Thursday, December 7, 2023

"It's a Matter of Mathematics... You Can't Steal Someone's Country... While Any of The Residents are Still Living There."

God Poet Transmitting.......

They are coming to the deceptions of last resort. That is to accuse the enemy of doing the things they do. Now the chattering robot monkeys... the keyboard prevaricators... are saying that the female hostages that don't exist are not being released because they will tell about the sexual atrocities committed on them. Before that... they were saying that the reason the hostages who were being released were all smiling and happy was because Hamas drugged them.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cough) Ahem... Ah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here... the beauty of the Aztec Two-Step apocalypse/awakening... reveals itself again, NOBODY... BELIEVES... THEM. Everything they now do... proves what's been said about them over the centuries.

Meanwhile... little children are being blown to pieces for their entertainment and because you can't completely steal someone else's country while any of them are still living there and resisting you.

Back when they controlled the 3 major television stations, they had The Hive Mind in a trance. There was nowhere else to go. Then came CNN when CNN was a legitimate news organ. Then Fox. Then hundreds of channels. Then The Internet began to swallow more and more of the audiences and more and more truth began to leak out. So... they tried to close it all down, BUT... somehow... somehow... they are never able to do that.

Now... the publicly proclaimed richest man in The World (besides The Rothschilds, and whoever else is rich enough to get left off the lists) has... temporarily... created a free speech zone... more or less. We'll see how that goes.

What's next for them? They're getting hammered around The World for killing women and children because their victims are the actual inheritors of the land they are being killed on... in the hunting preserve/concentration camp they are confined in. Didn't they used to have concentration camp stories too? They still do? Oh well... The World is catching on to that as well.

The World is catching on to who is behind the forced and financed migrations. It's becoming public knowledge who created the Open Borders scam... to take public attention off of their not-so-secret efforts to take complete control of The World. As soon as it becomes apparent that ANYONE is after that particular Golden Fleece... it all starts to come apart. Just like it is doing right now.

The World is a magical place that is ruled by laws that most people know nothing about. A certain loosely affiliated gang of thugs agreed to hijack the symbols that operate The Collective Unconscious and to employ the slogans and catchphrases that move the captive minds through the kill chutes. They were permitted a period of time to do their worst... near the tail end of the passing age so that lasting lessons might spur The Hive Mind to better times.

As is ALWAYS the case when The Real Higher Ups have to sort out The Down Belows... there is a whole lot of alleged collateral damage. There is a pretty significant concentration of trapped life forms... flailing about in the quicksand of Material Suck... who are committed to going down with the ship. There is another attack-wedge of people who started an argument in their heads and then went looking for a place to have it in.

There are the people who couldn't make it under the limbo bar, so a trench had to be dug and they buried them right there. There are the people who are committed to trapping other people who are the least bit unwary or... otherwise occupied with one form of bullshit or another. There are the people who spent so much time looking into the mirror that they fell through to the other side... that was definitely... no question about it... not Wonderland, and now they wander in a hall of mirrors where not a single true image can be found.

The World has become a lunatic asylum of specialized pathologies. People are now speaking languages that require their tongues to be split in the middle just to pronounce the words correctly. The idea of real... and ideal... has become so blurred that people line up to have parts of themselves cut off... so they can fit into states of being that no sane person would consider living in.

Now and again you see someone who is trying to inform the agitated crowds that the bridge is out... or... that they are going the wrong way. These people had better watch out that they don't get drawn and quartered. Here... the virtual features of the internet are helpful... because you can be helpful from a distance. The real helpers are already doing this by radiating hope and cheer from the deeper places within us all.

Counterpointing these efforts... to save people from themselves... are the agents of The Dark Side who are broadcasting on all kinds of invisible rays and wavelengths to create a more and more unsettled climate, AND... don't get us started on The Climate.

The word magic comes from the Greek word Magos, which means Priest. There are several groups of determined souls who are both dressed, and not dressed, as religious figures, and... they are working to herd anyone not paying attention... into microwave zones... with personalized magnetic touchstones... where their circuits can be fried, and rewired... should the need or desire to do so arise.

It's really getting flaky and tense at the same time. Neither of these are good signs for a greater harmony among nations... or within them, and when the two of them get together, it won't be long before things get worse than they were.

Meanwhile... Lady Nature is showing signs of getting into the action. There is a strong metaphysical basis for this sort of thing because... everything we see happening outside of us is a projection of the collective consciousness of The Hive Mind, and when The Hive Mind gets good and unsettled, Lady Nature is automatically informed about it... and tends to respond sooner or later; her being a mirror and all that.

Everything's connected, BUT... you already knew that? Here's the thing, nodding your head in agreement to something does not mean you understand it. Sometimes you are just being polite where...paying attention might do you a whole lot more good. Lots of people nod their heads when you say, everything's connected. That doesn't mean they know the how and why of it. People agree to things all the time that they have no real clue about.

Everything is connected... means that everything is informed... whenever any part of it goes into action. The mention may be slight... even imperceptible, but... it's there. Everything exists on a web that trembles at the mere thought of motion because... thought is motion too. Feeling and thought are both forces in motion... whether they happen to be moving outward... or inward.

Speech is motion, and something said in New York could well be heard in Cairo a day or two later because it travels on invisible jet streams that circle The Earth 24/7. It also operates like a stone thrown into a still body of water.

If you speak... The World hears you. If it's just chatter... so it goes. If it is something more... well then... and... there are degrees of this... as there are degrees of everything, and... there are no coincidences... no innocent bystanders... or collateral damage. Everything is connected.

Where does that leave us with the horrors of our time... and especially recent times? How is it that the worst among us are the least restrained in the terrors they visit upon everyone else? Well now... there are degrees to all of that as well. There are time frames and conditions... coming and going... because everything is synchronized to specific ends. Sometimes... it's all payback in new forms for old crimes, and sometimes it's all part of a wake-up call.

It's all mysterious because you never see more than half of the action at any time unless... you dwell in the unshakable stillness, like the one who sees everything. People who get all worked up about what is fair... or want revenge... or balanced scales... or an end to the madness, are never content because nothing is resolved as they might wish it to be. Yeah... that too is ordinary times. These are not ordinary times, so... mayhap you will live to see what you never expected to see happen.

It does... really... all work out perfectly in the long run. Distance always provides the greater perspective unless you're up close and personal, and then? What is it that you think you see?

End Transmission.......

Some links are over to GAB=

And here's some seldom-seen clarification on the subject of Mohammad and Islam. There have been long-term propaganda wars coming from every one of the much-distorted legacies, and... the arguments that followed... over the footprints God left... at one time or another, while... he... was... passing... through... and never left.


M - said...

My boyfriend sees the tragedy of death on both sides in any given War and I love him for that. Last night we saw an TV ad imploring us to embrace immigrants and I brought up the fact that we aren't seeing the US bringing Palestinians over here and offering them asylum. He said "They started it." Obviously, we are at odds with each other over this atrocity.

"People who get all worked up about what is fair... or want revenge... or balanced scales... or an end to the madness, are never content because nothing is resolved as they might wish it to be."

I see that reality in myself, Vis. Although I trust that whatever I put out into the Universe will, at least, be heard. Recognized. That's all I want. (There's that word again. Want.) That's all I can ask for. I wish for the Palestinians to find Paradise and Peace. Soon. I hope in my lifetime.

The other side can go feck itself.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I see no difference between what Israel is doin' to Palestine and what Europe did to Turtle Island, Australia, and what ever other places they colonised, though at least some of the nations got themselves back, though a bit changed, not necessarily for the better.

Gods, then there was Prussia. It kinda evaporated. So weird. One day you were in Prussia and then next mornin' ya wake up in The Land of the Cabbage People, or Poland, or Russia, or Lithuania, or what ever. The thing I used to be married to had Prussian ancestry, though he identifies as Polish though he is half Irish.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the elite is going to try their plan to "expose" the truth about the vaccine thru the media and their various agents like Musk and Joe Rogan, in order to incite people to burn their countries to the ground worldwide, which is what will happen if people consciously realize they were poisoned.

Then, after 2 or 3 months of chaos, a one world government will be offered as the solution.

Now whether or not the divine force allows their plan to succeed, we will have to wait and see.

Visible said...

It is definitely wheels within wheels but you have to consider where the power to turn the wheels comes from in the first place. In every age... God reroutes the power to the fulfillment of his will. If it gets done... he lets it, but EVERYTHING moves toward the fulfillment of his will. He is the still vision. The Divine Mother is the agency of its realization. They are Siamese Twins joined in an eternal process that is driven by The Incomprehensible Ineffable behind all personalizations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thanks again.

And if y'all don't mind my saying, Musk, Rogan, Peterson, Shapiro, Trump, DeSantis, Rebel News, et AL... (too many to list) are all part of the fake opposition. Their role is to manufacture dissent, for the reason another person mentioned, create chaos to usher in the new order. It's as timeless as ever. They've got every angle figured. There is no real "earthly" opposition as far as I can see. Left, right, blue, red, pink, or green... just different sides of the same coin. But no matter how hard they try, they can't replace God!

I pay little-to-no attention to the wizards behind the curtains. Yup, they're all there for the purposes of demonstration.

And thanks for that link to Islam, it was insightful and much of what I'd imagined the prophet's story to be. At the end of the day all of the stories bleed into One, don't they.

"The song changes, but the story remains the same"? A song lyric which I'm trying to recall just now. I might have arsed it up, but that's the gist of it.

Peace, am

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This is One of The Reasons that Any and All Arguments of Every Kind... are All Pointless and Convoluted Circle Jerks."



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