Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"Existence is a Performance Scored by Angels and Composed in a Heavenly Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a particularly human failing to see what you think is happening and NOT what is Really happening. We see life and our own life through various lenses and filters. One is Fear, another is Ambition. Then there are the strong attractions of Appetite and Desire. All of these make our Objective capacities mute and render us Subjective. It is then very difficult to see things as they are.

For instance, the general picture of The World, as it is presented to us by Media, is one of rapid and forceful change in negative directions. The argument is that proper balance WILL BE brought about by cutting off the feet of tall people so that everyone can be the same height. Racial mixing will make us all the same color, and easier for The Tribe to control. Now we have the looming apprehension of forced vaccinations for an imaginary flu. The Vaccines are NOT vaccines. They are Control Mechanisms to MAKE US BEHAVE, and... alternatively to kill us off. Behave is probably not the most accurate term. To enforce docility and compliance is probably a better description of the intent of The Overlords.

This... and the impressive increases in street crime, the unstable political arena, the unpredictability of Nature and other concerns can blind us to what is REALLY taking place. Consider that the governors of the two largest states are soon to be gone unless vote fixing is allowed to continue. Still, the New York governor is to be gone regardless. No voting is involved here. The likelihood is that the same will happen in Kalifornia. Both of these governors are Democrats and were powerful exponents of enforced Political Correctness and overreaction to the fabricated pandemic. In strange counterpoint, the governors of the next two largest states, both of whom are Republicans, are opposed to Political Correctness and also opposed to masking mandates.

The presidential election was stolen by The Deep State. The result of the new administration's policies has been a total disaster. The public has turned against this administration that bumbles from one disaster to another. It is almost as if some mysterious force, which is actually in power, said that they should be allowed to make a lasting embarrassment out of themselves. This they have done and continue to do.

The previous administration did so many things that were right for the country. This made The Deep State very angry because it was not their plan at all. The Deep State wants to usher in an extended period of ever-tightening control over the residents. They have even gone so far as to use the dangerous vaccines, which are not vaccines, as delivery systems for robotic control of the populations; that portion which remains after the passing of all those killed by the vaccines that are not vaccines. It makes you wonder WHY are all of the vaccines, which are not vaccines, so much alike in their harmful capacities? One might also wonder why the vaccines that are not vaccines were already constructed BEFORE the pandemic was orchestrated.

The previous administration was not all a wonderful affair. The former president was a slavish catamite for The Usual Suspects. This alone renders him untrustworthy and deceptive to me. Regardless, the ones who took over on the heels of massive electoral fraud are even worse. The truth is that neither side was honest and truthful about who the real predators are, or that they have been compromised by them.

Afghanistan has fallen and one hears much about the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks were planned and committed by Israel and corrupt elements of the American Intelligence Community, with assistance from foreign intelligence services as well. The entire Afghanistan offensive was a smokescreen, just as The Holocaust was INVENTED to distract from what they did in Bolshevik times in the Soviet countries. A large enough percentage of the public was so mesmerized and Stupid that The Deep State was able to sell their Bin Laden fantasy with little effort. Twenty years later, with so much information to the contrary about who REALLY did the deed, the public is, if anything, even more Stupid.

What can anyone possibly do, given how comprehensive is the control exerted by The Usual Suspects? Well now, if you are a materialist, a nattering nabob, or dumber than a bag of rocks, you believe whatever you are told, especially if there is a goodie bag to lure you further on into mind control slavery. If you think we are meat puppets and that there is no God, I could imagine that appearances and conditions must appear very stressful to you.

I happen to know that we are not meat puppets, even if you have talked yourself into believing this. Anyway... what are we to do in the face of a domination putsch that has been in the planning for generations? What do you do against an enemy who hates you with an intensity you could never manage yourself? What do you do against a cabal that has near control of ALL media, all entertainment, all Art, all publishing, and most importantly the world banking system? What can you do against people who have a license to print money out of thin air?

Furthermore, they control the stock market. They control the courts. They control most politicians and religious leaders, and they seem to be able to kill at will without repercussions. They can destroy all hope of a career, and don't even think about telling The Truth. What are you going to do? Good question. I'll take that for all the marbles and a spin of the wheel.

Although, doubtlessly, there are those who consider themselves repositories of keener insight and intellectual acumen, who will vehemently disagree with all that I am about to say, barking dogs on short chains are not a concern of mine. I know what really drives these poor unfortunates. They seek a parity in their argumentation that they are not capable of and do not deserve. A less compassionate individual than myself might say, “Eat my dust.” I demur in that respect. I feel sorry for those so caught up in their inner torments that they simply cannot see, and cannot hear.

A Divine Being and an invisible hierarchy are REAL and in absolute control of existence. It may not SEEM so but it is. You have to take a longer view. You need the panoramic feature and if you don't have that, it won't make sense to you. Time has a very different presence in the timeless zones. The Divine Architect is FAR SEEING, and a visionary beyond the imagination of the squabbling rabble, driven by panic and the remorseless approach of mortality. EVERYTHING that happens here is for The Purpose of Demonstration. If you catch on, your suffering will be minimal. Existence is a performance scored by angels and composed in a Heavenly Mind. Pedestrian intellects are NOT up to the challenge, so they debate and contend. They have to promote their own self-importance, NO MATTER WHAT.

Please do not bring Religion into the conversation. I have nothing to do with Religion, nor does Religion have much to do with God. People caught up in the argument about the historical evidence of Religious Corruption have missed the boat. This is always the fallback for Atheists, who can only point to events and conditions in the sensory bandwidth. There is a much larger world in a finer atmosphere and ANYONE who will put in the effort can soon find themselves there. Yes... you are permitted to whine to your heart's content. You are permitted to be as ignorant and insistent as you wish. Heaven WILL NOT hear you. If you are unable to find it within, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT AT ALL!

You are SURROUNDED by invisible entities at all times until you are in a position to employ spiritual crowd control. On your own and woefully uninformed, you will be surrounded by entities that reflect your appetites and desires, in fact, they will experience the enjoyment of your appetites and desires THROUGH you. They are vampires and parasites that feed upon you and eventually destroy you, for the time being anyway. You HAVE TO change your perspective and your behavior. Then, everything else will change as well. If you know where to go for help and who to ask, and HOW to ask, you will receive ALL the help you could possibly need, as well as protection and sustenance, like sweet honey from a rock. I have DIRECTLY experienced this numerous times. “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” What does that mean? Think about it.

Everywhere you go, you carry the answer with you. Everywhere you go, the solution to any problem under The Sun is present within you. If you don't know this then you are not living up to your end of the arrangement. The Divine takes care of the DETAILS if you will ONLY permit it. Otherwise... you are on your own. Thinking makes it so... right?

I recommend Pascal's Wager to all those so certain of what they haven't a clue about. I recommend humility and an attitude of Listening. I recommend letting go of the Personal and embracing the Impersonal. Otherwise, you get what you get according to your Karmic Imperatives. Actions have consequences and you are enjoying those consequences right this moment and for the foreseeable future through a glass darkly. The light IS THERE. You simply have to find it.

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Bill said...

Great post Visible!

I thought I would mention that Visible has a birthday coming on Sunday. I know he won't mention it. Happy Birthday my friend! Thank you for all you have done for me personally.

Anonymous said...

feliz cumpleaños
bon anniversaire
С Днем Рождения

Peace and joy.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I normally don't vote, but I tell ya! When my absentee ballot came to oust that POS we have as a gubner, it was in the mail box within the hour. Too bad Major Williams dropped out, but he wouldn't have stood a chance, anyway.

From readin' my news sources this morn, I see Mr. Apocalypse is on overtime. This post should be required reading, but oh well. Looks like we don't need Sophia to do her correction. We're doin' it ourselves. Assumin' ya know what I'm a'talkin' aboot.

As for your 'What can you do' paragraph, we don't go to movies, we're credit union, not bank, don't have a telly, the radio sits quiet, and I just finished buyin' an armload of really cool novels from DOLLAR TREE! Now I'm waiting for their next shipment for some more cool sci-fi, phantasy, mystery, ghost story stuff. Easy for some of us to not feed the system enough to live. Too bad more don't do it. We also know where to shop so the inflation has a minimal effect on us. I also only drive when absolutely necessary, and have started buyin' used clothes.

If you read between the lines, there's tons of good news out there. Everything that puts another ratchet in the wheel of the dying system to kill it faster is wonderful, though those that do not know will want to hit me with a 2 by 4 for sayin' dat.

You are the only one I subscribe to where I don't get pinged. I might as well be not subscribed. Then again, I check your blogs on a daily bases. Which reminds me. Can you e-mail me 10 virtual nose pets and 2 snorfles for my postin' your stuff in four different places, or should I say 5 bein' I post your full blog on the main page of pocketnet, and update the latest link in the comment section of your page?

PetuniaWigglebottom2 · 38 minutes ago


DrB wishes you'd come back, as well as I and several others. The whole forum has been totally revised, though I must say for the worse. Perhaps you are no furtherly blocked if you care to come back. Then of course I can grok why you wouldn't want to.

Visible said...


Seriously, thank you for all you do!!! I did not know these things since I have LITERALLY not been back, even for a look since I left. I suppose my 6,000= coins must be worth something (grin) I'll forward your requests to my warehouse and shipping division. Hopefully, they will take care of this. I don't know what we have in stock at the moment. I'll look into the Pocketnet thing but the place is run by venomous Luddites. I do like a few people there but the trivia and special treatment of that blonde bimbo set my teeth on edge.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank you Les, and happy other trip around da sun this Sunday. May you have as many more as you want. Both I and my nose-poo thought your response to my request for virtual nose pets and snorfles was HILARIOUS!

Ray B. said...

Happy (nearly) Birth Day, Vis! And a very good column. Thoughts brought up:

Vis: "To enforce docility and compliance is probably a better description of the intent of The Overlords."

Yep. Obey the orders from 'above' instead of the orders from Above.
Vis: "One might also wonder why the vaccines that are not vaccines were already constructed BEFORE the pandemic was orchestrated."

One blogger whom Vis does not like just said the following about blood damage: "This is not the kind of crap that has been released to date; these are legit doctors with legit equipment doing a legit analysis. The blood, which was drawn from vaxxed patients they did regular blood analysis on before the vax, is badly damaged - to an extent that will lead to fatality. They went into this with a full reference of what the blood from these patients looked like before the shot. Their conclusion: 'The blood damage is probably fatal. This damage is not an accident, this is obviously the result of a long term plan.'" The Plan has been on the Georgia Guidestones for quite a while...
Vis: "The presidential election was stolen by The Deep State."

In my opinion, the election was not stolen; it went just the way The Usual Suspects had planned. (Really, those Behind The Usual Suspects.) These folks plan centuries to millennia ahead...
Vis: "The truth is that neither side was honest and truthful about who the real predators are, or that they have been compromised by them."

Yep. Both 'sides' are fully-controlled, and just follow the marching orders of those Behind The Usual Suspects.
Vis: "The entire Afghanistan offensive was a smokescreen..."

I was sooo angry at the time that Iraq & Afghanistan were targeted, rather than the country of those who danced on a van. I am glad the Afghans are getting their country back, although doing it by-way-of the Taliban is a bit like out of the frying-pan and into the fire. (I am still pissed about the Taliban blowing-up those giant statues of the Buddha...)
Vis: "The Divine takes care of the DETAILS if you will ONLY permit it. Otherwise... you are on your own. Thinking makes it so... right?"

Ironically, this is a 'fault' of the Good-Guy side. Many/most of the Good-Guys will wait for explicit permission before stepping-in. Their own 'moral code' puts them at kind of a disadvantage. (The Bad-Guys have no such qualms.) A main plan of those Behind The Usual Suspects is to convince the populace that all-God/Helpers do not exist, so why call on them? Hmmm. I wonder who benefits from that mindset...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Visible Visible Visible ..........I read your blogs because I usually find some hope in a bleak landscape.
Today was no exception. You’re right. ‘’ I don’t t know. ‘’ I have reached a conclusion that even the things I want to be true I can no longer believe in. I am exhausted but I am prayerful. I am wrung out by the world even though some deep part of me knows it is all a crock of sewerage. It’s hard not to believe your lying eyes or ears. Keep writing . Thanks for your efforts. I wish someone had a prophetic time line because I getting old and more then weary but I sure would like to live long enough to see the Heavenly army sweep down through the planes and free those who deserve to be free and banish the rest.

Anonymous said...

You don't look for it. You won't see it.

brian boru said...

Your posts are of the few that don't leave me depressed when I've finished reading them. The first paragraph really resonated with me. I frequently ask myself how I could have believed something at first when, on contemplation, it was obviously nonsense. I'm at the stage where I don't know anything anymore. I can agree with you on the need to get to the state of consciousness that you are in but the actual process of getting there seems overwhelming at times.
Thank you for the work you do.

Yukon Cornelius said...

I’m with Bill. I’ve read you since you were coming down on the Zionist swine! And watched the Missing Links. I think everyone here has spent the last 20 some odd years growing together just by reading your three blogs that you do. I love you man. I wish we could meet in person I’d give you one of my bear hugs and buy you your favorite tea.

Happy Early birthday my friend


Anonymous said...

The vaccine is in reality little more than a business model, increasingly backed by the force of governmental edict . Highly effective non-vaccine therapeutics and natural immunity are being increasingly given a full court propaganda press to marginalize them as misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Some real sick shit, this is. The 'war' against the taliban was also a business model essentially. Like covid. It had a robust marketing and public relations campaign directed towards solving a 'problem'. The solution, like the vaccine. was an engine that perpetuated the 'problem'. But actually solving the problem would collapse the revenue stream.

Like the line in the movie The Godfather--It's strictly business, it's not personal.


Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up now=

"I Guess it Depends on Who You Listen to and Who Spins the Tale You Prefer to Hear."

lilbear said...

"I know what really drives these poor unfortunates. They seek a parity in their argumentation that they are not capable of and do not deserve. A less compassionate individual than myself might say, “Eat my dust.” I demur in that respect. I feel sorry for those so caught up in their inner torments that they simply cannot see, and cannot hear."

It's writing like this that keeps me coming back to this site after gosh who knows how many years.

Keep at it, you fine wordsmith, you.

lilbear said...

Wait, your birthday's coming up, fellow Virgoan? Mine is August 29th. Some of the finest people be virgos, wouldnt you agree?

Visible said...

I am a Leo, something like 19 hours and 4 minutes shy, but I am on the cusp so I get where you are coming from (grin). I am born on The Day of the Sphinx; lion's body with the head of the virgin. As with everything else in my life, I have no idea what it means. I do get a full moon on my b-day; sounds like something women in Europe find in a bathroom.

I have another unique configuration; my moon is in the sign that rules The Moon. My sun is in the sign that rules The Sun and I have the opposite sign rising= Aquarius. I have no idea what that means either.

A. Fool said...

Rebuke a wise man and he will say thank you. Thank you for helping us to be who we are supposed to be in this Purpose Of Demonstration proving grounds.

O/T-Post this if you wish and this is a fresh find that just popped up like it was meant to be:

LilBear said...

@Visible: all i know is that I'm a virgo with a sagitarious rising sign(whatever that menans)

Do you remember the movie "logan's run" starring Michael York released in 1975? I've been thinking about that movie alot lately...It predicted tinder and the whole dating apps scene. Too bad we didnt take the warning seriously.

Have a good weekend bro!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!



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