Tuesday, December 12, 2023

"Above The Carnal Plane... Above The Level of Sensory Mystification... Outside The Magnetic Parameters of Wanting."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Let us not forget the connections between events, and how often they occur. You'd think even once... or at long reaches between... it would still make you think, BUT... it seems there is not much that makes a great many people think... unless it goes off two feet behind them. Here are some examples of what I am referring to.

Did you not know that Sandy Hook was a put-up job? If it is evident to us, and there is so much evidence of that... how could the courts have run so far afoul of Justice in the Alex Jones suit?

The logical explanation is that the courts are corrupt. Even The Supreme Court of The Land is corrupt, by commission and omission. Didn't they grant corporations personhood back when one of the Sons of Satan was in The White House?

Is it all a little fixed... a lot fixed... or simply fixed where and when it needs to be... on a case-by-case basis? What I am getting around to exhibiting a certain persistent and nagging curiosity about... is the matter of Donald Trump and the hijacked 2020 election. If I know... beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was stolen... certainly the people most affected by the outcome know it was stolen, BUT... it all went by the way soon enough. There just wasn't the sort of outrage and inquiry that I would have expected.

And now there is? The same with COVID and The Killer Vaccines. The same with The Palestinian Genocide... The Gazacide. The same with everything that is now... like June; busting out all over.

Maybe most people are numb by now from whatever they are putting in the water and the food... what's streaming to them non-stop through electronic media... what's coming through 5-G and all the invisible forces we don't know about. Still... it seems a bit much that something that big and that obvious would just slide by the glazed eyes of the donut-mind world; at least we know why there's a hole in the donut.

See... increasingly... it seems to me that the whole stolen election thing went down with the full consent of all parties... for the purpose of what's around the corner. All the name players know it was stolen. They were all consciously involved in the process, and it is all about bringing Donald Trump back to The White House like some victorious Caesar.

Everything between then and now has been part of a pacification effort to hoodwink the ones who were being hoodwinked... by letting them believe the fix was in but just from the one side. It seems logical AND highly likely to me that they WERE ALL IN ON IT because otherwise, they were really stupid.

The real question is who is behind the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine?

I understand about the climate created by The COVID Hoax... absentee ballots and Facebook drop boxes. I can see all the seemingly disconnected connections, and I can even see invisible aspects because they all become visible at some point. Even I became Visible at a certain point. Still (once again) this looks like The Long Con to me.

How could Trump have not known about The Killer Vaccines? Even more troubling... how can he still not know about The Killer Vaccines? Some highly placed members of The Real Ruling Junta have a great deal of juice to be able to keep this absurd... top-heavy impossibility of Physics... still upright even now.

Okay... okay... I even understand all that. I get it. I can see how Humanity got dumbed down to such an extent; not all of them, but... enough of them to become a major stumbling block to the rest of us. I can see how they got such control over the banks and the media and everything that has any effect on perception at every level in the material bandwidth.

Their lies go right past me, and I KNOW that is the case with a significant number of the rest of you, BUT... then there are all those people... at every level of society that are hooked... lined... and sinkered into the net of confusion. Yeah... I know why that is too. They are invested in the process. They have skin in the game. They have hostages to fortune. They are caught in The Gimme Racket of... “We wants it, Precious.”

It all comes back to WANTING again. It's The Treadmill of The Carrot and The Stick. It's the endless distraction... the confusion over whether you get to eat it before it eats you... you get to get it before it gets you... you get to fuck it before it fucks you; as long as you can be DRIVEN to participate, they control the amusement park rides that you are waiting in line for.

That brings me to the point of the matter. The game is fixed AT EVERY LEVEL, but... here's the kicker. At The Carnal Level, which is the level that everything we've mentioned so far takes place at... on The Plane of Mortality... in The Department Store Mind... on the Playing Fields of Appetite and Desire... it all works one way with two outcomes; those who do the getting, and those it gets taken from... The Winners and The Losers if you prefer, and the roles change at consistent and regular intervals... and... they are all losers.

Above The Carnal Plane... above the level of sensory mystification... outside the magnetic parameters of Wanting... it works just the one way and results in a timeless process of disentanglement from the fishhooks and glueboards of material attractions. It is at this level... and all the stages that follow... where real freedom lies, and... where you don't have to worry about who's president... who seems to be in charge... what next calamity is approaching... where the war zones are... what direction prosperity lies in, and... yadda yadda.

There's not much you can do for those caught up in the machinery of It, except pray for them, and provide directions if they ask you on the sidewalk... in the supermarket... or wherever they are looking for something they can't find, and still don't have after they located it... cause that wasn't it in the first place.

They move on dream rails. They are the perpetual somnambulists... sometimes closer to the surface and the free air, and sometimes not. The Dream Machine continuously produces the items the desire body orders up... from the last time they were here... or before that... or suddenly this minute ...once they see it up ahead... until it winks out of sight... once they get close enough... like the endlessly replicating images of mirage... the ghost items for the hungry ghosts... who do not know they are disembodied and haunt the abandoned shopping malls on The Lower Astral Plane.

When the dream ends for you, and you are suddenly detached from all the noise and confusion of the jostling crowds... it can be a bewildering period of wonderment... because you can still see into The World that is back the way you came, and you can see all the newly emergent forms that were not perceptible previously... because of the noise and confusion that filled the airwaves in your head... and there is a dangerous moment or two when you have to decide whether to jump back into the pool or simply... walk away.

We've mentioned this before and called it The Dark Splendor. Don't get transfixed by the shimmering lights! All this sexual nonsense that is caused by the centrifugal suck of Materialism is not real. These people are not this... that... and … the other thing; bouncing up and down on this, and sucking on that... cause their pacifier went missing too soon... cause Daddy did this... or Mommy did that OR... Daddy didn't do this... and Mommy didn't do that.

Yes... The Perversity Meisters are twisted enough. They had to get bent out of shape that way to join the club. It's like the buggery rites in the coffin for Skull and Bones. There are various fees for the cost of membership... in most cases, it involves your soul. These are the genuine Shitheels of The Apocalypse and they work on the quota system. If they don't account for a certain amount of victims they will have that suffering added unto them.

None of it's real though. It's all an act of fake it till you make it. Eventually... it feels real enough... so you accommodate to it, and... before you know it... that's what you are... until you are not. It's like the dressing rooms and wardrobe sections of backstage. People are in various stages of undress... putting on the glamour... looking in the mirror to perfect the illusion... and then it's the lights on stage... all that acting out... and then it's... over.

None of these people, except for the real degenerates... are actually as they pretend to be. They just got conned into it. Just like the people cheering for Trump... celebrating Israel's extermination of EVERONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY... cheering for The Kansas City Chiefs; wearing a bracelet for the latest iteration of Bimbo Culture; that plasticized nitwit... who is the arm candy of the Pfizer spokesman. Baby... that's going to do a lot more than just rot your teeth.

It's all a scam. It's all a 3-card Monte game. It's a mortality enhancement device that makes sure you don't know if you're living or dead... having a good time or not... really moved or only acting out. It's not what it looks like, and... neither are you. Any time now... the masks are coming off. Any time now... it's going to get real... for someone? For no one? Time will tell and we shall see.

The microscope reveals to man his significance; the telescope, his insignificance.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Perfect piece to describe why I play only the stupid mortal flotsam games that I have no choice in playing. . .and I do as I absolutely have to do and no more for that. I'm not voting, if there even is an election. I quit voting years ago. What's the point if it doesn't make a difference? Waste of time since the officials are selected, not elected; and I do NOT like the trumpster. He didn't do what he said he was gonna do in so many instances. He's just another showman. Might as well be Anton LaVey.

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

"The microscope reveals to man his significance; the telescope, his insignificance."

And if ones paying attention it shows scale goes infinite above and below, or at least beyond what the senses of this iteration of form appear capable of sensing. Might also lend one the idea that oneself is the fulcrum of ones being. Instead of leaning left or right, enlarge the fulcrum to carry more weight and accommodate both while calcining the truth of all of it as best one can.

Good stuff. Reminded me of a business trip I had to new orleans for a tech convention. Had some time in the evening to wander the french district and got hit up by a guy on the street using bad english to try and play a game to net him some free money. He said "I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes" and I replied "do you mean where I purchased my shoes" and he replied "nah, where you got your shoes" and I should have left it at that. But I played along. "Ok tell me where I got my shoes".... "you gots them on your feets, now pay up"... needless to say I argued the point for a minute till it was evident it was just a scam for getting rubes to pay up and then I told him nope and left. I was not pursued.

I guess I note that because we're entering the phase of Excuses and Justifications from all they who willfully did Criminal things now trying to explain away how they were inept or unaware or whatever other excuse or justification they can push to try and sideline consequences. It will be interesting to see where this works and where it doesn't. They who prevent it or allow excuses/justifications to stand in place of Accountability and Prosecutions will show themselves as part of the machine that protects the willful ineptitude of their seated DIE hires. Nothing like getting the selfish to stand in for the planners of these events huh.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

That's what an apocalypse is all about.

As for using yourself as a fulcrum and lifting more weight, that is what happens spiritually to advancing souls. The greater one's wingspread the more weight one can carry and the more weight and responsibility are automatically accorded by the cosmos. There is a reason why so few people seek after selfless service because you WILL get all you can handle; "And if I am raised up, I will draw all souls unto me." That's the thing with playing God. One will certainly be given the opportunity and had better hope they measure up. Many are called and few are chosen.

0 said...

Might be a reason my spine failed finally. That or I just keep doing what work shows up. 80lb bags of concrete are some work, which was the final straw I guess. Nothing like moving 500lbs of pole transformer or distribution transformers around by oneself tho. The form is meant to be used to be-come. Curious how many use it to Escape be-coming.

For some reason I'm dragging my feet on swappin in the inductive heater driver on the dotto experimental apparatus. I suppose I'll get to it in time if needed. My aim was never a long life, but a Useful life. Length is irrelevant so long as something is achieved.

Thanks for keepin on Viz!

AL said...

We know by now "they" always play both sides so Trumpty Dumpty is a controlled plant. We know they can make whoever they want "win" the selections so ask yourself how did they miss Trump shoestring his way into the club in 2016, they didn't he was already in it.

He always seems to be getting beat up by the bad actors but never really looses anything now does he. In fact he gains momentum at every fake indictment. I often had the feeling he's a false prophet and we all know billionaires get there by being really above board..

I said it before he's the other side of the same coin, the easier, softer cabal placement inserted to capture all who would follow the bait and switch, all those who would run from the obvious bad actors.

If it wasn't for God we would all be quite done.

Much Love to all

Asil said...

Hello Visible …

Where is the outrage? I think about that going back to the many atrocities that pass by and are accepted by the majority. It seems to me that people are mentally comatose but their bodies continue to function like a machine with an operating system that runs it.

It mystifies me that so many people chant Trump Trump Trump USA USA USA. The country’s grave has been dug and the coffin is waiting. What do they think? They do not think.

How do people believe that Trump is not involved in the Covid vaccine genocide is absurd. It is interesting that in his first year in office he was going to have a committee investigating vaccine safety headed by Robert Kennedy Jr. In a video RKJ talks about that and said after it was set to go, he received a call from Trump. Trump told him they were cancelling the committee. And, apparently Trump had received a $1,000,000 campaign donation from Pfizer.

Making it more interesting is this video with Bill Gates. He mentions his visits with Trump and how he told him that a vaccine committee is a bad thing. “Do not do that.” https://twitter.com/HenryMakow/status/1365389743232548864?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Eembeddedtimeline%7Ctwterm%5Escreen-name%3AHenryMakow%7Ctwcon%5Es1

And the most damning thing that should make everyone aware of the scam being perpetrated by the King of Con is in the video below. Trump is at Davos, shoulder to shoulder with Klaus Schwab declaring what a fantastic job Klaus has done. Schwab who is the epitome of the dark side, a major destroyer of life and yet Trump associates with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYtGYGButRQ

And the mindless and soul less continue to believe they will be saved. Without the people facing the facts and wising up there is no hope.

Visible said...

Oh Asil, thank you for that!!! I will open today's posting with it.

0 said...

Trumps been in it since the 80s when he first posited he might someday run for president. These people are not latecomers to the inbred club. They were born into it and have been groomed their whole life for the role they will play in the inbreds agenda.

I remember reading back in 1999-2000 about Obama being groomed in Russia and some wealthy claimed jewish couple whose wife couldn't shutup about the plan. These things are planned from soup to nuts. (even when they got no nuts).


0 said...

Did you see what the Milieu guy in argentina just did to their currency? It was already inflated 143% against the USD, 400 pesos to 1 usd, and this guy doubled it arbitrarily. Made it 800 pesos to 1 usd. Claiming that would really help the nation rebuild. This is inbound once Trump gets put back in the chair and swings the pendulum back hard right. Entering V for vendetta grounds... where the corrective swing overshoots and implements the very tyranny they claimed to be fighting Against.

Now for Project Zyphr. ;)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Make-em Desperate and Fearful so that some Silver-Tongued Demagogue of a Huey Long can ride in on a Circus Pig."



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