Monday, December 21, 2015

Shall we Dance and Live Forever or Shall we Die and Forget?

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Evil has a few superficial tricks and some number of more sophisticated mannerisms. You might say that sometimes it plays checkers and sometimes it plays chess. There are a few things that Evil always relies on and some of those are human ignorance, greed, arrogance, infernal desires and certainly fear. The only time one experiences fear in the presence of Evil is because whatever that permutation of countless expressions may be, it resonates in you. Perfect love casts out all fear. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Here is an example of Evil acting in a way contrary to its best interest. Of course, the Sandy Hook book has been banned at Amazon and also, by this time has experienced mega downloads. Maybe they felt damage control is in order, so they departed from their usual blackout of all relevant truths, except when they are in that scurrilous attack zone mode a la 911.

They had been using that Tribe member crisis actor with the non existent son and now they are trying to get his chief protagonist fired from his job in academe. It must be that behind the scenes they are aware of the intensifying of Mr. Apocalypse's world wide effort to uncover the truth. You see it everywhere these days but... it is greater than we are personally aware of, simply because the Earth is NOT FLAT. This and other psy-op efforts are all a part of world wide Satanic Zionist Occupied Government efforts to confuse and manipulate human consciousness. These people are not human so a distinction must be made.

Mr Apocalypse's greatest effort is not in the way that he is uncovering the truth in the world around us but in the way that he is uncovering the truth within us and showing it to us and... I might add... to each other as well. In the last few years I have seen tragedies of trust and betrayals of the same from alleged friends and what was once family but my family is my friends now. I have no other. Those we were born to and among are part of our entry karma. To continue such a thing beyond its natural relevance is a special kind of anal retentiveness. Of course a major Kundalini event, serious trauma and certainly death will cure you of blood tie addictions. Some very few of us can even turn away from the things most dear to us and keep right on walking, without looking back and... never a tug of nostalgia or attachment do we find. Most of you might think such a stance impossible or an impossible claim but that would mean you are unhappy with losing what is already gone, or unwilling to face the absolute truth that you will lose everything you have here at some point. See... we just don't like to come to terms with this and in all honesty I can say that is one thing I have achieved and it is liberating. Oh... surely it hurts in the beginning, almost everything that doesn't feel better than it actually does, hurts in the beginning, like getting your first teeth, or falling in love, without even knowing what love is. The more powerful the emotion, the greater the trauma at some point.

Some of us have our shortcomings for good reasons, known only to the one who sets the margins of experience, as they come up against the unpredictable outcome of circumstance ...but there's always a good reason ...and the harder you look, the sooner you get an answer, even if that answer is along the lines of something you are not supposed to know. That is an answer too.

Things are going on in our faces that most of us don't see and we don't see them because we don't want to see them because seeing them gets in the way of our making plans and making god laugh. As we move to and fro in the world... we think we know, other conditions are occurring in the world we don't know. If you read Mother Shipton and read or encounter others, who may or may not have written it down, you find remarkable similarities. I always try to remind the reader to go a little deeper into history, to those places that they didn't bother to revise. The French Revolution is such a place. There is the mainstream historical record and then there is the occult record. In the occult record you run into Cagliostro and The Comte de St. Germain. Then there is Cheiro who actually showed up 50 years or so after the French Revolution. He could look at your palm and read your entire life. Now... I have studied Palmistry but I do not have the gene. You can know every line and mount and segment of a digit... including things like wrist bracelets and the back of the hand and the amount of hair on it. You can know all about spatulate and conical and squared but if you don't have the gene... well... you don't have the gene and this transfers to every area of life. You better find out what you have the gene for and that is the power of true community, where people who have their particular gene look for and find those others whose talents compliment their own.

It might appear so far that I am all over the map but... all over the map is where I want to be at the moment ...and disparities between the time of Cagliostro and St. Germain and Cheiro are not disparities. They are progressions. When they stormed the Bastille, I think in July of a given year and Cagliostro was supposed to be there. He was gone. Prior to being imprisoned there he told many members of the French aristocracy what was going to happen to them but they didn't listen. So did St. Germain ...but he was of a much higher order than Cagliostro and never got locked up anywhere. He was more like Mehemet Karagoz and Appolonius of Tyana... who, as was the case of the real Shakespeare, was often associated with Jesus Christ, or as was the case with Shakespeare... obfuscated. All of them could manipulate the material realm at will and whether one was the other or other players, whose names were used to confuse the matter and conceal the identity of that 'masked man'... well... it doesn't matter. Those who labor in the light of what is seldom seen... are not all that different from those who labor in the shadows. Their intentions may differ but the mechanisms are not all that different. Some conceal and some reveal. Some confuse and some comfort. Some injure and some heal but it all works toward good for those who love the lord.

The proximity of global war is so close that you can feel the wind of it in your hair. The fact that it is not already accomplished is a testimony to those who work out of sight, for the good of us all and if we celebrate anything this Christmas season, let us celebrate those tireless workers and vigilant angels who work on our behalf, beyond the bandwidth of mortal sight and who work for only one reward; knowing that they are on the side of all that is beautiful and true in each and all of us... however tiny the remaining spark may be in the worst of us. Let us celebrate what we cannot see, in the face of the suffocating darkness of what we can see ...and remind ourselves, as Bawa once said to me; “there are those who serve on behalf of humanity, whose works are never seen, or acknowledged... but who are like pearls on an unbreakable strand around the neck of almighty god.” These things comfort me in this dark hour. I KNOW the dawn will break and whether I get to climb that mountain, or get there with you is immaterial to me and immaterial is right in my wheel house of destiny and it should be in your own... because none of us knows the moment of exit but all of us should know what is most important to keep in mind prior to that occasion. And if you don't??? That is between you and yourself.

There are moments of historical change; which is why I mentioned The French Revolution and there are many another, like Sarajevo and really... these cardinal points of change are numerous and we are on the event horizon of such a transformation. It could go many another way because Evil is really good... at shooting itself in the foot but the one critical and significant truth that we must all keep in mind is about whether or not the larger body of us catch on to the truth being revealed within us to ourselves or... get distracted by what stops us from doing so because... if the mass of us react in the best of all possible ways then the force of our collective growing awareness will change the outcome par excellence... we are... collectively what happens to us en masse. We are individually what happens to us in our own measure and meeting with the darkness and light within. It doesn't matter what happens in the world. It matters what happens inside of us. Everything outside is manifested by everything within us. This is true physics and everything else is some kind of shit excuse for why what we thought we wanted... inevitably... comes up against what we might have wanted if we cared enough.

We are in the larger idea of Merry Christmas!!!! You want to give a gift? You want to get a gift? Give the most priceless thing of all and you will find it in your Christmas stocking ten fold. In times of the greatest challenges ...comes the greatest rewards. I know some of you trust me and some of you do not. I know some of you trust yourselves and some of you do not. It's not my job to analyze or expedite any of this. My job is to love you, ...even though we have have never met. Believe me, we will.

Trust the very best in yourself and act on it, in every small way ...because you will find at the end of it that it was the small efforts and not the dramatic heroics that add up. It is consistency, married to intention, joined with a true heartfelt belief ...that makes all the difference. Merry, merry Christmas!!! Give the gift that counts!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Stalking Horses, the Booty Bandit Media and Lies, Lies, Lies...

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The whole time that I have been watching this Trump-Fest and given how polluted and appetite driven is the general mindset and given how ferociously aggressive is the Zio-Government, Booty Bandit Media... it was clear to me that Trump was playing a role that has been played by many another; most recently John Kerry and that is the role of Stalking Horse. No... that is not the name of an Apache warrior. That is the name of a character who sucks a required amount of air out of the room so that... well, you know what happens when the brain is deprived of oxygen? One might think we are dealing in metaphor or analogy but we are dealing with literal reality and it's also amusing at a distance and tragic up close because we've been in Stalin country for some time now and all that matters is who counts the votes but the farce must go on. By the way... “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

Well, Visible, stop beating around the bush. This jumped up bag of rampaging ego with his outrageous syntax, sucked from the marrow of demagogue central is only on stage to create an inevitability for Nefarious Clinton and others are noting it too. It especially becomes true when that bloated caricature, Rush Limbaugh becomes his apologist.

Apropos of yesterday's Origami, there are certain hard and cold mathematical truths that apply to the world of economics and... keep in mind that the same truths don't apply to every system but a few do and how you discover these truths is by observing what has happened before; this article makes a good point but is nowhere near comprehensive overall; no knock on the author... the only people who really understand how economic systems work are those who want no part of them. Anyone involved in them has skin in the game and can't be counted on to be impartial. This is not to say they aren't savvy but... savvy economically has extremely narrow parameters when it comes to negotiating one's way out of that area of performance- cue Woman in the Dunes. If it were true that we only lived one life and that was it... maybe he who dies with the most toys wins but... even then... you got to go somewhere and what I know for a fact is that the deeper you go into matter, at whatever level you are experiencing it on, or focusing on it... the more compressed and the hotter it gets and the opposite is also true but... we have given these examples before.

My own personal feelings about the whole thing is... ♫give yourself away, each and every day and you will get yourself back every time♫ but that's just me and if you ask any suit and tie or high heeled sophisticate about this, they will tell you that's counterproductive and makes no sense and that's only the kindest thing they will ever say and almost none of them will say that. They will use other terms to define people like that. The only time they like people like that is after they are dead and then they can either make money off of them or get laid talking about them.

Obviously we all have occupations of one sort or another, something we are natively disposed to accomplish. Sometimes circumstances are so desperate that one does not even have the opportunity to do this and sometimes circumstances contain so much prosperity that people are not inclined to accomplish it and sometimes shit happens. Other times people have been bred and conditioned into such a state that the more useless the occupation the more it is celebrated and revered. At all times and at any of these times, it pays to have a timeless perspective because some things are always true and some things never are but as times change the conventional wisdom adapts, according to what it is told and one should never forget that conventional wisdom is not ageless wisdom. Ageless wisdom doesn't adapt to anything. Everything else adapts to it or else it would not be ageless; non? This should be easily understood by anyone. It is simple logic so... what is it that fucks people's heads up so much that this not only never enters their heads but they don't have the wit to consider it in the first place?

Think of life as an investment. Buffet and Gates and a host of others do and according to their values they are kicking ass in disrespect of their own chosen interpretations of what constitutes something of value. Think of the fruits of your values, transformed into investments, as a kind of currency. Next; consider the areas in which this currency is taken in exchange for goods and services; isn't that one of the definitions of currency? BUT... more importantly, consider the areas in which any currency is irrelevant. Here and there you will encounter some variant on that 'camel through the eye of a needle' allegory.

You will also find other variants having to do with limitations of another kind where, 'your money's no good here' but not in a good way (grin). The world continues as it does and is composed of all the suffering that so many people object to and use as an argument for why there can be no god... because of ignorant desire and that accounts for planetary fever that makes it possible for people to pursue something that has no possibility of transport outside of the locality they are in and in which they themselves are only temporary residents. What has just been said here is true and cannot be refuted according to what is specifically stated. Sure... there are all kinds of justifications that one can make but their range of application is as limited as the currency they value far above what they cast aside as worthless and which is priceless. Life is saturated with irony and illusion. Perhaps one is the result of the other.

When you think about it all in the context of what is being presented here, it defines what passes for sanity as absurdity in motion; something like the Pacific garbage island, floating on a restless ocean. What do they say; “Garbage in, garbage out”? The world is upside down. What is considered crazy is generally far more sane than what is considered sane. The problem is that so many bought in to the lie and now they are dressed in it, they eat and have sex with it. They reproduce in it. They wake up in it and go to sleep in it. Quite often they go to sleep in it and don't wake up but... no one stays asleep forever. I would say that is occasionally one of the most effective forms of punishment when one is awakened and sees with clarity, the impact of their actions. Of course, it might not be intended as punishment but it most definitely acts as inspiration for a most impressive stretch of time, depending on what it is that someone awakens to.

We are in no mood to push the idea of catastrophe. We only comment on what we see and each of us sees to a particular depth. A reader was kind enough to bring this to our attention yesterday. There is a scientific basis to things that happen and there is also a predictability; like when Seismologists say that it is not an if, when it comes to a major California earthquake, it is a when. Yesterday we received a comment from anonymous that was so amusing and partly because it was unintended in respect of how it would come across. Anyway... here it is “I see you've joined the ranks of the doom and gloomers "we're all going to die in an earthquake or tsunami" crowd. Thanks for the fear porn ... You are well aware it's the last thing we need .. I live by the coast so what am I supposed to think .. That all the lovely children and the homeless and the weak and the old and all the innocents are going to be swallowed up by the earth or swept away by a tidal wave. What kind of God do you follow anyway you fear monger ... Shame” Heh heh... I highlighted the part that moved me, especially was I moved by it being okay for everyone else who didn't get mentioned to be wiped out.

My response was that all of these people and everyone else was going to die in any case and did this person think that dying from stomach cancer, ALS, police or corporation sanctioned murder or... or... in a hospital at the hands of robot psychopaths, was better than an earthquake or a tidal wave? I added on a few possibilities at the end but immediately I realize that I left out torture and the deprivations and depravities of war.

It never fails to amaze me the way that people reason things out. Of course, there is always the chance that malice is their motivation but this is all irrelevant. The point is that people get all bent out of shape about something that is an observable fact of existence that is taking place around them every day and somehow they think it won't happen or that one thing is bad and another is good and it reminds me of all the alcoholics in places of power who get hysterical about natural and certain recreational and spiritual drug use and do not realize that they are taking a drug far worse and far more dangerous but which happens to be legal and furthermore, the most toxic drugs of all are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies and funneled to the unsuspecting public by corrupt and inept physicians and which kill exponentially more people than so called illegal drugs. One of the reasons that so called illegal drugs are illegal is because they tend to sometimes wake people up in ways that the controllers don't like. You can be sure that the controllers get to use all the high end illegal drugs they want and also that they are the biggest manufacturers and transporters of illegal drugs on the planet.

Yeah... it never fails to amaze me how uninformed hypocrites buy into the transparent bullshit they have been captivated by and decide to legislate morality from the most immoral positions of all. So it turns out that those who are not criminals are turned into criminals by criminals, whose crimes so dwarf in scope the non existent crimes of those rendered into outcasts by Draconian lawmakers, as to be made impossible to compare. It is beyond apples and oranges and more like apples and orangutans. Whoops! We went off on a rant. How inconsiderate of us and here we are at the end of the posting too. See you after awhile...

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Departing and Arriving are the Same.

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You may have wondered why you haven't heard from me; no... it has nothing to do with my moving somewhere. As it turns out now... I don't know where I am going. I have no idea. Like the country you live in, all lives are unsettled at the moment. Why should I be an exception? Surely I am not. When you are on the front lines... chances are (cue Johnny Mathis) you will pay the price more than most. I don't just have a monkey on my back. I got King Kong but... it isn't the usual monkeys. It is something indefinable. It is something that visible cannot put a name to. Let me just say there are monkeys and there are monkeys and there are gorillas and guerrillas. There are forces directed at people and if it is not being directed at you then you work for the opposition. Bottom line... we find out shortly who we are and what we are made of and this time there will be no relativism about it... moral or otherwise. You are now and for a long time after... what you are... what you made out of yourself... or what got made out of you... period.

I used to have high hopes for myself as a songwriter... then I had high hopes for myself as a writer and then... lacking all access and facility to any of those theaters of operation... at least and... all I was left with was... high hopes for myself as a human being because the one thing I know about myself... since I was always there when it happened is that I measured up. Well... I probably still do but whatever this is that is coming down now... I have no answer for.

Christmas is coming. I always knew if it was going to get ugly it would do it around Christmas... or maybe Easter... but Easter is harder for the psychopaths because collective human hope is higher then...but either I am digressing or going sideways here and I don't want to do that. I want to be straight with you... even if I find it very difficult at the moment to be straight with myself.

I am in a very eerie situation and... as usual... help comes in unexpected way and by means not charted by the common intellect... whatever the fuck that means. Trump is coming now. The last time I saw something ugly on the landscape, I went to Europe. I don't have that luxury now. I wish I did because I left behind me there some very... very … very precious things... no... not things... living breathing instruments of the divine's holy and profound gifts to each other. I insert the mention of the divine here on purpose. I know a few of you wanted to get me back on some of those larger sites where I was linked in former times. The truth is that these are godless souls and they could care less, notwithstanding their own personal hypocrisies in their own lives and their double standards when it comes to how they judge what goes on. I don't want any connection with these people. My friends... as well meaning as you are... I don't want to be identified with these individuals and the ineffable doesn't want me to be either.

You never see me begging for donations because I am not that kind of slut or currency whore. I know how little it takes for me to survive so I have never had to ask and I know what these other people are up to when they make their banner ads about themselves and... if they don't believe in Christ or Christmas in the first place then why do they ask at these times? The difference between me and these people is that I do believe and NEVER once have you seen me ask for money. I don't do that. I know that a lot of you have different opinions about me but the one thing you can't accuse me of is whoring for your fucking money. I have never done that... nor have I lied about anything that has happened. Here is a for instance... go to the SOTT site and read where Laura and others said I was hitting on her daughters. Her daughters are the size of Sumo wrestlers. Would anyone who knows me ever entertain the idea that I would do something like that.. given how truly beautiful and model like all of my girlfriends have been? That makes no sense and lest anyone think I make weight judgments about people, the lady I was most compatible with in this life... had a problem with her weight because her stepfather molested her and I never gave a damn about that. I just loved her.. period. My point is that the daughters at SOTT were not only hippo size creatures... they were also dull and lifeless and there was no attraction to be found period.

Since I am being truthful here, the son in the family who was also of enormous size, gave me shit for making some suggestive remarks about his youngest sister but remember... I was with my wife at the time who... in the 15 years we were together I never strayed from once, even though we had little sex and that was not because I was not inflamed with passion because as a poet I ALWAYS feel that. It was because she was on the opposite side of the zodiac from me and we were never meant to be anything but best friends which we are to this day. You cannot measure people by what you hear about their lives but only what you actually know, which is usually not much unless you are a part of it.

I was accused of making penis jokes. The truth is that we were doing Karaoke and I was doing Elvis doing Wild Thing and all I said was...”wild thing... you make my thing sting” That was it. I'm not perfect but... there... in Mexico and in India... well you need to go and watch Honeysuckle Rose or just watch the video to the closing scene. It is not always what you think and unless you were there you don't know. Surely I have acted out for the purpose of demonstration and not always in good ways but always as I was motivated to by what OWNS me. You may not like it but it is what it is. I make no apologies for myself, It is what it is and I am, a work in progress. As is always the case when I get SUBJECTIVE... there is a lot of emotion and a whole lot of truth attached and not much I can do about either. I probably wouldn't be telling you these things at this time but I am tired of being here. What that means I don't know... don't go putting a meaning on it just cause it sounds like something from Diederot or Thomas Hardy. This isn't Tess of the Dubervilles and this is not the last priest strangled on the entrails of the last politician... or the reverse.

Few of you know that I stayed on Maui for ten years longer than I should have, hoping that Willie Nelson and I would meet. The time I got closest... Willie's best friend who used to own a restaurant in LA where friends of mine were singing waiters... heard my song “Patterns” because my good friend, Bud Clifton took it to him and he said... “you know... many people come to me and ask me to give Willie this cassette or this CD and I always cringe because I know I am not going to want to do this but Bud... this is the first time I have heard something that I really want Willie to hear... not only is this tailor made for Willie but it is one of the best songs I have ever heard.” He died 3 days later. This is not the only time this happened, 4 influential people that I know of, died trying to take my work to whoever. So maybe I am cursed or God doesn't want me to get through but by now... I think I get it. I think I get it.

I write this... not knowing what is going to happen to me. I have given an epic struggle. Against all odds, I am still writing as you hear me today.. I can't do better than I have done. Please understand... sometimes it doesn't work out. I have no intention of offing myself but my desperation is partly my age and partly all the shit I have been put through and it is not your fault and it is not my fault. It is what it is. Once again... let me say... I am not suicidal. I love god too much to ever do something like that but... sometimes things happen that we have no control over. That doesn't mean anything either but it does feel a little ominous... regardless... or nevertheless... as you prefer. Shit happens. We never expect it to happen to us but sometimes... it does.

The world is not friendly now. Maybe that is the point. Personally, I don't know. I have done my best. Now you go and do the same.

a friend of mine who knows and loves me said I should interject some humor. So I should put up the man that I love more than anyone else when it comes to funny. I know he didn't like white people... well I met him so... enough said. I like Muhammad Ali more because he did not have that problem but you have to admit that 'off the cuff.' Richard did it better than anyone I have ever seen. You will note that Richard keeps playing with his nose. He was still the best I ever saw and if you let the video play out then the second part will come up. Okay Bill, I did what you asked and no... I won't.

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