Monday, August 30, 2021

"It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer Burn Brains."

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Total propaganda about terrorism out of Afghanistan via ISIS. Only a moron does not know by now that Isis is a Mossad CIA op, just like Al Qaeda. Oh, Wait!!! Now there is ISIS-K. It is the terrorism equivalent of The Delta Variant. Both of these absurdities have been cooked up by The Usual Suspects because due to a change in the cosmic weather, they are being exposed in all their iniquities to the eyes of The World... Somehow they think that the endless distraction will serve their purposes. Ah... no.

Now the Media is in Fearmonger Heaven, weaving new lies, patching old lies, and selling the same snake oil to The Walking Dead. How can people be this Stupid? It seems like you would have to work REALLY hard to get to be this Stupid. That level of Stupidity is not just generally ignorant. It's Ring around the Rosy Stupid, where the riders on the carousel think they are seeing new sights every time the wheel goes round, only because they completely forgot what they saw the last time. It's kind of like the mind of our feckless leader.

When this kind of Stupid hits, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are or what you think you know. There are people with all kinds of effete initials after their names who are here to explain it to you. They hail from a different kind of Stupid. It's a sort of regional Stupid, along demographic lines.

COVID didn't work except to camouflage a bunch of deaths from other causes and to kill or maim the people who got the vaccine that is not a vaccine. So, now it's on to Terrorism. It's Jack-in-the-Box Terror Time for Stupid People and those with Freezer-Burned Brains. Hold that thought!

They are afraid to die and afraid to live. They take the vaccines, they still catch Common Cold COVID and then scream about the unvaccinated infecting them. Doesn't the vaccine that is not a vaccine protect them from this? Stupid.

I was talking with my friend yesterday and my friend said, “Did you see where they are saying you can't have certain surgeries if you are over a certain age; Medicaid won't pay for it.”

I didn't even think before I responded to say;

God is Real and the centerpiece of my life. Who exactly is going to tell me what I can and cannot do when God is resident within? Does not The Divine CONTROL EVERYTHING at all times, even when it seems utterly tornado level out of control? Let me say again, Every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with my soul.

I don't know where I got that from, but I do know it has proven out to be true.

They ask halfheartedly, and get no response, then they move right on to something else. NONE OF THAT applies to me, or anyone in resonance with God. What! It doesn't work for you? What happens to you does not apply to me. Let me put it this way, you have such and such an insurance company, like Fly by Night Mutual, and I have Jumping Jack Flash, full coverage, no matter what, and they have NEVER failed to pay off, in full... and more. Perhaps you need a different carrier? Perhaps you are being served by the self-served? I work for Eternal Living Light Service. We carry our office with us, like a Hermit Crab. We have no logo or board meetings. Our bank account is off-planet. We barely seem to exist, but we are around.

The latest trend by the disinfo agents is that we live on a Hell Planet that was created by aliens and we are all damned to suffer forever, just like that other scriptural Hell. Two things (and more) can be true at the same time. You might well be on Hell Planet. I am not. You may be in chronic apprehension about this, that, and the other thing. I am not.

Why are there people spreading this Doom and Gloom far and wide? They are, EITHER= paid operatives, really... really Stupid, or had their minds stolen while they were watching porn. They have turned their lives to shit so they blame aliens because... well... they couldn't be responsible for what is happening to them. Could they? Did it ever occur to them that the reason angels and illumined entities do not call on certain people is that they smell bad due to their lifestyle, and what they feel, and what they think? Shining entities do not come around where Gloom and Doom are being preached. Of all these people complaining about spiritual forces, HOW MANY OF THEM have put in the time and devotion NECESSARY to get Heaven's attention???

Halfhearted and inconsistent efforts don't even impress terrestrial consciousnesses, much less The Heart and Mind of Heaven. If you give it your all then Heaven WILL respond. Otherwise, buy a lottery ticket.

Socialism simply does not work in The United States. Some ground is fertile, some is not. This will prove out shortly.

I just went by the Rense site today. I haven't been there since he canceled me for trafficking with Rixon Stewart. My God! It's the biggest New Age Virtual Supermarket I have ever seen. You have to scroll down for some time before you get to articles, most of which are either Fear Porn or selling something. Then I went down through the columnists and came upon Dr. Chiappalone. Someone had mentioned him earlier and indicated that I might be a fan. I'm not, or it was a really long time ago, and brief. I've linked a couple of his Transmissions from The Mental Institution in the links below for you to see what he's been up to lately. I can't disagree with some of it. These types ALWAYS like to include some truth among the weeds. The rest of it is full-blown Mind Parasite garbage. He's a Doomsday Crazy. Nothing (useful) to see here.

He said that The Great Brotherhood of Light-Workers is EVIL. I KNOW this is not true. Of course, there is a dark order that is always at work pretending to be what it is not, BUT... the Heavenly Realm, and EVERYWHERE else is ALWAYS under Divine control. How do people get so screwed up in their thinking? Often it is because they have serious personal profit in mind and know that the key to that is sensationalism. David Icke has been raking it in for a long time behind profit motive. I found him to be a fine writer and a source for certain kinds of useful information, BUT... there is so much sensationalism! It is the same with MOST of the alt-news celebrities, literally too many of them to mention.

I don't want to get into criticizing these people. We all have our flaws but it is a serious karmic crime to mislead people. Maybe they really have this knowledge, but my intuition and other feeds tell me they do not. We only know what we are permitted to know, and we only say what we are permitted to say, concerning Divine Truth. For some reason, it all looks like Showbiz to me. It's the Personality jumping up and down and crying for attention.

I thank God for keeping me low profile and in generally humble circumstances. I consider it a high honor to be kept out of the marketplace of The World. It seems sometimes that the whole world is on fire with the desire to have and possess Temporary Shit, and... be a really important shit. It is a terrible fate to be rich and famous. I cannot see how one would handle it, unless they had the character of King Janaka or a prince who walked away from it all, like Lord Gautama. Keep your heads down, folks.

If one has all their attention on selfless service then personal profit does not come to mind to haunt you. Two things I see very little of in these times; Real Gratitude, and a Sincere Humility. I guess people figure that you can't get on stage with them.

Events are moving faster and faster. Existence has become a blur for many millions of souls scrambling for survival and more, always more. Hunger, it seems, does not go away. Temporary satiation is the best they can hope for before it comes back again or finds some new object of desire. Anyone on The Royal Road will tell you, you have to turn down the flame and cut back on Senseless Craving. It is not that difficult to find Peace Within, simply stop wanting. It is the wanting that destroys your peace.

Let me see if I have it right or not. There are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. For some reason, the chickens are still squawking about Annunaki, Reptile Underlords, Armageddon, endless slavery and pain, and how we're all screwed, and they got details... details... details. MEANWHILE, all life comes from The Sun, and The Sun is not even one of the bigger stars; not hardly. All of these stars are the lights of God, and they represent only a small part of his power, most of which is perpetually held in reserve. Consonant with that he is woven through all of existence and is the life in all that lives, which he can grant or withdraw at his pleasure. I am probably underestimating him so far. Legions of Chicken Littles are in a virtual internet panic about who the Hell knows what, or they are festering with resentment and fear, while strutting around in a false bravado.

Some of them create multiple identities and go around to the alt-truth sites, where they keep hyping the particular nickname they are trying to promote so that they can Big Frog=Small Pond it. They are hoping a surge will somehow sweep through the crowd and they will be lifted up into a pretend divinity and everyone can ask them about diet, exercise, and fashion. MEANWHILE... they and everyone else are blind, ignorant, and naked, vulnerable as all get out. How did they manage to talk themselves into being the Cat's Meow in their heads? Regardless of my faults, at least I know I am nothing and exist only by the grace of God.

We are NOTHING but a dream in the sleeping mind of God. THAT... that is who you need to impress or it is adios and ignominy. Well, it is hard to be ignominious when you are forgotten for lack of any reason to be remembered. God must chuckle often in his sleep. Wakey, wakey time is coming, and THEN... then we will see what's what when The Avatar announces himself, broadcasting live into EVERY human mind, thence sending terror and serenity, according to what you've been up to.

You people had better wake up and stop spreading lies and fear that harm the human spirit, railing at Heaven because you didn't get the keys to The Candy Store like The Usual Suspects. There is a reason for that, and it's not candy either.

You had better get right with God while there is still time. You had better recognize how ill-equipped you are to handle circumstances beyond your control. You had better leash that personality and pray for help because you surely will need it when The Tribulations comes, and the panic-stricken lunatics run loose in the streets. You HAD BETTER find a light to guide you, because, my friends, I assure you, you are out of your depth and have only been tolerated in the hope that you will see what you have, for so long, rendered yourself blind to.

Witness the situation in Louisiana today. They say it might even become a Category 5 storm. Katrina was only a 3. This Ida is now a 4. The times we are afraid will arrive are already here. I believe The Big Question is, who has your back? Much more dramatic events are coming.

End Transmission.......

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Via Fox News
ah. What do you know? He's Jewish so he would still be an atheist
Harvard appoints 'athiest' as president of university chaplains - not everyone is happy

Dr. Chiappalone Via
Someone mentioned recently that I appeared to be a fan of Dr. Chiappalone. I have no memory of that, though I might have linked him. I link VERY widely. Anyway... now I know where the Doom and Gloom Patrol are coming from; the not-so-good Doctor is a source. He actually posted this= "If they knew what “We”, my Team of Light and “I”, have prepared for them as punishment, they would die physically of terror. What they receive is what they earned with their iniquities." What I see in this journey into his work is that he weaves all manner of phantasms into his Fear Porn. He even says that the Great Brotherhood of Initiates is evil. I KNOW this is a lie-
END of SPIRITUAL WAR is in Sight!
The Current Status Quo!

Dr. Chiappalone Via
This guy is really an escaped mental patient. He is so out to lunch that there was no lunch. At one point, he says that this has to be end of the world times because he is here. He self references himself as a major player in the cosmos. I suspect he is not=
Karmic Debts Due

Pentagon Introduces New “Diversity Rules

Via Post Millennial
Some people really do have shit for brains. Hmm... now which group of people has a fascination with fecal matter?
CDC goes woke, demands Americans use 'inclusive language' for their 'health'

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"Flowers Attract Bees and Hummingbirds. Shit Attracts Flies."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm assuming that everyone who comes here KNOWS that the PCR tests, and whatever other tests they use to confirm the presence of their made-up virus, will find whatever they are looking for, because most everyone has some version of a virus that shows up and can be claimed to be whatever they are looking for.

We KNOW that a handful of Stone Age Arabs did not attack The World Trade Center and other locations in 9/11. We KNOW there was massive election fraud in the previous national election. We KNOW that Antifa, and other flash-mobs of Helicopter Offspring, do the bidding of The Deep State, and that they target all events where people gather to protest depravity, and violations of The Constitution, as well as whatever The Deep State and their corporate allies deem undesirable. We know that Infernal forces are trying to destroy this country, and we know that the present government is composed of traitors and hired guns.

There is an interesting feature of The Apocalypse that has been in action for some time now, and it is getting more and more pervasive. People everywhere, the high and the low, and those we have never heard of, and would rather not know, are exposing and revealing themselves in a very public way. Famous politicians, who should know better, are being driven from office because of bad behavior. Surely they did not want this to happen. SOMETHING drove them to it. Some force is behind all of the crazy actings out taking place these days. People are demonstrating what they previously concealed from view.

Utter madness is loose, inside and outside. People with no sense of self are being occupied by malign entities that use them for Joyrides. Others (not as many as we would like) are being lifted up and ennobled by benefic entities. In either case, they have been attracted by the character or lack of it, in each of them. It is spellbinding theatrics, at least from my perspective. I am a watcher, and humanity is my subject. One of the ways we learn is by giving attention to something and having it reveal itself to us. This is not a traditional method, except in ancient traditions.

I have mentioned Phrenology here a number of times. This also fascinates me. It is a multipurpose tool that is of great value to a watcher. The classic understanding of Phrenology is that it has something to do with the bumps on your head. I don't have any bumps on my head, so it makes that form of self-inquiry ineffective for me. (grin) I don't apply Phrenology in that manner, so maybe I am not a Phrenologist. Think of it more as the difference between a physicist and a meta-physicist.

In my practice of Phrenology, it includes the shape of the head and its features. It includes facial expressions. It includes body language and the way the hands are employed. It includes the shape of the body. It includes eye movement, and most especially it involves aura radiation, should I be in a proximity to it. A trip to the supermarket is an entertaining event for me. I don't go out looking for people to read. I especially dislike crowds and I avoid them. Paying attention to what is right in front of you is a good activity to engage in.

So... I watch people, and in an apocalypse, people are compelled to act out. Many well-known individuals are convicting themselves in The Court of Public Opinion. This is a cosmic imperative of the moment. All sorts of new abilities and long-hidden secrets, hidden in plain sight, and also within you are coming out. Many things are coming out, that those involved, desperately wish would not be revealed to the eyes of others. These are very interesting times.

I was in The Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina some years ago. Now and then, the street would be all abuzz with the report that some celebrity was in the vicinity. We had heard that The Terminator was around. I care less than zero about these events. Anyway... there we sat at our table when suddenly Arnholt came out of a back room. There were two guys in front of him and two behind. My first reaction was how short he was; maybe it was just that the guys were big. His bio says he is 6'2'. He didn't look like it. The next thing I noticed was that he looked terrified. I have never forgotten that. I mean he looked really apprehensive.

A few days ago, he went public and said, “Screw your freedoms.” This was in regard to those who remain sane among us, and have no interest in masking up or getting the Zombie Serum. Again... he seems terrified. I am noticing this more and more; famous people who look like they are very uncomfortable.

When I talk about Deep State, and The Usual Suspects, I am referring to a cabal of temporarily affiliated ner-do-wells who are behind most, if not all of the mischief we are experiencing, from the promotion of sexual perversity, to the attacks on Christianity, to the destruction of the family unit, to the corruption of public servants, to the general atmosphere of chaos and threat which is so pronounced now. There is much more that they are responsible for, as they represent the last gasp of The Overlords in the transitioning of the age.

You think that money and fame give you some greater freedom? Give a thought to who they answer to. Whomever it is that you serve, it is to that which you owe fealty. If you are a watcher, you see it every day.

The separated mind sees the warring duality of good and evil and feels caught up in forces beyond their control. The mind, no longer separated, experiences none of this. It is nothing more than a movie being screened in front of you. One might be concerned if they were players in it, and their place was temporary. If you are not a player then what does it have to do with you? Oh... you can say that the atmosphere is oppressive. You can say you feel intimidated by the overweening impact of the government, and negative social pressures, but that is the separated mind giving these things power that they do not actually possess. They have the appearance of power, and if you buy into it, it empowers them.

I don't know how to explain this. It is very real for me, but I don't concern myself with them, and they do not seem to be concerned with me. You might think that writing and talking about them might make me a target, but there is power in words... and somehow their presence in my life does not even amount to an irritation.

I REALLY embrace, wholeheartedly, the words of the great teachers who have preceded us; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” There are many others, from many traditions. Krishna said, “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come.” There are many other sources where I have seen similar commentary. I am MUCH MORE likely to believe them than I am to believe those deluded by selfish ambitions. God is in ABSOLUTE control of EVERYTHING at all times. Either I believe this or I do not. I do absolutely believe this, so... what concerns can I possibly have?

Yes... I have been in dark places and I have suffered a great deal, mostly due to my own impulsiveness. That is the past. It no longer applies. Once on The Royal Road, one finds themselves free of the unexpected. One should give serious consideration to what their expectations are. One should even more seriously consider what their intentions are. God is a Living Presence! I do not have to understand God to recognize his reality, and I can understand all that I need to understand about God through his primary vehicle of expression, which is LOVE.

It is not a matter of whether you live or die. You have done this many times. It is a matter of how you spent your life, and what your investments were. These define you and make you recognizable to the agencies that handle the area of your enterprise. You don't want the wrong welcoming committee to meet you at the Departure and Arrivals gates. You can make these friends BEFORE you meet them, by arranging and presenting yourself in the manner they find attractive. Attract what you like because you already do. By your works INDEED are you known, and not just by human agency. Flowers attract bees and hummingbirds. Shit attracts flies.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

"God Is The Light of The Spiritual Sun, and We are Dust Motes Dancing in that Formerly Cloudy Room."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a curious view, to sit in an awareness of the malign forces who seek to hijack The United States of America, after first making her weak and vulnerable to corruptions they were also considerate enough to supply. ♫ all the world looks sad and dreary ♫ at the moment, (thank you Stephen Foster; no doubt you are now a racist) BUT... appearances are deceiving. We ARE NOT witnessing the whole of The World, tinder-dry, on the edge of conflagration. Hmm... perhaps I should clarify that; some will INDEED experience The Conflagration because that is the certain result of their intentions and their actions. An early seer pointed this out in the song, “Going to Kansas City.” If you are intending to get to Kansas City, you should not be surprised to wind up there.

What we are... more precisely facing, is a destiny in accord with our ambitions and in line with the specific fate that accompanies them. It's all Purpose of Demonstration down here on The Field of Pentacles, or Material Plane, if you prefer. Those seeking to take over The World WILL fail. They will fail in spectacular fashion as well, because this is an apocalypse, which is one of the most profound teaching moments, courtesy of The Conscious Cosmos; also known as God.

I forget the whole of the story now but someone once asked The Buddha, “why... when The Buddha-Lands of the Ten Directions are all very pure, why is our world so corrupted and filthy?” The Buddha replied, “You cannot comprehend the world in which I live.” Then he pressed The Earth with his toe and The World immediately became brilliant, pure, and filled with splendor. Then The Buddha said, “This is The World I live in.”

We ALL live in a world of our own creation. If you do not like The World you are living in- CHANGE IT! Often what you hear after having said this is... “Yeah... but... what about this and what about that?” Uh-huh... what about it? Some people prefer dismal states of being. It gives them something to whine and complain about. Some will say that they do not have the money to change the world they live in. I've no money. I changed the world I lived in. It did take some time, and that is possibly what most people will object to. It REQUIRES... no, it DEMANDS that you provide a consistency of effort. Bad habits have to be resisted for certain amounts of time in order to be overcome. They ALSO have to be replaced by good habits. In other words, it takes WORK.

People are okay about having a job. They get a paycheck. They pay their bills. They live in whatever comfort and supply their intelligence and industry have provided for them. They can SEE the return on their investment. When talking about actually changing yourself, which automatically changes your world, it becomes amorphous. You can't see what it would be like or hold it in your hand. It is indistinct. This is because of an undisciplined imagination and a weak and compromised WILL. Concentration is The Key to The Magical Art. If you can't focus, how can you pay attention? How can you be consistent? Yet this is what you need, and some need it desperately.

What is it that The Enemy does? He DIVIDES you against yourself and each other, all of whom are another version of yourself, composed of the same animated dust. He creates hobgoblins in your mind and then manipulates you through your Fear, and also through your Guilt. Guilt is a major industry for the enslavement of humanity. Well, I probably deserve it or it wouldn't be happening to me. How do you wind up with guilt to begin with? You acquire it by going contrary to your better nature and your Higher Self. Why does your conscience nag you? It wouldn't nag you if you weren't disappointing yourself.

The Avatar is a kind of Cosmic Turbocharger. It is like The Sun entering a room when it had been cloudy for days. If you are at all inclined to rise to a higher plane of understanding, he will make it easier than it has EVER been. You CAN get caught up in his tailwind. If you are not opposed to him doing a little Spring Cleaning on you, you will be lighter than you have ever been. The Light has enemies, as ineffectual as they are, he has them. There are those who can only do their mischief in The Dark. They will shortly be driven into The Dark because they cannot abide The Light. If you carry the light about you, The Dark will flee, just as it does when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room.

That formerly dark room is your own mind, and it could be lit up like Christmas Eve. You have to invite the ineffable to reside in you and make you his/her abode. It is explained in the 23rd Psalm. It is explained in EVERY OTHER tradition as well, if you know where to look. It is the very best of advice to have The Heart swallow The Mind. As you may know, The Limbic System is in your mind. You may feel things in your heart but the trigger point is in The Mind. This format is too brief to get into any real detail, but there is more than enough here to get all the way home.

The Divine IS resident within you. You must summon him forth by devotion and through good acts. You must emulate his/her qualities. God is both male and female and neither. God is Father and Mother. God is the light of The Spiritual Sun and we are dust motes dancing in that formerly cloudy room. You have to become a Charged Particle. Awaken from your dream of life. That is a mortal dream. Awaken to the promise of Eternity. It is quite real.

When the presence of The Avatar becomes more palpable, people will be greatly energized in the direction of the heart's intentions. The goodwill becomes so much more good, and the evil... well... God set The Light and The Darkness. He created both good and evil. They are there for your consideration and enjoyment for as long as your particular appetites and enjoyments remain pleasant and agreeable, and often well after that. It is IMPORTANT to realize and remember that good actions attract good entities who come to reside in your aura. Evil attracts evil entities. Each of them inspires forms of behavior and opens particular doors for experience.

Buddha's, Bodhisattva's, Saints and Sages, and all who are illumined DO NOT SEE evil people. They oppose no one's way. That is not their area of concern, except that Evil provides them with raw materials to work with. This is why Jesus the Christ hung out with publicans and sinners. If you separate your world into good and evil, you will experience both of them. Just as you will have an equal amount of pain to go with your pleasure, one comes with the other. Happiness and Hope are flying birds going by. There are higher and more permanent states to aspire to and to live in the awareness and performance of.

It is IMPORTANT in these times not to get into pissing matches with skunks. I'm not disparaging skunks but there is a potential downside to the relationship. Animals are wonderful learning experiences IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION. You can see all of the various animal natures and behaviors in people. The entire animal kingdom is within us, and it expresses through us if we are poor animal trainers. An angry bear is a different animal than a dancing bear. You MUST gain mastery over your animal nature or it WILL devour you in one fashion or another. For some, the actual animal is employed.

What you are experiencing now you dialed up for yourself, but what awaits further on is in your power to alter, especially if you have placed all further and future concerns in the hands of The Divine. Heaven is VERY generous and forgiving. There is no telling how Heaven might respond to a sincere and sustained effort. I KNOW this to be true.

Dark times are coming in many locations. This means that The Light will be MORE CONCENTRATED in other locations. This is a cosmic imperative. If it is really dark in one place it will be really light in another. It is profitable to be mindful of this, and especially profitable to let your little light shine and not hide it under a bushel. I heard a great man speak in The Way to the Kingdom. He said that one MUST focus their hearts and minds on higher things, and the light within, and then one might prove to be USEFUL to others in times of tribulation. Otherwise, they won't even be able to help themselves, much less anyone else.

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You have to lay the groundwork for a spiritual life. Where else can you do it except Now? The past is gone and the future is not yet Now. It has to be a continuous application of your Faith invested in what is yet unseen. I can assure you that help will fly to your side, just as I can assure you there is always Difficulty at the Beginning. This is why so many turn away after a brief burst of enthusiasm. You are EITHER committed or you are not, and this you will discover if you cease or you continue on. It takes everything, BUT... the rewards are beyond measure.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"Existence is a Performance Scored by Angels and Composed in a Heavenly Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a particularly human failing to see what you think is happening and NOT what is Really happening. We see life and our own life through various lenses and filters. One is Fear, another is Ambition. Then there are the strong attractions of Appetite and Desire. All of these make our Objective capacities mute and render us Subjective. It is then very difficult to see things as they are.

For instance, the general picture of The World, as it is presented to us by Media, is one of rapid and forceful change in negative directions. The argument is that proper balance WILL BE brought about by cutting off the feet of tall people so that everyone can be the same height. Racial mixing will make us all the same color, and easier for The Tribe to control. Now we have the looming apprehension of forced vaccinations for an imaginary flu. The Vaccines are NOT vaccines. They are Control Mechanisms to MAKE US BEHAVE, and... alternatively to kill us off. Behave is probably not the most accurate term. To enforce docility and compliance is probably a better description of the intent of The Overlords.

This... and the impressive increases in street crime, the unstable political arena, the unpredictability of Nature and other concerns can blind us to what is REALLY taking place. Consider that the governors of the two largest states are soon to be gone unless vote fixing is allowed to continue. Still, the New York governor is to be gone regardless. No voting is involved here. The likelihood is that the same will happen in Kalifornia. Both of these governors are Democrats and were powerful exponents of enforced Political Correctness and overreaction to the fabricated pandemic. In strange counterpoint, the governors of the next two largest states, both of whom are Republicans, are opposed to Political Correctness and also opposed to masking mandates.

The presidential election was stolen by The Deep State. The result of the new administration's policies has been a total disaster. The public has turned against this administration that bumbles from one disaster to another. It is almost as if some mysterious force, which is actually in power, said that they should be allowed to make a lasting embarrassment out of themselves. This they have done and continue to do.

The previous administration did so many things that were right for the country. This made The Deep State very angry because it was not their plan at all. The Deep State wants to usher in an extended period of ever-tightening control over the residents. They have even gone so far as to use the dangerous vaccines, which are not vaccines, as delivery systems for robotic control of the populations; that portion which remains after the passing of all those killed by the vaccines that are not vaccines. It makes you wonder WHY are all of the vaccines, which are not vaccines, so much alike in their harmful capacities? One might also wonder why the vaccines that are not vaccines were already constructed BEFORE the pandemic was orchestrated.

The previous administration was not all a wonderful affair. The former president was a slavish catamite for The Usual Suspects. This alone renders him untrustworthy and deceptive to me. Regardless, the ones who took over on the heels of massive electoral fraud are even worse. The truth is that neither side was honest and truthful about who the real predators are, or that they have been compromised by them.

Afghanistan has fallen and one hears much about the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks were planned and committed by Israel and corrupt elements of the American Intelligence Community, with assistance from foreign intelligence services as well. The entire Afghanistan offensive was a smokescreen, just as The Holocaust was INVENTED to distract from what they did in Bolshevik times in the Soviet countries. A large enough percentage of the public was so mesmerized and Stupid that The Deep State was able to sell their Bin Laden fantasy with little effort. Twenty years later, with so much information to the contrary about who REALLY did the deed, the public is, if anything, even more Stupid.

What can anyone possibly do, given how comprehensive is the control exerted by The Usual Suspects? Well now, if you are a materialist, a nattering nabob, or dumber than a bag of rocks, you believe whatever you are told, especially if there is a goodie bag to lure you further on into mind control slavery. If you think we are meat puppets and that there is no God, I could imagine that appearances and conditions must appear very stressful to you.

I happen to know that we are not meat puppets, even if you have talked yourself into believing this. Anyway... what are we to do in the face of a domination putsch that has been in the planning for generations? What do you do against an enemy who hates you with an intensity you could never manage yourself? What do you do against a cabal that has near control of ALL media, all entertainment, all Art, all publishing, and most importantly the world banking system? What can you do against people who have a license to print money out of thin air?

Furthermore, they control the stock market. They control the courts. They control most politicians and religious leaders, and they seem to be able to kill at will without repercussions. They can destroy all hope of a career, and don't even think about telling The Truth. What are you going to do? Good question. I'll take that for all the marbles and a spin of the wheel.

Although, doubtlessly, there are those who consider themselves repositories of keener insight and intellectual acumen, who will vehemently disagree with all that I am about to say, barking dogs on short chains are not a concern of mine. I know what really drives these poor unfortunates. They seek a parity in their argumentation that they are not capable of and do not deserve. A less compassionate individual than myself might say, “Eat my dust.” I demur in that respect. I feel sorry for those so caught up in their inner torments that they simply cannot see, and cannot hear.

A Divine Being and an invisible hierarchy are REAL and in absolute control of existence. It may not SEEM so but it is. You have to take a longer view. You need the panoramic feature and if you don't have that, it won't make sense to you. Time has a very different presence in the timeless zones. The Divine Architect is FAR SEEING, and a visionary beyond the imagination of the squabbling rabble, driven by panic and the remorseless approach of mortality. EVERYTHING that happens here is for The Purpose of Demonstration. If you catch on, your suffering will be minimal. Existence is a performance scored by angels and composed in a Heavenly Mind. Pedestrian intellects are NOT up to the challenge, so they debate and contend. They have to promote their own self-importance, NO MATTER WHAT.

Please do not bring Religion into the conversation. I have nothing to do with Religion, nor does Religion have much to do with God. People caught up in the argument about the historical evidence of Religious Corruption have missed the boat. This is always the fallback for Atheists, who can only point to events and conditions in the sensory bandwidth. There is a much larger world in a finer atmosphere and ANYONE who will put in the effort can soon find themselves there. Yes... you are permitted to whine to your heart's content. You are permitted to be as ignorant and insistent as you wish. Heaven WILL NOT hear you. If you are unable to find it within, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT AT ALL!

You are SURROUNDED by invisible entities at all times until you are in a position to employ spiritual crowd control. On your own and woefully uninformed, you will be surrounded by entities that reflect your appetites and desires, in fact, they will experience the enjoyment of your appetites and desires THROUGH you. They are vampires and parasites that feed upon you and eventually destroy you, for the time being anyway. You HAVE TO change your perspective and your behavior. Then, everything else will change as well. If you know where to go for help and who to ask, and HOW to ask, you will receive ALL the help you could possibly need, as well as protection and sustenance, like sweet honey from a rock. I have DIRECTLY experienced this numerous times. “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” What does that mean? Think about it.

Everywhere you go, you carry the answer with you. Everywhere you go, the solution to any problem under The Sun is present within you. If you don't know this then you are not living up to your end of the arrangement. The Divine takes care of the DETAILS if you will ONLY permit it. Otherwise... you are on your own. Thinking makes it so... right?

I recommend Pascal's Wager to all those so certain of what they haven't a clue about. I recommend humility and an attitude of Listening. I recommend letting go of the Personal and embracing the Impersonal. Otherwise, you get what you get according to your Karmic Imperatives. Actions have consequences and you are enjoying those consequences right this moment and for the foreseeable future through a glass darkly. The light IS THERE. You simply have to find it.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

"Strange and Inexplicable Lightning Fills the Sky on Friday Night."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Strange, dare I say Weird events are becoming commonplace. I won't be going into some of the bizarre individuals contacting me in cavalier and all too friendly ways as if I have known them all along, and I have not. This led to a kerfuffle with someone I did know, but that got worked out. These are unusual happenings but not worth a public autopsy when I don't really know what's what.

Around two weeks ago, I started doing a Rain-dance Prayer because we haven't gotten much precipitation in the last few years, due to drought conditions. It could be a mere coincidence, but a week after I started, in came the rains and we have had a good amount since. I live in The Southwest, and rain is not a regular event in any case.

While reading the Roerich accounts on the search for Shambhala...

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

...which I had already included in a previous posting last week (or thereabouts), I came across this item;

“in this place, is the great ancient Suburgan, the hope of all Buddhists; because on this spot the Age of Maitreya (The Avatar) shall be acclaimed by a mysterious light over the ancient Stupa.”

You, PERHAPS, read the link from last week about hieroglyphs and artifacts found in Oklahoma that go back many thousands of years, indicating residence by Aryan culture. I'm playing connect-the-dots here.

Following this, on Friday night, I went out to take my evening walk. I had already noted for several hours the lightning which was encompassing the entire sky WITHOUT LET UP. I saw, maybe, as many lightning flashes as I have previously seen in my ENTIRE LIFE in a single night. There was only a sprinkling of clouds in the sky. The lighting was flashing directly overhead, even though there were no cloud banks, except at the far margins of the sky. I walked through hundreds and hundreds of lightning flashes. There was also no thunder. Hours after the initial appearance of the lightning... finally, some rain came in. It wasn't a downpour but it was constant.

I have NEVER in my life seen so much lightning. It was also unattended by the usual companions, like thunder and rain. Yes... the rain came many hours after the lightning did its dance. As I walked through the evening there was this thrilling atmosphere of PENDING... something... something. I felt exhilarated and alive, and the thought kept running through my mind that this was The Advent of the Avatar. I had such an intense sense of confirmation. ONCE AGAIN, let me say, I have NEVER seen anything like this before. It was as if The Sky was speaking.

I should now add that there are many occurrences and conditions I DO NOT talk about here. My sites are visited, or accessed at other locations by mean-spirited Nimrods and badly drawn people. Their numbers are, thankfully small. Their numbers are very small by comparison with other similar sites, and I attribute this to invisible agency. HOWEVER... if I were to talk about arcane incidents and manifestations, I would get a Loony Bird descriptor to go along with the mindless barking that follows every caravan passing through population zones.

I am not concerned with being thought or called Mad. I freely admit it myself. I believe, and have DIRECTLY experienced the timeless truth that one cannot find the truth without first going mad, and there is plenty of precedence for this in ancient texts and anecdotal tales. It's not something I would argue about, given that I avoid argument to begin with. HOWEVER... there is no reason to throw more wood on the fire.

It is NOT possible to compare the aftermath of a full-blown Kundalini experience to ordinary human life. You find yourself dealing with invisible forces and presences, astral serpents, and other entities. One also sees things that are not in the common parlance. I make no claims of exceptionalism as the result of something I didn't even know about before it happened. I had to put it all together afterward as my attention was forcefully turned to Eastern Thought. ALL religions come out of Eastern Thought, and that is so self-evident that anyone contending it is wearing a virtual t-shirt that says, “I'm With Stupid,” except that they are standing all alone.

I don't want these blogs to become like the 5-D site, or any of the other loony bins that traffic in sensationalism, and provide Tarot readings for entire crowds of diverse people who simply happen to have been born in the same sign. It reminds me of the horoscopes that were a regular feature in newspapers for decades. Every day there would be a section such as, Your Daily Horoscope. It involved a pithy paragraph on what you could expect to encounter on that day. The mentally challenged and superstitious never tumble to the fact that each of these readings covered at least five hundred million people. The number is much higher now.

This event with the lightning, added in with other recent episodes of Woo-Woo, leaves me with the impression that we have come to a Watershed Moment, after which, nothing will ever be the same again. I am not telling you anything you are not already aware of. Each passing day examples new outrages against both decency and humanity. The thunderclouds in The Event Horizon are ominous; if we take APPEARANCES at face value.

Something Wonderful and soul-stirring is coming. The Bad Guys KNOW this, and that is why they are frothing with impatience over The Vaccine Culling. They also know that it will not be long before a whole lot of people begin to drop dead. They will, of course, blame this on something else. The Three Card Monte game continues apace. The Hucksters, Charlatans, Mountebanks, and other carny and criminal mindsets, are all joined together in games of distraction being played out upon the human mind. Material Comfort and Convenience have made people weak and ignorant, and most especially... afraid. They believe whatever they are being shown on the TV, and... certainly, they are unaware of the energy beams being directed at them, and the dark conning towers that broadcast into the unconscious.

Most people do not understand what is being put into their food. They have little knowledge of the relentless programming that is being visited upon them. Even though they KNOW that most politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, and generally important folk are LIARS and OPPORTUNISTS, they still can't believe it. It's some sort of disconnect.

I once mentioned the following trend that has been happening in Western Buddhism for decades. Here is a great article on it. Here is yet another correlative event. There are other sources as well, but you will seek further if it appeals to you. Some of us have known what The Chabad Houses have ALSO been up to since their inception. There is a worldwide conspiracy of depraved creatures engaged in perverting and then destroying humanity. Why would they do this if it eventually leads to their own demise? A parasite cannot live without a host. You have only to read the fable about The Frog and the Scorpion.

I have suspected the arrival of certain conditions for a long time. Even before I saw the film, “Rollerball.” I've watched the decay and Fearpocalypse intensify. Now, we are at a major turning of the road. In fact, the road is going to split into tributaries and people will be swept along on the route that harmonizes with their intentions and ambitions. It's not going to be pretty overall. It is also going to be splendorous beyond description, depending on your perspective, and your character.

I've no idea what shape it is going to take. That is in the hands of the devas (Deva is East-Speak for Angel) who implement the Will of God. We are going to see some very uncanny events because IT IS NOT going to work out the way the criminal elite think it will; not hardly.

You can caution people all you want. There is no guarantee that they will even hear you, much less listen. So many people are COMMITTED to collective delusions and ONLY trauma, it seems, will change that now. There is ALWAYS the possibility of Divine Grace... still.

May God profoundly bless and protect you all.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

"Trust The Source of The Greatest Love of All. It Triumphs Even Over Death."

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Every now and then there is some confusion here and yesterday was such a time. In the post, I added a comment from someone who might have once been employed to write the copy on the labels of Dr. Bronner's soap products. Two readers commented that it was 'over their heads'. I SUSPECT (but do not know) that they did not realize that the incomprehensible gobbledygook was not my work. It was a mere example of the forms of CRAZY, now appearing in these times. It wasn't Over Your Heads, my friends. It was a hodgepodge of mindless cut and paste. I probably should not have included it.

Though I did not elaborate on it, my reasons for it being in the post have to do with a rash of inexplicable acts of violence that have accelerated in recent times. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Here is yet another strange affair. I suspect, (but do not know) that some kind of Tavistock-MK-Ultra interference is possible. It could also be the result of immense pressure on the human psyche, due to the FABRICATED virus scare that has been plaguing us for some time now. It could also have to do with The Apocalypse already in progress. People are either going to see and accept what is being revealed to them about The World and themselves OR... the chain will snap at the weakest link.

I have only included two examples of it here. I come across many more than that EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is also ramping up and intensifying. There are may people who have convinced themselves as to the causes of what they see and hear about. I am fortunate not to be among them. I haven't convinced myself of anything except God's Presence. It COULD BE any of those reasons, and it could be something else. It could also be all of them at work simultaneously.

The truth is that it is mostly all breaking down. The Old Age is being recycled and The New Age is being instituted. As is ALWAYS the case, in the beginning, the REAL crazies have a field day, determined to have their radical themes carved into the infrastructure of coming times. They are also, eventually, recycled or pushed aside, as the far more numerous agents of The Middle Ground come forward. Radicals and Nutjobs are only around in the preliminary stages. What happens is that all manner of new trends, technology and devices, religions, and political systems begin to take center stage. Some amount of The Old Age that is agenda-driven may also come along as well, but over the course of time, these will be marginalized and be practiced only in the subcultures they are representative of.

Sometimes Virtue is prevalent more than Vice, and sometimes it is the other way around. At present, it is at the extreme end of Vice. Much of what The Crazies want is also suicidal and that takes care of many of those particular crazies.

The self-fellating high and mighty are trembling in their webs. This is well concealed and not evident. I assure you they are in panic mode. They KNOW that sooner or later the gun-sights will be focused on them, and they HOPE, and SCHEME to get ahead of the curve before it happens. That NEVER happens, because the cosmic rightness that is present in all major changes does not permit even one bi-pedal cockroach to escape. One way or another, Justice will come for them. The only thing they are going to Head Off at the Pass is... themselves.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are Doom and Gloom Junkies. There are a good number of people who believe The Bad Guys are going to win. Some have joined them in anticipation of that. Most everyone in politics, religion, and entertainment are already on board and have become mouthpieces for The Vaccine Genocide. They were already on board for every sexual perversity going, and no doubt, many of them are regular practitioners of the same. They mostly want to survive and prosper and that means they will do and support anything that will promise them this. They are in for quite a surprise.

We are awash in Doubting Thomases and assorted Pharisees. Judas is a rockstar, and Cain has many, many siblings. I can understand how dark and desperate it may look, but that is ONLY APPEARANCES that feed upon their insecurities, appeal to their vanities, and have convinced them to put the lotion in the basket because they don't want to get the hose. I don't think I have to parse the implications of that for you.

We are also awash in cowards and those with hostages to fortune. In Times of Material Darkness, you get a lot of these. Meanwhile, there is PRESSURE, and more and more PRESSURE. It takes a stalwart mind to resist the fear of what cannot be seen but is most certainly palpable. SURPRISINGLY... there are more heroes among us than we may have initially believed were present. Trying circumstances have brought them out of the closet.

Surely you know that when you get a vaccine (which is not a vaccine) for a common SEASONAL flu that has been around for a VERY long time, and which has been turned into “Pumpkinhead” by a sociopathic media, and the ruling elite, there is more going on than we are being told.

This is an orchestrated nightmare, whose intent is to subjugate and control us. I've no idea what The Real Cosmic Heavyweights are doing about the matter, BUT... I trust Heaven in all things.

Anyone who has been at pains to seek and speak the truth already KNOWS what happens when you do so. No one who is possessed of a committed Self-Interest has any sincere interest in The Truth at all. Their interest in The Truth is how it might be shaped to assist in the realization of their ambitions. You CANNOT shape the truth. You can shape lies into the appearance of truth, but that IS NOT truth.

These days, the desire for honor, integrity, and fair play indicates weakness to the predators. It is not easy to understand WHY groups of people band together in an effort to destroy everyone else. They are NOT like you. They may possess human features but they abdicated from their humanity a long time ago, and have been on a relentless quest ever since to GET THEIR WAY. As Lao Tzu said about 2,500 years ago; “Those who miss after ALMOST winning should have known the end from the beginning.”

We serve no particular religion or political ideology here. We seek common-sense awareness and universal brotherhood. We seek to serve Ageless Wisdom and The Initiatic Brotherhood. At the same time, there are those fomenting race wars, the destruction of ORDER, unrestrained sexual license, and pretty much anything that imprisons and demeans Humanity. It can be a tense progression IF YOU LET IT BE SO FOR YOU.

We are in a period of crushing doubt and shadow shapes with knives, guns, and whatever is handy. Each day, more unpleasantness appears. What can you do when all around you are the enemy camps? First off you REALIZE that the power within you is GREATER than any seeming power outside of you. This does not mean you individually set out to make war on them. They are ALREADY at war with themselves and WILL destroy themselves without your help. In times like this, Lao Tzu advises that you be a smart fish and keep your mouth shut unless you are otherwise compelled to speak.

When you look deeper INTO your Self, you become able to look deeper into others. Then you find that those engaged in crimes against others are far more frightened than you are. They are TERRIFIED. There is an atavistic center within that KNOWS judgment is coming. It is a persistent and eternal verity that rules invisibly and continuously. If you are aligned with this, no harm can come to you. If you are not aligned, it is like waving a cross before a vampire who can only be kept at bay if you ARE aligned with the forces of light. All of this is a metaphor for something else. Your faith in that cross must be associated with an understanding of what it means, otherwise, the vampire is not impressed.

Symbols are concentrations of specialized POWER. Those PRESENTLY wielding temporal power are versed in the meanings of symbols, icons, and amulets, as well as other paraphernalia of related kind. They serve a conscious perversity of these symbols and other forms. The perversity is NEVER as powerful as the original intent. Love... which has become so trivialized in these times, is MORE POWERFUL than ANYTHING ELSE, but... you MUST possess it at a level above the perversity you contend with. There is no contention then, and you are beyond their reach. The only time you might find yourself in strained circumstances is when Heaven want a DEMONSTRATION of the power within you. We have MANY historical examples of this. Trust the source of The Greatest Love of All. It triumphs even over death.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 6, 2021

"If People Only Knew how Impressed Heaven is by Gratitude They Would Show More of It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are rumblings everywhere. The rumbles are below and above ground. Sometimes the rumbles are within us, and then the rumble is in the street. We've almost gotten used to these rumbles. There are a lot of other forces and conditions to distract us from The Rumbling. Of course, these other forces and conditions are also part of the rumble. The rumbling is the sound and atmosphere of CHANGE. This is change COMING in a VERY big way. This is the rumbling of things to come. All those separated human minds have gotten lulled by the passage of time. It's like Waiting on the Big One in Kalifornia. You know that it is inevitable, but time keeps passing and it doesn't happen.

Massive earthquakes, and powerful geological change, usually parallel similar events within us. It is a shame that events must take the course that separated minds seem committed to bring about and to share in, BUT... apparently, nothing else will get their attention. This mindset, of those bound and devoted to the conditions of their own wake-up call, always reminds me of what Mikhail Aivanhov said. I will paraphrase;

'When God wants to get your attention, he gently shakes your shoulder. When you do not respond, he shakes your shoulder significantly harder. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a two-by-four.'

When I first read that, I heard the interior ringing that comes to me when I encounter The Truth. This has saved me oceans of time so that I am able to discard the work of most argument creators, and focus only on those who ring that bell. All of us have a capacity for this but few exercise it. If you play a sport consistently, and in a determined fashion, you will improve to the limits of your capacity. We all have some amount of limits and prove to be better at some things than others. It is a good thing to find this out earlier on. I learned it in baseball and whatever else was available sportswise when I was a teenager. What was available was mostly everything, since I grew up on military bases.

Hearing the ring, and smelling out the truth. Seeing THROUGH appearances, and all of the other adjustments to the higher arc of the senses offers an otherworldly experience in this pedestrian, hamster-driven world. I am reminded of The Bard, and there being more things in Heaven and Earth than we have dreamed of. We have all kinds of supersensory faculties but, WE DON'T EXERCISE THEM.

Many people, especially the people who come here regularly, have some measure of ability in seeing through what is going on around us. We look at the low-jinks of public figures and shake our heads, certain we would never act so stupidly, We weren't stupid enough to get into these enterprises to begin with. This is something we SHOULD BE profoundly grateful for. If people only knew how impressed Heaven is by Gratitude they would show more of it.

It is the same with Humility and Compassion. Heaven takes direct notice of these forms of behavior because they do not occur with anywhere near the regularity of the less attractive forms of behavior. The World, as it is, makes it very difficult to exercise these virtues. Everyone sees it when people boldly stride to their own advancement. Everyone sees it when some rich person tosses their pocket change at some charity flavor of the month. Everyone sees the self-serving but few realize just how calculated that self-serving is. The humble and compassionate are seldom seen in the thoroughfares, BUT Heaven sees and marks their passage.

I care not a wit what The World thinks, but Heaven is another matter. I care greatly what Heaven thinks. This brings me to some interesting features in the differentiation between Heaven and Earth. There are no secrets in Heaven. Earth is awash in conspiracies, lies, and secrets. They are a major growth industry and they fuel the fabricated propaganda that leads to wars and all manner of inhumanities as well.

Heaven does not have secrets but it does have mysteries that have to do with a closer proximity to The Light. The source of The Light is The Throne of God. Those who are welcome are free to travel across other levels and planes of being with ease. It is no mystery to them, though it might be a mystery at the initial levels. One grows into the greater freedoms by letting go of all antithetical desires. One rises due to a lightness born of a greater concentration of light. At certain levels, light is food. It is even food at this level for those who know how to access it through The Sun. We do not just get heat and warmth and life itself from The Sun. There are other potencies in The Sun as well. Hermes Trismegistus gave us The Emerald Tablet, and this concerns The Operation of the Sun. You might call it The Great Work, which leads to The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel.

Spiritual teachings are constantly radiating from The Sun at their specific frequency. This brings me to that one statement which everyone is familiar with and comes from The Emerald Tablet. It is “as above, so below.”

This is a very misleading statement in the way it is generally understood. Life in Heaven IS NOT the same as life is here; not hardly... EXCEPT for those who are already in Heaven while here. This idea of Heaven varies considerably, depending on what is imagined to be present there. Would it startle you to know that there are Tantric Heavens? There are Heavens where divine forms of intercourse are routine and are actually The Nature of that location.

As Above, so below, means that you will find the proper expression of whatever you see here in Heaven. It means understanding, right-useness. It does not mean it will be the same thing. There is a right way to do and to be. There are MANY wrong ways to do and to be. The meaning of 'sin' is Missing the Mark. What is that mysterious force which makes heavenly residence possible? It is Love, and the higher and finer the vibration and the love, the finer and more rarefied is the Heaven. Hell also has many planes and levels of existence. Some are awful beyond your imagining, and all of them are made possible by the absence of Love.

God is Love. Heaven is where the light of God is present. Hell is where God is not present. I should qualify that. God is present EVERYWHERE, but in what forms? You can also think of yourself as a resident on the unique bandwidth of your being and that you contain a higher and a lower nature. You contain Heaven and Hell. As Omar Khayyam said;

“I sent my soul into the invisible
some letter of that afterlife to spell
and by and by my soul returned to me
and said, I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

So... As above, so below, exists in you and has to do with the relationship between your lower nature and your higher nature. If the former predominates, you will find your way to Hell. If it is the other way, you will find yourself in Heaven. The whole of your fate and destiny are contained in this. It is the shape of your character and what formed it as well.

We have these rumblings because people are resisting Awakening. These rumbles will intensify until they do awaken. Awakening can take all kinds of shapes. There is the awakening of a child in good circumstances on a clear summer morning. Then there is the awakening from last night's drunk, as you begin to realize what you did and said the night before, and regret settles in. People are going to be waking up to what they have been doing, and their not having woken up by now is directly related to what they have been doing. Mr. Apocalypse is going to wake them up, like it or not, and they WILL see the error of their ways, and judgment will come in that court where lies and subterfuge cannot enter. It will happen in The Court of Self where nothing can be hidden, as their real being speaks into the monster of their creation.

The order of the universe is more precise than the finest Swiss watch ever made. The mind behind it, the architect, is unfathomable. People whining and complaining about it because their self-interest blinds them to the beauty of it are to be pitied. If you are or think you are, resident in Hell, an inmate on a prison world, or in whatever form of distress, YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE. However, you are so sure that someone or something else is responsible for this and you create a sad and sometimes terrifying fabrication to be present in. You don't have to be there, but you will remain until you wake from your delusions.

As there are galaxies in space with stars streaming, there are Heavens and Hells aplenty. Our galaxy looks like a cloud of light because there are so many stars. Whatever you can imagine, the reality is far, far beyond that, and beyond that, and beyond that. Better to come to terms with what is than to suffer from what is not.

End Transmission.......

For some reason, I only have this one link. I guess I didn't travel very far through the sewage today=