Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Fewmits of Pending Destiny Perfume the Throne Room of the Manifest.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Loads of steaming excrescence are finding their way to the marble floor of the King's Landing throne room, kind of like they found their way into the manifest from Tywin Lannister's horse, after the battle of Blackwater, plopping with authority as he rode up to the throne. Lying is a way of life for some people. It is only a matter of time and the whole landfill of lies will come tumbling on to their heads. I can't wait. Those of us who thirst after the truth and have had to live here in the shadow land of prevarication are as parched as parched can be.

The same people that are pushing the Holocaust fantasy are pushing the transgender issue and lies are at the heart of both of them. In fact, they are the money and media behind these and many another lie, which are all directed toward an ever increasing pervasiveness of identity distortion. After all, if you don't know who you are, it becomes easier and easier to convince you that you are someone you are not. Is that all you got? Is that all you got???

I'm sure that everyone has an explanation for why these fabrications are running wild, or they don't care and don't have an opinion but... if you do have an opinion, you must have been paying attention on some level, even if you are wrong.

It always seems to be a creation of the same tiny demographic of psychopaths. What we do know is that the force of these ever greater ranging perversities must be coming from a powerful source and they are going after anyone who gets in their way.

In an apocalypse everything is being uncovered and unveiled. Whether some of these are true, I couldn't say. What I know is that I don't know but I do possess an inordinate curiosity about conditions at large and some things and some people do not pass the smell test for me. Maybe my nose is off and given all the things I used to put up my nose at one time, maybe it doesn't work at all anymore. See... I'm trying not to presume or get too grandiose about my non-existent precognitive abilities. I'm trying to take an accurate measure of myself but the only thing I have to measure with is myself. Try separating yourself from yourself for long enough to get a reading. It's not as easy as it sounds but it is made easier if you are schizo to start with and you can even have it witnessed by a crowd (and notarized) if you have MPS.

Let's talk about how these perversities (that do not in any way reflect the propensities of the public at large) come from some powerful force that is going after anyone who gets in their way. We could say that these are the work of those corrupted international lodges like the Masons and others but these are now Satanic in procedure and intention. We could say it is the result of government agencies but they are Satanic in procedure and intention. We could say it is the result of Zionist organizations and their cadre of international bankers but they are all Satanic in procedure and intention. Ergo, let us say it is the result of Satanists, working through a variety of mediums to effect their desire for the reshaping of the world and all resident cultures therein.

Over the last couple of centuries we have heard quite a bit about a Satanic agenda, concerning world wars and progressions of events from individuals like Albert Pike and others. You can locate a good amount of this via any search engine. It is often claimed that Pike was a Satanist. As far as I know he never admitted to this, which doesn't clear him, given his associations with known Satanic organs. We have found that people get outraged when we don't include the Catholic Church as the source of all evil in the manifest, or when we don't acknowledge that every secret society, lodge and Bingo parlor is evil, or that everyone in public life or a position of influence and power is also evil. Surprisingly- and this might be only me believing it in a delusional state- not everyone is evil. Not all politicians are evil, nor all ministers and financiers. Not all rich people are evil. Rich is karma. One can handle it many different ways. It all has to do with the quality and intentions of your heart.

I don't resent wealthy people. I think that an unfortunate percentage of them are poor stewards but money itself is not inherently evil. I wouldn't mind having more money and I am convinced that this will happen at some point in the near future, which will be, of course, in the present when it occurs. That is because I am now the sort of person who will not screw it up. All I want is a large comfortable home where people can come and visit... make music and dance and enjoy the company of one another. It doesn't take a whole lot to do that. I think it is other people that makes life worth living; that gives meaning to life. I include animals in that equation. The experience of having the company of others of similar resonance is one of the high points of what is possible for us.

Personally... I also love being alone. I can be alone for months at a time and more because I never am alone and the quality of the invisible company is priceless. We all have access to this but we do not all avail ourselves of it. If you keep speaking into the foliage and beneath the trees, in the meadows and by the banks of a river or stream, you will eventually hear back. This is true of me and this means it is assuredly true of you, should you be both sincere and determined about it.

I don't concern myself with Satanists and world wars, past or present, or looming out of the abyss of our fears. I don't concern myself with anything or anyone that I have no sympathetic truck with. This is a big world and wide enough for every variation of being you can imagine. This is a world, that despite appearances of randomness and uncertainty, is rigidly controlled. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the father does not note. Sure, with all of the negative events that we have witnessed, hopefully at a distance, it seems like God... any form of compassionate god, is a joke. This is because we do not understand how the universe works or what the true nature of the ineffable is. We can't comprehend how we brought ourselves into our present state. We don't understand where the time went and where we came from or where we are headed. We can't make sense of why we did the things we did, at one time or another. We find it hard to forgive ourselves and that is why it is so difficult to forgive others. We don't recognize that behind the mask of our physical self is everyone else. When we reveal the already indwelling self, it is the same self that everyone else is composed of in their essence. Now... it is true that there is a singularity to all of us (our soul), a uniqueness... however, the same eternal spark of the immortal all pervasive being is within us all and this is what masters have and what makes it possible for them to resonate with such a large percentage of a seemingly diverse population.

This all happens in stages. If you are not consciously devoted to the process then it happens in a slow and agonizing manner because every condition you find yourself in is also happening in stages to someone who is unwilling to cooperate in their own transitioning. This means that even if you are in a groovy comfort zone period, it is only temporary and exists for no other reasons than the lesson contained in it and the inescapable experience of just how temporary it is.

This is why the world and most of the people in it appear insane to me. It is because of the pointlessness of objectives they are driven by or toward. There is only one sane objective and that is to discover or uncover who you are. This does not mean one is not compassionate about others, or does not work in every possible way to communicate to them what it is that can fill every emptiness and wipe away every tear. One can affect the life of everyone they come into contact with by simply seeing them as they truly are. This is also what masters do. They see you as you are and speak to who you are and bring you to the awareness of who you are. They do this by being a medium for what is speaking through them who you are. The key to mastery is arriving at a place where you get out of the way of the light that maintains you, so that it can move through you unhindered and unadulterated. The variation in it, as it operates through you, is the particular uniqueness of the medium the light is expressing through. You might say that one is a guitar and one is a violin, one is a piano and one is a saxophone. They are all musical instruments and it is all music ...but the instruments vary in their manner of expression.

If you are running around in circles driven by looping appetites, this will go on and on until death rescues you. If you are consciously or unconsciously driven by the devil, in pursuit of his kingdom, you will get there. This is God as he appears to the wicked. If you are inspired by the light in pursuit of the light, you will transform by stages until your whole body is filled with light. It is a simple process, no matter how arcane it might seem at any particular position south of understanding it.

We are getting close my friends. We are getting close to something. It is up to us what that turns out to be. “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

End Transmission.......


torus said...

To friends seen and unseen, I greet you with the Holy word Peace.

I'm thinking of purging my "spiritual" library. In particular, anything published by Shambhala. Are you ready? The following is from "Breath by Breath - The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation, by Larry Rosenberg. If this doesn't illuminate the perils and "cohesiveness" of holocaust "education", something else will.

Rosenberg reflects on the past;(now remember, he's a writing as an adult "teacher" of insight meditation)

"I was a child (in Brooklyn) at the time of the Second World War - nine years old on the day of Pearl Harbor - and was extremely interested in the war...I also heard stories that weren't in the news. Long before the Holocaust became public knowledge, Jews in the United States knew that a terrible nightmare was taking place in Europe. Perhaps partly because the stories were just whispered at first, they made a great impression on me and buried themselves in my psyche.

Now my story jumps ahead. Many years later I was doing a six-month self-retreat during the winter at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. I had been there for three or four months, so my mind was extremely quiet, and perhaps unusually vulnerable.
One afternoon I was meditating in my room, and some other mediators came into the dorm, stomping their boots to get the snow off. Suddenly - and I don't know how to describe this except as an extremely vivid set of images - I was in Nazi Germany, and those stomping boots were the SS coming to get me.
I felt a kind of terror that I had never experienced before, and haven't since. The horrifying visual images that kept coming to mind seemed utterly real. I was trembling, nauseous, sweating, weeping, going through deep physical as well as emotional pain."
p. 125-126

Yup. It's truly fucked. With the right attorney, Rosenberg could have sued some Germans. Despite Hollywood yids helping to put those images in his mind.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

and on with my show, this life, that which it is.
mostly I know I am not doing the spiritual, settling down, thing
other times I wonder if I am doing it, my neck of the woods part anyway, or at least not doing it wrong, which is most of the ways it is done.
what you (we) are up against is my best excuse all round.

memo to the neocons (and other cons)
we're gunna miss you when you're gone. (song from James 90's pop group I think).

Anonymous said...

"All I want is a large comfortable home where people can come and visit... make music and dance and enjoy the company of one another. It doesn't take a whole lot to do that. I think it is other people that makes life worth living; that gives meaning to life. I include animals in that equation. The experience of having the company of others of similar resonance is one of the high points of what is possible for us." to Les

I've been reading your blogs for quite a few years now and I want you know how much I appreciate them. Thank you once again.


Ray B. said...

Vis: "After all, if you don't know who you are, it becomes easier and easier to convince you that you are someone you are not."

Hence, the effort to keep us tied up in doing from birth to death. The 60s had that right, about being versus doing. Unfortunately, those in charge of 'culture' had other plans in mind...

(I had the scenes from the Shaolin Temple within the "Kung Fu" TV series pop-up in my mind as I wrote the above.)
Vis: "Try separating yourself from yourself for long enough to get a reading. It's not as easy as it sounds..."

Back in my experimenting-with-crystals days, I had a period of working for yes/no answers using a crystal on a string. A pendulum. I finally gave that up when I noticed I could make the crystal swing in any manner my desires chose. And just for the record, this was holding my hand perfectly still. (One time, just to see if I could do it, I had the crystal spinning flat out - nearly horizontal - with my hand motionless. Cool, but a little scary.) So, no luck with separating me from myself, that way... (grin)
Vis: "Ergo, let us say it is the result of Satanists, working through a variety of mediums..."

Even with all the Cleanings that I have participated-in, I still have no 'gut feeling' for the motivation(s) needed to intentionally trash a culture. Or working to prevent enlightenment. (At the 'direction-giving' level of the pyramid.) Intellectually, I can make-up the needed mindset, given all the known-foibles of human nature. But, not at an 'ah' level. Perhaps, that is currently of the best. However, I suspect that - when we Clean a certain level of baddie - I will get my Knowing...
Vis: "It all has to do with the quality and intentions of your heart."

See previous paragraph.
Vis: "The experience of having the company of others of similar resonance is one of the high points of what is possible for us."

Amen. And sigh. (Playing Credence's "(I want to know) Have you ever Seen the Rain" and Argent's "Hold Your Head High" as I write this. Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin" and Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2" now...)
Vis: "If you keep speaking into the foliage and beneath the trees, in the meadows and by the banks of a river or stream, you will eventually hear back."

Grin. Reminds me of a certain hot tub experience. (No, not that one...) I was outside around midnight taking a long dip, and could 'feel' someone looking in. Checking it out, it was a (real) faerie about fifty feet out in the field (in the countryside). He was curious, but did not want to talk. Just watched. Well, I got into a Cleaning session, and the (real) faerie watched it all the way through, taking proverbial notes. The last that I checked, he was spreading the 'technique' among his friends...
Vis: "There is only one sane objective and that is to discover or uncover who you are."

Hence, my first paragraph above. Alone, the human race (as it now is) would be easy prey. Fortunately, other races and species have recently found that it is in our common 'best interest' to work together. As humans 'long asleep' awaken, our innate promise gets ever more impressive...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
It has for many years been my prayer that the hoax of the Holocaust will be revealed to the world. After stubbing my toes trying to converse with intelligent and even educated people on the subject I am wondering if even St Jude could help with it. Hot dang but they are stubborn in their ignorance!
This transmission came to me on Friday over the Dharma mind ether. Although I haven’t seen her for several months I can tell it was channeled through Sonan Rimpoche’s sister Cunchuk.
I am forwarding it to you, please don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger and translator.
“In gratitude to his Holiness the Dalai Lama in his efforts to share the Dharma with the world and out of respect to his Gelug lineage, I saved and saved and took all my savings to buy the most beautiful watch to present to his Holiness. I feel so happy to see him wear my beautiful watch on TV.
I wanted to cry when I heard that some mean spirited man was making my gift of love into something ugly.”
End Transmission
With love
Ray H

torus said...

Greetings. Please see "A Word from Lasha Darkmoon", posted on Truthseeker. She's allegedly been kicked off the internet. Not only is her website inaccessible to her readers, it's inaccessible to her.
The bloodsuckers are on the March.
"Trans"-formers, more than meets the eye.

torus said...

I'm off to visit my dear mom in the hospital. What a "happy" Mother's Day.
One of her favorite quotes is from Adam Lindsay Gordon.
"Life is mostly froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another's trouble
Courage in your own"

I love ALL you kind-hearted mothers out there! And all you kind-hearted muthas as well! :)

torus said...

The Rolex is almost tolerable. I assume the time displayed consistently reads:
"6 million samsaras from NOW".
I cannot tolerate, nor take seriously, anyone who allows himself to be addressed as "His Holiness", anymore than I can tolerate overt self-deprication.Although, of the two, at least overt self-deprication at least allows for improvement and self-reform. But when one is a holy Marxist, hey, you've come a long way baby! :)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Smoking Mirrors, indeed!

The Dalai Lama is the Antichrist?!
I know he ('doctor's orders') eats veal, an abomination, but the Dalai Lama and the Pope combined couldn't even carry an apprentice anti-Christ's jock strap (or tell a better joke).

Sheesh, the false ego on some of these guys..

Anonymous said...

The essential lesson imparted by The Dali Rolex:

Time is money, you suckers... HA HA HA!!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Not so Footloose in a Rigged Casino for the Rich and Powerful.

torus said...

@Mandocello. Cheeky! :) Lama's got bling.

Scarlett said...

Reading your thoughts on this world is so much like nourishment for my soul. I am unfortunately not as far along as you in this spiritual journey, but it gives me hope that I am at least somewhat on the right path (though I lose my way from time to time, it seems). I have at least realized that I am my own biggest obstacle on this path. Others may be a stumbling block from time to time but I am truly my own brick wall. I'm hacking away at that wall brick by brick, but only the tiniest sliver of light is making its way through at the present.

I still have moments where I slip back into society's programming and panic over things that really do not matter. Yes, I have an extra 50 lbs that I agonize over sometimes -- but because food has been my drug. I'm detoxing from that right now and realizing how much energy I've wasted by numbing myself with food and then feeling shame over being fat. It is so freeing to view my body as my soul's vehicle instead of a mark of social status -- designer clothes, size 0, botoxed of all the wrinkles, teeth whitened until they gleam. I'm only sad that my life is 2/3 over before I figured this out.

But you are so right that it is our relationships that matter. I haven't always been very good at that part, either, because I am pretty much a loner and being connected emotionally to people is very draining for me because I don't know how to love any other way than completely. I've just learned to limit my circle to those who love me as I am -- eccentric, crazy and all other things I may be -- and the rest I keep at a distance. It is the only way I can really make it through this world. I don't know what you think of the Myers-Briggs stuff, but for me the INJF rings pretty true and explains why I always fill like I don't belong anywhere: it is because I don't! I'm a rare breed! But I think that is why I connect with you and so many other people who post on here because I know that there are others who see what I see and I become more convinced each day that the crazy one is not me -- but everyone else who follows the script and swears that black is white and evil is good. I know I could be very successful in this life if I would just play along, too, but I'd be miserable. No amount of money could make me feel good about living a lie. Now, if I could be rich and live an honest, truthful life -- that would be the best scenario. But if I have to choose between riches or truth -- no contest: truth would win out every time. Riches are good for the body, but truth is good for the soul. And I don't have much longer with this body anyway ... so I'd rather focus on what is good for my soul.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Lasha Darkmoon seems to be back. I can get her on Truth Seeker. This waiting game for final transition of eras is also been driving me nuts. It's been written of so many times, and it's still not here. At least I get to have fun telling the JWs that I'll never forgive them for the world not coming to an end in 1976, so go away. I was so looking forward to that, and I wasn't even 12 yet. On the other hand, going to Kingdom Hall on Sunday did spare me from the horrible Sunday brekkie that seemed to be either fried eggs and bacon (I will never understand how anyone can voluntarily eat bacon, and frying eggs is the worst way to have them, as far as I'm concerned) or flapjacks, which I don't think I've ever bought in my entire adult life for home cooking, and didn't even have a handful of orders at restaurants. And when I did have them, it was at IHOP, not that I'm inclined to eat there anymore. If it ain't East Indian, East Asian or Mexicanese, don't bother me. (I think the Howard Johnson's Anglo-Saxon type crap is better flushed down the toilet, these days.)

On the other hand, the way things are, it doesn't even look like we need any divine intervention to reset ourselves. Looks like we're approaching Bastille Day times a hundred from the news reports.

Visible said...

Simply in the things you say Scarlett, you reveal the magnificence of what is concealed within. I do not think it will be long before all your sheaths come into sync.

Visible said...

World wide Bastille Day is not going to work out for those who put them there.

torus said...

@LTPTB. I'm a hasteful idiot for posting her pretentious plea. Lasha Darkmoon?
Spanka Whiteass. Aside from business, I'm leaving the internet at the end of this year. I've fucked myself over for the last time in this interminable vortex. My musical heroes ala Pat Metheny and John McLaughlin have seen more of the world and brought more joy to people in the last six months than I will see in my entire life.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My musical hero is the nose of Gary Lee Weinrib. I kinda like the perch too; being my favourite vocalist in sausage casing, but he's stillsecond banana to that glorious beak.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Endless Pageantry Across the Face of Inflexible Space.

torus said...

@LTPTB. No, I didn't have to look it up.
Geddy Lee is an adequate bass player and multi-instrumentalist. As typical of most things Canadian, RUSH is terribly derivative. They can't hold a candle to YES, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc.

torus said...

"We've taken care of everything
From the words you read, the songs you sing, and the pictures that give pleasure to your eye
It's one for all and all for one
We work together common sons
Never need to wonder how or why.

We are the priests
From the temples of Syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hallowed halls.

Look around the world we've made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the brotherhood of man
Well what a nice contented world
Let the banners be unfurled
Hold the red star proudly high in hand

We are the priests...."

Anonymous said...

#13) Pingala: The thirteenth guru that has awakened my spirit is a prostitute named Pingala. One day, she eagerly awaited a particular client in the hope that he would pay her amply. She waited and waited till late in the night. When he did not turn up, she was at last disillusioned and reflected thus: "Alas! How stupid I am! Neglecting the divine spirit within, who is of the nature of bliss eternal, I foolishly awaited a debauchee (sensualist) who inspires my lust and greed. Henceforth, I shall expend myself on the Self, unite with Him and win eternal joy. Through such repentance, she attained blessedness. Besides, reflecting on its obvious purport, I also realized that a spiritual aspirant should likewise reject the lure of lesser spiritual powers, which are mere by-products of sadhana (spiritual practice). I learned that the temptation to secure things from other’s hands are the seeds of misery; that renunciation of these is the sole means of realizing infinite joy.

Twenty Four Gurus

torus said...

Being fans of RUSH was almost obligatory for us young lads in Toronto. Getting "high" on cheap weed and going to a RUSH show. Fabulously entertaining back in the day, with enough musical and lyrical depth to get those neurons humming.

"Living in the limelight
The universal dream, for those who wish to seem
Those who wish to BE must put aside the alienation
Get on with the fascination
The real relation
The underlying theme..."

Unknown said...

We are all alone I think. It's the way of knowing and growing, alone. I find many folks feel alone and fight to correct this. In that fight they throw out the baby with the bath water, i.e selfhood. One can't buy a self but a nice new car or iPad sure does the trick for most. Mr Vis thank you for supporting so many loners and free thinkers. LeMatt

torus said...

"Gaya's Eyes"

Gaya's crying, can't you hear her crying
Like a whisper, oh so very soft and low
If you listen, underneath the status quo
Will she still be friends and once again
Pardon our ignorance?
Can we make ammends so near the end?
Is there no second chance?

No one hears when gaya cries
No one cares to wonder why
Can't they see the tears in gaya's eyes?
Gaya's crying (yes she is)

Selfish children, greedy little children
Took her loving and gave her nothing in return
Like invaders, everything is slash and burn
Count up every face and every race
That we will never see
Count the human ache we can't escape
The tears are for you and me

As her lovely green eyes
Turn black
And her pretty blue dress
Turn black
And her gentle red lips
Turn black
Everything that she has
Turn black
And is it too late?
Turn back
Is it too late?
Turn back
Is it too late?

No facts of life, no birds and bees
Can't see the forest, can't see the trees
Oh pitiful capricious lies
That hide the tears in gaya's eyes

-Todd Rundgren, from a RIDICULOUSLY brilliant album entitled,"Second Wind"
I think that you'd love it Les.



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