Wednesday, July 6, 2022

"The Mid-Terms are Not Just Half Your Grade. It's Pass-Fail... Learning to Carry Starlight in a Bottomless Pail."

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It's probably safe to say that billionaires (by their very nature) are materialists. It is also safe to say that controlling The World is the objective of every one of them; within the narrow bandwidth of The Sensory Realm. It is also a good bet that they are mostly Satanists because their fortunes come by arrangement with The Purpose of Demonstration for those in love with matter. They might be conscious Satanists, and... they might be unconscious Satanists. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of things.

They say that everything is equal; to what? How could it possibly take so long for people to figure it out? You know that Greatest Commandment? “You shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind?” It does not exist as the greatest commandment because the deity is a narcissistic psychopath. It exists because of THE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

You see... it's all done with mirrors. What happens when you look into The Mirror of Self? What happens if you fall in love? What does your reflection tell you happens? Well? I'm waiting (sound of foot-tapping at a great distance... echoing through a vast cathedral-like structure). Oh well. I guess if you don't get it, it can take forever.

What happens when you look into the mirror of The World? Carnal and Spiritual are p-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e-s, yes? Do you see what you hunger for... or... do you see what you desire... or... Do you have answers or questions? Do you have answers AND questions? Well... you are here to figure that out and pay the freight for your lessons.

This is why Love is The Skeleton Key to existence. It gets you in everywhere, AND... it gets you out of everywhere, AND... everything. Here's the deal- NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Everything is the acting out of your relationship with God. You have a self and God has a self and they are the same self, except for the magnitude of the one in comparison with the other. Your portion is considerably smaller. That's okay because God does not relate to size. That makes no sense to him, BUT THEN... he doesn't measure himself against everything and everyone else like we do.

He is everything and everyone else. He's simply not recognizing what does not recognize him, though his love is impersonal and eternal toward all. THAT... is why you look into The Mirror of the Self.

No! God is not a demented egotist, BUT... he looks like one to a demented egotist. The animals come to The Watering Hole (another mirror) and they each see themselves in the reflection. A deer sees a deer. A lion sees a lion. A snake sees a snake. A heron sees a heron. Is there some kind of arrangement where the usual predator-prey thing is suspended until both sides are watered? Perhaps. The only one who does not honor it... is the crocodile.

God is not some vainglorious character; some invisible dictator... whom you must appease and cower before. God is your very self, as it knows itself in Truth. We project our interpretations on everything into The World and anthropomorphism comes about. Two of my favorite words are anthropomorphism and ambivalence. Why not combine the two, and... you tell me what we get. Okay?

You remember that line about casting your bread upon The Waters and it returning to you tenfold? Consider this in the light of The Greatest Commandment. Keep on shining, my friends. Do you bring light or darkness... Love or Fear... Comfort or discomfort... as your gift to everyone else? Well... you should know what to expect in your Christmas stocking. Your fate is defined by your actions.

All that has been said here is simple. Borderline intellects can grasp it. God has a predisposition to choosing the simple and the mad as his greatest and most enduring spokesmen. Sometimes you get both. Why is it that you seldom see a realized teacher who talks like a fag? (taken from the courtroom scene in Idiocracy)

The Greatest Commandment is a PRACTICAL guide to a perfected existence. What did Christ say following the Greatest Commandment? “and the second is like unto it; you should love your brother as yourself.” Well... I mean... that's simple, right? Do you get the connection between the two commandments? It seems like he is saying God is in everyone. Well... I should hope that clears it up.

You will see from today's links that they are getting crazier at a higher rate of speed now, AND that most of it has to do with sexual perversities. This is all getting very exciting, isn't it? Of course... it could be scary for some too. It's like a rollercoaster ride where one person is screaming from excitement, and another is screaming from Fear. It's just a perspective, right?

What is making you crazy? Is it Sex or... is it God? Both will drive you mad. With God, it is a requirement. You have to go beyond Reason... sooner or later. Consider The Dervish... The Zen Buddhist... The Aghora Shaivite... The Rasputinarian... The Taoist Master as common laborer. You might want to write some of this down because it's all going to be on the test later. The mid-terms are not just half your grade. It's pass-fail... learning to carry starlight in a bottomless pail.

Either you are not there, and... God is or... you are there and God is not. That is not the complete thought. You are required to complete the thought. It doesn't happen without you. This is when life REALLY starts to take off and become meaningful; when you find out that The Lord of the Universe is in love with you. You are then permitted to dance on the mountaintops of The World in the Morning of creation... so to speak.

So... you see God in everyone, and everything, and... the magic begins. Love starts to flow and Love IS THAT MAGIC. Love is the magic wand of God. Love is the key to the understanding of the magic of light and conversation with angels. You can't really wield it unless you become as a little child. It's all laid out for you in the teachings of the masters. You may not want to DO IT THAT WAY... most people don't. They want to do it their way; ♫ I botched it my way ♫

You can do it your way. You see people doing exactly that all day long, and they can get pretty freakish about it... as is becoming more and more apparent. You can do it your way for as long as you can handle the pain. There is a timeless ringing harmony that coils through the heart of existence. I am more partial to that. Others, of course, are free to do as they like... you see the results of that all around you too. ALL mindless carnal activity inclines to suicide. No one has to die, BUT... we must all be changed. How about mortal sin, eh? I wonder what that's all about?

A large number of us are running about having vaxidents, BUT... that's just one way to top yourself. I'm not that concerned about mortality because I am immortal, and this I happen to KNOW. I can just suit up for any occasion, BUT... I don't find this place to be a whole lot of fun.

Not all of us come here as a consequence of sin. Some few of us come because of the sins of others. There are shepherds here and there. Anyone can be a shepherd but you have to earn The Staff, and... the loyalty of your dogs. That you cannot accomplish acting like a dog. The dogs will just follow suit. You want them sitting and listening to their master's voice, like Nipper.

Look in The Mirror! ♫ do you see what I see? ♫ You become a drag queen when Sex is all you know. They are The Sad Clowns... and... they live tragic lives. Honor your mother and father... your REAL mother and father! What does the rest of it say? “That your days might be long and it may go well for you.”

When you attain. When you are realized, you save your entire lineage of ancestors. This is something to think about, and... as HPB said... “For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity.” Not too shabby.

It's not that hard to understand. It is The Mind that makes it difficult. It must be restrained. It believes itself to be in charge, and... it... is... not. Still the Reactive Mind and Serenity will come.

End Transmission.......

I just heard that one of the Georgia Guidestones has crumbled to ruin away, BUT... I see no news of it anywhere.

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Friday, July 1, 2022

"The Skies are Lit with Enchanting Lights. They Glitter and Gleam for a Moment and Then... The Lights Go Out."

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I've heard it said that still waters run deep. I take it that a part of the meaning is that they are not troubled or disturbed by the action on the surface. This... then leads me to consider that those who are troubled are the ones who live on the surface.

That would include all the performers and surface personalities that bring us the reconstituted news of the day; tell us what their associates are up to, pretend to be acting on our behalf in governing bodies, and wave their symbols of power over our heads... and lose their minds. Surely... you can see this happening?

In Times of Material Darkness, many more of us live on the surface, where all the distractions are... in the Disneyland of The Mind. The attractions of The Desire Body... and the appetites that ran away with The Dish and The Spoon, and... certain other instruments of engagement. It is at times like these that one is inspired to perform random acts of stupidity and senseless acts of self-interest. Time to “visualize whirled peas.”

Now we are come to the end of We Have no Pride Month. These celebrants also live on the surface... tossed about on the tempestuous waters of unrestrained and peculiar passions that grow into obsessions. Babylon can rise swiftly. Its fall is also sudden. It is like a firework display. The skies are lit with enchanting lights. They gleam and glitter for a moment and then... the lights go out... and the ash travels on the wind, and lands somewhere.

I used to be fascinated by the moths and other flying insects that were drawn to the lights in a kind of trance possession. Closer and closer they flew... until they were crisped and dead. If it was a candle... well... you know the story. They were a continuing analogy in my mind for that 'bright lights, big city' thing; ♫ New York... just like I pictured it ♫ When you're ♫ living just enough for the city ♫

Those who live on the surface have little interest in The Deeps. They might have an aversion to them or a fear of them, but... little interest otherwise, their dance card is already full. They find their identity and validation there. “This is what I am,” they say. Of course, though you do not only live once... they are not entirely wrong. Most of the permutations of the person they appear as, in any particular life, do not survive that life.

Some parts of us just don't make the cut. They are not continued in the next reel. The Lesson will remain. It is The Lesson that forms certain predispositions and apprehensions that are... just... there... now.

People who become monks and nuns are not always... or even often... spiritually inspired souls. They have been put on suspension for that particular life... to balance out the excesses of the preceding visit. Just because you did this and that, there and then... does not mean you will encounter the very same on your return back again. It will be facilitated by The Purpose of Demonstration for the best possibility of learning The Lesson.

A multitude... a great many motivations... can account for the thing you did. A smack upside the head might be caused by any one (or several) reason(s). They are not all the same.

You can ALSO... learn The Lesson BEFORE it comes round on you. Then you are stepped off the line of impact and it whistles right by. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” You can catch up to all kinds of things before they round on you, AND... there is ALWAYS Grace... Grace that is born of... a change of heart... a change of direction... forms of devotion... epiphany and revelation. It comes in many colors... and so does The Lesson.

You can tell people about The Deeps. They might even be intrigued by your descriptions, BUT... it will leave their minds quickly, without having connected to anything familiar in them. Whoosh... nothing but net, AND... if there is no net? Well then... just the whoosh. People who live on the surface are like butterflies and flowers. They flit about and bloom for a day... and then they go away. I like butterflies and flowers, but they are of a different order than mountains and seas. They are different than tortoises, elephants, and whales. It is all a matter of degrees.

Some love lasts forever, and some love is a passing fancy mistaken for love.

♫ love never wanted to win
never thought about losing
if there's a chance of a lesser evil
love isn't choosing.

Love never worried a day
for no one or nothing
down to the last shell game in life
cause love isn't bluffing ♫

Some live in The Deeps and some live on The Surface. That is just the way of it; The Circular Mind and The Spiral Mind... and never the twain shall... so to speak. People look for permanence here, but there is none. It is based upon and comes out of The Permanence, but none of it is permanent. Now... I am certain of a few things. One of them is that people have been coming and going here for millions of years... millions AND millions of years, AND... shall continue to do so in perpetuity. For me... this is axiomatic... for many others... not so much.

What could possibly be the purpose of all... all this, if none of it is permanent? Barely a trace of this will remain at some point. It will be reduced to the same basic particulate of every other forgotten history. Only the echoes remain because the echoes never die... not entirely. So... what could be the point? “Do you mean to say, Visible, that... none of this matters?”

It matters as a rite of passage. Life is forever. Consciousness is forever. The Stage is not. The Stage gets built. The performance takes place, and... the stage is torn down and packed away... for next time. It might be tens of thousands of years, but... eventually... something very similar will get acted out. “There is nothing new under The Sun. It has already been of old.”

So... what is the point? WHAT IS THE POINT!?! It is a shaping... a fashioning from the gross to the fine. Unfortunately... in some cases... it's just a circle. How long will it remain so? I do not know. The World is God's playground. It is here that he entertains and discovers himself. He LOVES to discover himself. He plays hide and seek. He will purposely cause himself to forget himself just so he can discover himself. In some ways, he is like a child. He dreams. We are the result of that. The sad truth is that dreams end. The good news is that a new dream begins, AND... there is always the possibility that he might wake up in you. How wonderful that would be.

You are in that cosmic bus kiosk looking at the route map. There! There... you see it? There's a blue arrow that says, “You are here.” You see it? Okay. However... your here is not his or her here. It probably is not my here, BUT... there you are. It's here for you. That's not the important point. THE important point is that you can go ANYWHERE from here. Where would you like to go? Remember... you can go ANYWHERE... ANYWHERE at all. Some are annoyed that it might take too long; compared to what? Some want it (whatever it is) NOW. They don't like to wait. That is why we have this inconvenient world full of conveniences.

AND... I should mention that no matter where you go, you will still be here. It will just look different.

So... massive change is underway. The Surface Dwellers will find nothing to hold on to when the wind begins to blow; The Winds of Change that is. You've heard about the little piggies and The Big Bad Wolf, ♫ Hey there Little Red Riding Hood ♫ Probably the same wolf. The Wolf is important, no less than the piggies and Little Red Riding Hood.

Everything is important to the context of the story. Then the story ends and all you've got is The Lesson; not even that if you didn't get it. Oh well, maybe next time or... the time after that, or the time after that.

It seems to me... remember, this is just me, BUT... it seems that in a world of impermanence, the most important thing anyone can do is to make contact with The Permanent. Seems like that would be the apotheosis of any temporary residence... straw house... wood house... brick house... “a house not made with hands, eternal in The Heavens.”

Yet... people scurry about chasing whatever. Butterflies last longer than clouds. I am profoundly moved and in awe of The Mercy and Compassion of Heaven, toward the benighted buggers, routinely hacking each other into pieces here. Father forgive them and all that. I do not measure up well at all with The Luminous Ones, BUT... I am trying.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

"Find The Resonance. Then You Hear The Music of the Spheres. Then You Dance in Perfect Harmony with Heaven."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was at the gym doing my every-other-day routine... when I noticed this guy that I hadn't seen before at one of the stations, and... something was coming off of him that I hadn't seen since I was locked up with the real and dangerous loonies.

I have this arrangement with Heaven that I can have anything I want as long as it does not interfere with what is expected of me... just plain wrong, or... not good for me. If I CAN have it. I WILL have it.

There are certain protocols that go along with this. I have to be sincere and persistent in asking because whimsy does not activate it. I have to be patient. I have to be free of making demands or being importunate; there is a difference between persistent and importunate. There's more involved here, but no reason to go deeper into it. Anyway... I have been asking for my spiritual senses to be more fully opened.

It might have been months (or longer) ago when I got into asking for that, and there are other things I ask for too, BUT... all of them have to do with my work... my dharma. Enough time has passed since I was told what I could and could not have... and my asking... for me to see that it works. It is kind of like a combination of affirmations, the power of positive thinking, and... certitude. Now that I think about it, it is very much the same as a combination of Faith... Certitude, and Determination.

This person had this presence coming out of his aura that made me think he might well have done some very bad things. He might still be at it. I don't know. There was an elementary brutishness about him. What I do know is that as The Great Awakening proceeds, and the apocalypse continues, I am becoming more aware, just like everyone else. Having the report of the physical senses traveling on similar neural-highways as the spiritual senses... can lead to confusion in perception. One is advised NOT to jump to conclusions, because ALL is made clear at the appointed moment.

Yes... I get my own Minority Report in my head, BUT... I don't act on it; not my department.

On the surface... usually... people are not telling the truth about themselves, while also constantly, and inadvertently revealing themselves at the same time. This is due to having to live in a world of deception, as is common here... in this world of deception, BUT... their body language and physiognomy tell a deeper tale and the spiritual senses have something to do with validating perceptions through the intuitive body. Everything that pings off of The Intuitive Body automatically sends one of those cartoon speech balloons loose inside my head. That was the only way I could think of putting it. It's actually a little more elegant than that. (grin)

I was told something recently. I don't know if I will be able to accurately explain it. I was told that every experience I have, no matter how forceful or subtle, is a direct expression of God interacting with my soul. I was told to be as watchful as I could possibly manage... because there was a lesson, AND... a resolution present in every event, even those below the level of my perception. I was told that once this FACT got hardwired into my self-conscious awareness, every event would be harmoniously resolved.

As is usually the case; I hear this. I become more watchful. Time passes. Events come and go, and... lo and behold, it proved to be true. Every situation that I observed and did not react to... somehow melted away... as if it had not ever been present. It's turned into an exciting dynamic. It's kind of like focusing on clouds and making them break up, and disappear. I can't remember having spent any real time on that, and I don't know whether or not it's just one of those fairy tales, BUT... I said it is like that, so... let's assume (for the purpose of this exchange) that some version of that is possible. Even if all that some people are capable of is making themselves break up and disappear.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that every... single... event... is God interacting with me. It doesn't matter if it's a person or an unseen entity... elementals to angels... an animal... or my Hibiscus plant. It doesn't matter if it is in movement... or absolutely still. It doesn't matter which of the senses it travels on; via an image, a sound, a smell. It is ALL a singularity of God in contact with me, directly and indirectly, though always through a medium, lest I be reduced to cinders.

It doesn't matter if the person I encounter is conscious... or the animal... the plant or the stone, concerning the presence of God. God is, nonetheless... very much present and watching... though it is very much more than just watching. God is involved in the experience. It is the whole purpose of existence, near... and far... wide... and deep. Existence occurs from God's desire to experience t-h-r-o-u-g-h and in us. The objective... for us, is the realization of this, so that we might move, and live, and breathe in harmony with God.

I once said that... In the Beginning, God shattered himself into a countless multiplicity of forms, sentient and insentient. Then... all that follows, is God gathering each piece that flowers in recognition of him, while he lives through them. All the rest is suffering. The point of this; ruthless as it may seem... is to direct us to him t-h-r-o-u-g-h The Divine Mother. EVERYTHING in manifest existence is a Sun-Moon interplay between them. You learn to dance... or your stumble about in the process of it. Once you have discovered The Resonance, you can hear The Music of the Spheres, and you can dance in perfect harmony with Heaven.

A fallen angel is one who is in rebellion against the ORDER of Heaven. They provide plenty of drama in their Purpose of Demonstration; as object lessons concerning what happens; if you press that button... or twist that lever or dial... or go to Kansas City. Your desires and intentions take you everywhere you go, powered by God toward Self-Discovery. It's hard to call the- my way or the highway- stricture ruthless... when it leads to your Liberation AND Freedom.

Once again, we are walking in circles in The Woods. We know we are in a forest but we cannot see it because of all the trees in our way. Sooner or later, we will cry for help. Sooner or later, we will break down and go no further, and... those so appointed to, come and take us to the next step on the way to The Way. I cannot explain why thousands of lives may still wait ahead for some. I can say that “success is speedy for the energetic.” and that is NOT a contradiction. It is possible to experience a thousand incarnations in a single life. Some of the readers know this to be true from their own experiences; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

The World outside your door is one big... never-ending argument between the blind and deaf, concerning their getting what they think they want. Everyone does, OF COURSE. They are just less than happy after it happens, and... the bloom comes off the rose. Then... something else gets their attention, and it happens again, and again, and again, and again. It often looks like someone banging their head into the wall endlessly, but not registering the act.

One person kills the other. The other comes back to revenge himself. One person steals someone's land or other property or their consort of the moment. They return to steal it back. They climb to the top of the ant hill. Then they tumble all the way down. They climb and fall. They climb and fall. It is FAR BETTER to be raised up by unseen hands.

One thing you do not have to worry about is whether your good deeds are seen. Plenty of people worry about this. That is why The Rich and Powerful make such a public display of it. Like The Bible says, “They have their reward.” The idea is not to worry about that in the first place. The law of Heaven is to not keep track of the service you perform and to expect no reward for doing what is your duty... to begin with. It ALL comes back on you. You need to learn how to work The System for the benefit of all. That is what God does.

God is the inspiration (via his angels) for every selfless act for the greater good. If people don't have God in their lives, that is because they have created an inhospitable environment for him. He is The Devil there, and the angel here. You see him through the lens of your desires; pure and impure. He takes the shape of your hopes and fears. If you want The Good Guy at hand, be sure and do what he likes. If you want The Other Guy... do what he likes.

So... what I have been trying to say through the whole of this posting, is that IT SEEMS TO ME... at this time... that the most advantageous position anyone can put themselves in... is to see God in everything... EVERYTHING; to see him as The Prime Mover everywhere... to see that every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be, is a special dealing of God in your life. God is one and God is all. The more one can come into accord with this perspective in The Mind, the more this perspective will prevail in your life.

The gender-bending... politically correct... global warming... killer vaccines... hocus-pocus... the evil that men do... is the raw material that God works with. He shapes EVERYTHING to his ends without having to inform anyone, AND... he certainly doesn't have to ask permission. He has armies of angels and the righteous who do his bidding. The Weather obeys him. I believe Jesus the Christ demonstrated that. EVERYTHING obeys him... period. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. You WILL find this out.

I was speaking with Heaven yesterday, and I was told that certain tragic events, presently in The Event Horizon, are a necessity and will come to pass because large segments of the population REFUSE to awaken or don't like what they see when they do. There is no other way to reach them. This is what an apocalypse is all about. The Avatar is coming and all the signs indicate it. Whenever The World has become too steeped in wrongness... whenever humanity has lost its way. He comes around to set it right. I think present times more than qualify for a visit.

Just because you keep getting more and more rope does not mean there are not limits to the tolerance being extended. Sooner or later... sooner or later; to each as they have designed... according to the heart's desire for good or ill.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

"It Is More of a No-Brainer, in Both Senses of The Term. It Is The Product of Either Clarity or Confusion."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know how the science professionals say... “our research is going to save lives?” But... they never really save lives... they just delay the inevitable... because... all of these people die later on. When you die to your separated self and embrace the unity of your Divine persona, you are no longer blocking the light, and death becomes little more than a speed bump in the road. You will then be sailing on the cosmic winds of eternity... ah... hither and yon. What say you, hither and yon?

Your soul is The Spirit individualized. The Soul is The Spirit personalized... as whatever attribute of God that turns out to be... once you come into unity with The Spirit. Impersonality is liberation from the personal, which is bound to that identity, dreamed up by The Separated Mind. You are either living in your personality... or your individuality. Let go... and The Divine will acknowledge your interest, and then set up the steps that are to be taken by you... As you become ever more fully realized, due to The Presence of God within.

ALL you have to do is get out of the way. The personal has a limited perspective. The Impersonal has no limits at all in the forgetfulness of a personal self. Keep in mind that ALL who are captured by the Personal Self in material culture will suffer until one has been made free of it. Once the reality of The Divine within takes hold... all forms of bondage will fall away.

The Higher Mind and Nature lead inexorably to Heaven. The Lower Mind and Nature lead inexorably to Hell. Hey!!! Why can't I have both? Well... the problem is with whatever activities are taking place that cannot resonate with both realms. Surely, Tantra was created for just this possibility? Take The High Road. Why would you want to change a frog into a prince? Yeah... we could use a good deal more princes and fewer frogs; metaphorically speaking.

As your mind clears... so does The Mirror which reflects God in The World. Ah... to see things as they really are! You, of course... need another set of eyes. Back of every material sense is a spiritual sense. How priceless is it to see things as they are? How few are they that find The Living God... and know beyond any possible doubt that The Divine is present in everything.

How could anything in this world be worth more than the company of the author of The World? I am here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY can encounter The Divine. The Divine is already right there. The key to understanding this has to do with RECOGNITION of The God Within.

When you ABSOLUTELY know beyond any shadow of doubt that God is Real, you will have a working relationship. It will be no different than every other relationship you have because... NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT it appears as, it is still God that you are interacting with. This is the proper mindset to have. You need to get to the point where your every interaction with anything is an interaction with God... because... that is what it is. That should explain... at least a part of the reason... for becoming like a little child, in order to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Brotherhood tells us to pray for The Kingdom of Heaven to come to Earth. It IS possible to receive the Kingdom of Heaven within and to share it in every direction you go. If you emulate what The Sun does, you will possess a righteous understanding of good technique. (grin) Shine on others wherever you go. Mimic The Sun, radiating life, abundant health, and... impersonal love.

If you do not presently possess the power to do this, you have to go to The Source and ask for it to express through you. Often, there is a waiting period, while you are being prepared to shine on others. Only the willful personality stands in the way. Self-Will cannot generate the wattage necessary for you to EFFECTIVELY shine on others. You will be operating on borrowed light. No one tells The Light how to shine. That is its nature. You are already hosting that Light with the blinds drawn.

No one here is more important than anyone else. That is the proper mindset to have. In any particular round, some amount of us become famous, some infamous, and many clueless... until the spotlight hits them. Often... most of the time, people are unprepared for the spotlight. They have no chops. In the following round... others become famous. The rounds go round until everyone gets famous, often for no good reason, and then? It's back to the end of the line again.

The World of the rich and famous is a snake-pit. It is unreal people living unreal lives. They raise the false self upon an altar where The Monkey Mind can do its thing. Others prostrate themselves before the altar of The True Self... one is then... SHAPED into a vehicle through which The True Self can be expressed. This does not happen overnight... not usually. It is not common for one to have an event on The Road to Damascus. It does happen, BUT... for most of us, it is composed of a series of steps taken in small increments... until... one day it flowers with a divine fire, and every petal is a spiritual flame.

It is Devotion more than anything else that burns away the dross that hides The Divine Light. It is selfless service and Devotion that brings the rain from Heaven. “The quality of mercy is not strained. It drops as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath.” Nature responds to Spirit. Spirit gives it shape and purpose. If The Mind is embroiled with The Lower Nature there will... eventually... be Hell to pay. If The Mind is enthralled with The Higher Nature... over a period of time, it evolves by the ministrations of The Hidden Hand of God.

This is a difficult period to negotiate. Cusp periods are ALWAYS like this. Some are spiraling upward, and some are spiraling down. It's a matter of taste perhaps, BUT... I think of it as more of a No-Brainer, in both senses of the term. It is the product of either Clarity or Confusion. One thing for sure, it is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. Wise is as Wise does. Stupid is as Stupid does. Lower fires... burning the garbage of low desire, creates a lot of smoke. A pure fire has no smoke. Therefore The Vision is not obscured. You can see where you are going. It is either Clarity or Confusion; a caress or a contusion?

Moving right along. The same Divine Force that brought the worlds into being is present this very moment in you. The Man on the Beach told me that “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” Then he said, “Everything's under control. Take the reins.” He rose to his feet without touching the ground. He just rose us and his hands, which held these invisible reins, traversed the space between us. I turned to follow the direction of his thought and saw 3 birds flying on those invisible reins.

For a time, I was homeless in Palm Springs. One of the richest towns in the country. Every day I would sit on the bench in front of Bookland, at the corner of Palm Canyon and Tahquitz-McCallum. There was a stoplight there and I would bring the cars to their stop and then move them forward on those invisible reins. I did this for quite some time. The thing was that I had met Elvis Presley a few days ago in L.A. Then, he happened to be driving up and down Palm Canyon Drive. When he saw me the first time, he rolled down his window and started talking to me. A crowd of screaming fans, mostly ladies and girls were chasing his vehicle as he went.

He drove by me nearly a dozen times, always making some comment, like... “I thought you were going to Phoenix.” Somehow it got around that I was a friend of Elvis Presley, so... I was left alone. Finally... it came on New Year's Eve. In the early evening, the police drove up and began asking me for identification. At that moment, Richard... who owned Bookland came out and swooped me up. “C'mon in and have a drink,” he said, and... the cops drove away. Richard and I had not met before that. We became friends for decades.

Some weeks later, I was staying at Richard's house and walking back there one night when the chief of police picked me up and drove me home, all while gently questioning me on what I was up to. Since The Force was REALLY with me at the time, he became amicable toward me. Like The Man on the Beach said... “Everything is under control.”

My life has been proof of this to me. There's just no way that God does not exist. We are well past Pascal's Wager at this point. Sooner or later, the camouflage netting comes off, and we shall see what we shall see. Boy! Some people are in for a surprise.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 20, 2022

"Imagine a Coiling Spiral, Rising Into Light, and... A Reversed Spiral, Sinking Into Darkness... and Separation."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have a theory about Stress... Tension, and Fear. They are intimately connected and can lead directly back and forth to each other... pumping up the volume on the way to a panic attack or worse. Stress is caused by unresolved conflict in one's astral body; between what you can see, and what you do not see. Remember... this is just me and my perspective, ♫ me, and... my... p-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e.. strolling down the avenue ♫

This Stress MUST BE processed or it will attack you by attacking affected organs and systems, especially those which are not routinely cleansed of Stress. Love neutralizes Stress. Love displaces Fear, and... and Love bleeds Tension. There's a lot going on in this simple dynamic. Now...

laughter is cathartic. Laughter neutralizes Stress. It puts the heart at ease and The Mind off guard. Herein I understand the wisdom of Ho-Tai. He's another iteration of Santa Claus, “Where's this going Viz?” Where do you want it to go?

In Japan, they ratchet Stress into a tight vibrating knot in the collective diaphragm, and all the hot baths and Geisha Girls are not enough to drain it off... so they work like demons for 50 weeks. Then they board the plane for Thailand and some serious R&R. There are fleets of planes that ferry these wound-up businessmen to Bangkok and OTHER locations. They refer to these planes as The Heart Attack Express, because so many Japanese businessmen die during that period. They just can't process the release; hot tubs and ho's, cigarettes and beakers of Scotch... Viagra vending machines and whatever else is needed to rock out.

Stress is at the core of all discomfort, disharmony, and dis-ease. I am not saying it is the only source, just that it is OFTEN central to the occurrence of... discomfort, disharmony, and disease. The prevailing practice of Western medicine is bad juju. I imagine that even witchdoctors are more effective now. The central focus of healing should be to heal... not to suppress. Allopathic equals symptomatic, which equals pharmaceuticals, which leads to material profit ABOVE ALL THINGS.

The important things are all simple, BUT... it comes down to what people want to believe. This is why so many people are so easily fooled... because of what they want to believe. When they are not busy convincing themselves of Bullshit... someone else is convincing them of Bullshit. We were all convinced of many constructs when we were too young to protect ourselves from Telepathic Invasion, which was visited upon us by our parents and relatives and then by the streets and the education system, which is a propaganda arm of the government. That is why all the problems of The World have to do with Bad Parenting.

The plague of ever stranger sexual dysfunction is brought about by the fragmenting of The Family Unit. None of those conditions are normal, because Normal has left the building. See... The Overlords eventually get themselves into trouble with their endless pyramid schemes... and currency manipulations... then comes the distractions of Bread and Circuses. Alternatively, there is the fear of manufactured enemies; “the people upstream are pissing in our water.” This... you hear all the way up to the water's source, where the residents ARE pissing in the water, AND... far worse.

It is in your interest to watch “The Man Who Would Be King.” Kipling was a marvel. I thank my fortunate mentors that I was led to read all of his books in childhood.

You have to look at manifest life as an experiment being carried out by invisible forces. God splintered into Humanity... that then evolves through a series of changes, where the objective was different stages of realization in us, and the result was very little... or almost none... or a studied indifference, BUT... some of us know that The Light of God is resident within and we strive toward it... until God wakes up within us and celebrates through us. He flings us through the universe like he did the stars in The Heavens, and then he goes about gathering us back up.

Life is not about building great cities... or technological marvels... (where we are, presently, in our infancy.) or any of the bio-rhythmic rise and fall of civilizations. All of... THIS... is a sounding board. The resonant echo of God resounding through creation. All that is materialized is a condensation of mindstuff, an external projection of an internal reality. If you don't like that, it changes nothing. What is... is; Om Tat Sat. Newton's 3rd Law explains Karma... for anyone who cares to understand; most don't, BECAUSE... it gets in the way of what they want. Still... action... reaction... coming back-atcha; so to speak=

climbing the convolutionary ladder... Gravity and electromagnetics; what strange and timeless principles do they play out with each other? That answer was buried with Atlantis, though it is still known to The Brotherhood. What about magnifying components in solar panels for an exponential increase in power?

This is not my area of expertise (as if I had one) but I get principles... laws... the raising vibrationary level from sound to light. Think of Om... sound into light... light precipitating into vibrationary variables, giving rise to all the forms and conditions we experience... AND... the endless and recurrent verification that we do it all to ourselves and each other. Om is that mysterious Word of God, also known as Amen... and Amon at another time.

Why do yogis chant that word? It has to do with coming into resonance with The Cosmic Vibration. Once computer algorithms came into play... it is only a matter of time until the deeper meaning of life is revealed. It is now a race between technology and our spiritual evolution. Will the one drown us in a sea of fire... or... will we ascend to the next level? I guess... from what I can see... there are going to be mixed results.

Imagine a coiling spiral rising into light, and a reversed spiral sinking into darkness. Your INTENTION defines your course. Imagine that they go on forever... involution and evolution. Some study of The Tenth Trump might reveal... a... great... deal.

THEY are bankrupt at every level; Misgendering? Where's Mrgendering? The poles are reversing; wouldn't it be something if that was the cause of all this sexual confusion? Of course... if you want to understand the origins of Perversity, you have only to study what happens to rats when they are kept in confined spaces and their numbers increase (as in the cities)... “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink.”

What you are doing now is setting your course for the incoming age. Observe the multitudes in a pandemic riot for... STUFF... stuff to eat... stuff to fuck or... be fucked by... stuff to love that won't love you back... stuff to cage you in a cell of your own frustrated passions. There is no way that THEY will EVER discover the Elixir of Immortality or that white... malleable stone that heals every ill and rejuvenates and restores. These things and many other marvels were known to the ancients, and are presently known to The Few... The Brotherhood of Initiates... The Angelic and Devic Realms.

They roam The World seeking awakening souls. The light of these souls is visible from afar. They are drawn to The Light of the Soul. They facilitate the further awakening... should you have been so disposed as to have been directed internally to that end. Everything is being accelerated. Time is speeding up. Those going up are going to be moving at a much faster clip. Those going down will find the same to be true.

The Garden of Eden is not located until it is discovered within. One then migrates or is led to the relevant sector. The Profane can NEVER find the sacred sectors. The Laws of Metaphysics apply. You don't get very far without a guide. Sooner or later you go off-road, for the same reason you walk in circles when you are lost in The Wild.

I am sure that parts of this posting will give rise to many questions. There is nothing here that introspection will not reveal. We are small in number... those of us who sincerely seek The Truth, and The Light, and The Way. Occasionally... there comes a time when a Quantum Leap is made available to anyone who has made themselves Subjective to The Will of Heaven. Such a time as now.

End Transmission.......

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It turns out that this has nothing to do with rape but is, instead, only about rich students banging each other and counting scalps. Mostly it seems it is about a couple of students who don't yet have a school shooting to make their names from, like the Parkland Phonies=

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

"We are Concealing Life's Magic from Ourselves, Within Ourselves. Pandora's Box has an Alter-Ego."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

At another location, a reader was outraged about the links that follow the posts. He was outraged about other things but I had moved on by that time. I think there's a chance that one of the links might have been about him. I haven't really had any complaints about the links. I have had complaints when I talked about not including them. I go on the waves of my personal Feng Shui... watching... listening... tuning in, to the outside AS WELL AS THE inside.

Those who have come around here over the years... will remember that I used to put the links through the post. Upon reflection, I thought it ruined the flow... if people had to check whatever it was that I was referencing each time. I also knew that there were people who would seldom check the links anyway. So... I was caused to think (grin) that I could put them at the end of the posting, and people could then read them or ignore them. It didn't matter which to me.

This person was also very upset that I watch certain entertainments. I could have sworn that I explained that fairly recently. I am engaged in life. I am not an island. I believe in a joyful exuberance. One never has a problem with pedestrian pursuits, AS... LONG... AS... ONE... REMAINS... detached. As long as one understands Catch and Release.

Usually... when I get attacks, which are blessedly seldom, they are almost never here, and most of the time at locations that are more like a combat zone than it is here. Anyway... let me not go on too long about this. The links are there for those who are interested in what's going on in The World. Some of you need no reminders of that, and there is no reason to check them out. Occasionally, I do post items having to do with metaphysical considerations. A simple scan should reveal any of those.

Okay! (claps hands) I'm glad we've got that sorted. Everyone feels informed? Whether you bother with the links or not? Good... Good... all's well that ends better, as I like to say.

Now to my reason for speaking with you today. I have to preface it first. You recall that I study Trends and Patterns (I hope)? I have been noticing, in recent weeks, a shift in The Winds of Change. It includes the Roe vs Wade thing, the Johnny Depp trial, and victory, “2000 Mules”, “Rigged”... there have been other examples. Now I have watched this film, a documentary, called; “What is a Woman?” This is definitely an example of this shift in the winds that I have been noticing.

The man making the film, Matt Walsh, manages to interview an amazing cast of characters. You get to see up close the sort of individuals that have bought into the illusion... hook, line, and sinker. They really believe a man can be a woman or... maybe not really. It's hard to say. He manages to find a few sane players in this transgender, jambalaya, free-fall pandemic of the insane. A lot is revealed about the dishonesty of the players. The weaseling, and sinuous double-backs are incredible.

Now there is a powerful movement to ban male transgenders from woman's sports. Conversely, in Canada, they have laws that send you to prison for misgendering the mentally ill. Scotland and most Crown Colony countries have such policies. Recently a viper from one of those locations said, “This isn't America. We don't have free speech here.” What if they change their pronouns on the way to the bathroom and don't inform me when they get back? Am I liable? Does this mean I have to learn all the possibilities of their pathologies? Right... right... we don't socialize to that extent.

Along with the sexual psychopaths, there are your celebrity sociopaths... like Amber Heard, Juicy Smollett, (and others). It is a breed of modern sociopaths that believes if they do not believe something, even if they were there and experiencing it, it just didn't happen, and if it did happen, it happened the way they say it did, kinda like a Holocaust Survivor. It's like speaking Truth to Power with God or Destiny... or Fate (good luck with that). The only time it doesn't apply is when they are talking to themselves, which is something that never happens because they consider themselves the truth that speaks to the power about... anything at all... really.

Well... I went out to meditate, and... as happens not infrequently, a voice appeared in my mind, and we were talking about this and that. I forget what brought it up, but the angel said:

“I guess you wonder how I can control the whole world, and cause ANYTHING to happen or not happen? It's quite simple. I am inside every mind there is. All separated minds are connected to my mind. They are all departures from my mind. I am in every other life form too. All that is sentient and insentient I am connected to. If I want the world to go in a particular direction, I just show up in the minds necessary to accomplish this. History is littered with examples. All I have to do is think it... whatever that may be, and it precipitates into being.

“Now... you might wonder how did it all turn to shit like this? I let people express themselves. I leave them to experience what is and what is not. I like to watch, AND... I need heroes and villains to demonstrate and dance across the never-ending pages of life. I am eternal, visible... and those who find succor and sanctuary in me are also immortal. The temporary lives fall and tumble in those Winds of Change. They turn into the compost that nurtures manifest life. Every now and then, someone discovers me; REALLY discovers me and I come to live in them. Then we go off and have adventures!

“I am a player, visible. I insert myself into life's dramas, and... for those who are paying attention, sometimes I take them along with me. As you know, I am moving on, and thru the currents of life at this very moment. Be sure and remind people that things are not what they appear. There is never a time I do not maintain sanctuary and protection where I please... or remove them as well.

”So... get ready for interesting times. I'm about to become more hands-on.”

I realize that I should probably not talk about these events because a wide range of readers come around here, from many countries in The World, and certain personalities become outraged, and... it can cheapen the experience for me as well, BUT... now and again it seems that I must share these episodes, if only occasionally, because many hearts are increasingly troubled in these times, and they do not need to be. Open yourself to the possibility that God is intimately connected to EVERY event in your life.

I also know that most of the people who come here share my certitude about a creator. I've never concerned myself with those whose hearts are filled with resentment. Nothing can please them. It is part of the misery of being trapped in a self-involved perspective. Why shouldn't God speak to any of us who desire it? I have it on good authority that he will. He speaks to each of us already... in different ways. Sometimes... it comes in flashes that people call hunches or intuition. Sometimes it appears in a book or a situation... an animal passing... a bird flying... like the thoughts that come in and out of our minds.

It DEEPENS as one makes it the focal point of their lives. It becomes more constant. It is that stream running outside the cabin door. There's a Christian song that goes;

♫ I come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses...
And he walks with me
And he talks with me ♫

That is similar to what I experience.

I don't do this consistently. It seems that I am not yet capable of that, BUT... in every moment that I remember to, I return to it... with a renewed determination to accomplish it. I believe that, eventually, I will be on that stream... merrily... merrily. Eventually... if one is committed, God comes in and eats and drinks with you. He comes and goes with you, and... life and death then... are mere transitions in an uninterrupted flow of awareness. We are concealing life's magic from ourselves, within ourselves; Pandora's Box has an alter-ego.

The riches of The Subconscious are beyond my ability to articulate. All your joys and miseries come out of there, due to what you have programmed into it. At any time you can change the programming. Affirmations are one tool people use. Meditation on symbols is another. Prayer is a medium. All methods involve an effort to be CONSTANT in devotion. It depends on what you are after. It amuses me how calculating people are with their hidden agendas... as if God is not intimately aware of their every thought. One of the ways he makes contact is by watching us on The Inside.

I believe that much of this sexual insanity has run its course. These people will eliminate themselves without the need for any outside help. I do not say this with any Schadenfreude. It is self-evident. Imagine how people will look back on this period. It will be similar to witch-hunting frenzies and The Inquisition. No... these courses cannot survive. They are suicidal by definition.

Of course, The Enemy is behind this. Materialism... Mammon... misplaced desire... bad plumbing and bad parenting all play their part. It is the left hand of God, BUT... that is a matter of choice which side you choose. The Advaita method has its merits.

You have to remember, God is far, far... incredibly far more powerful than all the life forms that have ever been, including all the weapons and armor they ever come up with. The idea that anyone can long wail as a predator upon their fellows, is ludicrous. Heaven laughs at the foolish performances of those trapped in their purpose of demonstration. Heaven weeps too, through Avalokitesvara and others. Sorrow and Joy on a higher plane are both sweet. Hopefully, that is not confusing. Kahlil Gibran presented this as well as anyone I have ever encountered.

Heh heh... links to follow.

End Transmission.......

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