Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"Flowers Attract Bees and Hummingbirds. Shit Attracts Flies."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm assuming that everyone who comes here KNOWS that the PCR tests, and whatever other tests they use to confirm the presence of their made-up virus, will find whatever they are looking for, because most everyone has some version of a virus that shows up and can be claimed to be whatever they are looking for.

We KNOW that a handful of Stone Age Arabs did not attack The World Trade Center and other locations in 9/11. We KNOW there was massive election fraud in the previous national election. We KNOW that Antifa, and other flash-mobs of Helicopter Offspring, do the bidding of The Deep State, and that they target all events where people gather to protest depravity, and violations of The Constitution, as well as whatever The Deep State and their corporate allies deem undesirable. We know that Infernal forces are trying to destroy this country, and we know that the present government is composed of traitors and hired guns.

There is an interesting feature of The Apocalypse that has been in action for some time now, and it is getting more and more pervasive. People everywhere, the high and the low, and those we have never heard of, and would rather not know, are exposing and revealing themselves in a very public way. Famous politicians, who should know better, are being driven from office because of bad behavior. Surely they did not want this to happen. SOMETHING drove them to it. Some force is behind all of the crazy actings out taking place these days. People are demonstrating what they previously concealed from view.

Utter madness is loose, inside and outside. People with no sense of self are being occupied by malign entities that use them for Joyrides. Others (not as many as we would like) are being lifted up and ennobled by benefic entities. In either case, they have been attracted by the character or lack of it, in each of them. It is spellbinding theatrics, at least from my perspective. I am a watcher, and humanity is my subject. One of the ways we learn is by giving attention to something and having it reveal itself to us. This is not a traditional method, except in ancient traditions.

I have mentioned Phrenology here a number of times. This also fascinates me. It is a multipurpose tool that is of great value to a watcher. The classic understanding of Phrenology is that it has something to do with the bumps on your head. I don't have any bumps on my head, so it makes that form of self-inquiry ineffective for me. (grin) I don't apply Phrenology in that manner, so maybe I am not a Phrenologist. Think of it more as the difference between a physicist and a meta-physicist.

In my practice of Phrenology, it includes the shape of the head and its features. It includes facial expressions. It includes body language and the way the hands are employed. It includes the shape of the body. It includes eye movement, and most especially it involves aura radiation, should I be in a proximity to it. A trip to the supermarket is an entertaining event for me. I don't go out looking for people to read. I especially dislike crowds and I avoid them. Paying attention to what is right in front of you is a good activity to engage in.

So... I watch people, and in an apocalypse, people are compelled to act out. Many well-known individuals are convicting themselves in The Court of Public Opinion. This is a cosmic imperative of the moment. All sorts of new abilities and long-hidden secrets, hidden in plain sight, and also within you are coming out. Many things are coming out, that those involved, desperately wish would not be revealed to the eyes of others. These are very interesting times.

I was in The Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina some years ago. Now and then, the street would be all abuzz with the report that some celebrity was in the vicinity. We had heard that The Terminator was around. I care less than zero about these events. Anyway... there we sat at our table when suddenly Arnholt came out of a back room. There were two guys in front of him and two behind. My first reaction was how short he was; maybe it was just that the guys were big. His bio says he is 6'2'. He didn't look like it. The next thing I noticed was that he looked terrified. I have never forgotten that. I mean he looked really apprehensive.

A few days ago, he went public and said, “Screw your freedoms.” This was in regard to those who remain sane among us, and have no interest in masking up or getting the Zombie Serum. Again... he seems terrified. I am noticing this more and more; famous people who look like they are very uncomfortable.

When I talk about Deep State, and The Usual Suspects, I am referring to a cabal of temporarily affiliated ner-do-wells who are behind most, if not all of the mischief we are experiencing, from the promotion of sexual perversity, to the attacks on Christianity, to the destruction of the family unit, to the corruption of public servants, to the general atmosphere of chaos and threat which is so pronounced now. There is much more that they are responsible for, as they represent the last gasp of The Overlords in the transitioning of the age.

You think that money and fame give you some greater freedom? Give a thought to who they answer to. Whomever it is that you serve, it is to that which you owe fealty. If you are a watcher, you see it every day.

The separated mind sees the warring duality of good and evil and feels caught up in forces beyond their control. The mind, no longer separated, experiences none of this. It is nothing more than a movie being screened in front of you. One might be concerned if they were players in it, and their place was temporary. If you are not a player then what does it have to do with you? Oh... you can say that the atmosphere is oppressive. You can say you feel intimidated by the overweening impact of the government, and negative social pressures, but that is the separated mind giving these things power that they do not actually possess. They have the appearance of power, and if you buy into it, it empowers them.

I don't know how to explain this. It is very real for me, but I don't concern myself with them, and they do not seem to be concerned with me. You might think that writing and talking about them might make me a target, but there is power in words... and somehow their presence in my life does not even amount to an irritation.

I REALLY embrace, wholeheartedly, the words of the great teachers who have preceded us; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in The World.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” There are many others, from many traditions. Krishna said, “No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come.” There are many other sources where I have seen similar commentary. I am MUCH MORE likely to believe them than I am to believe those deluded by selfish ambitions. God is in ABSOLUTE control of EVERYTHING at all times. Either I believe this or I do not. I do absolutely believe this, so... what concerns can I possibly have?

Yes... I have been in dark places and I have suffered a great deal, mostly due to my own impulsiveness. That is the past. It no longer applies. Once on The Royal Road, one finds themselves free of the unexpected. One should give serious consideration to what their expectations are. One should even more seriously consider what their intentions are. God is a Living Presence! I do not have to understand God to recognize his reality, and I can understand all that I need to understand about God through his primary vehicle of expression, which is LOVE.

It is not a matter of whether you live or die. You have done this many times. It is a matter of how you spent your life, and what your investments were. These define you and make you recognizable to the agencies that handle the area of your enterprise. You don't want the wrong welcoming committee to meet you at the Departure and Arrivals gates. You can make these friends BEFORE you meet them, by arranging and presenting yourself in the manner they find attractive. Attract what you like because you already do. By your works INDEED are you known, and not just by human agency. Flowers attract bees and hummingbirds. Shit attracts flies.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'well-balanced' blog. Thanks!

One of the 'gifts' coming-forward for me is the simple "that doesn't feel right" moment. (It's counterpoint is "that feels right/truthful," of course.) It is probably just our ever-present intuition becoming more sharpened. It feels like the description that Vis gave around "Phrenology." Equal parts of just reading/interpreting physical stuff (like Sherlock Holmes), doing the same on non-physical levels, and a dose of Higher Self.

On the above, I was watching a Netflix mini-series on UFOs last night. When watching different (human) authors, experiencers, and researchers, I would get that kind of 'flash' of feels-right, feels-wrong, or hmmm-that's-interesting. Instantaneous. (One guy, whose story was not backed by any evidence, got an absolute "yep, genuine" flash.) Cool.

I have a feeling that the above 'gift' is going to be very valuable in the times to come...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I must say it is a bit annoyin' to live in a cuntry dat's shootin' fer da lowest common denominator in every aspect of itself. I wonder if this year is the last hurrah for this era, if you can call it that? Yet I am not a 'player', so statistically the effects on me are minimal, statistically. I wonder when the slum clearance is gonna go into overdrive?

It is soooooo weird. The worlds of so many have been completely destroyed, and I'm still in the halcyon before the storm. Like the nutter I am, I CANNA/CANNY/CAN'T (Dependin' on da culture.) WAIT FOR IT TO END!

Well, what ever. I impatiently wait for this year to be over.

Nostrils up!

Ray B. said...

Miles Mathis weighs-in: "Were the Vaccines just Approved? Nope."

Ray B. said...

Well, it's about to hit the fan: "Pentagon Orders Military Servce Members to 'Immediately' get Covid Vaccine".

robert said...

Visible One,

Thank you for giving us a journey through the mind-field of Armageddon!
Observing with buoyant piquancy the flurry of tattering illusions!

As appearances grow more aggressively ugly, it is either: broken field running around in denial or a fall back to the Source from which all life expresses.

Where once we could fascinate our selves upon external pretenses of beauty, now we must see with better eyes or gouge them out at the perversity puffing into perception.

Regardless of the memories of trauma associated with religions, it is now easy to detect that ALL the deceivers and practicers of evil ways are factually the MOST religious!
The most dogmatic, the most intolerant, the most ready to burn others at the stake, just so they can have their steak and eat yours too.

Is it any surprise that there is natural revulsion for people caught dead in their mindless rituals at the expense of all others?
That a tribe which makes such a pretense about following tradition, at least those populating the comic relief version of tradition-obsessed, shuts out the creative spirit in every moment, in favor of material certainty?

Now that all the compromised are being flushed to the surface, lit up by targetting lasers for destruction, we can see the pattern in sharp relief:
Collude with the most automatic, instinctually destructive, manipulating tactics of takers and lose your connection to your living spirit and pay the onerous price.

Because the gangrenous gang is fueled by the most flammable gases, a few premature flare ups and they are through.

How could the seers from ages past see this coming, calling it a mass delusion?

Knowing that the nature of the human avatar losing connection with Source would lead to the need for collective delusion to avoid knowing who and what they are.
ONLY a mass delusion would function to hold back the inner light growing brighter against the outer darkness.

The elites, no matter how possessed and perverted are not the problem anymore.

It is the momentum of mass miasma, where the humanity-deficient are willing to sacrifice the children's future for more of the same old game of cones.
It is the confused Karens and Kyles, ready to go with the mob and consume ego strokes of outright expression of their being possessed by minds other than their own.

What power can we bring to heal their broken minds and re-connect them to their flagging spirits?
Only One power
Only One
Can we be One in the midst of cleaving forces?

Stop being torn by contradictory impulses?
Let go of who we think we are in favor of a much more comprehensive consciousness?

This is the challenge, the test and the crucible.
Crushed into carbon fragments or compressed into a crazy diamond shiner!

Pity the fool who follows the coven of assholes into the shit storm!

There is creative work to do to birth creation out of human inertia and into the true freedom only possible when ALL dimensions are embraced at once.
Partial pursuits have no more allure than dead dreams.

Will we accept the higher energy incoming or find it too intense to tolerate?
Find our center of the spinning wheel and stop knitting our brows in dizzy desperation!

Unknown said...

Don't take the COVAIDS kill shot, its bad stuff. I think big things are coming out of Bardsfest!!! At the drive in St Louis. Live stream on all who are strong in the faith should attend. It all starts in just a few hours. I am giddy with excitement and can't sleep! Love ya Les, gonna let it all hang out for Jesus Christ!! What an amazing time to be alive!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"More and More, People are Becoming Depersonalized and Begin to Orbit Around The Death Star."

The Joker said...

Compressed times are wilder than a Hunter crack pipe session!
When the Kamal is taken out by any means necessary Sobama will have his third term of Fundamental Transformation into Sharia and you ain't seen nothin' yet.
All for the purpose of demonstration...of what happens when you kick God out and raise your fists to him.
Right now several HUGE hawks are circling overhead and the last few nights saw the Night of the Bolt Thrower with some much needed rain.
The King of Kings has got this and his hand is steady on the helm.
Things that go against reality cannot go on forever and it is the end of the line for the delusional dreamland of Chiquitastan.



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