Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They Live! ... with The Walking Dead inside your Head.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(As promised, one last post for a bit. Be assured, if anything happens, I'll chime right in.)

Chicago is famous for several things. One of them is for having the dirtiest political machine in the country; a country that includes Philadelphia and Houston. Is it any surprise that the Anti-Christ, Rahm (is not) Emmanuel is presently the mayor of that city? It is also known as having one of the most brutal police forces and thug response mechanisms in the country; a country that includes Philadelphia and Houston. Is it any surprise that Chicago is exhibiting the kind of behavior for which it is rightly famous? It is no surprise and there is no need for links. The news is all over and they are beating the press into submission as well. Of course, beating the press into submission may not be the worst of ideas; given whom they are already in submission to. For decades now, the press has been bent over a dining room table, with a red, gag reflex, rubber ball in it's mouth. Looks like it's got rubber at both ends but... then again, maybe not; given that homie does play that shit.

Any minute now, that good, old time, false flag religion is going to be having a spontaneous, tent revival, rapture fest somewhere in the country that includes Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston. They need it. They want it and... you get it, except that, for the most part, you don't get it. So you'd better head on down to the corner market for an industrial size bag of Cheetos and a cold pack of Schlitz (Breakfast of Also Rans) because ♫it's going to be raining outdoors♫ Oh yeah! Can I get a shit list?

The fabulous accordion waistline, of the brother and sisterhood of expanding pants needs breathing room. Fire up another blunt, cause we're getting too much oxygen. Bring out another platter of saltines and lard pate... ummm good!. It's time for another PNAC heart attack and with Bin Laden dead already a whole bunch of times, we're either looking at a zombie triple feature or Israel is going to have to pull another rabid rabbit out of it's yarmulke. I suspect we're looking at an MKUltra, Tavistock MeK bot, with “made in Iran” stamped on it's ass. Look for 626 and the reunion label.

Step right up, step right up, get your rubber truncheons and batons. They also come in metal and wood and your choice of designer colors. Red is our biggest seller. Get your bleeding ear, noise guns and microwave heat machines. How about some Banana Peel or Vomit Gas? Stocks are limited. We got exploding Pintos and remote detonating suppositories that you can locate in the same place where you got that Talmud. We got exploding Talmuds for Christ's sakes (oops, context violation). We got everything and we got nothing. We can't handle the truth but we can certainly handle your privates. We're the TSA, up, up and... not away.

Did you drop out of high school? Do you have a sexual or eating disorder? Are you a kleptomaniac or just a garden variety thief? Do you like, on the job, pornography downloads? You might well have a career in the TSA. You can go to work for John (starter) Pistole and Janet (poison planet) Napolitano. Go where no man or women has gone before (in some cases). What can you say about Janet Napolitano? She's a true patriot in Satan Nation. She's the queen sewer rat, from that alley behind the Chinese restaurant, down by the docks in Baltimore, where they used to have 7 rats for every human being and probably still do. Of course being human and defined as human ain't what it used to be and neither is the old gray Napolitano (♫she ain't what she used to be♫), with an ass the size of a piano that is out of tune. Cue the blind man with the vibrating speculum. Is that a D or an A? Well, look at that, something really did climb up there and die. Is that Jimmy Hoffa or Bishop Pike? It looks like a petrified Sasha Baron Cohen and almost as funny. He'd look good, as part of a human centipede with Bill Maher, throw in Michael Savage and Bill O'Reilly and you got a trifecta plus one. The only difference here is which side of their mouth they're talking out of, course, they don't talk out of their mouths. Relax folks, it's just humor and the poll tells you what the majority think. Want to guess how the numbers got like that?

No post ever written here could be as offensive as that but some people have a special dispensation. It just goes on and on and it's all cool. I shouldn't call attention to these things but for some reason I do. It must be that old hate crime gene of mine. Don't worry folks, there's a justification for everything and for everything a justification, ♫under Heaven♫

Any time now, the lid blows off of the pressure cooker. Barracuda Soetoro and the puppet masters are going to be dancing with the stars, or partying down with The Octomom. ♫She'll be pulling a train♫ Look for it on YouTube. It will be right there with the walking dead inside your head. They live!!!

Facebook is sinking without a trace but Arsebook is coming. That IPO is being launched right here by outsourced readers. They propped up Facebook, so that they could suck in the little guy and the little guy did what he always does; went down with the ship. The point behind this is all about The Chinese and the future. What future? You might well ask that very question. We now know that Facebook was all prearranged or, maybe you didn't know that. Hey, I don't know it either. To quote those people with no imagination (in the majority), “just saying”.

Heah comes the false flag. Here comes the false flag. ♫The old gray whore, she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be♫ Now some of you may think I'm talking about The New York Times and some of you might think I'm talking about Janet Napolitano but I think it doesn't make any difference. Both of them want to lock you up and throw away the key, after a full body, cavity search that is.

Ah well, so it goes, getting funkier and nastier by the minute. It's can't get any worse but it always does. There's no bottom apparently. This is probably because they were born out of the phlegm on the sidewalk from a dying alcoholic, on an any given Sunday. Don't worry, nothing human is involved. I never thought I'd see the day when it turned out that J. Edgar Hoover's boys would be neck deep in all the dark shit they were sworn in to prevent. I never thought I'd find out they were players in the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11. Where does that leave the rest of you; not sitting pretty. There are nothing but feathers left in the catbird seat, except for traces of blood. Don't worry, C.S.I is on the way.

Boom! ...goes the big bass drum. Boom! Goes the big bass drum. The orcs are marching and the lidless eye is flaming. Mt. Doom is erupting and whatever else comes along for the ride, down that thirsty, molten, mountain-slide. It didn't have to get like this but it did get like this and it's time for the blame game. The lid is coming off of the garbage can. Mr. Apocalypse is seeing to that and the crowd is getting restless. You hear the early voices crying, “Where are they at? Where are they at”? They're booking to their bunkers. They're locked in the panic rooms of their fortress high rises. They're headed for Paraguay and Patagonia, while Kissinger is stabbing kittens with a fork. Bush Senior and David Rockefeller, are getting ready for their final luxury cruise and the cosmic Abu Nidal is on-board as well. It's the moonlight liner, all expenses paid, to the boardrooms of Hell. All aboard! All aboard!

The sweat hogs are in makeup, coming home on the night's last return trip, on the Staten Island Ferry. Sad lasses and absentee lads, doing an all nighter at The Eagle's Nest or The Mine Shaft. Here come the Armageddon tasers for the final culture shock.

What to do? What to do? It's too little, too late, for most of you. We're hopeful and helpful we think, those of us waiting on the margins, for those on the brink. The hands are extended but you can't see the hands. The voices are calling but the noise is so great. It's hard to hear anything. Is it really too late? Where there's life there's hope, if you call that life, when you're born into darkness and death's the midwife. All aboard!

Help is on the way. The final reel is playing. The hero saves the day... maybe, maybe not. We don't know but we will see. Today... tomorrow... next week. We shall see.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Meaningless Lives of Endless Compromise.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I must admit I am routinely puzzled why people do what they do, as if there never was such thing as retribution, as if Karma was something that happens to other people. In some instances they consider themselves the Karma that happens to other people. Another thing that puzzles me, is the reluctance on the part of people to call things as they are. Somehow they think dancing around something means they can stay on good terms with both sides, or all sides; not recognizing that the intent of some sides is to enslave, loot and murder them, with no negotiation possible, except for, ...maybe tomorrow instead of today. In this way they cooperate with what happens to them.

From my perspective, you find out what is true and then you express it and live it to the degree that it is possible for you to do so. You inspect it from all sides. You put it between your teeth like a gold coin. You examine, you autopsy, you get forensic on its ass. You gather ancillary and any and all corroborative evidence, to support what seems to be what it is. You don't go into the thing seeking to prove what you want to be so; like dinosaurs were walking around six thousand years ago, or that Jesus Christ was some sort of spree killing neanderthal, just cause you are. You go where the truth leads you. You may not like what you discover. You may wish it were otherwise. You may be fearful of calling down the wrath of certain groups, who object to the production of truth and all supporting evidence, because it interferes with their ongoing efforts to enslave, loot and murder you. It offends them that you would object to something like that.

A good portion of people live meaningless lives of endless compromise. They cut deals with whatever elements of existence will permit them to acquire whatever shit sandwich they have developed a taste for and... you'd better not refer to it as a shit sandwich. A meaningful life, would logically be about meaningful things, right? Any student of history knows that pretty much the whole stretch of our most recent recorded history is one challenge and recurrent tragedy after another. The impetus for conquest and attendant destruction, is a primary motive for the general leadership of any time you care to cherry pick out of the mix. Violent acquisition of wealth, with utter disregard for the means employed and with the relative support of whatever corrupt regime is making the laws, is de riguer. The rampant excesses occur because the general population, is caught up in its own appetites and reflexively fearful of stepping out of the lines, drawn by those who want to enslave, loot and murder them.

A lot of people think truth is just an abstract concept. It doesn't have any real meaning. It's just something you carve into the granite of public buildings, in complete contradiction to what goes on inside those public buildings.

After an exhaustive routine of inquiry and analysis, some of us come up with a pretty good idea of what's going on; what the truth might be. We may lack certain details of performance but there is little question about who the performers are. It's not politically correct to point it out and, indeed, they make laws against this very thing. The real reason for those laws, is to allow them to enslave, loot and murder you with impunity. This has been under construction for quite some time and it moves by increments toward an end game that involves you being enslaved, looted and murdered, with some amount of gratuitous torture and extended pain scenarios because... Because? Because they enjoy it. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It gets them off. I'm not being whimsical or colorizing the affair. This is a literal truth. Maybe you're not made that way, so you don't find yourself in a position to acknowledge that but the truth is not dependent on your belief in it. The Earth rotates around The Sun, irrespective of whatever doctrine to the contrary is prevailing at any given time. Last time I said this, some yahoo came around to argue that there was no proof that the Earth rotated around The Sun and 'yadda, yadda, yadda'; argument for the sake of argument.

People see what can happen when you tell the truth and start to gather an audience. People see the indifference of their fellows to the truth. They hear Chomsky say that it doesn't matter who did 9/11 and he goes right on being an icon for something he is anything but. The media steamrolls vested interests into the public mind, like some jackhammer operative. Totally transparent lies are told to justify wars and they even tell the same lies for the next one, despite their being thoroughly discredited the last time they did it. These are weapons of mass disinformation. A small segment of the population speaks out about these things (growing stronger every day). The majority of the population knows that the official 911 story is bullshit and some of us know that Israel did 9/11 and even fewer of us say so. Heck, the weight of circumstantial evidence is so great, we can prove it effectively enough to convict. The ass media sings us siren lullabies, as a prelude to the long dirt nap, in the aftermath of the enslavement, looting and murder. This is all transparently obvious. Even the borderline intellects that make up most of the population can see it, should they choose, but saying something about it, proving it, regardless of specious arguments that it's really someone else; some sinister shadow entity of no definable shape and which can't be named, except for random snatch and grabs of familiar names used to muddy the waters... that can be problematic.

We can have little doubt that the upper echelon of nearly all organizations and fraternal orders are corrupt. It's Kali Yuga. What do you expect? Yeah, a lot of people are tired of hearing about it. They just want to get on with whatever personal pursuits occupy their days. They don't want to hear about things they think they can't do anything about and the result is that they wind up face-down because of them.

The truth is a hard course. It will surely turn its lens on the person seeking after it and that can provide no small measure of discomfort for a time. It can ruin any dreams of a career one might have, due to the effect it has on those who control the mediums they might seek to be employed in. You can say goodbye to your music and your books and whatever reputation might be true of you, as opposed to the one conferred on you. Why would anyone go that route? It's a good question. There has to be more to it somehow and I, for one, believe that is so. I have seen the far off state of the one who walks that rocky road. It's not for everyone, obviously. The thing is, the truth gets in the way of the comfortable performance of your lies. You can't have them both. In Kali Yuga, it's a no brainer what most people will opt for. Most people are like that angry, red-faced guy who gives you the finger through the windshield, when you try to tell him the bridge is out.

There are degrees of what you can say, relative to the level of exposure you can attain to. The greater the liberties you can take with the truth, the more pervasive your influence. The less compromising you are, the narrower is the window through which you can be viewed. That is the origin of the phrase, “a voice crying in the wilderness”. It's pretty clear what goes on in this world and what is required to be successful in it. The world is presently beset with giant John Deere soul harvesters; could be Caterpillar, I don’t' know. Someone asked me how come I can know so much and keep saying, “I don't know”. That's been explained but to ask such a question implies a lack of understanding the intent of the phrase. This is the thing. We fundamentally accept certain things to be true and the result is that nothing which follows can be true because of original premises. If you're wrong to begin with, you don't suddenly wind up right further down the road. You have to clear house. You have to toss out everything you think you know and take a closer look at the essential verities. You have to be willing to accept whatever the truth is. Most people don't want to do that. It interferes with their pursuit of what they are after, so they lie to themselves. It's no surprise, following that, when the oppressors of humanity deliver their own lies and they get swallowed whole because, once you've lied to yourself, the rest is easy and also a fait accompli. Truth is inconvenient. What most people don't get though is that the truth is only inconvenient for a period of time. There comes a point where it become convenient indeed. The 'difficulty in the beginning' that we experience, is only a prelude to something finer. It's like changing your diet. Your taste buds are accommodated, according to certain ingrained expectations. When you change your diet, your taste buds object. At that point, many people just revert to what they were eating before, without realizing that it takes about ten days for your taste buds to adjust. At that point what's good for you also now tastes great as well.

Alright, tell the stage hands to bring in another dead horse. This one had pretty much had it (grin). Everyone is welcome to what they are able to live with. Some of us just can't live with certain things. I couldn't be more grateful for that. Yes, the road can be hard and it might go on for decades but, sooner or later, that changes and an entirely new world appears like magic. It is the ideal world, as opposed to the unreal world. It's the difference between Lady Nature and Kim Kardashian. It's a matter of taste and there's no accounting for it. Another day, another post on the way...

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God in Country by Les Visible

The radio show day has been changed. It is now on Friday at the usual time. So, tomorrow evening. Hmmm, something seems not quite right. The usual time is 7:30 central Time and I see it now listed as 9:00 Central. We'll get that sorted.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hava NaGila Monster and the Music of the Fears.

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Every time I tell myself I don't want to write about these people anymore, they rub my nose in their vanity and sense of entitlement. The Ass Media is nothing more than one long, tedious, gossip column about chosen demon status. One is agape at the endless trumpeting of humanitarian motivation and the ironic proliferation of certain names in the surrounding landscape photo of the article. The author of that piece seems to have a particular area of concern.

I come to the computer, not having any particular subject in mind and generally I go to MSNBC-Tribe Screed.com and whammo. It must be an off day for the Gay Sexual Fascism movement. Oh wait, how did I miss this at the top of the page? Imagine my surprise to see an AshkeNAZI writer at the helm of this ship of disinfo. Of course, the comparison to slavery comes up though no mention is made of this feature. Irony simply drips from the teats of the buggered livestock of this peculiar age. Bwak! Obama says, “But, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the golden rule, you know? Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Yes Bwak! Please see that your flacks and emissaries carry this message to the Libyans, the Afghanistanis, the Iraqis, the Yeahmanites and the millions of America heartland hobos, crushed under your hobnail boots. If you can back away from the glory hole, through which the big dick of Wall Street presents itself maybe you could get a clue but, unfortunately, the robo-chip implanted in your medulla militates against that.

The great wheezing, diabetic, American Shmoo army, limps and lumbers and marches in random circles, like windup toys, with one leg shorter than the other. They got their robo-chip implants going too. They hum a few bars of, “I forgot what I was Saying”, while snapping the waistband of their accordion pants. I'm guessing that makes a little music of its own. Is it chin chin music from The City in London? Is it the theme from “Hava NaGila Monster? Or are they just twitching and jerking like tazer electrified, Pentecostals in response to the Music of the Fears?

A while ago, when The Associated Press and Reuters, as well as all the other information, manipulation and mutilation operations started to be written only by card carrying Tribe members, they stopped posting the author's name. Now that they are in the end game phase, they have entered the zone of raging, drunken ego hubris, prancing like Divine, on her way to a poodle shit buffet. Please forgive me (if you can) for calling attention to all of this BUT, my attention has been called to it, the moment I stepped into the international incest press.

Here is an indisputable truth and the reason that Bwak! ...is tripping around the country, in a metaphorical pink tutu on a skateboard, going on about one more 1% and their vested interests that haven't got shit to do with the interests of the rest of the nation. He's at one glory hole fellating one particular percent and down on his knees at another glory hole fellating another 1% He's a virtual moveable, traveling fellatatorium. We had Rolling Thunder, now we got Rolling Fellator. Walk with me through some Gumby math. We're going to play connect the dots. Zio-Tribe, Satanic interests have been in control of world banking for some centuries. This means they print the money and this means they have all the money in the world to purchase all the publishing, media, entertainment and what not Goebbels tools, to misshape world opinion in favor of their agendas. As the primary, black widow spider (Madame De Rothschild) of the primary Satanesque, Danse Macabre said, “When my sons want a war they have a war” (or something like that). They brought about the Bolshevik Revolution, which killed tens of millions of Russians. This also includes the Ukrainian holocaust. They instigated and financed World War 2. They arm-twisted the powers of the world's financial center to grant them a land with people for a people who stole the land so that they would have a sovereign nation from which to semi-legally propagate their crimes.

The Gay Agenda is solely owned and operated by them and they make up the largest majority of these alternative sexual dispositions, from the smallest minority of the public. The purpose of this movement is the destruction of the family unit and the culture, which they mercilessly loot in the process. Hollywood and a larger percentage of the entertainment business is owned by them. They are the chief force for all political financing. Ergo, Bwak! 'comes out' about gay marriage because that is where the funds for his campaign come from.

Let us presume that Satan exists. Let us presume that he has his workforce. Let us more than presume who composes the larger numbers of that work force. Let us assume that one thing Satan is known for is being clever and, of course, diabolical. Those who do not have their heads in their asses, snorting Eau De Myself, under the guidance of their bondage masters, will see the truth and logic of this progression; not necessarily in order or comprehensive; “just the facts, Mam”.

Of course, if you presume the existence of The Devil, you can also presume... whatever. They say, 'the devil is in the details”. This implies plans to me. This also implies alternative blueprints and 'your mission, should you choose to accept it', is to apprehend the game plan that applies to you and carry it out. Bad actors to the left, good actors to the right, metaphorically speaking. Now, if you are a chicken shit fence sitter, with your destiny and Karma in the shitter, nothing in this commentary will be of any interest to you. It might make you mad but... you're already mad, aren't you (in every sense of the word)?

The physical facts of material culture tell us what we see all around us, according to the limited bandwidth of the location. Is this essentially misleading? Yes it is. What does this do to the human mind when, on the one hand, it is presented with incrementally greater and more absurd lies, while at the same time, the resident witness is being impacted by a more enduring truth that preempts and overrides what the senses report? This implies an advancing train wreck, which is the unavoidable result of lying to yourself. There are many ways to engage the truth but... no matter what, at some point the truth will engage you. Yes, at some point, the truth will engage you and only one of you is going to walk away from that encounter.

We hold these fiends to be self reverent. We hold all of what has been said here to be obvious and easily proven beyond dispute. How then comes the argument and outrage, concerning what is about as difficult to register as a fart in an elevator? How is it that so many smart and, in their own estimation, talented, and in their own estimation, courageous, men and women can mince all around the glaring and impossible to doubt, or disprove a reality that looms up in every direction like a gigantic, smoking stinking turd, marinated in Eau de Skunk? These feckless and self-nobilized Kool-Aid junkies go to bed every night with a days old road kill animal for their pillow but... nothing smells funny to them. Well, these men and women are all whores and cowards. They will not say what needs to be said, mostly because they won't get to say it anymore if they do and because they sold their asses for a time share condo in Boca Raton.

Ah yes... Florida, the Sunshine State. It is there that we find the convergence of two of Americas most reprehensible syndicates; the Fundie Christian and the serial killing Zionist. They go there to bake their brown lizard skins before the gaze of the best disinfectant. It is not surprising that they just gave a black woman 20 years in prison for firing a gun into a wall. She would have gotten less time if she had shot the sonofabitch, but I digress. For some reason, the Zimmerman Caper didn't work for her. Maybe it won't ultimately work for him either.

I know it's hard to keep your head up, when malicious entities are trying to bury it in the ground. I know it's hard to hear these things, when you have heard enough of them here but have done nothing about it, while in the process of moving along to something else. Until such time as a rousing chorus of voices shall join me in righteous song, you will keep hearing about it. It must be said or go back to sleep and pretend you're dead. You might as well be and will be. All those roads lead to the catacombs beneath Rome.

I had no thought of these things this morning when I rose from my bed. The thoughts were thrust upon me in the first few things I read. Either you believe as I do that resolution is at hand, or you believe what you are told and you really, really don't want to get involved. Maybe it will all just go away. Yes, that day is at hand and you will be accompanying it when it heads on out of town.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shithouse Rats on the Armageddon Train.

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May your noses always be cold and wet!

(for some reason, I cannot comment but I can post. I can imagine the source of the problem- grin-, so, we'll just limp along from my end, till it clears up.)

We're still out of function, at dumbass junction and the creeps in the shit just won't quit; so it goes in the moment. If it's not flat out drug dealing by the people who shouldn't be anywhere near drugs, unless they are taking them in a suicide attempt, which has my full approval, they're transparently behind all the dirty works that they want to blame on an organization that doesn't exist and which they created for the purpose of their police state agenda. Someone mentioned this being an honest mistake, on the part of an evil, no talent, sewer rat. His capacity toward honest mistakes, is about as dubious as his lineage and... since he's already been previously accused of the same thing before, one can hardly be faulted for noticing his commitment to the usual Tribal behavior, that is the hallmark of his kind. I'm sure that's a non PC reference on my part. Good for me.

Meanwhile, more and more, hard to imagine, really crazy things keep surfacing, on that fly speckled windshield, through which the present presents itself. I'm not sure if this qualifies as an episode of “Justified” or “Breaking Bad”; either will do; Gus Fring to the white courtesy phone.

Everywhere I go these days, I see implosion and ever greater degrees of absurdity. I don't know whether to laugh or cry and alternatively I do both. I'm working on rewriting The Constitution and The Bill of Rights but that might have to wait a few days until I'm back in the mood where I started to do it, which requires a particular comestible to attain the full effect of it (grin).

Satanism and Tribe efforts and agendas are mutual and codependent and as the smallest minority on the planet, they also make up the largest percentage of satanists and militant gay Nazis. “The facts are on our side”. Right, sure they are. If you go over to Shithouse Rat News (also known as Fox), you find the news to be mostly about this, except for mention of the latest murder event by Mossad and the CIA in Syria. The media is completely owned by shithouse rats and reported on by shithouse rats, to the point that they seldom even give their names anymore, because it would be so obvious who was doing all of it. Does this anti-therapy bill not look a lot like certain laws that came out about an event in Europe, supposedly around World War Two? This war followed the mass murder of tens of millions in Russia, due to The Tribe's Bolshevik Revolution. Didn't happen? The Russia thing, I mean? Of course it did? You don't agree? You're a shithouse rat too. Yeah baby, that's where we at, gonna boogie down with a shithouse rat.

Anybody think I like talking about this so often? Why is it that I do? Well, I'm surrounded by cowards, whose chief entertainment is being buggered by shithouse rats. I suppose that makes me aunti-this and aunti that but Uncle Tom I'm not, l'dat. Let me quote myself, just in case it went by in a blur the first time, or happened because of a bump of discomfort on the part of chicken shits, who want to go along to get along; boom! Right into the abyss; “Satanism and Tribe efforts and agendas are mutual and codependent and as the smallest minority on the planet they also make up the largest percentage of satanists and militant gay Nazis”. I guess my grandmother might not approve of my language but, she's long gone and I'm not into ancestor worship.

The two links mentioned here that deal with the issue under discussion, are filled with so much slant, cant and ratshit that it would make any normal person, any objective minded individual, cringe from the contemplation of them. The good and bad news is that there aren't hardly any of those people around anymore. This is what has brought Mr. Apocalypse out of his coffin and into the cold light of this faux, global warming day. Yeah, they want to make global denying against the law and saying who did 9/11 against the law too. They want to make everything against the law, except for every illegal and unnatural act on their own parts. We'll see.

It's time and past time for the big stick to come out and open that gigantic can of Whoopass. It's time and past time, for payback to come back, for those who created all the cancers so that their quack physicians could not cure it, so that their medical supply companies, hospital killing grounds, insurance companies and all the rest of their interdependent business interests could make a fortune out of it, along with all their charities, which are no more than vampire blood banks. It's time and past time to open the Gates of Hell and wish them a faretheeill

Ah, come on Visible, it's not all that bad. You are correct Sir and Madame, it is far worse than that. Where is The Toxic Avenger and Disgusto Man? I saw two pieces of psychopathic, violence porn recently, “The Avengers” and “Underworld Awakening”. It must be that either my consciousness is going through some kind of transformation, or they have really gone over the top, to the point that the ratshit and the sick shit, are now crossbreeding 24/7 and if you say anything about that, you had better keep in mind that it is probably against the law and the only reason it isn't against the law, is that it is in the process of becoming against the law.

Putin is not coming to the GQ 8, or whatever they are calling it, yet I see this. What the hell does that mean? Shades of Red Dawn! Don't even try to figure it out. You don't need a Ferrari anymore to go nowhere fast. You can get there standing still now. Answers? Fuggedaboutit. In a world of postdated 68's, I guess you can't expect more, unless someone is going to cum in the mail. “I been searchin” oh yeah baby, “I got 99”. Let me see, 68 from 99 leaves you 31. That doesn't tell me anything either. Big surprise.

So, back to that shithouse rat, lack of courage, conviction and “I voted for Richard Nixon”, thing. Does it matter if you stand up for or state what you believe in, which happens at the same time to be also true? I have no way of knowing at the moment. I know that silence can often be a crime of omission. Maybe that's a clue to something, even though Bob's not my uncle. I'm turning it around in my mind like meditation balls in my hand. I'm trying to picture it and afraid that if I do, I'll never get another erection in this life and may even need my own therapy, which will also be against the law.

This is probably more Petri Dish than Smoking Mirrors but what comes up is what goes out. Given that the culture now resembles a mouth full of Jujubes and Gummy Bears stuck to the rotting teeth of a skid-row alcoholic, dead in some alley, where Love and Truth lie beaten, bleeding and alone, I'd say it's brunch time for shithouse rats and the tribe they rode in on. It gives a whole new meaning to picking your teeth (in Poughkeepsie? Wrong reference, no doubt).

How is it that we have come to the point where all of the news and topics of conversation, are focused on the smallest concerns of the least numbers of us? Why... it must be because the death of the culture and the destruction of its basic unit is the main priority of shithouse rats.

I don't usually talk like this in real life. Then again, I haven't seen real life since MTV told me what it was and there are all kinds of Big Brother, I'm guessing. One just has to soldier on at this point and endure at every other point, until critical mass comes around and bites those shithouse rats on the ass. You know as much as I do at this point and probably more, in some cases. I know that Shamballa, Shangri-La and the Western Pure Land, are all the same place. I had that pointed out to me a couple of days ago, in the most undeniable fashion, while at the same time being told that I didn't have to do anything about it, my RSVP was on the way. That's some comfort.

Having screwed up many things, for the purpose of demonstration, I have some idea of what I can and cannot do and the latter certainly exceeds the former. Rats on a stick anyone?

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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Pervasive Influence of a Poisoned Dream.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is longer than most of you will read but it says it all. This is what happens, when corrupt politicians, voted into office by abysmally ignorant people, with 'wag the dog' brain sphincters, allow central banks owned by viral, tribal psychopaths, who have preyed on humanity for millennium, are allowed to print and control the currency of the nation. It's a riddle of sorts. You might call it the Riddle of the Sphincter.

They immediately extend out from currency control, to control of the media, publishing, entertainment and all related fields, after having taken control of the government and its foreign policy, so as to make war, wherever the profit motive directs their attention. There can be no argument about it. It is irrefutably true. Anyone who argues against it, disbelieves it, or doesn’t want to hear about it, deserves what they get and so do their offspring, for having chosen that medium of delivery. They continue from these considerations, to control of sexual mores, which they promote in all mainstream media, begging us to weep about some poor entity who insists on wearing female apparel to high school. The point of this, is cultural control and the destruction of that culture. The sexual angle is incidental, it’s just one of the features of reverse engineered kundalini, for the purpose of enforced worship of the material plane which is one of the tenets of Satanism, which is the religion of this viral tribe of Satanic psychopaths.

They operate under an all points agenda and this is what also led to the hijacking of other religions, for the purpose of establishing themselves as special, which they are in the eyes of their horned god. They set up a competitive religion of victim-hood, in order to defense against all the terrible things they did, in all of the nations where they set up temporary residence,until they would get thrown out. They got thrown out of nearly every nation on Earth and some more than once. Most of the founding fathers of the, what some still call, The United States of America, warned about these people but that is pretty much expunged from the areas where most people get their information. It can't really be called information, any more than pre-swallowed and then regurgitated food could be called food but, then again, if you eat it, no matter what it is, then maybe it is food. If you repeat what cannot be contradicted as to what the founding father's actually said, you are called an anti-Semitic, by people who are not Semitic. These people force-created a fabricated nation, on stolen land, that belonged to the people they drove off of their land and displaced with themselves. These people that they abused and seek to liquidate, are the people, that the people who did this to them, claim to be.

Many of you have heard these things before. These things are all true. They can all be proven, very simply and very comprehensibly. They cannot be disproven factually. They can be smoked over and obscured but they are so. They are so. Much worse things are true. I suspect everything said about these people is true and much worse. Some things I have not set out to prove, not because they are terrifying and noxious; probably not more so than many of the things I can prove, but there is no real point in my documenting the litany of their sins. They are Satanists. There are no boundaries to the evil of which they are capable. One shouldn’t get lost in endless speculations. You call it as you see it and if you are fearful of something that is horrible, oppressive and seems powerful, you then must be motivated to find a defense against it. You must study to find if there is a power greater than that,which is the vehicle of material oppression and blindness-making confinement and you must prove it to your satisfaction as being so and being at all. If you do not or cannot then you had better make your peace with your slave masters and be a good little mind slave and consumer junkie and content to live from the scraps at your master's table until you die in ignominy in their minds and your own.

Neither part of this equation is easy but both sides have been proven to the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of many, by those who have come before ...and left all the needed evidence, besides your personal conviction and the necessities of experience, through their own histories, writings and journals, or those composed about them.

Just because you don't want to hear something, doesn't mean it isn't true and also doesn't mean you won’t hear it at some point, or be affected by it to your detriment or benefit. Great and seemingly invincible armies have been defeated. Massive armadas have sunk and drowned at the bottom of the sea. Vast empires are now nothing but ruins. These things are true.

Some huge portion of the world, probably around 90%, is comfortably discontent enough to be swept along in the currents of the great river of dreams. On the way they latch on to flotsam and jetsam and maybe they snag on a sandbank and there they linger, until the river floods and they are carried back away on the current once more, on down the river, until it meets the sea. This is true.

Times change. Situations and conditions come and go. Nothing, except what you cannot see is a constant. Yes, the sun exists for many many millions of years, billions of years and life has always been coming and going in one form or another, for as long as the sun shines. Try as you might and study as you like, you will never be aware of more than a small portion of it and much of that can only be perceived internally by grace of intuitive means. The vastness is incomprehensible. What should one make and what does one make of their existence with such a consideration? That is something that everyone must and does answer for themselves. What lies beyond is inferred in the words that state it, it is beyond. Do you go toward it and one day engage and inhabit it or does it come to you where you are, in a flash of comprehension? Is it something more than this, is it something much more than this, is it something else?

We have a common enemy and that common enemy has footsoldiers, leaders and representatives, just as a government does. It runs a vast open air prison, that is stocked with the willing and unwilling who are managed and dealt with, by the too willing who do it for money, or power, or the perks ...and sometimes for all of these with the added feature, they like it. They enjoy the work. It gets them off. There is nothing human left in creatures like this. They are possessed by the demon mind of an ancient evil. They are intractable and irreversible. They are the children, the architects and the builders of Hell and they are building it one flaming stone at a time. Depending on the time and conditions, they may have many added workers, due to the pervasive influence of a poisoned dream. At other times there are fewer of these. Only a fool and one swallowed up in it, is unaware of what times and conditions these are.

Tomorrow comes a super full moon. There are many opinions concerning what it means and what it brings and various kinds of controlled disinfo. Apparently, visualization is a satanic practice. I suppose vision is a satanic sense? Well, the eye is associated with the devil in The Tarot but... that mostly has to do with it being the organ through which, one views and is deceived by, illusion. That doesn't have to be the case. One has to suppose that visions must be satanic too, if visualization is. I suspect those making these claims would then say it depends on who is having the visions. I guess if it's one of their people it's okay. On one of the other 'sides' of the general perspective, they believe what they believe and continue with what they are up to. On this day there is to be a world liberation, meditation visualization, of all the bankers and lesser bad guys getting rounded up and put in jail. I see that as a definite positive should it happen. I guess that puts me more in one camp than the other.

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, or next week. I don't know what's going to happen today or five minutes from now. I know less about most things, than those who know far less than me, are more informed of and more convinced of, than I am. It's easy, for the moment, for many of these people. Most of the bad things are happening to someone else and they still believe that it is their industry, smarts, higher moral character and better connected religion that is responsible for that; all their private sins and failings notwithstanding.

With everything that has happened in recent decades, far too many people have, by means truly mysterious to me, managed to convince themselves of the truth of preposterous lies, in the face of convincing, compelling and convicting evidence and testimony to the contrary. They are truly dumber than a rock. A rock is able to be still and quiet, even though it doesn't know how to do anything else and that is a greater accomplishment than the people of which I speak. I often believe I should be more like the rocks but apparently that's not my job. However, the defining and demarcating justification and judgement for speech and action is, is it true? Is it true? If it is not true it will meet the truth on the road. If it is true it will burn falsehood. It will render it to ash. I’m comfortable with that.

One of the reasons that I don't take the praise I get seriously, or the blame and most of the criticism either, is that I have seen how quickly people can change when you do not tell them what they want to hear, or when you don't do what they want you to do. I've seen it many times. I've engineered it on purpose to prove it to myself, just to maintain an equanimity of perspective. I wonder if there is a hidden meaning to equivocate being so close to equanimity in the dictionary? I don't know if it is, I don't have a dictionary. Step by step we make our way to that which we cannot see or interpret, until we arrive there and then? There you are.

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