Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blitzkrieg der Wunderbar, Together we Are.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I want to talk about the weather today; the weather, real and manufactured, weathermen and Rosewood seeds by any other name getting you high. I want to wonder about the wonder and publicly wonder about some people we should wonder about, like the several fellows mentioned here. I'm no fan of Peter Schiff and don't for a minute doubt anything this, no holds barred, reporter has to say. Peter Schiff's whole vibe, tells me he wasn't even separated at birth from arch neon-con fascistic, Chucky Schumer, who plays the character from “Child's Play” in real life. The article tells the truth about life in America for anyone who isn't 'chosen'.

I wonder about Ron Paul and... please don't jump on me for wondering but... I've been wondering ever since he raised all that money last time and broke a lot of hearts, by dropping out when he should have at least stayed the course and used all that hard earned people's money to make his platform known to a wider audience at the time. I wonder at things he says that aren't necessary to say at the moment, which causes things like this to get said. Some of these things do not make points relevant to general public concern and it is either a case of being unaware of what that is or of having people in the background controlling policy and statements. I'm getting that uncomfortable 'stalking horse' vibe, like I got with Mr. Bought and Sold, John Kerry.

Watching Mossad Crime Boss, Rahm Emanuel light a 900 (well, maybe it was a little smaller) foot menorah across the street from The White House where no Christian crosses can be displayed, is nothing more than a “Fuck you gentile America, we own your ass”. Tell me how it is not?

The whole world is sitting on a powder keg, beside which stand grinning, Satanic Zionists, who have concocted a brutally transparent lie about Iran and nuclear weapons. This is the country that finagled missiles for their own defense from our catamite. BD, S&M sex slave country and then sold them, or tried to, to the Chinese. This is the country that did even worse, with their dual national spy, Jonathan Pollard.

These are the kinds of things you hear from the people he was spying for, as reasons for him to be released. A part of the argument for letting him out is that nothing really bad happened (bullshit) from what he did. You know, like when someone gets on an airplane with a bomb in their shoes, or their underwear but nothing happens because the same people who want Pollard released and were behind the shoe bomb and underwear bomb didn't want anything to happen, except to give cause for present day TSA (Tits, Slits and Asses). I carry a bomb in my pants everywhere I go, except I don't wear underwear; I prefer to use toilet paper instead. When I go to the sauna or something similar, people are always pointing and saying, “That's the bomb”, so I suppose I'll be in trouble too, if they ever check.

The problems with the economy goes directly to the bankers who are also, to a very high percentage, represented by these same people at the highest and most pervasive levels. That's inarguable, though it won't stop people trying. Meanwhile, all the lies concerning all of the things mentioned, are also created and controlled by these same people. Consider the enormity and implications of all of this. It is staggering! We know it is true but often do not connect all the permutations and associations that relate to the entirety of this global phenomenon.

I suppose since it is time to start singing that James Taylor song about down south, the reader might wonder why I got on this particular jag this morning. It's just what came up and started talking. My preference was to write something deep and meaningful (grin), that 'might' bring a rising resonance into the central chakra, instead, I'm at the Proctology department over at Visible General. I wouldn't mind being General Visible, if The Supreme Personality were in the chariot, though I prefer Starfleet Commander, usually; seemed like the time for a digression and maybe break up the flow just for a moment. Every now and then you have to step off the path and climb that small hill, so you can sit there for a moment and watch the path go by. I'm reminded of the Steven Crane poem, The Wayfarer. This is why Lord Shiva sits alone and is not welcome at weddings and most celebrations. That's the cost of truth. Is it worth it, you ask? That's a personal consideration that everyone makes for themselves and, trust me, one way or another, you have to make that decision and... one day after another, we all do.

Israel was created for the sole purpose of the things it is employed at. I'm pretty sure the cosmos has a plan in respect of that, or so I've been told. We need to be aware of what is taking place around us, as well as making it a visceral reality in our minds that appearances are a lie, or more properly, a blind and then we have to consider what we are capable of, in relation to anything and let that be a guide to what we engage in for maximum efficiency and minimum frustration. Remember The Serenity Prayer and Footprints in the Sand, which has a bizarre facet as you will see when you visit the link.

As most of us are aware, war looms in March, unless they want to alter the game plan, for one reason or another. Some of you may be unaware of a key feature concerning Israel and the US, in relation to the war making macrame that has knotted together the coalition of the willing and the duped, by way of deception. It's hot and heavy breathing, while seeking Armageddon, beneath the dashboard light; “What's it gonna be boy”? Why do I feel so much optimism? This rattles around in my head on a regular basis. Why do I feel like everyone on the planet, either has one of those things on their head from that film “The Frighteners” or some other codeword or sign? I feel like two men standing in a field, being schizophrenic ...and glad that I am actually only one of them.

Yeah, a lot of people are selling 'wolf tickets'. I used to hear all about them in prison and we all run into them here and there; at a poker table it's called something else and some of us get by, by doing that as a routine. Sooner or later you get called on it. I want to point out that Iran possesses certain armaments and other things that have not been reported on and that is what makes the situation so dicey and why they are even still around.

The purpose of demonstration, has two main components, in the movie now playing and it is critical, personally, to each of us, which of these applies to us. On the one hand, it is just that' a series of events devised to show you what happens, when certain things happen. On the other hand, it is about awakening qualities of being that can only emerge under certain conditions; well, you can get them other ways by simply seeking and practicing them but that is usually the province of singular souls. Most of the time we are put into situations that force them to appear. It's generally preferable to be working at acquisition beforehand.

The lack of these qualities is why the majority of bloggers dance around the truth. Sometimes, that is because of the profit motive and sometimes it is out of fear, but if the majority of us were to start calling it out on a regular basis, it would be much more effective than the Occupy movement and impossible to contain or control. We need to get our 60's outfits on and carry on the timeless tradition of kindred souls, in alliance for the greater good. If we shake the internet, the world will vibrate like a tuning fork. In a certain way, the internet is like the ether upon which the elements operate. Please make this ideal go viral my friends. Please declare and dissertate upon what is common knowledge for all of us. Follow the courageous lead of Mike Stathis. Let us raise the level, the intensity and the courage of the discourse. Call it out folks, if you can't or won't, please note the reasons already given. United we stand, divided we fall; strength in numbers, unity of purpose, blitzkrieg der wunderbar! If we raise our voices and state what is, changes in tactics will have to be made. They are getting away with what they are getting away with, precisely because we do so little collectively with what we have. We are the power. We are the spokespeople for the 99%. Let theme have their megaphones. We will be the bullhorns. Gore the ox with paradox, gliding on the lake. Honk! Honk! Reprobate!

Are the things I stated not true? They are true. They cannot be denied and far more is also true. Look what happened to Russia. Do you want that to be you? Truth does not need argument or alibi. Truth need only be proclaimed. Use humor. Use satire. Use what you have. Is this in poor taste? Is it in poor taste compared to using Palestinians for target practice? Is it in poor taste, compared to emptying a clip into a ten year old girl, 'confirming the kill' and then walking away free? Is it in poor taste compared to Rachel Corrie? Is it in poor taste in comparison to the flotilla action? Is it in poor taste, compared to thousands of other examples of poor taste and psychopathic mendacity? Is it in poor taste compared to the millions dead and displaced in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere? Is it? Is it? They were behind all of this, as they are now behind the push for World War 3; these invented people who seek to replace the real people that they call invented.

How does this not come around to you sooner or later? Think about it. Think hard. It is on your doorstep.

His Rachel Corrie Moment
(In Memory of Asma al-Mughayr)

the cross-hairs fix
across the rooftops

wind from the south-
....five knots

and leading
across the space where birds
have flown

but now
in the cold Ashka-Nazi eye

the young girls form
moves in laughing dance

arms gathering the laundry
she dreams
and surely she must hope
of a world and a life beyond today

as finger tightens
upon trigger...

when it came
the explosion was

of such a force that...

he came too

like Romeo's ghost upon
the imagination's palanquin of night

the bearers of the darkness
they toiled
underneath the thrust

of bullet and finger touching
the silenced heart

blood like a fountain
sprayed upon the sheets...

....some secret code
that she read as
she fell dying to the roof


his Rachel Corrie moment come
round at last.

End Transmission.......

I'll try to get a radio show together for this weekend.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Horse Latitudes of Interim

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings and welcome to the post Christmas, pre-New Year's, Sargasso Sea. A momentary doldrum intrudes into The Horse Latitudes of Interim; creating a sort of, 'hobbyhorse in the swimming pool' effect. Of course, you don't have a current to carry you but you have the effect of motion. You might as well imagine that the bobbing and dipping effect presents the illusion of movement. We're all about illusion here on Planet Terra; or Tara, for you metaphysicians. As you can imagine, epidemic madness is the general resulting state, for anyone, not aligned with, or hooked into something meaningful. And so it goes (those of you, unable to even skim the dense, linked article, can move on to the part of this post which says, “End Transmission.......”). Or merely absorb this quote, “Those whom the god's would destroy they first drive mad”.

Here are the primary enemies of humanity; ignorance, greed, indolence, unbridled appetite for the material over the immaterial; meaning evolution is no longer an upward swing. We are not here talking about Darwinian evolution and never have been, as far as I know. The secondary enemies of humanity are banks, corporations and political, religious and social leadership. Some think it more convenient to blame secret societies for their ills but that is akin to blaming the day for the activities of the night, or the light for casting shadows. First ask, “Who am I”? Then ask, “Where am I”? Then ask, “What is this”?

There are other enemies to be sure but they can be located by observing the 'birds that flock together'. The original enemy is internal. The secondary enemy is external, according to the Law of Reflection. Some of the confusion can be noted in the barbershop window effect, where the repeating image curves out of sight. With me so far? Uh huh (grin). The question is, “Am I with me so far”?

The most common result of runaway materialism is insanity squaring itself; M=ic2. That's probably not correct but it was intended as humorous relief. In any case, as materialism progresses toward cosmic resolution, the total amount of nut-jobs expands, to the point that cannibalism becomes ordinary and I'm not kidding. It's not right this minute you have to worry about. It's down the road but... down the road is the direction set from right this minute. Everything is connected, for better or worse. One large migration is headed into an inferno of madness driven, chaos and confusion. One migration of indeterminate size is headed elsewhere. You can see the genesis of mutation for the benefit of control systems here. Nothing that means anything at the moment, in terms of social or religious constructs, bears any resemblance to the original and authentic construct. Since the morphed and mutated constructs have slipped beyond relevant connection to essence, they are inescapably bound for destruction.

I am standing on the dock waving my handkerchief, as the ship sails away, or I am waving from the ship, or, I am looking through a train window at another train passing and experiencing some kind of Twilight Zone effect. What is 'I'?

We note that Newt was unable to get the signatures necessary to get on the ballot in certain important states. Various reasons are given for this and none of them are the truth. The truth is that Newt has about the same level of support he had many months ago, which is nearly nothing. All of sudden, he became the front runner but... he was not and is not the front runner. 'They'; Zio-Ogre Media, simply said that he was. The reality manifested when they couldn't get enough people to agree to 'sign ze papers'. He has no support but 'they' are working on that through, 'perception management'. Romney isn't even close to Ron Paul in Iowa. I would say that Ron Paul's backing in Iowa is over 50% in reality and very likely that and more around the country, among those who have even heard of him.

Reality is that the old ways and the machinations of the entrenched elite, as well as the parasitical entities, that have become fully emergent over recent decades, is on their way out. That is how it is. They are going down and their reaction is to become worse than they have ever been, as a defense against their own demise. It is futile. They are going down, literally and figuratively. They are being unmasked and forces they weren't even aware of, have them in the crosshairs. Everything they do, works against everything they intend. It seems different because of perception management; depending on whether your perceptions are being managed. That is a matter of whether 'you' are managing them, or not.

This is an old story. There's nothing new here, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. People have a problem with this. People who believe in fairness and equality for all, cannot get their minds into a position to grasp how it is. You can argue that it shouldn't be. You can rail against it but you will not change it. It is like the caste systems that any idealistic thinker finds it impossible to accept the reality of. The formalized caste systems of India are present everywhere but they are expressed differently. Try to move up from the sidewalks of London to his Lordships table and see what I mean. It does happen now and then, simply to keep the illusion in place. It's like lottery tickets. Someone wins here and there, so that means you might win too. Sure you will.

I'm not saying that caste systems are appropriate or desirable. My view has nothing to do with it. Yours doesn't either. Things are what they are. Reincarnation takes care of every desire you have, to be somewhere on the pecking order. Go to the bottom and rise to the top. Rise to the top and head for the bottom, or simply tread water in the doldrums. That is how it is on Planet Earth. Earth is a launching pad to many other places. Fair, expresses itself in many ways, not necessarily here. This is the boot camp planet, where what is desirable is not desirable. It's the place where you get your values and priorities straight, by seeing where your choices take you. It looks grim but its not. It depends on you. No matter what, it still comes down to who you know, not where you are and what you can do but who you know. I won't add any more to that. I've already gone on ad infinitum about it.

For better or for worse, you are where you are, in the times in which you find yourself. What you are is the determinant. What you are and who you are, is the determinant. It is all about your capacity for self-recognition. The less self recognition resident in you, the more your identity is conferred by surrounding forces. Your greatest defense against being swallowed up, is self recognition and that is precisely why Bitch Media is engaged in telling you who you are. It is to their profit and gain for you to be who and what they say you are, until they tell you something different. An informed public is either an aware or deluded public, depending on who is informing them.

Now, we are going to see what happens when 'push comes to shove'. Keep in mind that the seemingly great power of external force, is only as consistent and reliable as the power it receives to act out. The moment the power switches to another routing configuration, or switches off, all of the official and enforcement vehicles no longer operate. They stop moving. The transiting age DEMANDS transformation. It is cyclic and cannot be opposed by any temporal means. If you were a tree you might observe the power of your command, that your leaves not tremble in the wind. That's a good analogy and it doesn't matter how it looks at the moment, depending on how your perceptions are being managed. What matters is how it is.

The Horse Latitudes are one thing. The Whore Latitudes are another. Decadence is not enduring. The fall of a culture is not suddenly arrested and reversed. Demanding that something be so, to suit your engineered identities, in order to support your appetites, or your need for acceptance, falls on deaf ears. Some things may prosper and proliferate for certain periods of time. History can be altered. Bait and switch can be global. Vice can replace virtue and be generally accepted as so, for the purpose of demonstration. Lack of restraint and the arrogant dismissal of all humility and modesty can seem trendy and cool. Fashion can make the ridiculous acceptable and desirable, for the purpose of demonstration. Lady Gaga can be grown in a septic, hydroponic tank and mainlined as an incarnation of Lady Nature ...but not for long. Sure, it can seem to go on for awhile, according to your watch, but that is relative time. This is all being engineered for the purpose of demonstration and not by the ones who think they have the remote control in their hands.

Just when you think you have the whole world in your hands, it extends out of your reach, for the sole purpose of showing you what happens when your grasp exceeds your reach. What reason could there be for people who have far too much and want more? Is there any sanity to be found in this? Crazy is as crazy does and no matter what you have or who you are led to believe you are, for however long it happens, it's worse than nothing if you can't enjoy it. There is no more bitter pill than getting what you wanted and then realizing the cost and what attends it. Ah well, so it goes.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dancing Dandelion Dreamsicles and Komodo Dragons.

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May your noses be dipped in God's dry martini and may you be wigged with divine intoxication; especially me (grin).

Incoming!!! Outgoing? Row, row, row your boating! Dancing dandelion dreamsicles, are melting in the atmosphere and making yellow snow that you can eat. The moist suspended particles are being sucked into a cloud of unknowing and bringing you golden showers and the sun is adding LSD to your acid rain. You may not be doing well with your stocks and bonds, if you consider what stocks are when you've committed some moral offense and they stick your head in one and bonds can bind, which is okay for the people into that kind of sex. What everyone really wants is a high fuckability index. Isn't that what you most want for Christmas? Ask Santa Claws. Perhaps after he climbs down the chimney he'll climb into bed with you and do an Al Pacino from The Devil's Advocate, with his claws on your back and then you'll sound like he was dragging them down a blackboard. It's the right time to drop the chalk. Pretend it's the soap. You'll be glad you did. Just call me Ben Dover. And be thankful! The best thing about Gratitude is that it leads to more reasons to be grateful. Keep at it and you'll soon be ululating like someone in a chador and... that is what you really came here for.

Ron Paul is surging as The Occupy movers are merging and aren't you glad it's not Rue Paul? Still we did get J. Edna Hoover (couldn't resist) and we're not being Un-P.C. It was just a word play that turned out that way. No! Turn this way and swing your partner and you too could hit an 'angel flying too close to the ground'. Round and round and round she goes and then she flies right up your nose (where's my K? Come on people), which is a little different and probably more desirable than a Whiffenpoof. I believe a Whiffenpoof is a bird that flies in increasingly tighter circles, until it disappears up it's own asshole. I couldn't find that on Google. This is probably because there are so many of them in important political positions at the moment; John McCain certainly comes to mind, who are going to be in other positions soon, when John Milton gets his hands on them; no, not that John Milton.

I was talking to Rudy Guiliani the other day and I asked him if he knew how to keep an asshole in suspense. He said, “No, How do you do it”? I said, “I'll tell you later”. Madeline Albright, or not too bright, or dimly lit, as the case may be, has been hanging out with Vladimir Putin, now and again and the other day, she told him she wanted a breast enhancement surgery and she was wishing she could get it done by one of those Philippine psychic surgeons who pull those chicken liver tumors out of people but, like in reverse ...and she wanted Putin to pay for it and she kept harassing him about it and saying that he owed her and I don't know why that is but that's what she was saying and finally Putin told her that he knew a way that she could get bigger, firmer breasts and it wouldn't cost a dime and half a million Iraqi children wouldn't have to die either and she asked him how and he told her just to rub some toilet paper between her breasts and it would automatically happen and then she went ballistic and asked him if he really thought she was stupid enough to believe that. She was really angry and half a dozen Iraqi children died, without her even having to help in the process. Putin reassured her that it would work and he did not think she was stupid, only cold blooded and genetically linked to the Komodo Dragon, which is why he uses the endearment; “My comode dragon”, when he is in the mood. She was still resistant to the idea and smelled a rat, even though Paul Wolfowitz was in another country at the time, blowing an exiled oligarch and she continued to rant and two more Iraqi children died but at least she seemed to be going into remission and that is when she asked him by what means did this process work, where your breasts got bigger and firmer from rubbing toilet paper between them and that is when Putin said, “I'm telling you it works, look what it did for your ass”. Can I get a witness! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and so on and so forth.

A dozen deranged dirigibles departed from Denver after Tom Brady wiped the floor with Tim Tebow and everything in the NFL now has a 'mop and glow' effect that kind of looks like Justin Bieber, who is to music what Mariah Carey is to compassionate trickle down, in the way that George W. Bush is a regular guy you would want to have a beer with, as long as his beer was half sulfuric acid and you got to serve it to him, with a napkin over your arm like John Wayne Gacy was the sommelier and “Yes, I would like two of your small boys and a glass of sherry with a Sandusky back”. Merry Christmas!!! and hold the mayo; no, not Gerard Mayo and not The Mayo Clinic either. Cancer research and treatment is to permanent cures what charity balls are to public assistance. They discovered long ago that producing more cancers, was a private prison industry like perk, to the medical community and I didn't have to see Breaking Bad to figure that out; not that there is any connection anyway.

Speaking of dead and missing district attorneys, with ruined laptops, does my ass look fat in these jeans? Having a young boys ass when you are old, is Nature's way of telling you you are doing the right thing, at least as far as your ass is concerned and not one fecal matter joke so far so that should put an end to those rumors about my lineage.

TSA all the way! TSA all the way! Speaking of Rahm Emmanuel, since it's Christmas; he's the kind of guy that would have dinner with Janet Napolitano and then sneak into her bedroom and go into the laundry hamper for some of her underwear and it's not like the next stop is Sothebys'.

“Bobby: I'd like an omelet, plain, and a chicken salad sandwich on wheat toast, no mayonnaise, no butter, no lettuce. And a cup of coffee.
"Waitress: A #2, chicken salad sand. Hold the butter, the lettuce, the mayonnaise, and a cup of coffee. Anything else?
Bobby: Yeah, now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules.
Waitress: You want me to hold the chicken, huh?
Bobby: I want you to hold it between your knees.”

And so on and so forth. Here's Johnny! Of course a lot of people don't remember or didn't hear about Jack being kinda, sorta in the mix when Polanski was chicken ranching and I know most people didn't read the little girls statement about how it went down and the back door sodomy portion and that's got nothing to do with the fact that they call a Vietnamese with more than one dog a rancher.

Yes, by now, people might well be wondering about me but I am wondering about you and how you are handling the holidays and I want to lighten the mood, in a pressurized vertiglio fashion, with a jump back Jack, see ya later' Michael Jackson, Battlestar Galactica magic ring on my finger, which does not mean we are engaged, unless you believe like I do, that this is a group effort; plenty of time for me to get all misty eyed, in the next two or three couple of days and... No, I do not want you to play Misty for me. Of course I wonder how many people get all my allusions and I am not under the illusion that most people do. Why don't you try to write about current events most days, without it being a looping redial. Remember, Dial spelled backwards says 'laid'. I can do commercials, as long as I don't get paid and ♫you should throw a brick today through McDonalds♫ Do it today! Speaking of used prophylactics, laundered and hanging on the wash-line, do you prefer safe and protected sex or retroactive abortion in the case of Sean Hannity? You know it's the end times when people actually make it a point to listen to people like this. These are the people that don't know the difference between an IUD and an IED. One's preventive and the other is proactive and I'm still pissed off about Patrick Tillman. Except for Giordano Bruno, I never lost a friend that meant that much to me that I didn't even get to see for a few lifetimes.

“Bobby: I move around a lot, not because I'm looking for anything really, but 'cause I'm getting away from things that get bad if I stay.”

Christmas is as Christmas does and if you need a holiday to behave the way you should all year long then you are definitely the sort of person that goes to church on Sunday; “One day of prayin' and six nights of fun. The odds against goin' to heaven, six-to-one”. Speaking of aptly named tunes, “still shakin it here Boss”.

Ah, we've come to the end of another broadcast, which is to mixed metaphors what mixed venues are to 'how the Hell did I get here in the first place'? I do not intend to chicken and egg this thing to death and no Iraqi children died while I was writing this, but a school bus load went down when Howdy Doody said that he was the 4th best president. Yes, there is a reason that you and I don't get elected president, or want the job and it definitely has to do with times of darkness and the kind of 50 foot tall 'Curse of the Demon' types that you meet in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The kind of people who think they can make a difference are the kind of people that prove it by making things worse. I have a far greater contempt for the people that still support this clown than I do for the man himself, who's just a freeze dried asshole that looks like a chicken butt ring, that these same people keep trying to convince me tastes like calamari. The place where you get the best calamari, is the place where they beat it on rocks, fresh out of the ocean and it goes to show that is the first place they pick to destroy the economy of. The Portuguese, The Italians and the Greeks are children. When you know that you can appreciate them the way I appreciate you (grin). Just kidding!

Baby, you know I love you. She didn't mean anything to me and now I appreciate you all the more because of it. It's a good thing that it happened. I only wish you had been there in a Doublemint Spearmint Gum sort of a way. If it weren't for threesomes, we wouldn't have the triangle but you go tell that to Pythagoras. He's still pissed that I confused him with Paracelsus. It's one of those Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger things, except it's not. Yeah, I do have a little background in the things you people excel at but I was being kind and self diminishing, because if I'm not, someone else is going to do the job for me. Merry Christmas!!! Merry, Merry Christmas!!! Catch the spirit but don't expect this posting to be an example of what it feels like. I love you and I thank you. I'm less than nothing without you.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday's radio show is available for download. James will have his Christmas show coming up and I will be visiting with the redoubtable Robert Phoenix for two hours Friday morning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. If you got questions then let him hear about it beforehand.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have Yourself a very Merry Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

One thing I have noticed about panic is that it drains your strength. If you're in the ocean and a heavy current gets you. If you're caught in the woods and the weather gets bad, things can happen to your state of mind. You lose your cool and your judgment goes out the window; provided you can find a window in the middle of the woods for it to escape through. Once I was in the woods in upstate New York with a girlfriend. It was winter and we had gone out for a walk in the wild. There was a lot of snow. We'd gone some distance when a heavy snow began to fall. The wind came up and all we had to find our way back was our footprints. They were disappearing faster than we could make any headway. My girlfriend suddenly got very sluggish and said, “I just want to lay down here for a little while” and she proceeded to lay down in a snowbank. I should add that we were on psychedelics at the time, so, you can picture, or maybe not, some idea of how it was.

I pulled her to her feet and said, “You're not going to die out here”. She was listless and difficult to ferry along but we managed. Somehow or other we got back to the cabin pretty directly. Everything was white, including the air. We were on ancient Indian land in a place called Tonesga; near as I can remember the name, close to Phoenicia. I'm being anecdotal for a reason and roundabout we will be getting to our point.

Nature isn't something you mess with. More than once I have been in situations, where all sorts of things could have happened. I read a scientific study which said something like, “if all the power goes off in New York City, half the people will be dead in a week.”. I remember reading this study and thinking at the outset that this had to be bullshit. However, as I read the article, I could see how they came to believe something like this. I can't remember where I saw it now or even what it said. All I remember is that it was pretty convincing. Things can happen pretty quick; much quicker than you might think.

I've looked at the news over the past week and I've run out of things to say. It goes on and on, running in place. It's all pumped full of air like Wonder Bread. I remember once demonstrating what you could do with Wonder Bread. You can take a whole loaf of it out of the package and compress it into something about the size of a baseball. They say that “Wonder Bread builds strong bodies 12 different ways”. There are these large industrial areas where they store the flour that they make these breads out of. Rats and cockroaches were feasting on it, excreting into it and breeding in it. What they did was to remove all the vitamins, minerals, every component that made it food, so that the vermin wouldn't eat it. Then they added it all back in again when they went to bake the bread. They've moved on from this sort of thing to ever more devilish applications.

The main holidays of the year are coming up. It's going to be pretty grim in a lot of places. People get very strange around the holidays. They eat and drink too much and begin to behave badly. We've got that 'desperation on the cusp of madness' thing warming up off stage. I see all the crazy shit as being very predictable. People are up against the wall and they're thinking about the guns in the closet. There are a whole lot of guns in a whole lot of closets. They had the biggest day for firearm sales ever, a couple of weeks ago. Manic panic is in the air along with Jingle Bells and Silent Night.

I feel like I was cruising along in a Volkswagen Bug, in a rainstorm, when a great big Peterbilt went by and covered my windshield with mud. I can't see anything. Of course, I immediately slowed and pulled to the side of the road. The windshield wipers are smearing the mud from side to side and I still can't see anything. That's how the world looks to me at the moment. Anything I can say, I already said before and the same indicators are streaming across the LED screen but nothing is happening. There's a lot of threats and threatening behavior directed at the population by the bankers and politicians through their enforcement proxies. The financial powers of The West are full time messing with The East. They aren't flinching. They're staying the course and they keep beating that dead horse, who might well get up and turn into a fire breathing Pegasus named Devadatta, if Kalki jumps into the saddle. It's not just the Srimad-Bhagavatam that mentions a white horse, by the way. All this stuff is allegory and analogy. It's not literal.

I can't talk about what's going on in the world at the moment. I'd just be repeating myself and I don't like phoning it in. I was thinking how I should have some topical intent operative but that doesn't seem so important at the moment. I don't want to talk about Newt Gingrich or any of the rest of the drugstore cowboys who are soon to reap the whirlwind. I can't think of anything to say about them or the conditions that they are fostering to the detriment of all living things. I look at them and their activities and my mind goes blank.

I've been having extended conversations these days with my invisible friend(s). It's going on all day long now. Last night, I laid in bed for hours engaged in a back and forth. Then I would fall asleep and a little while later I would awaken and it was going on again. When I woke up this morning it was still going on and I laid there for awhile, pretty much suffused with love and repeating myself over and over, my words simply expressing that. I got my tea and came here to the computer and looked over the news at the various sites I go to and nothing got my attention. It lays there like a lump of fossilized fecal matter in the world's colon. It's old shit. It's the same shit. It's repeating shit, as the terminally batshit get more and more mentally disturbed. Politicians are groveling like crack whores before the throne of Israel. Something very dark and heavy is hidden behind the curtains. It smells bad and its got complete control over world leaders. All of them are afraid of it. No one in the establishment is speaking out against it. It must be very powerful, seemingly powerful, indeed. It must have that Old Black Magic coming up in buckets from some infernal well.

I can't see anything out there. I see what's in front of it but I don't see what's behind it. I'm compelled to fall back on the inner sanctuary of my thoughts and the voice in my head. The voice in my head could not be more optimistic and it wants me to get that understood, as a living reality and not pay any attention to the orcs and trolls who are plundering and pummeling at will. The corruption and oppression are unreal. There's none of that here where I am. It's all 'out there' somewhere.

I was being told that there are some number of remarkable people moving among us and that there was going to be unexpected encounters for some of us. Certain individuals have come down into the mix from more serene and faraway places, in order to be of assistance in this dark hour. Apparently, some of them have a great deal of power and wisdom but they are not traveling with an entourage and you can't see them unless they announce themselves to you, which apparently they are going to do. I heard a lot about this last night. I was told that there was only so much we could accomplish on our own internally, while seeking to be synced up with our higher self; that we needed to come into the presence of some of these beings because there was a hands on thing that could only happen through a physical vehicle; some kind of transmission from one to the other. That sounds exciting and I know these people exist. It sounds very positive too. Because everywhere else, in every direction you turn, outwardly, there's just more and more ugly demonstration of the very worst of us, in a dance of violence, like rampaging alcoholics or demented baboons tearing up a stripper's dressing room. Mean faced men and hard faced women are seething with ill concealed rage. They want to hurt somebody and there's no time like Christmas for that.

It's the weirdest thing. It all looks grim and threatening on the outside and ...on the inside, without any real evidence, except for feelings and the small voices from another plane, there's a steam of steady assurance that it's not going to play out the way anyone thinks and no matter how out of control it looks, it is very much under control. The outrageous buffoonery of the major players is breathtaking. I can come to no other conclusion than that it is for the purpose of demonstration.

Every living thing has a contact with its author somewhere inside. In a moment, the impetus can go out for nearly anything. The ineffable can text message the whole world, marching orders can go out. Major confusion can appear in the minds of those who were so coldly focused and maliciously intense only a short time before. This is something I think about a lot and which doesn't get mentioned much; how we are all on a hard wired and wireless network and in less time than it takes to write the rest of this sentence, the entire atmosphere can change into just about anything.

I think about the temporal rulership and how countries, with only a marginal connection to each other, all have leaders behaving in similar fashion, except for some rare locations like Iceland and maybe a handful of other places. The exposure of corruption from every theater of existence is epidemic. In the governments, religions and economic sector, there is panic joined with an ever increasing need for control, while control just slips away as the grasping intensifies. It can't be long now. It's all held together with masking tape and chewing gum. Meanwhile, that eerie, positive and optimistic feeling keeps motoring right alongside the biggest traffic wreck of the age.

End Transmission.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Naked Emperor at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

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(people question my optimism and no doubt my observations and associations as well, on occasion. Mostly, the people who come here are in the same groove but there are the obvious departures with things like the optimism and who the bad guys are. It could be that because I am unshakeable on both that that is the reason-grin- anyway we try to address at least the first one today.)

The rich are different than us. It never fails to amaze me how people with more than they need, or will ever spend, are so insecure and grasping for more and more, as if money will insulate them from the vicissitudes of life and the terrors of the unknown. As a matter of fact, it puts them right in the gun-sights of the cosmos. The money and wealth thing is an ancient dance with a timeless resolution. It's as problematic for those who possess it as it is for those who don't possess it. It affects everything about your life but it mostly affects what you put value on and that has a great deal to do with your character and fate. It's been said that the 'love' of money is the root of all evil. That means even if you don't have it, you can still be victimized by it. America is a capitalistic society. That means that inevitably at some point it will become fascist. Imperialism is an extension of this. All systems that proclaim personal liberty in their founding documents, invariably wind up as a tyranny.

When a system like this goes into decline, as it presently has, it begins to fall at a certain arc, which steepens as it goes, until eventually one gets the impression that it simply fell off a cliff. The culture in decline is like the season of Fall. At first the leaves are very colorful, as befits the decadent tone of incipient doom. Then the leaves all get brown and finally there are stark and bare trees because the winds come. It's like that. At the end time of this kind of society, it is rule by corporations, which is why the nine vultures on The Supreme Court ruled person-hood for corporations. The laws of the land are set according to the imperatives of the market place. They no longer have to do with fair judgments, as a non respecter of class differentials. The laws become a defense mechanism for the powerful and well to do and a club and chain link fence for the poor and middle class, whose status they are responsible for. Since they are in the minority, they need all the advantages they can get.

Members of The Tribe, now openly boast about their control of the populace and the fact that the majority never reads the alternative press but gets their information from the media that they have near total control over. They have their pawns in place, whom they put forth and caused to be elected because they own the currency printing press. Because of their control of Wall Street, they can make the economy yo-yo any time they want to and this is applied as a control mechanism as well; just as it was when they engineered The Great Depression. They controlled who got elected through a combination of things; electoral fraud, media disinfo and saturation, as well as lots of money. This way they can make the laws and set policy. They inform their elected stooges about who they want appointed to the courts and all other similar postings. They control general perception and the flow of events, including false flags, which are used to bolster the population's fears about an external enemy, who is also domestically based. It's a climate of suspicion, designed to divert the mind from what they themselves are doing.

The movement of the culture and the enforcement arm of corporate will, moves relentlessly from bad to worse. One could hardly be faulted for questioning my optimism. However, I see the seeds and signs of their downfall everywhere and I know that the cosmos has a cyclicity that is the centerpiece of its operative schematic. This I can see everywhere, directly in Nature and indirectly in the culture, where Nature has been adapted. This is a given for me. I've looked at it long and hard and... I believe deeply as well. There is an order to things. Possibly many cannot see this but for me it's hiding in plain sight all over the place.

There is a certain clownish buffoonery that comes about in the last stages of the end game, where overblown caricatures dominate the public viewing arenas. This is attended by, in your face criminality, by the forces of business and in the political realm as well. We see this in Mr. Corzine. People know that looting went on though they may not know who really did it and what the circumstances were. This is like unto AGI, only different (grin) and, of course, the same predatory agents are engaged in most questionable activities. The whole war on terror thing is to distract from the real terrorists and their daily looting and mass murder around the globe. Now they are going after Russia and one of their members, an oligarch, is intending to run against Putin. It's not rocket science; identifying who is doing what and where. The Newtwit has come out of the lowest popularity percentage to lead all candidates for the GOP nomination. Nothing in real time has changed. It's all a fabrication. It's all smoke and mirrors. Public perception will be shaped and electoral fraud will take care of the end process. Yet I am optimistic.

I am watching a cycle in operation. I am seeing the stages through which it moves and am noting the absurdity and living satire of the present state and as I never tire of saying; it's all for the purpose of demonstration. You are being shown. Perhaps you are not paying attention but your attention will be seized at the time intended for that to happen. We know that evil destroys itself. This destiny is built into the nature of it. Why should we expect a different outcome this time? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? No one has ever taken over the whole world. Alexander came close but no one has ever accomplished it and no one ever will. As Lao Tzu has stated, “The world is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes”.

What confuses people and compromises their optimism is the power of appearances at any stage of the game. It looks one way but it is, in essence, something else. Think about a man who on the surface seems well formed and impressive but whose bones are rotten and hollow. This is the case here. If there were any one thing that anyone should impress on their consciousness, so that it is an accepted truth that cannot be challenged, it is that 'appearances are deceiving'. The sole purpose of those manipulating appearances is deception; “By way of deception”?

Look at the uniformity of the universe. Look at the planets rotating around the sun. Look at the moon in the sky and its phases. Look at all of the circular states and conditions that are everywhere to be seen. Look at the tides. Look at the seasonal migrations of the birds. The whole thing is like some gigantic multidimensional clock, which is more than a clock but it does keep time. This should be cause for optimism. Pull the curtain back from the wizard. Look closely at The Emperor. Observe The Mad Hatter's tea party. Look at allegory and the mathematical precision of the cosmos. Look at what makes your computer function, both electrically and in terms of the manner in which it presents and processes information. Look at the internet and think of global telepathy and resonance. Think of consciousness unifying and creating a dynamic of judgment that is an extension of group consciousness. Yes, the group consciousness has been hijacked but this is The Apocalypse.

Look at the pronouncements of all the greatest books ever written. They are all similar when they talk about conditions and where they lead. Meanwhile, the circus goes on and the carnival and the games of chance continue. Chance is not as random as it seems and luck is simply one of Nature's laws that is not properly understood. When we think of the laws of Nature, from which we adapt the powers and routines by which a society operates, we need to keep in mind that there are a great many laws that the majority of us are unaware of. The discovery of new laws are tied directly to major advances in the state of our existence. Some of us discover some of these laws by self introspection. “The proper study of mankind is man”; gnosti seauton. Those so engaged have reason to be optimistic. Those not so engaged have reason to be pessimistic. A simple adjustment in one's basic perspective, effects immediate change.

Most all of these players on the grand stage of the moment are fools. They are ridiculous caricatures of themselves. Bill O'Reilly, with his umbrella, threatening to punch someone out is a bombastic and clueless embarrassment. We look at these talking heads and we assign importance to them because they have wide ranging face power. They make a lot of money. This pings on the subconscious and causes the masses to grant fealty. They are not important and they are nothing more than unamusing clowns. There is a reason for all of this reality TV that is not reality. There is a reason for all of the crazy and moronic spectacles of the moment. If you are treated as if you are stupid, you naturally accommodate to that subliminal invasion and act accordingly.

The whole gamut of the field of entertainment, music and the arts has been brought to its present state as evidence of something. This should be cause for optimism. The power within is greater than the power without. If the universe is behind you, nothing can be against you. The shadow, as has been said infinitum here, has only the power that you grant it. It is only a shadow. The hollow men are just that. Things can change in a twinkling and will at some point and then appearances will be redefined. The name Adam means, 'namer of things'. This is how you create your world and how it comes to be a prison in many cases. We have to name things correctly. We have to identify where the real power lies; not the appearance of power. We have to know the difference between shadow and substance. We have only ourselves to blame if we are seduced into believing what is not or ever will be true and “waking up is hard to do”.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Intention, Destiny and the Cartoon Dance of the Temporal.

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“Strange days have found us”. 12/12 approaches. I believe everything is mind and a projection and creation of mind, at least as far as the material world is concerned. Ergo, the importance of dates has a relative importance to the importance placed upon it by the collective mind. It's one of the reasons that home-field advantage has an edge in sports competitions and you can extrapolate a great many things concerning this, that weighs into perceptions, concerned with politics, religion and social order.

It's been said this is a dream world and it doesn't take an acute capacity for observation to see that it is so. It's not just a dream world. It is also a sleep world; a deep sleep world and a world in which some number are awake or partially awake and the percentages of that depend on the impress of material culture on the collective mind. People think with their stomachs and their sex organs and their primary drive is survival, often no matter at whose expense. That is what makes selfishness the preeminent mind set in material culture and also what puts The Tribe in charge of perception, because they believe in nothing but the material imperative.

In times of change from one age to another, material culture goes on the chopping block because the state, status and condition of it is being transformed and reworked, to fit the drive and dimension of the coming age. Also on the chopping block, go those whose deceptive antics have been geared toward the enslavement of their fellows. Right now the entrenched minions of previous deception are en masse trying to jump to the new boat, to give the impression of themselves as the forces of positive change, as they slither and slide, to make the new world conform to the wishes of those who fucked up the previous world. It ain't gonna happen.

It is truly amazing to me how transparent the lies are and how colossally stupid, genus humanis ordinarius is. There is no question that change is an imperative because the present direction has them dropping down on to all fours within a couple of generations. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Puke Gingrich now says that the Palestinian people is a myth and there should be no solution that they should all just move to an Arab country. Puke is a catamite of Adelson and a long time butt buddy of Netanyahu. He's taken a certain stance to make the general impression that he is over the top and that the Israelis are compassionate and fair by comparison; which they are not. They are bloodthirsty killers, who will never budge an inch and who want to drive The Palestinians into the sea, which is why they claim the reverse with everyone else. None of those Arab wars were started by the Arabs, which the world wide Israeli media have convinced the easily deluded, is what happened. It didn't.

This site has been consistent in not labeling all Jews as bad people, even though the writer has taken a lot of heat for not using his words a certain way and not acknowledging that all Jews are evil. However, with their natural predisposition to the world of matter, in times of darkness, more of them are seduced into bad behavior than any other group of people. It's that Golden Calf things and the majority of the ethnic labels that are attributed to them are right on and have always been and history proves this because no other people, by an enormous margin, have been expelled from nearly every country on Earth for the same thing over and over. Their behavior in the Weimar Republic and the condition of cabaret society, amply proves that their actions and way of being, was directly responsible for the rise of Hitler. Anyone who studies the times will come to the same conclusion. Judicial.Inc used to have an outrageous and graphic collection of evidence concerning what was going on then.

In the meantime, this writer lived off and on in The Jewish Rockies for twenty plus years, coming and going from Maui and was intimately involved with these people and saw firsthand the good and the bad on a regular basis; was badly victimized by them and considerably helped out more than once. I know I was put in this position to come to the conclusions I have progressively arrived at at this time. Because of my indescribably intense kundalini experience, I was put in various states of sexual awareness and put through chemical bouts with certain substances for the purpose of having compassion for those going through them. As I have stated earlier, sometimes, no matter how intensely we labor or petition for the removal of our shortcomings, they don't go anywhere because they are in place to give us compelling evidence of our limitations, shared with the body of humanity, so that we don't get the erroneous and misinformed perception that we are better than others.

Sometimes we encounter those who can present a more elevated and perfected state of being and who then draw a certain kind of attention from others. What we find over time is that they are mostly just better actors and that the hidden flaws eventually reveal themselves over time. I have pointed out now and again that we have 3 faces. The first face is that face we initially show to the world and what we want people to accept as being true about us. It's what we want to believe we are and hope to finally maintain, each time we present it and then each time fail in sustaining. The second face is the one that reveals itself over time, as circumstances and conditions place us in those situations, where we react according to our mortal template. The third face is the one that reveals itself when danger and or tribulation and trial comes. This is the face that tells you who your friends are.

My tendency is to take people on first impressions presented, to add my belief in them as a supporting energy and then to be indulgent and forgiving as a fuller picture appears. This latter is important because I genuinely appreciate when I am treated in kind. I, one hundred percent believe in, the veracity of what that first link in yesterday's post delivers. I've seen it with my own eyes to the point that nothing I have seen contradicts it in life experience. At the same time, I know it is not comprehensive across the board. I like to call that trust but verify.

There are people who come around here talking that old 'eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth' thing, seeking after a world where we have a lot of blind people gumming each other to death. I am not the judge or executioner. That is handled by a far more capable agency and I prefer to be systematically prone to compassion because, 'there but for fortune goes I'. At the same time, it is my job to call them as I see them and for the reader to ameliorate and annotate as our interplay goes down; hopefully not down (grin).

It's our shortcomings that remind us to be understanding. Without them we can get the wrong impression about our place in the cosmic mix. This is one reason a sense of humor is so important. It's also one of the reasons that so many pumped up and pompous, self important types, who only see out and are not inclined to see in, are finding themselves in unfortunate public embarrassments, because ridicule is one of the tools of the cosmos, employed to inform us about what is real and enduring and what is ridiculous and temporary. It is an ancient truth that The Devil, manifesting in human form, through the vehicle of self interest and selfish objectives, fears and flees from ridicule and scorn like no other thing. If you can laugh at the absurdity, you rob the shadow of its power over you. This is a timeless truth, similar to that which states that fear and Love cannot occupy the same space at the same time. They naturally displace each other. This is so. Argue it till doomsday's break, if the former retains enough power in you to compete with the presence of the latter.

Atheists are quite correct in stating that God does not exist. The one whose presence they are disputing doesn't exist. That's a false archetype, miss-labeled and misidentified as something it is not. The God that the atheist does not believe in, does not exist. The God presented by most religions, is a blind for economic power and political and social control. That's all part of the dream web, which has no greater power than in times of material darkness.

We're here to find things out and to participate in and observe demonstrations that speak to the effectiveness and emptiness of what we believe to be true at any stage of our evolution. For us, evolution is a progression in consciousness that reverberates and resonates against something that is indefinable but which by reflex, expresses the integrity of the thought and substance we accord with the power to be real. Nothing is real in the temporal sense, because everything is in a state of transition and decay seen through time lapse photography. We are all gardeners, who watch what we have planted appear and grow, without ever seeing it arrive. We observe it increasing in size and presence, while seldom recognizing what it is and what it means, until it comes up against the destiny of its intrinsic composition, as everything must that is a temporary construct upon that which hides in plain sight, inside everything and everyone. We carry our doom and our liberation within us. It behooves us to inquire after what we feed and water, sooner rather than later.

The example of those cartoons and caricatures that surround us on the public stage, should tell us all we need to know about where that kind of thing leads and it's for the purpose of demonstration that you see it. Life is a moral tale. We're all headed somewhere based on our intention. It might be the cemetery. It might be Shambala and it might be something similar or something worse. It's all there in the intention and it is all exampled and determined and defined by the action of each, based on the intention at work. It's simple. It's allegorical and it's mathematical. It's what it is and it's what it's not, depending on how it resonates with what is timeless and eternal. That is the final arbiter of fate and character is the result of the relentless acting out of intention.

Philosophizing here about what began as a series of observations and experiences, in relation to the temporal, should serve to keep me, yet again off of a certain website (grin) but this is how the posting went all by itself. May this all serve to inform to a greater degree than it obscures. Have a wonderful day.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Splatter-Casting the Undulations of the Apocalypse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

When in the course of human shopping you come to an event or a collateral happenstance that can tend to hyper -invent and titillate your shivered timbers, you need to keep in mind how they turn all of this into firewood in other times. I was in Salamanca with my consort a few years ago. We were staying in an Ibis Hotel. We went out to get something to eat and came up on a plaza with a Burger King and sundry about and while passing through this mix, toward our hoped for sustenance, we came upon a crowd of decked out JonBenét Ramsey lookalikes, running 12 to fifteen I think so older than Jon but same effect, who were just standing around and I said something like, “pedophilia, smorgasbord wonderland for the hungry and we can't find a place to eat”, because it was just more of what I left to get away from; coming back from our unsuccessful trip, after a long twenty minutes they were all gone. The buses came there to take them home. They were dolled up for the night and curfew ran the louvers down the road but... it looked like they had all been collected and put back on the shelf. “This is what we're selling, see you next Friday night. Come early, check out the wares. Sleep tight. Buy low, sell high, ages? Hem lengths? Oh my my, Goody goody alright tuti fruti!

In the early seventies, angling back around to Glenn Beck; a man with issues? I wouldn't know but... I came into Palm Springs, California, I won't be far from there shortly and I had not slept for a couple of days, when a girl in a Thunderbird picked me up and took me home. I was about to go to sleep on the motel doorstep, because I had no money and I was dog tired. So it was, that I wound up sitting on a public bench in front of a bookstore called “Bookland”, which was the most successful bookstore in the U.S., at the time and could have become Borders because the force that did that kind of thing wanted to do it through Richard Yerxa (who owned it) at the time but Richard met me and that was part of what changed his mind about being the Steve Jobs kind of guy he could have been.

I was right in the middle of my kundalini explosion, running from the FBI, nationwide alert BOLO; had already run into Charlie Manson period. I was sitting in front of that bookstore and doing my own Occupy thing by bringing the cars up to the stop light, while sitting on that bench. My master had told me to “take the reins”! I was trying to. I had met Elvis Presley earlier in LA and it so happened that on the first night on that bench he pulled up in his limousine and rolled down the window; of course there were people running down the street and screaming “Elvis”!

He said, “Hey, I thought you were going to Phoenix”. I said, “I was, but I like it right here”. Then he said something like, “Good, glad to have you around, come by the house”. It was something like that that put an imprimatur on me, because the cops left me alone for many nights to follow because everyone thought I was a friend of Elvis Presley and the fact that I denied it and wouldn't talk about him made it all the more mysterious. He circled around about a dozen times that night, always waving at me as he went by or whatever.

Then I saw Elvis no more and I was still on the bench and it came to New Year's Eve and I was out there bringing the cars to the light when the police came. As they were questioning me, Richard came out of the bookstore and said, “He's a friend of mine”. (I had never met him until that moment) Then he said to me, “Why don't you come inside”? They were having a New Year's Eve Party. Richard and I began an intense and wild relationship that went through many changes. Richard was one of the most fearless men I have ever met. Many times I thought he was the devil himself. I saw him walk down the side of 60 degree sheer rocks in Tahquitz Canyon. He'd be laughing. I had a fear of heights. He had none. Nothing scared him. I went to prison shortly after for a couple of years and we saw each other on and off. I heard he spent some time in a Mexican jail. Richard and I and a handful of others are all the people that might have been and you should have gotten in touch with us then; you great big sleeping world because, now... now your hour of doom and judgment is coming upon you.

I haven't been the person I wanted to be, but on my own behalf, I will say that I never stop trying to be that person and I never will stop, not ever. In the meantime, things go on. I recently watched the whole four years of “Breaking Bad”. The episode with Tortuga was one of those life imitates art things. I couldn't imagine being the main character but I got a sense of how it is going in the hinterlands; those hinterlands I used to hike and hitchhike through in my travels, now to reoccur at a pending date looking for the, gone dead train of the long lost state, of whatever I thought I was looking for.

There are heroes among us. Among them is a Swiss journalist named Stefan Weber . Here is a man who has a problem with his weight; a kidney problems so that he has to go through the dialysis process weekly. He needs a new kidney. He doesn't even eat that much so it is some kind of an imbalance. I'm not a fan of transplanting things but I even thought about offering him one of mine, possibly not the best he could get (grin) but that is how impressed I am by someone living under routine, continuous discomfort, on the doorstep of departure, who is devoting his life and all that's in it to the better treatment of animals in Europe. I know him because he is a colleague of Susanne's and she found him though her own interest into dogs, while in Italy when we were there. Here is what they do in Southern Italy and probably in most southern countries. They go for holiday to the beach and take a puppy along for their kids to play with. When summer is over, they leave the dog behind. Yeah, they do just that. That is how I found The Little Guy, who is now one of the smartest dogs in the universe and of whom people are always asking; “what is that breed of dog”? They do that because he is so cool.

It tears your heart out to see them running in the streets and that seques into those girls running down the street and standing in front of Burger King and the Glenn Beck martinet playing mini me John McCain. Hose me down with a bucketful of Joe Lieberman leeches while you are at it. They're the new Velcro. I don't generally ever get anything for Christmas and for inexplicable cosmic reasons, I have often spent holidays alone; probably that Lord Shiva thing. I had one birthday party in my whole life but at least that one was attended by nine women and the husband of one of them. Now and again a lot of my good friends are women but the reason I mention this is that if you are thinking of sending me anything, or getting me anything; why not just give it to Stefan who is doing far more noble work than I under much more dreadful conditions.

People might say we waste too much time on animals and not enough time on each other but it is because of the way we treat animals that we have come to such a state. Gandhi had something to say about that and the true measure of a civilization but I can't remember the quote offhand. Caring about the least of us gets us around to caring about the rest of us and this is your Christmas season and the winter of your discontent.

Why is it that people can see turmoil brewing all around them and not tumble to the proximity and potential? The cosmos can drop you off too after it has had its summer vacation. What used to hurt me the worst, was when the dog had moved on, during the time it took me to turn around and go back to look for it; the dogs laying in traffic circles with circling shoppers on a self satisfaction track ...and look at that weird foreigner with the bag of dog food walking into the lawn circle where those dogs are hanging out and pouring out dog food. What's his trip?

I'm not dog specific. I'm life specific, if it has life. It turns into what I notice; like homeless people, you don't see them so much in the Europe I've been moving through because Europe has a much wider safety net than America, which is all pumped up with guns and laws and you can see the freedom disappearing under your footsteps. You can see the cram cities and the wide broken promised hinterlands that cannot be trespassed cause the market needs the space, or the military needs to practice what they preach, which is blow the fuck out of everything, my domination needs release. When my finger hits the trigger my dick gets hard cause I am fucking you for peace.

I don't know the name of the tune, go hum some Clair de Lune and you can short sheet Debussy while you are at it. The name of the game is the disappearing plain. Will that be paper or plastic?

The rhyme guy is looking to preempt this posting so, I'll quit while the going is good.

Have a wonderful day.

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