Wednesday, December 20, 2023

"Neither of These Are Going to Work Now, In This Next Phase, Which is Steaming Round The Curve in The Continuum."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We have ALWAYS maintained that The Apocalypse is a time of unveiling and revealing, just as the dictionary and scripture define it. In that sense, and a few others... we are a traditionalist. With some things... what you see is what you get... with other things what you see is not what you get, but... a time comes when the covers come off, and the curtains are torn away from the window. The Light floods the room (or your life) and one can see into and through things, and that is what an apocalypse brings us.

Here is an example of apocalypse in action.

So is brunching with a busload of drag queens. Then again... The Pope is the biggest drag queen on the planet. Now he is fiating (is that really a verb?) his way to blessing same-sex marriages, and the troops are getting restless. It's one thing to do stuff out of sight. It's another thing to do it in the public square; ♫ Why don't we do it in the road ♫ (I hate that song)

In an apocalypse, people are revealed for what they really are, instead of what they are pretending to be, which is how it goes the rest of the time when an apocalypse is not in effect. People get outed AND... people out themselves. It's a package deal. The same way you can no longer hide things from yourself the way you hide them from others. Neither of these are going to work now, in... this... next... phase... which is steaming round the curve in the continuum.

Bill Gates was cruising along, wiping out hundreds of thousands in India, with his Polio poison-vaccine. He was going great guns in Africa killing left and right, and never taking a day off. He's been the hardest-working man in the cemetery. Stephen King has nothing on The Clown Prince of Murder.

Klaus Schwab wants you to own nothing and be happy like he's The Ghost of Bobby McFerrin. The idea is that he and his band of pederasting (is that a verb?) Satanists will own it all, and parcel it out if you suck up real nice.

George Soros wants to destroy Western civilization, and he's been doing an impressive job as Dr. Evil. They all have. They are all in the same club with John Kerry and the whole of The EU... The Crown Colonies, and the American leadership. They all drank The Witches Brew, and now they got Halloween 7 days a week, BUT... that's the thing about an apocalypse. That's when the masks come off; no more turning into a pumpkin whenever you feel like it, and slipping out of town in The Midnight Hour.

Satanyahu was cruising along like nobody's business, and... if you made it your business... you were soon out of business. He was in the room when they plotted out 9/11 with Ehud Barack... Dov Zackheim and the rest of the band of merry psychopaths. He's the Israeli Obama. He may not have drowned as many chefs or hit as many bathhouses, but he's got his own serial kinks and an easily as impressive body count.

So there he was... cruising along... when The Apocalypse went into prelim warp speed, (warp speed hasn't hit yet but it's round The Curve), and then? Everything went 'tits-up' as the yobs like to put it. There he was... only somewhat harassed by the angry mob calling for his ouster, and he figured; why not stage a false flag?

They'd been going great guns for generations, BUT... The Apocalypse is in effect now, and suddenly... there are pictures and videos... eyewitnesses who didn't get killed in time, like all those pesky journalists. Ben-jammin was poleaxed and mystified at the same time. This was not going like it had always gone before. Same with those other bloodthirsty motherfuckers we already mentioned.

Oh... there are plenty of names we left out, like Lagarde and the rest of The Bitches of Dippedwick. I'm not the stats guy with the lists. I do more of a broad strokes thing, BUT... you've seen the faces of these fluffers and enablers... these boil biters and front-personas. It used to feel good to stand before the microphones and blow gallons of smoke up everyone's ass, while they jockeyed for the pole positions, hoping to be pole-greaser Numero Uno.

Now... is not a good time to be a Podesta or a Clinton. It still all looks right in the CIA media, but... these soon-to-be stripped naked, dipped in pigshit, and lashed down the boulevard... are presently trembling just off camera. They are all a tremble. They surely are. They have seen the changes in The Winds of Change, BUT until very recently... they did not hear The Voice inside their heads. Now... now... they can hear the baying of The Hounds. They can hear the man in the hood sharpening Madame La Guillotine... heads are going to roll in this new Age of UnReason.

Dancing with The Qliphoths is about to be this season's hit show. The contestants come out and are assigned a qliphoth they have not rehearsed with, AND... as soon as they make contact, the contestant is exposed to spiritual radar that shows them in a sort of infrared... color mapping... where all of their vices are REVEALED in clear detail.

The audience is informed ahead of time that murky reds mean low-level passions... institutional greens are jealousy... envy... and the like... puke yellows and dirty oranges indicate unnatural attractions, and the winner is the one who is able to break the qliphoth's grip, BUT... none of them do. There are other color designators but you don't want to know about them. (I don't think)

This will be an especially big hit in New York City and LA where a certain demographic dances with the qliphoths all day long... and deep into the hot iniquitous night. Hey! It comes with the territory.

Until now... The Apocalypse has mostly been revealing name players and formerly trusted industries and infrastructures. It's coming street-side soon, and people will be able to see the previously invisible marks on the bodies of everyone they encounter. ♫ And it was fun... fun... fun... fun... fun... till Big Daddy took the shitbirds away now ♫

You see... there are many degrees to revealing... as there are to revelation...and there are stages and phases too. It's going to get... strange (somebody cue Jim Morrison or... is he still haunting the Chateau Marmont?)

Let not my inclination to be flippant here be an indication that it's all going to be fun and games. It's definitely not going to be fun for a certain collection of people, and it is certainly not a game...even when it looks like that is exactly what it is.

Try to imagine how clever The Devil is. He's known for it. That's where the term diabolical comes from. Well... imagine how clever by far The Divine is when The Devil is only his shadow, and that place where people hide from The Light... like that's a possibility, to begin with. Sure... temporarily... but... The Sun moves and The World turns. Keep it in mind, which is just what those who should do... do not do.

Evildoers, as clever and informed as they think they are, are blind to the most basic laws of the process. Evil and Good emerge from the same point of origin; The Divine setting the parameters of both The Light and The Darkness. The thing is... when you've been living high on the hog, you often forget what's going down around the dark underbelly, or where the snout has been rooting. You're above all that, but you're still on-the-hog, and eventually assume its likeness by association.

That's another one of those cosmic laws; The Law of Association. Hogs go to the butcher. I saw those carrier semi-trucks, taking the turn to Parma, every time I went South on The Italian Interstate. It made me thoughtful... though... there was nothing I could do about it. The only thing I have any control over is whether I recognize The Supreme Controller or become deceived into thinking I am The Supreme Controller.

You either go along with The One who rules every particle of being and non-being or... you don't. You're either dancing with the qliphoths or with the angels. Your choice, It is a choice. Some are looking up and some are looking down, though it is good to have a sense of them both. Some are looking out some are looking in, and some aren't looking at all. You find out all about that in The Final Reel, and that is also a dance.

End Transmission.......

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Here's part two of what we included yesterday.


Anonymous said...

There goes that "pen is mightier than the sword" guy again.

May God continue to protect your ass, dear Visible!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The language you used. . .the terms. . .stuff I use that no one else uses any more. . .well, maybe 'cept Salty Cracker and me. . .it cracked me up ('tits up, and fluffer, and. . .), and I was thinking about the theme of this post before I read it.

Awesome post, as always; and NOSTRILS TO THE ENDS OF THE NOSE-IVERSE!

0 said...

Found this interesting, maybe you will too.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It's The Default Scenario Whenever The Separated Mind... sets The Separated Will... against The Unity of The Divine."

still striding said...

LV! On Fire Productions, the fire of the Spirit.
I saw Mr. Mojo Risin out loud when Jim Morrison comes up on the desktop.
A fondness for poets and wordsmiths. (grin)
Thanks for the big picture as I am in the details.
Always saying thank you God for LV when in communication with The Commander.
Carry on.

Missing Munich said...


this was simply superb, cannot think of a better word. Please keep on keeping on, you have no idea what your words mean to some of us!!!

Much love,

Missing Munich



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