Saturday, May 21, 2016

Oh Lawd I got 99 ...Talking Apocalypse Blues

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What we all have to understand is that in a time of apocalypse, the essential force is a force of revealing, uncovering, exposing ...and that means the truth will come out. It will come out sweet and wonderful and filled with joy and promise for those who love and seek the truth and carry within them; joy and promise.

On the other hand, the tormentors and abusers at whose hands we have, in the majority suffered, know that their time is short. For whatever the reason, we have all made contracts with one side of the force or the other. I will not comment upon whatever the motives were. That is not my affair. My affair is to understand how the game itself is played... and it is a game; so to speak... some say it is a joke. I am more of the opinion that it is a conundrum, or a riddle that is only solved by the acquisition of the requisite amount of Love. In tandem with that one must possess Understanding. You'd think this would all be a matter of common sense but common sense is in short supply these days.

Regardless, 'they' know their time is short. They know it is all coming out and it's not like this is the first time it has happened. For all I know, chosen aspects of the almighty... splintered into expression in search of itself... switch roles in alternating dramas. You know? Like this time, you'll be on that side of Armageddon and next time I will be on this side. The thing is... no matter when you come to Armageddon, independent of which side you are on... the battle is already won.

This is why I try to keep in mind how little I know and be honest about that, even if I have problems being honest about other things; not that I'm aware of that in any comprehensive way but I've found over the course of being me that I've not always been up to the mark. God knows I have tried ...but sometimes I have tried in the wrong direction; maybe you know what I am talking about?

We've tried to stress certain aspects here... again and again and again... and again and, uh huh... again ...and those aspects are that this is all a play... a movie... a demonstration of purpose for the purpose of demonstration. Shakespeare showed this in his work and one must keep in mind that Shakespeare was a nom de plume... just like, 'la plume de ma tante est sur la table'. I don't know who my aunt was in that case but I know the pen is on the table and names are as often definers as they are terms of concealment.

There is all this uproar in the common mind these days about, “What are we going to do?” Don't kid yourself, people are either worried or could care less and most of them are worried or... they have some measure of faith in something that they rely on. Change can come swifter than a goose going overhead in the night while you are sleeping. Given the state of consciousness in these times, that could just as well be happening in the daytime as well but... neither impact on the speed of the geese. They're pretty fast; like an expression of time flying.

If the fire is a woman
Who's dancing in your spine
and you're restless with the fever
and your blood has turned to wine
Don't you think there might be magic on the wind?
Don't you think there might be magic on the wind?

Can you ever reach the place
Where you're gone without a trace?
Can you ever leave the moment to itself?
You're a dreamer and a dream
That's been sleeping in the sea
You're just a memory of freedom
That's forgotten to be free

Time is flying like a falcon
On the dark side of the moon
Trying to catch the dove of morning
Just to keep the night in tune

Don't you think that Sphinx is laughing
at the double headed coin?
That doesn't know the riddle
Where the head and the tail are joined

Time's your servant not your master
It's the middle of the road
You just spin those moments faster
Till the hands of time explode

Time is flying like a falcon
On the dark side of the moon
Trying to catch the dove of morning
Just to keep the night in tune

or something like that; falcons... doves... geese... metaphors, similes, analogies. It makes you wonder, or it should. I am mystified over and over again at the reality of people not wondering and people don't wonder as much as they should. Time is flying and almost no one wonders about that until time has flown, then there is all kinds of time to regret and sometimes none at all. It's funny how it all works out and often not funny at all. It really depends on perspective and position; assume the position... or? Let the position assume you.

For all the BS written by those identified as philosophers, very few of them spent all that industry without there being an angle and therein lies the problem. You can't be a real or unbiased philosopher if you're running an angle. You can use angles, as many legitimate philosophers have but you can't have your philosophy hang on an angle because then you are just a businessman in philosopher clothing. You're just a merchant then. I've got nothing against merchants. I count on them for all kinds of items but philosophy is not one of them.

Mr Apocalypse is going to move into Nova-state shortly. One has to remember that he has stages of being and they are progressive ...but aren't all stages of being progressive, when they are not regressive? At the moment he's operating (and has been) in small ways. Yes, it has been a bit pedestrian for awhile and it has also been inconsistent, as with the truth about 9/11 being done by Israel and Israel firsters, where some of us know the truth but most of us don't. That is all going to change. The truth is going to come out because Mr Apocalypse is a pressure launderer. He squeezes the stains out. He is going to begin squeezing individuals who are in the know about what happened here and what happened there; about what happened on 911 and what didn't happen in the Holocaust. It's going to come out and it thrills me. It gives me a keen edge of excitement. It's not just going to be about the wider details of material questions, many of these are proliferating across the web each day now ...but it is also going to be about who we really are. It is going to be about the deeper meanings of the divine and our relationship to the divine and that has been an area of serious obfuscation for a long time, as the meaning has been perverted by those who have milked the populations for their fealty and their wealth.

These new understandings are going to come from spontaneous internal awarenesses that will begin in locations far and near and like a contagion it will spread through the one mind and there will be no stopping it.

People are going to begin to see right through the politicians and priests and the real faces of those who have preyed upon humanity are going to be revealed for what they are. The masks are going to come off and people will instinctively know in a place that casts out all doubt much they have been deceived and the power of this is that those who have operated as virtual vampires will have no defense, for they will know within their own hearts and minds what the truth is. This is the particular phenomenon that, according to scripture, causes men to cast themselves into the sea. There's a backwards metaphor in that, if you can spot it.

Apocalypses don't just start off across the planet and then stop at a diner and the battery goes dead or the starter dies or it runs into a semi on the highway. The apocalypse runs on technologies we don't possess and it runs through everything, nothing runs into or through it that isn't demolished, or changed into something utterly different than it was. Apocalypses are relentless and cannot be halted or diverted.

The reason for all of our confusions and uncertainty is based on our unwillingness to accept that everything is and has always been under control. We find this hard to accept because appearances hold sway over our sustained attention and our imagination. An informed and controlled imagination is one of the most powerful abilities that one can possess.

The systems of ageless wisdom are breathtakingly beautiful at a certain point of progression and they are always around, should the curious be inspired to look and persist in their inquiry. The force of material distractions is also something to be reckoned with. How many could continue against such deception without the assistance of angels? There are real angels and false representations. The latter seems to enjoy communicating with the mediums of the new age. When the new age comes it will appoint its representatives, prior to that we get crystal swinging gunslingers with massage and Reiki certificates. There are miracle workers among us but they don't have glossy public relations campaigns and they don't show up on Oprah.

Hold fast to what is true and it will hold fast to you.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Those Precious Tender Skinned Prima Donna's of the Material Plane!

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Holocaust!!! Holocaust!!! Bwak Bwak!!! This did not happen. The other ones that THEY DID, did happen. Gas Chambers!!! Bwak!!! Bwak!!! Gas Chambers!!! Welcome to Lying Sack of Shit Radio-24/7 Nitrogen rich radio....keep in mind that the bullshit flows like the Mississippi, except that it is wider.

One of the most powerful weapons for social change and blows against The Empire is satire. This might be due to the fact that the devil cannot abide scorn and The Devil is the principle force behind repression of human liberty and the thousands of ills that assail humanity, every time Satan and Mammon get together with their minions, to foment chaos and disorder in a runaway dream world of Materialism, where harmony and true order go out the window.

People can and have been arguing until Doomsday's Break about the how and why of the matter. It is what it is and it is obvious that it has something to do with the cosmic will being involved in setting the scenery for a particular series of events as teaching instruments. When we think of Karma, we usually think of something personal as it applies to each of us but... there is a great deal more to it. There is group Karma and national Karma and race Karma and religious Karma. There is planetary Karma and solar system Karma. Even the universe has Karma. Some of this is temporary and time sensitive and some of it stretches beyond any possibility of measurement. The best posture for any mind that wishes to comprehend to the extent that comprehension is possible, is to recognize that there are things beyond the reach of their mind and that furthermore, there is only one mind and nothing positive or lasting can be achieved until one understands this and accepts it for what it is.

The separated mind that we all believe ourselves to be in possession of and in some cases are possessed by, is an illusion that is counterpointed by the greater illusion that it operates within. One will remain in this greater illusion as the puppet of circumstance for as long as they believe themselves to be a part apart from the whole. The one mind is the mind of the cosmic consciousness and we can share in that to the extent that we do share in it. We can become a living expression of it, as it demonstrates in the singularity of our individual aspect. The idea of being swallowed up in something so much greater than ourselves scares the Charles Dickens out of us but that is not what happens. We lose ourselves only to find ourselves. We discover that we are not what we thought we are but rather more a projection of what ineffably thinks we are.

Much of what takes place in this world is not what it appears to be. In these times, much of what takes place is an artificial construct that is created to set an unnatural tone... under the guise of an actual social concern and as you read this piece of pandering propaganda, you'll note that the big concern is that something like this would impact on LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ individuals and our endless victim industry moguls, the Jews. No one apparently gives a shit if anyone else finds themselves south of this condition. It's those precious and tender skinned prima donnas of the material plane that demand and deserve all our concern. Everyone else better take a number and sit in the dark somewhere. You want to always be safe and never alone? Be an island of safety and love being alone ...and you will always be safe and never alone, even when, as seen from outside, you appear to be alone. Invisible space is more populated than visible space.

George Carlin has a remarkable way of presenting his thoughts...

... and nails certain social issues in a direct and irrefutable manner.

He comes across as a virulent atheist but it's the church he has a problem with. It is always the manifest church that forces those with a mind to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Nothing is more real than god and there is no possibility of the perception of the real or the unreal without god. We are all god to some degree, consciously or unconsciously because it is only the force of what we cannot comprehend or define that makes it possible for us to be here in the first place.

This is a world of bad magicians and clumsy dancers, giving a poor demonstration of the possible by our inability to get out of the way of what is attempting to express itself through us. The whole point of existence is to allow a free passage of the divine through us and... the bottom line is that something is going to come through you regardless. You WILL BE expressing something, across the bandwidth of what seems to exist as potential in all of us and it will be defined by the intention of it. It's force and you get to determine the line of the flashlight, which determines what it illuminates. Yadda yadda, right visible? Uh... yeah...

As you know, we screen films here; sometimes for entertainment and sometimes for something deeper and sometimes... just to see what is out there. Presently we are screening, “How to Be Single”. I don't think I have seen a film this bad in a long long time. It is excruciating. The writing is so bad that it should be considered a capital crime. This is how The Tribe sees existence and it is filled with those Freudian associations that exist only for The Tribe because everything he came up with was self reflective of that demon-graphic. It doesn't make any sense to me. Scatology has its place now and again and so I am guessing that coprophagia does as well. This is a buffet of the latter. This is one of the clearest expressions of the level of sickness in this culture that I have yet seen. I'm turning it off. Whew! Thank God. Where was I?

My feeling is that I'm not going to screen anything else for the rest of this posting. They are really doing a number on us. For myself it has zero impact but I am thinking about all the people I have to pass by every day for whom this is the standard of what they understand about how it is supposed to work out here and... it doesn't work. Oh... it works for the purpose of it, which is not good news for the people that buy into it. There are all kinds of emptiness in this life. Some things, like space, are important and necessary. Some emptiness is created as a result of an ever widening gulf between what we are and what we seem to be. I'm supposing that is what made it possible for existentialists to gain a foothold in reality manipulation. Maybe Dada really is some kid looking for their father.

I'm not here to make a judgment call on what anyone should be doing with their lives. I am here to determine who and what I seek to have express itself through and upon me. The alternative options in this time are dreadful. If what I saw in that film is any indication, dreadful is a fairly tame way of putting it. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Step by step and moment by moment, the aggregate of deceived humanity comes closer and closer to the abyss and that is the intent of the herders of the common mind. I've seen it said many times in many different ways by various oracles who have said, something like, “you must walk in all ways contrary to the world”, or implied that if everyone is swimming downstream, you must swim upstream. It goes without saying that this makes you look crazy to everyone else. Does that matter? That is for everyone to decide on their own.

In the end you have to come to terms with yourself because, as Omar Khayyam said, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and... by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.”

It looks like people are some form of weaver or macrame artist and they are spinning their own versions of a following existence out of the fabric of their thoughts words and deeds ...but who taught them how to work the spinning wheel? Who taught them design? Who manifested the focus of their passions and desires? Was it some internal and intuitive drive, or was it impressed upon them from some dark locus of the lower astral? How many ever bother to ask these questions?

Sooner or later, every living thing has to come to terms with the conditions of its existence. Rocks and trees and animals have a certain linear potential. Sometimes they are not rocks or trees or animals but only dreaming in that guise for a time as the result of circumstances earned upon the back of previous circumstances. However, when you are human or more, it's no longer linear, except when it is. It doesn't have to swirl down the toilet and wave goodbye, once your contribution has been presented in the moment of its passing. There are so many possibilities that 'limitless' comes to mind.

Don't settle for the inevitable because nothing is until it is.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Fewmits of Pending Destiny Perfume the Throne Room of the Manifest.

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Loads of steaming excrescence are finding their way to the marble floor of the King's Landing throne room, kind of like they found their way into the manifest from Tywin Lannister's horse, after the battle of Blackwater, plopping with authority as he rode up to the throne. Lying is a way of life for some people. It is only a matter of time and the whole landfill of lies will come tumbling on to their heads. I can't wait. Those of us who thirst after the truth and have had to live here in the shadow land of prevarication are as parched as parched can be.

The same people that are pushing the Holocaust fantasy are pushing the transgender issue and lies are at the heart of both of them. In fact, they are the money and media behind these and many another lie, which are all directed toward an ever increasing pervasiveness of identity distortion. After all, if you don't know who you are, it becomes easier and easier to convince you that you are someone you are not. Is that all you got? Is that all you got???

I'm sure that everyone has an explanation for why these fabrications are running wild, or they don't care and don't have an opinion but... if you do have an opinion, you must have been paying attention on some level, even if you are wrong.

It always seems to be a creation of the same tiny demographic of psychopaths. What we do know is that the force of these ever greater ranging perversities must be coming from a powerful source and they are going after anyone who gets in their way.

In an apocalypse everything is being uncovered and unveiled. Whether some of these are true, I couldn't say. What I know is that I don't know but I do possess an inordinate curiosity about conditions at large and some things and some people do not pass the smell test for me. Maybe my nose is off and given all the things I used to put up my nose at one time, maybe it doesn't work at all anymore. See... I'm trying not to presume or get too grandiose about my non-existent precognitive abilities. I'm trying to take an accurate measure of myself but the only thing I have to measure with is myself. Try separating yourself from yourself for long enough to get a reading. It's not as easy as it sounds but it is made easier if you are schizo to start with and you can even have it witnessed by a crowd (and notarized) if you have MPS.

Let's talk about how these perversities (that do not in any way reflect the propensities of the public at large) come from some powerful force that is going after anyone who gets in their way. We could say that these are the work of those corrupted international lodges like the Masons and others but these are now Satanic in procedure and intention. We could say it is the result of government agencies but they are Satanic in procedure and intention. We could say it is the result of Zionist organizations and their cadre of international bankers but they are all Satanic in procedure and intention. Ergo, let us say it is the result of Satanists, working through a variety of mediums to effect their desire for the reshaping of the world and all resident cultures therein.

Over the last couple of centuries we have heard quite a bit about a Satanic agenda, concerning world wars and progressions of events from individuals like Albert Pike and others. You can locate a good amount of this via any search engine. It is often claimed that Pike was a Satanist. As far as I know he never admitted to this, which doesn't clear him, given his associations with known Satanic organs. We have found that people get outraged when we don't include the Catholic Church as the source of all evil in the manifest, or when we don't acknowledge that every secret society, lodge and Bingo parlor is evil, or that everyone in public life or a position of influence and power is also evil. Surprisingly- and this might be only me believing it in a delusional state- not everyone is evil. Not all politicians are evil, nor all ministers and financiers. Not all rich people are evil. Rich is karma. One can handle it many different ways. It all has to do with the quality and intentions of your heart.

I don't resent wealthy people. I think that an unfortunate percentage of them are poor stewards but money itself is not inherently evil. I wouldn't mind having more money and I am convinced that this will happen at some point in the near future, which will be, of course, in the present when it occurs. That is because I am now the sort of person who will not screw it up. All I want is a large comfortable home where people can come and visit... make music and dance and enjoy the company of one another. It doesn't take a whole lot to do that. I think it is other people that makes life worth living; that gives meaning to life. I include animals in that equation. The experience of having the company of others of similar resonance is one of the high points of what is possible for us.

Personally... I also love being alone. I can be alone for months at a time and more because I never am alone and the quality of the invisible company is priceless. We all have access to this but we do not all avail ourselves of it. If you keep speaking into the foliage and beneath the trees, in the meadows and by the banks of a river or stream, you will eventually hear back. This is true of me and this means it is assuredly true of you, should you be both sincere and determined about it.

I don't concern myself with Satanists and world wars, past or present, or looming out of the abyss of our fears. I don't concern myself with anything or anyone that I have no sympathetic truck with. This is a big world and wide enough for every variation of being you can imagine. This is a world, that despite appearances of randomness and uncertainty, is rigidly controlled. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the father does not note. Sure, with all of the negative events that we have witnessed, hopefully at a distance, it seems like God... any form of compassionate god, is a joke. This is because we do not understand how the universe works or what the true nature of the ineffable is. We can't comprehend how we brought ourselves into our present state. We don't understand where the time went and where we came from or where we are headed. We can't make sense of why we did the things we did, at one time or another. We find it hard to forgive ourselves and that is why it is so difficult to forgive others. We don't recognize that behind the mask of our physical self is everyone else. When we reveal the already indwelling self, it is the same self that everyone else is composed of in their essence. Now... it is true that there is a singularity to all of us (our soul), a uniqueness... however, the same eternal spark of the immortal all pervasive being is within us all and this is what masters have and what makes it possible for them to resonate with such a large percentage of a seemingly diverse population.

This all happens in stages. If you are not consciously devoted to the process then it happens in a slow and agonizing manner because every condition you find yourself in is also happening in stages to someone who is unwilling to cooperate in their own transitioning. This means that even if you are in a groovy comfort zone period, it is only temporary and exists for no other reasons than the lesson contained in it and the inescapable experience of just how temporary it is.

This is why the world and most of the people in it appear insane to me. It is because of the pointlessness of objectives they are driven by or toward. There is only one sane objective and that is to discover or uncover who you are. This does not mean one is not compassionate about others, or does not work in every possible way to communicate to them what it is that can fill every emptiness and wipe away every tear. One can affect the life of everyone they come into contact with by simply seeing them as they truly are. This is also what masters do. They see you as you are and speak to who you are and bring you to the awareness of who you are. They do this by being a medium for what is speaking through them who you are. The key to mastery is arriving at a place where you get out of the way of the light that maintains you, so that it can move through you unhindered and unadulterated. The variation in it, as it operates through you, is the particular uniqueness of the medium the light is expressing through. You might say that one is a guitar and one is a violin, one is a piano and one is a saxophone. They are all musical instruments and it is all music ...but the instruments vary in their manner of expression.

If you are running around in circles driven by looping appetites, this will go on and on until death rescues you. If you are consciously or unconsciously driven by the devil, in pursuit of his kingdom, you will get there. This is God as he appears to the wicked. If you are inspired by the light in pursuit of the light, you will transform by stages until your whole body is filled with light. It is a simple process, no matter how arcane it might seem at any particular position south of understanding it.

We are getting close my friends. We are getting close to something. It is up to us what that turns out to be. “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Weasels in the Collider and the Turning Wheel of Fortune

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When I first saw this headline, my immediate thought was, “How did an international banker or multinational lobbyist get into CERN? Imagine my disappointment when I found it was only a common weasel. When you play god you have to expect to encounter an act of god at some point; metaphysically speaking.

Talking about weasels, there has been this argument making the rounds that transgender types are harmless and also a good source of Vitamin D. Apparently there is more to the whole dynamic than we are being told. It seems that seeming to be transgender opens a Pandora type of box when a certain element begins to pose as one. I don't know if there are all the examples of this that I have seen recently, referenced in this article. One site had a list of dozens of examples of this sort of thing. I will make one point and leave it at that. Whenever one departs from basic and ubiquitous human expressions of the serpent force, as it manifests on the manifest, the urges become diversified and amplified, as time progresses, because the level of desired satisfaction cannot be reached, ergo the need for variation becomes increasingly intensified.

One can make a host of ancillary arguments in support of this. People who pursue money as an end, never have enough. People in the pursuit of power, never have enough. People who are unconsciously driven, in general, never arrive at the hoped for destination because, not knowing what that is, it is impossible to visualize it, which greatly counts in terms of actualization. I am referring to 'driven' in a narrow sense and as something other than 'aspiring', or 'inspired'. I often think about the words of Jesus Christ when he said, “get thee behind me Satan.”. This is the driving force but there is more to the matter than might appear. It could be that the force, associated in a limited and confused way as the devil, drives all of us but it is in our hands which direction and to what end we are being driven and that accounts for 'intention'. I recommend studying the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card;

On the left hand side of the wheel you see the serpent force descending. On the right hand side you see what appears to be a devil ascending and at the top of the wheel you see a Sphinx. I'm not going to get into the minutiae of meaning that attends all of these things. I would rather make certain statements and trust the reader to come to certain conclusions. The devil is god as he appears to the wicked. Intention defines the meaning of everything according to its direction and objective. There is only one force and it is defined according to the quality and values that give it expression through the mind in consideration of it. (Damn I'm good- grin).

The four fixed signs of the zodiac are at the corners of the card. However, they all have wings. This implies a particular level of expression of these forces. Here is a good essay on the meaning of the card; up to a point. Of special meaning is the term at the end of the piece; “By transposition, the letters of TARO in the outer wheel may be arranged to make the following five words: ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR, which means, “The Wheel of Tarot speaks the Law of Nature.” Ator is an old Latin form of the name of the Egyptian goddess Hathor.”

Before anyone gets on my case for the use of what appears to be the Hebrew Alphabet, there is no such thing. They appropriated this from another culture, most likely as the Chaldean Flame Alphabet. Ageless wisdom is ageless and more appropriately exists in the realm of symbols, rather than letters and words; of course, some letters are symbols but here we enter into the complexity of history as it has been distorted in the lens of those manipulating it for their own purposes.

These days a lot of ancient symbols have been expropriated by malign agents of the darkness. Intention defines the meaning of symbols and both agents of the light and agents of the darkness employ the same symbols and forces toward different ends. The forces of light are the keepers of the keys and the forces of darkness seek to steal and to corrupt whatever they can get their hands on. In times of material excess, certain external lodges that are charged with degrees of safekeeping of esoteric truths become perverted toward ends they were not originally created for. Such is the case today. Minds more limited in respect of deeper perceptions, tend to regard certain ancient mystery schools as always being of negative intent in respect of humanity. This is hardly true and regardless of the perversities of the moment, there are true and enduring fellowships that have been around since before recorded history. It is simply that in times of darkness, the servants of light retreat into sanctuaries and when they serve in the mix of what is euphemistically named as civilization, they are very often cloaked and for good reason. “Who was that masked man?”

All this jockeying around has a point and that is that the universal serpent force takes the shape of everything we see and is expressing itself through every one of us in various ways. It is the enduring force behind all of the transitory shapes of existence. As The Man on the Beach told me; “God is a serpent and this is his dream.” Those who seek to manipulate existence for their own pernicious ends always mess with two things, human sexual expression and the Family Unit. From there they can drive the culture into decadence and depravity. It's what they do.

They also foment wars and seek to determine the nature of the productions of industry and they deceive the gullible among us into being canon fodder for the one and drones of the other. There is nothing new about any of this. It's been going on for awhile. It is the natural state of the age we inhabit. In times of greater light, it is all very different and times of greater light are coming. The darkness is in retreat and it never seems so pervasive, nor is it ever more seemingly dangerous in appearance than when it is in retreat. Part of the game that they are engaged in with all of the other agendas; their end of it, is to take as many of the foolish and deluded with them when they go. They are behind the effort to drive humanity into the darkness. It is all a game, or a competition if you prefer.

Don't ask me why it is all like this. For whatever the reason is, those in the position to decide the manner in which life is expressed and the dimensions it moves through and exists in have made the determinations. I have heard that it's all a joke and that nothing really means anything because it is all a dream and the only meaningful thing is waking up from it. Within the dream, humanity pursues many objectives and this it does over and over again in different permutations of the same and none of this means anything except when one becomes free of it; “in the world but not of it.” The roots of the lotus burrow deep into the murk but the lotus rests on the water and the Buddha rests on the lotus.

Deeper meaning can be found at any point but it is unlikely to be found in an argument or culture war about who gets to use which bathroom. The product realized in these locations are all waste products. These have their place in the scheme of things; consider Mighty Nitrogen, however, there are finer considerations to be had and personally I am inclined in other directions after other concerns. To each their own, I suppose.

We are in the last gasp of a dying age. It is not just the end of an age but the end and beginning of a grand cycle. What awaits is transformative beyond human imagination. It is riddled with portals of access and egress, not to mention potential for regress ...but I am not talking about real estate contracts here.

One of the most persistent delusions going has to do with what is trumpeted as important and what is really important. Given the potential for a quantum leap in consciousness, as it most certainly exists for any one of us in these times, I'd say it is a no brainer, 'if you only had a brain.'

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