Monday, December 25, 2023

"May You Find The Eternity of The Spirit that Exists Outside of The Parameters of Time. May You Find Your Way Home."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Christmas Spirit seems to come later and later to me every year now. Some might think it won't come at all next year; swallowed up as it is in the darkness of Material Culture. I felt it singing through the birds in the trees outside... just two days ago. Then it was shrouded by the weather that The Juju Man sent. Now a mist is moving in waving tatters... like ghost soldiers returning home again and again, though they never arrive. There will be Sun today! Hooray! Hooray!!!

♫ When Mithra comes marching home again... hurrah... hurrah! ♫ No! I am no pagan... no Julian The Apostate come lately. I recognize the authority of The Christ, but not of Christianity. I also recognize the new version coming like Spring through the cold shudders of Material Winter; only just arrived two days ago. Heh heh, well... I tend to live in a time that is not here yet. I find it preferable all around... by comparison with what The Hive Mind dreamed up... under the directions of their acknowledged overlords.

(The oddest thing just happened. I mentioned the mist outside. Since I wrote about it, it has nearly obscured the greensward out back. A great many more ghost soldiers seem to have arrived. Possibly their ranks are swollen by casualties from The Killer Vaccine Wars... The Gender War... The Culture Wars... The Color Wars... The Political Wars, and... of course... The War on Humanity by The Unhumans of The WEF, and sundry Satanic coalitions.

It's like I'm in that film, “Secret Window.” I think I just saw Stephen King fly by with Apeel and Past Due Stickers on his face. Not even I see this kind of thing every day, but... lately.)

The World is bent over under grievous burdens. One is the weight of Karma. Another is The Out of Thin Air debt of The International Bankers. Another appears like a woman giving birth in a war zone... a sense of something coming that might better have passed us by... coming into a world that might better have passed more quickly than it has. Something... something. As Archer would say, “Damn! I had something for this.”

Well, on this day, I must say it again. Jesus Christ was not a Jew. That's one of the reasons it is so hard to find any historical record of him. Please! The Bible is not a historical record. As best it is an anecdotal journal of inspired channelings. People have no sense of Time. Well... poor things... they are only here for a little while, and then? Off they go. Soon to return again, under another name... speaking another language.

Everything about the story of Jesus Christ is symbolic... allegorical; every... single... thing! Study your religions and you find that every one of them has a similar tale of someone born on or about the same day in the same season. All the events are similar. Go ahead... look!!! I've been including snippets of Ageless Wisdom after each posting lately, as evidence of that very thing. The Dying God... The Resurrected God. It's always The Sun God... dressed specifically for the occasion.

I do not say these things to diminish Jesus The Christ. I celebrate him. Watch out for Christians though. They will kill you just as quick as Jesus was alleged to have been done away with (albeit temporarily).

Oh! Christians will howl like werewolves before the full moon if you say anything contrary to what the revisionists... who control their historical perspective... have told them. They don't want to know that the very people who have enslaved them in temporal debt, are also the controllers of their religious perspectives, WHICH... ARE... DESIGNED... to set them against every other religious persuasion.

The fix went in a long time ago, my friends. Whoever it was that played the character Jesus, just like whoever it was that played Shakespeare... came and went under a cloak of anonymity. Was it really Apollonius of Tyana or... one of those other guys... whose names come up whenever people unafraid to speculate... outside the hearing of the fire-eyed true believers... gather to discuss the possibilities?

I serve The Spirit of God, NOT The Fecal Letters of tan-your-hide Judaic Law. Render unto Caesar. These days... people of questionable faith... render their hearts unto Caesar's version of God's comings and goings.

Was there someone who met all the criteria of being Jesus The Christ? Absolutely. He comes around here like clockwork on a regular basis, just as humanity goes off the rails and into the swamplands, he comes down to winch them out again... and again. He is the timeless avatar of human need... personified for the time and place of his arrival.

I can hear The Fundies now... stomping through the undergrowth... dreaming about getting their hands on me and shutting my heretical mouth. Well... it didn't work on previous occasions, and... when it did, it was only temporary. All thought of brotherly love and understanding flies from them and leaves only a cold... plotting... malice; been there, done seen that.

The whole story is true, after... a... fashion... like the stories of folk heroes and legendary characters, BUT... you have to be able to shift the wheat from the chaff... the glamour from The Truth. History is a lie that got written down by people making bank on it. The CONVENTIONAL stories of Jesus Christ are like the tales that parents tell their children about Santa Claus. There is SOME truth there. The same with Santa Claus.

This is what causes atheists... who are often smart people that don't buy into the bullshit. They entirely miss the point. The greatest concentration of atheists is among those people who are reported to have arranged the killing of Jesus. They are the people who wrote the false histories, so... it's no wonder they are atheists who... ALSO... throw the baby out with the bathwater, cause...There is a God. There is a Son of God. There is a Mother of God. It's all true... just not the way you were told it is.

If you want the truth about Jesus The Christ, you have to look deeper, and you have to understand that none of them... even the repositories of ancient wisdom... have all the truth. There is truth in Gnosticism. There is truth with The Essenes... The Templars... The Albigensians. They all had some... of... the... truth. None of them have all... of... the... truth. The Truth is within you, and... cannot... be... spoken.

Now we have the new revisionists spreading all sorts of lies about The Templars and The Masons. Sure! The Masonic Brotherhood has been corrupted by the same burrowing... Satanic termites who have hollowed out Buddhism and every other faith, BUT... Masonry was built on solid substance. I am not controlled by what some people say. I am controlled by what is revealed to me. They are... very much... not the same thing.

Our very belief in something adds the substance needed to manifest it. It is how saints come to their visions. It is how mystics see into the finer worlds. Faith is The Substance of things unseen... just as low desires are the substance of things unseemly. (grin)

Everything is summed up... as close as that is possible to do... in these three words; God is Love! Now... God is more than Love, but that goes beyond the reach of words, and then there are the parts that go beyond the reach of thought. You don't have to concern yourself with all that, though some people do. They are never satisfied with the simple version. As Christ said, “Except you become as little children, ye shall not enter The Kingdom of Heaven.”

If you reach to the skies within... crying out to be heard and answered, you will be. Sometimes it comes in images. Sometimes it comes in events or... a change in conditions, and sometimes it comes in words that are ferried through The Intuition.

Jesus The Christ is an eternally resonant reality that echoes forever through time, and so is every other valid appearance of The Divine. I'm not here to argue about which presentations were and were not valid. That's not my department, neither is argument. Every argument in my mind has been answered through its unification with The One Mind. There is no need for further argument; not for me anyway.

God is real, and God takes the trouble to let us know this if we are so inclined toward that knowing. The World is also real, momentarily... after... a... fashion. For some, The World is of greater importance. For some, God is of greater importance. Where your heart is, there your treasures are also. I've no quarrel with people and their choices. I am not here to convert The Heathen. I don't work for Religion or the mercenary priests who serve their own interests through that medium.

The Divine is not an indirect connection for me. I do not need intercession or intermediaries waving censers about my head, and... generally confusing the issue. God is an integral part of me. God is what is real in me, and becoming more and more real... as everything that is everything else... is supplanted and replaced by The Presence of God within me.

When there is no more me, in... a... state... of... separation. That is The Completion of The Great Work. Everything else is people running about in circles and chasing a non-existent tail, but... a tail will appear if one insists on it, cause... Faith is The Substance of things unseen.

Negative Faith... Positive Faith... these are both The Substance of things unseen, and you live... this moment... surrounded by your creations of the same.

In this time of greater weights and measures, may The Spirit of God find its way into your heart and mind, and may what has been seasonal until now... become a thing for all seasons. May you find the eternity of The Spirit that exists outside of the parameters of time. May you find your way home. May you see the candle in the window... in the cabin of sanctuary... at the center of the darkness of the surrounding forest... of conflicting directions... ladled out by the voices in the wind.

The central core of existence is present within you. You are made in the image of The One who contains in his being... the entirety of the universe... which is the body of God. You contain a version of the same. Getting there, and recognizing it... is the objective... unless it is not. Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas in the spirit of Christmas.

May The Golden Child of Immortal Love be born again in The Manger of your heart, as Bethlehem is The House of Bread.

End Transmission.......

A song of devotion to The Holy Mother by two legends on this Christmas Day.

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Anonymous said...

It's like I'm in that film, “Secret Window.”

I just ate boiled corn on the cob... and I am GONNA KILL YOU, LES!! KILL YOU KILL YOU KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

The Peanut Butter Angel said...

What The Hell was that on Christmas Day? I figure you think it was some kind of a joke and mebee you know what it indicates. I do not. As an antidote in the soul of the season. Let there be a merry Christmas for you and everlasting life as the cherry on top Visible, not to mention every other blessing that The Sun can conjure around and inside of you for you wonderful efforts to awaken the world to a higher love and the knowledge that there is but one God with many names.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas...viz
thank you for your gifts of holding out the flame to those with eyes to see.
tymeflyz. ; ]

TotoFromOz said...

So Loved, you are dear brother. Merry Christmas!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Merry Christmas back though I don't celebrate it, and NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Celestial Clock is Moving to Midnight Hour Where our Better Angels Come into Flower, and The Planets Begin to Sing."



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