Monday, February 28, 2022

"I Am Moving Through the Minds, Euphemistically Present Behind their Eyes and I See Something Forming."


(How did Russian tanks get all the way to the city overnight? Why do so many of the videos have a staged appearance? Why is nearly every news gathering website telling the same lies? If Russia is being thwarted how could they be in Kiev now? No! I am not going to use the new PC, Gender Cool spelling of Kiev.)\

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Either I am getting better at seeing what is going on around me... because none of it attracts me anymore, or... their tactics and follow-through are far more clumsy than once they were. Perhaps it is The Awakening that is having such an impact on perception. Some things just don't look right or sound right anymore.

Meanwhile... the press... those sordid, disease-ridden, curbside hookers that look like Benedict Cumberpatch in a Princess Frozen outfit; something you might also find in the ready-to-eat, processed food section of your nearest GMO outlet... they are like some massive Mormon Tabernacle Choir, all dressed like Lady Gagme in a meat suit, surrounded by packs of starving hyenas, which helps them hit all those false high notes; nothing like real fear to give you that meth-heaven, false optimism... two minutes before they start coming through the walls.

What a swerve! What an overloaded SUV roll across the median strip!! What a “right turn Clyde” so severe he hits himself in the face!!! “All of The Crass Media, AND... nearly all of the alternative media have collectively flown into the cuckoo's nest over this Ukraine in the Membrane, free fall out of the COVID cloud cover. All of the same old shit they did last time is having a return engagement. This is like having The Bridges of Madison County on speed dial on your iPad; a kind of sanitary napkin for The Virtual World. When Hecate bleeds it's All Hallows Eve.

And The World buys it! There is no Stupid quite like the, “Let's do that again," Stupid. I looked in vain across the internet for a truthful perspective. It's not that easy to find when everyone has their hands over their eyes.

“Now over to Rip.” “Thank you, Sally. Let me tell you what's going on here at Action Central, the place where The Thing that is Happening, is happening. I can't look at it right now, Sally. They told me not to, but I do have a teleprompter that is telling me what I would see if I was looking, so... itz all guuuud!”

I am getting this impression. There is something I see when I close my eyes, and it is a sea with countless faces looking skyward. You get the sense that they are not even following any of this. They tuned it out. They had started tuning it out with COVID. Their well of credibility just went and dried by the time they were done. There are some, yet... a not inconsiderable number, who still buy everything they see and hear on any of the programming devices that keep them chatter-tuned to The Dark Backwards. They won't survive.

Anyway... I am moving through the minds, euphemistically present behind their eyes and I see something forming. It is a kind of conscious accommodation to the growing awareness that none of what they are being told is true, and so they no longer listen. Even when it is talking directly to them, they no longer hear it. Some critical bit of machinery shifted and it hit a switch. I don't think it was that random, but... this switch got hit and it turned on The Validator Frequency. When this frequency is broadcasting, a sort of head-lamp goes on and anything you direct it at tells the truth about itself. Oh... not in great detail, more of a “this is okay.” “That is not okay,” kind of way.

This change in consciousness that, in the previous illustration, had them looking skyward... has created, is creating, a unity of thought, a commonality among kindred spirits, so to speak. You could call it, “waking up.” You could call it, “paying attention.” I call it, being in the moment, because you can't, as a matter-of-fact, be anywhere else, even when you think you are, you'd be dreaming, which is most of what goes on down here anyway, especially in Times of Material Darkness.

Materialism is attended by a gaggle of courtesans. Glamour is one of them. Glitter is another. Carnal Desire (sounds like a drag queen). I don't know how many of them there are. I'm guessing it's like Santa and his reindeer or Snow White. In any case, these are all vampires. They are actually real-life vampires, but you can't see them even when you are looking at them, which may account for them not seeing themselves in a mirror. You do see them, but indirectly. They appear as something else; something you want to eat or acquire or... frolic with. The attraction comes and goes. Once the hook is baited, and then taken, there is no further need for camouflage.

To me, it is a lot like being in Alice in Wonderland. All these personalities being like cards. Unless they can work their magic on you they have no authority over you. Even when they try to exert this, God steps in and clarifies the matter. I have directly seen and experienced this several times... quite a bit more than several times. When you consider that God is present; a lot more present than you... until you come into resonance... this relationship of lifetimes seeking... the true romance for the ages which takes you out of Time

When you are in love, Time has no meaning. It only gains meaning when one is apart from The Beloved. When it is consciously acknowledged that God is ever-present, that resonance comes into play as a medium across which The Love can travel, and one is never separated from The Beloved again. The Beloved demonstrates this over and over and over until union is constant. The Mind is an unruly beast. It is The Devil insofar as you can give him shape. The Mercurial Mind is like the ocean and never still. It has to be stilled which, ironically, involves being distilled again, and again, and again.

When The Reactive Mind is stilled, Tranquility arrives. She is one of the handmaidens of The Divine Mother. Serenity, Serendipity, and others are some of the attendant and animate blessings of her court. As above, so below. Just as we have earthly royalty, which stretches from bloodlines to professions, there is a Heavenly royalty as well. They know what is going on down here. Since they know how it turns out, they are not alarmed.

How many of us go directly to Heaven out of concern for something or someone other than ourselves? How many of us have a daily relationship with Heaven? In scripture, Jesus the Christ is said to say at Judgment, “depart from me, I never knew thee.” It really comes down to what it is you work down here. Is it Virtue or Vice? By your works, not only do others know you, but Heaven knows you as well. We autograph The World with our actions. We write our story and our epitaph as well, here... in the clay of ourselves and others. Clay is very malleable. You can change your world any time. It is The Great Work.

This disheveled strumpet of a war in The Land of the Ashkenazim. We watch future histories being woven by blind spinners and weavers. Israel is not tenable for much longer. They are migrating to Ukraine and Patagonia. When you are engaged in the destruction of The World, you need to be out of range of the conflicts. Why then would Ukraine call them? It's the homeland. Don't ask me how this digression found its way in. Strange things can happen when you are writing a blog posting.

They just walked away from COVID like it was a Vegas love affair. Now they are banging on all their internet pots and pans about Putin and all things Russian. Does anyone know what goes on in Ukraine? It is Porn-Central for many things. It is the playground of oligarchs. It is a corrupt location. It is one of the reasons cooler heads prevailed about that NATO membership thing. There were similar concerns over Turkey.

This won't work either. Then it is on to some massive false flag or... who knows what Heaven has in mind. People seldom think about that. They give God no power to do anything, yet God's power is limitless. Consider the force in a single lightning bolt. Others feel like God is hands-off or doesn't care. That makes no sense whatsoever. Let us rather say, that God works in mysterious ways, and often incognito. He has all kinds of friends who can put on a body and appear anytime they wish. He comes and goes here himself, but leaves no more than a vapor trail in his passing, but... once he is gone it is a different story... a different story.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I thought “suicide bombers” were terrorist?

The world is ruled by lying, murder and stealing. Anyone who denies this simply tells another lie.

Another Great one post. Thank you.

~ Elaine

PS - Apollonius also wore his hair long which was unusual for the time so they say and He was chided for it they say.

Anonymous said...

I have tuned out. It’s an amazing liberation. It was this ‘war’ that finally shut it down for me. I didn’t even bother to open the links after I read your blog today. Your words are important . The links,? well I have lost interest in it all and I don't quite trust myself to have reached a point where if I do read about their schemes and lies that I may get sucked back into my old anger. That’s just me..I’m getting there. .Doesn’t matter what is lies and deceit, it is going to shake out as God wants it to. Meanwhile many states are still pushing for a vaccine app on the phone. They have not completely let it go . Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. I look forward to your writing, its always a joy to get a glimpse of the light and of course, you make me laugh with your inimitable descriptions of the usual suspects and their work force. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

How could a Russian tank run over a car in Kiev five days ago when there were no Russian tanks in Kiev five days ago?

Wagging the dog? More like wagging the dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

You're certainly right about this Ukraine thing. Whatever it is the "reporting" is overwhelmingly this: Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

I had to look this up but I got it from Max Igan's latest video at


Anonymous said...

That famous conversation with the average voter is down to one minute..

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You are the king of analogies. Or, considering you've been inducted into the Holey Order of the Septum whether you like it or not, the NOSE of analogies. Your imagination beats mine by lightyears. Stopped laughing long enough over those top paragraphs to write this.

I get the feeling, Russia is gonna do a 'Great Reset', and it ain't nuthin' like those who came up with the concept are gonna want.

Anonymous said...

It is no wonder to me that John Bunyan wrote that famous work,
The Pilgrim's Progress. What a masterpiece. Describes the events of this
life so well. Mire and muck, deceit, Vanity Fair, flaming darts,
dogs barking, attacks, captivity, torture, doubt, valley of death, friends departing along the way, the wages of sin.
'The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come'.
John Bunyan 1628 to 1688.
Every pilgrim should read it.
Thanks V, without you I would have probably never read it, let alone understood it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. V.
I'm sure you will have an opinion, everyone does, that's a given but hold the horses for a second and consider an aircraft flying in the sky.

So an airplane is flying overhead, I can see it fly from horizon to horizon right across the sky.
I can see it primarily because it is spewing out poison chemtrails all along the way.
You have seen this too, correct?
Well, my range of vision of the aircraft is at least 50 to 100 miles (east to west and north to south) due to the aircraft being, what say 30,000 feet up? Reasonable right?
So far so good, obvious right, nothing new, you've seen this many times.

Okay, Aircarft generally maintain a constant altitude above the earth, like I said 30,000 feet. For a long distance flight a constant altitude above the earth is standard, agree? Except during landing and take-off.

When I see the aircraft's chemtrail it appears as a straight line of vapour/chemical in the sky, is that what you see? I have actual pictures in case you doubt your eyes. Moving right along....

Okay, so what, fuck off? You say.

Well shouldn't the chemtrail show a definite curve in the sky, since it is following a curved path (around the curved earth surface) you know because it is keeping a constant altitude? Ie a constant radius from the center of the earth sphere.

Some how though, I see a straight line, very veird? I should see a curved chemtrail, but nope. Or, possibly the chemtrail aircraft is constantly changing its altitude to produce the straight line chemtrail that I see.
Do you have an explanation for this?

It would seem to me that since I don't see a curved chemtrail, but instead see a straight line chemtrail... the earth is likely a ...get this....a flat surface.
Then again most people don't even see chemtrails in the sky so its all bullshit, so go away asshole.

Gee wiz, holy cow Batman, wtf?

Visible said...

It doesn't matter what the argument is. It doesn't matter what words are involved. You can raise Ross Perot from the dead, with all his graphs and charts, even telepathic resonance. It doesn't matter. At no time has The World EVER been flat. This is also, an official No Flat Earth Discussion site. I don't think I need to add anything.

robert said...

Visible More Than Less,

When you are in love, Time has no meaning. It only gains meaning when one is apart from The Beloved. When it is consciously acknowledged that God is ever-present, that resonance comes into play as a medium across which The Love can travel, and one is never separated from The Beloved again. The Beloved demonstrates this over and over and over until union is constant

Wow sir, when poetic truth is given the space to form, it is coherent and more real than the physical projection which we think is our home, limited edition!

We remember human love stopping time and so too resonance with inner Divinity will do.

Like human relationships carry us over all seas, relating to the One Lover, however limited on our end by human habits, carries over all things which seem to block our way home.

Your word-smithed ship is an all weather craft and this post rings freely without irony, even while being ironic about our formerly treasured fixations.

Like candle lighting in a crowd of drooping angels, these images transmitted from a higher plane relight the fire and we shine in one ongoing scintillating scene.

Every time we start to fall back into our slumberous nightmare, someone awakening shakes us out of our momentary miasm.

This is how we love each other unconditionally:
If we are feeling it, we let it shine on out of us into the mosh pit, to lift anyone who may be falling for their own depressed dementia.
We each make our sound and the tune rises before our ears in a roaring reverberation
We love our life only enough to pass it all around the hall with no walls
We all join in being a unity of unique unknowns finding out who we are more together than we were ever separate

If we know something that we didn't know, we know it is larger than our own perception and we give it away to wind up the waiting wick
We give each other a back rub in a group hug in a never ending conga line, folded like the neurons of a human brain.

These visions of which you allude have the staying power which transient consumption cannot hold.
A way to give without ceasing and have the giving not go to waste but to raise feeling from isolation into a solidarity beyond physical modelling.

We share whatever we know from experience in resonance to keep ourselves on the beat and to ignite the pulse among all surrounding beings

This is childhood revived, innocence restored but with an experienced heart guiding the mind always back to basics, back to the common ground of the tender center, fiercely free to beat away dark feelings.

This is but a taste of heaven come to earth, where people can love to their hearts' content, unlimited by illusions of lack.

We watch Armegeddon materialize in drama we all can partake of, as awe and mystery play out the clock. This may BE the war which ends all war, since it is more akin to karma whipping it out!

The very rapidity of narrative change reeks the desperate hours for all the time clingers.

We watch and pray, not for any particular line of plot but for evaporation of all plotting plodders!
The return of rightful rule, the Creator's Passion free of exploitation...
Are we ready to rumble with no grumble?
Check our doubts, drop our pouts, smile into the darkness until it shines back at us with joy?
Let fly the Spirit seeking to animate more abundance of feeling One with Everything!

Guldur said...

Dear Vis,
after long pause, I thank you again for a great and insightfull article! Regarding Ukraine, etc. - all the MSM are total bullshit and heinous outrageous lies - all is vice-versa. Russians trying all their best to minimize harm while Ukro regular army and/but MAINLY the bolshevik (nazi, communist, whatever anyone wants) evil scum bands are massacring fleeing civilians and more... sickening to the tears..
They are trying all they can here in CZ to ban/make RT and Sputnik news inaccessible - the only "non-alternative" sites I follow since quite some time now. Just a tip of an iceberg of the mischieves of those "democracies".
At least, now the cards have been handed, gauntlet thrown and all is becoming more clear, even if fearsome or chilling..
Just a remark - Gruzia/ancient Khazaria is the real home (or one of them) of these humanshape maggots. Ukraine/Kievan Rus (core of ancient Russian nation) is the pearl they were always craving for - and raping at the same time - and are using it as a tool now).

On your response to the moron in the comments:
This is also, an official No Flat Earth Discussion site. I don't think I need to add anything.
This is a gem, hahah, "official No Flat Earth Discussion site" - I could sign-up for this anyday, love it. You made my day! Thank you. Those flat Earth freaks really make me furious with their slandering and offending mother Earth and Mother Nature herself with their stupidity.

Be blessed and well all the times!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"You Don't Have To be a Chemist to Understand the Intention of the Drugs THEY Shoot You Up With."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Thank you so much, Les - you are true comfort.



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