Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They Live! ... with The Walking Dead inside your Head.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(As promised, one last post for a bit. Be assured, if anything happens, I'll chime right in.)

Chicago is famous for several things. One of them is for having the dirtiest political machine in the country; a country that includes Philadelphia and Houston. Is it any surprise that the Anti-Christ, Rahm (is not) Emmanuel is presently the mayor of that city? It is also known as having one of the most brutal police forces and thug response mechanisms in the country; a country that includes Philadelphia and Houston. Is it any surprise that Chicago is exhibiting the kind of behavior for which it is rightly famous? It is no surprise and there is no need for links. The news is all over and they are beating the press into submission as well. Of course, beating the press into submission may not be the worst of ideas; given whom they are already in submission to. For decades now, the press has been bent over a dining room table, with a red, gag reflex, rubber ball in it's mouth. Looks like it's got rubber at both ends but... then again, maybe not; given that homie does play that shit.

Any minute now, that good, old time, false flag religion is going to be having a spontaneous, tent revival, rapture fest somewhere in the country that includes Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston. They need it. They want it and... you get it, except that, for the most part, you don't get it. So you'd better head on down to the corner market for an industrial size bag of Cheetos and a cold pack of Schlitz (Breakfast of Also Rans) because ♫it's going to be raining outdoors♫ Oh yeah! Can I get a shit list?

The fabulous accordion waistline, of the brother and sisterhood of expanding pants needs breathing room. Fire up another blunt, cause we're getting too much oxygen. Bring out another platter of saltines and lard pate... ummm good!. It's time for another PNAC heart attack and with Bin Laden dead already a whole bunch of times, we're either looking at a zombie triple feature or Israel is going to have to pull another rabid rabbit out of it's yarmulke. I suspect we're looking at an MKUltra, Tavistock MeK bot, with “made in Iran” stamped on it's ass. Look for 626 and the reunion label.

Step right up, step right up, get your rubber truncheons and batons. They also come in metal and wood and your choice of designer colors. Red is our biggest seller. Get your bleeding ear, noise guns and microwave heat machines. How about some Banana Peel or Vomit Gas? Stocks are limited. We got exploding Pintos and remote detonating suppositories that you can locate in the same place where you got that Talmud. We got exploding Talmuds for Christ's sakes (oops, context violation). We got everything and we got nothing. We can't handle the truth but we can certainly handle your privates. We're the TSA, up, up and... not away.

Did you drop out of high school? Do you have a sexual or eating disorder? Are you a kleptomaniac or just a garden variety thief? Do you like, on the job, pornography downloads? You might well have a career in the TSA. You can go to work for John (starter) Pistole and Janet (poison planet) Napolitano. Go where no man or women has gone before (in some cases). What can you say about Janet Napolitano? She's a true patriot in Satan Nation. She's the queen sewer rat, from that alley behind the Chinese restaurant, down by the docks in Baltimore, where they used to have 7 rats for every human being and probably still do. Of course being human and defined as human ain't what it used to be and neither is the old gray Napolitano (♫she ain't what she used to be♫), with an ass the size of a piano that is out of tune. Cue the blind man with the vibrating speculum. Is that a D or an A? Well, look at that, something really did climb up there and die. Is that Jimmy Hoffa or Bishop Pike? It looks like a petrified Sasha Baron Cohen and almost as funny. He'd look good, as part of a human centipede with Bill Maher, throw in Michael Savage and Bill O'Reilly and you got a trifecta plus one. The only difference here is which side of their mouth they're talking out of, course, they don't talk out of their mouths. Relax folks, it's just humor and the poll tells you what the majority think. Want to guess how the numbers got like that?

No post ever written here could be as offensive as that but some people have a special dispensation. It just goes on and on and it's all cool. I shouldn't call attention to these things but for some reason I do. It must be that old hate crime gene of mine. Don't worry folks, there's a justification for everything and for everything a justification, ♫under Heaven♫

Any time now, the lid blows off of the pressure cooker. Barracuda Soetoro and the puppet masters are going to be dancing with the stars, or partying down with The Octomom. ♫She'll be pulling a train♫ Look for it on YouTube. It will be right there with the walking dead inside your head. They live!!!

Facebook is sinking without a trace but Arsebook is coming. That IPO is being launched right here by outsourced readers. They propped up Facebook, so that they could suck in the little guy and the little guy did what he always does; went down with the ship. The point behind this is all about The Chinese and the future. What future? You might well ask that very question. We now know that Facebook was all prearranged or, maybe you didn't know that. Hey, I don't know it either. To quote those people with no imagination (in the majority), “just saying”.

Heah comes the false flag. Here comes the false flag. ♫The old gray whore, she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be♫ Now some of you may think I'm talking about The New York Times and some of you might think I'm talking about Janet Napolitano but I think it doesn't make any difference. Both of them want to lock you up and throw away the key, after a full body, cavity search that is.

Ah well, so it goes, getting funkier and nastier by the minute. It's can't get any worse but it always does. There's no bottom apparently. This is probably because they were born out of the phlegm on the sidewalk from a dying alcoholic, on an any given Sunday. Don't worry, nothing human is involved. I never thought I'd see the day when it turned out that J. Edgar Hoover's boys would be neck deep in all the dark shit they were sworn in to prevent. I never thought I'd find out they were players in the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11. Where does that leave the rest of you; not sitting pretty. There are nothing but feathers left in the catbird seat, except for traces of blood. Don't worry, C.S.I is on the way.

Boom! ...goes the big bass drum. Boom! Goes the big bass drum. The orcs are marching and the lidless eye is flaming. Mt. Doom is erupting and whatever else comes along for the ride, down that thirsty, molten, mountain-slide. It didn't have to get like this but it did get like this and it's time for the blame game. The lid is coming off of the garbage can. Mr. Apocalypse is seeing to that and the crowd is getting restless. You hear the early voices crying, “Where are they at? Where are they at”? They're booking to their bunkers. They're locked in the panic rooms of their fortress high rises. They're headed for Paraguay and Patagonia, while Kissinger is stabbing kittens with a fork. Bush Senior and David Rockefeller, are getting ready for their final luxury cruise and the cosmic Abu Nidal is on-board as well. It's the moonlight liner, all expenses paid, to the boardrooms of Hell. All aboard! All aboard!

The sweat hogs are in makeup, coming home on the night's last return trip, on the Staten Island Ferry. Sad lasses and absentee lads, doing an all nighter at The Eagle's Nest or The Mine Shaft. Here come the Armageddon tasers for the final culture shock.

What to do? What to do? It's too little, too late, for most of you. We're hopeful and helpful we think, those of us waiting on the margins, for those on the brink. The hands are extended but you can't see the hands. The voices are calling but the noise is so great. It's hard to hear anything. Is it really too late? Where there's life there's hope, if you call that life, when you're born into darkness and death's the midwife. All aboard!

Help is on the way. The final reel is playing. The hero saves the day... maybe, maybe not. We don't know but we will see. Today... tomorrow... next week. We shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Hog butcher for the world."

A Chicago claim to fame.

That can't be good at all.

Clarity said...

Visible, this might be enough to get me through the two weeks or so without anything new from you. The message is bleak but the delivery was one of your best yet. An unusually quiet room, but I couldn't keep from laughing out loud. Seventeen pairs of eyes staring at me... No wonder it was quiet.

I hope this false flag ends up as the USS Enterprise did - mission incomplete. Maybe there is enough awareness that they won't be able to pull it off? I'm one to hope.

The swine will have to deal with their choices and the lives they lived. I will deal with mine. Far from perfect, but I prefer where I'm sitting at this time. I'll continue on my path as we wait and see how it all plays out.

Good luck with your writing, Visible. May the words flow as freely as the goodness from your heart.

Gurneygob, I hope your birthday was happy, and all that you deserved.

Neil, if you want to talk, let me know. I'm swinging high to low now, and it can change several times in a day.

Homer, thank you for the car info. That's not my area of expertise, and I welcome all feedback.

To someone - it may have been Anonymous, but I apologize if you posted your name... The link to wagging the moondoggie was hysterical. On page two, I had the concern of my family. I don't know if I ever laughed that hard. It brought on a small miracle as my family actually came to see what was up.... And didn't leave, despite the fact that if they see me at my computer, they assume I am up to my evil works. In fact, I read a few parts out loud, and they didn't walk away. I'm not saying anything will come from that... it was enough in and of itself.

I'm probably forgetting to say something important to someone....


Visible said...

Right; as usual, too busy for the usual formalities and courtesies. Happy after the fact birthday, Gurnygob. All the best.

Anonymous said...

It IS about that time,
will they nuke us here in Denver? or how about DesMoines?
(perhaps a massive poison attack in Little Rock?)
As long as I can give my heart to the Divine, I wont sweat it too hard (I hope)
not that there is much hope for THIS place..
I never trusted Faexbook, (perhaps I'm paranoid but I could never figure why people would give out personal info to a public venue like that, taking part in one's personal surveillance.)
But then again, I should talk,(I have a Twitter account), It was the only way I can keep in touch with my friends in Occupy Denver,(having stage four emphysema limits my mobility). I even post your videos sometimes (don't know if anyone bothers to see them though)
BTW here is another in an ever increasing torrent of exasperating STUPID outrages (in this case probably DELIBERATELY so) ;


of course, we always knew they were behind it…

hope to hear from you again in a couple of weeks, in the meantime I'm going to keep trying to work "the water pump"

Love to all- DreAmeoba

Anonymous said...

They Live! Hmmm, just yesterday an article named Illusion tricks you into thinking these celebrities are downright hideous was published. Thinking - realizing, whatever, note to self: Engage parallax view more often. A new clif high is out, can I read through it before the event happens? Will any of this postpone Vis' recess? Interesting times. May a time without interest, compounded or not arrive shortly.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a claim that social and artistic degeneracy has been planned decades in advance, and the implementation is well advanced.

Via http://the-tap.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/gangster-rap-was-designed-to-increase.html


Anonymous said...

the weird gets weirder...or not

i am one of the few who continues to ponder the missing fbi agent labeled 'despondent'....various bits of news that he and another agent uncovered a false flag set up "they're all insane"...biggest manhunt in burbank (!) in 20 years...he's still missing...or is he? no news for over a week. poof! it all went away. other agent suddenly and i mean suddenly locked up for child porn on his computer...really? 25 year veteran and expert in bombs...investigated OK and 911...hmmm...gone away for good now.

well here's my point...in one of your links (see, they are valuable!!) i noticed that Zuck's bride is from Braintree, MA....never heard of it before EXCEPT this past week when i read that the missing, possibly suicidal fbi agent, went to high school there. yep. who sez there are no coincidences. me.

i love a mystery....

liz in l.a.

Stephen Herbst said...

Hi Les,

Fantastic post! It's all so good but love the, "We can't handle the truth but we can certainly handle your privates."

Crumbs it will be a bleak two weeks without Sir Visible... it was bad enough a while back when you took a partial break and, well postings became erratic and deeply missed. But I do wish you all the best and hope there are few distractions [unless intentional :) ] from your new novel.

Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Les, you make me laugh. I gotta lighten up or I'm going to start drinking Sterno again.

You mentioned Paraguay. My information is that the Bush family purchased 98,000 acres in Chaco province, northern Paraguay in 2006. This is said to be a "military reservation" and sits on "the largest aquifer in the world." The Reverend Moon is a neighbor; he has 1.5 million acres.

These complexes have their own power generation.

Dave on the East Toast

the gardener said...

DreAmeoba-after my husband and father went through very miserable chronic O2 conditions tethered to their blasted airlines... it dawned on me that both of them were and had been all their lives TOTALLY CONSTIPATED. I, of course, brought that observation up to both of them and their doctors who, of course, did not get into that connection like I have.

Elimination is the most important function of our bodies. They've got to do it and with the toxins of our food, air and water it is even more so important. Neither of them liked to sweat either. Hot weather really taxed them, they just hated sweating. So no to sweating and pooping.

I did do Epsom Salt (magnesium) baths to my husband. It helped him a lot-his electrolytes were so screwed up due to the diuretics he was on.

I do seriously believe their life time constipation played a big part in their respiratory problems. My husband always wanted to do a clinical colon flushing but he never got around to it. Serious shit man!

Clarity-ALL of Dave's massively researched works are hysterically smartly funny... 'Wagging the Moondoggie' just slays due to the OBVIOUS BULLSHIT that nobody really put together or noticed until Dave lays it out-deep and thick!

Read his news articles from ten/twelve years ago too. Very outrageous in hind sight.

Les Visible... I'll think of you night and day in your absence. Hope I can meet up with you in real time one day in this life... if not, see you later alligator, for sure. Love you tons.

the gardener said...

Dear liz in LA... that manhunt was an eyecatcher to me too... so many outrageous stories go down the poop chute-never to be heard about again. What's up with the cute producer or whatever guy who went missing too and they called off the big search for him last week end? At least that other actor who was reported missing checked in and said he was in re-hab.

It is pretty bad (or is it good?) when one starts wondering if that 'missing FBI guy' is even REAL... so much is so staged and totally manufactured for imprinting or tests that it is really hard to know what is real or bogus.

Joan Rivers is one example of 'who's her daddy' because she is just one nasty piece of bad facial reconstructive work. I remember her from the 60s when she was just a homely jewish broad making fun of herself mainly. She and 'her Edgar' who took himself out decades ago now. What was up with that?

Reporting that just West of the Rockies our bees are doing GREAT... like someone else said 'a great diversity of them' too... I've never seen bumblebees in the apple blossoms before. Lots of those little wild bees and so many honeybees that the trees just hum. I like them.

I get stung by a diverse lot of beings a few times a year. There is this plant called Plantain (mimics dandelions and grows around them)flat long five ribbed leaf... long stem and thimble sized delicate flower heads... mash a leaf or two with your fingernail...daub on the bite and VOILA! IT IS TOTALLY GONE IN ABOUT 3 MINUTES. I got stung on the ass cheek last summer-felt like a hot poker burning me. I pulled down my pants-getting kind of dizzy then-grabbed one of those handy plant leaves-daubed it on and it was GONE...might have sat on a wasp. I forgot about it and later that day looked at it and it was just a dot. No swelling or pain or nothing. The globe shaped plantain plant leaves are supposed to be good for internal ingestion to clear up any infections inside etc.

the gardener

Lee said...

Interesting how you refer to "Night Of The Living Dead". I can't seem to download the full movie from the Tube.

I don't why all of a sudden I am interested in that 60's black and white sci-fi horror flick.

The cosmic coincidence is going on again.

Personal update: I have to move again and not sure of where I am going to. Got rid of all my musical gear and other things. I feel so relieve not having to lug that stuff around in my small car.


missingarib said...

vis,lord knows how often the oppressed groups have tried to organize outside of the social/national thought prisons only to be attacked and consumed.
Prison colonies in Australia, north america were established to harvest the bounty of rapacious greed,,social injustice, political machinations,(the tribe moves in mysterious ways) in "Great Britian","France".---.

American independence the magna carta and many more attempts to reign in the beast have as of now failed.

Post war pleas for help only to have the military tie up the lose ends http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonus_Army, Kent state,dead presidents ,civil war, all allowed because of a cold soup of fear and greed with a pinch of what suits your tastes.

So , yes Vis ,it is not for want of trying that we find ourselves here today -your thoughts and eclectic presentations are much appreciated ,live long

Anonymous said...

Re: False flags

Maybe they'll be clever this time around and borrow a page from Aum Shinrikyo Tokyo Subway episode back in

Why wreck perfectly good real estate when there's no a need to? Sometimes it's better when all you have to do is haul away the bodies to a big pit and light match. Then declare the place a no-go zone for a while.
Sometimes you have to change it up a bit; bit of finesse.

Nukes and natural disasters tend to be messy. And inefficient(look no further than Fukushima). And besides, didn't Saddam Hussein give all of his WMDs to Iran anyway?

Visible said...

Hi Lee; Boy, you sure are a Rambling Girl. Good luck! Prayers to follow.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece, Visible...hope you hit a home run with that new novel; I am sure you will.

Clarity, glad the link to "Wagging the Moondoggie" gave somebody a laugh. What cinched it for me was the ridiculous-looking Lunar Entry Module (LEM), the top half of which, as McGowan noted, "looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper"; and the bottom of half of which, "looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape". On and on it goes, the lies piling up so high you wonder how the hell anybody bought into the scam in the first place. But we all bought into it, most of us, anyway - I know I did. Without question. Makes you wonder what the hell else they have lied about - I think the short answer is "everything".

Interesting side note here: Mike Rivero (of What Really Happened fame) had a link up recently on his site, which pointed to "Inside the LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation" (also written by Dave McGowan; it's a fabulous read).

Rivero must have only recently been turned on to it, as he had put it up on his site just a few days back, along with his own, personal, glowing endorsement of the piece...

I emailed Mike a few days back, and informed him that McGowan had also written a really hilarious expose on the Apollo moon landings, and since Mike had enjoyed McGowan's "Inside the LC" series so much, perhaps he might go have a look at "Wagging the Moondoggie"?

Mike promptly took the link down to "Inside the LC", which I thought was...um...interesting.

I guess the whole point here is this (in terms of "Wagging the Moondoggie" and other carefully constructed evidentiary compilations that wake us up to What Really Happened) - even people who are allegedly "awake" have specific holy shrines of misplaced belief, that they cling to fervently, which others simply may not defile under any circumstances.

And I guess that just makes all of us demented human beings when you break it all down. (And we're all trying to "quit", but it just takes time.) Peace out.

Cosh said...

You remind me of an incident in Baltimore when I was growing up there. On East North Avenue (yes, I know, but this is B'more we're talking about) there was a fancy Chinese restaurant that closed very suddenly. Turns out that a health dept inspector was leaving after giving the place a routine inspection and accidentally knocked over a garbage can. As he replaced the garbage in the can a bag broke and out came rat skins and rat bones. No wonder their meat dishes were so popular....

tmcfall said...

Stella Blue
I was really confused by Visible's "read" on you. I got nothing but 150% Female Magical Energy off of your posts. There is some incredible Female energy in this room these days!
I too was in the music biz in the 70's in Northern California. Both at work and at play!
I think we should branch out and take over some chat rooms while Visible is tying up loose eds.
Love & Blessings
Tom in Tempe Arizona
PS> - just signed a new 15 month lease at my ghetto apartment just to keep the rent on the down low. They made me get renter's insurance. I don't have a piss to pot in (and don't need or want it) but it's damn well insured. Have not found the Apocalypse exclusion clause yet, but I'm sure it's there.

Anonymous said...

FUKUSHIMA, FUKUSHAMBLES, FUKUSHAMEBLES..LV. http://enenews.com/ambassadors-comments-translated-asahi-another-accident-4-reactor-building-could-final-catastrophe-world ... jeesus vis, why no mention?...in the words of Lady K or Catherine de Burgh...I am most seriously dis-pleased. (grin)...luv your works dear Vis..Jean (english, named after scottish midwife who lifted her into the light)

neil said...

Blow fire light tip
Corn braids and circles
Hearts made of butterfly's
Wings of eternal
Rhythms and rivers
Sublime loving waves
Draw through the spirit
Natures high plains
A breath of the living
Through the earth calls
Old mother dandelion
Harmony chords


Denny said...

Anonymous 8:56: PM...

"Even people who are allegedly 'awake' have specific holy shrines of misplaced beliefs that they cling to fervently..."

They sure do, and that's why the only way round this is by LAUGHING at everything being told to you by anyone, whether "saint", "sinner" or obviously politician.

No one can even state with any certainty who their own biological parents are. At the most it would be 100% assumption, and 100% assumption does not equal "knowing". Interestingly enough, this also implies that "knowing" who one's own biological parents are cannot really be of any importance either.



Hilary Clinton arriving next month in Oslo to discuss "global health issues"...

Great..! Maybe she could mention the global health dangers of vaccines, the highly toxic mercury in everyone's teeth, mammographies, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, wi-fi EMR, chemtrails, toxic food additives, copper depletion and all the rest... And while she's there, maybe she could close down the "Rockefeller Institute" in Oslo (or what the more awakened Norwegians now refer to as the "Rockefeller Mass Poisoning Institute")...


If anyone would like to come and live in Sweden, my neighbours have just offered me their beautiful country house and well kept garden for the ridiculously cheap price of $50 000. Ready to live in and garden complete with bees at the time of writing and ready to grow whatever...

thecleaners said...

les,hey , those inglorious bastards eventually paint themselves into a corner . The problem is they are clever enough to walk out backwards from their problem-
think ya got a good bead on the tracks going into that room with the strong smell.
you da man

Stella Blue said...

Omg Viz--BOOM! Shakka lakka lakka...heh heh...you DO go out with a bang!

"...they were born out of the phlegm of a dying alcoholic...." (so Mickey Rourke)
"Don't worry, C.S.I. is on the way."
SO many people are seriously glued to C.S.I. on the proverbial tube. All there is are detective shows with tarantula eyelash full rack beauties running after the bad guys in spike heels. Police shows, detective shows, solve those murders, medical shows, examine those bodies, go to perform an autopsy in the spiked heels with the cleavage & the tarantula lashes. And the public loves this shit and goes "She is so HOT!"

Thanks for going out with such meaty, tasty rat innards flagrante delicto --and some kundalini in clam sauce. I know we are all appreciative ;) and will Jones for you in absentio (no, that is NOT a Tantric pose).

A good read on false flags is at:


Cosh @9:19p --
Eau de Night in Baltimore...love that Moo Shoo Pork '-)

Tom in Tempe --
Hugs, fella--thank you! Very kind, and oh so sweet! I wound up pared down to the bare essentials as I shared with you before. And the back seat of the old Cadillac was preferable to a shelter or under the bridge with the green garbage bag. Fortunately, it didn't get that far--I got to retain a semblance of dignity. The Divine rescued me & I experienced the Gift of Desperation. I now live just fine, all my needs are met and "just enough" turns out to be more than plenty! No debt; expendable materiality. Your insurance clause is an absolute non-sequiturial hoot. Thank goodness they don't impose that on us here in the "Village" (it's called) complex where I live on fixed income.

Thanks, too, to everybody who posted kindnesses to me. It warms my lonely heart (cue Sgt.Pepper).

Love and blessings to all...(cue Roy Rogers)--"Happy Trails to You, until we meet again."

[P.S.-Thx for the emails Visible!]

neil said...

River fire
Rushing deep
Thunder bristles
Lightning streak
Sunlight gather
Golden plume
Meadows lift
weavers loom
Heaven scented
Beam through cloud
Vibrancy lifting
Beads of sound
Loving skywards
Lotions pour
Made of peace
Melt all war


neil said...

Spring seeds
Summer essence
Mountain pathway
Motion senses
Wondering high
Longing forward
Everlasting streams
Rising forces
Vibrant living
Harmony trails
Sunlight shining
Wind in the sails
The way on in
Course of the breeze
Braids in the heart
Of earth in us be


Anonymous said...

one more time for the children in the hospital...

speaking of words that start with CH...

Dig this Chutzpah...!!!


Rabbi Shlomo "Mohel" Rosenfeld, the Rabbi of Shadmot Mehula in the Jordan Valley, emphasized that it is precisely the EU, that represents the European {Israelite} countries where the Holohoax was filmed in color, and simply must feel the responsibility for a secure Talmudia in Palestine.


“What is happening today in Talmudia {Insane Asylum with Nukes} is an exegestitis extension of the Zionazi infussed HoloHoax,” he enigmatically phlegmed on Standley, while chutzpahing.


“The golem turds that are the Jewish people are again being made a scapegoat for the lack of world peace while the Palestinian peace activists and Truth tellers are depicted as innocent peace seekers.


I want to state emphatically and clearly in no uncertain terms that the EU’s one sided support of the Palestinian demands is an unmitigated extension of the HoloHoax.”


last time in Chicago, saw Monet @ the Chicago Institute of Art...

was glad to leave that place....


another place that needs to be liberated Palestine...


one tin soldier

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Mel Gibson's latest movie "Get The Gringo" is worth a watch, and a rewatch for missed bits. I'm sure that the kid could have been inspired by Palastian kids and what "THEY" do to them, but you can't just come out and say it can you? Bartertown seems where we're headed.

brokenbeat said...

Hi All,

Dunno if anyone else was in a funk yesterday...I sure was. I put it down mostly to some poor decisions on Sunday, not maintaining good intentions and awareness during the eclipse and therefore only indirectly due to that event.

It was educational though and I was able to see yesterday that I am my own biggest threat, or perhaps I should say my ego is. Whatever the energies and conditions, my state of mind is the over-riding factor. I've got my own personal Antichrist right here within me. I don't need any outside aggressor, oppressor or suppressor -- left to my own devices I will do just fine (NOT!).

I was grateful for not suffering any real consequences in my misadventures and gained some insights. I was mostly just unaware and stupid in some interactions later that night (due to some drinks) and my ego ran with that, compounding things further later. It could have been worse, but I regained my composure and control over my ego. Yesterday I awoke feeling embarrassed (and somewhat hung-over) and realized my ego was still at play, but there were lessons here that I must recognize regardless.

I suppose this is what Gurdjieff was referring to when he spoke of evil as simply whatever holds you back from spiritual growth. Good and evil, truth and lies are not so much universal as personal.

Speaking of truth and lies, I spent a good part of my funky Monday reading all of "Wagging the Moondoggie" and "Inside the LC". Both are very convincing. I did have some foreknowledge of at least some aspects of both, but these essays are thorough (and entertaining).

I will admit to not doubting the Apollo program for decades, never perhaps examining the matter critically, but also not thinking such a massive thing like that could, or would, be hoaxed. I recall seeing the "first steps" as a ten year-old in Brazil in the company of some military folk (as well as many others in a mixed gathering) and being reprimanded for laughing at Neil Armstrong bouncing after stepping off the ladder. "This is serious! That man is on the moon!"

Perhaps since I was so young and in the company of others hood-winked it is understandable that I wouldn't have doubted then, but it just didn't seem implausible either and didn't for until fairly recently. It took that series of articles to seal the deal for me. I guess it was a big enough lie and I suppose I wanted to believe that we had the capabilities.

I've seen through many other big lies before (like the biggie a decade ago as it was happening, but then questioned my skepticism for a period). And I have had some doubts raised by the photo analysis over the years, but it was the "nuts and bolts" (or should I say the literal sufficient lack thereof) of the technical challenges that was the most convincing -- the lack of radiation shielding, the flimsy LME, the insufficient rocket use, the dust issue, the temp issues, the micro-meteorites...

It is depressing to think even JFK was not who I thought he was, but not so shocking really in light of all I've learned about deceptions and manipulations over the years. Still, as far as 'leaders' go, he was one that seemed to strive to right some wrongs. Perhaps his dream was innocently unrealistic and he was subsequently deceived... How's that for saving the image of a hero?

John V.

(end of pt. 1 of 2)

brokenbeat said...

(pt. 2 of 2):

The Laurel Canyon series was overwhelming in the shear volume of evidence indicating a clearly coordinated program, identical histories and patterns. Again, it's depressing that some of our childhood heroes were less than such, but I never saw any real integrity in pop artists. I'm constantly amazed at the public's interest in the points of view of celebrities on weighty issues and the credence lent to them. It's no secret that connections, willingness to compromise and not talent rules the day vis-a-vis success in the entertainment industry. Not to say there wasn't some great music made, but then again, there was a great deal of talent and money thrown at the program. And some participants were (and are) truly gifted. Still, not as shocking as the Apollo hoax.

What these both share in common is the lengths to which the elite went to at that time to shape public sentiment and culture to sustain wars, oppress people, and raid resources. Clearly though, it was more than just for the gains at that time, but rather a part of a sustained effort going back centuries or millenia with the expectation of gains over the future of similar time spans.

What a world, what a time... and what a wonder in the Internet to help us understand it now! Of course, the truth simply being "out there" (or shoved under people's noses) is not enough, but this DARPA project could just be the key to their undoing. Perhaps, with hubris, they still think they can control the message by clouding the streams. Lots of gold in the streams of dem der hills tho...

They have always hid their sordidness in plain sight, mocking the gullibility, blind faith, fearful respect, hopelessness and therefore gutlessness of humanity. I suppose it is our presumption of their innocence that they really find quaint -- and probably disgusting. The dark can't understand the light just as the light can't understand the dark.

Let us intend, pray, manifest and act towards an quick end to this insanity,

John V.

brokenbeat said...

Bella Stella,

FWIW, there was never any doubt in my mind of your gender...or abundant sexuality... Nope, no deception there... Like I said once before, you remind me of a fun, witty hottie from my high school days that I've recently reconnected with but lives in another western state... Wait, maybe there is a conspiracy here... could you be her? Me wonders... No, she doesn't have your spiritual bent... and we were in high school when you were off with the rockers on the east coast... but just barely by the acts you mentioned... in that long ago deleted post... good thing I copied it... Just kidding!

Luv ya, Stella!

John V.

Group meditation said...

Perhaps there is someone here who feels divinely inspired to write a short anti-war/pro-truth/pro-peace prayer and to pick a time we could all pray it.

ChewyBees said...

I am thoroughly convinced that all of this comes down to measuring how much every single man can be tricked, or deceived, into believing, that which is false is actually true.

Think about how many levels that occurs on. And then realise how many levels it has power on. Government, Science, Religion, Ecology, Economics, Relationships, whatever are steeped in fooling the foolish, and the foolish fall for it every time.

The reason there haven't been the purported false flags over the last 2 years? It must be embroiled in complete deception. There cannot be a forethought, or fore-posting of information that identifies the plans of a false flag anything. The reason is that it is too easy to create a viral outburst of identification based on foreknowledge of current event. 911 was a surprise. OK City was a surprise. So many events have been a surprise with zero connection to the planning that made them happen. This is how these event are successful in making the changes in law and governance that the PTW so lust after. But they are greatly lacking in their planning, and these types of outrageous plans to coerce the populace are becoming much harder to pull off for a couple of reasons. First, there is so much information coming in at all times on the Internet. Essentially Bush Sr. cursed himself with his 'thousand points of light' scheme. He has it, to the chagrin of his Nazi family and the brownshirt henchmen. Second, the powers that attempt to pull any of this effin she-ite off are so embroiled in their own self serving stature, their own addiction to bling as god, that they are constantly pulled away from successfully securing that which they are constantly whoring themselves out for. It's the old dealer's adage - don't do what you deal. Or in lesser circles, don't eat where you shit.

The more awareness an even small percentage of population has of the next dumbass plan of these fools the better. Let the rest vote for their version of teleprompted fraudulence, I'm done with trying to make a change in their channeled, programmed, directed, and reality driven minds. I know none of us can even compete with TV. What we can do, is make sure that there is always an awareness in place that precedes some poison ivy league nightmare for profits scheme.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis (and all)!

"Any minute now, that good, old time, false flag religion is going to be having a spontaneous, tent revival..."

Along that line, this long paper (link below) is the single scariest thing that I have run across on the internet. It is a report by Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army...

You may have seen it already; it is from 1999. Lots of details that I had not known. Well worth the reading.

Especially, MOST especially, check out Appendix A estimates.


Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Good luck on the book writing! We will miss you...

Anonymous said...

JP morgon, Goldman Sacs, the FED, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other zionist financial entities need to be terminated.

With their end will also end wars for economic gains.

The whole zionist economic ponzi scheme MUST end.

Right now the 99% are debt slaves to the zionist central bankers and our children die in wars for their futher economic and political gain.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry Les, the lake of fire is now evident, the fear of it will grip the world once the fuel rods start melting, it's not a matter of if...but when...

so it's too late to start talking and too early to start shooting...

Chicago is international now.....the eo of Obama makes us all subjected to international law...Nato owns us, the queen owns our land, and Rothschild owns our money....

automatons all marching to the beat of war drums with dumb and mute.

Have a nice vacation Don't worry if nothing's left when you get back


Skepticfrog said...

To Anon., 5/22 6:41
"Why wreck perfectly good real estate when there's no a need to?"

They'll wreck a piece of real estate they no longer need.

Just look a 911 what it accomplished:
1. Three towers and other assorted buildings - which were no longer needed or wanted - gone.
2. Billions collected (stolen) by Cabal members from insurance companies.
3. 3K capable and educated goyim exterminated.
4. Gold in basement vaults - stolen.
5. Usher-in the Patriot Act, and setting up the framework of the police-totalitarian state.
6. Pretext to attacking two countries in close succession.
7. Creating the boogaboo men ("terrorists") to scare stupid men and little children with, and to facilitate ever more repressive measures on the American populace.

If I left something out, please let me know.

Visible said...

I'm bringing back Mr. Visible's Neighborhood. once I accumulate the coin for them.

Mr. Visible's Neighborhood was a very popular cable show in Manhattan and other locales in the 90's and we'll be putting some of those older shows up later this year on Vimeo, Youtube or somewhere.

I really enjoy doing extemporaneous walkabouts. It 'can be' very funny.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article on the progress of intellectual corruption:

Anonymous said...

I don't post much but this time I want to say please back off with all this sexual identity crap and how all of you were so psychically tuned to who is what. If you had fucking read what Visible said in the first place you'd, ah fuck it. Just stop.

Many people appreciate what happens here but there is this tendency to want to extract the last bent dime from the operation. The reason he is one of the only people doing this kind of thing is because of how hard it is and for what seems to be next to nothing. I don't know what his sacrifices are but I would bet they are considerable.


gurnygob said...

Selling Sunglasses are you?

Don't get what that link is about but then I don't get much so nothing new there.


Visible said...

It is often difficult to tell the difference between sarcasm and ignorance but it is not difficult to notice when someone misspells their own name.

est said...

group med @ 7:02 am

perhaps this
would work

the void is not empty
it's filled with light
of this i am sure of
with all of my might

the world is troubled
as i rest tonight
half in darkness
something’s not right

the day will break
the sun will rise
and i'll see things
through different eyes

i hope that my visions
not clouded by doubt
peace among all of us
is the only way out

Anonymous said...


You're absolutely correct--taking down the WTC in such dramatic fashion certainly got the ball rolling. They're after Iran these days. Though one wonders how much more 'bang for the buck' can they need to get out of that approach now. Maybe still a lot, considering how dumbed-down the populace is in general. Heck, most were convinced(and many still are) that Iraq did 9-11. TPTW have always been careful not to overestimate the collective level of intelligence. There is always some degree of work involved in herding the cattle.

The American people will swallow the biggest load of shit provided it's wrapped up in the American flag and served up with a big dose of fear.

Mandocello(I forget to sign off on my original comment)

Anonymous said...

I believe the term for all of this, is, "hoodwinked". (I wonder where that expression comes from, perhaps we can Google it.) We were definitely hoodwinked on the Apollo landings, on Global Warming, on Peak Oil - on and on it goes.

If their lips are moving, they are lying - if you see it, don't believe it. (Especially if it's on TV.) Question everything. If it's true, it will be self-evident, after your own personal investigation.

"Truth does not fear investigation" - hey, that's a Michael Rivero quote! Which makes it even more curious that Mike Rivero responded to my asking him if he would read "Wagging the Moondoggie" (since he had Dave McGowan's "Inside the LC" series on his website already), by taking the link DOWN to "Inside the LC". I wonder if Michael feared his site visitors might investigate the truth about the Apollo moon landings??? "Truth does not fear investigation", I really like that one. Because it is so true.

When certain alleged "Bastions of Truth" start rejecting certain self-evident truths (like the faked Apollo moon landings, or the existence of Satanism, or any number of things), as a thinking human being, it's an eminently smart idea to resist the temptation to chug the rest of any future Kool-Aid they might offer you...if you catch my drift.

Or, to put it another way, if someone makes a habit of excluding certain self-evident truths regarding "conspiracy theories" from the landscape of their Allowable Arguments, and they ask you to follow them around the corner into the fight - "Come on, people, let's join the OWS protests - who cares if the cops beat our brains in and kill us, we'll be making a STATEMENT!", uh, it's probably a good idea to tell them you'll wait and catch the next available bus or cab...

The fact is, truth does NOT fear investigation. And anyone who claims to be a Real Seeker of Truth shouldn't have any problems at all with posting anything and everything on their websites that offers evidence for or against a particular viewpoint of theirs. When a person starts selectively doing that, their credibility is immediately compromised. When they do it regarding certain subjects in a broad, sweeping fashion, they have an agenda. Agendas are for gatekeepers. Truth is for people who open the gates and let anything at all wander in, knowing full well that any person who can think for themselves, will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And I guess what I wrote there, well, it sure as hell doesn't fear investigation. I welcome anybody and everybody to investigate it. Analyze it. Defend it or tear it to shreds. Because all I want to know, is the truth. And I could definitely be wrong - about a lot of things. But I won't know for sure until I've been able to look at it from all angles. To my total satisfaction. And neither will you. And that's the point. Peace out.

neil said...

Est,big feeling on that one,thankyou

neil said...

And lord visible,you take care of yourself over the next couple of weeks,your writing will be sorely missed,,

Massive huge Loving everything's to you sir,to help you on your little trip..... : )

mike m said...

Dear Vis

By the looks of the comments posted here lately it might be a good idea to put off your sabbatical...for now

Anonymous said...

The preprogramming beat goes on.

Visible, may more than wealth and fame come your way, but the priceless feeling of making a positive change in a big way.

To all that think that moon landing fraud was big, kick off yer shoes and stroll over here:


Slave/master is so last lifetime, this time it's debtor/creditor.

Best to all,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your works Visible!

for any interested:

"Stark Aerospace of Mississippi", located in USrael (formerly USA), -makes 41% of world's drones
-has FAA permission to fly its drones over USrael territory
-and has zionnut israelis running the company, mainly because it is a direct subsidiary of the "Israel Aerospace Industries"
-meaning it is the only foreign entity allowed to fly drones over USrael territory (reason is because zionnuts have much experience with drone operations against Palestinians)

it's now clear why "Club AIPAC" (formerly US CONgresS) created legislation authorizing funding for 30,000 USrael-based drones

zionnuts gonna bring Gaza to the (former) USA

May Peace and Truth Residing in all Souls be Realized!

Anonymous said...

In response to the anonymous poster at 11:35, who turned us on to this link - http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html

The vast majority of that information seems very accurate. However, in intelligence agency parlance, I would tend to refer to the information found at the link posted by Anonymous, referenced above, as being a "limited hangout".

Here's how that works. In order to keep the largest parts of a huge lie hidden from view, intelligence agencies will "hang out" a small piece of the truth. This is called a limited hangout. And this is the case for the information presented at the link above.

If you dig deeper into the subject of who really owns America, as David Icke has pointed out with tremendous detail in his book, "The Biggest Secret", you'll find that there are puppet-masters behind the whole charade of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, etc.

And the first major step taken by the true puppet-masters (the people who run the whole show), which resulted in the covert enslavement of the American people, began with the formation by King James 1, in 1606, of a little enterprise called the Virginia Company.

According to Icke (from "The Biggest Secret", Chapter 9) -

"The British Crown owns...the land and institutions of the United States, including the Internal Revenue Service which collects the taxation and the Federal Reserve Board, the privately owned ‘central bank’ of America which lends the government money that doesn’t exist and charges the taxpayers interest on it. The Federal Reserve Board is owned by the same Brotherhood families in Britain and Europe who own the rest of America. But here’s yet another twist. Who owns the assets apparently owned by the Virginia Company? Answer: the Vatican...on October 3rd 1213, King John, as ‘King of England Corporation Sole’ claimed autonomy over all the sovereign rights of England and assigned them to the Pope, who, as Vicar of Christ, claimed dominion over the whole world. In return, the Pope granted executiveship to the English Crown over all these dominions. In other words, the Crown is the chief executive and the Vatican is the owner, although, of course, the true owner is whoever controls the Vatican. This is why I keep saying that London is the centre of the operational level of the Brotherhood."

You can read this entire excerpt, and more interesting details about the Virginia Corporation, and who the major players are behind the scenes, right here -


est said...

Kerouac :

"The only people for me are the mad ones,

the ones who are mad to live,

mad to talk, mad to be saved,

desirous of everything at the same time,

the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing,

but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles."

John C (UK) said...

Anon 23rd May 8.03PM

The same Michael 'I'm a special effects guy who used to work for NASA' Rivero?

'Nuff said

Truthseeker said...

Window for a nuclear false flag this coming week at the annual Urban Beach Festival in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Rivero worked for NASA as an image analyst. Ties right in with the faked lunar landings. I guess that's why he so vehemently attacks anyone who tries to expose the fraud.

Come to think of it, Rivero also denies the existence of chemtrails - any idiot can spend five minutes looking at the sky and then do some basic research on the conditions necessary to create a contrail (versus a chemtrail), and realize we are being sprayed like freaking insects.

(FYI - did you know that Rivero is an admitted Sephardic Jew, and he was once married to an Ashkenazi Jewess? Well now you do. Look it up. Google it. He freaking admits it. Rivero is the enemy. End of story.)

Sharmine Narwani said...

Israelis who don’t want to share Palestine as equal citizens with the indigenous Palestinian population – the ones who don’t want to relinquish that which they demanded Palestinians relinquish 64 years ago - can take their second passports and go back home. Those remaining had better find a positive attitude – Palestinians have shown themselves to be a forgiving lot. The amount of carnage they have experienced at the hands of their oppressors – without proportional response – shows remarkable restraint and faith.

This is less the death of a Jewish state than it is the demise of the last remnants of modern-day colonialism. It is a rite of passage – we will get through it just fine. At this particular precipice in the 21st century, we are all, universally, Palestinian – undoing this wrong is a test of our collective humanity, and nobody has the right to sit this one out.

Israel has no right to exist. Break that mental barrier and just say it: “Israel has no right to exist.” Roll it around your tongue, tweet it, post it as your Facebook status update – do it before you think twice. Delegitimization is here – have no fear. Palestine will be less painful than Israel ever was.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article, of unknown reliability, about domination of Hollywood and the music industry, by dark forces:

Anonymous said...


"Rivero is the enemy."

Not so sure. I suspect he did work on the NASA moonlanding hoax. I suspect he is not proud of that fact but that he rationalises to himself that it doesn't really do anybody any harm. His refusal to admit video fakery at the world trade center on 9/11 or that no plane hit the Pentagon is probably to close for confort to his earlier contribution to the Apollo hoax.

Otherwise he is full-on about international central fiat ponzi banking, debt slavery, Palestinian rights, israel's illegitimacy, Ron Paul's platform, warming fraud, Agenda 21 as a NWO tax collector, USA vote fraud, Wallstreet banksters and a host of other truth seeking topics.

Formerly a part of the deception machine - yes. The enemy - I don't agree.

MiaBellezza said...

I made some posts at the end of Visible Origami: May 21, 2012 http://www.visibleorigami.com/

But if you don't get over there, here is someone I'd like you to view (start with the most recent video: Your Body is the Holy Land, Part 1 and 2). Prepare to have your socks blown off regarding the Bible, myths and he discusses in great detail the Chakras and Ascension.

I can confirm that my research regarding "the myths and the gods" revealed that the myths were not about real people, but planets and stars. So, everything Santos Bonacci is revealing resonates perfectly with me.


MiaBellezza said...

skepticfrog, also I read that ScotiaMacotta's gold under the Towers went missing then too, but it was kept hush hush until last year. It's the the gold arm of Scotiabank head quartered in Canada.

Don't know if you read about the missing gold at the Canadian Mint a few years back. A believable explanation never did come out. I believe they were hoodwinked with gold plated titanium bars. So when they melted the bars only a small percentage of gold came out.

Anonymous said...

DreAmeoba said…..

I'm inclined to agree with Anonymous @11:49,
I don't necessarily believe Mr.Rivero to be the 'enemy' per se.
He may even be deluded himself, in that he & other NASA perssonel were lied to by their superiors.(I know this may really sound preposterous, but it would be an excellent form of insurance of the integrity of the lie ,to have at least half if not two thirds of the staff actually believing it)
If such were the case,it would also explain his reactionary rejection of the idea of the hoax.
As to his rejection of chem-trails, & other things, bear in mind that both Mike & Ryan Dawson are hardcore empiricists, & likely to poo-poo anything that they think is "kooky"(Personally, for the most part, I like those guys, but their reactionary, annoyed, dismissal of all things "kooky" DOES bug me seriously sometimes)
The one part I may agree is HAARP, If they had an earthquake/weather machine they would have been a LOT more ruthless in it's employment.(or it doesn't work as well as it was supposed)
Of course to quote Bugs Bunny:"Then again,I COULD be wrong……"
& that can go in any direction-(this IS an age of darkness & lies after all…)

On a side note, that bit on Laurel Canyon is even 'freakier'(I know,AWFUL pun,)

to Gardner; Thanks for the advice, I think I'll take it, ( certainly couldn't hurt , & obviously be good for me either way).

MiaBellezza said...

This looks like how they are going to get the people to go along with the NWO by making the people think they can elect a supranational entity. Note how these cretins want to eliminate 6/7 of humanity and it's stated in the video. Do you really want to elect any of them and never mind that they control and manipulate the outcome of voting? Of course, the video is presented a different way, but this is my take on it.

Lord Monkton interview re Agenda 21

correction on my previous post: should read "tungsten bars"

Anonymous said...

Pierre : I agree , Mel Gibsons latest is a very watchable action / adventure flick . It delivers . I hadnt picked up on the " organ stealing " aspect , but I did notice a few other possible digs . The main baddie looked , hilariously , like the cheesy British "madcap " radio DJ , Steve Wright in the Afternoon ! Hard to take him seriously after that . Here's a link to a good copy if anyone's interested :


Godbless and thanks , GTRman .

How strange - I just remembered a dream I had the other night / day ? where I was on a very scrawly hand-written list of people who werent allowed to be here amongst Les and co . I was very sad !! That s all I recall ..

neil said...

Come on people,Michael Rivera is out there giving it his everything,,,,so what if he comes from a shepardic Jew background and he is atheist....so what if he takes a particular stance that some may not agree with,don't we all?....

Michael rivero I stand with,,he stands for the people and he is good at it....

John lash you need to apologise to our good brother mr high,,,,,sometimes we just get carried away with the moment and say things without thinking,,,

Cliff highs integrity is second to none,the web bots are a fantastic tool and he is your brother ........

neil said...

People,we need to remove the monster thing,,,,fighting amongst ourselves is foolish and attains nothing.....

Reminds me of the film gladiator when maximus says
What ever comes out of those gates,we face more chance of survival if we stick together,,,, or something like that anyway......

Respect of the utmost and indearing sincerity to all you folks
Let's make this happen,,,,

The tyrant has offered itself up for annihilation, all we have to do is do it

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the "Moondoggie " links . He makes it seem not just improbable but LUDICROUS ! I always wondered why they could take off from the moon without a rocket that was at least one sixth the size of the one that "got them there " . Those contraptions look like something from a school play !

And then they found room for a dune buggy ! ...

Lord , Gimme Some Truth !

PS The other night I watched on Youtube a doc called " Wingspan " .

Ive never seen such a self-serving ego-bath as this ...Mr McCartney produced a doc about how brilliant he is , interviewed awkwardly by his own daughter , and he rides horses , too ...

yuch ....Linda came across as a cool dude , though .

Ah well ,
" the song , not the singer "


Rob in WI said...

Seems to me that Rivero's old site, ranchorunamukka, used to link to chemtrail sites, such as Cliff Carnicom's. Course, those were pre brain surgery days, so I may be mistaken. Let's all be well, during Visible's hiatus. He certainly has earned some time for personal stuff.
L., Rob

Anonymous said...

I visited the Laurel Canyon web site. Oh lord, I kept looking over my shoulder as I reading it thinking I may be next just for reading it...grin
To whoever else read it, what are your thoughts other then it's a small world.

neil said...

desolation congregated in evil
Diseased minds demons spill
Tyrannical regimes in disfavour
Social pollution breeding all ills
By the suffering sitting in silence
The earth pulls a hearts then engaged
Humanity weaves through the system
The truth nourishes all in awake
The builders of a new beginning
Where the ancients once stood and looked through
Intention breaks through the surface
The heart like a flower in bloom
A sense of things could be perfect
Future generations would turn And thank all
In the service of the minds garden
Mother nature through the earth calls


neil said...

Corporate deeds of Monsanto
The Industrial military complex
Financial greed of wall street
the spirit of a pig in death
The house of windsor overshadowed
The desolation of tyrannical form
the storm buckles under its own wickedness
Old and decrepid and torn
The system never worked anyway
Colonial demons devoid of true task
Crushed at the feet of humanity
The soul of the earth in the heart
The lessons of the past were not hidden
The truth travels far and wide
By the essence pours through the universe
Tranquil flowers emanating sublime


Anonymous said...

Regarding the "Inside the LC" piece, and Linda's comment at 10:14 p.m...yes it's a very small world.

David Crosby is mentioned frequently in McGowan's articles, primarily regarding his being a direct descendant of a powerful European bloodline elitist family, as well as the son of WWII military intelligence officer, Major Floyd Delafield Crosby.

McGowan hasn't updated the series for quite a while now, but I sent him and interesting little tidbit of information recently, which some of you might find interesting.

Melissa Etheridge, who was a pretty big rock star in her own right, back in the early 90's, had two children of out wedlock (which is initially interesting, eh, because she is an admitted lesbian). And this was a much-publicized event at the time, and a big mystery surrounded who the actual father of her children was. And she didn't reveal who the actual biological father was, until January 10, 2000.

So guess who the father of Melissa Etheridge's children is?

Um...that would be David Crosby.

Melissa Etheridge's mother worked as a computer specialist for the U.S. Army at Fort Leavenworth. Cough cough. (Here we go again.)

Every single "star" in the music business, and on the big screen, is either a slave or a handler (or both). There are no exceptions. And it sure explains why movies and music suck so bad these days. All the stars are handpicked to espouse shit like, "Peace, love and dope, man!" (back in the 60's), or "Satan rules!" (back in the 80's and 90's - give the Satanic horned hand salute), or "Yo, what up, dawg, drop it like it's hot" (rap; hip-hop; barf).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Visible - this is a duplicate. The first one I sent had a couple typos which I hopefully cleared up...


Regarding the "Inside the LC" piece, and Linda's comment at 10:14 p.m...yes it's a very small world.

David Crosby is mentioned frequently in McGowan's articles, primarily regarding his being a direct descendant of a powerful European bloodline elitist family, as well as the son of WWII military intelligence officer, Major Floyd Delafield Crosby.

McGowan hasn't updated the series for quite a while now, but I sent him an interesting little tidbit of information recently, which some of you might find interesting.

Melissa Etheridge, who was a pretty big rock star in her own right, back in the early 90's, had two children out of wedlock (which is initially interesting, eh, because she is an admitted lesbian). And this was a much-publicized event at the time, and a big mystery surrounded who the actual father of her children was. And she didn't reveal who the actual biological father was, until January 10, 2000.

So guess who the father of Melissa Etheridge's children is?

Um...that would be David Crosby.

Melissa Etheridge's mother worked as a computer specialist for the U.S. Army at Fort Leavenworth. Cough cough. (Here we go again.)

Every single "star" in the music business, and on the big screen, is either a slave or a handler (or both). There are no exceptions. And it sure explains why movies and music suck so bad these days. All the stars are handpicked to espouse shit like, "Peace, love and dope, man!" (back in the 60's), or "Satan rules!" (back in the 80's and 90's - give the Satanic horned hand salute), or "Yo, what up, dawg, drop it like it's hot" (rap; hip-hop; barf).

Rob in WI said...

Sometimes the term "old hippie" is thrown into the comment mix. I'm proud to be one, but realize that some of the younger listeners might not connect. My children and grandkids,(no great grandkids yet), keep me informed about many things that that would otherwise fly way over my head. My wife used to play with a band, the Turd Brothers, OOps the Sur Brothers, who had a song titled "old hippie". Very insulting, and if us old hippies weren't so peaceful, there would be mayhem in the world. Just like, if the Divine weren't looking after the roads, it'd be mayhem out there.

Peaches said...

Visible I will miss you. Can't wait for your next book. May cosmic blessings be forthcoming.

Love to all,


Peaches said...

Neil I'm glad to see you back with your inspired poetry; thank you


MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I was looking at similar glasses on the net the other day too:


on a similar note,

@ John Rambo said...

This is for ISKCON affiliated John Rambo. Are you the person who wrote this?

"FUCK YEA BRO! This is John Rambo, I created the Boycott American Women blog, have you heard of it? Email me at boycottamericanwomen@yahoo.com­, I'm a young American man living in India and married to an indian girl. You wanna come to India, I'll get you a fine ass young village girl!"


At this url

What type of spiritual language is that? Are you exploiting Indian women and setting them up to be exploited by other American men?

What is your connection with ISKCON?

Rob in WI said...

Regarding the Apollo program, my son and I (who are both engineers) think that the flights were real, but the photos and videos were a stageplay. Will we ever know? Probably not; I'm still waiting for a believable explanation of JFK.

Anonymous said...

Dave McGowan (author of "Inside the LC" and "Wagging the Moondoggie", also wrote an in-depth (and extremely funny, in some places) expose on 9-11. He completely shreds the "plane hitting the Pentagon" theory, the same way he shredded the Apollo moon landings. You can check it out here - http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr67.html - (He also assesses the claims made by one Michael Rivero, about 9-11. Interesting stuff. Check it out.)

brokenbeat said...


I applaud your efforts to produce (receive and relay?) a novel and still stay engaged enough to read and post our comments all the while. I'm always watching the times assigned and when they appear and it seems your keeping later hours lately, understandable with your efforts of late. Thanks for letting us carry on...


I'm playing a bit of hookey indulging in reading, writing, drumming and now gazing at the stars at the beach. Honestly, I don't feel guilty one iota and will focus on my work in due course. Grateful for all, including these indulgences, yes I am! Potentially fearful times, but I'm confident that we'll prevail and all is playing out as it should. I don't mean to minimize the times, our challenges or needed roles, but we will all rise to the occasion, I'm confident of that.

Rob in WI,
After reading the moondoggie chronicles, I doubt they'd recreate images and 'lose' the originals. Just doesn't fly with me -- raises doubts and more cred would exist with crude but accurate images. I'm an engineer as well and admit I haven't rigorously analyzed this, but the case presented raises doubts. The more critical issues were with regard to the shielding, robustness, reliabilty and progressive development, as well as the energy and life support needs. The balking of resumption now is a tell as well (similar to no follow-ons with other hoaxes). I don't profess to know one way or the other, but that is a shift from my credulity.

As to all the other hoaxes and deceptions, my studies over the years have convinced me that more is conspiritorial than not. And that extends well into what we may encounter in afterlife experiences. I find it naive that we will know all upon leaving this plane and may be subjected to more deception and coercion. Cynical, I know, but realistic, IMHO.

There are layers upon layers of conspiracy and manipulation, and understanding the nature and motivation of the highest layers could elude us for eons. I don't mean to be discouraging, but suggest that we should remain open, evolving, and not succumb to the comfort of belief but relentlessly seek knowledge confirmed as best we can by experience into coalesced wisdom. Any more intelligent and powerful entity can always appear to provide bonafide guidance and wisdom, but blind belief can place us exactly where we are now albeit with more sophisticated trappings.

The conundrum is that our own compass may be faulty, at least at any given time, and can self-reinforce any comfortable, previous belief with 'resonance'. Seemingly, there is no clear path or resolution to this, and I don't profess to offer any, but I for one will always question even if I would like to trust instead. My thinking is that with time over eons and incarnations this will yield a rich tapestry of experience and wisdom and eventually adequate perspicacity to navigate this wondrous adventure that those of us that choose to seek, as opposed to withdraw and assimilate, are embracing. My hope is that there are pervasive laws grating us free will and thus a fighting chance should we learn how to employ it and do so wisely.

Safe journeys, all,

John V.

siamsiam said...

Mike Rivero - number one in this rats nest.


siamsiam said...

The olympic torch for half a crown
(Z)lon-don bridge is falling down
facebook shares for all the clowns
the usual clique have done the rounds

the truth is out on msm
they careth not who knows there name -
as they approach the final game

those that knew seem not surprised
the sheep still graze with hooded eyes
who is who and what is what
the same old question – is it not

so what to do and what to say
now that Vis has gone away
not to fret he aint gone far
and left his door slight ajar

I wrote this poem in half a minute
so here it ends - as i am not a real poet!


Truthseeker said...

Laurel Canyon

"Judee Lynn Sill (who was once favorably compared to such other Laurel Canyon singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Judi Collins and Carole King) the time of her death on November 23, 1979...

It is alleged that she was seriously injured when her car was rear-ended by actor Danny Kaye, causing her to suffer from chronic back pain thereafter, thus contributing to her drug addictions. According to a friend of hers, she lived in a home that featured an enormous photo of Bela Lugosi above the fireplace, a large ebony cross above her bed, and racks of candles. She is said to have read extensively from Rosicrucian manuscripts and from the writings of Aleister Crowley, to have possessed a complete collection of the work of Helena Blavatsky, and to have been a gifted tarot card reader."

Hmmm. A theosofist, Luciferian.

See the 40 "Wake Up" videos for more information.

mike m said...


Excellent poem, even if only took you half a minute.

Anonymous said...

Just look at who promotes the lies...!
...{get the mug shots}...


See Also Harry Chapin -




onething said...

Dear Brokenbeat,

I can't help but comment on your idea that when we die we might still be subject to deception, albeit of, no doubt, differing sorts.

I guess it depends upon how complex the game is, but this seems likely to me, and it was with no small dismay that I reacted to this idea when I came upon it.
I can't reccommend highly enough Michael Newton's books about reincarnation and the spirit world as revealed to him through deep hypnosis of many people, thousands. He began as an atheist, and was convinced through his hypnosis practice which stumbled upon former lives and then - the really important stuff - life between lives. I am fairly sure that he is sincere and true, and if his data cannot be trusted then I wonder if any data anywhere can be.

Nonetheless his works (Destiny of Souls, and Journey of Souls) left me with questions. He was possessed of a profound curiosity and often pushed the limit of what questions he could get answered, and I noticed that the souls themselves seemed much less curious than we on earth. But then, I think they have a different attitude because they are in many ways so much more fulfilled and happy, and they know that they have a very long learning process ahead of them which will come in its time.

But I also think that Newton might not have been open to accepting a real role for evil in our universe, considering his background. At any rate, he does not believe in a demonic realm and thinks that human minds are the source of evil, and that it is a sufficient source.

Another pioneer, Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe institute and learned to travel out of body and did so with increasing boldness of a period of perhaps 30 years, thought that when people are firmly locked into a belief system, that when they die they get stuck in certain realms that correspond to their belief. It is entirely their fault, but still.

I think much of the game here is to not only learn to be good and brave, but to become wise and no longer able to be deceived, so if someone has not moved into that wisdom, then they need to learn more lessons until they become and independent thinker.

Sure, souls in the heaven worlds are living in a loving and happy condition where there is no anger or sorrow, but they are also utterly supported by their environment. So the people Newton hypnotized, most of them not advanced souls, once subject to the forgetting and the dream here that seems so real, get caught up in it and without that total support, forget who they are and what the real values are.

We are definitely not handed anything on a platter. It is a matter of becoming, through long effort. As much as it seems this game plan is about good and evil, it is also about wisdom and discernment.
I sincerely hope that having come to a place of nongullibility and the clear thought that just because I have died does not mean I should believe everything that presents itself, will carry me through. Cuz I'm really sick of this kind of ride. It's making me dizzy.

brokenbeat said...

Dear Onething,

I appreciate your response to my comment and it fits in with my current understanding. Thanks for the reading recommendations - I've read material from both those authors and agree that discernment is required due to their beliefs and the particular individual's evolutionary path and state.

I read somewhere of the notion that the past-life review after passing is followed with an suggestion to return to 'get it right this time'. I can't recall at the moment where I read this and apologies are due if it was on these blogs or a link provided here. It very well could have been from an article on that terrific site, wariscrime.com or from a comment or link therein. It obviously was gnostic in one form or another as the intention was to keep souls incarnate on Earth to provide energy for the Archons. But the promising aspect was that even in the coercive context of guilt and responsibility, free will was available to reject returning if awareness was retained and sufficient wisdom attained.

I came across this whole family of ideas a decade or more ago and it disturbed me greatly. I was already familiar with the bardos as explained in "The Tibetan Book of the Dead", or alternately that at first we'd be greeted with what we expected then gradually introduced to a universal ontology, but the idea that there were multiple possibilities and that we had a choice (perhaps unknowingly) was mind-blowing. The more appealing choices could in fact be traps, or serving the purpose of determining suitability for future growth if not blindly attracting.

Kinda reminds me of Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasus", a must see for the readers of this blog, and notable as the last filmed performance of Hugh Ledger and would have won the Oscar for Art Direction (or Special Effects?) if not for Avatar that year (which was so disappointing in storyline and indoctrinating theme, but to be expected from James Cameron). I don't follow awards closely, but believe nominations matter more than who 'won' -- how can creative offerings be judged in a competition? Awards are obviously promotional vehicles, but even if one could judge art, what of the matter of what else was nominated that year versus another? Anyway, I digress...

End of pt. 1 of 2

brokenbeat said...

Pt. 2 of 2

Another twist for which I allow the possibility, which again shows in some, but not all gnostic teachings, is that we may not all be truly reincarnating. I'm not refering to the pre-Adamics or the later 'robots', but 'viables' that have not developed their 'higher centers' (or astral and mental bodies, or grown a soul to a sufficient degree -- I've heard it expressed different ways). Without this, there are recurring lifetimes, but they are more of the nature of a repeating loop and not really progressions into other lessons there isn't a basis for progress (true conciousness) and no true free will either (so optional reincarnation is moot).

At lastly, another major twist on all this, again primarily gnostic but appearing in other guises in new age thinking (and some traditions), is this particular time in which we find ourselves, as individuals, in this species, on this planet (in this solar system, ad naseum..). Of course, that being: 'the correction', a dimensional shift, or ascension. And the ideas range from individual opportunities, to separating the wheat from the chaff, to wholesale evolution. Obviously, it's not clear which if any will come to pass, but it certainly is an dominant overlay on our ongoing ontology and is not recognized in many traditions.

I have much respect for many traditions that don't indicate this to be a unique time, but most that I resonate with do represent cycles of renewal and evolution and the possibility of individual ascension if not at least a evolutionary progression. While the '100th monkey'/'critical mass' notion could be valid, I see our own individual growth as a personal responsibility and seek to attain, to the best of my ability (and with God's grace), what is available in this incarnation and hope to retain awareness upon passing and not fall prey to deception. As a sage that goes by the moniker of Ray B. once said (and I'm paraphrasing a bit), "If you're interested (in growth), and interesting (to those higher up), you will progress".


John V.

Anonymous said...

via kathy

Brokenbeat-thought provoking in the extreme.
It seems to me that there is no "knowing". Each resonance may or may not be a "truth" and perception continues to be all.
I, like I think most people of faith, seem to believe that understanding will come with death but all you allude to suggests more of the same confusion and profusion of choice as here and success or failure by the design of others, whatever they may be.
For me, if I had a choice, I'd choose nothingness upon death. There is no desire in me to reach a spiritual height, nor a need to know the Oneness. I just really wish it would end. Is there punishment for such thought? (It seems I haven't beaten the Catholic out of myself yet)
Stella Blue- I used to lobby Congress once a year for 5 days. What a bunch of self indulgent children. We chased our Cman down the hall of the house b/c he blew off our meeting and when he saw us by his door waiting he turned heel and ran like the pick pocket he is.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I was talking to someone just now who's father was a rocket scientist and had first hand knowledge of the apollo program. He believes the moon landings happened and had a reason for every point brought up in Wag the Moondoggie. My head is spinning but I am going with the conspiracy. He said that is b/c I always look for the conspiracy. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after me.
peace out
ps Stickman- I planted my garden last month and had you in my head. I've no idea why except that you paint a beautiful picture of your corner of the world. It is a task I generally don't enjoy much but this year, it was kind of centering for me. Radish anyone?

Anonymous said...

I find this to be a little too "coincidental", what with the discussion going on here very recently at Visible's boards regarding "Wagging the Moondoggie" and the obviously faked lunar landings.

Neil Armstrong, "the first man to set foot on the moon" (cough, cough), broke his long silence only recently (in the last few days, actually) and decided to give an interview regarding the Apollo 11 "moon mission" (yep - they "mooned" us, all right).

Here's one particular glaring passage from that interview that caught my eye -

"When Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their descent aboard the Eagle to the moon's surface, the on-board computer had intended to put them down on the side of a large crater with steep slopes littered with huge boulders. 'Not a good place to land at all,' said Armstrong. 'I took it over manually and flew it like a helicopter out to the west direction, took it to a smoother area without so many rocks and found a level area and was able to get it down there before we ran out of fuel. There was something like 20 seconds of fuel left.'

Huh? Wow, what a close call. Neil laid that sucker down with only 20 seconds of fuel left in the tank! So the question is, how the hell did they get back to the command module (since they only had 20 seconds of fuel left in the LEM). Oh wait. I guess he was just being dramatic there - they had a Shell station on the lunar surface, and they just gassed that sucker back up. Or no, they must have had some MORE fuel onboard the Eagle (the LEM), but that was fuel for the RETURN TRIP ONLY, you know, the one they would have had to make to return to the command module. WTF? Try and figure that one out; I sure as hell can't. How can you be "out of fuel" if there has to be more fuel onboard for you to make the return trip?

Here's the article - http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/may/23/neil-armstrong-accountancy-website-moon-exclusive

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Precious Human Life

One afternoon a master and his disciples were resting on the banks of the Ganges. Shyamanand was idly inspecting a stone he had picked up along the road, thinking of the vast throngs who had come to hear the Guru. "Master," said Shyamanand, "you teach a way for every person to find liberation. But many of those who listen still seem to spend much of their time in conflict, and in seeking out excitement and other idle pursuits. Why do they waste away their lives so?"

"Most people don't recognize its value," replied the Guru, "although human life is the dearest treasure on this earth."

"Surely everyone can see the value of life," said Shyamanand.

"No," said the master, "Each man places his own value on things according to what he thinks. A different man with different knowledge will place a different value. That stone you found in the dirt will make a good example. Take it to the marketplace and see what you can get for it."

Puzzled, Shyamanand took the stone to the marketplace and at a stall that sold sweets he asked what the vendor would trade for it. The man laughed, "Go away, you're wasting my time."

He next tried a produce seller. "I have paying customers to wait on," said the grocer, "I'll give you an onion for it just to get you out of here."

Shyamanand tried several more shops with no better response. Finally he came to the shop of Salis Raj, the jeweller. Salis Raj's eyes opened wide when he saw the stone. "I'm sorry," he said, "I don't have enough money to buy your gem. But I will give you a hundred rupees if you will let me look at it a while longer."

Shyamanand hurried back to the Guru to tell him what had happened.

"So you can see," said the master, "how, when we are ignorant we mistake a valuable gem for a worthless stone. If someone had told you its value before you knew what it was, you would have thought he’s crazy. Such a jewel is human life, and whatever you've traded for it, that is what is yours."

siamsiam said...

thanks mike m ......

it probably took me 5 minutes - but half a minute sounded better for my weak ending ;)

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V. & Onething (and all):

I have been enjoying your Comments on layers of reality and the otherworldly side. I would like to share.

Back in April, I emailed Vis about some of my otherworldly happenings. He responded (amongst other things), "Hmmm and Hmmm again. You ring authentic. That is a big hurdle, just so you know." And, "I would take it kindly if you posted more about these things." (I hope this was okay to share, Vis; apologies if not...)

So, in the spirit of your discussion, I am going to open the spigot on my experiences. I will probably post more than you wanted to know (‘Too Much Information’; grin), but bear with me. Some of it might be useful.

I will post anyway, since this seems like a good time with Vis off writing a book, but I would appreciate knowing if anyone is interested...

Also, I am thinking about moving my spigot over to the last 'Visible Origami', as it is more concerned with the otherworldly than 'Smoking Mirrors' and would not interrupt discussions here. What do you all think?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eustace Mullins wrote said...

from Eustace Mullins' last letter:

"Urban (Jerry Urban, New Republic, April 13, 1983) brings up a vital point in referring to the well known genocidal practices of the Israeli government, suggesting that the Jews are now delighting in mass murder as a compensation for the myth that they quietly went to their “deaths” in the notorious “Holocaust” fantasy without resisting their Nazi “killers”. The idea that the heretofore “passive” Jews are, for the first time in their history, learning to kill, belies the entire recorded history of this plague.

There are too many well-documented massacres in history in which the Jews tortured and murdered their victims with the greatest glee, gloating in such barbaric practices as tearing out the hearts of women and children and smearing the blood on their facts while the Jewish women ripped out the writhing entrails of their dying victims, wrapped the steaming evidence of their victory around their waists, and began the traditional Jewish dance of the Hatikvah as the celebration of their triumph over their vanquished foes."

Americans, Westerners, world: Over 50 million men, women and children were slaughtered by the zionist Bolsheviks.


Unless you wake up, rise up and march peacefully in the millions against the zionist world order. The people of the world are greater than the zionists, their minions and their police and armies.

Vote with your feet. Protest peacefully now or suffer the same fate as the Christians did in Russia.

Peace out

Anonymous said...

Over 50 million documented executions (Juri Lina; Under the Sign of the Scorpion). Means over 1 million killed per year. Means over 2,780 killed per day.

What do you think those now empty FEMA camps and 10's of thousands of lidded plastic coffins are for?

Zionist genocide of goyim is a fact.

Anonymous said...

"(neo-)Zionist genocide of goyim is a fact."

Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

NWO = Neo-zionist World Order

Winston Churchill wrote said...

On February 8, 1920, Sir Winston Churchill expressed his alarm over world developments in an interview published in the Sunday Illustrated Herald, London:

“From the days of Adam (Spartacus) Westhaupt, to those of Karl Marx to those of Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxemberg and Emma Goldman. This world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing . . . There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international, and for the most part, atheistic Jews."

Please wake up said...

"Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain. Others were placed in boxes with only their heads, hands and legs sticking out. Then hungry rats were placed in the boxes to knaw upon their bodies. Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.

Mothers were taken in the public square and their babies snatched from their arms. A Red terrorist would take a baby, hold it by the head, head downward, and demand that the Christian mother deny Christ. If she would not, he tossed the baby in the air, while another member of the mob rushed forward to catch it on the tip of his bayonet. Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies. There were many places of public execution in Russia during the days of the Revolution, one of which was described in the American Rohrbach Commission, (Defender Magazine, October, 1933)."

Please read said...

Eustace Mullins' last letter about Neo-zionism:


Speechless in awe said...

"“We were told that hundreds of agitators had followed in the trail of Trotsky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower east side of New York. Some of them when they learned that I was the American pastor in Petrograd, stepped up to me and seemed very much pleased that there was somebody who could speak English, and their broken English showed that they had not qualified as being real Americans. A number of these men called on me and were impressed with the strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the beginning, and it soon became evident that more than half of the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were Jews . . . I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the east side of New York . . . The latest startling information, given my by someone with good authority, is this, in December, 1918, in the northern community of Petrograd – that is what they call the section of the Soviet regime under the Presidency of the man known as Apfelbaum (Zinovieff) – out of 388 members, only 16 happened to be real Russians, all were Yiddish with the exception of one man, a negro from America who calls himself Professor Gordon."

Yes, the cause of the over 50 million Christian Russians being exterminated were ZIONISTS.

brokenbeat said...


Regarding the afterlife stuff, I know it can be overwhelming and I understand you simply not wanting to return and would prefer simply nothing at all, but I do hope that you'll move on and take on more growth perhaps elsewhere and after a nice refreshing break. I have no idea really what is in store for us and am only relaying concepts I've heard about, but I intend to prepare and grow now and learn what I might so as to have my wits about me and make the best choices when transiting to the extent that I can.

About your friend whose father was in the Apollo program, I understand his credulity partly due to invested faith in his father and he may have good arguements for each point. I would love to hear answers to the more daunting technical challenges but don't expect you to take all that on. I will set out to get answers as time and priorities allow. I would like to believe we got there, but then again I'd like to believe many things that I know to be otherwise.

I don't always side with conspiracies, seeing them everywhere (to answer difficult situations as is the popular psychological interpretation), and would rather believe in a sane, honest world, but my life experience has taught me repeatedly that not everything (and actually most) is not as it appears. I'm derided for this outlook, but that alone is not enough to convince me otherwise. I take each topic on it's own and don't subscribe to every alternative explanation, but taken on whole, I do have unconventional views on most everything. Most is beyond my capacity to prove to anyone (or myself) and some may be beyond proof by anyone as being true or not. That old saw trotted out about not being able to prove a negative is often used inappropriately, but proving a positive is not always possible either anyway. I prefer a saying similar to the you used which is a revision of the old, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not gonna get busted" and in it's new form, "just because it's called a conspiracy theory doesn't mean it's not true".

May you continue the journey with us (should you so chose) and may truths be revealed to all,

John V.

brokenbeat said...

Anonymous Saturday 5:52AM,

I'm still struggling over the whole moon landing hoax, prefering to not doubt, though I certainly do to the extreme at present as I've elaborated. However, it should be noted that there were two separate engines and fuel supplies on the LEM -- one for descent and a smaller one for the ascent of the upper portion. I haven't crunched all the numbers yet, but as published on Wikipedia, they might be up to the task. My bigger doubts are with regard to other technical hurdles. I will be investigating further at a later time. As much as I am curious, I have more pressing matters, physical and spiritual.


John V.

brokenbeat said...

My dear Ray B.,

I look forward with great anticipation to what you can add to this discussion as it sounds you have some first-hand insights and could shed some light onto this darkest of subjects. I would have expected nothing less from you in general, but also recall your hinting along these lines before.

I rushed over to VO to see what you may have posted, but found no new comments. Perhaps you're filling suitable-sized buckets (no more than 4,096 characters! if my memory serves me well) from that prodigous spigot! I suppose that might be a more suitable venue as the topic segued from conspiracies carried over from PD into the afterlife discussions here now. I have been checking the other two blogs regularly for activity and saw none recently so assumed we'd just keep it all here for convenience sake, but I'll follow the flow from your spigot. Just please do share, as you see appropriate.

I would certainly welcome other's thoughts on the matter -- I'm certain there are many.

Richard, do you have any pearls that you could cast before us? I believe we are not the proverbial swine! ;-)

Vis, I know you are busy and need to direct your flow to the appropriate vessel, but your wisdom is welcome now or later, which goes without saying (though I just did!).


A thirsty John V.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time Visible!

"Club AIPAC" (formerly US Congress) passes new law (May 25), HR 4133:

which will "provide Israel with unlimited military and financial aid"

Essentially making illegal for "Club AIPAC",the "POTUS" (and the people who don't count anyways) to deny any demand is-ra-hell dictates

Everyone in USrael is zio-ogre's bitch now

Y'all enjoy that isradeli-special shit sandwich -and not to worry- it's kosher

Respects and peace to all with a soul!


Anonymous said...

Interesting goings-on in Lawmaker Land...

New York State lawmakers are hard at work, trying to eliminate "anonymous" posting on the Internet - http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/york-senate-bill-seeks-end-anonymous-internet-posting-162549128.html

As the above article points out -

"Critics are quick to point out how dangerous and ineffective the anti-privacy bill would be in the off chance that it somehow passes. After all, IP addresses do nothing to verify a person's identity, and including your home address on a controversial internet post could open you up to real-life threats. In effect, the bill is an online stalker's dream. Of course, the most likely result of the bill's passage would just be the full-scale elimination of all comment systems everywhere, because the system is an unworkable burden on both the poster and the 'web site administrators' who would need to respond to ludicrous take down requests at all times of the day."

Now I see why many Internet message board moderators at "Truth Websites" are always deriding anonymous posters. It's part of a larger plan. Cool. Tag us all. Bag us all. Identify us all, 24 hours a day. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The All-seeing Eye sees all, etc.

Who in their right freaking mind would WANT to identify themselves online - especially when divulging morsels of truth about the very people who are already enslaving them, about the very people who are already attempting to pass bills such as this one? Using their real names, their real addresses, etc.? In THIS world??? Oh wait - people already do that by the hundreds of millions at online sheeple gathering venues, like Facebook. (But Facebookers are definitely not in their right freaking minds to begin with...)

Anonymous said...

New York State lawmakers are hard at work, trying to eliminate "anonymous" posting on the Internet - http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/york-senate-bill-seeks-end-anonymous-internet-posting-162549128.html

Visible, what are your thoughts on this? I know you encourage people (sometimes, very emphatically) to not post as anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Here's a clue. A regulation football has 13.2 Pounds per square inch of pressure. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.7 psi. Those spacesuits would have to be pressurized harder than footballs. No way. Even the walls of that ship are wrinkly. 3 sheet thickness of aluminum foil is not going to contain 14.7 psi. If those suits were breached, the water in their bodies wouldn't just boil off, it would instantaneoulsy vaporize like a steam boiler, breached.

How did that powder they left footprints in get so well sorted? For that matter, how did it get beat so fine with no wind or water or weather on the moon? All things fall together in a vacuum. A feather and an anvil would fall side by side. Let's see that golf ball shot again. Now let's the same shot with a whiffle ball. Which one will go farther on the moon? They didn't even dare put the camera right behind that golf ball shot, lest it would show air affecting it. How bout the dust from the shot? Are all particles falling down together or did the dust hang longer?

How bout those space suits being cooled with circulating water? In a vacuum, there's no heat transfer, except through emissivity. No thermal conductance. Anyone who has a vacuum coffee thermos knows. The generation of their own body heat could have boiled them alive. Underpants of circulationg water is a ridiculous farse. What will cool off the water? In your car radiator, air cools it off. There's no air in the moon.

That BS production just keeps getting punctured by more and more meteoroid holes.

I'd like to hear Ray B's story.

neil said...

False intention
Cold distraction
Caught in fear
Deviated action
Subliminal chains
Elite abuse
People suffering
Controlled views
falsehoods clouded
Lies and cheats
Failure imminent
Culture diseased
Society devalued
hell back to dust
By The forces of humanity
Rising heart above


neil said...

the great spirit is everywhere in always in every pursuit in everything,The dusty cobwebs of the kaliyuga need to be dusted off in totality and the mental chains of our imaginations released back into total harmony with the balance of our humanity,,,or something like that ?

Respects people

brokenbeat said...

Anon 8:26PM,

I'm not defending the official story on all the points, but in the interest of accuracy will point out matters that I know to be possible. The pressure suits are a reality, at least at present, without having to be rigid or inflated to the level you mentioned. When there is a decompression in an aircraft at 35,000 feet, people don't have embolisms, they just can't breathe do to insufficient oxygen. The pressure suits don't have to maintain sea level pressure, just something comparable to that. For an idea of that, check out redbullstratos.com for a fascinating mission to free-fall from 120,000 feet. The pressure suit is flexible and has internal bladders to raise the pressure to 3.5 psi or the equivalent of the pressure at 35,000 feet elevation.

As far as cooling and or heating, it's true that convection and conduction are not available to the none existent atmosphere, but radiation (emmisivity as you said) is not the only means available to deal with the situation. First off recall that half of the suit would be exposed to the radiation of the Sun and the other half to the extreme cold of space so the body heat generation due to exertion is all that really comes into play (assuming good insulation and low emmisivity of the suit materials). Phase-change material heat-sink canisters can easily accomodate this level of generation for long periods.

I remain more concerned with high-energy solar radiation, micro-meteorites, dust, integrity of the LEM (including the pressure as you pointed out as they are not always suited up inside) and lack of sustained burn on the way to the moon. I will tackle those in due course but am not optimistic about finding answers. But as to the pressure and cooling of the suit, I am not bothered.


John V.

neil said...

Corporation devilment
Financial supreme lies caught
Integral formed controls
Obstructed disowned crysthought
Deviated cabals
Cannibalistic thoughts
Downtrodden soulless
Cultural divorce
Proclamations of insanity
Decimated dreams
The crimes of all war
Contained in falsehoods deeds
The fractured state of unity
The perversion of the mind
Healed by binding substance
The earth the heart the sky


Anonymous said...

Oops, holes don't cause punctures.

But speaking of emissivity, how hot does the surface of the moon really get?

I was a roofer on Earth and those shingles would get too hot to touch by 10 am on a summer day, as hot as fresh coffee. And, they didn't have to be black shingles. That was with air to carry heat away. Without any air and stronger radiation on the moon, the temperature would only stop rising when the emissivity in equaled the emissivity out. How freekin hot is that? I'm guessing it's gotta be 600 degrees. What were those moonboots made of again?

Dave Mcgowan said something about their turds being left up there. Sorry to say; they would have exploded. Even in a strong airtight bag, the water in the turd would have evaporated and created it's own gas pressure until the bag exploded, and then the turd. Neil Armstrong could have had a little fun by starting a turd-bomb fight with the other astronaut.

Maybe NASA should make that their new motto : Turd bombs R us.

One has exploded, for sure.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Since I don't KNOW I will not argue. Rabbit holes and bloody scrolls everywhere.

I've found this to be of value to me.


Take what you feel is the best and leave the rest or just scroll on by.

Ky' Hoo' Ya',

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a response to your post, John V. When I posted, a new screen came back with new comments on it, yours included.

A heat sink would get awfully freekin hot. What would the do wit it and with the extra heat it took to pump it there?

I don't think the moon is that color either. A forest looks green until you get closer and see the bark and the tree branches and the red robins and so on. That moonscape looks like a photoshopped backdrop. There have to be more colors there than just dull old gray. Closeup, the moonscape can't look like anything we've seen before. If meteoroids created that powder, it would fall like snow. Why isn't there any on the tops of the rocks? Snow can pile a foot high on barbed wire fences in Montana.

Ray Zerwitt

est said...

the one thing i'm sure of
is that i'm here now

i don't know
where i was before

i don't know
where i'll be after

but i'm here now
as are all of you

remember when you peaked
on that god given acid

you swore you would
never forget the one

but then as always
the world returns

we are not separate
we just forget

neil said...

Castigated misadventure
Corporation tanglement
Devastating incidence
mindless thoughtless absence
nationalistic fervour
Repetitions of abuse
Reputations based in falsehood
In fear of own dispute
Military contaminated
Industialy divided
Manufactured in corruption
Error self confining
The world against itself
Fascist tyrant control
The Death pangs of all falsehood
Up the universal road


Ray B. said...

Hi, all!

I just posted an inordinate amount of my experiences (as I mentioned above), over at the last Visible Origami:


Sorry, John V., you beat me to the posting. As you surmised, I was wanting to turn the spigot on all at once to keep it 'together' (I know; grin).

Constructive comments are welcome!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

brokenbeat said...

OK, this is the last from me on this topic for the foreseeable future. I've spent more time looking into this than intended, but I can now say I'm back on the fence regarding the moon landing.

There remain some doubts, but I've got even more doubts about Dave McGowan, or at least his lack of thoroughness in investigating the details. I see him as a positive force in general in questioning officialdom (and a seeming authority on the LC matters), but less than complete analysis leaves me less than impressed vis-a-vis the moon landings (I haven't looked at his 9/11 series and don't plan to anytime soon... heard plenty on that). To an extent, his well is poisoned for me.

My latest findings are that, unlike he stated, a long burn to the gravitational node between the earth and the moon is not required as an elliptical orbit of the earth can reach the moon at a good clip. I knew that at one time, but seem to have forgotten what I haven't used.

And it appears the ascent rocket could do the trick to rendevous with the service module in the moon orbit and the service module could 'escape' the moon's gravity and make it's way back to Earth.

And the LEM had a more robust crew compartment than the thickness of two or three layers of foil as described. What is visible is an outer shell around the crew compartment and additional equipment. it should be noted that aircraft have very thin, but reinforced skins as well and are pressurized to a much higher level than the stated 4.8 psi (100% oxygen which always struck me as foolhardy) of the LEM.

So, except for the radiation, dust and micro-meteorites, I believe that it is all theoretically possible. The outstanding challenges are not trivial, but I'm not gonna investigate further. I won't discount the possibility of a hoax, but I'm no longer convinced of it. I apologize for my quickly shifting positions, but I feel obligated to share my thinking since I was so vocal on this topic and am willing to admit that I don't know anything for certain.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Some of you still wagging the moon doggie eh?

It never happened. Just like 9/11 by arabs, Oklahoma by McVeigh, JFK by Oswald, RFK by Sirhan or the 6 million.

Get over it.

P.S. JV you write just like a girl - absolutely no offense intended - I like girls.

neal said...

OK. Maybe it would help to think of the NASA stuff as highly compartmentalized, as in certain propulsion systems were constructed deep underground, then the outer layer on top. Maybe watch the video of the Lunar Lander taking off from the surface of the moon, if you have ever seen an ion thrust engine in action, well, there you go.

Surreal technology cloathed in riveted tin, this has been going on longer than you could believe, if you had not been there. Think tubes and wires on the surface, and talking heads below, pulling human strings.

It is all to maintain the illusion of the history you have been taught. The Empire never ended, Atlantis has not sunk, yet. When it does, for the Apocalypse is nearly over, most will not know the change, and will be back there, you know timelines recycle, and most do not remember. The Eye works with what is there, it is cosmic law.

The dead live, mountains move, entire continents have changed, the stars move and shift, and it is business as usual, yes?

And Laurel Canyon, there are many places, in towns you have never heard of, where the connections run deep. Please do not rush to judgement, maybe that even runs into your home town, and that is Karma's business, maybe mind your own, it would end up going easier, in the long view.

And what neil said...

Rob in WI said...

John V,
Thanks for continuing to comment re. the Apollo program. You've obviously spent much research time. The "no moon landings" propaganda blitz is just that; an offer to join the NWO sponsered "wingnut group". Since they were wrong about moon landings, they're most certainly wrong about, ...say, chemtrails. Be a skeptic, be a proud skeptic.
The photostage for Apollo photos and videos existed, because the need for quality propaganda material was crucial. Notice how "NASA", "USA", and the "flag", had spotlites on them. Since the photostage existed, the belief that the whole thing was faked was promoted. Be well, John V, and all, Rob

brokenbeat said...

Anon 12:52,

Well then, no offense taken! I never thought I'd read like a girl but rather a stodgy old man. I'm neither...or maybe a bit of both! I'm a guy, getting older, I hope bolder, but defintely in touch with my feminine side... My anima is alive and well and I suppose integrated. I've been told I have what is called a 'bridge brain'. Whatever... I yam what I yam...

Who's gonna win the three races tomorrow? Is that masculine enough? Truthfully, I'll be watching 'em. That's my spectator sport, racing.


John V.

Anonymous said...

Moolanding hoaxers:

There was more than on moon mission. There were a total of nine, six of which were landings, two of which were orbital and one which was aborted and consisted of a loop around the moon.

The critical question is--how was the telemetry faked? How did the hoax apparatus transmit radio signal from the moon? How did the NASA hoax apparatus fake radar signatures of the obital craft?

The USSR space apparatus and indeed any country with the ability to detect radio signals would have easily debunked any claims of a moon landing or even an obital mission.

It's been over 43 years since the first orbital mission. The USSR would have been all over a fake within minutes just from the radio signal direstional data alone. A fake-consiracy implies that the Soviets were in on it as well as every other techniologically-advanced country.

Fake moonlanding theories have way too many moving parts. They're like a Rube Goldgerg version of a mousetrap.

It's all ex post facto armchair quarterbacking by the science/engineering/aeronautical illiterati.

Anonymous said...

If the moonlanding was a hoax, then, to be consistent, every U.S., Russian and Chinese manned space mission for the past 51 years have been a hoax as well. Same for the robotic missions to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.

Are you hard-core hoaxers willing to be consistent?

Rob in WI said...

Your insult of JV demonstrates a lack of intellect, or the passionate commitment to a directive. Now, where might that come from? Girl?, you write like a floating piece of turd.

Anonymous said...

"The US dragged its NATO allies into a war in which they had no business and lacked any popular support. The result has been a serious weakening of the NATO alliance, raising questions about whose interests it really serves. The defeat in Afghanistan will undermine US geopolitical influence over Western Europe."

Let's look at this exerpt from the Lew Rockwell site. NATO works for the Rothschilds pure and simple. Rothschilds' gang-bangers and thugs are israel's Mossad (and the CIA, MI6 and other Western SS organizations), and the 'legitimate' military muscle is the merkin army and NATO.

Some country has a resource the Rothschilds want? First bribe and/or threaten the leaders of that country. Failing that send in US/NATO to take the whole country by force.

On a personal level the working class soldiers that'do a tour of duty' for US/NATO come back to less than nothing. Jobless and shunned by the public they reflect upon what they got sucked into - how immormal they had been as pawns in the Rothschilds' game. With realisation comes remorse and depression.

The result is more soldiers die of suicide than on the tours of duty they have served.

Army service = suicide

Visible said...

I have no real thoughts on the governments anonymity revocation inventive. My only feelings on anonymous are when people use that advantage to potshot without context or any intention for improvement or informational assistance; when they just want to take their, I'm someone who turned mean because the world wouldn't accept and tolerate my lack of genius and loser mentality (grin).

What the government does is what it always does, oppress and loot the resources of the public. That's what they do.

neil said...

Soldiers need to stop comitting suicide,Community's need to provide assistance mentally an physically for the soldiers,community gardens would be a good way of giving the ex soldiers something to do,,,, a lot of those soldiers were still children when they joined up,,,only to go to that hell and find out they were the bad guy,,,,,but they wasn't the bad guy,,,,,the big bad monster lives in Washington israhell London and a few other places,,,, it is the responsibility of the people to remove any tyrannical forces that prey on humanity

Respects people

Denny said...

Please wake up 3:00:00 PM

"Christians were dragged from their beds....."

"Christians" have also dragged people from their beds....

In fact name me a race or religion that hasn't at some time "dragged people from their beds...."

Look at what the Spanish "Christians" did in South America....

We've all got blood on our hands simply by being part of this global financial system, and there's no way out of it short of swimming outside the three mile limit of any country and then treading water until you sink. And even then I wouldn't mind betting that someone would come along and say, "Hey Buddy, you can't tread water there!".

There's not one part of this Earth that I can call "my own". Every piece of land I ever stand on belongs to "someone else", and everything I wear, use and eat is made according to the dictates of the global financial system based on earlier and more brutal slavery to the present more "mild" form of slavery. Of course no one really "owns" anything, be it land or possessions, but it's much use knowing that when a gun is pointed at you.

All those people who are/were "dragged from their beds..." experience(d) the fates you described as a result of "karma" (which I state as 100% assumption), and it's completely pointless bringing either "race" or "statistics" into the equation.

Maybe a particular race or religion has the greatest track record when it comes to acts of barbarity and torture, but this is only superficial, and ultimately it all boils down to the ONE experiencing the barbarity or torture right now. And any trauma and pain being experienced can of course come from ANY source, and not just at the hands of others.

In other words, it's ALL superficial as to "who" is torturing or murdering "who", but more the result of ones own personal transgressions of "karmic law".

There are NO "Palestinians" or "Christians", or any other race or religion in reality. It's ALL conceptuality.

Denny said...

And as for those moon landings...

Wallace and Gromit built their own rocket and went to the moon, and when they got there it was made of cheese. I'm sticking to that version. As to "what kind of cheese", how about "La Vache Qui Rit"..?

There were two cows grazing in a field, and one cow said to the other, "I'm getting relly worried about this mad cow disease", and the other replied, "I'm not, I'm a squirrel!".

Floating said...

Your temperance in your response prompts me to take your affirmation of maleness at face value.
That makes me someone who turned mean because the world wouldn't accept and tolerate my lack of genius and loser mentality.
Carry on.

USrael said...

"Hooray WE did it, we are brave, intrepid and independent. Our country, OUR people are strong, the strongest, for we have the greatest and most unquestioning belief in utter lies. And now that we have done something let's us sit back and trundle track-wise through all the stations, ever gaining speed, until driverless, our executive selves, smug in our non-wealth producing richesse, slam loco-first into our final destination, what or wherever that may be."

Visible said...

Floating, well, unless I completely missed the whole point of the exercise and the direct recognition of my restraint, you prove my point. Float on.

Aunti Zionist said...

Zionists, zionists, zionist jews, zionists, zionists, Rothschild zionists, zionists, zionists, israeli zionists, zionists, zionists, neo-con zionists, zionists, zionists, federal reserve zionists, zionists, zionists, Wallstreet zionists, zionists, zionists, PNAC zionists, zionists, zionists, Agenda 21 zionists, zionists, zionists, Christian zionists, zionists, zionists, Monsanto zionists, zionists, zionists, NATO zionists, zionists, zionists, NWO zionists, zionists, zionists, UN zionists, zionists, zionists...

Anonymous said...

99% of the people of the world are NOT Zionists - which is an important addendum to the above 'rant'.

Anonymous said...

To summarise The Secret Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

It is the fundamental right of we the Zionists to be lord and master over all other races and people of the world.

Jesus Christ said...

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."
Revelation 2:9

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."
Revelation 3:9

Anonymous said...

The spirits in the sky...


I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all.

Keep looking up,

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

forward to 2040 (if there is one)... a joint venture between the Chinese and Indian governments lands a man on the moon. webcast live. first words.
"But there are no stars" ... the American photos were correct, what was Bowman on about in 2010 Space Odyssey?

brokenbeat said...


That "Floating" comment may have been intended for me despite the allusion to your verbiage as my "maleness" was called into question at an earlier time by an anonymous poster. Perhaps not, as you also showed restraint as you mentioned, but temperance was referenced and I did employ some of that as well.

I know it's "not all about me" and that comment could have been directed at you, Vis, but I just want to say that, FWIW, I know an offense was actually intended despite being stated otherwise in the comment to me, but as I've said previously, I often chose to not take offense for numerous reasons.

In any event, I don't take the comment that I "write like a girl" as an offense. It kinda reminds me of when I've been called a "nigger lover" or a "bleeding heart". My ususual response is, "...and your point is?" I understand the intended slight, but to take it as such buys into that viewpoint and gives power to the person slinging the "insult".

Thanks, Rob in WI, for your reply to that commenter and exploring some of the motivation behind it and also for your thoughtful reply earlier to my credulity/skepticism balance challenge.

And appreciation to Floater if that was you as the original anonymous poster repying to me. And if not, apologies to you and Vis for interpreting it as such instead of a discussion between you two (which might be indicated by the lack of addressing me, which would by default be addressing Vis -- it was just the "affirmation of maleness" part that seemed to be more apropos to me than Vis in his comment about posting anonymously).

In any event, I don't want to turn this into any gender/sexuality questioning discussion as transpired earlier and may have led to a valued poster withdrawing somewhat. I don't desire any such drama (not to diminish the validity of that discussion), but for better or worse, I will continue to comment without hesitation. It is always Vis' discretion to not approve my comments.

Peace and Love to All,

John V.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V.:

I enjoyed your extended and honest analysis of the Moon program. The fact that someone(s) took a shot at you means that you tweaked someone's agenda. Take it as a badge of honor.

I was attending an aerospace engineering college during that whole time. We aspiring engineers soaked up whatever tidbits we could get on space travel. Most folks these days don't remember (or never knew) how extended and methodical a program it was, from Mercury to Gemini to Apollo. Risks were taken, and men died on both sides of the enterprise.

(By the way, the above does not rule out any 'ultra-black' programs or alien interests...)

It was a political race, even more so than a space race. As Anonymous May 27, 2012 3:46:00 AM noted:

"The USSR space apparatus and indeed any country with the ability to detect radio signals would have easily debunked any claims of a moon landing or even an orbital mission... A fake-conspiracy implies that the Soviets were in on it as well as every other technologically-advanced country."

I believe that the current "Moon landing hoax" being pedaled around is a 'bad guys' attempt to embed legitimate conspiracy folks within a 'lunatic fringe' movement (if you'll pardon the pun). That way, all will be tarred with the same brush. Truthers: Be aware of the bigger 'game'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Everyman said...

May 27, 2012:

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.

"Unless the British government concedes to the popular demands of the British and, in particular, the English people, to hold a referendum on the immediate withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the illegal and unlawful European Union, this writer, a Freeborn Englishman subject not to the laws of unelected parasitic elites in Brussels, will be dead by means of starvation in the name of a Free-Sate England within 60 days"

"I, Michael James..., hereby give notice that, as from this very day, Sunday, 27 May 2012, I shall desist from the consumption of all food other than glucose and water until my people are granted their popular demand for a referendum on whether or not to remain within the Soviet European Union."

"I am proud to call myself a patriotic, true-bred Englishman, a member of one of the greatest races of men and women to grace this planet. All of my rights, freedoms, liberties and responsibilities were, in common with all born in the loving image of our Father, granted to me as a gift from God through his Son, Jesus Christ, not to be transgressed or abridged by the demonic machinations of men in suits, are sacred and inviolable."

"I am therefore appealing to you, dear reader, whatever your nationality or culture, to disseminate and publicise my stated aims as widely as possible, for I am hated, ignored and pilloried by the mainstream media as a dangerous “alternative thinker.” I shall soon be too weak to muster the strength sufficient to the task of writing to just one newspaper editor or government official. I thus implore you to make my case known to the world. Without your support, the pains yet to afflict me will be for nought. Please e-mail, fax or copy this article to as many news outlets and government officials as possible."

"This I do for you, no matter who you are, whether you are rich or poor, black or white, Muslim or Christian, Jewish or Hindu. This I do in the name of all Mankind, for the destruction of the illegal and Satanic European Union and everything for which it stands is imperative to all of us in bringing to an end the sheer evils of the globalist New World Order, its fascist military wing, NATO, and its long-term Malthusian designs that seek to both dehumanise and then depopulate the world of all but half a billion human beings."

"I ate my last meal, constituting a small amount of rice and Gyros. In my heart, I know it shall be my last, for I see no circumstances under which the British Crown will allow my people the right to self-determination."

"But if my death, no matter how demeaned, ridiculed and slandered I am by the mainstrean media, lights just one spark of hope in those yearning for Freedom from the tyranny of the Soviet European Union and the Military-Corporatist control of all my fellow human beings, then my passing shall not be in vain."

"Let that spark light a bonfire of Liberty that can be seen in the hearts of all men and women sickening under the strictures of a corporate-fascist world order that seeks to make of the Children of God mere slaves to Mammon."

"Then, like me, you shall be free, my friend. You shall be free."

Mike James is giving up his life for the emancipation of England and Britain from the zionist controlled European Union.

May God bless him and Jesus Christ comfort him in his personal offering to wake people up.

Anonymous said...

I'm dedicating this to all.



Anonymous said...

I'm diggin' the faerie/Robert "CIA" Monroe/hobnobbing-with-Ramtha-seminar-attendees story. And yes, yes, it's true - all the Apollo moon landings were indeed "real". Why, it's obvious, solely from the visual evidence alone. And those "incompetent" bureaucrats at NASA just happened to "lose" all the photos, all the videotapes, and all the blueprints for the Lunar Entry Module. The problem is, my eyes are not sophisticated enough to decipher what I've actually seen. My mind is not "aware" enough to filter the bullshit from the facts. (And that dune buggy actually COULD fit into the LEM; they obviously sprinkled faerie dust on it, and - presto! - it shrank.)

We all need "experts", my children, who can help us realize what is true, and what is not. We all need "benevolent gurus" who can help us realize what is real, and what is not. We must not rely on our own eyes and our own intuition and our own minds, my children. We must all drink the Kosmic Kool-Aid, and move into higher consciousness with the help of various ascended "Masters" who know better than we do, and who always have our best interests at heart - even if they tell us over and over that we must not use our own eyes, nor our own minds, nor what is right before our own eyes, plain as day... (Do you see a pattern developing here - if so, give yourself 10 points and move on to the next paragraph.)

The deceivers exist at all levels of awareness. You might think you are talking to Jesus or Ramtha or any other number of alleged benevolent avatars - that doesn't mean you are. At what point along the cosmological ladder does deception stop, hmm? It doesn't stop. It is infinite, just like we are. Gullibility is the kiss of death. Knowledge isn't power; understanding is power (you can know something; that doesn't mean you understand it in mind, body and spirit - the true Trinity).

If you have a weak point (i.e., you reallllllly want to talk to Vishnu or Napoleon or your dear, departed Aunt Lou), that weak point can and will be exploited by forces at this level of awareness, and at other levels of awareness, as well; forces who wish to hold you down, suck your energy as their personal sustenance, and keep you locked in on this earth plane.

Hearing voices, encountering faeries, speaking with avatars - all of this is tied into Robert Monroe's intelligence agency work. The military and its intelligence agencies have the ability to put anything into your head that they want to put in there. Voice, visions, you name it, they can do it. So you might think about this, my children, before you rush off to the next New Age seminar on Astral Projection - or not. As a basic formula, the following might help you take everything you read with the proper grain of salt: If a book has been released by a publishing house that is owned by elitist interests (as most publishing houses are), it is bullshit. The elite don't willingly give the sheep ANY information that might truly help them escape the prison of mind/body/spirit. If you think this one through, you will realize it is true. Do you think that those who enslave us would willingly give us the actual keys to freedom? Well, there's your answer. And the same holds true for any information of true value. If someone is urging you to stop thinking for yourself, and "trust the Master" (or "trust NASA" or whatever), you are headed toward a dead-end.

Visible said...

I posted one of your comments but... if you keep fucking with me with word games, you will be unread history.

brokenbeat said...

Rob in WI, Neal, Ray B., et al,

I published a comment yesterday that never appeared and included some other not-so-important thoughts but I do want to thank you all for your patience, feedback and support. Keeping the big picture in mind and maintaining a rational, critical-thinking-based balance between skepticism and credulity is a difficult but necessary skill in these times.

I recognize that advanced technologies could be utilized while shrouded in lower tech and events could transpire but not exactly as they appear and that even the discrepancies can be used to further a well-planned agenda. I will remain a "proud skeptic" and not blindly believe officialdom or conspiracy theories.

The promotion of a hoax being itself a hoax...that's some nuanced sophistication. Or perhaps I can simply be as gullible as the populace, but in the other direction. In any event, I've been "punked", and though a bit embarrassed, I am wiser since seeing that -- largely due to the feedback from you fellow engineers.

Thanks again,

John V.

neil said...

Sounds like he had a run in with the universe lord visible, he may of got knocked off and doesn't know how to get back on,,,,sounds like he maybe a bit scared of deception.....maybe he's been deceiving people...and all he's really done is deceived himself,,,,,
He wouldn't say those things if he knew otherwise,,,

neil said...

Down it goes
on its heels
Down trodden
In Broken deals
A house of serpents
Cold as lies
Deception weaves
Has no life
The Braids and strands
Swing and sway
Up the way
Along the path
Dynamic seeds
Of wakened hearts
Roar and rush
Fill the air
Upon the looms
Of earth does care


Anonymous said...

everything is the way it needs to be. plain and simple.

it does not stand to reason that all is purposeful, all is as it should be ... excepting that behavior of which we do not approve, or conditions which we find intolerable.

did someOne miss a spot? is the Whole not greater than the sum of it's parts?

"i'm not sayin', i'm not sayin' that's the way it oughtta stay."

neil said...

Fascist monster
Tyrant mind
Lost and crashed
Not fortified
Broken damaged
Insain and weak
Sold it soul
Crushed in greed
Sold its service
Now exposed
A dangerous game
Of Down below
In ruthless cold
Made of ice
Time is up
The system dies


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my piece about "gurus" and disinfo tactics, Lord Visible...however, I noticed that you didn't post a response to what I asked you earlier about a very glaring contradiction that has evidenced itself recently - the fact that you continually pressure people to not post as anonymous (and deride them for doing so), and lawmakers are enacting legislation right this minute which will make it illegal to post online as anonymous.

Come to think of it, I also noticed that you didn't even post that original query of mine, in which I asked you that very question...seems pretty undemocratic of you. Perhaps the Zio-Ogres ate that post of mine? No matter, I will give you the benefit of the doubt there.

However, I now must ask you to answer the question I just posed to you, Lord Visible.

Because if you don't, it will be obvious to me that you are endorsing the modern-day equivalent of book-burning. (Only certain "people" have the "right" to say what they want. No matter what their personal circumstances might be.)

And your actions - which speak much louder than your words here; especially in the absence of ANY words for or against my initial query to you - indicate that you are all about helping the same oppressors whom you allegedly rail against, to identify the most vociferous dissenters...

I'll wait for that post of yours, Lord Visible. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. I'm sure you already realize that it's the WORDS of an Internet post that matter, Lord Visible - it's what a person actually has to say, that matters. It's all about whether or not that person's words ring true. It isn't about whether or not they choose to tell the CIA/NSA/FBI - oh wait, I mean Israel - exactly who they are and where they live.

Answer that puppy for me, Visible. It's a legitimate question (it's BEYOND legitimate). Explain the contradiction. That's all I ask. Tell me why you are engaged in oppressive actions that are RIGHT NOW being mimicked by the very people you claim to be fighting against.

If you are worth your salt, you will answer it. And you can spin this nine ways to Sunday, if you so choose, like a politician. What have you got to lose?

I await your reply - or, the absence of this post of mine on your blog, whichever comes first.

And whichever way it plays out, well, I guess I'll have my answer...

"Is there no one else?" - Brad Pitt, from the movie, "Troy".

preacher said...

Michael Jackson - Ease On Down The Road

gurnygob said...


See link below.

It's all right folks, we can rest easy. Thank Goodness, TPTB have at last come to their senses. If they went through with this, it could have started world war 3. It just goes to show not all governments are bad. This is the best news I have heard in 10 years. Maybe now I can get a good nights sleep.



Rob in WI said...

I've read many of Michael James postings, and understood the futility he expressed. He's on a hunger strike now? Why not self immolation? I considered that, as a speaker at a rally against the ZATO attack against Serbia. Even had the ziplocs to fill with kerosene sewed into my jeans. But then I realized; who would care?, and realized times were different than when we used to pay attention to the monks that self immolated in Viet Nam. A hunger strike today is just a cry for attention, or a bonifide attempt to escape life here. If anyone wants to leave, I wish them well. Rob

onething said...


I get behind sometimes here; thanks for your response of the 26th. I, too, am a gnostic. (A gnostic, mystic, sufi, monist, panentheist to be exact.) It makes sense that we would come back again to get it right, and that might involve many such attempts to learn a number of lessons that we don't get right on the first try. I wonder if perhaps the possibility that we are trapped here and tricked into incarnating more than we think we want to is not in the end more or less what we need anyway, because, as you said, our soul's growth is our own responsibility.

A lot of people whine about how a good God could allow the things that go on, but to me that is a form of immaturity. A failure to understand what we are becoming and how it works.

For example, someone said here just recently that the gullible young men who sign up for war were just kids and didn't know they were the bad guy, and then they come home to nothing and get depressed and so on, and that we should not blame them, but blame those who trick them into going to war and beating the drums of honor.

I beg to differ! Sure, they were young and foolish, but that's no excuse. How many lifetimes do we have to kill people to get that killing is wrong? How hard is it to know a good from an evil as basic as not invading and bombing villages? This is the crux of the problem.

Remember, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" When the hell is that going to happen? When??? The deceivers and the deceived are two sides of a coin. But I digress...

Well, no I don't. I mean, I think you need to learn to choose good company, and once you see through the stupidity you wonder how you could ever have fallen for it, so it is likely that this process goes on in more than one dimension of reality, but the lesson is the same.

Stand up! Think for yourself! Learn the trappings of bullshit.

I have not heard the terms pre-Adamics or robots. The viables sound like very immature souls? The question I have is about psychopaths, since it would seem to involve, on a spiritual level, being cut off from one's own souls, which is why they appear to us to not have souls. Or can a person not have a soul?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

RayB, precisely what Alex Jones says about David Icke in this epic (African shaman talks of the reptilian overlords). for my part I don't know, but when you know you are lied to so much, when the stink runs so deep and long throughout 'history', these sorts of things don't seem so strange, ultimately one is forced to rely on feeling and intuition (after a good nutritous diet of factoids with a sprinkling of innuendo (the last word unfortunate in the light of alien abductions and anal probes). I can hold a marshmellow in one hand and a squash ball in the other - trying to juggle without becoming afraid or bursting out in hysterical laughter. I don't mind going a bit mad, as long as I seek truth and goodness.


Anonymous said...

Notice how Anonymous at 7:48 doesn't mention 9-11 in his disinfo screed. Maybe he wants us to just "trust Israel or Mossad or AIPAC" instead.


Anonymous said...

& round & round we go......


is it just me, or are things getting harder to qualify/verify by the day?

Visible said...

Look (please excuse my language) don't fucking tell me I endorse book burnings, especially when I have no idea what you are talking about. You'll note I haven't weighed in on the moon landing and really don't give a shit either.

I don't care about most of the burning issues I see here. I care about getting right with my master, period. I care about being fully yoked into the harness of the one who sails me across the ocean of birth and death. I care about making it through each day and hope to be of some small service. Nothing else really grabs my attention. I've heard it all before, numerous times and it is irrelevant to me.

Unless it has to do with Lord Krishna or my friend Lord Ganesha or any of the other worthy entities that have gotten me to this point, it is, quite simply, tangential and unimportant. I post nearly every comment and the only time I don't is when it comes to seem to me that someone is messing with me; like using keywords in a sly manner or psychopathically toying with me like Le Mat.

I'm getting a little stricter with this because my level of tolerance for people wasting my time is not what it used to be. I already have struggles enough. I pay attention to what gets said here and I usually say to myself, "maybe so, maybe not, is it important"? Then I go right on to what I've been doing. When that changes you will be the first to know. I think I am extremely fair across the board. Maybe I'm not. There is a great deal I don't know; my apologies on that account.

Visible said...

Just for example, here is an email I got,

Hi Les

First of all, I hope this contest is some sort of joke.

If not, here is my entry. I''m pretty sure I'm going to lose, but if you want to be a better person, these are my suggestions, and I doubt very much that they'll be entertaining, or that you will talk to me again.

1) Don't ask people to jump through hoops for your entertainment.
2. Don't offer some cheap gift if anyone takes you up on this dubious offer.



So I replied to the guy and after the 3rd exchange he insisted that he didn't say the word, 'cheap'. I stayed civil and simply sent him this email back. Then he got so obnoxious, along the lines of "Okay, I did say it but..." then a bunch of shit came at me and I didn't even read it. You write me demeaning things, get all self righteous and pretentious and you will draw my ire. I let him have it then.

I have put my whole life into service with pretty much ZERO material return. I work like a fucking dog for free because I truly believe what I say here and I damn well walk the talk as well. I know I do. None of you are with me in my desperate hours. Nobody can fix me except God but I have done my level best to help when and where I could.

People can have legitimate criticisms of me and believe me, I listen and I try as hard as I can. You don't know what I suffer or at whose hands it comes.

Most of you don't know what I know about the gods (some surely know more) and it is important to realize that you are dealing with more than one simply because you are not 'ONE'. The gods gamble. They set hurdles and lay their own kind of money down. It is how they entertain themselves and if you don't know this then you never have read the scriptures or didn't get them. I have first hand proof of this feature and when I found it out it sent me into a tailspin of despair. I'm okay with it now but I wasn't for awhile. I expected something more. They're not all like this but some very important ones are.

Now I shouldn't have to be writing these things. I am supposed to be working on my book. It doesn't seem to get any easier.


Visible said...


Recently, readers who should have known better believed things about me that were not true. Why? because of the juxtaposition of finances and appearances; nothing more. I know The Garden of Gethsemane backwards and forwards. I'm not crying in my tea. I expect this shit and it comes with the territory.

There are a lot of things that people don't know about Bodhisattvas. They ought to but they don't. One thing they should know is the fundamental definition of what makes someone that and who actually is and is not one; Mozart was one and I think Steven Foster was too and people can jump on my case about this and that but the pure fact is that I know what I am and what I came to do and you can't argue with me about that and you shouldn't. The proof shows up here every day.

I get slandered and powerful individuals who know about me and could help me, they do nothing. I know who they are and I even understand their reluctance, well, it's their own selves they would be helping so, shame on them.

I know how serious the time is and as a result, I well understand what we are dealing with but I would sincerely appreciate being left alone or at least given some marginal support. I now wish I had never come here and you have no idea how sad that makes me. You have no idea.

Now... I'm just going to carry on because that is what I have always done, through all the treachery and lack of faith and "no, I don't know him, that was photoshopped". I'm going to keep bringing it every day and I don't give a flying fuck what gets sent at me, I WILL sail that ocean and I will land on that further shore and I will bring anyone who wants to come with me- cause I damn well can- and no one is going to stop that; no one. Give it your best shot. It will only delay and impede, it will not deny.

neil said...

Lord visible,don't worry about that fellow,you do good ,,you have big wise filling spirit,,,,and who wouldn't with lord krishna and lord Ganesha on each side.....

Much respects And big harmonys

Anonymous said...

'any major dude'll tell you ...'

onething said...

A guy named Tony sends you an email just to engage in gratuitous meanness. There was no other purpose or meaning to his post.

You cannot reason with a jackass, nor can you convince them to have a basic good will and cooperation.

Being at least reasonably honest and cooperative are a couple of the very first attributes a person attains after they have crossed the line into integrity, below which are all the negative states.

Visible said...

The comment was not about you and for about at least the tenth time (grin), I don't care if people post anonymously, I never have. I care when they make mean sniping, ambushing comments while anonymous and only that.

I didn't go into my confusion about Stella Blue but I actually did have a good reason to be confused and I never saw the letter she sent me. People here have no idea how many emails come in, how many emails don't arrive and comments too. Don't for one moment not think that I am messed with. It is a routine affair and meant to disrupt the harmony here.

There are things I never say here for very good reason, probably if I did people would be more aware of everything but there are some things I can't talk about. I'm not trying to be mysterious or imply the possession of a greater knowing or higher wisdom. Things are the way they are for a reason and sometimes there's a reason why you can't say anything.

Visible said...

Now I can't find John V's comment that I was answering, unreal. Anyway, he'll know. He thought I was referring to him earlier and I wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, you have to know that by their fruit. The force of your ridicule splattered people who didn't deserve it.

Sin crouches at the door and it's desire is for YOU. Why isn't it IN the door? Because it has to be invited in. They have an army of counsellors always standing by. One counsellor will lead you over a cliff. They'll have another counsellor at the bottom of the cliff with a box of bandaids. Be careful what counsellors you ask for. I agreed with that much.

The anonymous thing isn't about tracking you and documenting your words to be used against you in some Nuremburg court. It's about honoring your words. A good example would be the latest anonymous poster on "Bass drums". He says "anyone who will give his life is a god to me". Except for the guy above who is on a hunger strike and fully expects to die. His weak words are conditional fluff and he doesn't have to honor them nor does he have any plans to. That's the advantage of being anonymous. Next, he will be saying "Let's you and him go kill some jews, unless you're pussies" and dropping links to the stanist sites where he gets his indoctrination. Oops, got off on a tangent.

Anyhoo, it looked a little bit like anonymouse had his bags packed, waiting at the curb, when he had second thoughts about throwing "all in" with Reverand Moon.

V isn't out to start a church to shear the sheep.

As a temper tantrum thrower and a student of why other people have them, I've learned it's about "last straws". Don't be piling the straws on right now, mon. Not cool.

He has no quarrel with posting anonymous, just leave a name so you can be held to your words.

They stopped using "unknown" and started using "anonymous" when I was about a 6th grader. I'd see wise quotes and then see 'anonymous' and think "Well he's always the smartest one. Where do I get his book?"

Sometimes it's more accepted when you DON'T use your name.

Visible said...

LSD? Really? What a bunch of sick fucks from Hell.

Visible said...

That was obviously something created in the military labs. Keep this in mind people and I have this on the highest authority; cannibalism is one of the signs of the bending end times.

neil said...

That LSD story is definitely not passing my smell test,,,,,
Am getting an aroma of propaganda agents utilising freak crazy stuff to stop the young from trying LSD,,,,
Showing their obvious weakness and inability to understand that,parading around scattering lies in all different directions for debased psychopathic parasites is actually probably one of the stupidest things you can do,,,,in actual fact government agents,,,,what the hell are you doing,,,,,,you don't even know do you,,,,,,,
Better to come back over here with humanity stand with your people,rejoin the human race,,,,, it's nicer and happier and stuff,you wouldnt have to do stupid things anymore,

Come on

Visible said...

There is something I should have said to you all earlier but I didn't cause I'm one of those "bloodied but unbowed" types.

I have grown weary of the game. I've been dong this for a long time now. Sometimes I feel like I'm mailing it in, though I know I would never do that. However, every post takes a lot out of me. It is wrenched from my being, however effortless is may arrive.

Given the 'appearance' of bad shit in Mexico, I have that situation to thank for Susanne liking me far more than I can remember since we first met. She knows me and she is more honest than I would like sometime. She knew the truth, or lack of it and it paid big dividends.

That is not enough though. She doesn't believe there is a God (go figure-grin). She is harmoniously with me in ways that most men never get close to; oh, they might make a lot of money or fuck the woman silly but the former is meaningless (it really is) and the latter is a matter of skill, grace and awareness so, as the American soldiers said when they came in and used Germany as their personal whorehouse, along with the Russians, Macht nichts. Well, I don't need to go into young, dumb and full of cum do I?

The weight I carry would break anyone that I have ever met, it's why none of my lifetime friends chose this path. The prayers that I get (I don't hear them so I don't know) do not equal the fucking I am getting; if you know that old saw.

I have a new website going up, courtesy of my good friend Martin Kearns but... I am no longer sure that I can continue here because the pounding (astral and cyber) is just more than I can handle and the lack of material response pretty much tells me I'm done.

I stopped this to finish my book but as you can see from my comment about the guy who said my book was a cheap gift, not a single one of you came forward and gave me any advice or constructive criticism, so maybe a free copy of my book wasn't even worth the time it took to respond; you rather turned the place into a playground for your own assumptions and weird science, so maybe it was a cheap gift after all. Therefore, it's unlikely I will come back. I will make it possible for you to talk to each other but I am so tired I couldn't begin to express it, yet every morning I get up and do my martial arts exercises and conversations with god like they still meant something... so... I guess I'm not that tired but I am surely weary and don't see the point. After all, I'm home free anyway.

Never mind.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Aztecs ate people. That was a long time ago. In 'Black Elk Speaks', Black Elk mentioned "He was fat and looked good to eat, but I didn't eat him," or something like that. So the Lakota occasionally ate people. Various tribes ate/eat others. I remember the thing I used to be married to telling me during famine times one South American tribe ate the old women first, because it made the most sense for the tribal survival. And I read in China when they had a famine, they'd trade their children with their neighbours so they wouldn't have to eat their own. Canniblism's been around forever. (It's also one of my favourite subjects to joke about. I even have a sign on my front window saying missionaries will be cooked and eaten. Haven't had one knock on the door since.)

brokenbeat said...


It's all good from my end, no confusion. I did wonder for a bit when your Monday 10pm post appeared just as I made my last post where I mentioned my missing post, but I quickly realized you were addressing someone else and that your post appeared faster than it would have taken to read mine.

I assumed the long pause in the postings that followed was due to you taking a break from dealing with all the comments to get some work done and that there may have been some other commenter(s) that were being bothersome.

It was wierd to then see my missing post appear in it's sequential place, but no biggie. And in that post, I didn't think you were addressing me, but rather that "Floating" (who apparently took his name from a dig from Rob in MI') was probably addressing me and not you as you thought. That post was much ado about nothing and if had never made it onto the blog (for whatever reason), I would have been OK.

So all good here, although during the extended break in postings I did have a few moments wondering if I was pissing you off with all my rambling posts (understandable).

Take care and I hope the book work is coming along. I watched "Hemmingway and Gellhorn" on HBO yesterday and got some insights into the process, though he was a troubled soul. I spent some time with Jack and Margaux in Ketchum, Idaho -- interesting family... Anyway, the film was decent and Nicole Kidman is quite the looker!


John V.

Visible said...

Jack; pretty decent guy. We've all been had in this time zone. I didn't mean to get rough on you guys about what I consider pretty useless shit. How does knowing about any of this help us? We should be pooling our resources and living together. All by myself I can shake the tree and get maybe a million. I have to be worth that much. We're wasting our time. It doesn't matter who did what, it's where we are and who we are, screw all that other noise.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for all you do and have done and will do. My apologies for my contribution to the wierd science in the playground in your abscence. I did seriously try to come up with some amusing advice on how you could improve (with your emphasis on amusing) and didn't think that I had anything constructive (or amusing) to offer.

I don't see a need for improvement -- not that the need may not exist -- just that I don't see any. I don't think I've earned the right anyway or gained the perspective necessary having only arrived recently. And I'm not one for taking potshots.

That doesn't equal not valuing your offered prize. I'm sure the wisdom in your books far exceed their price and will verify this soon -- I confess to not having read your published work yet...I'm a slacker...

Anyway, I can certainly understand if you've had it and calling it quits and only hope that I didn't help get you to that point.


John V.

Cici said...

Well, you're right, of course. I wake up each day hoping for a post from you. I rarely comment, mostly cause what I have to say would be more appropriate in a real life conversation, and I don't wanna cheapen the experience as the thanks should reflect the depth of gratitude for the gift or at least try to. But I often wondered what kept you going and what I could do to help. For me, it keeps coming back to a visit, an in person exchange of energy, that's where I do my best work. I'm working towards being able to make that happen and hopefully being able to show some reciprocity for your appearance and long time presence in my life. and my late $0.02...
1) Drink a gallon of distilled water a day. (yes, it leaches minerals from the body...inorganic ones, the ones the body can't use anyway, the ones clogging stuff up)
2) Keep your voice. Whether questioning, quarreling, cheering or chiding; you've soothed my spirit and eased the journey for years. It's a gift.

Love you Uncle Vis,

Anonymous said...

Not to be a bother but I was searching REM lyrics and ran across this comment on the comments from around here.


Be well and don't take the brown t-virus acid,

wv: larsra pressure

neil said...

Lord visible,,,,don't allow that bloke to get at you,,,,and stop beating yourself up,,,,,,please
a real community is definitely what we need.....

From a loyal dog .......,always

Richie (Dana) said...

I certainly hope that we will get the opportunity to live together on this plane before it is time to move on. I certainly would be up for that at any point although at the moment I have nil resources. Haha.

Your discouragement with your current job is not surprising to me, as I have often wondered how the hell you could possibly continue. The reason for this is your psychic abilities. Compared to you I am a puppy dog, but I do have this almost mind reading ability that tells me a person’s intent and frame of mind. I have relied on this ability extensively in my search for truth being I am relatively “safe” behind my little computer screen. When it comes to Les Visible, there is no one in this life that I hold in higher regard than this person. I see the Love of the Divine in all your work including those times when the word Fuck is needed.

I was in Vegas for the last 4 days and decided to let loose with whatever power resides within me. At first it was an extremely interesting experience in which the Visible explanation of the current reality was paraded into my mind by the 30 friends and family of the wedding I was attending. Just a bit shocking after the recluse I have been playing lately. After 3 days of this my brain hurt and I was getting sick of the bullshit. I feel as though I got a small taste of what Mr. Visible gets to deal with every day along with pressure from other realms most are not aware of. Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated Sir.

I may not have much in the way of the material I can share with you, but I do have the greatest respect and Love for my friend Mr Visible.


the gardener said...

Visible @6:49... I hear you bro... feel you bro... am with you 100%... I'm doing, right now, as we speak...a very heavy focused intent.

I've suffered as you have for too long. Asked too many times "what is it that I am not getting?" obviously I am not working it right, obviously on the wrong track.

I continue to have my assets STOLEN from me by the most blatant liars and thieves! In my face stolen from me! Words do not seem to have any affect. Actions do not seem to have any impact. So bizarre and ridiculous again and again... assets I, at least think, I really need. Wth? Wth?

So I'm hooked up with the main man, the main woman right now-asking to be led out of this dark hole of WTF?

I have come a long way from whence this all started making itself known to me a few years ago now.

I did an I Ching the other night-thanks to a poster here with that site! and it came up '33' RETREAT... I came across it again this morning having saved it for later digestion. RETREAT! which is a dual meaning word... retreat from an unwinnable situation or retreat to a retreat. Now that word 'retreat' is looking funny to me. RE TREAT... I've got much to be grateful for but I think I've blown off dealing with the uncontrollable-reasoning with the unreasonable about as long as I can afford.

ALL I want to do is be in my Sweet Lord's land. All else is a diversion-some necessary with others involved. But retreating to a nunnery etc is what came to my mind this morning. I know a few others deeply who are in the same place "what? are we to become traveling minstrels?" A pack of 'fools' with our napsacks on our backs? Little frisky dog(s) in tow?

A friend asked me today if "Les is still in Italy"... I told her 'no, he's in Germany... I think"... she is going through the same thing... no matter how hard she works-nothing is coming of her efforts, to the degree that she can not pay her rent. She was looking to hook up but said she 'was wondering about Les in Italy due to the earthquakes there'...

I've got to do the best with what little material goods I have left BUT THE BFers keep stealing my monies! What the hell is going on with that? sigh...

the gardener

love you man! these are some weird times right now and agreed about the 'lsd' and 'cannibalism'... that man who cut off that kid's head on the bus said 'he is sorry, he thought he was an alien"...

the gardener said...

PS-Sandra Brown is the ONLY psychologist really dealing with the after math damages caused by involvements with the psthologicals.

here is her latest article on the spiritual damage caused by their works. Considering most people are involved with pathologicals-there are a whole lot of soul damaged humans out and about.


I find her articles to be very helpful in my own recovery.

I am praying constantly for all to recover their souls and repair the damage purposely done to them... for others' gains.

It is a very big deal that 45% of returning Iraqi/Afghanistan military vets are working on achieving full disability status with the VA... the stories they're going through are quite heroic.

As one of the 'littlest POWS" the children of a Vietnam vet... I really shudder at the thought of TWO combat vet parents in any family with children. I KNOW what they're going through with THAT.

I think the faster everyone gets it that we are all DEEMED AS EXPENDABLES to those who are vultures and jackals posing as hawks or patriarchs... the faster their ending will arrive.

brokenbeat said...


My last two comments may seem out of sync with yours due to delays... Thanks for the comment at 6:49. I appreciate what you said therein and I do hope to meet up with you at sometime and collaborate somehow (music, film?) if not pool resources and such.

I need to withdraw for a bit (do I hear cheers?) to attend to some neglected matters, but wanted to add this reply. Thanks again for your patience.


I will get back to your questions as after a bit.


John V.

Steve said...

Sorry Vis,

I'm not going anywhere near the humorous constructive criticism thing.
I don't know much, but I know when I'm out of my league.

I have been told I have money coming. When it arrives, I would be more than happy to give it away toward a place to get together.


Anonymous said...

John V.;

"rather that 'Floating' (who apparently took his name from a dig from Rob in MI') was probably addressing me and not you as you thought."

Correct. I'm glad you figured this out on your own. I tried to specify the acknowledgement was directed to you but the lines got crossed.

"It doesn't matter who did what, it's where we are and who we are, screw all that other noise."

I agree with this full-heartedly. There is a revolution of truth beginning and we can all need to do everything we can to help it along.


Denny said...

"It's where we are and who we are..."


Does anything make sense in a world where we don't even have a way of knowing if even our closest friends or partners are one long line of ever-changing clones, replaced by a practical joker God every single night just for the sheer fun of it..? We can't even state with any measure of certainty who our own biological parents are, or whether we can have any say whatsoever in our appearing either male or female in any (hypothetical) incarnation. "Who" has the power that "decides" over my own personal fate in matters such as these - ie whether "I" "reappear" as male or female, good looking or ugly (and that's not a subjective phenomenon), creative or destructive, soldier, serf, slave, talented musician, healthy or sick or whatever else..? Clearly, my own personal choice in the matter would be male, good looking, healthy, creative, talented musician, a nice villa say in the South of France and of course spiritually evolved enough to be able to let it all go at any given time... Wishful thinking huh..? Nah, if anything at all it's probably gonna be some form of Sisyphean "punishment" for having the audacity even to EXPECT such inspired lifetimes - let alone indefinitely..!

Meanwhile, talking of inspiration, I sincerely hope you don't disappear from here. As I've already mentioned on other occasions, it's been an honour for me to be able to read everything you write, and this applies to all those who comment here too. I just wish I had something more significant to contribute myself, other than my usual "tongue-in-cheek" drivel (sniff sniff).

Thanks for everything you do here.

gurnygob said...

What Les said.....

"Keep this in mind people and I have this on the highest authority; cannibalism is one of the signs of the bending end times."

Wow Les, I can back you up on that, I also have heard this; also that sex, particularly child sex, would become a form of currency in the end times. People, certain people that is, will actually trade in these things and fresh drinking water will be in very high demand. Not a pleasant thought I know but we are not living in very pleasant times.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

some old python humour on soul seeking vs distractions.



(just discovered the other day Firefox option to right click highlighted text - web link - open in new tab).

pondering , can you have soul without person?

Stella Blue said...

Jeez Louise! 174 comments??!! Holy Shit! If James Lipton were to interview me on his Actor's Studio, that wd.be my favorite curse word--the imagery alone! Like Rex Harrison (who had chronic flatulence) farting so loudly during a live performance of My Fair Lady that the actress playing his mother (who was partially deaf & didn't hear it?) just carried on and gave her next line which was "Henry, stop grinding your teeth." The audience roared & held up the play for a good five minutes! HaHa. We need a little comic relief here! VIZ!!! We need COSMIC RELIEF!!!

So, dudes...while y'all were debating, I went to see Men In Black 3 and lo & behold! there was the MoonDoggie!! hahaha. The plot flashes back to 1969...(hilarious) and centers on the moon flight & the need to place something on top of the rocket to save the world.

Now, it took me forever to read all this commentary--plus the RayB. Monroe Institute stuff over on Origami. And all's I can say is:

Visible, darlin'--your post left us with your 2006 song "I'm Coming Back"--so you BETTER! Like you said, we gotta pool ourselves and our spirits together & create some positive Chi here--not all this harangue and cacophony. (Tho' indeed much of the back & forth stuff was quite amazing! We are certainly DIFFerent! ;-)

As for certain "anonymii"--keep in mind that my stealthy shithead started using fake names under the Anon. which is even more trickster sidewinder...

Not to forget also, these energies up thru the next 6/4 eclipse & the 6/6 Venus transit & all those Neptunian squares. Whew. The news is so full of heightened negativity--it just gets worse and worse and worse. Visible's blogs have been the oasis, and the spot for us to meet and share as (hopefully) like-minded souls. Whoever is NOT like-minded should move on & go elsewhere. "Out Demons Out!"

Love to all--been missin' yas! But, whew! What a boatload to sift thru here upon checking in! Go out & see MIB3--see Boris the Animal and the Space Worms ;->) Cheer up, Moondoggies!! Stella xo

Anonymous said...

I have got to tell you dude that this writing is one of the best that I have everrrr read! Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the Head! PEACE BE WITH US ALL, ME THINKS THE SHIT IS COMING DOWN FROM THE SKY!! Dog from Montana

Clarity said...

Visible and All~

It's been hard to keep up with all the comments.

Neil, I'm glad you and your poetry are back. I enjoy your writing. Thank you for trying to keep the peace here. I would hope this might be a place where we can help each other out - if someone has a question or a concern, that it could be brought up and discussed. I think most of us are after the truth, and the people who visit have different areas of knowledge. I see no benefit in being disrespectful, though, and it's unfortunate that there are some who feel the need to be that way.

Mandocello - "The American people will..." Great quote!

ChewyBees, you made some excellent points. With the extent to which the deception has permeated our lives in so many areas and on so many levels, I agree that awareness is key and it makes it that much more difficult to pull things off.

Mia Bellezza - I thought Lord Monkton spoke well - he used humor but got the point across nicely without sounding like a conspiracy nut. I think many skeptics who are on the fence would tend to believe him. He reminded me of Charlotte Iserbyt, who talks about how our education system has been dumbed down. In one video, she connects that with Agenda 21 as a means to communism. I find her very entertaining to listen to, and she seems to know an awful lot. She offers her book for free as a download on her site: http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

Her A21 video is here: http://www.prisonplanet.com/life-in-america-under-agenda-21-with-whistleblower-charlotte-iserbyt.html

Another video interview (scroll down just past halfway to Charlotte): http://www.degaray.com/misc/147-RealTime-Education.html

Norman Dodd video on tax exempt organizations (think Rockefeller) and how they influence education: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYCBfmIcHM&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Re: Laurel Canyon - I've read a few pages so far. Very interesting. I don't know what it all means, but something is definitely up there. Too much to be blown off as coincidence.

Re: the moon landing - Maybe it's not that important in the grand scheme, but it is something I have been curious about. I believe there is a lot of deception there. The level and the specifics, I don't know about. Dave might be off on some details, but he had a LOT of information in his analysis - too many questions without answers. The pictures are obviously faked, as there is information about the camera and the setup that makes it impossible to have taken perfectly focused and centered shots. I question why it's been so long since we've gone to the moon, and why no other country has been there in all the years since. What had a big impact on me was a video I saw recently. Below is a link with a brief description of it. I think the astronauts' reactions say an awful lot. There are other links to moon hoax sources in the comments.


I also have this link to someone on YT who has quite a few moon hoax videos. I don't remember how many I've seen or what I thought of them, but if you want to check them out: http://www.youtube.com/user/WhiteJarrah#p/u

Homer - "Precious Human Life" - beautiful!


Clarity said...

To Anonymous who commented on JV's writing... That was so unnecessary. What purpose did it serve? I think it says a lot about you, especially posting anonymously.

John V. your response was dignified and showed class. You took the high road, and I have great respect for you. FWIW, I never thought you wrote "like a girl". I've only seen intelligent, sincere, and respectful posts, whether asking, sharing, or answering someone else.

And to Anonymous who questioned Visible... I don't know if you're the same coward as above, but you lost me there. You asked a question,
Visible, what are your thoughts on this? I know you encourage people (sometimes, very emphatically) to not post as anonymous...

Saturday, May 26, 2012 8:44:00 PM

and you accused Visible of not answering. What, then, is this?

I have no real thoughts on the governments anonymity revocation inventive. My only feelings on anonymous are when people use that advantage to potshot without context or any intention for improvement or informational assistance; when they just want to take their, I'm someone who turned mean because the world wouldn't accept and tolerate my lack of genius and loser mentality (grin).

What the government does is what it always does, oppress and loot the resources of the public. That's what they do.

Sunday, May 27, 2012 11:19:00 AM

As I read it, he answered your question. Your point is moot, though, because you're a dumbass. Your posts are "Anonymous". He obviously does put up anonymous posts - by you and by others, so wtf are you talking about? I've only been here about 6 months and I've seen him bring it up plenty of times. He says the people here are bright enough not to give certain anonymous posts much merit, and his main problem is those who post anonymously as a means of attacking others, which is exactly what you are doing. And yet, any number of nasty comments have been posted on this particular blog, which just illustrates how desperately you are lacking any point except to be a jackass.

BTW, do you know if Visible is approving all the comments, or does he have some help while he is writing? Do you know the answer to that?

Jeez, have you nothing more productive to do?

Love and peace to all,

Visible said...

Thank you all. I'm not that numb or dead yet and the point seems to be, via comments and much more in emails that you didn't think I needed to be improved. Now we have found another way to make God laugh.

As I said in an email, sometimes I have to wear my heart on my sleeve because I really do "leave it all on the court", or field, as you prefer.

Anyone who wants a digital copy of my first novel or Spiritual Survival or both, just email me and it's yours. All I ask is what you think.

I really do have to finish this new one. I will slip in a Petri Dish in the process this week. Thank you for the support. It isn't like I didn't know it was there. I do, but I am wresting with things outside this arena too and I can't talk about that. I wouldn't be able to bring it out effectively.

I think a lot of it is Lady K. The things I see and the entities I talk to make my life more complex than it might be and please don't tell me to stop seeing her. Those events are more rare than my every day. No one likes to have what is coming stuck in their face before it gets here. On the other hand, it is a mercy from the cosmos to be prepared. I wish it were different but it is not.


Clarity said...

Denny, your comment (May 27 @ 1:21) has been on my mind.

Maybe in the past, any number of "groups" were involved in some despicable acts. I'm not sure what that has to do with today. I have ancestors who were Christian, Jewish, and Jehovah's Witness. Of the Christians, there were different varieties, as there are today. I don't practice any organized religion, nor do my children. Am I guilty because of things done by my ancestors in the past? Even those in groups I have never been a part of?

What is important here is what is happening today. And I think it's worse that this is an ongoing pattern of behavior. More than that, it's a plan that was made long ago and continues to be carried out. Yes, pain *could* come from ANY source, but the fact is, it is coming primarily from a specific source.

Maybe, technically, we all have blood on our hands. But I'm not buying the whole package. I'm not giving up responsibility for my actions or lack thereof. The decisions I made kept me asleep for many years. So, though, did the actions of others, and those actions were designed to have precisely that effect. I will take much, but not all, of the blame for my part. But when you are raised a certain way, and educated in a controlled system, and bombarded with propaganda, outright lies, messages and more to influence your thinking, and kept dumbed down with meds and things in our food, air, water, and even in the fillings in our teeth... How does one "know" something is going on, if so much has been done to keep you from knowing?

I would call myself materialistic. I was raised that way. I suppose when you look at the bigger picture, it could be said that it has hurt people, by giving more power to those who are doing the outright hurting. At the same time, though, I was raised to be responsible with money. My material belongings came through education and hard work. The way I was raised, I worked hard, earned my money, and from that, I could spend my money as I wished. My only debt now is my mortgage, and that I pay biweekly, with additional principal added to every payment. Both cars were paid off early, the pool was paid off early, my student loans were paid off early, and I pay all credit cards in full. I put money away for retirement and for college for my kids (although not enough, I'm sure...). I am also generous with my money when I find a good cause, and sometimes just to do something nice for someone. I never thought I was doing anything wrong. Knowing what I know now, I suppose I could change and you can fault me for not doing that. I have made small changes, and yes, I could do more, but there is also the matter of how it will affect some other people - that being my family. If it were me, alone, I could do more. I could go on about this, but I think I've said enough. We who are awake could all do more, I suppose. What am I doing now to make change in the world? Very little. If I knew what I could do - what I was able to do, that would made a big difference, that would be helpful. For now, I'll have to settle for small, and keep my eyes open.


Clarity said...

You say there are no Palestinians, Christians, or other races or religions... Yes, it is a concept, but it is a concept that is used. We are all human beings. (Well, we won't go down that road, but let's limit it to that...) We all came from one Source, and we will all return to one Source. But we were put here to live different lives - not as carbon copies of each other. There is variety, as those differences will allow each of us to have a wide range of experiences, and those experiences and feelings are sent to God so that he is able to feel and experience, as opposed to just "knowing". If there weren't supposed to be differences, I don't see why there would be so many souls. We are here on Earth, in physical bodies with egos, to learn and grow. Part of our growth comes from the individual and unique lives we lead. What makes us individual and unique are our differences. Some of those differences are by choice (religion) and others are not (race, genetics, etc.) Religions can be changed. Citizenship can be changed. The choices we make, and the groups we use to identify ourselves (female, Christian, Conservative, pro-life, etc.) help determine who we are, and allow us to play the roles we planned out before incarnating here. The ones that are not fixed, as well as the ones that are, give us opportunities for learning. That might sound a little like karma... I'll get there in a minute.

We might use identifiers for different reasons, but ideally, we would see ourselves as one - as human beings, as precious and deserving. The fact of the matter is that the people who are, and have been, responsible for the most and the longest-lasting brutality are doing it *because of* the group they belong to, and the perception that their group is superior to all others. So even if we are all ONE in truth, the barbarity is being perpetrated for exactly the opposite reason by people who don't buy into it.

Regarding karma - yes, there may be some people living awful lives because of karma. I realize you stated that as 100% assumption, and I will do the same, based upon my understandings, which are continually being developed.

Some beings here may not be living difficult lives because of karma. Some may have volunteered for those roles to allow others to learn a lesson. I have wondered if maybe that lesson is for us. Who is "Us"? Us could mean you and me, or all of Us here who learn from Visible and comment (and those who don't comment), or all of Us who are awake and aware of what is going on. Maybe Us is each and every one of Us (or just about every one) in the world. Maybe those people experiencing trauma and pain are doing so in order for Us to have the experiences we need. Maybe the purpose of many, or most, of Us in this lifetime, is to finally stand up to all the wrong and put a stop to it. The victims may have volunteered for those parts to allow Us the opportunity to do what we need to do.


Clarity said...

I watched a video last night that I found very interesting. It was a Project Camelot video. I really don't know enough about PC to say I trust their information or not. I know I have read something here or there that questioned them, but that could very well be mis- or dis-info. I personally didn't care for how Kerry conducted the interview, but the information shared by the two men really grabbed my attention. They could have been full of shit, but to me, they sounded credible and very sincere. I am buying what they're selling - conditionally, of course, but I see a connection here.

Their message was that there are beings who are around to help us. They have in the past, and will in the future if need be. BUT, the bottom line is that they will not allow things to go too far. We are being left to try to fix things here, but if the tribe goes too far, they will step in. In the end, Earth will be fine, and the future is beautiful. Kerry kept pushing, though, to make the point that yes, maybe they are in the wings as a backup plan, but we still need people to become aware and to try to do something about it themselves.

The video is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC4t1FEk5LE

The person who recommended it said to start listening at 32:45. I did, and watched it until the end. I would love to hear what others think of this. I'm not familiar with the two men, and I haven't gotten to look them up yet. I want honest opinions, or facts if you have them, but I am hoping you won't burst my bubble, because I really liked their bottom line. It reminded me of Visible when he says that everything will work out as it should.

Denny, it's late and I'm tired. I am not going to edit this, and I hope that I came across as respectful because that was my intention. Consider it food for thought, or just another viewpoint. I appreciate your post because it got me thinking, and you do make some good points that I was glad to be reminded of.


Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis!


"The good point of being a Bodhisattva is that they see/feel more than anyone else.

The bad point of being a Bodhisattva is that they see/feel more than anyone else."

You probably already know the following, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. A being such as you is spread out over many areas, quite literally. This can result in a feeling of low energy, due to say only a quarter of your energy being available to bodily-Vis. This in turn can lead to sadness and frustration. It probably doesn't make you feel any better to say this, but there are many who do recognize the contribution that you are making.

Hang in there; you are appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

neil said...

Your powerful words have inspired many lord visible,,,
Always pushing upwards and onwards,,,,

Much respect

Zionism = Agenda 21 said...


For anyone who does not understand how Agenda 21 and 'Climate Change' are being used by TPTB (zionists) to insidiously enslave 99% of the people of the world under a 'Green' world dictatorship, please check out this long but extremely informative video at Noor al Haqiqa's site.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actuall, in this place, you are more than appreciated. You are an ADDICTION. Well, your posts are, anyway. I'm already suffering withdrawal. Shakes, cramps, hives, whatever.

No, not really; but it's like me and my flatmate have a joke that we have one brain between us, and after reading your writings, we wonder if that brain is actually a 3-way time share. After all, sometimes both me and said flatmate are totally out to lunch, so that brain must be somewhere else. It's like who are we to say we can keep track of it, you know?

Denny said...


Thanks for the feedback. I'm no longer accustomed to such personal attention especially from females (at least not since the mercury fillings that were put into my teeth by morons took away most of my earlier very good looks).

Re: Project Camelot and the Rosswell incident... I'm aware that there are two types of UFOs buzzing around the place, one type being the Von Braun "terrestrial" variety, and the other type being those phenomenal visitations from our own "future" that appear briefly through our own consciousness or "past" - ie the "past" that we are all living in every moment, always that split second from reality. In other words, we are "seeing" ourselves appearing from the "future" through our present perception that consists only of "past" (unless we happened to be enlightened, of course).

As for the the "secret box" taken from the crashed UFO by the military, that's all a load of codswallop. There could be no possibility of any of us being able to remove a material object from a UFO "seen" from our own perspective of "past" on any such phenomenal visitation from our own "future". And that's why I didn't like the appeals for donations towards the "project".

And why do they always have to portray the "alien" inhabitants of UFOs as so damned ugly - ie bald heads, spindly legs, skinny as rakes and faces that look as though they've all been through a wind tunnel...?! It's because no one has ever (and never will) design a physical form that could be more beautiful than the human form. We were all made in God's image BUT the devil does fool with the best laid plans - ie when for example zionist "poison du jour" mercury is put in people's mouths and that original beauty diminishes. That's why "aliens" are always depicted as being so ugly - because no one could ever come up with a "design"
that could be more "beautiful" than the (archetypal) human form. And I guess that's why I love the Pre-Raphaelite paintings so much.
Clarity, you certainly live up to your name. I'd like to write more regarding your comment and I'll be in touch.

Vis: Again, thanks for allowing all this blah blah on your comments section. If there is any chance of a community happening, then why not here in Sweden..? Property here is the cheapest in Europe and the nature is fantastic...

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