Monday, February 7, 2022

"You See the Rough Outlines of All Passion and No Brains that ALWAYS Appears in the Beginning."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was trying to be funny here in the beginning. You know how when you look at something the day after you said, or wrote, or did it, and how it doesn't look, or sound, or feel the way it did originally? So... I had to delete the four or five paragraphs that were going to be here, but... which you will now never see. You will thank me for this later.

Anyway... The Canadian Truckers have started a worldwide movement. Joe Rogan is still on Spotify, and I have yet to hear a single moment of whatever he talks about. I don't need anyone to tell me about what is going on. It is ALL... self-evident. Remember the child in The Emperor's New Clothes? That child had not deceived herself yet... as so many of us do, for whatever we think our reasons are, but... which ALWAYS turns out to be Fear or Appetite. I was done with Fear after having thrown my life into the winds so many times, only to have it thrown back at me. As for Appetite, the element of Fire taught me all I needed to know about that. Let's go, Brandon!

I was going to say certain forces are powerfully and without respite, working to perform a regimented mass hypnosis on the rest of us. The Virus and Vaccines (that are not vaccines) are part of this, and if the vaccines don't kill you they will robotize you. I suspect it has something to do with The Pineal Gland. As The Aquarian Age comes more fully into its own, The Pineal Gland is set to be activated again, where this is possible. Certain forces very much want to shut down mass activation because then the game is up for them. It's like the sunglasses in, “They Live”. John Carpenter was going to do a remake on that film. The original was very amateurish. Carpenter would have done something remarkable. Then... it dropped out of sight. It got shut down.

There really is a Satanic order of highly placed leaders in every industry, including The Church; in whatever form it has shaped the idea of God to its own material profit. It brings The Golden Calf to mind. Vice is ALWAYS around somewhere on this plane. Usually, it is restricted to certain neighborhoods where decent folk don't go (grin). However... The Boys and Girls in the back have had a shadow planet control over almost the whole of the planet for some time, as you can see by how quickly the virus scam became the driving force behind all other policies around The World.

They are having to come out of The Shadows. They are being forced out into the light. It hasn't become really evident yet, but... the pressure on them grows by the day. You see the number of assorted acting-outs happening in The Celebrity Lane. You see the incredible power of Woke as it attempts to control the culture, in human behavior, human thought, and human speech. You see the increasing seediness of all media and art. Whenever it devolves, human sexuality devolves as well. It gravitates into a writhing, sucker-pod adhesion, mosh pit; a manifesting Babylon of the mind and body. As it does go down, a portion of us are lifted up... similar to the way a see-saw works.

The Aquarian Age is bringing all sorts of changes. You see the rough outlines of all passion and no brains that always appear in the beginning. Wiser entities pass them by, moving to higher understandings of Brotherhood, and Love. The graces and the virtues of The Divine Feminine are part of the great sea change in human experience. We are always moving to a better state; if that is what we are doing. Otherwise, it is a difficult labyrinth of superhighways going everywhere. What you are looking for is what sets your course. You could be going in ANY direction... you would still get to the same place. Your future can be predicted by your present behavior. What do you do with your time? Where do you go in your mind?

You could think of existence as being like a ship on a measureless sea... that LITERALLY washes up on any shore that your imagination swells the sails with the desire to see. Whatever it is that you pursue, you will acquire it. It then makes a sage counsel to ONLY acquire what you really want. I take this bit of scripture seriously, “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.” I do believe that is true. I am not sure I want “all else” but that's okay. It's like one of those buffet restaurants. You don't have to take anything you don't want. Of course, I would not be going into such a place to begin with but... you see what I mean.

I look at the shape-shifting perspectives in The World, on the internet, the small portion I encounter. It is a bewildering weather front and a sky filled with portents. I suspect some portion of anything you can imagine is going to take place somewhere. Some of what takes place in one location will affect every other place with the hearing about it. This is a time of tremendous change. There is also another technical revolution about to commence and that is REALLY going to change The World, if... our hearts are right. There is a major sorting out taking place right now between The Carnal and The Spiritual mindset.

People fall in love with Hawaii and its islands because it promises a never-never land, a garden paradise, but... it has its jungles and its things that bite, on every level of the culture from the Nature side to the dance of humans. Everywhere you go they do The Dance a little differently. It comes down to what appeals to you. It's still a game of Hide and Seek. It's a game of perpetual deception; because of appearances and the forces that have access to the human mind and use Humanity for their vehicles in pursuit of their appetites. Taking The High Road involves a more strenuous passage, but it's worth it for The View... if you catch my drift. I prefer to look upon The Splendor of God and not the mockeries that pedestrian intellects have shaped The World into.

The whole of public life, whichever of the stages it be; politics, entertainment, organized religion, sports, and high finance... is a Vanity dance of butterflies and moths, flapping about a false light that will either incinerate or fatally confuse them. It is an exercise to no good end. What is the profit? If you can't take it with you... what is the profit? I prefer to acquire what I can take with me. The rest I am not interested in.

If you know the truth, and you try to speak it “in times of universal deceit.” you are going to find almost all doors closed to you. You also have to say things that offend the business interests of certain demographics. You could remain silent, but sometimes that is not your role. We all have SOME level of participation in The World or we would not be here. Seeing through the illusion, becoming free, in some cases... it is like turning off the projector but the reel keeps turning. The dryer winds down but does not stop immediately. The mind stops creating, but it can take a while before the thoughts stop appearing. All sorts of wheels keep spinning if they get set in motion. They eventually stop... unless The Wind plays a part.

Just because something has been shut down does not mean it ceases all operation. Some wheels and turntables still spin for a time. Liberation is like this. It might be loud and confusing at first, but then the echoes die down and it is “chop wood and carry water” again, much like the mountain that was a mountain, and then there was no mountain, and then... there was a mountain again.

The World is a magic act, and there are magicians at work on the mass mind every day. They tantalize and seduce. They misdirect. They lie. They have a material interest in the success of their game, and they are all competing with each other. Then there are the real magicians. There is no greater nor more profound magic than Love. Sure... on the lower levels, it can look more like raw force; catch and release, catch and consume... catch and defile. Let's see, there is also, deceive and catch, lure and catch, pounce and catch. At the higher points... it is ALL release. Freedom is the BASIC imperative of life. It is the spoken and unspoken articulation of every human life. In other kingdoms, because of the forms that love takes, love expresses in its specific way. Higher Love is ALWAYS in control, no matter what appearances may say.

Major game changers are on the horizon, IN EVERY SENSE. Remember, where Selfishness is concentrated, selfish behavior is the rule and so... no matter how much there is, it is NEVER enough. Whereas... in places where there is much less, there is often an excess; interesting how that happens.

When the shortages come, it will be selfishness and panic that kills most people. Those inclined to share will, likely... prosper. If you are always giving yourself away (like The Sun) no one comes to take what you have. You are already giving it away. What does any of it matter anyway? Really. What does it matter? The sooner you get free of all the things that are holding you down, the better.

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Anonymous said...

"To have a share in any earthly inheritance, is to diminish the share of the other inheritors. In the inheritance of the saints, that which each has, goes to increase the possession of the rest." George MacDonald
Justin V

Leesa said...

"Love is like oxygen' song by Sweet in the 70's.. I have been flabbergasted by the sheer madness of these times... Being told to mask up, depriving me of oxygen... Being warned 'There will be suffering consequences, if we don't comply with the mandates'... As you say Les, if God is for US, who will be against us?? Tensions are at fever pitch, threats abound.. It's all rather mmeh! Lacking any teeth...God keeps saying to me, "Weighed, weighed, divided, measured'. I am comforted to know 'I'm shoutin' TIMBER!, you better move, it's goin' down'... I marvelled at my friend, the grand daddy gumtree this morning.. There was 42 degree C heat on Sunday, 55MPH winds, bushfires galore, warnings... All is still now, cooler, reprieve.. The bark from Mr Gumtree was strewn everywhere around the garden.. Mother Nature wanted to show me how she cleans and sloughs off bark, enabling new growth of the limbs.. The trunk and branches sure did look pristine and magestic glowing in the sunshine... You are so right about the Pineal Gland... Humanity is going to receive a huge sand blasting event, that will decalcify said Gland.. Voila! 'I can see clearly now, the rain has gone and see all OBSTACLES in my way' Bye for now,
The girl from OZ, Leesa

robert said...

Visible One of Many to Many

I prefer to look upon The Splendor of God and not the mockeries that pedestrian intellects have shaped The World into.

Well spoken! Speaks volumes from a higher minded perspective. Ecclesiastes can relate... It is always the fake edifices erected by the fractured mind of man that depresses the hell out of us

We all have SOME level of participation in The World or we would not be here Seeing through the illusion, becoming free, in some cases... it is like turning off the projector but the reel keeps turning.

Even if it is only to free the human perception and allow another human perspective to become a more accurate measure of what is happening, from the inside out, for service to the One as observers on the ground.

Once we see, we cannot unsee and then we are called to answer anyone who asks us what time it is.

Freedom is the BASIC imperative of life. It is the spoken and unspoken articulation of every human life

Life is free
Love is free

The only thing that seems to be in a bind on the earth school is the human mind in bondage. This bind is loosening and the deliberate binders are soon to be in a bind!

The question to be asking ourselves is:
Are we ready willing and able to accept liberation, imminently coming to the theater of the mind?

If we already have found our oxygen mask in the connection to our real Self, we must help our fellow embodiments don theirs when the gasping in astonishment begins!

Seek higher mind and the floods remain beneath us, for us to witness in fulfillment of the One Desire..

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What do I do with my time? Sit in front o' de compooter as much as I can, and I have been trying to read a book a week if Dollar Twenty-Five Tree has them on sale and I don't have to work an extra day due to a holiday. Everything else is done under protest. Where do I go in my mind? Uh. . .it's kind of like a tornado these days.

Physical existence has gotten so idiotic of late, I'm not sure it can get any worse. Or has it always been like this? Maybe I should reread The Satyricon? I mean, it's been over 30 years. . . Or maybe I don't need to. After reading about Elagabalus and Gaius Germanicus, and listened to various podcasts on various historical happenings, I guess maybe things haven't changed. Of course some cultures were totally cool and on the right track. Too bad they tended to get killed off.

You can't fix stupid in the time of Kali Yuga.

Dayam! There was another book I read from or on fecked up ancient Rome, but I can't find it from a cursory look. Title was sumthin' like: WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE, SALUTE YOU. Maybe I'll really dig for it later ifn I remember.
Not sure if the title is exact.

Anonymous said...

Living in these times is like walking through a nightmare in real time except I’m awake. Please everyone pray for the Canadian Truckers..
A great deal is riding on them now. GOD BE WITH YOU CANADA .. and the rest of us who want to be left out of the claws of the terrorists running the world.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"There is No Victory for Evil. Evil has No Real Existence. It is ALL Good When You Can See It." (as such)

Jamie Wave said...

"It's like one of those buffet restaurants. You don't have to take anything you don't want. Of course, I would not be going into such a place to begin with but... you see what I mean."

Is that a response to my comment (from a previous post) magically woven into your post as a clarification of a Bible verse?

Mind blown.

When I was writing the comment, I remember thinking you would likely never go into a place like Golden Corral. LOL

Visible said...

I was unaware of it but that happens all the time.



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