Saturday, December 5, 2015

Departing and Arriving are the Same.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You may have wondered why you haven't heard from me; no... it has nothing to do with my moving somewhere. As it turns out now... I don't know where I am going. I have no idea. Like the country you live in, all lives are unsettled at the moment. Why should I be an exception? Surely I am not. When you are on the front lines... chances are (cue Johnny Mathis) you will pay the price more than most. I don't just have a monkey on my back. I got King Kong but... it isn't the usual monkeys. It is something indefinable. It is something that visible cannot put a name to. Let me just say there are monkeys and there are monkeys and there are gorillas and guerrillas. There are forces directed at people and if it is not being directed at you then you work for the opposition. Bottom line... we find out shortly who we are and what we are made of and this time there will be no relativism about it... moral or otherwise. You are now and for a long time after... what you are... what you made out of yourself... or what got made out of you... period.

I used to have high hopes for myself as a songwriter... then I had high hopes for myself as a writer and then... lacking all access and facility to any of those theaters of operation... at least and... all I was left with was... high hopes for myself as a human being because the one thing I know about myself... since I was always there when it happened is that I measured up. Well... I probably still do but whatever this is that is coming down now... I have no answer for.

Christmas is coming. I always knew if it was going to get ugly it would do it around Christmas... or maybe Easter... but Easter is harder for the psychopaths because collective human hope is higher then...but either I am digressing or going sideways here and I don't want to do that. I want to be straight with you... even if I find it very difficult at the moment to be straight with myself.

I am in a very eerie situation and... as usual... help comes in unexpected way and by means not charted by the common intellect... whatever the fuck that means. Trump is coming now. The last time I saw something ugly on the landscape, I went to Europe. I don't have that luxury now. I wish I did because I left behind me there some very... very … very precious things... no... not things... living breathing instruments of the divine's holy and profound gifts to each other. I insert the mention of the divine here on purpose. I know a few of you wanted to get me back on some of those larger sites where I was linked in former times. The truth is that these are godless souls and they could care less, notwithstanding their own personal hypocrisies in their own lives and their double standards when it comes to how they judge what goes on. I don't want any connection with these people. My friends... as well meaning as you are... I don't want to be identified with these individuals and the ineffable doesn't want me to be either.

You never see me begging for donations because I am not that kind of slut or currency whore. I know how little it takes for me to survive so I have never had to ask and I know what these other people are up to when they make their banner ads about themselves and... if they don't believe in Christ or Christmas in the first place then why do they ask at these times? The difference between me and these people is that I do believe and NEVER once have you seen me ask for money. I don't do that. I know that a lot of you have different opinions about me but the one thing you can't accuse me of is whoring for your fucking money. I have never done that... nor have I lied about anything that has happened. Here is a for instance... go to the SOTT site and read where Laura and others said I was hitting on her daughters. Her daughters are the size of Sumo wrestlers. Would anyone who knows me ever entertain the idea that I would do something like that.. given how truly beautiful and model like all of my girlfriends have been? That makes no sense and lest anyone think I make weight judgments about people, the lady I was most compatible with in this life... had a problem with her weight because her stepfather molested her and I never gave a damn about that. I just loved her.. period. My point is that the daughters at SOTT were not only hippo size creatures... they were also dull and lifeless and there was no attraction to be found period.

Since I am being truthful here, the son in the family who was also of enormous size, gave me shit for making some suggestive remarks about his youngest sister but remember... I was with my wife at the time who... in the 15 years we were together I never strayed from once, even though we had little sex and that was not because I was not inflamed with passion because as a poet I ALWAYS feel that. It was because she was on the opposite side of the zodiac from me and we were never meant to be anything but best friends which we are to this day. You cannot measure people by what you hear about their lives but only what you actually know, which is usually not much unless you are a part of it.

I was accused of making penis jokes. The truth is that we were doing Karaoke and I was doing Elvis doing Wild Thing and all I said was...”wild thing... you make my thing sting” That was it. I'm not perfect but... there... in Mexico and in India... well you need to go and watch Honeysuckle Rose or just watch the video to the closing scene. It is not always what you think and unless you were there you don't know. Surely I have acted out for the purpose of demonstration and not always in good ways but always as I was motivated to by what OWNS me. You may not like it but it is what it is. I make no apologies for myself, It is what it is and I am, a work in progress. As is always the case when I get SUBJECTIVE... there is a lot of emotion and a whole lot of truth attached and not much I can do about either. I probably wouldn't be telling you these things at this time but I am tired of being here. What that means I don't know... don't go putting a meaning on it just cause it sounds like something from Diederot or Thomas Hardy. This isn't Tess of the Dubervilles and this is not the last priest strangled on the entrails of the last politician... or the reverse.

Few of you know that I stayed on Maui for ten years longer than I should have, hoping that Willie Nelson and I would meet. The time I got closest... Willie's best friend who used to own a restaurant in LA where friends of mine were singing waiters... heard my song “Patterns” because my good friend, Bud Clifton took it to him and he said... “you know... many people come to me and ask me to give Willie this cassette or this CD and I always cringe because I know I am not going to want to do this but Bud... this is the first time I have heard something that I really want Willie to hear... not only is this tailor made for Willie but it is one of the best songs I have ever heard.” He died 3 days later. This is not the only time this happened, 4 influential people that I know of, died trying to take my work to whoever. So maybe I am cursed or God doesn't want me to get through but by now... I think I get it. I think I get it.

I write this... not knowing what is going to happen to me. I have given an epic struggle. Against all odds, I am still writing as you hear me today.. I can't do better than I have done. Please understand... sometimes it doesn't work out. I have no intention of offing myself but my desperation is partly my age and partly all the shit I have been put through and it is not your fault and it is not my fault. It is what it is. Once again... let me say... I am not suicidal. I love god too much to ever do something like that but... sometimes things happen that we have no control over. That doesn't mean anything either but it does feel a little ominous... regardless... or nevertheless... as you prefer. Shit happens. We never expect it to happen to us but sometimes... it does.

The world is not friendly now. Maybe that is the point. Personally, I don't know. I have done my best. Now you go and do the same.

a friend of mine who knows and loves me said I should interject some humor. So I should put up the man that I love more than anyone else when it comes to funny. I know he didn't like white people... well I met him so... enough said. I like Muhammad Ali more because he did not have that problem but you have to admit that 'off the cuff.' Richard did it better than anyone I have ever seen. You will note that Richard keeps playing with his nose. He was still the best I ever saw and if you let the video play out then the second part will come up. Okay Bill, I did what you asked and no... I won't.

End Transmitting.......


Anonymous said...

Nobody said the apocalypse was gonna be easy , hang in there my friend.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of penis jokes...

Q) What do you call a female wrestling move, whereby she puts a hammerlock on a penis?

A) A "Willie" Nelson

A. Dundee said...

Again, thank you. A stellar reminder that ones Conscience is Everything, and if it's dead now then work to enliven It while the opportunity still exists, and if it's not well then make It well, and if It is well work to keep it so and make It even better. Your words and writings have Blessed my Life, and only but only The Holy Ineffable One has judgement of the Intention and the intensity of our Love, and its trajectory. You have consistently inspired and inclined me toward Love. Only a Fool would not be Grateful for so much. I'm much less a Fool now than I was before I'd found your Private Prayers in a public forum and penned in real time. Thank you.

Brian Crossland said...

Thanks Vis:
Times do seem heavy, just as you said an ominous feeling seems to prevail recently. I know my lot is better than most poor souls here.
You have given so much to so many of us, I find great peace in your idea of the Mobius strip in times of trying to make sense of life/ death/ Karma.
God Bless


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Blue Skies, smiling at me,
nothing but blue skies for vitamin D
Blue skies found all around
no more chemtrailed brown skies
to be found.

let it pass. tallest nails get hammered hardest as they say... as a kookaburra just screamed out from under the house, scaring the shit out of me.

tis the season to be crazy.
la la la la la la la la la.
skies this year they aint so hazy...

Anonymous said...

Keep the Faith. Letting go and saying fuck it. Play it as it lays. Stop. Time for the next step. It's here. Be truly invisible to your self and go forth. It's always a beautiful day to die.

Kazz said...

Everyone who has any connection to God is being vilified Vis. Look at Henry Makow's article today 'The Culling of the Goyim, Part WWIII'.

The global satanic elite have used the global ecumenical church, Israel and associates, to attack Islam, whilst at the same time inciting and arming Islamic fundamentalists to attack the West. This is to create war between the West and the East. Satan rose up the ecumenical church, a church that was built with stones and men's hands, and established through the ego of Man to physically build a connection with the Divine. As I stated recently no such connection will suffice. Satan created the ecumenical church to provide the sacrificial lamb needed to bring in the real New World Order. Putin is an orthodox Christian so when he strikes out at the ecumenical church it will take out Israel, the US, and hand the Middle East over to the Antichrist. Then the beast that was dead will come back to life, the Antichrist, the ROMAN Catholic Church. We are going to see a revival of the Dark Ages on steroids. To accommodate this process project Blue Beam will be arranging for a false Messiah to arrive on the clouds that will fool even most of the elect. Any who refuse to bow to this abomination will be put to death. This is the elite's plan to remove God's people from this plane because the global satanic elite know the light is coming, and with it full exposure of their crimes against humanity. This is Revelations unveiled folks, or at least what I have been receiving.

Satan has used divide and conquer between the East and West in a hope to create a division that will split this world apart and in the process remove any and all opposition. You have to hand it to satan when it comes to being devious and blood thirsty he surpasses any and all expectations.

I implore Christians, Muslims, and other believers of the Divine to come together at this time and unite under the banner of LOVE, which is what Jesus Christ opitimised. The people of this world are frightened to death, the only thing that will bring humanity through this is LOVE! LOVE one another, irrespective of race, creed, colour, or belief, because at the end of the day we are all God's children. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Hang in there Vis. Life is challenging for most of us at this time.

God bless you all. Peace be with you.

Luv Kazz

Stef64 said...

Dear Visible,
I'm sorry to feel your depression thru your post...
You are not alone in this feeling, I'm feeling too, and I think is about some kind of energetic mood that is permeating the material world just now.
There's an incredible surge of energy in this final part of 2015, that is bringing to light the good and the bad inside us. I tell you because I feel that too, a strange sensation of chaos, depression and despair, that suddenly struck me hard.
But there is a bright part to it, like some sort of illumination that is waiting for us.
I found this post very resonant with me, and I hope it will for you too:

Thanks for your help, and for what you write (and sorry for my English).
I hope to hear you well soon.

Anonymous said...

Vis, I know you better and longer than any of your readers and I know what you are trying to say. You know you can always come here and even though my wife hates me and I don't feel much better about her, I will kick her ass out the door long before I will refuse you entry, my brother and Howard feels the same way and he doesn't have a wife (laughter). Anytime, any day, any place and any time, my brother by another mother, you just catch a plane to Dulles and I will pick you up.


Visible said...

Stef... thank you for giving a shit and also for replying two times in different locations. I am NOT depressed... sometimes I have to say things a certain way.

Bill...thank you more than words can possibly say ( I guess you got my email).

Stef64 said...

Ehm, Visible...I guess I've write something wrong, but was not my intention to do that.
I'm sorry if I misunderstood your words.
Greetings from Stef

Visible said...

Stef... not at all. I must have been the one who misspoke although I don't know how or where.

Ray B. said...

Vis, you were in my 'mind' as of late. So, I asked Higher Self to check on whether you needed any 'help'. HS went over to your 'friends' and asked-about. The upshot was that I was told that your 'friends' had everything in hand, and no additional help was needed. I am hoping that this 'news' might be comforting to you, in this time of uncertainty...

Things do seem to be ramping-up in intensity. Several times now, Higher Self has kept me in kind of a 'working meditation' for much of the day. All kinds of 'stuff' is being brought-up, for assimilating or being done-with. It is both 'tough' and heartening. Some kind of 'progress' is definitely being made.

If you are feeling anywhere the kind of ramp-up that I am, I would imagine that all sorts of 'stuff' is being pushed-through. Just reading-about what you wrote concerning your childhood leaves an ungodly amount of old stuff to be rid-of (assuming that you didn't already feel the emotions and the pain-beneath-it through, or that your 'chemical assistance' didn't already do it). So, grin and bear it, so to speak, as the old stuff gets pushed-through. When it is felt-through (including the pain), it is finished. It returns to the Soul, and is 'checked off' as experience complete. Never has to happen again. Yay!

I, too, am feeling that 'something' is getting set to break through. I can't say what it will be, but I have a deepening sense of anticipation. It feels more like something 'higher side' unfolding than some run-for-the-cellar event occuring. Perhaps all the 'good work' that many have been doing (thanks!) is paying off in some way.

(I find it 'funny' that your wife "was on the opposite side of the zodiac from me and we were never meant to be anything but best friends which we are to this day." The lady that I was with for twenty years was my completely-opposite zodiac sign. It made for monumental misunderstandings and fundamentally-different views on everything. When we had enough energy and patience, it made for great growth. When not, look out! We have parted company, but remain in touch. I even helped her with her Christ Mass shopping, today, as this is a tough time of year for her.)

Hang in there, and know that you are loved.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

You all are going to hate me for saying this, but I'm sorry Vis, you always seem to create your own problems and it's never anything to do with you. From Mexico to India to Europe to Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

This has been one fucked up year in many respects but also one of slow rebirth these past three months. I don't know how else to describe it.


Visible said...

I believe I mentioned certain things about deep cover and the like around here so I will not elaborate further. Before one suggests to know more than they do, it would be ever so helpful if they were there when things happened because there are people who were and we have already had some of their testimony.... or phone numbers... not that anyone took me up on that, which is par for the course... however... this recourse remains. Wild speculation with not a single piece of evidence provided by someone who was not there in any case is not helpful or useful except in exposing something that even a borderline intellect would get in a short while... given that they gave any of it any thought.

Finally I would say that we ALL create our own problems and that is the essence of Karma. A better question would be..."why and for what reasons." No posts come out of here that aren't mostly thought out and especially when visible strips down to the underwear he doesn't wear... it is even more thought out. He pays and has paid deep prices for honesty and that is unlikely to change.

Visible said...

Thanks Ray... I have already been told this and the almighty has provided ( as god usually does) a witness and insurance to the situation and the witness will remain until I go. Anyone who needs input which they neither deserve... or... or... deserve can get some insight by addressing Allan in the comments here and should they think I am posing as an Allan... that is also easily handled too. Sometimes life is even more tedious than the people in it./

Anonymous said...

Visible, don't sweat the small stuff. No one who has been coming here for any length of time and who is also human blames you for anything. The good you have done exponentially outweighs the bad and thanks for turning me on to big words -GRIN-


Anonymous said...

A lady goes into a tattoo parlor and asks the artist to tattoo a picture of Robert Redford on her right upper thigh and a picture of Paul Newman on her left upper thigh.

The artist does so, and when he finishes hands her a mirror so she can inspect the work.
speaking of Willie Nelson

She looks at the left thigh and says, "That’s definitely Paul Newman." Then she looks at the right thigh and complains, "That doesn’t look like Robert Redford."

The artist disagrees and says they need to find an impartial judge.

They go to the bar next door and ask the first guy they meet to identify the tattoos. She raises her skirt and he says, "Well, ma’am, the one on your left thigh is definitely Paul Newman. The one on your right I’m not sure about—but the one in the middle is definitely Willie Nelson."


Anonymous said...

no one is going to hate you Peaches but people are going to wonder why you said that and what your reasons were.

Anonymous said...

Shit happens Vis and sometimes it happens to you or any of us and it really happens to people who tell the truth. Love from Europe and it isn't from your former love, just some anonymous want to be.

Anonymous said...

i don't think that is Peaches. The way it is presented sounds like someone else.

Skepticfrog said...

Peaches; No one can predict outcomes with accuracy. Educated guesses can be made based on present and past circumstances. That's it. Vis planned on the best available info. Things changed on him. Happens all the time.

I left the US one week short of a year ago to settle in Central Europe. I planned this a couple years before, as to my opinion and observation, the US is a goon-administered outhouse with all of the unpleasant attributes or a real outhouse - and more.

Everything goes on here merrily until early summer, and then something happens, what has not happened in Europe during the past 1100+ years. Mass migration of barbarian vermin of different race with a militant religion. (Echoes of Rome - and remember the outcomes).
The flood of vermin has not stopped, solutions have not been implemented. (I don't think any effective ones will be). It has abated (some) due to weather, but in the spring it will be resumed with a vengeance.

So as you see Peaches, all the careful planning means nothing; shit happens.

As for Europe, Central (not including Germany) and Eastern Europe by not letting the vermin in, have a good chance of survival. I believe they WILL LEAVE the EU if they have to accept the barbarians in their countries in any numbers, per some kind of EU dictat.

I'm kind of getting predictive, but I believe the same will happen what happened after the fall of Rome; the Roman Empire moved Eastward (Byzantium).
Western Europe is LOST.

European civilization is likely live-on and survive in the East, with its Western border (South to North) being Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech republic and Poland. Everything West of that is toast, with some (fairly remote) possibility of a "finger" reaching into the West, comprising of Austria and Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Love your contribution, Kazz. A

Zoner said...

In the greater sense, this "Apocalypse" keeps peeling back layer upon layer of cover revealing truths that have been hidden from PLAIN sight for a great while. It only seems logical then that at a more subtle level we humans are having a harder and harder time maintaining our own false selves that we move through the world projecting forward.

The veneer is removed. We SEE who we are and who we are really dealing with - micro and macro. Should we choose to that is.

"Leaders" are revealed, as are those we have considered friends and allies, maybe for great expanses of experience.

How can anyone look at what passes for "reality" today and not get the impression that it is all a badly-written after-school special or something? What an incredible display of lies, obfuscations, and outright criminal acts of deceit! "Reality" has become utterly absurd.

Yes, by all accounts, the experience is being distilled down to some sort of vital essence. We will find out where the real "juice" is found, and choices will then be made based on real TRUTHS rather than the endless parade of false inputs we have been forced to swim in for so long.

How could it ever be otherwise??

My own take? Forgiveness is going to be a key, as is gratitude and humility. We ALL have the tools at hand, maybe we just need to strip away more of this fake shit to uncover what is really, truly worth hanging around for. Otherwise, the opportunity to be completely swept away in the gathering storm seems to be the alternative. If the World (or appearance of same) is able present a sufficiently disheartening picture of what MAY come, then I fear many will abandon any higher aspirations (if they existed at all) and just be swept up.

It would be an easy thing to give in to the temptation of anger (fear) and lash out at the nearest example of the "other" and achieve temporary satisfaction for dealing with a perceived "problem", but I think we know what happens then.....

Be well Visible. I am sorry for any past harm I may have caused you or your efforts. I wish I could see a way for all of this to be painless, but that would appear to be up the individual.


nina said...

Very well said, Z.

And truthful, direct and honest, Vizzy.

Love, nina

Visible said...

Hi Nina! I haven't heard from you in awhile. I suspect we are going to meet in the coming year because I am moving to the mainland somewhere. I haven't decided where yet but it will be not far from you. Nobody calls me 'Vizzy' (grin) except you. You don't know what it means to me when friends come and stick up for me and actually understand why I say some of the things I do.

Usually it is some kind of bad shit or lies that force me into such exposures. It is probably no secret around here that I admire Lasha Darkmoon. I got a poisonous email telling me that she had said all kinds of things about me... not publicly but in private. I should handle these things better. I wrote her about it and she was outraged. I thought she didn't like me anymore. The thing is that some of what she was supposed to have said about me could only be known by someone familiar with me and I... well... I didn't actually believe it but it hurt me that it was a possibility. Her response to me was so encouraging... it is as if 'they' can get into every nook and cranny of a person's life. To be honest... I might have bought into it a little. I guess I am just insecure. It isn't easy being me and having certain negative attentions directed at me in times of personal transition.

I lost my wife whom I dearly loved for complex reasons and I never imagined in my wildest nightmares that such a thing could happen, even though the ineffable told me it was going to happen before I had any inkling. One night I asked her to sit down... we were in the doorway of the bedroom and I started telling her things that came out of nowhere about bad times coming to me and how it would change everything. I didn't even know what I was saying until I heard it said and then.... all these things happened. Thing is that the ineffable didn't tell me about this until some while later. It's like everything is scripted and there is nothing i can do about it. Some people, I think, have an amount of free will. I seem to have none.

Anonymous said...

Ya know? Sometimes it seems like certain people get away with doing and saying certain things and others don't; like how there's so many friggin' penis jokes and pussy jokes and jokes about bodily functions made in everyday conversation, it's near unfathomable that a tipsy karaoke performance (not saying YOU were tipsy, but that others in the audience likely were), would trigger accusations of 'penis jokes' as being some kind of put-on innuendo or something undue. How fucking stupid can you get?

Simply put, it says quite a bit more about your accusers than it does you, Mr. Visible. Fuckem if they can't get it.
Talk about tired.

A long time ago, i wrote you something along the lines of imagining the world running along fine without money, something i still believe is a possible timeline, that of a creative, voluntary society based on gifts and meaningful hard work, not a coerced and enslaved one run by avarice and greed. Maybe this is a time when all possible timelines are running in the cosmic mainframe and individuals may be able to choose which ones will come to pass while others will not. The ones who would, would be those who hold hard truths in mind and spirit (even tho the struggle goes on) and are able to image all good things rising out of these principles. The others, well, i think we here all know who they might be. Could be this is what the scriptures are describing of separating the wheat from the chaff.

If you leave our cyber world and find another, or when the time comes and you leave the material world, you know (i) we shall never forget your humour, eloquence and guidance for all us fumbling seekers and seers. But in reality you will never leave us, because we already have taken part of you.

But do try to keep in touch going forth. I keep you in my thoughts and wish you the best, as i'm sure do others.


Anonymous said...

The internet is another abcnnbcbs. They're all in collusion defining what can and can't be said. They've cinched it up it's all just tired retreads of Talmudic clichés.

What fellowship does righteousness have with unrighteousness?

Have you been part of this collusion? Why haven't you taken the gloves off with Michael Rivero and Jeff Rense? Would that be because Lasha Darkmoon wouldn't approve? So, wtf is the internet's version of abcnnbcbs getting up to? Let's see all the comments that have been moderated by all of these cookie cutter dissident blogs. That would be where the truth is. You won't step out from the ranks either.

Do what they all want you not to do. Follow up their garbage with scripture and see if you don't spot the yehudi's tricks and manipulations all over these 'dissident' blogs. The hypocrisies and apostasies to what they claim to be their creed is another glaring thing.

They're loveless, ballsless narcissists whose purpose is to rationalize it all to cast themselves in a light of innocence. True to NOTHING.

This isn't Yahweh's revolution. This is the flood from the mouth of the dragon and the smoke from the bottomless pit. Try shooting or stabbing that ever offending blob.

Fuck all of you

A. Dundee said...

Z, well put.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i get in a hurry to express a thought and think: "Well, that sounds pretty good" then i go back and read it and it just sounds klunky and misstated.

Geez, i hope that didn't come off sounding as if escaping the mortal coil was imminent, i put it that way to try and allay a big concept we all know as death, something which seems is such a touchy subject, many people have trouble explaining it, much less understanding it. I don't have much trouble understanding it, i just have trouble explaining it, or, writing it into a sensitive passage, as it were.

I have faith that you'll be with us for a long while, Mr. Visible, which is what i meant to say.

Be well.


Unknown said...

"Vizzy".. I like that :-)

My way is to attempt to understand. Understand why we are here. Understanding that, then what to do (or not do) while here. Mathematically speaking, to find the formula of life and living. I seem to have made headway. Much I have learned much from you Les. Thanks to you living your life on your shirtsleeve for all to see who would. I will toss out s few things as they come to me.

The goal of Life is for us to learn to act as God would if He was in your shoes (which, spoiler alert, He is).

God will use us for demonstration which ever way we act.

In fact everything is used as props in a play arranged for all to see the fruit of those actions. We observe these fruits and (are suppose to) adjust our "living formula" to account for what we learn by the demonstration; closer to God-lie, farther from God-like.

If we understand this and commit to God, seeking to be a conscious "prop" to be used as demonstration, you will have the highest highs and perhaps the lowest lows as you are aware of God's Grace and wonder that awaits you.

Anyone can like the highs, but the lows separate the wheat from the chafe.

As The Preacher said, "all is vanity" but I would add if it is done for it's own sake. Example: Climb a mountain for personal prestige vs climbing a mountain to experience and demonstrate the glory of Creation; of the Mountain, the Human actions and God working within to guide one though; and the myriad of "stuff" that happens along the way, geared toward your God Growth.

I apologize if I come across here as Captain Obvious, but they were not obvious to me. And I can say Les Visible is living proof of all of these. Which means he is living up to his commitment to being a Conscious Prop for God's Play. Which is the best anyone can do.

Living life by putting one foot in front of the other,
James Arthur Jancik
Feet to the Fire Radio

Anonymous said...

Dear Les as we traverse this very difficult patch I have taken to a practise that so far is serving me well in terms of raising my vibration. Each night before I sleep I declare my intent to sleep in peace, eneregise my body and gladden my heart irrespective of my outer,conditiobs. On waking up I thank God and declare my love for him. Then I declare my intention to have an unconditionally happy day. Thru out the day I keep coming back to this intent if there is a threat of wobble.This helps me become a,vibrational match to my intention. Thank u for everything dear Les

Anonymous said...

You said something not long ago that I have never forgotten. You said something about how whatever the degree of ones suffering might be that the reward would be commensurate at some point. I just thought I would mention that at this point.

Kazz said...

I agree James, and the only way a person can be a spontaneous representation of the Divine is if they are willing to free their self enough to be available. Uniformity and conformity are put in place with strict regime to make people feel safe and comfortable, but it restricts the Divine immensely. Most people these days have diaries with all their appointments, leaving next to no free time in their day. If God wishes to use people how is he supposed to since their day is already all booked up? We see this same attitude manifesting through the legal system in the US where legal restrictions have made it an offence to feed the homeless. Was this not what Christians are called upon to do, feed the hungry and heal the sick? Is this not what Jesus did? Today Jesus would be arrested by the very ecumenical following that confesses to follow him! Jesus would also be marked as a terrorist because he stood against the state of Rome, which coincidentally ran under exactly the same system as the West does today, and just about the rest of the world. The ROMAN Catholic church also ran under this same system, so what is different?? I find this really distressing because I have come to know quite a few people that are a part of this movement and they appear to be brothers and sisters of Christ who have been hijacked by the darker forces in this universe. If people wish to follow Jesus they should be doing as Jesus did, not what the Roman's did!

Go deep within Vis and nestle yourself within the loving arms of the Divine. It does not matter what others say about you, or any of us for that matter, what does matter is how God views us. In a world full of crazy anything sane is always going to be shunned. I have walked a solitary path most of my life, even though I have friends and family, because even when it causes much friction I do what the Holy Spirit tells me to do. I have come to see that following the Holy Spirit within is the only way. Trust your inner guidance Vis it will lead you to where you really need to be. Nowhere is safe really Vis, unless we are in the arms of our creator, and that is not a place but a state of mind and heart, as you well know. When I speak of safe I refer to the state of our soul, not our physical being.

My inkling is that these people brought you there to do your head in. This time round don't respond to readers, go the way the Divine points you. Soon we hope to sell up everything and follow Christ. I don't know where that will take us, and I don't care. As long as Christ is leading the way I am already in the Kingdom of Heaven. We have hopes to establish a physical Kingdom of Heaven on earth but spirit will decide whether that becomes a reality. If it does become a reality you can be sure you will be invited to join us.

I will hold you in my prayers and pray that my Father/spirit can light your path for you. Keep the faith brother.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Wow James... I just saw your comment. I often don't see the whole comment immediately because only so much of the content is shown to me. Thank you for being a true and generous friend.

Ray B. said...

I was reflecting on Money the other day. As I was in a "Lord of the Rings" mindset, I started reflecting on how Gandalf (?) cautioned that no positive use could be made of the One Ring, since all endeavors (Enterprises *hah*) begun under the auspices of the One Ring would eventually be turned to the 'dark side'...

Tossing Money and the One Ring around in my mind, it seemed like there was a correlation. The One Ring was the only-remaining physical 'anchor' of a dark force (a demiurge). The Ring's power could not be understood without a historical/esoteric knowledge of what/who came before. (Thus, Gollum could be affected by it, but not wield it.) Those 'in the know' admitted that One of a power greater than theirs was involved. Not all-God, but of a High station (negative, unfortunately). They could not 'knock off' Sauron (an energy being, although it's physical manifestation was destroyed), but could only sever his/her/its connection to Middle Earth - by destroying the One Ring.

Likewise, Money seemed to be equally mysterious. Begun as simple exchange of trade items, it has 'morphed' into a symbol of a Fallen consciousness. If we all treated each other as we were asked to do, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," hoards and piles of money (assets) could not exist. That they do means that lower consciousness reigns, and that Money is a symbol/pathway of the Separation between you and I. Or, you could see it as Money is not bad but "Love of Money" is a sign of Separation. Non-Oneness...

In my reflections, I mused on how-deep "Love of Money" had insinuated itself into our (the world's) culture. It seemed to have much the Power of the One Ring. Any 'good-natured' project was at-risk of turning to Separateness. How to 'root out' something that embedded?

Here, I think Tolkien was trying to tell us something. For one, you must know the esoterics of the system, i.e., where it operates. Also, you cannot defeat a system while remaining 'under' the system. Fortunately, there does exist 'something' on the outside of any given system. Finite versus Infinite. The key is to find the 'weakness' of the whole system. It's One Ring vulnerability...

In the case of the One Ring, we have to examine Mount Doom, a volcano in Mordor. As the Ring was made - and cannot be destroyed elsewhere - within Mount Doom, what was unique there? Somehow, the energies within that 'space' allowed the intermixing of physical dimensions with higher dimensions. As Mount Doom was 'natural' and not created by Sauron, I would propose that Tolkien was talking about a Gateway, Portal, or Access Point. (He had to know about Otherwhere, given his Celtic research.) Mount Doom was that 'place'.

So, what is the Mount Doom 'place' within our Separation or "Love of Money" system? To put it bluntly, where can we effectively operate upon that system? To excise/remove/transform it, in-toto? It will not be in a return to the Gold standard. It will not be in postures about communism/socialism/democracy. It will not be in economic fixes. It will be about 'sealing up' Separateness. Or, putting it another way, the blossoming of Oneness.

Sauron knew his vulnerability. That was why his Empire - and his troops - centered around Mount Doom in Mordor. Whatever has introduced Separateness to our world also knows its vulnerability. (Oneness is the norm.) I would expect its heaviest 'defenses' to be around its most-vulnerable point.

So, what is the most camouflaged, most below-the-radar, most unmentionable, most sensitive, and most defended 'point' on Earth? Or, to be more precise, what is the point* where Heaven and Earth 'touch'? (I.e., a Gateway, Portal, or Access Point.)

That will be our Mount Doom...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Or points.

mike m said...

I just watched an interview with Dr. Bashar al-Assad. It is a shame that the forces of evil are conspiring against this man and his Nation of Syria. Keep these people in your thoughts, they are being made scapegoats.

mike m said...

jimminycrickets, nice post and that world you speak of has existed on this plane

mike m said...

Hey, Fuck all of you, why so harsh? We all move in different ways progessing towards the light.

Unknown said...

Your welcome Les, and thanks for your comments Karen :-)

Smyrna said...

Try and get your arse somewhere rural, Vis. At least 30 miles from the nearest McDonalds etc. People are saner and look out for each other. I wish I had gone bush 20 years ago instead of ten.

Anonymous said...

Portrait Painter Says...
The World IS friendly. The Universe IS friendly. Some of the players on this stage apparently are not so.

BCii said...

Ray B.,

I half-expected you to provide your own answer to the riddle of "our Mount Doom." I was tickled that you didn't. You let the reader work it out for themselves.

"So, what is the most camouflaged, most below-the-radar, most unmentionable, most sensitive, and most defended 'point' on Earth? Or, to be more precise, what is the point (or points) where Heaven and Earth 'touch'?"

Separateness is born as thought and manifested through belief / attachment / identification...

To undo the curse of Separateness, we follow the unreal miscreations of the mind back to their source: the notion of an 'I' distinct from the totality.

The more we see them for what they are and release them

(once compassionately recognized and accepted as equally-valid experiences in the void-field of experience),

the less our point of consciousness is magnetized toward that quality of thought and experience

(where the quality of our experience is primarily contingent upon our interpretation of it - or our openness to simply having it without judging it).

The funny thing is that the 'thing' itself is so utterly simple, and yet ties us up in knots when we try to conceptualize it...

I see it as a 'flip', the switch from Separateness to Oneness - a discontinuous quantum jump. The former knows nothing of the latter, is totally blind to reality as it is seen from a unified consciousness POV,

i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven.

If I may venture a (somewhat) direct pointer to what I perceive as the hidden portal whereby the power of Separateness is undone - allowing for unlimited alternative articulations and approaches -

is it not the very innocence of our Heart of Hearts?

And is not forgiveness the act of releasing the seventeen trillion troublesome things to the healing crucible of the One Heart?

Love compels one to do their best in every moment and endure tribulation until the doer melts away and tribulations are made naught.

(William's continuing challenges of circumstance seem to provide a rich substrate for germs of awakening to take hold and bloom....)

Thank you all for showing up. Thank you for your sharing.

Anonymous said...


What is real? The coming change is real. It has already begun I personally know that for a fact. People like Les Visible are extremely important. Those who know and speak up. The world needs it. However, certain tumult is unavoidable we all need it to confront change and grow. But there is also a possible danger so I suggest that we who know and have personal experience of the true nature of reality should try to find eachother and cooperate. All the best and hang in there, you all!

J, Finland

Anonymous said...

It's not life changes us we introduce change.
In the prologue of the Book of Ecclesiasticus from the Old Testament it is written. "My grandfather Jesus". Nazarene.
In the Book of Judges 13 we have the stories of Samson Nazarene. The story of the birth of Christ - the anointed. In every religion we have a similar description of the birth of God.
Who is Jesus?
He is one of the prophets who was murdered for the sins of the old civilization because he knew the truth about them as I got to know the truth about you. I have given you free will. Am I the messiah? Yes. Is this the second coming of Jesus? It depends on you whether I die or you All open your eyes. It is Christmas time and time Christmas miracles. You can work a miracle or next year I'll die at 33 years old. I will be murdered by coward. As Jesus said it, and I speak. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Secrets have been revealed to me that you never will know, unfortunately. Do afraid? Not even'm happy because I know what awaits me. I got to know the secrets of what was and what will be. How do you understand the scriptures? not knowing who Jesus was and when he lived. This is ridiculous. The prophet is a person who comes that direct people to the correct course. Provides for the adjustment. How Isaiah writes. Unfortunately, in this case I am irreplaceable. You do not see the world through my eyes. Tell Obama to win the fight against terrorism must personally commit suicide. He and the US government are terrorists. Either he or the whole world. That's the truth. The truth hurts. I promised that I do not want to have someone else's blood on my hands. Bother you that i smoking marijuana? It is from God. Shit you care what I do with my body. It is healthier than the air we breathe, and therefore do not suffer. You are drunk the poisoned wine from the vine because you have eyes covered.

BCii said...

J from Finland,

I concur with you on the coming change, already happening. The peril is in the grip of the old as it strangles itself in the desperate bid for survival. Conditions will get bad in many places. We already see the early stages of social breakdown in our own beautiful country.

Finland just celebrated the anniversary of its independence from Russia, and we are rightfully proud of that independence. More and more, though, voices are speaking up about the traitorous abdication of that hard-won sovereignty by an insidious, self-interested ruling class of elites. Some no longer celebrate Finland's independence, seeing as it was lost a generation ago with the illegitimately-implemented joining of the EU. December 6th is now a memorial day for what we gained, had, and lost in the span of 77 short years. Paavo Väyrynen knows where we went wrong on that score and is spearheading an effort to correct it. Who knows if it's just too little, too late, or if it might lead to something needed. The coming change is much bigger than any one political ideal; it will utterly transform what we know today as politics.

On the world stage, Putin just keeps showing the stuff he's made of. I thank God for putting the right man in the right place to help cleanse the world of the political, economic, and military might (blight) of its worst offenders. Bravo!

Ray B. said...

Hi, BCii / William ! Thank you for your enlightened reply.

I left the 'question' unanswered because I am no longer sure what is the Inner and what is the Outer. Kind of like the military-UFO pilot who - in answer to Mulder's assurance that he (Mulder) was real - couldn't even say that he (Lt. Jack Shaefer) was real. (This "X-Files" episode, "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" [Season3, Ep.20], is my personal favorite.)

So, do we depart on an external, King Arthur-style "Quest", or do we sit under a Bodhi tree and emerge Oneified? Given that, going deep enough, there is no Inner and no Outer, it may be the same 'trip'...

In light of the above, I am splitting my efforts. I do lots of 'inner work' with Higher Self and Others, and there is a slow, continual 'progression'. Higher Self and I also 'go-after' external (often higher-level, and therefor Unseen) entities/forces who are working to promote Separation. Whether one-side is more Real or Unreal, I have no real clue as of this moment. This may be a result of me not being high-enough, or it may be how perceived-Reality 'is'.

There are lots of stories about the Inner-enlightenment which various folks achieved through the ages. Perhaps, we will add some. Still, I am curious as to whether there is an Outer counterpart. Is there some external Mount Doom & One Ring on this planet (or in the aethers close-by) that needs to be dealt-with? Does something external actually-need to be 'done'?

The big laugh would be if both happened simultaneously...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

BCii / William, I did not know you harkened from Finland! I have great fondness and compassion for that country. It has been sandwiched between different superpowers for so long. There is something in Findland's "Soul" that is to be admired. I would count you up with Iceland and Hungary as being masters of your own destiny.

It sounds like the Oligarchs swept into Finland much like they did in Russia and elsewhere. I presume you had a Zionist central bank imposed on you. Is there any pressure to get-out from under that system, much like Iceland or Hungary did?

(If you have access to Naomi Klein's excellent book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" [2006], it recounts what happened when capitalist wolves were let onto the farm...)

In light of my just-done post on Inner and Outer, it will be interesting to see how much I&O 'work' needs to be done on Finland's behalf (and the world). Good luck!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Thank you all for being here now.

At times this virtual meet-up is all we can touch of the communion. I am grateful.

All I can add at this moment is to distinguish the way of knowing from the way of feeling and to point out that there is no real separation! It is just that we have confused the object of knowing as knowledge, attached mentation, instead of the simple flow of being in real time.

We can know our living process to a larger and larger degree and leave all knowledge, facts stored on a ledge, behind us as we walk away from our graves. We CAN know ourselves and the Ineffable, in the fullness of Eternity but NOT through a collection of static snapshots (to which we become insanely attached), but only by constantly growing and learning to keep the ongoing focus of our inner movie on the center stage and to ignore the phantoms literally killing for our attention in the outer rings of the circus. To become great cinematographers of our inner lives, while allowing our fully rapt attention to the One within, to spill all over what surrounds us, with the fierce faith of a child…

As it turns out, our Being loves to be paid attention to, in the proper sacred manner and opens up in pregnant joy to our probing mind ONLY when that mind is set on learning, ever learning, to free the flow of feeling from all limitations.
In other words, the Ineffable in our heart of hearts, the Ultimate Innocent, just desires our full attention and ready and willingness to go all the way in and through that path, all the way out to the ends of Creation, in a feedback loop trip to the stars and back to the heart, a million times a minute.

I hope this little riff removes at least one spurious distinction from our prideful separateness and allows us all a deeper breath, increasing until we blow all the dust out of wounded eyes.

Love back at you all!

Kazz said...

Everyone wants to get off a hot frying pan until they realise the only way to do this is to jump into the fire. Personally I would rather take the skillet off the heat.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot of confusion about the "we are all one" business and "what is real anyway"? I have experienced oneness and probably a lot of you here have. It is not something of this plane and to live life here like it is will lead to tragedy. Is the person that punched mr Visible in the jaw part of the "oneness" of his "projections"? How about all the soulless phsycopaths that run this world that kill and maim millions physically and mentally. Oh no ... They are not part of you and you did not "create" them for an experience. God created them and that is the subtle but big difference that should negate all that phonybaloney new age "we are all one" crapola. This is a plane of duality. We are here to distinguish ourselves from the evil in this world which is quite real. We are to discover that though it is real it is not as powerful as love but love is an action and we must fight evil by controlling our thoughts and then going out there and helping this very real world we live in to defeat evil. We are approaching evils last days and choices are being made that will affect our eternal existence in the real "oneness" to come. Until then we must deal with this very hard school of knocks that we inhabit.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Of Trump and Time and Strange Circumstance.

BCii said...

Ray B.,

Finland is waking up. Iceland and Hungary have taken the initiative to reclaim sovereignty at present, but Finns, too, are taking up the torch of truth and running with it. A minority as yet, but that's all it takes. Truth, like fire, tends to catch. Finnish mainstream media are playing catch-up at this point to try to stave off the exodus of their audience to alternative sites that don't pander to the establishment and its fake version of reality.

A writer and musician I deeply admire, A.W. Yrjänä of the rock band CMX, has been working on a unique documentary about the ancient Finnish folk tradition. Its release was scheduled for last month, but production has been delayed. I'm eager to take in this film and I know a lot of other people are too. This artificial overlay culture is so much empty calories and poison, I think a lot of people's spiritual immune systems are kicking in and drawing them back to the life-giving nutrients that still flow in their ancestral roots.


Level confusion fucks shit up. It seems to be a result of projecting an intellectual understanding of higher spirituality and metaphysics onto one's experience without having a grounded basis in direct, organic, lived spirituality. That foundation is laid through much practice and learning. The litmus test, of course, is how this idea of 'Oneness' manifests in practice. Complacency and lack of discernment do more harm than good!

Ray B. said...

Thanks, everyone, for the very thoughtful/caring/deep conversations here! I haven't seen this 'coming out' in quite a while. Good to 'visit' on more than a mundane level.

Karen: Excellent semi-joke (grin)...

Robert: Many gems, all true. It is so fascinating to have the personal perspective of each reader, to turn-around and examine (and feel). Thank you for all your varied posts that bring much to ponder...

BCii / William: The same! Also, good to hear that about Finland. Waking-up involves dealing with the fear that this may not be a 'safe' universe (except on an all-God level). Uncomfortable. On the other hand, it was only a small percentage of the pre-US population that woke-up to their 'serf' status and started the revolutionary-ball rolling...

Anonymous: Your concerns about efforts to embrace Oneness when it is not in the population around you are real. Many have died or worse when attempting to 'force' this state on others who really don't resonate to it. My ideal is to become-that from within, so that my 'state' affects others. I remember one Buddhist or Hindu tale where an enlightened-type was charged by a tiger. When the tiger got within the 'field' of this person, it suddenly became friendly and loving. Impressive. As BCii/William said, though, this is not an intellectual state. It must come from Who we have become. Woo-woo...

Again, thanks to all the readership, and to Vis for providing the pearls and the meeting ground.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Ring of Fire Dance with the Orc Master Elite .

Scarlett said...

I've been feeling literally crushed by the weight of the world the last 2 days. I think sensitive souls can feel the disease of negativity and hatred that has infested most of the population. Sometimes I wonder if I somehow slipped into an alternate reality where everything I believe to be true and good is thought by everyone else to be a lie and evil. If I were spiritually an intellectually weaker (which I don't mean to imply I am strong -- but maybe just strong enough), I'd eventually conclude that the problem was me. Perhaps I'm just insane -- but I don't feel insane. I feel like I am surrounded by insanity that has been passed off as normalcy. Truth doesn't need a high polling percentage. Truth is. It was. It is. It will always be. People believing a lie about you doesn't bend time and space and alter truth. Sometimes I selfishly wish I could turn back the clock and choose to keep my eyes wide shut forever ... but I don't really want that. I would rather be hated for defending truth than let lies infest my mind and heart until I no longer have the strength to choose truth even if I wanted to. I fear that this feeling is a warning of things to come. I had a crazy dream a few years ago about breaking a glass while washing dishes and there were voices who told me to remember this because it was important and that "it" would start when that happened. I woke up as I was begging the voices to explain because I didn't understand what they meant. I didn't know what "it" was. A stupid dream but it really freaked me out. It seemed so real. On Sunday I broke that same glass from my dream while washing dishes. I laughed it off, but then I had an episode where I had a flash of light (like lightening in my brain) and it was like all the energy was drained from my body. I don't know what it means -- if it means anything at all. Unlike you, I don't think I've spiritually evolved enough to have any kind of insight or communication with higher powers. But, when I came to your site and saw you were struggling with something, too, it makes me think that it probably does mean something. I only wish I were smarter so I could figure out what it is. But I'm glad to have your site which for me functions as a touchstone. A voice that says the emperor has no clothes ... Never underestimate that power. If other things haven't panned out, it may be because this endeavor is what the universe most needs from you. I certainly appreciate it.

Visible said...

Hi Scarlett, long time no see. Endure... that's all we have when it makes no sense. Except for what you align yourself with.



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