Friday, December 11, 2015

Stalking Horses, the Booty Bandit Media and Lies, Lies, Lies...

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The whole time that I have been watching this Trump-Fest and given how polluted and appetite driven is the general mindset and given how ferociously aggressive is the Zio-Government, Booty Bandit Media... it was clear to me that Trump was playing a role that has been played by many another; most recently John Kerry and that is the role of Stalking Horse. No... that is not the name of an Apache warrior. That is the name of a character who sucks a required amount of air out of the room so that... well, you know what happens when the brain is deprived of oxygen? One might think we are dealing in metaphor or analogy but we are dealing with literal reality and it's also amusing at a distance and tragic up close because we've been in Stalin country for some time now and all that matters is who counts the votes but the farce must go on. By the way... “How many divisions does the Pope have?”

Well, Visible, stop beating around the bush. This jumped up bag of rampaging ego with his outrageous syntax, sucked from the marrow of demagogue central is only on stage to create an inevitability for Nefarious Clinton and others are noting it too. It especially becomes true when that bloated caricature, Rush Limbaugh becomes his apologist.

Apropos of yesterday's Origami, there are certain hard and cold mathematical truths that apply to the world of economics and... keep in mind that the same truths don't apply to every system but a few do and how you discover these truths is by observing what has happened before; this article makes a good point but is nowhere near comprehensive overall; no knock on the author... the only people who really understand how economic systems work are those who want no part of them. Anyone involved in them has skin in the game and can't be counted on to be impartial. This is not to say they aren't savvy but... savvy economically has extremely narrow parameters when it comes to negotiating one's way out of that area of performance- cue Woman in the Dunes. If it were true that we only lived one life and that was it... maybe he who dies with the most toys wins but... even then... you got to go somewhere and what I know for a fact is that the deeper you go into matter, at whatever level you are experiencing it on, or focusing on it... the more compressed and the hotter it gets and the opposite is also true but... we have given these examples before.

My own personal feelings about the whole thing is... ♫give yourself away, each and every day and you will get yourself back every time♫ but that's just me and if you ask any suit and tie or high heeled sophisticate about this, they will tell you that's counterproductive and makes no sense and that's only the kindest thing they will ever say and almost none of them will say that. They will use other terms to define people like that. The only time they like people like that is after they are dead and then they can either make money off of them or get laid talking about them.

Obviously we all have occupations of one sort or another, something we are natively disposed to accomplish. Sometimes circumstances are so desperate that one does not even have the opportunity to do this and sometimes circumstances contain so much prosperity that people are not inclined to accomplish it and sometimes shit happens. Other times people have been bred and conditioned into such a state that the more useless the occupation the more it is celebrated and revered. At all times and at any of these times, it pays to have a timeless perspective because some things are always true and some things never are but as times change the conventional wisdom adapts, according to what it is told and one should never forget that conventional wisdom is not ageless wisdom. Ageless wisdom doesn't adapt to anything. Everything else adapts to it or else it would not be ageless; non? This should be easily understood by anyone. It is simple logic so... what is it that fucks people's heads up so much that this not only never enters their heads but they don't have the wit to consider it in the first place?

Think of life as an investment. Buffet and Gates and a host of others do and according to their values they are kicking ass in disrespect of their own chosen interpretations of what constitutes something of value. Think of the fruits of your values, transformed into investments, as a kind of currency. Next; consider the areas in which this currency is taken in exchange for goods and services; isn't that one of the definitions of currency? BUT... more importantly, consider the areas in which any currency is irrelevant. Here and there you will encounter some variant on that 'camel through the eye of a needle' allegory.

You will also find other variants having to do with limitations of another kind where, 'your money's no good here' but not in a good way (grin). The world continues as it does and is composed of all the suffering that so many people object to and use as an argument for why there can be no god... because of ignorant desire and that accounts for planetary fever that makes it possible for people to pursue something that has no possibility of transport outside of the locality they are in and in which they themselves are only temporary residents. What has just been said here is true and cannot be refuted according to what is specifically stated. Sure... there are all kinds of justifications that one can make but their range of application is as limited as the currency they value far above what they cast aside as worthless and which is priceless. Life is saturated with irony and illusion. Perhaps one is the result of the other.

When you think about it all in the context of what is being presented here, it defines what passes for sanity as absurdity in motion; something like the Pacific garbage island, floating on a restless ocean. What do they say; “Garbage in, garbage out”? The world is upside down. What is considered crazy is generally far more sane than what is considered sane. The problem is that so many bought in to the lie and now they are dressed in it, they eat and have sex with it. They reproduce in it. They wake up in it and go to sleep in it. Quite often they go to sleep in it and don't wake up but... no one stays asleep forever. I would say that is occasionally one of the most effective forms of punishment when one is awakened and sees with clarity, the impact of their actions. Of course, it might not be intended as punishment but it most definitely acts as inspiration for a most impressive stretch of time, depending on what it is that someone awakens to.

We are in no mood to push the idea of catastrophe. We only comment on what we see and each of us sees to a particular depth. A reader was kind enough to bring this to our attention yesterday. There is a scientific basis to things that happen and there is also a predictability; like when Seismologists say that it is not an if, when it comes to a major California earthquake, it is a when. Yesterday we received a comment from anonymous that was so amusing and partly because it was unintended in respect of how it would come across. Anyway... here it is “I see you've joined the ranks of the doom and gloomers "we're all going to die in an earthquake or tsunami" crowd. Thanks for the fear porn ... You are well aware it's the last thing we need .. I live by the coast so what am I supposed to think .. That all the lovely children and the homeless and the weak and the old and all the innocents are going to be swallowed up by the earth or swept away by a tidal wave. What kind of God do you follow anyway you fear monger ... Shame” Heh heh... I highlighted the part that moved me, especially was I moved by it being okay for everyone else who didn't get mentioned to be wiped out.

My response was that all of these people and everyone else was going to die in any case and did this person think that dying from stomach cancer, ALS, police or corporation sanctioned murder or... or... in a hospital at the hands of robot psychopaths, was better than an earthquake or a tidal wave? I added on a few possibilities at the end but immediately I realize that I left out torture and the deprivations and depravities of war.

It never fails to amaze me the way that people reason things out. Of course, there is always the chance that malice is their motivation but this is all irrelevant. The point is that people get all bent out of shape about something that is an observable fact of existence that is taking place around them every day and somehow they think it won't happen or that one thing is bad and another is good and it reminds me of all the alcoholics in places of power who get hysterical about natural and certain recreational and spiritual drug use and do not realize that they are taking a drug far worse and far more dangerous but which happens to be legal and furthermore, the most toxic drugs of all are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies and funneled to the unsuspecting public by corrupt and inept physicians and which kill exponentially more people than so called illegal drugs. One of the reasons that so called illegal drugs are illegal is because they tend to sometimes wake people up in ways that the controllers don't like. You can be sure that the controllers get to use all the high end illegal drugs they want and also that they are the biggest manufacturers and transporters of illegal drugs on the planet.

Yeah... it never fails to amaze me how uninformed hypocrites buy into the transparent bullshit they have been captivated by and decide to legislate morality from the most immoral positions of all. So it turns out that those who are not criminals are turned into criminals by criminals, whose crimes so dwarf in scope the non existent crimes of those rendered into outcasts by Draconian lawmakers, as to be made impossible to compare. It is beyond apples and oranges and more like apples and orangutans. Whoops! We went off on a rant. How inconsiderate of us and here we are at the end of the posting too. See you after awhile...

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Eudoxia said...

Now listen up sophist "you might as well compare apples to orangutans" brilliant retort Viz! Don't you know by now not to smear shit all over their rose colored glasses - it disturbs them. Well we aren't here to comfort the disturbed it appears our job is to disturb the comfortable. I do it regularly which wins me no favor whatsoever, however, I seem to be on that mission and it's full steam ahead.

Yes the media lie, lies and more lies, backed up by hypocrisy and double standards; the constant non stop, pumped up BLAME RUSSIA MANTRA rings in all the tribe controlled corridors up and down the beltway. You know these fuckers are just so pathetic. You know a FOD when you see one, they don't even have to open their mouths anymore they have this reptile like quality about them. However, The Empire of Chaos is spinning out of control, they are eventually going to go down like a Roman candle and this is all playing out rather spectacularly. Yes they are huffing and puffing and threatening to blow the house down but I think that's all they can do is threaten. They can goad, poke and prod the bear all they like but Russia has out maneuvered them at every turn, making them look even more like incompetent, immoral, lying, jackasses they are. He's showing them in their true light or rather absence of to the entire world. I say BRAVO to Russia and to the FODS I fart in your general direction.

missingarib said...

Vis,it is way "beyond apples and oranges and more like apples and orangutans."
The media fear bubble people in the U S are isolated in seems impervious to language of logic and truth. The electrons that separate us from the real should they wink out for any meaningful period of time the bubble will burst and angles and sages will again sing about the winds and the hard rain that fell that day.

The distant ships have appeared against a gray horizon where "cross-eyed pirates sit perched in the sun,
Shooting tin cans with a sawed off shot gun,
And the corporals and neighbors clap and cheer with each blast,
But farewell Angelina,
The sky, it is trembling
And I must leave fast" (dylan)

live long

Kazz said...

(Part 1)

I don't think systems in or of them self are evil, they are inanimate, how they are applied decides whether they serve evil (an elite few who wish to enslave and exterminate humanity, along with mother nature) or serve good (the majority of people on the planet in harmony with the natural system created by God).

It appears many seem to think they serve the Divine by destroying humanity, but humanity are the sheep. What sheep station owner anywhere would get upset with the sheep if they get loose and stray? The owner is going to blame the shepherds he left in charge of the sheep, isn't he???

Gods creation encompasses natural creation and the laws that correspond to this creation. All things constructed by Man are creations of Man, not God, unless you see them as a secondary process, an offshoot of creation. The latter being allowed by God, in the interest of allowing Man their free will, but that in no way means God approves all of Man's applications of these systems. It occurs to me that most systems and inventions are designed to serve humanity, but when these systems are taken and distorted by the lower energies in this universe (the rich) they are corrupted. All written texts, Man made systems, and creations of Man are constructs of Man, so one should be very wary that they do not get tricked into placing more weight on what Man's creation tells them than God (inner higher guide), because God's natural law of 'do no harm', and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you', overrules all of Man's constructs, irrespective of what fire power Man puts behind his implemented systems.

Fundamentalists believe they can kill in the name of God, but this runs contrary to everything that all our Holy texts tell us! While God may only wake some of the sheep up that does not mean God approves with what is being done to the rest of the sheep. It simply means that God is willing to let his sheep suffer because it serves his agenda, firstly to wake the sheep up, and secondly to provide an opportunity for those who wish to perpetrate evil on others. It is in this way everything serves the Divine.


Kazz said...

(Part 2)

When we are judged by God we are judged as Man and Woman. All our titles are stripped away, because God does not care if you are a policeman, soldier, priest, or prostitute, what God cares about is whether you live in accordance to his law, and how you treat your fellow Man and the rest of creation. The lower energies use good people's ego's to convince them that they are better than other people, so they are justified in breaking God's laws, but this is a lie, which is why Satan is the Father of lies! When a policeman attacks someone for smoking pot, or some other minor offence under Man's law where no harm has been done to another, that policeman is simply one man attacking another. Cestui Que Trusts that have been formed via people's birth certificates were entered into by incompetents, and under law no incompetent can enter into a legal agreement. For these trusts to have any substance at all the trustee is required by law to act as a guardian to these incompetents, therefore any breach of such a trust would void the trust, leaving only Man and Woman. What I am trying to say here is that all these crimes that are being perpetrated against humanity are actually being perpetrated against Man and Woman not the constructed corporate entity. If I am correct this means all those that were conned into believing their crimes against these people were in fact not crimes, are WRONG! Satan draws out people and rises them up as a body to slay his saints, it is in this way Satan not only rids God's people from creation, but at the same time he causes those pursuing God to fall from grace and become damned, because they have the blood of the saints on their hands. Something Satan is very careful to avoid!! Satan is infamous for his divide and conquer approach. Since these people he led astray were willing to enslave, murder, and steal from humanity he does likewise to them, because AS YOU DO UNTO OTHERS SO IT SHALL BE DONE UNTO YOU! It is in this way that Satan serves God, at least that is what I am being shown :o).

Luv Kazz

Questioning said...

I can't disagree at the possibility that Trump the sh!tlord is actually Clinton's "Trump" card. Yet....this is a very,very dangerous game they are playing.

There was a poll on one of the Lamestream Media channels asking people if muslims should be banned.


Whites: 60% yes, bad white people!!!
Hispanics:80% yes.....
Blacks:90% yes....
Yellows:70% yes...

It must be the White Patriarchy!

Trump has done other very dangerous things such as stand with Californian Blacks who are being ethnically cleansed by Mexicans.

There are literally dozens more examples of Trump saying and doing things that do NOT follow the Narrative. If Clinton and her lover Huma are playing this game where both Demonrats and Cuckservatives are joining forces and revealing their TRUE colors (Dick Cheney, I stand with the muslims and Hillary)...I don't think the unwashed middle/working class are going to ignore that.

Ray B. said...

(Eudoxia, good to see you back!)

Vis: "...the deeper you go into matter, at whatever level you are experiencing it on, or focusing on it... the more compressed and the hotter it gets and the opposite is also true..."

I actually had an 'overview' of that, a couple of decades ago. (Woo-woo alert, for those not interested.) I was in a higher meditative state, and was given a long-term view of how I got 'down here'. It went on for quite a while:

The 'travelogue' started with 'me' in some higher dimension. I had 'explored' all that was available at that level, and was feeling whatever passed at that level for 'blah'. Then, somehow, I looked 'down' a level. There was new stuff to experience!

A desire to do-all-that arose, and I 'flung' myself through some kind of dimensional-shift. Upon arising in the new area, I could feel myself 'diminished' in some way. I felt sad from half-remembering my former 'state'. So, I looked back at where I 'came from' for quite a while. Then, a form of 'blanking out' took place. After that, I 'turned around' and lost myself into all the new experiences.

Some looong time later, I had 'explored' what this lower area offered. Again, I looked 'down' and new experiences beckoned. Desire. Descent. Looking back. Amnesia. Going forth.

This chain of events repeated five or six times. The overarching 'themes' were all similar: boredom, desire, regret, 'amnesia', and happiness. Details differed, but the 'sequence' was the same.

The 'travelogue' stopped at this point. Apparently, earth-plane is as 'low' as you can go. No new experiences from densifying again. When you have experienced (sampled) all that this 'plane' offers (due to physicality), you are done.

I wish that I could tell you 'what comes next', but that was not part of the 'travelogue'. Just that all-to-date was done out of innocence, desire to experience, and sheer passion. Nothing 'bad'.

I cannot fathom that our Higher Selves would just 'dump' us here, completed. However, the 'tried-and-true' way of gaining new experience has been exhausted. No more 'downs'. Naturally, I am curious what the 'next step' is, in a Big Picture sense. Are we just going to re-climb the 'ladder' out (putting 'old suits' on), or will it be something radically 'new'?

What happens when an ever-increasing number of Souls have 'completed' and still have a desire to 'go beyond'? It should be interesting! *grin*

Best Wishes to us All,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

if we look over the eons of existence, anywhere on earth, has not one message repeatedly bled through, over all others. how you behave, in respect to the thing that has given you life, and your fellow organisms, will create repercussions in this plane and the next. remember its all about turning poop into a feast. you must question more, by using social engineering words, to label when in rome, live as the romans do as bad. but questioning more when i say it, is sound love, because your check depends on it. deli lama, could we be wrong, maybe ignorance truly is bliss, on the heavenly planet, turned into a living hell(in the time of jesus, wasn't planet earth and the third dimension considered hell, because hell was disconnection from god?). nah, we must vibrate towards love, because the vibration of death is the black void. for some comic relief, i know a budhist(always tells you that)that says warren buffet is his hero. isn't that the total opposite of sidhatra(only read the blue book)? sort of shows how twisted everything truly is

Anonymous said...

Regarding the sun angle thing at one of the links in the post... I gotta say that I don't think it's true. I actually love to note where the sun rises and sets on the solstices. I walk my dog early in the morning so I see sunrise a lot. This summer solstice seemed right where it's always been and I suspect I would've known if it was different, but this past summer solstice seemed like it always has been. (Quick shout out to Lord Vivasvahn!)

As for the winter solstice sunset... I know exactly where it goes down! Right directly over a particular palm tree looking west from my back yard. If it is changed, I'll guess we'll know in a few weeks! :)

As for Trump, I was all for him until he said we should not only kill terrorists, but there families as well. That's pretty sick. Good luck Donald. My wife thinks he is there to get Hillary elected, too. Could happen. Oh well, no chance for control of the border for us now. America doesn't belong to Americans anymore. Or so it seems...

Thanks for another great post Vis!


Visible said...

Yeah... I wondered about that stuff too which is why I posted it. As I have said many times here, I put things up to see what people say, not cause I think it is true. Thanks.

Scarlett said...

Funny that you should be discussing the economic systems and I just happened to start reading a book I found online called "The Riddle of The Jews Success" ( I haven't made it all the way through, but it explains in detail the economic con games that have resulted in both Jewish power and the inevitable backlash to that power throughout the centuries. I swear he could be writing about the economics in America, though he was writing about the conditions in Germany. While I supposed the argument could be made that it was an antisemitic work (if by antisemitic you mean critical of the actions of Jews) but it was apparently written in response to a book that gives Jews the credit for pretty much all good and all advancement of civilization throughout history and he seeks to point out the truth behind the other author's claims. If anyone wants to have a better understanding of how an economy is ruined by what he calls the "mobilization" of capital -- this is an excellent explanation of why the "success and wealth" that is generated by Jewish business practices does not reflect a higher talent or intellect in business, but rather depends upon them engaging in practices that were considered indecent and "un-Christian" and the willingness to do business in an underhanded way (and through collusion with their fellow Jews) gives them an advantage that cannot be overcome by an honest businessman -- only by fellow con-artists (Jewish or not).

Mrs. M said...

I agree that Trump is playing some kind of role. Whether it is to get Hilary elected, I don't know. Could be. (I still won't vote for her, even if she is running against Trump because they are one and the same and I don't consider it a bonus that she keeps her bigotry and subservience to Israel behind the "liberal" facade.) What I fear is that he is merely setting the stage for a fascist coup that is probably coming into play when "ISIS" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) take down the Sears tower in Chicago. With people calling for Rahm's resignation -- those plans for him to direct that false flag may need to be moved up. Plus, if the economy really is getting ready to crash -- we need a "terrorist" attack to distract us from that, allow us to go into Syria and Iran and probably nuke them and also, they have recently been moving Wall Street backup servers to Chicago ( Would be a shame if they lost all the data on who does some last minute put options or trading right before Christmas. I could be paranoid, but I doubt it. Trump is just here to get everyone riled up so that the rounding up of first Muslim citizens will not only be palatable but will be demanded by angry mobs in the street and Muslims might even want to be rounded up thinking they will safer behind razor wire than on the street with a bunch of inbred rednecks killing anyone or anything that they think looks even remotely Muslim. Of course, it won't stop with the Muslims. The brain dead rednecks will be used as "deputized" individuals to round up dissidents, illegal Mexicans, young black men, former military that won't fall in line, etc. They may even thrown in a few gays to make the "White Knights" feel like they've taken back their country. Then, when there isn't anyone else left to fight, the White Christian patriots get taken out. After all, Christianity is incompatible with with the one world religion which will be to worship not Jehovah, but the Jews themselves. Hard to believe that Trump supporters think that they are protecting us from the "enemy" when what they are really doing is helping the enemy take out the only people (Muslims) who have had the balls to say "no" to Jews and Israel. If they don't make their move soon, Russia is going to expose them. He is on the verge of doing it over the phony ISIS stuff. Their one shot is gaining control of our nukes so they can take Putin and Russia (maybe even China) out before the world finds out who is really behind all the major terrorist attacks that have happened in the last century. Putin is our only hope. The scary thing is that the only way to save the world may be to nuke the US and that sucks. But if it comes to that, I just hope I'm close enough to the blast to go out quick.

Sorry I rambled on -- I've just been giving this a lot of thought over the past couple of days. Hope it is just a product of my paranoid imagination -- but the crazier Trump gets, the more it seems like I might not be so paranoid after all.

Ray B. said...

Jim: "My wife thinks [Trump] is there to get Hillary elected, too."

Could very well be. One popular, behind-the-scenes political strategy is to 'split' a Party that might win the office. I am reminded of when Teddy Roosevelt "decided" to run a separate campaign under the "American Progressive" label. Roosevelt and Taft (the former front-runner) essentially split what we would call the conservative side. Wilson won with 41% of the popular vote, going on to establish the Fed (or at least stand out of its way) and ease us into WWI. Crafty...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

The Sun eclipsing the moon, that would be something.

Kazz said...

This following comment is not really on topic, but I just wanted to share because I thought some of you might see what I see.

I found myself pondering upon what a 'Roman' actually is, so I did a little inquiry and something jumped right off the page at me, in the same kind of way that a warning sign grabs your attention to alert you.

When I researched the word 'Roman' I came up with the usual understanding, 'CITIZEN of Rome', so I researched the word 'Ro'/'Ro Man', and came up with 'reverse osmosis'. I had the most wonderful thought, an epiphany, for me at least, that just as our biological body uses reverse osmosis to purify solutes by forcing them through a semipermeable membrane, which only the solvent can pass through, this world system is used to purify humanity. I see the hand of God in this process, which, for me, is awesome, so I just wanted to share this insight with you guys :o).

Maybe I am just a geek, lol, but I see our biology as a window to creation, so my mind travels down corridors that many others might not.

Luv Kazz

CaliJen said...

You hit the nail on the head, Les! Just read a Yahoo article that said Clinton was now running on a "love and kindness" platform. (*snort*) They're "good cop - bad copping" the public.

dave1010 said...

I've been driving the same road to work for over 30 years. A few years ago I started noticing the sun seemed to be moving north. When the time change in spring (spring ahead) comes the sun use to be right in our eyes heading east. Now it's left of where it use to be. The road didn't change. No one noticed or agreed with me. I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet. I finally found some stuff about the Inuit elders telling nasa and warning that the sky has changed. Check out what the Inuit elders have to say about their sky changing.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


The shadows here are different used to be. Live in the Bay Area. I can climb a hill and see both Frisco and Oakland. Our weather is also getting more static. Cool summers, warmer winters, whilst every other part of the u.s. is facing greater extremes. We're on an island on weirdness here. There has been an axis shift. You just have to look for the news.

Anonymous said...

Well Pierre, a full moon on Christmas. The last time was in 1977. Then there was the full eclipse at Easter.

Ray B. said...

On the Light Side:

Luke and Obi-Wan walk into a Chinese restaurant. Ten minutes into the meal, Luke’s still having trouble with the chopsticks, dropping food everywhere.
Obi-Wan finally snaps, “Use the forks, Luke.”

Q: How is duct tape like the Force?
A: It has a Dark Side, a Light side, and it binds the galaxy together.

You can tell a lot about somebody based on what color Lightsaber they choose.

Q: Which website did Chewbacca get arrested for creating?
A: Wookieleaks

Q: Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?
A: To get to the Dark Side.

A clone trooper walks into a pub and asks the barman, “Hey, have you seen my brother?”
“I dunno,” says the barman, “What does he look like?”

Q: What do you call Stormtroopers playing Monopoly?
A: Game of Clones

Q: What do you call a potato that has turned to the Dark side?
A: Vader Tots.

Q: What is Jabba the Hutt's middle name?
A: "The"

Why did Darth Vader go to Guitar Center?
To find the Rebel Bass.

Q: What do you call a Mexican jedi?
A: Obi-Juan Kenobi

Q: What do you call it when a Wookie gets to play the guitar alone onstage?
A: A Han Solo

Q: What goes, "Ha, ha, ha, haaaa.... AGGGHHHH! Thump"?
A: An Imperial Officer laughing at Darth Vader.

Q: Why are Jedi bad at vacuuming?
A: Because attachments are forbidden.

Q: What do you call two suns fighting each other?
A: Star Wars

Q: What do you call a fight between film actors?
A: Star wars!

Q: What's the differance between an ATAT and a Stormtrooper?
A: One's an Imperial walker and the other is a walking Imperial.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there was definitely an axis shift. I felt it the other night, while the earth was spinning at 1000 miles per hour. We are just tiny specks on a minuscule ball that is adrift in the vastness of outer space. So don't ever forget that. There's no way in hell that the earth is anything other than a ball (er, an elliptical object). No way. Want to know why? I learned about it in school. And they wouldn't lie to me. Everything they teach in school is true. Just like everything you see on TV is true. Only a total lunatic would think otherwise. I mean, you can stand 60 miles away from any tall object, anywhere on the earth, across an expanse of water, and see the entire object with a telescope. Even though the object should be completely hidden by the curvature of the earth. But this doesn't matter. The earth is a ball - period. Don't ever question it again. Don't ever use your own brain. Your brain is there for your betters to shape. You will think what they want you to think, and you will do as you are told. The earth is a ball, and we really did go to the moon. And NASA doesn't use our tax dollars to create bogus movies and space imagery. There's no way in hell that something like that could ever happen. And don't you forget it. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

circumference of earth =~ 25,000 miles
thus: 60 miles =~ 1/400 of earths circumference =~ less than 1 degree curvature over the distance (there's 360 degrees in a circle).
Anonymous flat earther, the earth is a big sphere. As in BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS. Please, try to wrap your head around that, and drop that idiotic flat earth nonsense. It's bad for your brain.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:11

Are you going to start that stupid shit up again?


Anonymous said...

The us isnt great because it has a first amendment, the us is great because it can change it.

In chess the pieces represent the 4 castes. You can figure out what the bishop represents. Why can a pawn only take a piece moving like a bishop? Pc.

We might sing with mr. Lennon, you think you're so clever and classless and free...

The word fucking can be taken in two ways. How can a person hold two different ideas? How can you hold two thorns?

Anonymous said...

every eco-system on earth is dying. show proof otherwise. yes anyone who has been paying attention, has watched the magnetic poles move over the last 20 years. every monster earthquake has altered the rotation of the earth. the speed of the earth's rotation has accelerated over the last 20 years, how does that affect life. the radiation from the sun is transforming the universe, since it changed 20 years ago. the earth is warming. the earth is cooling. all of this is pretty much irrelevant with useable water disappearing, and eco-systems dying, because without those two things, no life exists. soon you will head towards the vibration you match. how come you can't see the cn tower across lake ontario, that's under 60 miles. if you were on the inner earth thing you might have a leg to stand on with flat world, but even thats irrelevant as everyone is racing towards extinction, or poop, piss and soylent green, based world. bottom line, no one knows. shouldn't the concerns be what we can actually fix. beware the darkness

Questioning said...

Call Trump an egotistic blow-hard, but man....he slapped bibi nuttyahoo down like a boss on twatter.

Bibi says:Trump is a bad goy skotzim for not wanting to see his white race destroyed by musloid and other turd-world "gibsmedats"immigration. (Pay no attention to our Yuge Wall, sh!tty treatment of non-Chosenites and our detainment camps holding 50,000 rapefugees, and please don't look up our depro-vera sterilization program with the african juwes!!!)

Trump:okay, I'll call you and visit AFTER I'm President of the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Were not racing to extinction. He who thinks he slays and thinks he is slain are deluded. What are sticky hands? Who does the grail serve? What is the secret of the grail?

Anonymous said...

Take, signatures, how can u study latin at yale and not understand the possibilities ofd 'sincerites' or 'signets'? Not to forget all the ghastlyness of all those 's's?

Forgiveness is your defense. Your tyreless EF FORT.

Not talking 2 u Les as u understand, but a part of us nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

[Personification] requires more than a 'who'. For beasts emblazoned it would be 'which'. Welcome to the master class.

Anonymous said...

this just turned up at the bus stop.

Wonder what it means. Smells like teen wes craven.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading headlines and postings all over the net tonight..... It appears insanity is the word of the day! Hope it's just another storm and not the new normal. :-/


Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr. Visible,

Is this one yours?

What did you decide to do about relocating?

-Juana No

TheFourthElf said...

Juana, it's his, yes.

As far as where Vis is at the moment, or any travel plans he might have, no idea... he could surface any time, and anywhere, including the place he was. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I really liked this article, though imo (excuse me) it does miss a few points about the herd-like mentality with the Zionist focus, possessive nature and denial of people actually tethered to the bullshit. At this point, I'm just drinking a fuckload and avoiding people in general.

Lori said...


Please tell Santa the pilgrims are ready to sail in favorable winds on
the Mayflower. They just danced to Dion and there's chianti in the cabinet.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Excuse me, but all the jews I know celebrate :)
(just to annoy you).


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

"We want Visiable!"
"We want Visiable!"
"We want Visiable!"
"We want Visiable!"

I'll leave that typo, it's better than "Les" and it might mean something.

Anonymous said...

"circumference of earth =~ 25,000 miles...thus: 60 miles =~ 1/400 of earths circumference =~ less than 1 degree curvature over the distance (there's 360 degrees in a circle)."

I totally agree with that assessment.

I also totally agree with the following assessment, by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, from the book, "Zetetic Astronomy", published in 1881; and so would anyone else who applies the appropriate math -

"If the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles in circumference, the surface of all standing water must have a certain degree of convexity--every part must be an arc of a circle. From the summit of any such arc there will exist a curvature or declination of 8 inches in the first statute mile. In the second mile the fall will be 32 inches; in the third mile, 72 inches, or 6 feet, etc...In every mile after the first, the curvature downwards from the point T increases as the square of the distance multiplied by 8 inches." a distance of 60 miles, the declination would be 2400 feet. Meaning, at a distance of 60 miles, any object 2400 feet or shorter, would not be visible, due to the curvature of the earth.

And yet, this is not the case. Entire structures from 100 feet tall, to 2400 feet tall (or higher), can be seen from a distance of 60 miles away, using a telescope.

There have been many, many experiments conducted in this regard, covering various distances, over open expanses of water.

For those of you whose brains have not been completely hijacked from the moment you crawled out of the cradle, you can check out the entirety of Dr. Rowbotham's text, online, right here -

Anonymous said...

Kitchen hand: "That's just one man's opinion."

Chef Aaron: "It's a pretty successful opinion."

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

That's krab, spelt with a K.

Reputation: an arsehole selling arseholes to arseholes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:12

Save your trolling for a blog that gives a crap about flat earth.


Anonymous said...

so why can't you see the cn tower from the american shoreline of lake ontario. or any of the buildings in toronto for that matter. lake ontario is around 46 miles across. death is all around. food and water are becoming more scarce(don't use wheat, corn, and soy to claim food abundance, look around, at americans to see how nutritious these are), and people are obsessed with who's interpetation of an illusion is correct. and people wonder why the heart and soul of grail became disinterested 25 years ago.

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why is a round earth pushed if the earth is truly flat? Unlike most people I refuse to close my mind to anything! To do so would mean I become close minded and in such a state growth is impossible, so I would be interested to know how pushing a round earth, verses a flat earth, alters one's paradigm? I could go and look myself, and will, but you appear to have looked into this matter so I am picking your brain :o).

It has occurred to me that if we live in a universe that is a dodecahedron the same phenomena could explain a flat earth and why we do not fall off when we reach the edge of it.

People can say what they want but to me refusing to consider all points of view closes doors that may have been meant to be open. Besides Vis is not available so why not get someone to provide their argument on why they believe the earth is flat? Could you please tell me why there is such a push to make people believe the world is round, if in fact this is not the case, what can be gained? I am interested to know.

Cheers Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

'He who thinks he slays and thinks he is slain are deluded.'

All acts of destruction destroy one's soul, which is why the world is set up the way it is, to remove your soul!

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Success is building a better complex.

Lori said...

elf, sorry to bother you, i know you guys are sooooo busy -
tell Santa: " I wish you peace".

Anonymous said...

anonymous flat earther. Your math is terrible. The highest point along the line of sight will determine how much can be seen, and that highest point depends on the height above the ground that the observer is standing, which is, I would say, at least 6 feet, and thus, there will not be a declination of 2400 feet unless the experimenter is also experimenting simultaneously what a slug feels like, lying on the ground. This Rowbotham was apparently not a very skilled geometrician, to not include this elementary consideration in his exposition, or at least include: "if you want to make this experiment and use my calculations, you must do it in a prone position, so bring clothes that can stand some dirt". As for this experiment being carried out multiple times with the results you claim, please provide some hard proof i.e EVIDENCE if you expect others to even consider believing in such demented brain-rot as this flat-earth theory is. At what altitude has these telescopes been placed, in these fabled experiments? At the moment, you have nothing but a claim, even only half a claim, given that you obviously didn't think it through yourself (height of observer is crucial to the whole picture here), but just swallowed it somewhere else, and then regurgitated it here.

Anonymous said...


It seems to me that Vis and the Elf allowed anonymous and his comment. So unless you are paying the nut here shut the fuck up or start your own censored blog. Which no one will read and it will be as lonely as you are in your bachelor suite with the balled up tissues in the corner.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Karen,

I haven't looked into it enough the make a determination but from what I hear is that the Flat Earthers believe the globe model was introduced to hide God. The ever expanding Universe makes us feel like insignificant specs of fly poop. I am like you, always an open mind.

My thoughts have always been with Vis. "911 is the litmus test." That is why I don't trust Putin either. Until a world leader comes out an unequivocally says "911 was a Mossad/U.S. operation." I will trust no-one.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

And then, after all the ciphering, debating, philosophizing, math, chemistry, anthropology, etc., etc., etc.... you gaze across the way, and there it is!
A gigantic refreshing cool smooth lake right in the middle of the desert..

Who you gonna believe?

(a)your reason and logic
(b)your thirsty tongue
(c)your lying eyes
(d)your beautiful mind
(e)none of the above
(f)all of the above

"In the desert mirage there is no actual water. There is only the appearance of water. Real water is somewhere else"

In the Fifteenth Chapter of the Bhagavad-gītā, the real picture of the material world is given.

"Here the material world is described as a tree whose roots are upwards and branches are below. We have experience of a tree whose roots are upward if one stands on the bank of a river or any reservoir of water, he can see that the trees reflected in the water are upside down. The branches go downward and the roots upward. Similarly, this material world is a reflection of the spiritual world. The material world is but a shadow of reality. In the shadow there is no reality or substantiality, but from the shadow we can understand that there are substance and reality. In the desert there is no water, but the mirage suggests that there is such a thing as water. In the material world there is no water, there is no happiness, but the real water of actual happiness is there in the spiritual world."

Anonymous said...

Hey...spinning eventuates in "round"! The earth spins...get it? Just flush your toilet for the tutorial. Spirals, swirls...DUH!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flat Earth Dude

you're onto something there, by boutros boutros golly. But, according to my calculations, based on a circumference of 25,000 miles, the radius would be 25,000/2pi = 3978.88 miles, 25,000/360 would give us 69.44 miles per degree, thus 3978.88 cos1 yields 3978.27. a difference of .606, which would be a .606 mile drop over the course of 69.44 miles, or 3200 feet. That's a lot more than I would have guessed. Something is a little askew here. come up with a 7.96 inch drop per mile, same as you, but the progression is trigonometric, not logarithmic. With a constantly changing angle, it's actually a calculus equation. DO check my calculations.

For the sake of vividness and scale, let's assign an arbitrary height and call it Nina's bra height, or N sub bra, and call that height 48 inches (yeah, NOW they're paying attention). Converting to inches, we get a circumference of 1,584,000,000 inches, giving us a radius of 252,101,642.8 inches and 4,400,000 inches per degree.
Going by the equation for arches, r = (x^2+y^2)/2y, where x is the half the distance of the arch and y is the height of the arch, I come up with x^2 = 2ry - y^2, with y being Nina's bra height, or N sub bra, or 48 inches, I come up with 2.455 mile drop or a 12,964 foot drop from N sub bra. This seems outrageous. I'll go over it again when I'm sober, which might be a while. Anyhoo, any input is appreciated.

Karen Norman's bra height would be an adequate substitution, if she should wish to further these studies in science (please include size or for purposes of greater accuracy; a pic)

I don't have facebook, so I couldn't contact Nina Siemaszko to verify the N sub bra of 48 inches. P'raps somebody could. She's my Lonesome Dove crush. Tell her Bjorn Borg wants to know.

Besides that, I'd like to ask Les Visible to ask Los Invisibles (lowss eenveeseeblays, his invisible friends) how to build a spaceship, with the gravity and acceleration defying abilities and all that, and some blinking lights. We could this world's woes in a fortnight if we had a spaceship. Maybe Rebbe Ray B could ask the higher elfs (or is it elves?) about that too.

The4thElf said...

Lori, I'll do what I can, but it's difficult to establish and maintain a communication channel with Visible, never mind Santa. If I DO happen to catch Santa, I'll let him know, provided I'm sober enough when that happens to remember what the message is. Peace and Love, that was it, I think. And the same back to you.

On the subject of Santa Claus I got a mail from Visible in the last couple of hours. No clues to his whereabouts but he came across as upbeat. And unless I'm mistaken, which I usually am, I detect Visible's hand at 8.03pm. It certainly wasn't me, anyway.

Anyone want to be a bubble this year? Flat or round, it's up to you ('though possibly for one day only, due to lack of popular demand). Letters and mails to the usual address.

Anonymous said...

Yes their 'God' promessed Armaggedon....
But guess what? He wasn't the first one....
And for matter of factS Abraham plagiarized it from his nemesis...
Yes pagans knew of the inescapable calamity, the certain catastrophy if those lost "alienated" souls declared war against nature, and her human representants: "Woman".
They wanted to do as they pleased, like spoiled children...
Took from nature as if they only mattered,
like only their "momment" existed, refusing to see everything as one!
They disobeyed the old wise Crone...
And so, through the age, a war against nature enfolded,
eventually estranging ourselves from our own planet...
How long can we desecrate in such manners our habitat without eventually loosing it?


BCii said...

Ray B.,

Thanks for sharing that 'travelogue' experience. It seems to mesh with what Greg Calise has perceived in his explorations: The Great Compression and How Did We Get Here?


People with a shaky grasp of basic geometry should leave the planet-measuring to those better qualified. One degree of arc on the Earth's surface equal to 111 kilometers... Pythagorean theorem yields a 242-meter 'hump' over that distance. I once hiked to the top of Iso-Syöte, a ski hill in Finland, and back down again twice in one day. Iso-Syöte has an elevation of 432 meters above sea level and a vertical drop of 192 meters. It's not a very big hill, even by modest Finnish standards. So a 242-meter 'hump' stretched out over 111 kilometers is really quite a small height.

When I visited Saskatchewan, Canada -- the ultimate flat prairie land -- it was obvious that the land drops away at the horizon, not at infinity, but at a quite human-scale distance of a few kilometers. Obviously, the city skyline of Regina was clearly visible from much further away, due to its considerable height.

This flat-earth debate is a waste of oxygen. Unfortunately, a great proportion of us humans seem to be addicted to wasting our oxygen here on this precious pearl of a planet...


For what it's worth, I'm confident that Visible will end up in a good situation. The ineffable knows best and will put him exactly where he needs to be to perform his work. The world still has need of his excellent voice -- now more than ever!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:05,

Settle down, there, Mobius strip Beavis.


Ray B. said...

BCii / William: Thanks for the Greg Calise URLs. I have bookmarked them and will run-through them when I'm not so tired. Sleepy time soon... (And good math.)


Mandocello: Go for it, and thanks! I remember Vis as pretty-much banning further 'Flat Earth' postings. Evidently, his absence has let the camel's nose into the tent. To me, this plethora (always wanted to say that *grin*) of FE positively reeks of 'agenda': Sow antagonism, 'dilute' regular posters, get newbies to say WTF and leave, distract from TPTB news, and drop Vis' page to the bottom of Google's 'adjusted' position. They've done well, seizing this opportunity! (Oh, and yeah, they plead injustice and persecution as part of their 'presentation'.)

I am old enough to remember the original Echo relay-satellite being launched (basically a huge balloon). Each night, I would observe it come-up over one horizon, reach it's highest position, and drop-down over the other horizon - right on schedule for an almost-spherical Earth. Every person on Earth who was interested observed it, because it was unique and new. (Echo was quite visible.) So, either every observer on Earth was in on the 'conspiracy', or the FEers are doing it only for the disinformation/discord/distraction role. My money is on the latter...


Anonymous, December 16, 2015 8:03:00 PM: "Maybe Rebbe Ray B could ask the higher elfs (or is it elves?) about that too."

Actually, I call them (Real) Elves, to distinguish them from fictional versions. They probably aren't interested in your 'patter', as they can read minds very well. (Souls, too!) I'll tell you what I'll do for you, though. Every post establishes a link or cord or pipeline back to the poster. Kind of an energy thing. I'll show them your post, and let them decide what (if anything) they want to do about you. Good luck. (It is a privilege if you get 'visited'. Don't blow it!)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

As you can see, paid government agents are showing up here at the blogs and in real life as well but... we'll see about all that. Meanwhile I am going to delete that post. Flat earth arguers are not welcome here.

Ray B. said...

Just thought I'd add this, since I asked 'him' and he wanted it posted...

Shortly after posting the (Real) Elves posting, I did what I said I would. I contacted Higher Self, who contacted a (Real) Elf. I apologized for the interruption, and stated my purpose. Soon, one (Real) Elf latched onto the posting, and 'went' to it's source. (I kind of 'monitored' the action at a distance through Higher Self.)

First, the (Real) Elf just 'laughed' very loudly for around a minute. Odd, but cool. I'd never heard that happen before. Then, I picked up on 'work' being done. Soon, it 'jumped' to the next person 'up-line' from the poster. Remember, I said it could read minds (grin). 'Work' started on this person. Then, there was a series of 'jumps' back and forth between the two people, with a combination of 'yakking' and 'working' going on. This went on for a while. Finally, there was an infusion of unstructured 'God energy' that draped over each person. Felt good.

One caveat: (Real) Elves are quite high vibration, not to mention very non-human (they exist as dynamic energy-fields). So, I don't know if the 'recipients' even knew this was happening, way-down on personality-level. It would be nice if they gave us 'feedback'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, "what they want to do about you"

The cosmic firing squad?!!
(we've all been there, or shoulda been)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, your link was a walk down memory lane..

I found this there, which was something I read, not by accident or coincidence, just the other day. The reality of spiritual equality conveyed via every culture's unique perceptions and experiences, is certainly appreciated. Transcendent people are everywhere!

David Alan McBride said...

Earth says that it is round. Next time an argument this retarded comes up ask the source itself.

Ray B. said...

via Homer..: Thank you for the "Angelic" link. I will read it in detail later.

"Thus some ‘angels’ are human, and some are super-human and among these, there are many kinds and grades from elemental and planetary protectors, to transcendent beings in the highest heaven of heavens, who are very close to God."

In my personal-use ‘Consciousness Levels’ mapping, I restrict the term ‘angels’ to beings of roughly 60-70 level. I am trying to 'sort' Otherworldly beings, rather than just mash them up into an ‘Other’. Kind of like breaking white light up into rainbow colors. Also, it gives me clarity in ‘trying circumstances’. If someone shows up and claims to be high-state but is only, say, a 24-level, I have an ‘indicator’ as to agenda...


"When a language’s word for ‘appendage’ or ‘limb’ is non-specific, then the same Shastric description may be iconographically rendered with any combination of arms, wings, or both, or composite wings-with-hands, which are very common in the Vaishnava-related Traditions from Persia to Europe and Africa."

The above passage cleared up a mystery for me: I always wondered about the many-armed Shiva, for example. This non-specific-ness could be a ‘down-rendering’ of a high-vibration being. For instance, when I first encountered (Real) Elves, either they had down-shifted - to where I saw them as humanoid energy-bodies, rather than their real state as dynamic energy-fields - or my brain encountered something it could not translate and showed-me the best 'analogy' it could.


"...the ANGIRASAS were fire priests of VISHNU. Agni was considered the Tongue of Vishnu for accepting fire sacrifices. The fire priests who conducted such rites were also called PUROHITAS."

This passage brought up an old memory. A couple of decades ago, a then-teacher brought over a group of (authentic) fire priests from India to western Virginia to perform a major fire ritual - for the first time in the States. Well, the ritual got underway, with concentrated, 24-hour chanting and sacrificing (milk, seeds, and such) around a fire. It went on for a few days, and you could feel the energy building.

Then, there was some form of disagreement between the then-teacher and the fire priests. The then-teacher stopped the ritual - uncompleted - and immediately sent the fire priests packing, back to India. It was chaos, in more ways than one.

I am still not sure as to the motives of the then-teacher in doing this. What I could sense was a huge amount of undischarged-energy still present, kind of like a thunderstorm waiting to happen. I felt I needed to do something about this energy - quickly - before something potentially-bad could manifest.

Some part of me ‘knew’ that this energy could be grounded into the earth through rose bushes. Somehow, ‘I’ directed the undischarged-energy into the rose bushes on the property, and it gradually diffused into the earth. It felt like some kind of ‘threat’ had been lifted. Woo-woo at it's best!

Again, thanks for the link.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

the proprietor said...

"How many divisions does the Pope have?"

Perhaps most of them.

Rulers of Evil

Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't be so flippant. Yet when someone is reading about introverts and then starts talking about complexes it doesn't take much to count a double tango.

Are functions becoming complexes like fictions becoming dogmas? D'no ma id.

Anyone consider, "why box-cutters?" To be someone I suppose you must accept the limitations of your milieu, to become a pillar of your community, requires a rigorous demarcation of acceptable ignorance and abuse. Some level of limited indemnity multi-tasking as packaging I dare say is involved.

Eight maids...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Our Annual Merry Christmas Posting.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

and a partridge in a pear tree

Visible said...

Lat week's radio broadcast. is now up, belatedly.

the proprietor said...

That link to Rulers of Evil didn't come out so clearly so I'll repost and clarify that that link is a "teaser" video about the book by Tupper Saussy. The full book is "on tape" via YouTube but also easily findable online in its original,beautifully typeset form (PDF). It is a pleasure to read and quite suspenseful. It delves in depth into the amazing and little-understood power of the Vatican and its global system.
I do not necessarily agree with the author's theological and eschatological conclusions -- and I'm skeptical about some other (honestly acknowledged) leaps of supposition he takes to connect gaps in history. but the documented facts alone are fascinating and form a story that deserves to be known.
In light of the massive power and wealth wielded by Rome, It's probable the Zionists are subjects and the Rothschilds as vassals, now as their ancient counterparts such as the Herods and Annas and Caiphas were 2000 years ago.
By the way , 2017 is the 500th anniversary of what?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Jesus Christ; the Light of the World.

Unknown said...

Golden Mirror @



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