Friday, December 15, 2023

"The Biggest Problem... for The Majority of People... Is that The Supreme Controller Does Not Get Right Back to You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

"V for Vendetta" was about a virus, St. Mary's Virus; interesting name for it, eh wot? So through a series of events, martial law comes into play. Just like in real life... the ♫ row... row... row... your boat ♫ life that you are presently dreaming through... the virus was created by The Government.

Most of the evil in this world is caused by financial skulduggery, and the center of financial skulduggery is London, and the chief orchestrator of the blood-soaked hanky panky is The Rothschild Banking Syndicate that pulls the strings of The Federal Reserve, and every other banking institution in The World... except for three or four countries. They are responsible for all the pushing in the wrong directions, AND all the pulling that occurs as a reaction to it.

Before you start trying to analyze what is happening in The World, you have to look into how everything comes about here; how everything came into being in the first place. Not everyone is going to agree with my version of all this, and even those who do... might disagree with my means of handling it on a personal level. My means of handling it involves my leaving all The Details in the hands of The Supreme Controller.

Not everyone believes there is a Supreme Controller and most of those who do have had their perspective whacked in the back of the head by Religion. Most religions... by this time... have been diddled and fooled with by the very people doing all the pushing and deceiving in The World.

Very few people follow the tenets of Ageless Wisdom on which ALL religions were originally based. London and The UK were in much better shape when The Druids were interpreting the effect of The Invisible upon The Visible.

I am not a Druid or any of the rest of the name players of arcane legacy. I belong to an invisible Brotherhood, BUT it wouldn't do any good to name it because you don't head off to The Local to sign up, AND... it goes by a number of names depending on where you run into it OR... more likely... where it runs into you.

Everything in this life comes down to The Supreme Controller. Everything you see moving about in The World around you is the plaything of The Supreme Controller. If you don't like what you see. If you feel threatened by what you see. If you don't understand what you see, you need to go to The Supreme Controller about it.

How do you reach The Supreme Controller? That's easy. The Supreme Controller has a listening device planted into the consciousness of EVERY... LIVING... THING... When you can spare a moment, you go somewhere private and tell The Supreme Controller all about it.

Many people are not happy about this process. They are used to going into a place and when they don't like what they see... or they have a complaint... they demand to see The Manager. Often enough that will do you no more good than talking to a Supreme Controller that you can't see, and are not sure is there to begin with.

Since I KNOW The Supreme Controller is there, I don't have that problem. The biggest problem for the majority of people is that The Supreme Controller does not get right back to you. That is because you... PROBABLY... do not have a personal relationship with The Supreme Controller. It can take some time to develop this, BUT... most people do not like to wait or invest in what they cannot see, and would prefer to thumb-hump their cellphone or... yell for The Manager, or... leave a bad review on Yelp.

When you have a personal relationship with The Supreme Controller... a real back and forth... you don't need to demand to see The Manager or lose your shit in any other way... BECAUSE... The Supreme Controller is ALREADY handling your details just the way your Portfolio Manager now handles your financial affairs, BUT... much more comprehensively... in every area of your life, and... much more efficiently too.

Perhaps you don't have a Portfolio Manager. You have to have some tidy resources... to start with... to have a Portfolio Manager, and most of those people have no interest in The Supreme Controller because their life... for the moment... is moving right along... ♫ row... row... row... your boat ♫ That's certain to change in a big way for many people in the short term, and then your Portfolio Manager isn't going to be able to do much about it because he is going to have problems of his own.

Here's The Deal, and... I know that many people are not going to agree with me on this, so... you'll have to find out about it further up... or down... The Road. Everybody does. The Deal is that The Supreme Commander is called The Supreme Commander because he supremely... handles everything. He's on both sides of The Dance of Good and Evil. He sets the parameters for everything. He is at the beginning where it all started, AND... at the end of it all as well.

You can argue about it till doomsday's break and many people choose to do just that. This argument often goes on in their heads their whole life long. At some point... it spills out into an argument with everyone else, and nothing but more argument and confusion EVER comes out of that.

So... we got a real virus about 15 years after "V for Vendetta" came out and... so far... it hasn't ended up like the movie did... in The Dreaming Life, which many people call Real Life.

The Rothschild Banking Scam is responsible for most of the tumult in The World because they engineer and finance all of the conflicts and wars around The World for their personal advantage. They have their hands in everything, just like The Supreme Controller does. They are the opposite side of the equation.

See... The Supreme Controller has a shadow self that SEEMS to rule in The Shadow World, where everyone who is occupied with shadows does their life dance. For more details on that, I recommend Plato who has some good explanations for you, and he wasn't all twisted out of shape by Religion so... that's a good thing.

I know that Religion does some good things. It sets temporal parameters for behavior. It's got a book; each religion does... that has all the rules and regulations in it, and it is very useful for people who have learned how to walk and are thinking about riding a bike. In that case, Religion is like training wheels that help you find your balance as you go. Once you can ride that bike you don't need those training wheels anymore but... people are insecure because they have not developed the necessary trust in what they cannot see.

The Rothschilds... Warburgs... Schiffs... and other Satanic banking families are aligned with The Shadow World, which includes The Carnal Plane, AND... because of the rising intensification of Material Culture... they have become more powerful in appearance, BUT... REALLY... they are just a department of operations... at a particular level... on a particular bandwidth, and... they operate at the pleasure of The Supreme Controller who... can... shut... off... their... water... any... time... he... pleases.

You see... the whole of life external... as it appears to you... is a sort of game. It is The Supreme Controller playing with himself. He prefers to play with everyone else, and so he created everyone for that purpose. Not everyone is in on the way things work, and... that should be obvious, but... some of us are... some of us are.

Until you realize that the entirety of existence is in the hands of a single ruling authority, you are going to be the plaything of forces you don't understand where... the forces Inside of you... meet the forces Outside of you.

The forces Inside of you ALWAYS control the events that take place Outside of you. It's math. It's physics (lately anyway) and it is... especially... metaphysics. That way you can see more of the whole picture, even if a particular portion can only be viewed by closing your eyes OR... using the math... upon which it is all based... to see around the corner. That's why most things have Theory and Practice.

If you don't have a working relationship with The Supreme Controller, the present state of The World might be causing you a great deal of distress; woo-woo! What's going to happen? What will I do? What if... this? What if... that? Yadda yadda. If you do have a good working relationship with The Supreme Commander then none of this should alarm you at all. It's just the way it's being worked out by The Supreme Commander and The Shadow World does not have jackshit to say about any of that... ever.

Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Aaah...Ted Gunderson. Brings up recollections of the Franklin child prostitution ring scandal and a book I read (and still own) many years ago about it: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

The stories of child prostitution and rituals involving children come as no surprise to me. It's evil, yes, but no surprise.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The theme of this post is obvious to me by how my life here (What's left of it.) defies reality. Then again, it helps to be pragmatic, and not programmed by idiots.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Obama put out a movie on netflix under his higher grounds production company called "leave this world behind". It is an interesting watch. It just came out I think last week. I watched it last night. The title seems to be from the viewpoint of the wealthy guy the GH fellow moved money for, as it was him that left GH and his kid, and the other family that rented GH's country place for the weekend that got left behind when the Invasion of America Started in earnest. From that films perspective, as long as one wasn't in the city, the divisiveness didn't turn to people killing each other over resources... but then the movie ended well before the "mop up" part of the event happened. It was a decent film as far as sci fi fantasy of the apocalypse goes. Supposedly chinese/korean flyers were dropped on the west coast while on the east coast the fliers were in arabic, inferring multiple other countries had grouped up for the invasion.

We'll have to wait and see if its being used to induce those other nations to attack first so the US defense can unload on them like Israel is doing to Gaza. If so its a bait n switch against those nations. If not, then it was our own leaders who facilitated the end of the American Experiment so they could forge it into some new slavery.

That flick also was trying to set the precedent that Nobody was pulling the strings that lead to the event. When its pretty clear the people in authority positions have enabled this potential reality to show up. They pretended that was scarier than if someone was there pulling the strings. Frankly, any named clown seated in a position of authority at a time when such happens should be targetted by Decent Americans for permanent removal. No point letting them take up the same roles in the post event world.

Lastly, whoever owns the site seems to be hinting at the future map of america with their secret window today. I put up a post about it here.

Guess we'll see how things proceed.

Visible said...

I saw it a few days ago. The ending summed up the film's value for me. the self-involvement of most of the characters is always a major turnoff for me. I had decided not to watch it but my friend mentioned it, and it got watched. Tonight I'll watch Clive Owen's Shoot Em Up; a much better film with a great deal more trenchant meaning for me. (grin)

0 said...

Yeah I do like that shootemup flick too. Been offsetting the weird programs with westerns. The Wild Bunch was one I just enjoyed. Hard to find programs these days that aren't all showing self involved individuals trying to have their own way. I suppose from that angle a depopulation event maybe isn't a bad thing, but then you have Bezos talking about space station cylinders that will be home to 1 trillion people who will use the earth for Vacation and you can sorta see the intent eh. Its alot easier to keep people out if they were never on the surface to begin with. Makes me wonder if there are parallel civilizations stood up over the last 50 years that have been propagandized to see the surface nations as the problem that needs to be sorted. The series Silo was sorta like that. Silos of people with specific sets of information or a lack thereof setup under some internal authority that stayed within its internal bounds never seeking to move beyond those "laws" they put in place to "save themselves".

Any other recommendations?

My fallback has been to watch Cheers or The big bang theory as time wasters while I wait for what comes next. Also watch rick n morty which occasionally cracks me up. Young sheldons not to bad.

Rock n Rolla is a flick I enjoy as well thats down the same vein as shootemup.

Have a good weekend!

Visible said...

The animated series Archer (14 seasons) is terrific!! So is King of the Hill; a Mike Judge production. I've tons of good recommendations but I have to be somewhere.

Anonymous said...

For apocalyptic fare, i thought Colony was a good series. It depicts a lot of the kind of skeezy politics that happens IRL pretty darned accurately and even has a nose of a certain persuasion in higher office who does what noses are famous for, There was only a few seasons before it was cancelled. There’s some speculation about a season 4, but no firm commitments. It should be renewed and continued, but i think the too close to homers fear the writing was too good for their tastes.

Merry Christmas, Viz and all!


Kazz said...


Abel is termed the animal soul. Paul referred to him as the Creature. Abel means breath, which places him in the mental realm, not the spiritual realm. The mental realm is more closely related to the spiritual consciousness than the physical, which is Cain. Its offerings are more acceptable to spirit than those of the physical.

Mary represents the soul that magnifies the Lord 'daily in the temple'. Mary signifies the divine motherhood of love, or intuition. Solomon's Temple is a symbol of the regenerated body of man. This enduring temple is built in the understanding of Spirit as the one and only cause of all things. Man's body is the temple, or house of God.

The term 'religious experience' ranges between blindly groping faith that causes men to pass their children through the fire as sacrifice to their deities, and the divine consciousness of Jesus, who submitted His body to the purifying fire of the Spirit and came forth alive with a life that never dies. Jesus represents God's idea of man in expression; Christ is that idea in the absolute.

God Bless All

Mary Christ Mass to All

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

"leave this world behind" , tried watching that last night, i got such a sick feeling in my gut. Modern media, most of it, is so dark and satanic and such bad vibes, i cant stomach it anymore.

Instead watched a sci-fi space epic series called The Expanse, available on Amazon Prime by Jeff Bezos' divine grace.

Kazz said...


I don't like the term goddesses and gods because there is only One God. When One houses The Living Indwelling Christ she guides One through ascension to Christ consciousness so they are able to discern the mind of God, but still that does not make One a god. One must be like a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is why Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven' ~ (Matthew 18:3).

I thought I should clarify that because I don't oppose or wish to usurp God in any way. I don't wish to become a third party interloper between Man and God, or pursue power or authority over others. I am a servant of God who is here to serve humanity as God sees fit. I take my marching orders from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus the Christ said, "...the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.' ~ (John 14:25).

The Living Indwelling Christ/Holy Spirit was the helper given to us in Genesis 2:18. She has always been with us, but occasionally humanity need reminding.

"The light that guides you shines from within.' ~ Rumi

Luv Kazz

M - said...

O mentioned Westerns so I'm gonna hop in to the conversation. I personally love Westerns. Loved watching 'em when I was a kid, too. Played "cowboys and indians" with the neighborhood boys. I was always the (lone) indian - 'cause I thought indians were WAAAAY cool. Still do.

Anyway, we recently watched 1973's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. I'd never seen it before but enjoyed it immensely, especially Dylan.

Only Lovers Left Alive is, at present, a film I am obsessed with. So much so that I'm going to purchase the DVD. I also love, love, love Délicieux and probably need to get a copy of that, too, as I've rewatched it numerous times.

Horror (not slasher) films are a mainstay all year 'round. I'm getting ready to watch a Christmas favorite: Bell, Book, and Candle. Halloween and Christmas rolled into one!

While I/we watch plenty of sports we are both watching Home Improvement re-runs on the Roku Channel and Seasons 4-5 of Face Off on Netflix. I'm also bingeing on Charmed which is free on Prime. Other than that, lotsa cooking and gardening show on Roku.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They Are in The Throes of an Advanced Desperation. Like a Juggler... Which is The Exoteric Term for a Magician..."

Nite Strider said...

LV! Beautiful and summed up well, like someone who understands it fully (grin)
I always end with please deliver us from the evil one when in communication with The Commander.
Always thankful for all gifts and blessings.
That Sobammy Leave the World Behind was a lil' too predictable and did you notice the obey NASA shirts on the youngsters?
Korean and Iranian drones dropping leaflets when we all know it will be internal quislings, well some of us.
Stride On.



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