Monday, February 28, 2022

"I Am Moving Through the Minds, Euphemistically Present Behind their Eyes and I See Something Forming."


(How did Russian tanks get all the way to the city overnight? Why do so many of the videos have a staged appearance? Why is nearly every news gathering website telling the same lies? If Russia is being thwarted how could they be in Kiev now? No! I am not going to use the new PC, Gender Cool spelling of Kiev.)\

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Either I am getting better at seeing what is going on around me... because none of it attracts me anymore, or... their tactics and follow-through are far more clumsy than once they were. Perhaps it is The Awakening that is having such an impact on perception. Some things just don't look right or sound right anymore.

Meanwhile... the press... those sordid, disease-ridden, curbside hookers that look like Benedict Cumberpatch in a Princess Frozen outfit; something you might also find in the ready-to-eat, processed food section of your nearest GMO outlet... they are like some massive Mormon Tabernacle Choir, all dressed like Lady Gagme in a meat suit, surrounded by packs of starving hyenas, which helps them hit all those false high notes; nothing like real fear to give you that meth-heaven, false optimism... two minutes before they start coming through the walls.

What a swerve! What an overloaded SUV roll across the median strip!! What a “right turn Clyde” so severe he hits himself in the face!!! “All of The Crass Media, AND... nearly all of the alternative media have collectively flown into the cuckoo's nest over this Ukraine in the Membrane, free fall out of the COVID cloud cover. All of the same old shit they did last time is having a return engagement. This is like having The Bridges of Madison County on speed dial on your iPad; a kind of sanitary napkin for The Virtual World. When Hecate bleeds it's All Hallows Eve.

And The World buys it! There is no Stupid quite like the, “Let's do that again," Stupid. I looked in vain across the internet for a truthful perspective. It's not that easy to find when everyone has their hands over their eyes.

“Now over to Rip.” “Thank you, Sally. Let me tell you what's going on here at Action Central, the place where The Thing that is Happening, is happening. I can't look at it right now, Sally. They told me not to, but I do have a teleprompter that is telling me what I would see if I was looking, so... itz all guuuud!”

I am getting this impression. There is something I see when I close my eyes, and it is a sea with countless faces looking skyward. You get the sense that they are not even following any of this. They tuned it out. They had started tuning it out with COVID. Their well of credibility just went and dried by the time they were done. There are some, yet... a not inconsiderable number, who still buy everything they see and hear on any of the programming devices that keep them chatter-tuned to The Dark Backwards. They won't survive.

Anyway... I am moving through the minds, euphemistically present behind their eyes and I see something forming. It is a kind of conscious accommodation to the growing awareness that none of what they are being told is true, and so they no longer listen. Even when it is talking directly to them, they no longer hear it. Some critical bit of machinery shifted and it hit a switch. I don't think it was that random, but... this switch got hit and it turned on The Validator Frequency. When this frequency is broadcasting, a sort of head-lamp goes on and anything you direct it at tells the truth about itself. Oh... not in great detail, more of a “this is okay.” “That is not okay,” kind of way.

This change in consciousness that, in the previous illustration, had them looking skyward... has created, is creating, a unity of thought, a commonality among kindred spirits, so to speak. You could call it, “waking up.” You could call it, “paying attention.” I call it, being in the moment, because you can't, as a matter-of-fact, be anywhere else, even when you think you are, you'd be dreaming, which is most of what goes on down here anyway, especially in Times of Material Darkness.

Materialism is attended by a gaggle of courtesans. Glamour is one of them. Glitter is another. Carnal Desire (sounds like a drag queen). I don't know how many of them there are. I'm guessing it's like Santa and his reindeer or Snow White. In any case, these are all vampires. They are actually real-life vampires, but you can't see them even when you are looking at them, which may account for them not seeing themselves in a mirror. You do see them, but indirectly. They appear as something else; something you want to eat or acquire or... frolic with. The attraction comes and goes. Once the hook is baited, and then taken, there is no further need for camouflage.

To me, it is a lot like being in Alice in Wonderland. All these personalities being like cards. Unless they can work their magic on you they have no authority over you. Even when they try to exert this, God steps in and clarifies the matter. I have directly seen and experienced this several times... quite a bit more than several times. When you consider that God is present; a lot more present than you... until you come into resonance... this relationship of lifetimes seeking... the true romance for the ages which takes you out of Time

When you are in love, Time has no meaning. It only gains meaning when one is apart from The Beloved. When it is consciously acknowledged that God is ever-present, that resonance comes into play as a medium across which The Love can travel, and one is never separated from The Beloved again. The Beloved demonstrates this over and over and over until union is constant. The Mind is an unruly beast. It is The Devil insofar as you can give him shape. The Mercurial Mind is like the ocean and never still. It has to be stilled which, ironically, involves being distilled again, and again, and again.

When The Reactive Mind is stilled, Tranquility arrives. She is one of the handmaidens of The Divine Mother. Serenity, Serendipity, and others are some of the attendant and animate blessings of her court. As above, so below. Just as we have earthly royalty, which stretches from bloodlines to professions, there is a Heavenly royalty as well. They know what is going on down here. Since they know how it turns out, they are not alarmed.

How many of us go directly to Heaven out of concern for something or someone other than ourselves? How many of us have a daily relationship with Heaven? In scripture, Jesus the Christ is said to say at Judgment, “depart from me, I never knew thee.” It really comes down to what it is you work down here. Is it Virtue or Vice? By your works, not only do others know you, but Heaven knows you as well. We autograph The World with our actions. We write our story and our epitaph as well, here... in the clay of ourselves and others. Clay is very malleable. You can change your world any time. It is The Great Work.

This disheveled strumpet of a war in The Land of the Ashkenazim. We watch future histories being woven by blind spinners and weavers. Israel is not tenable for much longer. They are migrating to Ukraine and Patagonia. When you are engaged in the destruction of The World, you need to be out of range of the conflicts. Why then would Ukraine call them? It's the homeland. Don't ask me how this digression found its way in. Strange things can happen when you are writing a blog posting.

They just walked away from COVID like it was a Vegas love affair. Now they are banging on all their internet pots and pans about Putin and all things Russian. Does anyone know what goes on in Ukraine? It is Porn-Central for many things. It is the playground of oligarchs. It is a corrupt location. It is one of the reasons cooler heads prevailed about that NATO membership thing. There were similar concerns over Turkey.

This won't work either. Then it is on to some massive false flag or... who knows what Heaven has in mind. People seldom think about that. They give God no power to do anything, yet God's power is limitless. Consider the force in a single lightning bolt. Others feel like God is hands-off or doesn't care. That makes no sense whatsoever. Let us rather say, that God works in mysterious ways, and often incognito. He has all kinds of friends who can put on a body and appear anytime they wish. He comes and goes here himself, but leaves no more than a vapor trail in his passing, but... once he is gone it is a different story... a different story.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

"Look at What Can't be Seen, but Intuited... Because The Outside... is Just The Inside on a Larger Scale."

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Some of us knew that The Virus(es) and The Vaccines (that are not vaccines) were enemy action from the start. We've been watching these assaults on Humanity for decades now. We've heard the lies without end, and... as the public shows itself more and more dull, docile and accepting, we've seen those lies become more and more twisted and outrageous, from staged and/or orchestrated school shootings; bizarre and impossible mass murder, like Las Vegas, false flags, broken promises, and always, more and more crime. The more criminal they are at the top of the food chain, the more the criminal mindset flows down into the populace.

Then there is this plague of folding, spindling, and mutilating the sexual nature. This multi-pronged attack on Humanity has been planned and it has progressed. As is typical in cosmic teaching lessons like this, the predators and their servant class emulators are being filled with the helium of self-importance and they JUST HAVE TO step out on the stage of the larger mind and boast, as Klaus Schwab just did, and others are doing. It's all part of the performance, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

These have been grim times recently; not for myself and others, but generally... in The World. That is changing now, from bad to worse in some places, to better than ever in others. Your mindset has a GREAT DEAL to do with the atmosphere in which you move. This influences the events that you witness and the ones that happen to you. If you endeavor to lift The World as you go, it gets lighter around you. This spirit is also contagious; an entirely different pandemic than the false construct of fear now being changed to something else. You can pass it on. You can drum it up. You can sing it into being with your internal choir of angels. You realize that they can inhabit us... yes? This is the reverse of Possession.

How does something take possession of what is in your possession? You lose possession of it. Some Possession is temporary and it comes in different strengths. You can see it everywhere because people are acting it out. It is a single energy and we are all, most of us, doing something different with it. You want to come closer to that which is finer. It will then refine you, and you can avoid Possession. There is a lot of that going around these days... hungry ghosts in search of a body... appetites, and desires that take over... that is Possession. So is Carnal Love. So is an obsession with wealth and privilege. These are forms of Possession.

You are LITERALLY frozen sunlight. You are light in extension. You are the materialization of Sunlight on this plane. This is the grosser aspect. Then we have ever finer bodies and states of being and consciousness that exist longer or less than another. There is a part that lasts forever. It is EXTREMELY practical to live in the higher dimensions of your being. You can LITERALLY rise right out of this body in conscious fashion. It happens in India, and other places, with some amount of frequency, and remember... this is one of those areas of Real Life that isn't discussed on the big rivers of information.

That is what they are, rivers. The bigger the river the more people there are on it... the dirtier it is... the less transparent it is. I've been in the glories of Nature, while in the most glorious mind, and I have danced in the meadows with visible devas and holographic serpents. This is what the Other Side of it showed me. It showed me the meaning of itself in the study of itself.

Some rivers are going to become unsettled. They already are in places. I suspect that a lot of this is not just... it being driven by The Usual Suspects and lackeys, not just hope for a better life and the appetites it permits on a wider scale. There are, I think; it feels as if... there is going to be a mighty trembling in The Earth, and that the seas will rise, and people are unsettled everywhere because of the subconscious intimations of great change.

I get this sense of Nature making a statement on Materialism; both the excess of physical exchanges that generate physical garbage and also the airwaves of The Common Heart and Mind, where it has been poisoned. Sometimes a very great statement needs to be made to wake a larger portion of us.

I could be wrong. As I say... it is only a sense of it that I have. This is because there is also the much greater rumbling that is going to be taking place in the human heart and mind. Right now you are just seeing the crazy acting out. They are the most sensitive to The Shift in human awareness. It is why Lunacy comes from Luna, and why wolves and dogs howl at The Moon. A more profound wave of Awakening is on the way and I believe that is also going to change the whole landscape of human interaction. It will awaken the misguided and it will affirm those already in The Groove.

People have had a real shock. It is especially true of those more fully engaged in The Dream World. When you shut down their playground, and make them go to ground, it creates a lot of fear and discord, and... that is the objective. Much of what they are up to now is to divert and offset The Awakening that is happening. It can't be done, but they get brutal when they are cornered. Then they reveal their true nature in their acts, and Mr. Apocalypse is seeing to the exposure of previous misdeeds.

Nothing that is going on is accidental. This is all scripted by previous actions of the parties so engaged. There is a director, of course. He is like the musical conductor at a concert. You can't tell why he is important to the process. “Can't they just play?” Yeah... I see what you mean. Maybe there is too much middle management. This is not Random Land here. Have you never used a telescope and a microscope or observed the views through the most precise of these instruments?

Look at the symmetry of the planets and the glorious Sun. Look at the molecules and atoms. Look at what can't be seen but intuited because the outside is just the inside on a larger scale. There is ORDER. Look at the intricacies of Life! Look at the paintings on the walls of the Italian cathedrals. Look at the mysterious quality of your own being and the wonder of Love. A decent amount of Love will heal anything.

You don't just pull up to a filling station for a tankful of Love. It has to be generated the old-fashioned way with the hand crank to pump the water. By the industry of your love are you granted more love. This is how great stars came to appear in the skies. Those are centers of living consciousness, and ALL OF IT emerges from a greater source that never has more than a fragment of its power on display. Well... the mind can't quite process that.

If you don't know there is a God then you haven't been looking very hard. You might not understand him; the things he does, the things he lets happen. You have to consider the magnitude of the affair. The period of time we are in is long by our standards, longer than many ages, like the one we are entering. This period of time is the smallest of the time periods, millions of years are involved. What is happening now and has been happening here, for some thousands of years; on a small scale and larger scale, is the outworking of debts come due. 

It's not pretty, what THEY show us in their various media, but what they show us is not life as it is. They show us variations on a theme that turns into perversity as THEY put Life through its fabricated paces... as what passes for entertainment in this bankrupt era.

It's all going to change. It is always changing in any case. That is its very nature. Change is the cornerstone of Eternity. The endless parade of changes passes before the face of Smiling Eternity as it is. We go in and out. Life is an endless sex act of self-replication. If we reproduce in bestial fashion we will give birth to beasts. This is why The Mother has such a profound effect on life, for good or ill. Those who emulate her are sustained by her. She is everything that you can see. She is everything in the field of the senses and a great deal more. Then there is the force of it in the seed that completes the larger sex act over and over.

People make things profane in their minds. Others argue for all sorts of license under the excuse that they are only expressing themselves, living their own truth. I don't have to comment on that because BOTH Virtue and Vice are their own reward. What keeps anyone out of The Inner Sanctum is their own profane nature. The Veils DO NOT part for carnal inquiry or probing self-interest. Purity is a REQUIREMENT, like an excess of Love; it has to be earned. We carelessly toss our purity aside so as to engage with The World. We only realize the cost after it is gone. Then... save for Grace, it might not come back again.

God is kind and merciful and benevolent as all get out. If we don't see this then we are not walking in his fashion of being kind, merciful, and benevolent as all get out. Sincere emulation eventually turns you into whatever that is. You see it in The World around you... all the examples of what people emulate.

End Transmission.......

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They are full tilt at it. If I didn't know better I might be concerned. It's a pretty convincing show. If it were on TV it might win an award, BUT... not in my head. In my head I see evil in a headlock it cannot escape, and... it is running out of air=

Press sure is anti-Putin these days, but... not everywhere. I had this experience in Italy one night when an array of deities appeared on the lawn. Up to my right were the so-called bad guys, AND... all by himself standing by the large cactus pear plant was Putin. He was there the whole time. I've never forgotten or understood it yet=

Oh yes a change gonna come, has already come and it sweeping the inner world like a transformation in consciousness. People WERE blind, now... some of them can see and there are more by the day=

This is what I thought was the case after the first year. I knew the fix was in and this guy was a traitor to the country he swore allegiance to=

I always wondered why more attention was not paid to The Speed of Thought. That is truly the fastest method of travel, and thought is force. Teleportation is a siddhi one can acquire with a host of others, but running around and acting out with them in public can get you into trouble and cause you to lose them as well. Science is looking in the wrong direction for the answers to questions it doesn't even know how to frame. God has ALL the answers. You want answers? Ask God=

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

"The Great Hall of Mirrors, Also Known as The World Reflecting Endlessly Back Upon Itself."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Kanye West... I remember him showing up a while back. I remember him being heralded as a genius. He reminded me of an inarticulate Rod Mckuen huffing glue on PCP... but with less talent. The banality of the lyrics, which are also coarse and generally meaningless commentaries on meaningless things, took him off my radar. He kept popping up with endless acclaim from the media, and for which there was zero justification, so... I knew he had cut some kind of a deal with The Ruler of This World

Then he hooked up with The Queen of Vinyl Floor Coverings and Monsanto Desert Toppings (in the aerosol container)... the Formica Fatale of Cheap Perfume and Empty Succubi Couplings, like an animatronic Barbie that keeps shorting out... or a Klaus Barbie that keeps marching into a wall until he falls down and then goes round and round on the horizontal marching leg till the batteries die; something like that.

He kept making more and more money. It seems he went from 250 million to almost 5 billion in a very short time. Meanwhile, he went and mainlined Satan's First Family of Reality TV, where they do endless auditions for their upcoming Season in Hell; which is a little like a stint at Vegas, without the hookers and the drugs. Then he had offspring. Then he wanted to be president. Then he embraced Trump. Then he got the revival Jesus Bug without any Jesus. Then his wife started divorcing him, and ran off with an offspring from the union of Carrot Top and an unidentified female from Goon-Land; at least that is what the Genetic-Read tells me. Now The Yeester has lost what little mental faculties he ever possessed and is doing reality TV in real life... acting out on The Big Stage for the whole world to see.

Now... some cosmic irony. The Tweedledum of the Clinton Tandem... decided it was time to reemerge into public view. The chatter all around was that she was winding up for her next presidential run. Only a few days later, on the heels of her media-manufactured celebrity putsch... The Rip Van Winkle of federal investigations, John Durham... appears in his Bishop Pike/Baron Samedi moment to announce that The Rabbit hole runs all the way to where The Sun don't shine. That is about to transform this media circus into a clown convention. Two days have passed and The Lying Media of The Usual Suspects is as quiet as a mouse. NOBODY is saying anything... except for everyone else who won't shut up.

If you need any further proof of Mr. Apocalypse going hog wild in a slaughterhouse, this should open your nose to the smell of that rose by any other name. “It smells like Victory!” You can see it... can't you? You can see the intensification of this force we call, Mr. Apocalypse? In the Land of Metaphors, they also have their own weather. If you can feel the ground trembling, you should know that it also happens at the bottom of the sea, and that gives rise to massive waves of incredible force, which head toward land at hundreds of miles an hour. This is another of the many events that occur at the changing of an age. It is a radical form of “out with The Old and In with The New.” Book it!

Most of us smell bad to the angels and other luminous entities, because of our diet, our thoughts... speech, and actions. We must reach a particular level of purity for them to come near us in palpable fashion. Impersonal Love accomplishes this quicker than anything else that I know about. Pure Bhakti is considered to be the fast track to union with Heaven. The thing is... you are guaranteed success if you just don't quit. If I might ask... what else are you doing that seems to you to be more important? Why would I mention the effect we have on angels? It is extremely relevant to your present state.

If you are odorless and tasteless. If you can't see it, whatever that might be, you are like the aether. It SEEMS to me that Aether is the very composition of Space. Let me rephrase that; it is what Space is composed of. It is what all form appears out of via The Adaptations of Vibrations. It's that something out of nothing thing, only... it is not... nothing. It only APPEARS that way.

However... if you have (and you do) an aura and a physical form, that has been shaped by your thoughts, words, and deeds, over the course of years and years (not to mention the Karmic transfers from life to life), you EMANATE subtle sensory information and it causes you to smell, to look, to taste ...and so forth... in a particular fashion, at a particular level of vibration, which is sent over the mediums that transmit it to the attention of those it attracts and repels. If you aren't attracting angels, and you are giving off sensory data... who and what are you attracting? You're not attracting the Aether. The Aether isn't directly involved in this. You are operating on the relative plane of Good and Evil; a further extension into The Manifest.

Yes... Evil doesn't actually exist (except in a relative sense) because it is Temporary. This does not mean it is not present during its temporary coming and going. Let's not trouble our pretty little heads about that at the moment. The Good is represented, on the invisible plane, by The Heavenly Hierarchy. The Evil is represented by the Infernal Hierarchy. Why is it called Infernal? That has to do with Fire right? What else has the quality of Fire? Desire does. Do you have a burning desire? So... Hell... seems like it would be a land of endlessly unrequited desire... endless hunger and thirst= Hungry Ghosts. Yes? It seems it would also mean The Absence of Love. The Fire of Desire is what the burning is all about, and The Lake of Fire as well. It's all in your mind... if you think about it (pun intended).

Evil is also often misunderstood. If you understand how something works, it shouldn't frighten you because you know what you are dealing with. If you don't understand it, then it is understandable... for you to be frightened. You live in a world of Fear, due to misreading so many things BECAUSE you THINK you KNOW. You are a prisoner of your own bad information and faulty reasoning. Job One is to find the one who DOES KNOW, then you can be informed when need be.

The trick is not to see Evil. Everything is part of a process anyway; isn't it? It's always changing; isn't it? Nothing is the same as it was before, nor will it be later on. We identify Evil according to our attractions and aversions. These are Subjective impressions. What about Pure Objectivity? What about Impersonal Love? It is a love that shines on all without regard for whatever differences there APPEAR to be. The thing about Impersonal Love... not only does it pacify the environment (should it be in need of that) by radiating Unity and Harmony with All Creatures and Things, BUT... it changes the one through whom it passes. It transforms the host mechanism.

These changes RARELY take place at great speed, although, “success is speedy for the energetic.” Look at the slow, flowing uphill in January, pace of Evolution. It is over long periods of time that our habitual natures impress certain undesirable qualities on us. These attract the invisible entities that resonate with whatever it may be, and you can be sure of this happening, the same way a dirty kitchen attracts vermin. Rein in your Appetites and Desires. As Lao Tzu said, “cut down on senseless craving.”

Until you are able to quiet the mind, it can be hard to tell who it is that is whispering in your ear. Most human minds are a disorganized junkyard of useless stuff. There are valuable items there, but they can't be seen for all of the junk. You HAVE TO empty your mind so that only the essential remains. How do you accomplish this? It is done through Prayer, Austerities, Mantras, Meditation, Contemplation, and Discipline... BUT... mostly it is done with Love, which is needed to inspire all of those in the first place.

If there is no oomph in your Giddy-Up... then you need to be inspired. NOTHING is as inspirational as Love, and no Love cuts deeper to The Quick and Everlasting than does Impersonal Love. Pedestrian and Personal Love RARELY lasts very long and often results in something very unlike Love. Impersonal Love NEVER stops growing, and since it opens you up... expands and integrates you, always assimilating you into a larger and more comprehensive expression of Impersonal Love, and since it NEVER ends... well, you do the math.

As The Apocalypse AND The Awakening grow stronger and ever more pervasive, these celebrities... these noted personalities, the movers and shakers, the rich and powerful... come to look ever more and more ridiculous, AND... since they are waking up too, like it or not, this is going to be revealed to them as well. Look at what is happening to Trudeau in Canada... and ALL of the birds of a feather. Look at the Hypocrisy that is CONSTANTLY on display. The Emperor's New Clothes are about to be revealed to the eyes of The World in The Great Hall of Mirrors, also known as The World reflecting back on itself without end.

Grow your Love; hothouse it. Feed it with attention and water it with Love. Pour ever more love out upon your love, drive it to a feeding, and copulating frenzy of an Interior Jihad, that goes scorched Earth on that junkyard in your head. Be fruitful and multiply, as the scripture says, only be selective and mindful about the children you have. The thought-born children of Impersonal Love will circle your being and follow you everywhere. The angels will see this. They have a deep... deep love for the thought-born children of Impersonal Love.

End Transmission.......

I've been watching the 8 hour documentary on The Beatles called “Get Back." Read a few of the comments. If you are a fan you are going to love the intimate viewing of the creative process. The subtleties of the infighting, initiated by Yoko can be intuited... there are some strange camera catches that reveal a great deal. I've only watched the first episode so... I'll just shut up for now.

And some links-=

I didn't put in any Kanye links (I don't think) and that is because you can find this stuff everywhere. I never go looking for news on this guy because I consider him a total fraud, WAAAAAAAAAY out of his depth. Suffice to say he is on the verge of a giant meltdown... ALL of the entertainment world is on the lip of this same verge (grin).

And just when she thought it was safe to come out and play again, THIS happens (heh heh)= (Mr. Apocalypse!!!)=

This is what happens when Religion migrates to the Land of the Stupids=

This is what puts the 'usual' in The Usual Suspects=

God is clearly at work=

I do not see from the same perspective as this writer on several fronts, BUT... he makes compelling and entertaining reading. I always learn something new. I do not know if everything I learn is true, but it does make me think=

Well here he comes... dum dum da dum dum here comes Mr. Apocalypse. For years this guy has been in the woodwork. I just assumed it was some fix is in with Bill Barr. Then Shillery hits the public eye in a big way talking about running for president again AND... two days later, this hits... Whammo!!!=

They never go away, they just keep resurfacing and hoping for the right conditions=

The Satanic agenda creeps, and creeps and creeps=

Ah... no... you really hate to hear things like this. I don't, but... maybe you do. Then again, where is that smell really coming from?=

Thursday, February 10, 2022

"The Kings Highway is Composed of Interwoven Sunbeams and It Runs to Heaven's Gate."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes it is not easy to see the thing behind the thing, behind the thing. It is what makes it possible for scammers, puppet-masters, and influence peddlers to do their thing. At the same time, unbeknownst to the ones who think they are orchestrating the matter, there is another permutation behind it which the arrangers never considered as possible offspring. It is what might cause one's children to come back and eat them. There are all kinds of offspring that we give birth to every day. It is too bad that we often cannot see them when they are still forming, because they are the stuff that monsters are composed of.

The reverse is true as well.

Given enough time and... depending on how well you can concentrate your focus, you can think yourself out of any environment or situation. The knowledge of how to do these things is guarded by entities, and ONLY those of proven virtue are able to access them. Hmm... then if one simply acquires Virtue... all manner of good will follow after. That's how my math works. For me... when various considerations all add up to the same thing, I can see they are of a kind. That means there is a resonance, a vibrationary affinity... and your life becomes like music.

Sometimes I think of one of the great composers, probably Beethoven, and I imagine him walking in the woods and meadows. I remember reading that he was fond of doing this. I had once heard or read a story about how he had something to do with the evolution of the guitar. It was impractical (in those days) to have a piano brought out into a field or wooded area far from the common pathways. So... I was told or I read, that a guitar-like instrument was designed that he could carry into Nature with him so that he might compose there.

I don't know if that story is apocryphal. I don't remember thinking that at the time so there must have been some amount of obvious legitimacy for me to put it in the mind's knapsack. I digressed.

What I intended to say was about the great composers walking in Nature. I know they could hear music in their heads and Nature is a constant orchestra. This I have experienced many times. We ALL have a music that attends us and it is played by musicians we gave birth to. It is the same as those monsters within us that we feed or the 'better angels of our nature.' If you wish to reside in a finer and more radiantly splendid land, you must be attended by better musicians. I am certain that when The Buddha or Jesus Christ or Krishna walked here that angels and devas provided the soundtrack.

These great examples, these perfect personas came here to demonstrate. Their purpose was to inspire emulation and imitation. They showed that it was possible to permeate their environs and bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. It doesn't last, except in certain hard-to-reach locations, like Shambhala, and other places. This is why these good examples keep coming back; to raise the level of discourse on all planes (for a time). The World Saviors come at rare intervals, but avatars of lesser rank are always coming and going. They are still far too few (especially in Times of Material Darkness), but they do appear and work profound Higher Love Magic on all who encounter them or hear of them; those of both Good and Bad intent.

The Buddha once said, “Only chase after a bad man to show him The Way.”

The Good are not the ones in need of attention. However... dealing with the bad is a tricky affair. It is like rescuing a drowning person. You have to sneak up behind them. You have to make people want to be better without them becoming immediately aware of it. They have these bad musicians around them, and who knows how many invisible low-life there are in attendance? Sometimes you have to charm them first. People can be drowning in their heads just as fatally as they might be drowning in The Sea. You have to ignite people in such a way that they see The Upside.

Early communities had to work in a union for the common good to survive. We have lost that sense of community... so now, someone else's sense of community can be forced upon us. There are always going to be mean-spirited and misguided types who band together to cause mischief. Who knows what all of the reasons are that people go wrong instead of right? I bobbed and weaved all over the highway on occasion but NEVER got cited for that kind of traffic. I think it was because of where I was headed in my heart and mind. You would be REALLY surprised to learn what The Mind is capable of. We all perform magic every day, but often enough, at a particular level of development, it takes certain amounts of time for the results to appear, so we are often unaware that we made it happen.

Change your perspective and change your life. Don't hang out with people who bring you down. Don't be down. You can definitely go up; why not direct yourself accordingly?

There is so much being exposed now. The Great Truckers of Canada (and The US now... and round The World) have caused the Canadian politicians (and others) to show their true colors. The lies being told by the media and the politicians are outrageous, and Mr. Apocalypse is making it clear... BY-THE-DAY... what is what, and who is who. The Great Awakening is bringing Truth to the attention of a formerly sleeping world. Many still dream... but the dreams are restless and provoke further awakening

It doesn't matter how Draconian, small-minded, and casually vicious some sectors may get. They are on The Losing End. The more absurd and ridiculous they become, the more they so appear before the eyes of The World. This is all happening for The Purpose of Demonstration, so you need not be alarmed. It is being worked out despite the worst intentions of The Usual Suspects and their Catamite Fellow Travelers.

Those who are Atheists believe that Sex is the be-all and end-all of life. So they are carnal right out of the gate. They are born into it. This mindset of fixed materialism gravitates inevitably toward Satanism. Out of this, the hard-core psychopaths are born, along with all their deluded and intimidated minions. When this consortium of self-willed zombies (interesting term) runs into an apocalypse, everything works to their disadvantage. The Cosmos itself steers all their efforts to exposure and failure. That is part of the nature of Apocalypse, and why a Great Awakening attends one. People wake up and they see what has been going on. It isn't pretty.

The whole of the corrupt and seduced world is going to wake up in the pigsty with The Prodigal Son. Some will fall right back, but the Hunger for Return will be awakened in many souls because this... is... the... time. Cosmic Change occurs over very long periods of terrestrial time. Individual change can happen VERY quickly. Here is an interesting piece of scripture; “Although there is nothing to be gained, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know—God knows. And I know that this man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows—was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell.”

You never know what is going to happen if you get up on The King's Highway and stay there. The Kings Highway is composed of interwoven sunbeams and it runs to Heaven's Gate. It is interchangeable with all of life's highways because they all connect in some way, even if only through degrees of separation; there is some connection, no matter how indirect... with everything else. This is what makes God the Gestalt so important. It lights the whole thing up! There is no Joy without the Presence of God because God is The Supreme Enjoyer. Everything fine that is being experienced in anyone is made possible through the medium of the angels that provide the means for it, AND... these angels come from God.

Because of one angel (and its minions), all of us see. All of us by similar agency can hear... and so on and so on. I use 'it' because angels are of no specific sex, though they CAN assume one... should Heaven direct it. Residence in Heaven has a great deal to do with the way one's sexual nature has developed. Once again we have that Dial. You turn it to the left for Vice and the other way for Virtue. It REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. We need both!!! We could do with less of the one and more of the other, BUT... that is coming. Yes... my friends... that is coming.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 7, 2022

"You See the Rough Outlines of All Passion and No Brains that ALWAYS Appears in the Beginning."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was trying to be funny here in the beginning. You know how when you look at something the day after you said, or wrote, or did it, and how it doesn't look, or sound, or feel the way it did originally? So... I had to delete the four or five paragraphs that were going to be here, but... which you will now never see. You will thank me for this later.

Anyway... The Canadian Truckers have started a worldwide movement. Joe Rogan is still on Spotify, and I have yet to hear a single moment of whatever he talks about. I don't need anyone to tell me about what is going on. It is ALL... self-evident. Remember the child in The Emperor's New Clothes? That child had not deceived herself yet... as so many of us do, for whatever we think our reasons are, but... which ALWAYS turns out to be Fear or Appetite. I was done with Fear after having thrown my life into the winds so many times, only to have it thrown back at me. As for Appetite, the element of Fire taught me all I needed to know about that. Let's go, Brandon!

I was going to say certain forces are powerfully and without respite, working to perform a regimented mass hypnosis on the rest of us. The Virus and Vaccines (that are not vaccines) are part of this, and if the vaccines don't kill you they will robotize you. I suspect it has something to do with The Pineal Gland. As The Aquarian Age comes more fully into its own, The Pineal Gland is set to be activated again, where this is possible. Certain forces very much want to shut down mass activation because then the game is up for them. It's like the sunglasses in, “They Live”. John Carpenter was going to do a remake on that film. The original was very amateurish. Carpenter would have done something remarkable. Then... it dropped out of sight. It got shut down.

There really is a Satanic order of highly placed leaders in every industry, including The Church; in whatever form it has shaped the idea of God to its own material profit. It brings The Golden Calf to mind. Vice is ALWAYS around somewhere on this plane. Usually, it is restricted to certain neighborhoods where decent folk don't go (grin). However... The Boys and Girls in the back have had a shadow planet control over almost the whole of the planet for some time, as you can see by how quickly the virus scam became the driving force behind all other policies around The World.

They are having to come out of The Shadows. They are being forced out into the light. It hasn't become really evident yet, but... the pressure on them grows by the day. You see the number of assorted acting-outs happening in The Celebrity Lane. You see the incredible power of Woke as it attempts to control the culture, in human behavior, human thought, and human speech. You see the increasing seediness of all media and art. Whenever it devolves, human sexuality devolves as well. It gravitates into a writhing, sucker-pod adhesion, mosh pit; a manifesting Babylon of the mind and body. As it does go down, a portion of us are lifted up... similar to the way a see-saw works.

The Aquarian Age is bringing all sorts of changes. You see the rough outlines of all passion and no brains that always appear in the beginning. Wiser entities pass them by, moving to higher understandings of Brotherhood, and Love. The graces and the virtues of The Divine Feminine are part of the great sea change in human experience. We are always moving to a better state; if that is what we are doing. Otherwise, it is a difficult labyrinth of superhighways going everywhere. What you are looking for is what sets your course. You could be going in ANY direction... you would still get to the same place. Your future can be predicted by your present behavior. What do you do with your time? Where do you go in your mind?

You could think of existence as being like a ship on a measureless sea... that LITERALLY washes up on any shore that your imagination swells the sails with the desire to see. Whatever it is that you pursue, you will acquire it. It then makes a sage counsel to ONLY acquire what you really want. I take this bit of scripture seriously, “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.” I do believe that is true. I am not sure I want “all else” but that's okay. It's like one of those buffet restaurants. You don't have to take anything you don't want. Of course, I would not be going into such a place to begin with but... you see what I mean.

I look at the shape-shifting perspectives in The World, on the internet, the small portion I encounter. It is a bewildering weather front and a sky filled with portents. I suspect some portion of anything you can imagine is going to take place somewhere. Some of what takes place in one location will affect every other place with the hearing about it. This is a time of tremendous change. There is also another technical revolution about to commence and that is REALLY going to change The World, if... our hearts are right. There is a major sorting out taking place right now between The Carnal and The Spiritual mindset.

People fall in love with Hawaii and its islands because it promises a never-never land, a garden paradise, but... it has its jungles and its things that bite, on every level of the culture from the Nature side to the dance of humans. Everywhere you go they do The Dance a little differently. It comes down to what appeals to you. It's still a game of Hide and Seek. It's a game of perpetual deception; because of appearances and the forces that have access to the human mind and use Humanity for their vehicles in pursuit of their appetites. Taking The High Road involves a more strenuous passage, but it's worth it for The View... if you catch my drift. I prefer to look upon The Splendor of God and not the mockeries that pedestrian intellects have shaped The World into.

The whole of public life, whichever of the stages it be; politics, entertainment, organized religion, sports, and high finance... is a Vanity dance of butterflies and moths, flapping about a false light that will either incinerate or fatally confuse them. It is an exercise to no good end. What is the profit? If you can't take it with you... what is the profit? I prefer to acquire what I can take with me. The rest I am not interested in.

If you know the truth, and you try to speak it “in times of universal deceit.” you are going to find almost all doors closed to you. You also have to say things that offend the business interests of certain demographics. You could remain silent, but sometimes that is not your role. We all have SOME level of participation in The World or we would not be here. Seeing through the illusion, becoming free, in some cases... it is like turning off the projector but the reel keeps turning. The dryer winds down but does not stop immediately. The mind stops creating, but it can take a while before the thoughts stop appearing. All sorts of wheels keep spinning if they get set in motion. They eventually stop... unless The Wind plays a part.

Just because something has been shut down does not mean it ceases all operation. Some wheels and turntables still spin for a time. Liberation is like this. It might be loud and confusing at first, but then the echoes die down and it is “chop wood and carry water” again, much like the mountain that was a mountain, and then there was no mountain, and then... there was a mountain again.

The World is a magic act, and there are magicians at work on the mass mind every day. They tantalize and seduce. They misdirect. They lie. They have a material interest in the success of their game, and they are all competing with each other. Then there are the real magicians. There is no greater nor more profound magic than Love. Sure... on the lower levels, it can look more like raw force; catch and release, catch and consume... catch and defile. Let's see, there is also, deceive and catch, lure and catch, pounce and catch. At the higher points... it is ALL release. Freedom is the BASIC imperative of life. It is the spoken and unspoken articulation of every human life. In other kingdoms, because of the forms that love takes, love expresses in its specific way. Higher Love is ALWAYS in control, no matter what appearances may say.

Major game changers are on the horizon, IN EVERY SENSE. Remember, where Selfishness is concentrated, selfish behavior is the rule and so... no matter how much there is, it is NEVER enough. Whereas... in places where there is much less, there is often an excess; interesting how that happens.

When the shortages come, it will be selfishness and panic that kills most people. Those inclined to share will, likely... prosper. If you are always giving yourself away (like The Sun) no one comes to take what you have. You are already giving it away. What does any of it matter anyway? Really. What does it matter? The sooner you get free of all the things that are holding you down, the better.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

"Do They not Know What an Apocalypse Is? Does It Make any Difference? Not to The Apocalypse It Doesn't."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The more that The Awakening comes into force, the tighter the scoundrels... who thought they were in charge, hold on to the rails of their Ship of Bad Dreams, as it sinks beneath the waves of an ocean of conscious change. Nothing stays still on the surface of the ocean. You might get that sometimes with a pond or a small lake, but... never the ocean. It's a good metaphor for the human mind, and the Mercury on The Mirror.

The press of desire unsettles the mind and you can't think straight. All you know is you want what you want, and you are not happy until you get it. You are not happy when you get it either, and you are less happy when you have to pay for it afterward, given that all it did was make you unhappy. I see the evidence of this in face after face. I can call attention to it in a general way... but... it's not something you say directly to people. Hardly anyone wants to hear that they are responsible for the whole of their own misfortunes. Fortunately... they have plenty of company, so... at least they are not alone. They can compare delusions over drinks at the club.

Celebrity World (a division of Disney) has turned into a kid's bouncy castle, with sharp edges, these days. One thing about celebrities, even if they aren't very good at what they do, (and that is more commonly the case every day) they are experts at everything going on in The World. So... they are choosing up sides. Before they do choose sides they have to see which side their bread is buttered on or they could wind up with a gravel and dirt sandwich (or something worse).

This REALLY... REALLY... is an apocalypse. I don't know what it is that they think or expect is going to happen. Do they not know what an apocalypse is? That's likely. Does it make any difference? Not to the apocalypse it doesn't. The apocalypse is like the biggest snowplow that you have ever seen, but that isn't snow it is shoveling. Whatever it is... we are all seeing what is below it now. More and more, everything is becoming much more clear than it was. You throw in The Awakening AND... you have a massive population of people rubbing their eyes and trying to get their bearings, AND... seeing many things for the first time, even though they have been there all along. Now they can see what it is that they used to trip over.

The more people that wake up to the same thing... where the same realizations are occurring about this, that, and the other thing... the more there is a general agreement on who is responsible for those other sandwiches they've been fed for so long. The natives are restless. Yes... you can say that. You could also say, “it's quiet... too quiet,” but it wouldn't be true. Of course... anything not being true has not stopped a large number of people from saying it as if it were gospel.

The Virus Scam has been a test run that did not test out. The Vaccines really will kill or disable you. There are PROBABLY other things that the vaccines do, and we will see them over time. It is amazing how many name characters are coming out in defense of The Science, which is not Science whatsoever.

It is Black Magic. It is Satanic Materialism in Make-a-Buck-Land. It is whatever THEY want it to be until they want it to be something else. They've had the upper hand for so long, they just can't believe it could ever be otherwise. That was the whole point of letting them think they had the upper hand for so long... it makes the denouement much more lasting and powerful.

I'm not one of those revenge hopefuls. I don't like Schadenfreude, because... there but for fortune goes me. I try to remember the cost of Hypocrisy because it is not something I can afford. You don't want to be saddled with bills you don't have the resources for... when your objective was freedom in the first place. It's kind of like that joke about being up to your ass in alligators when your intention was to drain The Swamp.

People who set out to fix The World are setting themselves up for a mountain range of problems they will never traverse. The mountains are not their only problem. There is the unpredictable weather of the dancing djinns, the lava tubes, and the wildlife... avalanches, and box canyons. I'll bet I could think about a host of other problems one might encounter if I set my mind to it, but... I am more concerned with not building those mountains in the first place.

You CANNOT fix The World. Repeat after me... “You cannot fix The World.” You also cannot fix other people, but you can fix The World and other people by fixing yourself. Wait a minute, you can't even fix yourself, BUT... there is someone who can fix you if you let them. This I have personally discovered to be true. Each of us develops a code that we employ to guide our life. Sometimes that code is only engaged when others are watching. Sometimes it is barely there due to poor impulse control. Sometimes it is only for show. Sometimes it exists solely for personal gain. Sometimes it is a living breathing part of you that talks you through everything that happens... and warns you of all the things that might occur before you come upon them.

Well... to each their own. I see people every day who are headed for grief of one kind or another. Your telling them about it will have no impact on their course at all. If anything it might make them more determined because... they wants what they wants, precious. I bless them and wish them well. I do know that after many a spill and tumble they will finally come aright. The best I can do is to clear the way as I go, and not make the landscape worse as a result of my passing through it.

It wasn't that long ago that I made stupid errors of judgment as part of a personal routine. I was extremely fortunate to see the error of my ways. It is one thing to make ignorant mistakes and quite another to make the same mistakes when you know better. It is one thing to take yourself into danger, and another thing entirely to take others with you.

When you are wrong in your thinking and carnal in your attractions, it is important to realize that The World is a kind of Disneyland. It has an adult section. It has a combat zone. It has feel-good avenues and dark alleys where nothing good is going to happen. It's a carnival of excess and unbridled appetite. Look at the commercials. Sex oozes through the whole of them, all the way to the dark, toxic center. They hit every other appetite, sometimes from an oblique angle. Then there is all the life insurance, advertising scams directed at your atavistic fears. The endless cellphone ads tell you how much they are making off the industry. Now... online gaming is a whole new kind of Oxycontin.

It is a world of trap doors and trap-door spiders. It is a funnel web that leads to the place where they drain you dry. Every day, people by the millions, enter in with a will and come out on a leash. Observe the worldwide blackmail by The Vaccine Nazis; loss of profession and job, loss of reputation and income... no freedom of movement. How does this happen? You have hostages to fortune. In a time of Material Darkness, having nothing... makes you the richest and most unencumbered soul in town. Sooner or later, all these high rollers will be biting the heads off of chickens for people coarse enough to want to see it.

It is an apocalypse!!! It is attended by a Grand Awakening!!! Can an avatar or two be far behind? I mention multiples because there have been times when several world-changers showed up in proximity to one another. The time is coming when those hidden in the backdrops and wild places are going to come into view and illuminate The World. The stage is being set this very moment. The escalators go up and... the escalators go down. A Golden Age is in the wings. Not everyone wants a piece of that. Some number of us prefer the shadows where it is harder to see what they are up to. No problem... the light will come to them!

Oh well, either these things are being made increasingly clear to you, or your resistance to change is intensifying by the day. Your destiny is not my department. I don't handle the warehouse or bills of lading. I don't work in the front office or handle PR. Come to think of it, I have nothing to do with any of that AND it... has... nothing... to... do... with... me. All aboard!!!

Yes... The Armageddon Train is coming into town and The Gospel Train is leaving. The cannibals are warming up for their Broadway debut and headed for Street Theater soon after. Remember this... Materialism breeds specific conditions. The same things happen again, and again, and again. Your destiny depends on the polarities you establish, which set the stage for The Story of Your Life (insert name). I'm going to be saying it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again. Love will take you through ALL OF IT.

I've heard it said about Master Card. I've heard it said about many things, BUT... Love is the one thing you really should not ever leave home without.

End Transmission.......

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