Wednesday, February 2, 2022

"Do They not Know What an Apocalypse Is? Does It Make any Difference? Not to The Apocalypse It Doesn't."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The more that The Awakening comes into force, the tighter the scoundrels... who thought they were in charge, hold on to the rails of their Ship of Bad Dreams, as it sinks beneath the waves of an ocean of conscious change. Nothing stays still on the surface of the ocean. You might get that sometimes with a pond or a small lake, but... never the ocean. It's a good metaphor for the human mind, and the Mercury on The Mirror.

The press of desire unsettles the mind and you can't think straight. All you know is you want what you want, and you are not happy until you get it. You are not happy when you get it either, and you are less happy when you have to pay for it afterward, given that all it did was make you unhappy. I see the evidence of this in face after face. I can call attention to it in a general way... but... it's not something you say directly to people. Hardly anyone wants to hear that they are responsible for the whole of their own misfortunes. Fortunately... they have plenty of company, so... at least they are not alone. They can compare delusions over drinks at the club.

Celebrity World (a division of Disney) has turned into a kid's bouncy castle, with sharp edges, these days. One thing about celebrities, even if they aren't very good at what they do, (and that is more commonly the case every day) they are experts at everything going on in The World. So... they are choosing up sides. Before they do choose sides they have to see which side their bread is buttered on or they could wind up with a gravel and dirt sandwich (or something worse).

This REALLY... REALLY... is an apocalypse. I don't know what it is that they think or expect is going to happen. Do they not know what an apocalypse is? That's likely. Does it make any difference? Not to the apocalypse it doesn't. The apocalypse is like the biggest snowplow that you have ever seen, but that isn't snow it is shoveling. Whatever it is... we are all seeing what is below it now. More and more, everything is becoming much more clear than it was. You throw in The Awakening AND... you have a massive population of people rubbing their eyes and trying to get their bearings, AND... seeing many things for the first time, even though they have been there all along. Now they can see what it is that they used to trip over.

The more people that wake up to the same thing... where the same realizations are occurring about this, that, and the other thing... the more there is a general agreement on who is responsible for those other sandwiches they've been fed for so long. The natives are restless. Yes... you can say that. You could also say, “it's quiet... too quiet,” but it wouldn't be true. Of course... anything not being true has not stopped a large number of people from saying it as if it were gospel.

The Virus Scam has been a test run that did not test out. The Vaccines really will kill or disable you. There are PROBABLY other things that the vaccines do, and we will see them over time. It is amazing how many name characters are coming out in defense of The Science, which is not Science whatsoever.

It is Black Magic. It is Satanic Materialism in Make-a-Buck-Land. It is whatever THEY want it to be until they want it to be something else. They've had the upper hand for so long, they just can't believe it could ever be otherwise. That was the whole point of letting them think they had the upper hand for so long... it makes the denouement much more lasting and powerful.

I'm not one of those revenge hopefuls. I don't like Schadenfreude, because... there but for fortune goes me. I try to remember the cost of Hypocrisy because it is not something I can afford. You don't want to be saddled with bills you don't have the resources for... when your objective was freedom in the first place. It's kind of like that joke about being up to your ass in alligators when your intention was to drain The Swamp.

People who set out to fix The World are setting themselves up for a mountain range of problems they will never traverse. The mountains are not their only problem. There is the unpredictable weather of the dancing djinns, the lava tubes, and the wildlife... avalanches, and box canyons. I'll bet I could think about a host of other problems one might encounter if I set my mind to it, but... I am more concerned with not building those mountains in the first place.

You CANNOT fix The World. Repeat after me... “You cannot fix The World.” You also cannot fix other people, but you can fix The World and other people by fixing yourself. Wait a minute, you can't even fix yourself, BUT... there is someone who can fix you if you let them. This I have personally discovered to be true. Each of us develops a code that we employ to guide our life. Sometimes that code is only engaged when others are watching. Sometimes it is barely there due to poor impulse control. Sometimes it is only for show. Sometimes it exists solely for personal gain. Sometimes it is a living breathing part of you that talks you through everything that happens... and warns you of all the things that might occur before you come upon them.

Well... to each their own. I see people every day who are headed for grief of one kind or another. Your telling them about it will have no impact on their course at all. If anything it might make them more determined because... they wants what they wants, precious. I bless them and wish them well. I do know that after many a spill and tumble they will finally come aright. The best I can do is to clear the way as I go, and not make the landscape worse as a result of my passing through it.

It wasn't that long ago that I made stupid errors of judgment as part of a personal routine. I was extremely fortunate to see the error of my ways. It is one thing to make ignorant mistakes and quite another to make the same mistakes when you know better. It is one thing to take yourself into danger, and another thing entirely to take others with you.

When you are wrong in your thinking and carnal in your attractions, it is important to realize that The World is a kind of Disneyland. It has an adult section. It has a combat zone. It has feel-good avenues and dark alleys where nothing good is going to happen. It's a carnival of excess and unbridled appetite. Look at the commercials. Sex oozes through the whole of them, all the way to the dark, toxic center. They hit every other appetite, sometimes from an oblique angle. Then there is all the life insurance, advertising scams directed at your atavistic fears. The endless cellphone ads tell you how much they are making off the industry. Now... online gaming is a whole new kind of Oxycontin.

It is a world of trap doors and trap-door spiders. It is a funnel web that leads to the place where they drain you dry. Every day, people by the millions, enter in with a will and come out on a leash. Observe the worldwide blackmail by The Vaccine Nazis; loss of profession and job, loss of reputation and income... no freedom of movement. How does this happen? You have hostages to fortune. In a time of Material Darkness, having nothing... makes you the richest and most unencumbered soul in town. Sooner or later, all these high rollers will be biting the heads off of chickens for people coarse enough to want to see it.

It is an apocalypse!!! It is attended by a Grand Awakening!!! Can an avatar or two be far behind? I mention multiples because there have been times when several world-changers showed up in proximity to one another. The time is coming when those hidden in the backdrops and wild places are going to come into view and illuminate The World. The stage is being set this very moment. The escalators go up and... the escalators go down. A Golden Age is in the wings. Not everyone wants a piece of that. Some number of us prefer the shadows where it is harder to see what they are up to. No problem... the light will come to them!

Oh well, either these things are being made increasingly clear to you, or your resistance to change is intensifying by the day. Your destiny is not my department. I don't handle the warehouse or bills of lading. I don't work in the front office or handle PR. Come to think of it, I have nothing to do with any of that AND it... has... nothing... to... do... with... me. All aboard!!!

Yes... The Armageddon Train is coming into town and The Gospel Train is leaving. The cannibals are warming up for their Broadway debut and headed for Street Theater soon after. Remember this... Materialism breeds specific conditions. The same things happen again, and again, and again. Your destiny depends on the polarities you establish, which set the stage for The Story of Your Life (insert name). I'm going to be saying it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again. Love will take you through ALL OF IT.

I've heard it said about Master Card. I've heard it said about many things, BUT... Love is the one thing you really should not ever leave home without.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Everyday brings us closer to to to. To What?? It feels as though the Earth herself is about to explode or maybe that’s how I feel and I am projecting. Either way it ain’t good.

Jamie Wave said...

About the Golden Corral brawl:

Near the end of the news clip, you hear it explained how the fight started...
I'm on the side of the guy who said something to the other guy who had just cut in line and was bitching about the steaks.
Come on you know you'd be mad too.


Jamie Wave said...

I see what you mean, though.

Gregory said...

Saying "Thank You" is the sincerest expression of love I know as it is intended without notions of reciprocation or reward.

Thank you Les, for all you teach us.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression the world is fixing it's self. As for a nose hair coat and tail not makin' me happy, I'm sure you're right. The Akashic Library Card is another matter. Me thinks omniscience is the ultimate asset. Yes, my head would explode; but this is a good thing. Then I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow or deal with this damn planet any more, which I have said countless times; I am not terribly fond of. Being a prisoner of the demiurge leaves much to be desired, even if I did volunteer to put myself in this 'gaol'.

Another beauty of a post.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Sometimes The Old World will Chase You, So... It Is Better to Leave Good Footprints."

Universal Exports said...

Greetings Sunray LV! What a morale booster and Thank You.
It feels good having nothing and not wanting.
You can see the misery on their faces as they prattle on about why don't you have money or a six figures in the digital fiatbux accounts, they are worldlings and can't be helped.
You are right, only God can save the world but we can set an example for the others.
It will be ridiculed at first by mouth flatulence emissions and down votes or poop emojis.
We keep on rolling like a silver Aston Martin always looking to thwart the evil plans of SPECTRE.



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