Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Roach Motel at the End of the Universe

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I'll be on Red Ice Radio the week following this one coming. Time and day will be announced in advance. I'm only taping it this coming week. Sorry about any confusion.)

(Yesterday's radio show is now available for download.

Sometimes you don't have to look far to find something to talk about. You don't have to wait for the voice in your head, it just shows up and throws it in your face. Part of your mind, or someone's mind says that every one of these creatures should be rounded up and put on trial, followed by the quick and speedy execution of capital punishment, or life in prison, without hope of parole. That includes the oilmen performing it; the politicians permitting it, the oversight and enforcement agencies ignoring it, those explaining it and those... -

-those only concerned with milking the greatest rent from their railroad flat apartments, greasy spoons and whatever side of the road, cash hijacking machines they've set up to wring some temporary vermin profit from it, can be left to the fate of vermin, once the plunder leaves town and all that remains are wide wastes where nothing grows and deep pits of wet, stinking, death assured, hot weather swimming pools for their stunted, hillbilly heroin addicted, children.

Corollary incidentals always appear in tandem with these things and even members of the socio-political retard army can see the connection ...but what's the fun or profit in that? Isn't it just better to let this shit go on and get all righteous and weepy about the backend, drowning in a rain of hypocritical tears, as you bemoan the loss of so many things, caused by global hand-warmers at fixed football games?

The people doing these things are the spiritual offspring of serial killers and mass murdering psychopaths. They know what they're doing and they know what happens but it just doesn't matter and... maybe, at this point it doesn't. Most of the population is in bed with it on some level; some are just sleeping in better accommodations, some of them even have their own idea of environmental awareness and a love of Nature and some of them are into consciousness improving retreats, where they can take a few minutes to rationalize it all and come to peace with it. Of course, whether it comes to peace about it, with them, is another story.

Once the sleepwalking, wide load, expando-pants, shit for brains, consumer zombies can really, absolutely, no longer put “food on their families” and the ones who haven't yet been matriculated to another world, by their murderous and insane progeny, or the temporary berserker status of the head of the household, or some relative come back from foreign killing fields, who can't live with themselves or you anymore; once it finally dawns on them that they have to go live in their car and they can't afford the gas to run the heater in their car, when winter comes, in order to take a nice carbon monoxide nap, prior to a morning that never arrives, when they meant, with all good intentions, to head down to the Slurpee factory, to see if they were taking on part time, day laborers, it's possible... it's possible that enough of them will get together and storm their houses of government and drag the toads, lampreys and pigs from their paneled offices and dispense the justice they should have gotten a long time before but... there's no telling how it will all sort out. It won't sort out well in most places, that's pretty much a given.

Those who are getting just what they deserve, from the government they deserve, will keep right on nodding their heads, like plastic, bobbing flamingos on high ball glasses, while whatever infernal alien in chief that runs their slice of Idiocracy, drones on and on about recovery and a return to the good life they never had to begin with. All the now, human sized ticks, operating as bureaucratic functionaries and assholes with guns and clipboards, will be going around and knocking on doors, exercising edicts and informing the residents that one more thing they took for granted and once considered a right has now become illegal. Not only has it become illegal but the law will clearly state that they should have known what they didn't know and at least one member of the household is now to be dragged out on to the front lawn and impaled on a flaming spike, as a warning to their neighbors.

It's not like they don't lack the courage and conviction, at some level, because just as soon as whatever Zio-Orge entity who runs the joint, tells their leaders that some country, somewhere, has to be turned into a smoldering, open air graveyard, they will and do gladly deliver their children to the task. Heck, if they're still in any kind of shape, given they have no job anyway, they’ll go too. Meanwhile the wife can run some kind of hotsheet split-level home, to cover whatever taxes and penalties might ensure for whatever reason the thieves in power create to acquire it.

This probably sounds like satire or sarcasm to some and terrorism to others but it's all true. It might look and play out a little differently but the results will be the same and something very like all of it is going on all over the place right now or... maybe you can't see that. That is altogether possible. You won't be hearing about it where you get your news and you won't be reading about it here. I could have had a thousand times the readers I have now, if I had just put naked pictures in to accompany the text, a la Kilgore Trout. For some reason that idea never did surface here and still hasn't, even though I am mentioning it. I'm not opposed to some kinds of naked pictures but the words take care of that to begin with.

I'm sure the heinous empires of Rockefeller and Rothschild, along with all those other names, so well known to some of us, would have long ago met their well deserved fates at the hands of the mob; possibly even at the hands of a creative, patient and fiendishly ingenious mob, except for the magic powers they wield that keep their lizard skinned bodies intact. It doesn't take a whole lot of inquiry and imagination to figure out they have the protection of certain entities, brought forth by bloody rites and rituals of human sacrifice; small children preferred, to maintain their diabolical activities. Most of this is low end shit but we live in a low end Yuga so, that all makes sense. Every member of the walking wounded, probably knows by now that Wall Street and The City are a cancer as great as anything Fukushima might deliver and that they run the governments and that whatever the governments have been doing to them, comes at the order of these demon cabals.

It would have never gotten this far if so many people hadn't wanted to become lawyers in their employ; hired guns for their protection, doctors in the service of disease, scientists in the service of plague, eugenics and euthanasia, office workers who produce and ferry all manner of official paper for the promise of a particular paper, confinement specialists who would rather be out than in, even though their confinement is just defined in another way. It wouldn't have gotten this far, if most of the entertainers, artists, writers, musicians and self-deluded victims of bad inspiration, hadn't decided the best career move was to sell out the promise of everything they might have been and done, for a corporate tattoo on their ass, which they can display to the world during their moments of buggery and bacchanalia, in the ultimate public, performance art that all of this leads to.

There's nothing like state and culturally sanctioned masturbation that you can do anywhere, at any time, because baby, you have that right and you don't have to worry about drawing a crowd. They will be there and just as turned on as you are. Thousands of cellphone cameras will be clicking, or video taping and ZioTube will be waiting... ♫just anticipating♫ Well, you won't have to worry about 'all the things you never, ever will possess' because.. possession is assured. This is the time of the habitation of demons and everyone gets to be a timeshare or a permanent residence, although the former doesn't actually exist unless you get real fucking lucky. Step right up! Yeah, everybody is a winner. Don't ask why the rings don't go over the bottles or the ball doesn't go into the net. They wouldn't call it a trick if you could see what was happening. What do you know, isn't that Lady Gaga on the carnival speakers? They've all come to see the freaks, well, no worries there, freaks you will have, especially when night falls. She doesn't call them 'little monsters' for nothing, nor will 'little' be the case.

Sure, satire, sarcasm, or terrorism as you prefer. It all becomes something different anyway, when you check into the roach motel at the end of the universe and... you don't have to go any real distance. There's one close by. It's a franchise and that's just what they call it, something like putting the glimmer of romance on your already bought and sold ass. They don't really need to do that, you already gave it up without romance ever entering into the equation ...but while there's still time for you to wake up and get pissed off and still time for you to do something about it, certain forms of crowd control will be employed, even if only inside your head. You should know though that that's not all you're going to get. You do have to remember, they don't do it just for the profit. They do it for the entertainment too. All you need to think about is what you imagine they need, want and require from you in that regard. Well, take a look at the way you came and what happened around you on the way, even if it didn't happen to you yet, even if it didn't get around 'to you' yet.

Read a little history about other times like these and keep in mind that this is the time when they really let all those potentials and appetites loose. You won't have to think too hard about what that means. You won't have to worry too much about waking up or sleeping through it either. There's not nearly as much fun in it for them, unless they can wake you up to be part of the experience; if that is all the awakening you prove capable of.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible and The Critical List:


Erica said...

Thanks Vis-timely warning,though not really needed-not going to change my allegiance this late in the game.Will continue to endure and attempt to 'raise the vibes' of this little corner of the planet.
Others may go the direct action route-but I can only see that ending in tears,not to mention a lot of unnecessary bloodshed.
I feel your pain-wish I knew the solution to this mess.

zepheri said...

and the beat goes on

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your post.

"ProPublica, oil companies in North Dakota reported more than 1,000 accidental releases of oil, drilling wastewater or other fluids in 2011, about as many as in the previous two years combined.

Releases of brine, which is often laced with carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals, have wiped out aquatic life in streams and wetlands and sterilized farmland. The effects on land can last for years, or even decades.

Under North Dakota regulations, the agencies that oversee drilling and water safety can sanction companies that dump or spill waste, but they seldom do: They have issued fewer than 50 disciplinary actions for all types of drilling violations, including spills, over the past three years."

Let's do the math. A total of 2,000 'accidental' corporate spills over the past three years. A total of 50 charges of negligent corporate polluting layed over the same time period in North Dakota.

Want to bet politicians and regulators are being bribed to turn a blind eye.

This is why America and the world is so doomed: greed and corruption.

the gardener said...

On the header of the frakking link Vis posted was the article about 'hillbilly heroin leading to the real thing' the epidemic of heroin use today in this country.

One way or another the devils that be are determined for all humans to devoid their souls for their profits.

Either working the destruction of the ecology or working the destruction of their own souls-one by one it is whatever it takes to make a person, a country so tainted and toxic-so devoid of soul that anyone still standing with a soul will be the pariah of their community, region or country.

Twice this week-last week of high school I have had teens comment on their being 'outcasts because they don't do drugs or drink'... because they are sober. Really a chemical nation. And it has gotten to the majority of the people.

I've also read an article this week about the use of anti-depressants having impact on the insane amount of children with autism in this you know that doctors are telling young women that these drugs so many are on 'are safe during pregnancy'?

(the picture in this article is a sickening one)... but I've known pregnant women who 'never thought about-never knew' that aspartame is not anything anyone pregnant would want to do... addicted to their Diet Cokes...sigh

BUT BOY DO I CATCH TOTAL HELL FROM THESE SAME IDIOTS FOR SMOKING CIGS! oh yes I do... the autism/anti-depressants came out with an article about the 1 out of 66 boys in UTAH (which has the highest anti-depressant use in the country) where an MD from AZ (mormon stronghold state) stated she'd been telling everyone for years her suspicions about those drugs causing babies to develop autism. Funny that's coming out now.

So between all the opiate users, the anti-depressant and other brain chemistry altering users and the out and out drunks this country has-coupled with the utterly demonic anti-life in power over state, regional and national politics-hell in handbasket awaits us. Hard to choke down when you're a conscious sober unaltered individual. Got to stay clean and protected every way availed to us.

Maybe they'll be frakking one day and hit a methane pocket and ignite this entire country-burn it all down in one hellish event.

I've got to go and contemplate these issues of my own health, sanity and safety whilst polluting the air and ethers with sounds and small engines this still blue skied morning. Shoot some chi at the white lines created by unknown to me monsters who like to turn our skies all sickly murky white.

the gardener

Anonymous said...


Consciousness coming through to speak to the exhausted choir....

hold on. i know you get hit again and again because you are the only ones listening.

the input is overwhelming and you have borne the weight of witnessing for longer than most could endure or would even be willing to contemplate enduring. those who have opened their eyes and ears to the horrors and still retain their humanity and joy are the carriers of Love....witness it! you are rapidly progressing through the purgatory of this incarnation.

the golden ticket is awareness of and nonattachment to what the ego/mind is transmitting.

the trip through purgatory may appear endless but that is an illusion.

Truth be told...there is Light at the end of the tunnel.

Visible said...

Yesterday's radio show is now available for download.

those unable to connect the motive for the writing or the point of today's posting with the tone of the radio show or other postings might well have a problem also connecting tornadoes, lightning and other things with hummingbirds and dolphins. Making that more easily assimilable is not my department.

Visible said...

Red Ice Radio show will actually be coming in the week following this next one. I am only taping it this Thursday. Sorry about any confusion.

Monkey Heiroglyphs said...

Well, as usual, your commentary blends some form of socio-political venting along with innuendo threats. I suggest you do something about how horrible everything is Les, yourself. I say you be the first one to go take a stand and be a hero. We'll follow your lead Les, and you have to stand up to your words and ideals in the flesh, not via telecom signals and writings. As for me, I don't value any form of life on Earth, nor the Earth. I'm perfectly content in observing this whole shithole get destroyed, whether by aliens, humans or GOD. Peace.

missingarib said...

Yes,vis,the rude dudes are busy perfecting history's version of plug and play -no need to wait for an outcome-the Charles mansion generation just has to think it and voila lady gaga and her entourage -

Betty nuttyhoo will be taking your tickets and there is a special boarding line for the creatures that call themselves LAW MAKERS- and much as I hate to admit it "you won't have to worry too much about waking up or sleeping through it either. There's not nearly as much fun in it for them, unless they can wake you up to be part of the experience; if that is all the awakening you prove capable of."

it feels like the energy your describing is like the torque moving objects exhibit-- your brilliant writing efforts are a stabilizer live long

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, your radio show brought tears to my eyes. Very synchronistic in many ways to me ... no point going into details. Are you sure you're not a mind reader? (grin)

Stella Blue said...
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Not a head shrink said...


Do you work as a school counsellor? Do you use/ascribe to cognitive behavioral therapy? Are you spiritually inclined to the Divine in your professional and/or private life? Answer only what you wish.

Please watch this 1 hr 47 min video about psychotropic drugs and Big Pharma.

Doctors in general, including psychiatrists, are as much in the dark about psychiatric drugs as the general population is about 9/11.

the gardener said...

has something gone on with the 'hummingbirds' now?

thank you Ahoy... lol My heart gets so heavy and dark from what I carry sometimes. I was out working in my splendid last eve-dark clouds above-dark heart (of mine) down below... then my neighbor buzzed over with fresh fish he had made into an entire great dinner for us.

*snorts out of left nostril* thank you neighbor, thank you mother, thank you god.

the gardener

PS. Like my brother has told me 'they're only feelings...feelings pass'.

Anonymous said...

Who says dogs don't make facial expressions?

Anonymous said...

Do remember, the body is the mechanism in which the consious are aware, and that the body must go through trial and error to understand its own full consiousness, to consume knowledge, as man saw, heard, felt, smelt and tasted, and, thats to say without its sensors, one would not have consiousness in the way one has consiousness,
This would contribute to the ideas of lessons learnt, the mechanical being, for the purpose of, the spiritual conclusion as to cast off any thought or mass which would retain the consious self locked in a perpetual enduring circle of suffering.

thee idea of the comsic self, is in essence, thee idea of the demonic self cast into hell to torment ones-self, cast away from, but still within, the white halls of peace.

Forever, is as long as your here. in this void of space, and infinite time.

every human that ever lived or lives, is a sinner, and that is the reason they are here, locked in this cycle of foreverness.

If one sees the cosmic orb which is the universe {universe being, one, a single unit, of many alternative verses#}, as being a place where energies are cast into it, caste into it from the other side, the external presents of the cosmic realm, HEAVEN, or the white board, room, place, space, it would look like, the absolute harborer of the wicked.

# 'as in, the realms of the computer'
Elon Ld

Stella Blue said...
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Visible said...

anonymous Monkey Hiero; if you knew Jack Shit about my life you'd know I've put it on the line more times than you've snorted bad lines and carped from the shadows, while I am sure never having done as much as the things I have forgotten having done due to the sheer amount of them. Only God accomplishes anything and the moment he says the word you may be sure I will be about whatever it is.

MiaBellezza; I was on the verge myself most of the time it was happening.

I hope you all took a tour of those sites in the links at the beginning of the piece.

and finally, my apologies for speaking out on my own behalf sometimes around here. I know the occasional shrinking violets will be offended that I didn't just go name myself Rainbow hallelujah Morning and dress up in white with a lei around my neck and talk all kinds of soft stool new age drivel so that I could hate myself, cause it made me feel like Ekhardt Tolle or one of those other guys that make everyone nod onto their stomachs and drool in a hypnotic sleep after about ten minutes.

Visible said...

Great Stella! You took the tour. Impressive prices huh?

Visible said...

Patrick really liked this one so here's the audio version.

MiaBellezza said...

reply to Monkey Heiroglyphs ...

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem.

Since you don't value anything, including your life, then give of your life to the cause and be willing to break your bones about the rocks of time and then you will be worthy and transformed.

Intervention needed in the Psychopathic U.S.

Last sentence in the article "If the USA can't save itself from its own internal tyranny, then the world must ...."

Maybe that'll put some fire under enough Yankee arses. Think about it, if you can't save your own country from itself then ...

Anonymous said...

Ryan Dawson's latest truth rant (one of his best; the last two minutes are an inspiration):

There is no such thing as a 'humanitarian' war.

"Thou shall not kill" - read thet in a book.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back LV,

"possession is assured. This is the time of the habitation of demons and everyone gets to be a timeshare or a permanent residence"

I have three young adult children. The discussion came up about the glut of "zombie" incidents. I told them I believe that they are not merely bath salts but demonic possession. My kids didn't take me seriously. They thought I was being dramatic. I believe that is what is taking place. One must realize that we are fighting a spiritual battle against evil. I believe things will become crazier before things get better. My suggestion? Pray. God Bless Us All, Everyone. xoxo Dee

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, re the links in your article ... it's my understanding that the U.S. is closing a lot of roads to parks and wilderness to the public and calling it preservation, while they clandestinely allow companies to go in to mine and drill. This is probably happening in other countries too.

This is why advanced energy technologies need to be released for the benefit of mankind. But there's no money in it for them and their oil, war and banking.

If only people could waken from their falsely perceived idea of normalcy, they'd realize how perverted and abnormal this matrix is.

The honey bees are dying. Mankind only has a few years to rectify this, or we are done. There's an area in China where all the bees died off and they have to individually go and pollinate their fruit trees one by one.

Indian farmers committing suicide because of GMO sterile seeds and this has been going on for about a decade! And all those seed repositories with heritage seeds; for whom, for whom? for THEM!

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Monkey heiroglyph

Have you had your head stuck up a black hole? Do ya think, maybe, it just might be a lie for all the 24/7/365 enforcement it gets by the image of the beast? The magicians of 'that tribe' are well known for making corpses appear to live and breathe. With the breathing tents and the prosthetics and the iv drips and the crutches, have you seriously not gotten a clue?

Why hasn't an aircraft carrier been taken out in any of these wars? Here's how it could be done : Drop tanks of air in the aircraft carrier's path. At the right time, release the air in those tanks and the mighty aircraft carrier sinks into a hole of bubbles and water. Do you really think noone has thought of this? Their rules of war protect their 'lifeblood' war industry. These countries at war are in collusion.

Have you seen the microwave generator and headlight dish with the blinking lights and bells and whistles and goes "ping"? That would be the remote IED detonator and the army spends about a kajillion dollars for each one. This shit is NOT high tech. It's low tech bullshit all dolled up in fancy wrappings, and sold to you.

How do you propose to fight lies with lies and win, especially when you believe their lies broadcast all night and day long by the living and breathing image of the beast's corpse?

To kick this thing's ass, you start with truth. The apocalypse is here for US. Their lies won't help you.

No wonder you're so depressed, helpless and hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Viz. Fabulous writing.

Filthy oil - years ago I knew I had to walk away from oil. It took me years to not have to drive, and I had to leave the beautiful forest. Walk away from oil if you can.

This is the time of the habitation of demons - Paul in his letter to the Ephesians 6:12 said:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."



Anonymous said...

pierre said....

excellent piece. all the details might be prone to conjecture and endless debate but the main thing goes on, always did. good vs evil.

I didn't get the same Tribe offal smell watching Scott Ridleys latest Prometheus, that MSM invariably produces. this flick was the best SF in a while methought . still, what are they trying to tell us and why ? truth is cloudy like gas in the water tap.
like the Japanese anti-nuke protesters, once we are onto them, watchout. they can only come out and show us more of their delightfull countenances and tasteful splendours (NOT).

MiaBellezza said...

Just found this site Wingmakers.

"when the human instrument projects gratitude to the Universal Entity, regardless of circumstance or condition, life becomes increasingly supportive in opening the human instrument to activate its Source Codes and ..."

"These insights require a new sensory system beyond the five-senses that rule the human world in your time. These new senses are the outgrowth of the Source Code activation, and represent the first stage of the transformation experience.."

"Language is the purveyor of limitation. It is the pawn of tyranny and entrapment... It is the hierarchy that utilizes language as a form of structural limitation..."

MiaBellezza said...

Stella Blue said ...
"I rode the dragon and spit on the planet and it died; then I shed a tear, and it planted a seed and grew a tree..."

beautiful, and you were transformed!

Stella do not grow weary, or let the woes of the world weigh you down. Go for a walk, plant a tree, do some gardening and see the beauty of nature ... build a bee house. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Frogman best stay away from me daughter. Got rusty tin can lid and farm boy skills. Anyone who smokes or gardens may wanna check this out.

The humminbirds love the flowers...
Best to all,

Anonymous said...


someone spoke of unncessary bloodshed. How wrong they are. The only way for man to be upright is to shed the blood of another. Every sacrifice poors blood unto the ground, thereby creating a very large electromagnetic field that helps keep your wheel house or your own field anchored down. That is the sacrifice needed to keep this system of the world of formation going. It is not sustainable, as it impinges on freewill. However no amount of bloodletting will keep this system going for long. All of those slain from the foundation of the world will in an instant have once again, that which was taken away with their breath. Free Will.

Everything happening is the playing out of the end time. Everyone is either fighting to save their lives, based on the bloodletting needed for sustainment in this world of formation (they shall lose their life.
And those who understand the continuity of consciousness that only exists because of the law.

If you are lawful you will indeed see the continuity of consciousness because that law is universal. Omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Therein lies the hope in the ressurection. The belief in the law, is the belief in the ressurection.

Free will is universal, and those who believe in free will will help in releasing all of those souls who have had their free will taken away, to sustain the foundation of this world.

Those souls who only rely on reincarnation as a dog returns to it's own vomit, will be saddened to find out that the bardostate will be non existent, as death shall be no more.


Anonymous said...

Tribe dykess Napolitano just returned from Israel, where she:

"... met with Israeli President Shimon Peres and other Israeli officials to discuss security-related issues, and signed a Joint Statement on the implementation of the Global Entry trusted traveler program for Israeli citizens with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. ..."

and this:

"Over the last three years, Global Entry kiosks have been deployed to 25 airports in the United States and seven Pre-Clearance locations in Canada. With nearly 330,000 trusted travelers enrolled directly into Global Entry and more than one million trusted travelers eligible for Global Entry benefits, travelers have used this expedited processing more than 2.3 million times."

Get it? "Trusted traveller." Which means jews, floods of jews pouring into the U.S. and Canada in a hurry... Which suggests that them Israelites might be gettin' ready to skeedattle. Like maybe they're expecting BIG trouble.


Dave, on the East Toast.

Anonymous said...


I meant to get back to you sooner...thanks for the song...'tWas a hoot!

John V.

Sally-Ann said...

Who are the numero uno suppliers of porn? Why do you think porn is free?

According to Lasha Darkmoon the pornification of America and the world by (zionist) jews has been going on since the 1880's.

I agree and like fluoride in the water, it serves to break down a person's search for the Divine and to destroy traditional constructive family values.

Freud, Kinsey, Reich and their ilk were not doing mankind any favor. We have the proof today. We have Holywood, music videos, pornography with concommitant drug addiction, mental illness, spiritual void and family breakdown.

"A compulsive masturbator himself, Reich believed that masturbation was a useful tool in producing 'well-balanced' individuals without religious hang-ups or anti-Semitic attitudes (sic). His major finding was that masturbation and the religious life were incompatible, which is why he advocated masturbation as the most effective means of eradicating the religious instinct — which he regarded as the ultimate evil. 'What Reich discovered was a fundamental truth of sexual politics, one discovered by the Catholic Church long ago, Dr E. Michael Jones comments:

'Either masturbation destroys your prayer life, or prayer destroys your ability to enjoy masturbation. The two forms of activity are psychically mutually exclusive.'

In the Bible we are warned to avoid sin in general and specifically to run as fast and far away as possible from all sorts of sexual sin.

I believe the reason is the devil uses sexual sin to easily ensnare people away from their search to be close to the Divine.

neil said...

what is your law hi priestess,,,,you would shed someone else's blood,but not your own,,,,?
Set up superficial unnatural perverted scenarios,,,,then watch innocence innocently made a victim of its own naivity,,?

The law I live by does not accept that,

Erica said...

Hi Vis-Sorry if you thought I was overly critical of your 'violent justice' scenario.Believe me when I say I have imagined and hoped for the same.However,the ruling elite have the upper-hand when it comes to violence.
I prefer to believe in the ultimate power of Love-not in a dippy,hippy way-but in acknowledgement of the underlying reality beneath this material matrix-seeking to be at one with it and consciously attempting to affect the hologram from my small piece of it.Much as you are doing yourself with your words of wisdom.
ps-loved 'Frogman'!

Visible said...

Well Erica;

It's really semantics is what it is and as usual, my 'calculated' response was not directed at you except indirectly and tangentially and more to a conceptual awareness than any real call to action.

Those who want to understand what I am actually saying, or trying to say; including me, should look at the precise phrases I use in certain cases where I am referring to possibly questionable action on the part of those already on the receiving end of the same thing.

It really has to do with the level of evolution of any particular player. Some of us are going to be mostly unaffected by the looming shitstorm and can carry on behaving in higher mind. Sometimes though, God picks up a two by four.

It's all well and good to wish for peace on this planet; better still to be at peace with yourself, given that is all you will ever achieve. This is NOT a peaceful planet and it is not the purpose of the planet and certainly not in these latter days in Kali Yuga.

The worst things anyone can do is lie to themselves about the actual realities of what is actually going on; given that one is in a position to see it in the first place.

I always operate FOREMOST with the understanding that God has everything under control, in whatever way, for a very good reason and I don't much care how it looks to anyone else. Right this moment the world is diametrically different, perspective wise, all over the place. In general mass consciousness, it is what it is. In individual consciousness it may vary widely.

Love God FOREMOST and completely, above and beyond everything, no matter what and you will be shown the way and you will be 'in the way'. This is the first commandment as given just about anywhere in any scripture, one way or another. Then there is the ticklish one about loving your brother as yourself and keeping in mind to hate the sin but not the sinner; according to long standing proclamations; worded however, by the founder and those who have some small clue of what is meant. However, I refer all interested to the first portion of the Bhagavad-Gita which precedes all the rest of them and out of which has emerged every other bonafide religion around. Argue to your heart's content about it but it is so.

Brother Homer, who is probably more tuned in than anyone I know here, brings up again and again certain SIGNIFICANT points that are ignored only at the peril of the sophisticates and dilettantes rationalizing their positions. The animals are as much our brothers and sisters as each other. Failing to get this, one might as well shitcan everything else they think is true also.

I'll continue this in this next comment.

Visible said...


Every now and again, some anonymous wag with a comical nickname thinks to take me to task for living outside of the US or for not (according to their zero info and awareness of the truth about my life) being on the front lines.

A great deal of what I have been through and done has been mentioned here and is easily proven through myriad witnesses and official documents and records. In one instance, facing mandatory life in prison for alleged drug dealing, I was able to prove to a jury in the state with the highest conviction rate in the nation, with a court appointed lawyer, entrapment; which you have to PROVE and I remain to this day the only one to do it. Obviously I didn't do it, in every sense of the word.

The reason they came after me was because of things I was saying on public stages in my performances.

The first time this happened and which cost me over four years inside, or on the run during a nationwide manhunt; easily discovered through the freedom of information act, I was set up by The Scientologists, simply for speaking the truth about them and casually at that and... for speaking in public parks to the people who gathered around me and wanted to hear what I had to say; Scientology was only incidental to that. They arranged a sting that placed me somewhere through the efforts of people I knew who were already compromised for doing things I did not do. But they get more bang for their buck with drug charges. Once again, witnesses abound for what happened.

I've never been a drug dealer but I have certainly used them and no fucking government anywhere and no one else will tell me what i can and cannot put in my body or how I feed my head in times of darkness that damn well have required it; especially no bad drug dealing government who actually does these things day in and day out; makes wars and pays for wars with it and also pushes dreadful pharmaceuticals on the public.

These are just a couple of incidents of my being on the front lines and not letting all the mustered armies of the world tell me what to do. There are many, many, many other occasions, incidents, events and certainly a body of artistic work (for whatever worth it may actually have; not for me to say) that speaks to my purpose, intent and industry.

To this day and since I have been here I have consistently said things that could have and might cost me anything and everything. I don't stop and anyone who doesn't think words arranged in a certain order for the purpose of expressing certain thoughts are not blows against the empire can go right on thinking what they think. I don't do this for money. It doesn't get me laid. I don't have fancy speaking engagements, nor any offers from academia or anywhere else. I don't make millions like those new age mouthpieces that whisper all those sweet nothings into the ears of those without the sand or stones to stand for anything.

If you don't like what I do or don't think I do it well enough, go somewhere else. It gets real tedious explaining myself, especially since, by now, I shouldn't have to. The kind of grief and pressure I experience as a routine is something I am more familiar with than anyone here ever will be as far as the day to day and such may go.

You think I wouldn't rather just be in some nice and well appointed location where I didn't even have to say anything? You think I have a choice. I made my choice and this is what I've been given to do. I'll do it till I get new marching orders. I'll do it the best I can and I'll never believe it was enough or as good as it should have been given my obvious limitations as a human being.

Visible said...

And finally, I own next to nothing. I don't even have a car anymore. I have enough to eat and a place to stay, no savings, no property of my own and am a disappointment sometimes to people who wish I would apply myself more in the marketplace and get something for my skills. Thankfully, the invisible impresses my value on those who matter in terms of my existence and I am allowed to continue with what has to be one of the least remunerative and most prolific and constant efforts in several media that I know of by comparison anywhere.

I am content with this, knowing some resolution or explanation awaits somewhere. I really don't like having to say it and I've said it far more lately and generally than I ever wanted to and I'm not comfortable with it.

I've put so much time and effort into certain things and you would be amazed how many people go out of their way to get everything free from me because they know they can and I would have to guess that means I am exactly as I present myself to be. I have certainly given away far more of everything than I have sold and the idea that anyone couldn't afford the price of any of the items is absurd because then how could they have internet, a place to stay, or food to eat?

I'm not unaware of all of these things and that's why, periodically I just announce that it's free, thereby pissing off some people who might have put some expense into hard publishing but who are incapable of giving me any kind of financial statement and whose only concern is their investment when it was presented as anything but that to begin with and, who will, of course, reap more than their investment over time. That's a given, even if I'm the only one who happens to know that.

I do not want to hear from anyone that I gave something free to recently who feels that it is now necessary to make me feel uncomfortable for having been generous and not regretting it one bit. Please spare me that shit. It's all okay and I am probably not talking about you anyway. I'm talking about the legion of people out there who live in a gimmie, serve yourself climate

The only point of this is that is must mean something and that's for all the people who think my small talents come from some dark source, or that I am mind programmed or work for someone. The simple fact is that you get to say and do certain things based on the degree to which you fucking live them. That's the bottom line and I could name a whole lot of people right now who can't do it any longer because they departed from doing and being what was required.

I could be crazy and I most certainly am in relation to general motivations and dreams of possession but I'm not stupid. I generally know if something is or is not so, as it applies to whatever applies to me in terms of other people. It's all fine and it's all okay but no one should imagine that just because I don't say something about it that that means it went by my notice.

Please don't anyone personalize any of this. It needed saying and hopefully it will never need saying again. I'll bookmark this post so I can just link to it all should the same dumb shit find it's way to my attention in comments or emails.

calendulaceum said...

Can't figure out if Douglas Adams is weeping or laughing his ass off while rolling in his grave. I take personal insult because I often muse about (after the 40' x 40' landing pads are installed as proscribed by the Elohim in the Raelian literature) opening THE restaurant at the end of the universe here in the backwoods of appalachia.

Really it would be more of a pub, a bed and breakfast, maybe even an embassy of sorts, guest speakers of foreign domain at the ashram at the end of the universe, etc..

I don't disagree with any of the bile and excrement that spewed forth in the midst of of your essay, it was all fair and relatively accurate as far as I could tell.

My sense is that the Elohim or whatever master our villains in charge serve are using an outdated model of nursing our planet along toward the future that is not field tested on this particular planet.

Call it Gaia, or maybe it's a sentient plant life issue, or whatever, but a wrench has been thrown in the works and all is not working out quite as expected.

I also sense that our creators are a good bit fearful of our advancement in the galactic realm, either because we are genetically superior (improved by their design) or just plain meaner than anything ever witnessed in the universe in the past.

I don't know if this is supposed to ease your troubled mind or poke it with a stick, you decide.

Point being, I really admire the concept of the ashram at the end of the universe because it seems like such a cool name and you took a big dump all over it for me.

As usual, I greatly admire your style, and product of your style. Keep at it please.

Ps I am dial up and anon seemed path of least resistance

neil said...

The corporate media has got a thing about dogs at the moment it seems,,,don't know what that means,,,I am definately getting aroma of something Though

Anyway arrows sharp lord visible,

Visible said...

I don't have a troubled mind, dialup, nor am I attached to vain conceits and pretty pastoral wishes that are just personal things anyway and not one of the universes concerns at any rate, but I can deal with 'damned with faith praise' and I can also deal with gratuitous compliments that are made so as to allow the intended insults. Neither will remain in my mind past my hitting the Publish button.

Nemetron 2000 said...

I might be over simplifying things a bit but isn't this all about coexistence.

It seems to me that when one becomes overly concerned with their own existence or "way of life", life somewhere is lost in large numbers. This trend has occurred over and over again throughout history and appears to be closely related to materialism.

It also doesn't seem to matter how much the material world is able to produce either, competition will be created one way or another (even when there is plenty to go around), because that 'competition' allows those that really suck at coexisting to turn there weakness into a perceived "strength". I guess this is the "inversion" we have been witnessing for thousands of years where evil is seen as good, and good is seen as evil.

Here's a thought, perhaps this physical world needs a steady supply of blood to keep it going. Perhaps the only real 'change' is simply who is tasked with fulfilling the "blood quota". Perhaps this constant burden is 'hot-potatoed' from one polarity to the other, and that shifting of the burden is truly what makes "the world go round". Being a consciousness of love is good and if someone feels that's what they truly are, then they should embrace it completely, but at the same time they need to understand the realities of this reality, and that in order for there to be steak for dinner someone somewhere will be tasked with slaughtering a cow.

So, what may be happening is that the burden is shifting. Positivity has been handling the burden, and like a good sport has been patient and polite about it. However, now the time is drawing near where the burden is to be shifted to negativity, and true to it's role, it is being a poor sport about it - hardly unexpected. This "poor sportsmanship" is the cause of the rise in deplorable behavior we see coming from that polarity's most prominent members; from deity class all the way down to our lowly human class. Their behavior should be viewed as a sign of desperation (or fear) because they know the butcher approaches and that the taste of positive blood has grown stale to the Earth, and that negative blood is the new "fine wine" of choice.

Yes my friends, if you are following what I'm saying you will see that I have come to the conclusion that the Earth is a giant interstellar vampire, and it "vonts to suck your blud".

The good news is that positive blood is out of vintage... oh, and the really good news is that steak is FINALLY for dinner.

(Bon appetit)

(... oh, and here's a carrot for you veg-heads. Don't want you to feel left out or anything.)

Visible said...

Somewhat right and somewhat very wrong but at least entertaining and unattached about it. As for the meat Vs not, that will show up in any life, depending on the frequency leading to the kind of physical rebellion against the host that is the hallmark of the disease de jour of these times.

My real POV is that everything is eating everything else and I am not pushing anyone to be a vegetarian or otherwise. What I am saying, no, telling, is, respect the source and know that all you consume is part and parcel of the body of God and we all get eaten too. I'm saying be aware, be reverent, be conscious. Different rules apply in Kali Yuga. We can't all be Homer or even me for that matter and I, probably exclusively among those who have pretty strong observations- not opinions- on the matter, understand why people have to do certain things. One of the truly great holy men I ever met made this clear to me and very few ever got to hear about him, much less meet him or be around him where it made a difference.

It's not about temporary personal practices, it's about across the board respect and love for life, especially those who rely on your good judgment as, you your self, rely on the mercy of God; witting or unwittingly.

Also, some of us are warriors with a righteous war and some of us are side of the mouth talking wusses who think just running around talking about peace and love somehow adds up to practicing it.

I've been in communities like that where some of the residents objected to my and my friends presence because I/we wasn't constantly photographed with a lamb on one side of me/us and a lion on the other.

They changed their tune when someone or several showed up that they couldn't deal with according to what they found so easy to spout around as Gospel until someone had to deal with the situation. The good news is that it took them no more than two days to go right back to talking the same unrepresented meaningless words.

Words mean shit unless eternal vigilance and the courage to face fear and make it disappear lives in the space behind them. There are no exceptions.

david griffith said...

Great beat and swing to your frog song. Thanks for that and for keeping a channel open to one and all.

There's something vampiric about fracking. Another diseased idea shrugged off as the new normal.

Let's see - preparing for the future - and I've got three jars of very good honey for the kids and a basket full of Alice in Wonderland contradictions for myself .... just in case.

I don't know why 'Trust in God but tether your own camel' comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

WOOOO that's good apocalypse!


MiaBellezza said...

Nemetron 2000 said...
"perhaps this physical world needs a steady supply of blood to keep it going"

... no only the matrix wants blood, war, control and power, not Mother Earth nor good human beings.

"This "poor sportsmanship" is the cause of the rise in deplorable behavior we see coming from that polarity's most prominent members; from deity class all the way down to our lowly human class."

... the matrix is breaking down and loosing control and they're nearly out of their minds and yes, more dangerous from top to bottom.

Very entertaining in a disturbed kinda way.

Stake anyone, Sterling Silver that is ... (grin)

!V! ~ for Vigilance, Valor and Victory

the gardener said...

Jeez LV-this one is all over the place. Between the hysterical "Glampers" and the demons on meth rampaging of any and all resources like they're on some kind of timeline schedule or sumpin...

I was offline last night and going through some of the pictures I've saved-check this out since hummingbirds are very dear to my heart

An "albino ruby throated hummingbird" I salute the human who caught this precious being in all positions of its flight and light... I had a hummingbird friend named Oscar who returned to my humble home for about nine years. I am familiar with every position of this little white bird. I love these little birds so much.

Back to a line of yours in this essay... about the 'magic' these alien beasts do employ. There are some 'things' that can be done to de-cloak them, unprotect them so at least those who are interested have a more level playing field with which to engage.

When there are no options availed to stay out of their games. That is one of their best 'crazy making' devices-causing people to think they have no options, no recourse except through 'them' and their vehicles of recourse...

the gardener

back to work at my very much so UnGlamper land campground where I have decided to postpone further mowing until all the bird youngsters get that flying down and I don't have to worry about mowing one on the ground. I will hand cut where necessary.

Erica said...

Hi Vis-managed to trash my last comment at the preview stage-probably for the best as it was a bit of a waffle!Just want to say thank you-I'm suitably chastised.You are right-I'm a hopeless dreamer,and this world is indeed 'fucked' in an outer appearances manner.
As for whether G-sorry,can't use the word because of negative,control- system connotations-whether the force upholding this reality knows what it's doing-I don't know-would like to believe you are right,and it certainly works for you.
However,I recall you saying that we are each a part of the 'divine'-and physics has shown that nothing is separate at the quantum level-so perhaps our individual consciousness can effect the whole of creation?
Got to go-hamsters to clean out-three of my 'lesser' brethren that I have respect and responsibility for.And yes,I am a vegetarian-but not in a self-righteous way!

Eat the trolls said...

Did someone forget to tell me it was troll season again?

You anonymous fakkers can just flock right off!

Sayanim, hasbara, paid wankers by any other name.

Denny said...

Monkey Heiroglyphs:

"I'm perfectly content in observing this whole shithole get destroyed, whether by aliens, humans or GOD. Peace (!)"

Well it ain't gonna be by "aliens", "humans" OR "GOD", because those in the very process of destroying it don't fit into any of those three categories.

And please remember that the Lotus Flower grows from this very "shithole" you're perfectly content in observing getting destroyed.

Those who spread the word of truth by whatever means available are far more worthy in my book than those who criticize them.


Stella Blue, if one of the symptoms of BPD is being able to write like you do, then how can I contract the disorder myself..?


I just bought myself a bottle of pure 100% organic Italian apricot juice from the Rudolf Steiner shop, and the taste is just so indescribably delicious that I'm simply amazed how something so good can come out of this "shithole" of ours.


Strange spiral seen in the sky over israel and neighbouring countries similar to the one I personally witnessed over Norway back in 2009 (just before those two extreme winters came upon us).

Something strange haarppening, no doubt...

MiaBellezza said...

Reply to the gardner ...
Hummingbirds are my favorite bird and their higher vibrational abilities, for demonstration purposes, make them Messengers from other Realms ... I had a dream...

Erica said:
"However,I recall you saying that we are each a part of the 'divine'-and physics has shown that nothing is separate at the quantum level-so perhaps our individual consciousness can effect the whole of creation?"

First part correct ... Second part ... correct to a limited degree.

But this is my take on it ... Our consciousness can affect outcomes and how fast or how slow humankind, as a collective, can transform will depend on how many people we can help realize the illusion of the matrix and are able to achieve a spiritual consciousness with Source creation in cooperation with Planet Earth, and all life on Earth. Overall, it is still the individual's choice to concern himself with his enlightenment and then that will emanate (spread out from Source) to others. You are part of Source. You are the explorer and the observer from Source.

Cool, so think of this as an Adventure to find your Mission!

So, it starts with You. You are your savior and you have within yourself the code to transform yourself.

Anonymous said...

You're dam right, V. And you have balls the size of church bells.

The Elohim wrote deut 28 and Lev 26. In a nutshell and in my own words it says "We, being of sound mind and body NOW are aware that we will not be of sound mind and body when we have those chay bodies with a propensity for flights of fancy, ignorance and infinte capacity to be fooled. We insist that you smack us upside the head, and HARD, when we veer from our choice of no choice."

So, even when we flee at the rustling of a leaf, in fear, it's a thump on the head from the Father.

You have to die once. But it doesn't say you can't volunteer to die more than once. I think ya did, buddy. And, I hope Patton is back to settle some scores too.

Sacrificing your life to the great I AM is the best thing to do with it.

Your values are tops.

Ray Zerwitt

Stella Blue said...

Mia--thank you! Have you noticed these last years that bees are mutating?? Some look like cross-bred flies. I've never seen such a varied weird assortment; fortunately, this year, it seems the real fat normal bumble bees are back. And I do have a little garden ;->) which is a delight.

Vis--So glad you gave such an in-depth commentary. It's curious that so many different posters have come out of the woodwork for this one--so that now I feel infringing with multiple posts. John V. must be deep into your page-turner novel! And Clarity poolside digging deeper into her explorations. Ray B. I hope is residing in some high number Findhorn setting...

Last night I watched a wonderful docu on Paul Simon's making of Graceland (now here's an example of why I cannot lambast jews; Jesus was a Jew! Zionist agenda is a different thing). Simon broke all protocol and even went against the U.N. (unknowingly, he said) in order to follow his musical vision and create something truly meaningful. I think that effort probably did more for bringing South African Apartheid global than any internal cultural boycott organizations which would have prevented Simon from his project had he complied with their restrictions. (curiously, now the same Cultural Apartheid protests are being levied against Israel, something which I'd've not been aware of had I not watched the Graceland docu and googled it; or perhaps, you, Visible, would have apprised us of it as you do on your blogs--feeding us the fodder.) The black Afrikaners tasted freedom on that world tour. In NYC they asked where they could "get a permit" to visit Central Park; Simon told them "no permits"--"you're free to go anywhere you want." Imagine.
Really a good documentary (free on hulu) and watching the evolvement of the project and reliving the creative genius of Graceland's music was lovely. Paul Simon did this; and he broke political "rules" to do so; he could've been killed, easy. As he explained, "is an artist always going to have to get political approval?? that's not the creative process." (or something like that)

In terms of the poster Dial-Up Calendula who chastized that you should've called your piece "Ashram at the End of the Universe" and by not doing so you ruined that concept, and "took a dump all over him"--hello?? Marigold!! The essay is about FRACKING waste, etc.--doubt you'd want that sludge in your ashram.

BTW, Vis--Eckart Tolle not only drips far too gooey for my attention span, but he wears a ubiquitous GOLD vest. The New Age masses seem to love the guy, tho, the way they are loving blood-sucking vampires these days. All sorts of ways to skin a calf, eh?

MiaBellezza said...

Speaking of innovative technologies in energy ...

6666 … Beyond Carbon, Beyond Time …

Vivek ~ In his career he has been involved in cutting edge initiatives in fuel cells, sales engineering and business development, having held high positions in companies and is an environmentalist.

His focus is "finding ways to support the development of radical and appropriate technologies and innovations".

His company "is his vehicle to bring radically innovative concepts in many spheres of human activity".

Be sure to read all his articles.

Here's Watershed Day.

.... another human with a mission.

MiaBellezza said...

Vivek ~ a Key given by wise elders ~ the 5th way!


Rob in WI said...

Ray Zerwitt,
Good, if Patton comes back, I hope he brings Nimitz along. Together, they have more than a couple scores to settle. Be well, Rob

Handing you your hat said...


That was very insensitive, especially for one who reads the comments here. You know that chapter has been laid to rest. Why are you trying to re-ignite a fire?

Visible said...

You'll be hearing some things about Jesus being a Jew for sure. Word I get is that he was a Syrian and of course, what and who is a Jew is a very interesting area of inquiry. Of course anyone can ask God any question and be sure of the correct answer but not necessarily in any particular time frame.

As for apartheid South Africa, much has been written on the Zionist team behind the formation of the ANC and of course, those who plundered there the most deeply and profited the most deeply were members of The Tribe.

Understanding this particular dichotomy requires a subconscious awareness of the complexities of both sides against the middle as well as situation creation followed by the creation of heroes who are the direct offspring of the initial predators.

This hasn't got anything to do with Paul Simon by the way. It's just that the surface assumptions made from surface appearances- easily understandable- are not comprehensive and the forces moving around in some number of human forms are not human, especially in these times.

(You'll note the behavior lately of some amount of those in high positions, academically and elsewhere who are taking some seemingly strong humanistic stand who happen to be representative of the very people running all those casino games and then finding that Wow! they stood their ground and won and surely they are on our side. You've read about these things a lot lately though they may not come immediately to mind but it is something to watch for as certain forces now seek to place themselves in the vanguard of all that is good for us. You'll be knowing the Instant Hero thing coming up a lot, just add water and bullshit and presto, it's like one of those sea monkeys.)

It could also be said, given the high status of the truly human that there are not that many running around in any case, though that can change far more dramatically and more quickly than the usual mind is prepared to accept or experience.

There is ever so much more going on than gets discussed here or anywhere for that matter and far more is out of our hands than we imagine given the presumptions of so much self will run riot. At the same time, we are where we are and what we are as a result of the divine's perceptions and awareness of us at a level far deeper than we have been.

Let's just say there's a sort of cosmic Minority Report going on that has to do with some degree of reward and retardation based only upon tendencies and potentials in each of us that we, for the most part have a very dim, or no awareness of at all. It would seem unfair, given that my poor explanation does it any justice.

I can say this much. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

"Strange spiral seen in the sky over israel and neighbouring countries similar to the one I personally witnessed over Norway back in 2009"

not strange and no mysterious

was Russian ICBM launch (warning?)
same as it was a Russian ICBM in 2009 (for which Russian military informed public in 2009 and for this one as well -of course this ignored by public - cause public prefers lies and bullshit always)

"The Russian solid fueled Topol Missiles 3rd stage death spiral is precisely and deliberately instructed and designed to enable the missile stages to impact in a recovery zone closer than it's 6,000km range by bleeding off fuel and speed while carefully maintaining accurate targeting on it's 10 MIRV'd nuclear warheads. (it is sprialed also for avoidance of anti-missile defences - real simple)"

Anonymous said...

maybe "you ain't seen nothing yet" category - (and probably never will no matter...) ?

(this is not pro, not con of this politician who was, as all are, the lowest of the low)

"nixon tapes" (who wiretapped the white house and who listens to it) - to be made public - may contain reasons why nixon ("rabid anti-seemites") was removed from office because he was about to expose the truth on JFK's assassination: El BJ with mosad done it; as discovered from the wiretapped white house conversations"

Thomas said...

Thanks for speaking on behalf of Innocence, Dear Les (this is what I read into it).

If it wasn´t because I knew that Lady Nature could regain her full grace and life, this would piss me off. Imagine how dimwitted (or boundlessly greedy!) one has to be to instigate such practices as the links talk about... They might as well carve up their own flesh, but really, this is much worse. Sad Sad Sad. There´ll be loads to heal, once this is over. So, we might as well get a head start, I guess. A good thing that things will change, methinks.

Beautiful radio show, beautiful post. Glad you´re still strong, alive and kicking. Thanks & to Everyone, All the Best!

meal said...

That is very fair, given that to be lost and forsaken for a season or so is no substitute for glory, just the price being paid, for certain adjustments, in time, and places.

Not my department, I never wanted to broadcast any of these rules, but even buried in this wetwork and woodwork, questions are being asked, and inquiries being made.

The big fish want to parlay with the little ones, these days. Rhetoric before battle, now that is funny.

I am amazed that some will appear as monsters, not so much love and light to the manufactured senses, and that is still fair, given the gifts of knowing that are mostly wasted on digestion.

brokenbeat said...

Blue Kachina (SB),

Indeed, I am absorbed in Vis' novel and I do recommend it to all here. Much wisdom therein, though I feel like I need to take a shower now and then. I have been checking the blogs (I keep all three going two deep looking for late additions) and going to many of the links (thanks Mia, keep 'em coming!).

I just posted a short comment on VO that I meant to post here that simply thanked all for all and that I had little of value to add. The three of us you mentioned got a small call-out on PD and are backing off a bit but are not down or out.

I do commiserate about the fracking, DU, nukes, etc. (BTW, I still have a very shrunken "No Nukes" Tee Shirt from that first DC rally post TMI in '79 -- wish it fit!). Especially disheartened about the despoilation of the scant remaining wliderness areas. I expect Gaia will have the last word. Just sorry for the suffering of the innocents.

Peace and Love to All,

John V.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis said ...
"Let's just say there's a sort of cosmic Minority Report going on that has to do with some degree of reward and retardation based only upon tendencies and potentials in each of us that we, for the most part have a very dim, or no awareness of at all."

Vis, could you expand on that, per chance?

MiaBellezza said...

Vivek wrote "That all went to file 13 it seems." ... He's talking about pyramids and crystal.

... getting spooky now! Someone else has a File 13! There's gotta be more of us nuts out there ...

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarity said...

"... the creation of heroes..."

You were referring to something different, but I just came here after watching a video about a created hero. I was checking out a new (to me) site and found this video, "The Beast as Saint" and I'm wondering what others think about it. It's about 20 minutes, if anyone has the time.

There are different reasons for knowing about something, while others think some things aren't important to the big picture, and that may all be valid. In my case, I have a hard time teaching children about things that are not true. We study the universe, including the moon and space travel. If we did not land on the moon, or if the real story is very different from the "official version", I have a problem with this. My state is required to teach about the holohoax, although I have not seen anything specific about it in my grade's curriculum. This would be a problem for me. There is more, but now with this video, it's another thing that affects me personally in moral and practical ways.

Thoughts? And please, keep this limited to facts and respectful analysis/sharing of opinions.


Denny said...

Sally-Ann 8:45: 00 AM:

"I believe the reason is the devil uses sexual sin to easily ensnare people away from their search to be close to the Divine"...

Does that include "tantric sex" too, or are you referring exclusively to people who have sex like dogs (no offence to dogs here)..? As for "masturbation", are you suggesting that countless millions of people (predominantly superfluous males) who never get the chance of experiencing sexual pleasure with an alluring partner should not even think of experiencing orgasms through fantasy and self stimulation..? So that's the work of the devil, is it..? Well why the hell didn't God simply add bromide to the drinking water, then..?

From what I understand, Reich pointed out that the predominant problem with humanity was that of underlying sexual repression which led to aggression and war, and that if this repression could somehow be alleviated, then we wouldn't always be so eager to go around killing everyone for the slightest little reason. And he knew of course that as the majority of superfluous guys didn't have a cat in hell's chance of finding an alluring partner, I guess he worked out that "masturbation" had to be the answer. And furthermore, he must have come up with something that TPTB didn't like because he was murdered in a prison cell in NY (as far as I know).

And talking of haarp, I'm perfectly open to the comment sent in by "handing you your hat" regarding the Russian missile and resulting spiral, but how does this explain the three gigantic pulses of light that lit up the entire Western horizon from almost a thousand kilometres away during those early hours of the morning on December 9th 2009..?

Rob in WI said...

Screw Paul Simon. He perverted Edie Brickel, just to demonstrate what a powerful and wunerful jew he is. May he choke on the slime he has been a party in creating.

onething said...

MiaBellezza asked an interesting question.

"Sometimes I wonder if "the feeding" if it actually exists, gets its power off of reptilian dominated people. If they feed off wars and bloodshed, then it stands to reason. So would they have less power when people become more cosmic conscious? "

Of course! I'd say patterns repeat themselves at many levels. Like, a really healthy host isn't going to get sick just because they run into a few germs. On a psychological level, we see this all the time. Why does one woman choose men who mistreat her and another one never does? Is it luck? How come one person is often offended by others and another person is rarely engaged in an unpleasant exchange? I'm quite sure that on a spiritual level you get past being easy prey to those who like victims. Furthermore, higher consciousness is not easily fooled by deception.

Ray Bradbury said...

June 6th 2012 RIP Ray

"Stay drunk on writing, so reality cannot destroy you."

-Ray Bradbury

Wake the flock up! said...


"The 'trail of blood leads' to Washington, not Damascus. Ban (UN chief) reports in for orders. His comments sound pre-scripted. Obama speech writers likely wrote them. Dutifully he repeats him.

Like conspiratorial administration officials, he (Kai Ban Moon) bears direct responsibility for months of Western-instigated violence. He's equally culpable. He's guilty of crimes of war and against humanity."

The UN is zionist Rothschilds puppet for the NWO.

H.Clinton is a war criminal.
B.Soetero is a war criminal.
USrael/NATO is a war criminal.
Kai Ban Moon is a war criminal.
UN is a war criminal.
Rothschilds are war criminals.
NWO are war criminals.
Zionists are war criminals.

Anonymous said...

It is increasingly hard to decypher what is true and what is not - whether it be main stream or alternative media.

Against a sea of disinformation it would appear Russia and China are going to counter any USrael/NATO incursion into Syria or Iran with military force.

That would incite a world war with or without nuclear weapons.

What are your thoughts on this?

Unknown said...

Another work of poetic prose, more inspiring than many would want.

I am new to this world. Some fish finally working its way past the turbines of media bullshit- into a radiated sea where my fellow fish watch football until their eyes become jaded pigskins. Where octopi strain all four of their right arms over the femme fatales of Nevada’s finest, tuna eat each other’s faces over ‘bath salts’, and birds rain down from the sky as dead as the stones cast at Paul. These waters passed down from our forefathers, now some bizarro mish-mash of chemical politics and Pandora’s Box, inherited by me and my generation, are staggering and frightening.

My eyes have always been open, happens to someone like me, but it’s comforting to see someone like you through digital pinpricks, on an illuminated screen, this late, this early in the game. I seek to learn, to digest, to swallow the liquid truth until my liver climbs up to lady liberty’s shamed crown and drops down to her glittering toenails, messing up the polish. I’ve started to meticulously strain over your texts, for swimming in the ocean bores me, and I have a question for you, more questions than can be covered, but ones that I will narrow down and condense into one finely packaged, canned, labeled chicken of the sea-

Could you describe, in your quicksilver tongue Visible, everything this hero you have referred (to on several occasions) would have to be, and what he would need to do in order to change the course of this impending doom?

I know someone such as yourself is probably far past the desire for flattery of glib tongued praise, but the pictures you paint are a beacon in these years of darkness.

MiaBellezza said...

Clarity, I've read similar things about MLK before so I'm not surprised.

Am surprised about my deception by Ron Paul, so is Putin set up as a Saint now? The next evolution of the Anglo Saxon evil empire would be to keep it all in the whitie family so to speak ...

Always prepared to completely change my position ... and prepared to say when I might be wrong (wink).

Are we being set up?

Anonymous said...


You come around here like gang busters for several weeks speaking of love, peace, truth and joy. Today you hotlink to a very negative expose of Martin Luther King. Why?

This short video gives the words "hit piece' a whole new meaning. MLK's family fought for years to get a hearing about the CIA assasination.

By you linking this flagrent attempt to besmirch MLK you have lost your dredibility in my eyes.

From love and light to the work of the dark side.

Good luck Clarity at your next blog you infiltrate.

MiaBellezza said...

onething said...
MiaBellezza asked an interesting question.

"Sometimes I wonder if "the feeding" if it actually exists, gets its power off of reptilian dominated people. If they feed off wars and bloodshed, then it stands to reason. So would they have less power when people become more cosmic conscious? "

It was a silly hypothetical question on my part. And it stands to reason that the THEY feed off of all of us, every which way. In fact, if you look all the way back throughout history, they first identify the problematic people in the report and meal them first. If the lower brain reptilian dominated people are so dominated then they're not such a big problem. We are.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Hopalong Cassidy and Mr. Silicone Skin at the Not OK Corral..

Denny said...

Extreme weather conditions and serious flooding around the UK.

I smell a rat.

Clarity said...

Anonymous (anonymity duly noted), your point is... what, exactly?

First you ask "Why?" but that was already answered. Then you throw out the emotionally charged words "hit piece", which comes from the same list as "conspiracy theory", both designed to attack the person and ignore the content. That's not to say that hit pieces don't exist, but if you feel that's what the video is, you'd have done more for your cause to present facts and evidence to support your position. There's a reason you didn't do that, and the people who come here are smart enough to figure it out.

Your opinion of my credibility does not concern me. There's a very short list of whose opinions matter, and anonymous attackers aren't even given consideration. However, I am glad that you are clear on your feelings because now you can just skip over any posts that begin with my name.

People who care about truth, love, and light know all about the darkness out there. That's what makes us appreciate them, and what inspires us to work so hard at making all three a part of our lives. And actually, that's what makes me feel sorry for you. I can't imagine what your life must be like, if this is how you spend your time. I do hope you continue to come to Visible's blogs. Maybe eventually you'll "get it". I'll consider you a work in progress, as I am, and as most of us are.


Frog said...

Williston, ND. That's where I live currently.

Anonymous said...

Clarity, thanks for posting the video link...a few years back I did some extremely heavy, in-depth research regarding both MLK and Gandhi, to the point where I had enough material for a full-fledged book. I can post lots of information that will give you additional insights into MLK, if you'd like. In my humble-but-informed opinion, MLK's job was to convince as many people as possible that peaceful, non-violent resistance was essential to fomenting significant social change. When in fact, the opposite is true - non-violent resistance makes it easier to identify the most ardent and vociferous members of the opposition. And from that point on, it is easy to "disappear" those people (either via imprisonment or murder). The only times that peaceful, non-violent resistance has appeared to do some good, is whenever those in control want it to appear that way. Think of the films "Norma Rae", "Gandhi", and the "historical episodes" shown in those Zionist-produced films - all of which make us think non-violent resistance actually works. But why would TPTB show us the WAY to bring them down? The short answer is, they wouldn't. Whenever you march up and down the street, holding a sign, you have been "made". TPTB knows exactly who you are and what you are. That's why they encourage the behavior. Similarly, whenever you "fast" as a means of "protest", the only person you are hurting is yourself. It all works hand in hand - social engineering, basically. Convince people that certain things are effective. And after they swallow the Kool-Aid, and the smoke clears, there are fewer "dissidents" to deal with (because they are either dead or in jail...or killing themselves via "fasting"). Take a long, sober, hard look at all the evidence, and it becomes very clear. Believe nothing. Consider everything. Then make up your mind...or your mind will be made up for you. Aloha.

onething said...

Here's a link to an alternative energy company that is trying to break through:

About MLK, some or all of it might be true, but then again I feel some agenda on the part of those who put it together. But what has bothered me about the excessive promotion of King is that it leaves me (and blacks?) with the impression that all they have produced is one excellent man.

They've got King but nothing else. So while on the one hand it throws them a bone to so honor him, it almost in a subtle way is demeaning, to have only one hero for the whole race.

I don't know the reason why they killed him, but perhaps one reason might have been that if he continued to live his image could get tarnished. Somehow, he at least suspected what was awaiting him.

I used to work with a black doctor who would bring in a calender in black history month, and each month had a writeup of one amazing black person. There were some really good ones! But you never hear of them. Just King, King, King. And I know there are more. The Secret Life of Plants chronicles one who lived in the 1800s who was both a genius and a mystic.

Visible said...

I could list all kinds of excellent black men and women. Nearly all of my heroes are black, Latino or Native American.

mike m said...

"I could have had a thousand times the readers I have now, if I had just put naked pictures in to accompany the text, a la Kilgore Trout."

Even if it was just one person who read your posts that is all that matters.

Of course almost everything you convey is true, that is why most of us come here...for reassurance that we aren't the only ones who see and realize what is going on.

Peace forever

Visible said...

Thanks Mike, I was being tongue in cheek sort of, despite it being true about increased readership.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from England - a truly beautiful country that just happens to be run by lizards. Thank God for this blog - it's nice to know I am sane as can see through the veil like the rest of you on here although everyone else seems to think I'm nuts. England sucks at the moment. We're going to hell on a handcart and Queen Lizardy goes sailing down the Thames on a barge decorated in gold leaf - silly bitch. Happily it poured down all day. In fact the clip board hitlers declared a drought and a hose pipe ban 4 weeks ago and it literally has not stopped raining since. God certainly has a sense of humour!

Surrounded by satanism at the moment - Queeny's puke-e-lee, Olympic shite all building to something big. Hope it ends soon - spoke to God last night and said I hoped I have jumped up a few Karmic levels by coming to this roach infested hell hole of a planet. I want to come back next time as a Timelord or Han Solo.

Keep smiling peeps - I think we're about to reach the denouement!



brokenbeat said...


I wouldn't go as far as Sally-Ann and Reich was widely misunderstood (and perhaps slandered to poison his well of many disruptive ideas).

My extensive hands-on research in this field of study (grin) indicates moderation, perhaps tending towards minimal activity, is ideal for the spiritual aspirant. Not only is one's energy depleted, but that very energy feeds scoundrel spirits. Absent the ideally-suited mate, masterbation is preferable, IMHO, to engaging in the co-mingling with a much less-evolved partner. I have noted that many times such a partner will readily fall in love with the divine self expressed in a more evolved person. This, together with the natural bonding tendency has led me to avoid 'casual' sex. I'm tired of breaking hearts and I've had enough experiences for one lifetime anyway. But if the right woman came along, I would welcome a serious relationship and the spiritual growth potential possible with tantric sex.

News to me, Santos Bonacci in "Your Body is the Holy Land" videos linked by MiaBellezza suggests abstaining from sex or masterbation (and drinking) during the two and one-half days a month that the moon is in your sun sign so that this 'tithing' is contributed to the inner temple for the regeneration of your body. Water into wine, I suppose, though different from the various tantric techniques I've learned about. In any event, I have been 'sublimating' anyway (to the extent that I can!), but will now be watching the lunar calendar as well. FWIW, I believe he mentioned balding was possibly a result of lack of moderation (perhaps enhanced DHT conversion due to body degeneration?).

BTW, I think Reich was imprisoned and murdered not for his views on sex, but for his orgone energy theories and healing devices -- not sanctioned activities per the lamestream authorities.

John V.

Patrick V1.2 said...

So many cowards so many wimps. You best understand that you are not here to be comfortable. Once you get that you might actually matter. I wont even begin to tell you about my life. Your life would be Club Med to me I promise you. You all wait around here like you just want your hammock fixed. Stop it!Once this world is the way you want it to be there won't be any need for it.

Mr Crook is right. My name is Patrick Tisdall a stupid name but it's the one I got. Fuck you rothchild u cunt. If I ever get my hands on you, which i will, u will pay u bastard. I didn't capitalize your name asshole because you don't deserve that respect.

We need land and we need each other . Who wants to join me ? I have a plan . I know how to make free energy and I can build solar panels. I have electronics knowledge. We can have our own currency.

I have a plan to take crown land. I want them to prove God gave it to them otherwise I can use it and so can you.

I`m tired of the constipation lets really do something.

email me

Love Patrick John Tisdall

brokenbeat said...

Denny & Sally-Ann,

I found this to be most informative:

I hope the URL is correct. I copied it by memory as I wasn't able to paste it from my phone. If not, a search using "URL: orgonomy Baker Reich" should find it.

On reading my comment from last night, I saw that I consistently mis-spelled "masturbation" ... shows what little I know!

John V.

brokenbeat said...


Your challenge is compelling, but why take on the crown? I understand the principle, and perhaps that is the whole point of your proposition, but wouldn't that simply invite distracting and protracted confrontation?

John V.

Anonymous said...

This pretty much demonstrates (very clearly) just how insane those in power have become, as I'm sure you'll agree -

the gardener said...

Vis: "It would have never gotten this far if so many people hadn't wanted to become lawyers in their employ..."

We are in the end times where:
Your doctor will kill ya and still bill ya.

Your lawyer will throw your case because it isn't YOU he/she's working for.

Your banker will deploy criminally illegal moves on you to take your property.

Your insurance company will have eyes on your property being insured to steal from you like a bookie for the mob.

Your kids' teachers work for their pensions and pay not because they are good teacher-use brainwashing tactics to pretend they care but instill fear in your child 'if they don't go to college their lives are ruined' driving them into debt that can never be paid off or discharged-making them papered debt slaves at commencement.

Your County will cheat you every way they can to steal money from you-extend professional courtesies to those whose jobs it is to foreclose illegally on families. Families that have paid massive taxes on the properties everyone else is coveting for their own profit.

Your State will spend millions of tax monies enabling the thieves and psychopaths in their undertakings to steal everything you possess, including your health, life and all assets that you've already declared to them you own.

Did you all realize that Unemployment monies in CA are now dispersed through cards issued by the deviant Bank of America? How did these dirty players get that contract through the State of CA? They've got the tricks up their sleeves that can deny your payment and hopefully throw you into the 'titles for cash' or 'payday loan' operations that used to be, back in the normal days, TOTALLY ILLEGAL. When there were caps on interest charged.

Time for this predatory jackal and vulture thieving time, killing for profits time to be over. I think it is already over-those Venus transits of a few weeks transition showed the 'closing of that eight year cycle'... just a matter of humans catching up with the energies.

the gardener
working on the upcoming New Moon/Solstice

Anonymous said...

Visible said...
A great deal of what I have been through and done has been mentioned here and is easily proven through myriad witnesses and official documents and records.

... That no one can verify or validate in any way whatsoever. Which ultimately puts to rest everything else you say you have done or will do that no one can validate here either, but begs the question of WHY you even bother to make the same moot point on this over and over. Unsurprisingly (and thankfully), most people don't stick around here once they finally catch on to your bs.

I hope one of these days that God will have mercy on you and dislodge your woefully ego - or whatever it is - inflated head from your rump. I really do. Truly. Now be a good boy and make sure this stays unpublished.


Clarity said...

Anonymous@6:52 - Thank you for your response. It was interesting and gave me much to think about. I would like to see the info. you have, but I don't know how to do it without taking over the blog. I'm open to suggestions...

John (brokenbeat), I thought that misspelling was deliberate. I read it as you telling us that you were a “master”. ;)


I asked if anyone knew about orgone and got no responses, and a couple of days later, it's mentioned several times. Whassup with that?? ;)


Visible said...

Quite the contrary Paulie. The official documents do exist and anyone so abled can access them. Why... why I do believe it is called 'public record'. Of course there are many who won't do the footwork cause slander and attendant doesn't require that.

Point was that when a lot of these things happened to me there was usually someone else around. You tell me the specific thing that you don't find credible and I will tell you who was there and where they are and you can go track them down.

Interesting irony, Douglas Hume, brother of Fox News whore, Brit Hume (Doug is nothing like his brother) was with me when a flying saucer landed right in front of us in the Palm Canyon desert. He lives in the small town of Markham Virginia and is the postman there so he's not hard to find.

That's not the irony. Douglas had just met me a few months before I took off for California and met The Man on the Beach. When I came back and had my kundalini experience when all kinds of things then started to happen, Douglas doubted that the meeting took place so he flew all the way out to California from D.C. and went down to Lime Kiln Creek where it happened and he ran into a fellow named Donovan that had been there that day and confirmed it all.

Short version, possibly not the one that puts a burr in your garter, or maybe all of them do but I don't say anything I can't back up. I learned that lesson a long time ago. Let me know when the training wheels come off your tricycle.

ltravail said...

You've written some real gems over the years, but this one, in my view, is your most brilliant (enjoyed the song too). I greatly admire and appreciate your art. Rare these days!

ltravail said...

You've produced some real gems over the years, but this one, in my view, is one of the more brilliant (got a big kick outta the song too). I truly admire and appreciate your art. Your work is a refreshing reminder that artistic brilliance is still alive - if but deep beneath the surface of this worldly wasteland. It's worth the dig, though - like finding a diamond.



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