Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Dark and Hideous and the Great Unwashed

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Last night's machine gun radio show is available for download. Here I relapse back into the sort of routine I used to employ in my standup performances, possibly an indication that I should sit down (grin).

♫One more Smoking Mirrors for the road (kidding!)♫ One thing continuously stands out ♫as time goes by♫ and that is the unbelievable mendacity and excess on the part of that group of psychopathic nitwits and numbskulls who are engaged in the crap we all have to deal with. They lower the bar by the hour. It's only a matter of time before they are doing the limbo in China, should they get through the molten core of the Earth. Well, since they are inevitably headed to a place where the climate and atmosphere are quite similar to the core of the Earth, I suppose we'll just let the irony meld with the absurdity, in the crock-pot of the culture. Standing around in a neoprene dominatrix outfit, with little pointy horns on her head, is Julia Child. We'd have to say that's an expression of this 'shake and bake' culture; Julia Child standing around waiting on a crock-pot. It's similar to Bwak! Obama standing around and waiting for the day's drone, kill list. He's had the pockets cut out of his pants so that he can handle himself. Depending on what gets you off, the anticipation can be nerve wracking and that's why Bwak! has to engage in 'stress relief management'. If you don't know what that is, just pick up one of the local classified yellow sheets that are available in any large metropolitan area.

When I went to school in NYC at The Swedish Institute, to study Shiatsu and varieties of massage, it was an ongoing subject of amusement and some of us would speculate on who among us would later go into the practice of 'stress relief management'. It's guaranteed money and so are all the other forms of 'stress relief management', like killing bystanders and their families with drone attacks, assassinating whomever, whenever, wherever because they got tagged as an Al Qaeda; members of the CIA construct for the purpose of Zionist oppression against the unfortunate, not 'self chosen' peoples of the world. Whether they are fomenting world wars, or orchestrating any number of genocidal enterprises, when it comes to being the chief footsoldiers of Satan's insider army, they have no equal.

Some people are tired of hearing about this. I'm tired of seeing it and being endlessly convinced that it is so and I m tired of the general cowardice and ignorance of the population of Nodwells and Nimrods who lumber around like the presently extinct Dodo birds , who also have the pockets cut out of their pants; given that they even remember to wear pants. They often opt for a trench-coat with a pair of pants legs held up by rubber bands around the knees. They're an imaginative bunch.

My general modus is to do a quick alternative news scan and a short wade into the murky toxins of the crass media and then see what flows out of the underground streams I sit over. We all have underground streams but very often, most people fly fish above ground, because internal voices make them feel uneasy, even though it's the other voices that should make them uneasy. What happens in periods of intense material culture is that people get things backwards and insist that they do not and get really torqued and ticked off about having it brought to their attention. They seem to like the completely false idea that a certain small group of Arabs were magically capable of blowing up two (or was that 3?) massive buildings, full of innocent, hard working Americans, even though a Mossad team was camped out on the upper floors for some weeks previous to the controlled demolition and even though there is an over powering and irrefutable weight of evidence that proves who was behind the whole matter; who also benefited in the aftermath and who used the event to manipulate the world's greatest military super power into destroying one country after another.

My general modus operandi is to try to focus on the central issues and the main central issue of our time is the combined multi-pincher intensive, on the part of a gang of Satanic thugs, who have systematically and intentionally destroyed the American economy, while simultaneously looting it; who have used their exclusive control of the media and their pervasive influence in government and the legal system, to turn America into a police state and whose agents were behind the creation of Homeland Insecurity and whose agents presently sit in controlling positions, for the same and who also brought about the TSA to further emphasize their demeaning of and destruction of American culture; supposing there even is such a thing. There's a lot more to this, such as their mass murder of tens of millions over recent centuries. The biggest problem in respect of all of this, is that all of it is true, even though most people don't want to hear about it and who insist it is not true, even though I can prove it beyond argument. They like to shout you down and hurl insults, because they are deeply afraid that recognizing the truth, will cost them something that their easy acceptance of transparent lies, made it possible for them to acquire. They are deeply afraid that their circle of associates, who remain deeply in denial, will ostracize them and show them how shallow their presumed friendships are. They are deeply afraid that they will come to the attention of the ruling authority and the cabal that provides it with its marching orders and that what is already scheduled for them will happen even sooner.

I could discuss a lot of things here today, or say nothing at all but anything else I might discuss of any relative importance, is more than likely also connected to this same concern. I'm sure there are some exceptions like the Colorado fire but I don't know what is going on there. There are some things that may or may not have to do with Lady Nature and I'm pretty sure about her position on this whole affair. In any case, the force that most aggressively and powerfully impacts on our lives in the day to day are the multifarious operations of a global crime syndicate that is behind human trafficking, organ harvesting, the drug trade, kiddie porn and all other forms of porn; you name it and if it's wrong, they're pretty much head over heels engaged in it. This is, no doubt, hard to understand by the vast majority of people who do not want to understand and it is directly tied into all of the things that are coming up. This includes the things they are engineering and the destiny being forged by the cosmos in respect of them.

What's coming has been coming for a long time. It's safe to say that no one individual knows all the ins and outs of the matter. It's also safe to say that very few people know how it's going to work out. The saner projection is that it will work out, or not work out, in many, many different ways, depending on who we're talking about. Destiny is a unique thing and it is specific to the player it applies to. Every action does not bring uniform consequences. There are a number of features that influence Karma and the ramifications of it's outworking. This is something every soul needs to consider, within the silence of his or her own contemplations. In some cases, justification is the primary motivation. In other cases it is guilt. In some cases it is engaged reflection, in the pursuit of understanding and in other cases it is indifference, along the lines of, “who gives shit”?

The manifest conditions of the past, present and future, are all massively affected by an insidious collection of determined psychopaths, whose end game is the destruction of all that is good, followed by slavery and death, wherever and whenever possible. We are talking about entities who do evil for the sheer joy of it. Giving any other interpretation to it is unfortunate, because it limits your capacity to see the full measure of what you are dealing with.

There is no reasonable alternative, or other combine, at whose door the responsibility for these things can be laid. In the interest of some strange idea of fairness, or an unwillingness to engage the truth, people clutch at straws to find something ,anything, that will give them someone else to blame. Of course, they can blame themselves to some extent, for all sorts of reasons, that have been exhaustively detailed here and elsewhere ...but anyone who has put the requisite time into impartially examining what has happened and who made it happen and why, must always come to the same conclusion, no matter what direction they approach it from.

We're about to pass over a very important line that is going to change everything, from what we formerly knew it as, into something very strange indeed. We're operating under the partial effect of temporal forces, in a particular state of decay. We are also operating under the effects of forces we cannot see and which, in many cases, many people are completely unaware of. The actual motive power behind both of them is the same. The manner of application is different, because of the medium employed to direct the force ...but the force... is the same in both cases ...and this is a significant thing that it behooves every consciousness capable of that awareness, to deeply consider for their own safety and peace of mind; should that prove to be possible. Things are not what they seem. We've heard that to the point that it often doesn't register but, it's true. Grasping the underlying unity and symmetry in all things and comprehending the encircling and abiding power that is acting out in various ways, permits one a stability and a freedom that otherwise might not be there for the taking. Fear and ignorance are their own reward.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Exactly. Bang the gong!

We are so close to the line you name I am almost tripping over myself in anticipation.

The chips will fall according to the law - of gravity. The truth is about to set us free.


Ronnie said...

Les. By far, this is one of your best posts to date. Peace & love to you, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

good morning sir

the false sanity of the perceived paradigm is slipping sliding and cracking. when it slips let it slide.

liz doesn't live here anymore.

who dat?

i dunno.

but when the integrity of the paradigm becomes so absurdly riddled with rot there is no way to continue living 'within' it unless one blocks all Truth and joins the blind and criminal in shouldering the load of guano. i will not. thus...a peculiar madness and freedom is emerging...painful...gut wrenching...will i make it all the way out? never go back has always been my mantra...a gift to see me through this apocalypse of illusion...perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Props LV... The second to the last sentence is a masterpiece! At the very least and if nothing else happens, the Patriots start Camp in a month

Anonymous said...

Fear and ignorance are there own reward :-) Nuffield said

lightandlongshadows said...

Something old and corrupted dies, something new is born. Same as it ever was.

"Even the wisest among us can't see all ends..."

Here is everywhere
Now is always
All souls am one


Take care all

Lee said...

I had to respond to this one, Les.

The title is most applicable to what I have observed where I used to live and forced to leave. "Grabbing at straws to blame someone". That particular statement I experienced to the max. I was viciously attacked over a petty thing, but the resultant abuse was akin to the outrage very like famous, Adolph Hitler during his psychotic moments. *poor man*

I suppose the reason I was there was to observe. If this is a sampling of what is going on in the world, then God help us.

These people are religious with symbols,pictures, and scriptures plastered all over the house. Smiley faces are posted on the fridge with feel good scripts.

It seems that no matter how much church attendance is made,bibles studies conducted, and prayers, it does not seem to wash away the dark sadness and insanity there.

DaveR said...

The wheels are coming off:

fedaykin http://www.theagoraproject.org28 said...

Enjoy the front row seats, and plug into the humor of this ego illusion we constructed called civilization by Homo Sap...

Denny said...


Clearly people "don't want to hear about it". A close friend of mine repeatedly tells me whenever I bring up the subject of "what's going on" that I've had a good life and never once had any of TPTB cause me any problems, and so why continually questioning what they're up to. I reply by reminding her that without knowing what they're up to it'd be easy to make a mistake like say going to take one of those mammographies or vaccines (which I've always prevented her from doing), and that usually keeps her quiet for awhile.

Nice post this time. Thanks for everything.

Visible said...

Now we have more stupid Tribe member tricks.. We can see by the name of the bus monitor and the person collecting the money that there is probably something fishy about this.

I haven't watched the video but my disposition is at the point now that if I see the Tribe involved in anything, there's something bad going on behind it. I realize that's a terrible state to be in but it's all exceptions and no rules these days.

Ordinarily I would see something like this as a reach but it's another way of showing that 'chosen' bumpersticker, just like having gay considerations everywhere in the media and sometimes 2, 3 and even 4 items in the same online crass media site every single day. This is juxtaposed by their being in control of the board of directors of every single gay organization and sometimes exclusively the only people on the board.

The agenda with that is obvious, just as it is in the fact that they have the highest rate of atheism of any so-called, pseudo, or actual religious group.

You point these things out and the immediate response from affected individuals so engaged in alternative practices, is that you have something against what people do with their bodies in private. That's none of my business unless it starts to TSA me and the world I unfortunately live in, 'for the moment'

Sorry about the Chatty Cathy interlude. Something is pinging on me about this but I'm not sure what it is.

Anonymous said...

Les, my BS meter went of when I learned that the bus monitor was a jew as well. It was more of a second or two where I looked at the name, and thought, hmmm....suspicious. So even if it's all true, what the jews have done is make us suspicious of all of them. They do not scream at their fellow tribesmen to stop their treachery, so I do not trust any of them!!!!! No one seems to tell the entire truth and if you only tell me bits of truth, you do not have my best interests at heart.

Also, is this another jew? Because........what a lowlife scumbag....

Anonymous said...

Les, "stupid tribe member tricks" must have been potent stuff, because MSNBC 404'd it. Alternate source?

Sim said...

Visible's "Tribe member tricks" link works - but not across all browsers... odd, but there you go.

The most reliable means to access the page will be via a copy n paste of this:

Hope that helps if anyone else is having problems.

the gardener said...

With the closure of that eight year cycle of extreme in your face abuse of the Macro in every way-physical, mental, spiritual etc it appears that the energies are rushing along so fast now that tipping points have already occurred yet the 'determined psychopaths' haven't gotten it yet... of course... lol


All those deadly crimes committed by those 'determined psychopaths' and it is now time for them to 'splain themselves which, of course, they can't. Lies, blaming, the normal exercises of extrication that have served them all so well just won't work now.

It's not THAT cycle anymore. Many if not all have a self termination clause written into the many deals they've just been unable to resist making.

I predict based on what I've experienced and witnessed, that the energies will get so much faster and faster all those dumb old psychopaths just will not be able to keep up with all their lies and alibis-thieves are not known for their honor amongst one another. That Penn State freak and his wife won't be able to do their time without others being spotlighted by them -as just one example of the free for all that is about ready to hit the fan.

Shit will be flying so fast and furiously like only the psychopaths can dish out and fling.

Hopefully Katie's actions against Tom will shine the light and the actors involved will be outing their selves... unwittingly as they try to 'splain their selves'...

Be careful and considerate with yourself-the most dangerous times of wars (and cycles) is at the beginning of them and at the ends...*

*that Spielberg movie about the fall of China I believe where that boy was interned for a long time-that is about the only part I saw of that movie.

the gardener

hanging on by the hairs of my chinny chin chin HAH!

Visible said...

This appears to be some really sick shit. Be forewarned, you may not want to read it.

Here is a little more detail.

You'll note in the article that a gay bloggers mentions that most pedophiles 'identify' as straight. It's amazing the lengths people go to in this way.

Here's a comment from Queer Daily or somesuch; "This is bogus. I am not generally one for consipiracy theories, but people do conspire, and trumped-up charges are created. I have known Larry Brinkin since I was 10 years old. He comes from a background of civil rights activism–since his very young days. He is of Jewish descent. There is no way that he would use this language. I believe whoever hacked into his account is a homophobic fanatic, with aims to divided the gay community and the black/gay community/ communities. Serioulsy LGBT folks–let’s wait until we know more; This is NOT the language of Larry. THis is disgusting and heinous, but I am certain that it is NOT the work of our beloved ally and lifelong activist.

With Solidarity and Love and indignation for victims of such aggregious crimes.

Full story here:
and there are a couple of others that mention this too so... he's a Tribe member. Amazing eh?

Anonymous said...

Brinkin, your creepy Ginsburg eyes. You look like a virus to me.


Adam Evenson said...

Les, although I am not one of your (or any other's) "followers,"
(neither am I a "good consumer"-every business CEO must hate me for that), nevertheless, your writing and thoughts are so
distinctive that I can tell by
glancing at the title that you are the author. Every time I see your title on Rense, for instance, even though your name is absent, I muse, "I'll bet Les wrote that." When I check to see, I'm always right. Not been wrong yet.

I just wanted to tell you the above, alhough there was no reason in the world why I should have taken the time and trouble to tell it, as we don't know one another and probably will never and you may not even read this far.

Isn't it odd that thoughts touch like this?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

ta for the ziocromefactor link, there it has a link to the pdf of By Way Of Deception. on my list.

"point now that if I see the Tribe involved in anything, there's something bad going on behind it" and conversely, if they are involved in anything its probably bad. the world makes more sense overall looking for Zio influences, though i still can't forgive the Nazis for what they did to Meryl Streep in 1977

thinking of an experiment, ala Jane Goodall. bring up a chimp in a "kosher" environment, teach it Jewish/Zio "values" and then release it into a group of chimps that are getting along fine (more or less). see what happens.

Anonymous said...

It's all lies, I tell you! Lies, damn lies!

Please read here where an Alameda County judge (The DIShonorable Judge, Paul David Seeman) in the SF Bay Area was recently accused of befriending an elderly couple from the Berkeley, CA hills, then ripping the widow off after her husband died to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. By the time that he got done draining her of her life savings and pawning off her art collection,
the poor 97 yr. old woman was living in a hotel room. As if that weren't bad enough, he has pleaded "not guilty" in the last week and is back on the bench sentencing petty criminals to make dollar store crap for 14 cents an hour in the prison industrial complex:

I'm not a polyester preacher sort of 'Christian', but i do believe that there is an apt verse about those who fuck with children and widows.

I've literally seen homeless crackheads behave with more integrity than these creatures.

-Farik Quincy

Rob in WI said...

Tribe supremesists, and homo activists, make for a gloomy Saturday. Wonder how the bus monitor scamists are planning to divide the profits?. I'll bet we'll be seeing a lot more of this. Great post; thanks. Be well all,Rob

Anonymous said...

(post script from Farik Quincy)

With regard to the judge who is back on the bench meting out 'justice' (or whatever it passes for nowadays) after ripping off an elderly widow till she died broke and helpless in a hotel room), I found that scripture, Mark 12:40:

"Who devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayers: these shall receive greater condemnation."

Daaayum. One has to be lower than maggot shit to make me quote scripture and all. Actually, i apologize to maggots for that statement. At least they and their excrement are beneficial to the ecosystem.

Visible said...

The relevant quote (or one of them) is about misleading children, corrupting them, leading them astray;

"It would be better for him if he had a millstone tied round his neck and was thrown into the depths of the sea". That's probably not verbatim but close enough for Jesus speak


Adam; What is odd is that people do not realize how often our thoughts touch. The power of thought to connect with the mind of other thinkers is directly relative to the degree which that thought sympathetically vibrates with the cosmic essential in whatever category it may apply in.

Of course I read your comment and you are also welcome here. The term 'follower' has only to do with people being informed when a new post comes out. It is strictly for convenience. People may follow the line of my thought for the purpose of comprehension but they don't follow me since the actual path of travel is interior. You can think of me as a kind of traffic cop at an intersection. I regulate the flow of traffic in all directions. I don't tell people which direction to go in, i simply wave them through in the direction they are headed, with some occasional exceptions.

I myself am a follower and all teachers, masters, fools, psychopaths are also followers. You don't get there on your own. You get there by the medium of whatever representative is an expression of the attractions of your heart and the consideration of your mind.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust.

Peter said...

Homosexuality and all the other perversions it engenders lie at the rotten core of our society and have done since around 600 BC and the invention of the male "God" who usurped Mother Nature and who has been fucking us all up the arse ever since.

John Rambo said...

Great new song, Les.

a fellow non-polyester christian said...

Farik Quincy wrote about zionist jews/synagogue of satan:

"I'm not a polyester preacher sort of 'Christian', but i do believe that there is an apt verse about those who fuck with children and widows.

I've literally seen homeless crackheads behave with more integrity than these creatures."


Shameless Plugger said...

John Rambo @ 1:48:00 PM

It's a great song, yes, but hardly new - Vis released his 9/11 album nearly 10 years ago, on 11 September 2002.

You can buy the entire album for $9.11 here (or buy individual song tracks at a dollar each).

Ray B. said...

Vis, Sunday, July 01, 2012 9:36:00 AM

"I myself am a follower and all teachers, masters, fools, psychopaths are also followers. You don't get there on your own. You get there by the medium of whatever representative is an expression of the attractions of your heart and the consideration of your mind."

Well said! Enjoying your columns, and your extended comments...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

yet another example of a connected universe, my insanity (or inanity) or both.

watching a BBC Attenborough nature program on telly, goofing off in thought (I wonder if my unconscious mind still watches whilst I thunked), my thought ended with Clarity's last comments last line of Holographic universe? (dont worry I'm not obsessed with you, but it was a pertinent comment and Ive been listening to David Ike a lot lately), and in front of me is the scene across the pond of a forest lit up by fireflies. my line of thought preceded this scene. begs the question of depriving myself totally of the box (to exclude brainwashing or other esoteric influences) and bring out more such synchronicities in the natural world.

incidentally, he mimicked the females light signal with a torch and got a male to land on his hand - amazing, though at the same time I wonder these days (as with all), is HE a member of the tribe too?

Anonymous said...

I love your writing. I wish I knew someone like you here.

Stephen Herbst said...

Hi Les,

Your short discourse on Blame reminds me of the following quote:

"Our desire to blame and be blamed is often an attempt to impose meaning upon events which offer none, or only an obscure and confusing one. For some impossibly complex conjunction of reasons, a lorry plunges into a crowd; an economic policy fails; a battle is lost. Our instinct is at once to find someone whose behaviour can now be reinterpreted as negligent or criminal, so that the event can be read into the world's great underlying pattern of cause and effect."
Michael Frayn - Constructions, Wildwood House 1974, para. 12

The revamped Smoking Mirrors is great..!!

Keep Shining On..!!!

ChewyBees said...


This is the theater, and modus operandi of those that know they have wronged life, but cannot fathom any endgame except complete concealment, or an incomprehensible reckoning if their transgressions are discovered.

This is the mind of the psychopath.

The crimes against life go back centuries, the cover-up the same. Everything in this end of age is a build up of cover-ups, while the criminal actions increase at the same exponential rate. The actors of the production may change, but the script continues in full looping fashion. The show never ends for those willing to watch transfixed upon it. I guess for them, they feel they have paid their entry fee, bought their GMO popcorn, sip on their aspartame bubbly drink, and hog nose shit covered raisins as if it were the manna.

It never occurs to most that the whole thing is a production, with the intent of taking life energy and ultimately life in the process of a few garnering Boardwalk and Park Place with hotels, a blockade conveniently placed right before GO. And let's not forget a little tax in between to keep the man contolling the little silver car sweating.

It's a bit excusable for those in the cheap seats, but you know that those playing the crowd are fully aware of the scam sham bend over man they are extorting with.

Which is where the paranoia comes in. If the butts in the seats wake up to the fraud of the production, not only will FIRE! be called in a crowded theater, but the producers, actors and managers might just be tossed into said fire.

Any time a man acts in a paranoid manner, there is something to hide. When a government, or governments, or an international conglomeration of governments acts in paranoid manner, there is something seriously awry. Those in denial of the effects of the paranoia must be incapable of comprehending paranoia to begin with.

Or, they too are extremely paranoid. I do not wonder why.



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