership... in most cases, it involves your soul. These are the genuine Shitheels of The Apocalypse and they work on the quota system. If they don't account for a certain amount of victims they will have that suffering added unto them.

None of it's real though. It's all an act of fake it till you make it. Eventually... it feels real enough... so you accommodate to it, and... before you know it... that's what you are... until you are not. It's like the dressing rooms and wardrobe sections of backstage. People are in various stages of undress... putting on the glamour... looking in the mirror to perfect the illusion... and then it's the lights on stage... all that acting out... and then it's... over.

None of these people, except for the real degenerates... are actually as they pretend to be. They just got conned into it. Just like the people cheering for Trump... celebrating Israel's extermination of EVERONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY... cheering for The Kansas City Chiefs; wearing a bracelet for the latest iteration of Bimbo Culture; that plasticized nitwit... who is the arm candy of the Pfizer spokesman. Baby... that's going to do a lot more than just rot your teeth.

It's all a scam. It's all a 3-card Monte game. It's a mortality enhancement device that makes sure you don't know if you're living or dead... having a good time or not... really moved or only acting out. It's not what it looks like, and... neither are you. Any time now... the masks are coming off. Any time now... it's going to get real... for someone? For no one? Time will tell and we shall see.

The microscope reveals to man his significance; the telescope, his insignificance.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

"It's a Matter of Mathematics... You Can't Steal Someone's Country... While Any of The Residents are Still Living There."

God Poet Transmitting.......

They are coming to the deceptions of last resort. That is to accuse the enemy of doing the things they do. Now the chattering robot monkeys... the keyboard prevaricators... are saying that the female hostages that don't exist are not being released because they will tell about the sexual atrocities committed on them. Before that... they were saying that the reason the hostages who were being released were all smiling and happy was because Hamas drugged them.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cough) Ahem... Ah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here... the beauty of the Aztec Two-Step apocalypse/awakening... reveals itself again, NOBODY... BELIEVES... THEM. Everything they now do... proves what's been said about them over the centuries.

Meanwhile... little children are being blown to pieces for their entertainment and because you can't completely steal someone else's country while any of them are still living there and resisting you.

Back when they controlled the 3 major television stations, they had The Hive Mind in a trance. There was nowhere else to go. Then came CNN when CNN was a legitimate news organ. Then Fox. Then hundreds of channels. Then The Internet began to swallow more and more of the audiences and more and more truth began to leak out. So... they tried to close it all down, BUT... somehow... somehow... they are never able to do that.

Now... the publicly proclaimed richest man in The World (besides The Rothschilds, and whoever else is rich enough to get left off the lists) has... temporarily... created a free speech zone... more or less. We'll see how that goes.

What's next for them? They're getting hammered around The World for killing women and children because their victims are the actual inheritors of the land they are being killed on... in the hunting preserve/concentration camp they are confined in. Didn't they used to have concentration camp stories too? They still do? Oh well... The World is catching on to that as well.

The World is catching on to who is behind the forced and financed migrations. It's becoming public knowledge who created the Open Borders scam... to take public attention off of their not-so-secret efforts to take complete control of The World. As soon as it becomes apparent that ANYONE is after that particular Golden Fleece... it all starts to come apart. Just like it is doing right now.

The World is a magical place that is ruled by laws that most people know nothing about. A certain loosely affiliated gang of thugs agreed to hijack the symbols that operate The Collective Unconscious and to employ the slogans and catchphrases that move the captive minds through the kill chutes. They were permitted a period of time to do their worst... near the tail end of the passing age so that lasting lessons might spur The Hive Mind to better times.

As is ALWAYS the case when The Real Higher Ups have to sort out The Down Belows... there is a whole lot of alleged collateral damage. There is a pretty significant concentration of trapped life forms... flailing about in the quicksand of Material Suck... who are committed to going down with the ship. There is another attack-wedge of people who started an argument in their heads and then went looking for a place to have it in.

There are the people who couldn't make it under the limbo bar, so a trench had to be dug and they buried them right there. There are the people who are committed to trapping other people who are the least bit unwary or... otherwise occupied with one form of bullshit or another. There are the people who spent so much time looking into the mirror that they fell through to the other side... that was definitely... no question about it... not Wonderland, and now they wander in a hall of mirrors where not a single true image can be found.

The World has become a lunatic asylum of specialized pathologies. People are now speaking languages that require their tongues to be split in the middle just to pronounce the words correctly. The idea of real... and ideal... has become so blurred that people line up to have parts of themselves cut off... so they can fit into states of being that no sane person would consider living in.

Now and again you see someone who is trying to inform the agitated crowds that the bridge is out... or... that they are going the wrong way. These people had better watch out that they don't get drawn and quartered. Here... the virtual features of the internet are helpful... because you can be helpful from a distance. The real helpers are already doing this by radiating hope and cheer from the deeper places within us all.

Counterpointing these efforts... to save people from themselves... are the agents of The Dark Side who are broadcasting on all kinds of invisible rays and wavelengths to create a more and more unsettled climate, AND... don't get us started on The Climate.

The word magic comes from the Greek word Magos, which means Priest. There are several groups of determined souls who are both dressed, and not dressed, as religious figures, and... they are working to herd anyone not paying attention... into microwave zones... with personalized magnetic touchstones... where their circuits can be fried, and rewired... should the need or desire to do so arise.

It's really getting flaky and tense at the same time. Neither of these are good signs for a greater harmony among nations... or within them, and when the two of them get together, it won't be long before things get worse than they were.

Meanwhile... Lady Nature is showing signs of getting into the action. There is a strong metaphysical basis for this sort of thing because... everything we see happening outside of us is a projection of the collective consciousness of The Hive Mind, and when The Hive Mind gets good and unsettled, Lady Nature is automatically informed about it... and tends to respond sooner or later; her being a mirror and all that.

Everything's connected, BUT... you already knew that? Here's the thing, nodding your head in agreement to something does not mean you understand it. Sometimes you are just being polite where...paying attention might do you a whole lot more good. Lots of people nod their heads when you say, everything's connected. That doesn't mean they know the how and why of it. People agree to things all the time that they have no real clue about.

Everything is connected... means that everything is informed... whenever any part of it goes into action. The mention may be slight... even imperceptible, but... it's there. Everything exists on a web that trembles at the mere thought of motion because... thought is motion too. Feeling and thought are both forces in motion... whether they happen to be moving outward... or inward.

Speech is motion, and something said in New York could well be heard in Cairo a day or two later because it travels on invisible jet streams that circle The Earth 24/7. It also operates like a stone thrown into a still body of water.

If you speak... The World hears you. If it's just chatter... so it goes. If it is something more... well then... and... there are degrees of this... as there are degrees of everything, and... there are no coincidences... no innocent bystanders... or collateral damage. Everything is connected.

Where does that leave us with the horrors of our time... and especially recent times? How is it that the worst among us are the least restrained in the terrors they visit upon everyone else? Well now... there are degrees to all of that as well. There are time frames and conditions... coming and going... because everything is synchronized to specific ends. Sometimes... it's all payback in new forms for old crimes, and sometimes it's all part of a wake-up call.

It's all mysterious because you never see more than half of the action at any time unless... you dwell in the unshakable stillness, like the one who sees everything. People who get all worked up about what is fair... or want revenge... or balanced scales... or an end to the madness, are never content because nothing is resolved as they might wish it to be. Yeah... that too is ordinary times. These are not ordinary times, so... mayhap you will live to see what you never expected to see happen.

It does... really... all work out perfectly in the long run. Distance always provides the greater perspective unless you're up close and personal, and then? What is it that you think you see?

End Transmission.......

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And here's some seldom-seen clarification on the subject of Mohammad and Islam. There have been long-term propaganda wars coming from every one of the much-distorted legacies, and... the arguments that followed... over the footprints God left... at one time or another, while... he... was... passing... through... and never left.

Monday, December 4, 2023

"Fentanyl Barbie Sways from Side to Side... in That Place Where Reason Must Once Have Lived or... Am I Dreaming?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

Like a broken curtain rod... waving... where the fabric distends, and billows inward from the wind... blowing through a shattered window... the figure of Fentanyl Barbie hunches forward, swaying to and fro. She has replaced The Statue of Liberty in the imaginations of the doomed and deluded. Next to her hunkers Hooker Barbie... on desiccated pins... wrapped in torn... black... fishnet stockings... waiting for Christmas dinner to be delivered to a sidewalk in Kensington... in a syringe by an Amazon drone.

Everything is automated now, including the diseases and their cures; if my sons did not want a plague there would be no plague... if my sons did not want the ruin of civilization there would be no ruined civilization... and so on.

They are destructive children... divorced in their minds from the havoc they cause. They crucify grasshoppers on Popsicle sticks. They are incapable of objective thought. Possession will do that to you. They kill without thinking. The video of their crimes plays round The World and... nothing is done. They are the offspring of Infernus.

Not since Rwanda have we seen anything like this. Rwanda was mass hysteria-possession; no doubt an early mind-weather control op. One of those persistent climates that one finds in The Dark Continent. This is different. It is a legion of cats torturing mice for their own amusement... destroying the people they are pretending to be. Once they have been eliminated, they can tinker with the history just like they did following World War 2.

When you control The World's money supply you can do as you please. When the winds of change shift, you no longer have that ability, and you have no friends or allies either.

The demons they serve are thirsty for the blood of innocents. What is being asked of the demons is a tall order. You don't get that kind of carnage at a discount. Volume doesn't enter into the haggle. Put up or shut up and go away. Fentanyl Barbie dips and lists from side to side in that place where rational thought must once have lived or... am I dreaming?

Satanyahu killed his predecessor so that he might... decades later... fulfill his blood contract with Hell. The interest payments for 9/11 alone are staggering. This is cosmic irony for the spawn of moneylenders who live large in castles of air... built on fractional lending.

These bloated ticks drain the living until Abaddon himself calls... Hold! Enough! An entire nation transplanted on the corpses of their victims screams for blood. There will be no mercy. There will be no peace... until every last one of these former residents is dead.

It is time for everyone moved to anger and rage by this genocide to realize that the whole of it is scripted to a specific end. The commonly understood world that we know... is generated by The Hive Mind... as an externalization of its collective inner mentation.

The outer is ALWAYS born of the inner, so... this anger... this rage... is presently precipitating... into manifestation... for the purpose of settling accounts. Judgment is coming. It cannot be hindered or bypassed. It WILL be done upon those who have called it down upon themselves.

Existence is a constant balancing act. The scales are never stilled. They are always in motion. Everything is determined and decided by the density and presence... or absence of light. If there is more light we are more conscious and harmonious. If there is less light, we are less conscious and more inharmonious.

Whether it be a time of greater light or a time of greater darkness does not affect The Higher Mind or that which is directed by The Higher Mind. It dances through the vicissitudes like sunlight refracting through raindrops.

The lesser density is not affected by the greater density. Whatever magnetizes you determines your plane of being. Can you pull people out of the prisons they have built for themselves? Would they not be a fish out of water? Karma is the determinant of weight. The heavy sinks the lighter rises. Warm air sits on top of cold air. Love is ascendant. Whatever the absence of Love is... it is descendant. Of course... as warm air rises to space it turns into cold air and sinks back to Earth... so... truth at one point is no longer truth at another point on the relative plane.

Talking is noise. It is a conundrum whether to say anything or to say nothing. I suppose it depends on the time and place... who is speaking and who is listening OR... not listening, OR... hearing and not understanding. Trying to figure out The Thing Entire leads to a baffling complexity that is useful only when you are attempting to deceive someone.

The fact remains that what you do WILL come back on you. What you think and what you say will return on you... in that place where thoughts and feelings are things. We ascend or we descend. We are permitted to rise or we are forbidden to do so, and must remain on the plane where our actions have formed the playing fields we have earned for ourselves.

Those who butcher women and children... knowing full well that is what they do... and fully knowing that was their intention all along... are building future environments... that even now... are precipitating into form. When God does something it becomes a reality immediately... even if we cannot see it yet. When man does something it depends on the mechanics of his thought.

Concentration is a narrowing of force. For some, this might mean a flashlight beam. For others, it might mean a laser of varying degrees of intensity. Those who imagine they are presently controlling the flow of existence are working diligently to scatter the common focus... to make concentration difficult. It accounts for the present mental states of many children born into factory-farmed mindsets.

Enslavement is the objective of those who tell governments what to do. On the manifest level of operations... the controllers want your body. On the invisible plane of operations... where the controllers get their orders from... they want your soul. The Soul is an energy field. Think about it.

Of course... this is all levels of obfuscation. There is what THEY can actually accomplish, and then... there is what they can convince you of. These are not the same. Things that happen are brought about by conditions that make their appearance possible. If you have contributed to this, you have an investment in the process and the outcome. If you are just passing through, you need to behave as one whose attention is... elsewhere.

The whole dance of mortality is to get you coming and going, and then leaving with the dark promise of endless returning. It's The Purpose of Demonstration... performed for an invisible audience, and those few that are visible... who might happen to be paying attention. Perhaps you would like to help those caught in the machinery? Be careful not to get caught yourself or it might take your arm off.

We like to use the image of a drowning person. Their fear and panic can make them very strong. They can pull you down with them. Is that rational when someone is trying to save you? It is not. What lack of proper thinking got them in that situation to begin with? If you want to save them, you have to sneak up behind them. This might be a clue to save anyone who is drowning in anything that they might be drowning in... because there are so many possibilities for that.

One of the main concerns of those doing the wrong thing is to inhibit the efforts of those doing the right thing, especially if they happen to be in power. Everything that is happening in The World at this time is to expose the players for what they are doing and not doing. These are no ordinary times. In ordinary times it is just math acting out according to programming. This is an apocalypse. It's still math acting out, but it is acting out in a very public way... for all The World to see, AND... Judgment will follow.

The next Scamdemic is manifesting. The problem is convincing people to buy into it. I see clusters of people with masks... now appearing on the internet. Thankfully they are at a distance from me. Fentanyl Barbie and Transgender Ken are replicating by chemical invasion and... The Usual Suspects are conspiring with China which has what they envision for the rest of us, already in operation.

The invisible forces of Push and Shove are everywhere in evidence. The misguided.... falling down drunk in the fear of cow farts and... living evidence of rising stupidity levels... inundating the coastal plains... goes on apace. There is so much cannon fodder for The Information Wars. God help those who have been cut adrift from their common sense.

End Transmission.......

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