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"The Critical Need to Recognize The Temporary Presence of Your Temporary Being in a Place of Constant Change."

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For many years now. I have been reading the completely fabricated news, the mostly fabricated news, and the slightly fabricated news. In this, I also include religious and metaphysical writings. I've found some sources to be full of shit, and some less so. I ALMOST NEVER find something I believe to be as true as can be put into words, and... even... then... there are sometimes 20 or more versions via translations, like... The Way of Life... The Bhagavad Gita... The New Testament... sometimes the problem is me... too; if I should be conflicted in my mind about something... or other. (grin)

Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are very real. The recent FTX scandal... which I will try to put at the bottom of the posting... is a good example, and yet more from The Usual Suspects. How come IT... IS... ALWAYS... THE... SAME... SCOUNDRELS? Well... there is no more playing Wack a Mole by the reavers and deceivers. There are not enough fingers and too many holes in The Dike. That dike has been a wall of ignorance that has kept the Hive Mind stupid and The World on Uneasy Street.

It's all coming by diver's means and in ways inexplicable to the ones involved. Consider the Paul Pelosi Midnight Hammerthon. I can see them on electric skateboards in bright, neon taffeta tutus doing wheelies in the kitchen, over by the ice cream freezer. It's a big kitchen. It's a new twist on, “nothing to see here. Move along now.”

Now... as it so happens... the news, be it the daily glueboards of the mind or religious scriptures written in tiny hieroglyphic characters... the real news of the times, and the timeless good news, is now coming on invisible radio frequencies into The Hive Mind. There's nothing the external controllers (who think they are) can do about it.

It used to be that THEY THOUGHT they were controlling the outer world, and then by extension, the inner lives of the populace. Then they got into those technologies, and created the dark conning towers, and got into people's heads invisibly, and they began to convince themselves that it was all real. They extended their diabolical machinations into the schoolrooms and started doing bad things to children. They offended Heaven.

Sometimes The Judgment of Heaven is swift. Sometimes it comes in a glacial creep. It always comes at an inconvenient time for those experiencing it. It is coming now. I don't know how it works... what the technology is. I do know that it is comprehensive and often ironic. One might be very advantaged, if... they... cared... to... be... by reading the Greek and Roman myths... fairy tales of an allegorical nature... Sufi stories and the legendary interplays of ancient India or... as I sometimes say... in my James Earl Jones voice; Muthah India!

If you bother to travel back in time and visit in the minds of those recording the thoughts being passed down over the generations, you would see a startling commonality, across cultures... and landscapes... and periods of time. There is a DEEP AND ABIDING mystery that interlaces itself through human history. The same stories are told in living flesh, over... and over, and over. The same triumphs and ignominy dance in the shadows of the haunted hotel. This is a world of shadows.

There is a world of shadows. There is a world of light, and... there is a world of darkness. Each of these has many variations of hue and intensity. Souls common to a particular desire or appetite find themselves in the same playpens or corridors of torment.

Dante is a good example of looking at something through a particular metaphorical or allegorical window... and giving it shape in your mind. Something very like. AND unlike... happens to be the truth. In reality, it is not so everlasting dreadful. In some ages, the tales are cautionary and people are ruled by fear. So you get a lot of the Hellfire and Damnation thing... burning forever and ever in a flaming lake.

As... it... so... happens... it is a burning lake of desire. It is the playground of The Carnal Mind, and people do burn themselves out there. You see it in a time-lapse sense all around you, here in this world of sensation. EVERYTHING comes down to Desire. Desire is the agent of God's Will.

I don't know about the rulers in The Temporal World. I don't know about the rulers in The West or the rulers in The East. I do know about rulers in general. I do know about the mindset they have and the possible range over which it expresses, from Draconian totalitarianism to men like King Janaka. Rulers come and go.

I've been reading The News... and day-by-day it ALL seems to be created by people desiring to shape my mind. I am... fortunately... mostly immune to that. Unfortunately for a few of us, the mass of us are not immune to it... and... you get The World you see before you at this time. Oh... it spans a wide gamut between wretched suffering and the palaces of the rich, and are sometimes both the same... BUT... what most people definitely... do... not... get... is that this world is a classroom and a proving ground, and- you...can... go... anywhere... from... here. You can ALSO... bring everything to where you are.

The News of this world is manufactured by the central agency of The Carnal Mind. Its intention is to snare you into a perspective, to play off your hopes and fears, and to feed off of you through what they sell... the endless commodities of perishable matter... shaped in all ways to delight the superficial mind... and to reflexively disappoint in times thereafter.

There is a German word for world-weariness; weltschmerz. The French also have a word; ennui. I am sure there are similar words in every language, but sometimes... one country gets the spirit of it and the word finds its way all around. I am guessing they are also the ones who got the fullest expression of it.

Now... we are going to see... all around The World... groups of people experiencing the effects of cosmic transformation in many different ways. There is sure to be weeping and lamentation. There is certain to be unspeakable delight. One might say that such conditions already prevail, and... they... do...BUT, not like they are going to.

A couple of stray missiles hit a borderland location in Poland. There was the usual screeching hysteria of the neo-cons that it must be Russia... Russia...Russia!!! Then the doddering fool in The White House said, “No... it was probably not the Russians.” This is an extreme departure from the usual trumped-up bullshit. Something seems to have changed in the backrooms, and I suspect that FTX is only a part of it.

The Awakening is coming in stages. Some of them are hardly noticeable. And some of them are going to rock The World. It won't be long before many of the major players start to lose it in public view. The pressure of Heaven upon the deceiving minions is becoming greater and greater all the time. The World is becoming more and more outrageous and absurd. It is hardly being held together anymore. It has gone freakishly out of balance...

For reasons best known to those keeping silent, all that was twisted, and bent... perverse and degenerate... dark and dangerous... has been unleashed in these times, and the celebration of Babylon Rising has commenced in earnest. Such conditions cannot continue for long. Balance WILL be restored. It is certain to come as a calamity of some kind; be it natural or of human malfeasance. It's coming. I don't know when, but I do know it is closer than before; BOTH... the good and the bad of it.

It is of critical importance to recognize the temporary presence of your temporary being in a place of constant change. Of far greater importance is to recognize the eternal presence of The Living God within.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is very much appreciated. I have been following you for years now and when you say something is going to happen it does.
I know you are not trying to be prophetic or even claiming to be. Perhaps those accurate insights would come to all of us if we remained still enough to watch the patterns. I have been as of late and I would bet a lot of your readers are paying attention as well.
IT’s difficult to live through these times as I become impatient and want to see these evil ones brought to some kind of justice; that happens in God’s time and not mine so I try to find peace in knowing that evil never wins, even if I don't live long enough to see things turn around.
Yesterday one of the comments said something to the effect that when the masses wake up things will change. I agree. Its the people who will change the outward manifestation once God is welcomed in their hearts and minds. Til then its a waiting game of misery for all of us. I know it does not have to be a misery but it takes huge will power not to give in to appearances. Even when these bad guys got caught with their pants down(literally) nothing happens. Its sensational and then goes by the wayside in a NY minute.
Keep doing what you’re doing as I know you will. Hopefully this big change of Whatever is coming and gets here fast

Visible said...

I very much share your hopes for expedience.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"He can Turn The Valley of The Shadow of Death into The Shining Vale of Immortality, IN... A... TWINKLING!!!"



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