Thursday, November 3, 2022

"Don't Worry about Anything. Live from Your True Center Without Artifice, and Life Will Know You are Genuine."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The shrill desperation is a keening whine... as irresistible change comes upon our portion of The World. Players are jockeying for position. They got fast horses and stinging whips. They will force The Subconscious to do their will. It's the same way they approach lumberjacking... mining... fishing... all those things that have to do with how man treats Lady Nature. The idea is to rip her treasures from her body like some kind of pathological cesarean; clear cutting... strip mining... trawl and trammel net fishing, and so forth.

There are those who stride The World like a colossus, writ large upon the canvas of their time. They are favored above the rest or, so... it... would... seem... at the moment. They do what they like with impunity, and the cost in lives is a matter of no consequence to them. They believe it is their due. God has seen to it... in his Lila... that they think like this, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you want to understand Life, and how it works, one good way is to see it as a field of dreams, where dreamers are as plentiful as the leaves of grass... and dreams even more so. The dreams rise and fall. They rise and fall over, and over, and over, and over again. The seeds of their karma blow in the winds and land in that soil which is conducive to them. Certain dreams grow longer in this field that is not only a meadow. Yet all of them are dreams... tales spun out of dream-stuff, that once completed... melts back into the dream stuff. It's some law of Visibledynamics that may only be a rumor in my mind.

It looks like these ruthless monsters will continue to have their way, regardless of superficial change. Yuval Harari is the latest of The Skullmeisters, in the tradition of Michael Chertoff and Nosferatu. He's on a tour of late-night talk shows at the moment. He wrote a children's book for the budding trans-humanist sexual deviants of tomorrow's young leadership corps.

It only looks like this. Like they will have their way. Change can be slower than we wish, and great change can be glacial... HOWEVER... in times of apocalypse, the same old same old is no longer the same old same old.

Times of apocalypse are routine in the long reaches of human history. They come at distances much greater than the USUAL human life span, so... we probably are not familiar with how intense they can get. As we were saying yesterday... apocalypses come in categories like hurricanes. This is a big one. It's going to dig down to the bedrock. It's going to drill new passages into The Dark Matter below and wake up the atmospheres of what has been long past. Everything repeats; mind the heartburn.

What I'm trying to say is... hmm... heh heh... it's not easy. I want to say; don't worry about anything. Live from your true center without artifice, and Life will know you are genuine. Even animals that have an aggressive nature will give you a pass. You're not transporting the things that piss them off, and you don't attract the invisible entities that provoke misfortune.

Human society also has all sorts of NATURAL caste systems. People of similar temperaments are drawn together. People with similar antipathies are drawn together. Intelligence creates levels and has its own languages, as does the lack of it. There are different types of cultures... primitive... tribal... political... religious.. what is euphemistically called... civilized. Yeah... you can tell yourself all sorts of nonsense... as you run around trying to improve The World you messed up the last time you were here.

People reveal all kinds of details by what they say and how they behave. You can conceal the evidence for periods of time, long enough to deceive others, BUT... sooner or later it comes out. There are hidden laws in Life, and... they... are... inflexible. You break the law and you create a reaction. It's like a car alarm system going off. It alerts The Neighborhood, and HOPEFULLY, it alerts you. We get warnings... many warnings sometimes... before the hammer falls.

So... I see these people like Harari and Schwab, and all the other political and entertainment figures about whom mention is made... repeatedly... to keep them in the public eye. This is how Influencers make their money, and the big dogs use the same tactics. It amuses me that people watch Reality TV... wrestling and all the other carny acts, and think they are real. THEY NEED THEM TO BE REAL!!!

They are no more real than any of the rest of it... more dreams and more nightmares.

Life without God's Presence is EMPTY. People try to fill the void with sensation and distraction. That works for a while until one or the other kills or disables them. People are DRIVEN! They are not driving. They are DRIVEN! It's a form of Possession. Some of the troubles come from Bad Science. Bad Science is when the research is DRIVEN solely for profit, and not for altruistic intent.

Bad Science is part of the day-to-day, the old fillings in your teeth are like the asbestos in the buildings... back when they didn't know or... didn't care or did know and didn't care. Fluoride... and Pesticide... and GMO... Bad Science is Bad Santa; ho! Ho! Ho! It's been going on for a long time. Crazy people are doing all kinds of crazy things because... someone is paying them to.

This is all coming out... what Bad Science, Bad Religion, AND Bad Leaders have done, and are doing. Mr. Apocalypse is exposing it, and The Awakening is identifying it, and both of them are The Really Big Dogs. The pretend big dogs are soon to be reduced to all bark and no bite. As... they... move... to... harm... others, they suddenly forget who they are, and wander off like someone who got hit by Al's Hammer.

The impetus and force they previously used is being rerouted. They went to The Well one too many times and The Well is empty and the cupboard is bare. The Invisible has been at work all this time. People get what they deserve. They are the ones who permit despots to rule over them because they cannot rule over themselves. When you lack self-control, someone or something will fill the position. What is left unattended is often stolen or hijacked... refurbished and repurposed.

This is how Heaven changes things and conditions. They are changed from within before they appear. The power to do this lies in all of us, but we resist and rebel, and fall... into... bad... company, and become the prey of those who use us for their own entertainment or as cannon fodder. It's not possible to bribe or seduce someone who doesn't want anything. You can't deceive someone who is not a liar, and that is why the wise believe even a liar if they are true enough.

Elon Musk is using the ADL to school him on what passes for Hate Speech. Heh heh... that's like asking NAMBLA to babysit your son. It's kinda like Chucky with a Beanie Baby mask, asking you if you want to dance at a Southern Poverty Law mixer. Some Roofies last a really long time.

They did their best to make the whole world stupid. They never factored in that it was not in their hands for any length of time. Sooner or later, people wake up. The very mediums they have been using to put The World to sleep are being used against them now. It may not be that apparent just yet, cause it always takes longer to happen than we expected it to. Change has to occur at the deeper levels. Then it has to process and precipitate into being. This doesn't happen overnight... unless you are on The Road to Damascus. There's a learning curve.

They are committed to the new boss being the same as the old boss and they never tumbled to the truth that they... are... not... the... boss. They were ONLY allowed to believe they were, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and you are seeing that going on all around you because it is a... permanent... feature... of... Change. It has been hidden from the eyes of many for a specific period of time. That is no longer the case. The larger body of souls may have become quite dense due to Materialism, BUT... the force of awakening is irresistible... IRRESISTIBLE!!!

The drama and the spectacle are destined to be OFF THE CHARTS. I imagine that some people are really going to have their minds blown when the long-hidden truths of existence are revealed, at... the... level... of... what... is... possible, on a case-by-case basis. (grin)

Tick... tick... tick... tock... Kaboom! There's nothing like that little light going on in your head, and then continuing to stay lit.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I see life as a self-imposed prison that we ask for, for the sake of our stupid ego.

Me and my psychic twin are going nuts waiting for that KABOOM.

Nostrils to the sky!

Gregory said...

Speaking of bad science, check out this guy:

This scientist is responsible for two of the world's deadliest disasters in modern history. He eventually died of strangulation from one of his own inventions.

Bad science. Bad bad bad. No biscuit.

Thanks for the great post, Les. Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

That is an interesting way to die, given the other factors.

Ty said...

Earth Is NOT in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction: Willis Eschenbach, ICCC7

A great video for my tigers and shark buddies, debunking the lie that 25,000 species are dying every year thanks to mother natures highest aspiration and intention, human civilization.

The number is actually Zero.

Deaths in climate-related disasters declined 99% from a century ago (thanks to fossil fuels)

The Myth of Overpopulation & The End of Limited Resources: Why Zero Sum Theory is False

We need more babies, to bring the human birth rate back to sustainable levels.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Some Conceal It, and Some Work It. ALL Misery is Caused by Love's Absence in Some Particular Fashion or Area."



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