Tuesday, November 29, 2022

"It is Like Sitting at The Outer Edge of A Spinning Disk... Centrifugal Force is One of Inertia's Dance Partners."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What say we look a little deeper into this Balenciaga thing? I know that most readers are probably unaware of the details, BUT... since I am a relative of Mr. Apocalypse... in the way that a planet rotates around a central sun... I come across much that I have no actual interest in... as I am passing by... in the act of forgetting all about it. What concern does The Sun have with dirty windows? Do they affect The Sun? Not at all. They affect whoever is living in that house.

Ba len ci aga translates into; do what you want in Latin. You can extrapolate from that into Aleister Crowley's, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of The Law.” If you go behind the scenes at this company, and... the fashion industry in general, you will see that it has been a hot-bed of Satanic activity since before Babylon kissed The Frog and it turned into Nosferatu. Everyone is going to have their 'come-to-Jesus moment'. In some cases... The Moment walks away before they get there.

Something that many people do not get, especially of The Fundie Mindset, is that God uses the Good AND the Evil among us to accomplish his will. There is NO TELLING what sort of masquerade he might get up to at... any... time; coming like a wolf in the night as he does, and no man knowing the hour thereof and so on... and so on.

In the case of Evil, God leads it to the ends he intends through the use of The Attractive Force. In the case of Good, well... Good is along for The Ride already. God is up the road apiece in another place that is forever beyond Good and Evil. Evil is personified by the job applicants in Good's waiting room. Look! God has a seamstress.. a weaver of worlds... the radiant... unreachable star from which Beauty gets her credentials. That's... how... it... all... gets... here.

You can look, BUT... something different happens when you touch.

When you depart from your center, the weather conditions get worse the further you go until you are swept away entirely. It is like sitting at the outer edge of a spinning disk... centrifugal force is one of Inertia's dance partners. If you are close to the center of the edge of the disk or... next to it, you'll have no trouble being stable through the whole ride. You won't get thrown off.

Look at what is acting out on The World's stage. Look at the very public war over Free Speech, which is a skirmish in the war to do away with The Constitution and... The... Bill... of... Rights. Well... you pull down to bring the calf to the ground and... you get a stampede somewhere else. Observe what is taking place in China! It is an impossible game for those trying to control The World. If you take your eye off one place to subdue another... they rise up again somewhere that you weren't even looking.

Then there is the matter of Lady Nature and whatever she might be inspired to do. God loves to play these games. Imagine him studying a multidimensional gameboard of a complexity beyond your imagination. He's like a child prodigy that never gets old and the whole universe is his playground, both the seen and the unseen of it.

Meanwhile... he is walking through The World in many different personalities. He had ambassadors aplenty. They are the opposite of bankers, but... they most definitely, work... for... a... bank. He has angels spiraling down from The Sun and blanketing the planet with his blessings, BUT... something is wrong with this picture because... because... The Kingdom of God is not yet established on Earth.

This is a work-in-progress. We are here to play our part. In Times of Material Darkness, when The Personal Self and its desires overwhelm the focus of The Hive Mind; when every man is set against his brother in a war of competition for mere and unnecessary accessories of life... there is little peace.

I'm not saying Capitalism is wrong or that Communism has a potential we haven't discovered yet. Both of these are ways of organizing society. UNFORTUNATELY... the one's manipulating the rules do so to serve their own interests. This is especially... ironically... hypocritical of Communism. (heh heh). Capitalism can accomplish great things, BUT... everyone should get a fair shake. Listen up! Everybody does get a fair shake. See... we are ALL performing in a reality that is absolutely controlled by the automatic reactions to our actions. They... are... what... puts... us... where... we... are, AND... keeps doing so.

Certain people argue about this construct BECAUSE the situation is not what they want it to be OR... they never heard of Reincarnation OR... they didn't understand it when they did hear about it OR... the concept did not serve their purposes because they... want... it... to... be... their... way. It NEVER WILL BE and... it ALWAYS WILL BE because it is already the way they wanted it to be... only... it didn't look like it does now... back when they arranged for it to become what contains them now.

It is... PROBABLY... unless Divine Providence steps in... going to be really bad in places. This seems to be a theme that many people... millions of people have collectively agreed on. Every day... in politics... in The Media... in the street... you see people singly and in crowds... going along with The Program. You see people arguing the most preposterous lies. The President is a criminal sociopath. The Big Dogs are eating the small dogs. All kinds of mayhem is looking to go haywire.

What this means... for you... if you are paying attention... is to mind what you think... and say... and do... and it will gravitate, and tractor-pull you into the best location for someone like you BECAUSE... results will vary.

Well... Visible... how can people make something better for themselves by simply watching what they think... and say... and do? How... especially... can they do this when they still have The Karma that got them to where they are in... the... moment? As soon as a person takes their foot off the throttle... and puts their turn signal on... and turns; however they turn... a new course has been set, AND... The Mysterious Benefactor who is moving among us at all times could well take note and put a benevolent wind at your back... as is often the case when the client is sincere.

He certainly will not do this if you are persisting in the errors that got you into a state of error in the first place. It all comes down to you returning to your center and you can do this through the good offices of... The Sun! Yes!!! The Sun is the center of our solar system and is circled by those planetary archetypes that express through Humanity on Earth and give us the endless dramas that you see here.

When you center on The Sun as being the central source of life on The Manifest Plane... a change will take place within you, AND... you will be drawn into resonance with your interior sun by the grace of coming into resonance with your exterior sun. It's just one approach, BUT... it is one that I happen to know does work to that end. If you do it the other way you still get to the same result.

The job of The World is to pull the wool over your eyes... and to tie you up AND tie you down through your attractions. There's no point in getting angry with The World about this. The World is just doing its job. You can walk away from The World at any time, BUT... what about my obligations? Oh... you fulfill your obligations... you simply cut them loose in your mind, AND... your balloon will rise above The Earth and sail away on the winds of your good fortune. It is the things you have filled your basket with that keeps your balloon tethered.

As you have probably gathered, there are not many people saying what you are reading... here. There are other agendas at work, cause people only see what they see from the level of the stair landing they are standing on. They can't see over the rim of the floor above. HOWEVER... there is one who sees through all of us, and who can open our inner eye to possibilities well beyond anything The World has to offer.

As Chaos takes its last gasp to turn The World into a free-fall bacchanalia and full-time prison camp... of what will not be teddy bears in bondage outfits... The Light will be streaming through and around every barrier and only those... who... choose... to... be... will be hidden from its light. Don't sit at the edge of the spinning platter... move back to The Central Point. Once everything unhinged and unsuitable has been swept off, it will be a... nice... smooth... ride.

End Transmission.......

There will be links about the Balenciaga story and a few incidentals over at GAB=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I have deliberately kept my obligations to a minimum with a KISS lifestyle, and not playing so many incredibly stupid mortal flotsam games. I mean, I think of consequences on occasion. . .where they count the most. I try not to paint myself into any long term corners, though I have painted myself into a few harrowing short term corners by ignoring intuition and a few times blowing totally up during a temper tantrum where I figuratively had to clean the mess off the walls and ceiling.

Still, I am where I am; and if only they knew, me thinks quite a few would want to be in my shoes right now, in so many ways. Freedom is a nice commodity. So is discretionary time, which I have quite a bit of, statistically since I don't have to waste it on. . .too many obligations. Job (27-30 hours a week, 4 days a week unless there's a holiday or my relief is disabled.), rent, a few standard bills, the weekly errands, and that's it. I get one day a week that's all mine to do with what I will most of the time. And that time is spent in front of the Mac, not feeding the infernal system in any way, shape or form.

As far as I'm concerned, the world can suck donkey dick. I don't live for this place. I haven't, for decades. I've got on nostril in this world, and one in the next, and that's the way I like it. Dead, waiting for the body to catch up? Dead pretending to be alive? Or as my flat mate said. . .Schrodinger's nose. . .and they don't use litter boxes.

Alive under protest, but I know I gotta finish my stupid self-imposed contract. I can't stand this place, and I'm rather enjoying watching it all fall apart; perhaps too much. At the same time, The Veil does seem to be gettin' thinner as time runs shorter.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes truth is woven in a way that features elegance and your crochet is well centered on this day my friend.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
paragraph after paragraph of Dog Poet's unique style, that invites the consciousness to seek the Heart. Thank you !!!

Still trying to discern what the meaning of 'nostrils to the sky' invitation is about. Yes the rhino-encephalic function unites all three parts of the 'head-brain' without any filters, but try as i might the posture throws my body-structure out.

Certainly is as contrary as can be to any martial-art position where the chin is down and in, for biped speech capable carbon based vehicle that is typing.
perhaps 'Love to Push Those Buttons' would , kindly, elucidate....

Cheerful Love GRizzlyBear Hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We say 'nostrils up' instead of 'thumbs up', and figured Nostrils To The Sky is a more poetic version of that. Certainly more extreme. Kinda like 'This goes up to eleven'.

Anonymous said...

just keep your nose to the sky and keep on growing that coat of nostril hair and everything's gonna be alright

Fook INGSOC said...

About that "Spinning Disc"...


Not trying to overcomplicate things, but I always enjoy a good science lesson!!!

Visible said...

People with perfectly round asses probably need to be careful, but... life shows us that in many other ways already (grin).

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

The Passion of Hogs in Squalor and The Passion of Christ. In ALL Cases; “Success is Speedy for The Energetic.”

Anonymous said...

"God uses the Good AND the Evil among us to accomplish his will."
Thank you so very much for that reminder.
I need that step up to see over the edge of the bucket I sometimes feel I am in.
I am very grateful for all that you so freely share.
Thank you.

Kazz said...


Thanks for the disk link you sent, I found it most interesting. What I noted is the disk is flat and the object rotating around it is round.

In the link below the disk is raised in the middle and there are people on the disk, instead of a ball. It provides a much closer model, in respect to the crucifixion one undergoes when trying to eradicate error in one's consciousness, to embrace Christ consciousness.


I believe Vis' advice to not '... sit at the edge of the spinning platter... ' and '...move back to The Central Point...' is more advantageous in regard to this sojourn.

The position of 'dead centre’ is akin to those who house the Holy Spirit within, because that is where we become One with God. Those who position their self outside of dead centre are those who worship that which is outside of their self. They worship creation instead of the Creator (Romans 1:25).

God holds those who are One with God, 'dead centre,’ in an elevated position, which is what ascension is all about, in order to withstand external pressure and force. Those on the spinning disc who cling to their fellow Man, or something outside of their self, get dragged down.

“And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” All of us - body, soul and Spirit - will be one in this glorious realization that we are “one with Almightiness.” (Isaiah 11:10)

If we look at the cross we can see that Jesus showed us the middle path, or way, to facilitate enlightenment by avoiding the extremes of self-gratification on one hand and self-mortification on the other. Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha, also set forth a middle way, which is the Eightfold Path, to lead one between the extremes of asceticism and sensual indulgence.

As a child I remember battling to gain that middle position at the top of the disk in Coney Island, at Luna Park, so I wouldn’t be spun off the disk. How wonderful is our loving Creator that such selfishness is not required in order for us to gain that higher, middle position, on the spinning disk of life, where so many are cast out into darkness?

Luv Kazz



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