Thursday, November 24, 2022

"If You Merely and Simply Love God, Sincerely and Consistently, ALL Your Troubles Will End, Sooner Than Later."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Thanksgiving. As I wandered through the virtual Shit & Tinsel World of The Internet, I saw crap for sale... the 'make it all about food' people... the PR appearances from D&C List celebrities feeding the poor, and The Thanksgiving is racist and genocidal, shrieking-harpy people who were bad white people in their last life and now want to take it out on all the white people who were black in their last life; except for those who were Chinese or Indian.

I'm not sure I am absolutely correct about that particular reincarnation factor, BUT... what little I do know, does... make... it... a... good... fit. None of those windows into seasonal lunacy apply to me. Thanksgiving... for me... is about being GRATEFUL... PERIOD. It has nothing to do with Pilgrims (who were Indians in their last life) or Indians (who were Puritans in their last life). It has to do with being GRATEFUL... PERIOD.

I lived a wild life of extreme want and temporary safe harbors. The Kundalini experiences that I had... made all thought of a balanced existence an impossible dream for many years. I bounced in and out of wild excesses to monk-like austerities, as I tried to get a handle on this extraordinarily powerful force that only God can control. It is The God Force after all. It is feminine in nature, AND... from its beginnings it sets out on an irresistible path to Godhead in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara, AND nothing can contain it for long.

Nothing anyone can do... other than a spiritual master... can direct or channel this force. I have lived with its unpredictable whimsy for over 50 years. Forget anything you ever thought you knew, as you are completely emptied of everything else... by gentle means and by harsher measures... whatever the needs of the moment are, there... you... are.

Yet... inexplicably... I am fit as a fiddle with no chronic health conditions of any kind, except for being mad as a hatter, and delighted thereby. I should have been dead many times over, and there were even more times that I wished I were. Yet... here I am... on a daily rapture-ride with The Sun King as my best friend, and... there... being... no... doubt... about... that. The proof being in the sunbeams, and the pudding too.

So... what have I on this day... set aside for thanks-giving, AND every other day that follows? I have GRATITUDE. I found THE... ONLY... THING... WORTH... HAVING. I found it in Real Time. There is nothing indirect about it. It is not off-to-the-side somewhere. It is not occasional. It is not variable (except for getting better and better), AND... it most certainly is not... temporary. I walk through a world where there is nothing... NOTHING that I want. I am in the consistent and perpetual company of the one who brought it about... who maintains it... and who dissolves it back into itself when it pleases him to. Let me say here, in... no... uncertain... terms... when it happens, you are left with no doubt in your mind as to whether it is The Real Thing or not.

It strips you to the ground, over... and over... and over, and then rebuilds you from the top down. It is painstaking and it takes its time. It uses the sledgehammer of time to hew you to a consistency of mind... so that there can be no doubt about who is doing it, and why they are doing it.

It has amused me for a really long time, how The New Age practitioners will attend 3 (or only 2) weekend seminars, and a 4 day intensive, and receive a certificate of Mastery. Some of them have an entire wall of these certificates. We live in an Instant Breakfast World. If you can't get it immediately, you go somewhere else. People go to collitch for years to be a doctor... or a lawyer... or any of the other high-end professionals, and wind up knowing less than you or I about how to take care of ourselves.

I am certainly in far better shape than any high-end professionals I see in life's slipstreams. LOVE... GOD!!! Love God and you don't have to do ANYTHING else. You can be a woeful miscreant and general loser. You can be a tosser of the last rank, BUT... if... you... love...God, it will all go well for you. Mark what I say here!!! If you merely and simply love God... sincerely and consistently... your troubles will be at an end... sooner or later. I am living proof of this.

So... on this day of thanks-giving, this day of giving thanks, I have a very large amount of thanks that need to be recognized and testified to the limits of the sky, and to the heart... of the center... of the density... of matter... which is not really matter at all... is it? I am a master of mind over matter; I don't mind... and it don't matter.

I am so PROFOUNDLY GRATEFUL... from the bottom of my heart... that I feel as I do. That alone surpasses the riches of any king or financier who... has... ever... lived. I am so grateful that I can be grateful for no visible reason, as pertains to possessions... position... and personal power; however temporary is the form that wields it. None of these things gets any interest from me for a moment. I possess ALL that is worth having. I am in the finest position in transit to ever finer positions, and my best friend... my very best friend... has limitless power, AND... an immeasurable reservoir of Love.

My Gratitude is well beyond the obvious limitations of my words. My Gratitude is for cause and for no cause at all. My Joy leaps like a flying fish in an ocean of bliss. This is no exaggeration. It's even more of what it is than my lurid prose can tell. I've no shame or hesitation framing this in seeming hyperbole, cause... it is true, and true again, and again, and again... through every day and following night... more times than I can count.

There is no object of desire. There is no golden fleece or cities of gold that can match The Presence of The Living God. When you have this, you possess everything of value.

Look at The World around you. Look at the suffering that abounds... and yet... everyone has gotten what they have asked for or created up out of their imagination... by way of The Personal Will... via The Separated Mind. Be... careful... what... you... wish... for, be careful what you ask for, and NEVER... NEVER... ask for wealth... or a handsome counterpart to love only you... or revenge... or high honors that turn to ashes in your mouth.

People just do not know the cost of what they seek... in empty titles... fame and shiny shit that can't love them back... adamantine jewels that glitter with a cold light... all the loneliness of THINGS that are the hallmark of an unlived life and unexamined life. FIND GOD!

The Divine WILL and DOES give you everything you ask for. It's all due to The Purpose of Demonstration. What is the purpose of my demonstration? It is Gratitude... and thanks... and recognition of the source of all my good fortune... and the heartfelt and sincere wish that it come to everyone... and it will... as soon as they let go of everything else. May The Kingdom of Heaven descend upon Earth... and it has... and it will... in every life that kindles the flame of its enduring presence in The Secret Chambers of The Heart.

Real Love does not leap upon us full-blown. Yes... I am aware of the experience of being hit by lightning in the appearance of a star-struck love. It... does... not... last. The ardor cools. In only one instance does the ardor not cool... but grows in intensity as it is expressed... until one day you shine like The Sun... with your selfless and impersonal love that grew, and grew... and grew from a tiny awakening of love for something greater than yourself.

There is no need for suffering. It is self-inflicted. I suggest a study of The Field and The Knower of The Field... if... you are having trouble understanding this. One thing will do much to alleviate your suffering and that is Gratitude. All of The Qualities of God have the capacity to diminish personal suffering, but Gratitude is close to self-forgetting, and self-forgetting is the death knell of suffering.

Suffering is the offspring of The Separated Mind. In Unity, there is no suffering, and Love is the origin of Unity. True Unity is residence in The God-Mind, where there is no self left to suffer. I am so very... very... very grateful that I can know these truths, and that these truths can resonate so perfectly with all that I have come to believe.

All this day and in all the days to follow, I will be reminded over... and over... and over again of all the reasons I have to be thankful. Sometimes it astonishes me when the full awareness of it descends on me, as it does with some frequency in these times. May The Lord God awaken His Joy and Laughter in your heart, and may your gratitude grow beyond the efforts of every limitation that seeks to contain it. May it run like a mighty river from your heart to the foundation stones of The Eternal Kingdom of God.

I do not know when The Avatar will come. I do not know where The Avatar will come, BUT... I do know that The Avatar... will... come... because IT... IS... WHAT... HE... DOES. I wait upon that unspeakably transcendent moment in which he will appear, and I remind you that he can appear... well before he does... in any heart-manger that has provided a place for him.

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Strider said...

Daily saying aloud: I love you God.
It doesn't matter who is around.
While having fun with animal I say thank you God for this companion.
A beautiful day in the park with the hawks power gliding, Thank You God.
A shooting star spotted while out and about, Thank You God.
I am a miscreant and a loser, we all have crosses to bear.
To bear them with good cheer is the key.

G-Zeus said...

Everything was Stolen from India!

The Cross. Extended Lingam with Yoke

Anonymous said...

Hello Les Visible and company.
Getting drunk on Gratitude, that is the jewel of the emotions and what a proximity it has with real love! "Gratitude is the wine of the soul, go get drunk" said Rumi centuries ago, and how right he was. Drinking the gratitude from your musings, I was struck with an insight with the following phrase, "All of The Qualities of God have the capacity to diminish personal suffering, but Gratitude is close to self-forgetting, and self-forgetting is the death knell of suffering."
And I immediately thought that phrase from the bible of becoming like little children is exactly that, self forgetting! I still remember my little kids looking at themselves at the mirror and uttering their names as if they had seen somebody else, still without a solid sense of self. And this in turn reminded me of the beautiful Chuang Tse poem "when the shoe Fits" which ends with "Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy.Continue easy and you are right.The right way to go easy is to forget the right way and forget that the going is easy." Self forgetting done the right way, regenerated innocence like you often say. Thank you for all you do and the gratitude I always feel when reading one of your daily labours for the good of us all.
A friend from Greece.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am thankful I'm not a normie. Nostrils to the sky from Schrödinger's nose. (Actually, my flat mate came up with that due to all my dead/alive jokes, and I'm still laughin' over it on and off.)

oengus said...

what you describe is quite close to my own experience/earthwalk

needing nothing, provided for, living in gratitude
so greatfull, it hurts

puzzling though, that you chose He/Him to refer to our Provender/Benificence
i go first to It, as it is so vast, then to She, referring to the ever-birthingness cornucopia feminine quality of the Almighty

so how does a He come into it?
definitionally, with a He we have male genitalia

the Almighty is carrying a male package?
please reply, anybody, can you help me understand the association of maleness with the Divine?

G-Zeus said...


Visible said...

Trolling here is never an effective device. ALL enduring scripture points to one's right to identify GOD as... it pleases them to, whether that be Father... Mother... Child... Lover or Impersonal source. You probably well know this, anonymous... just as you well know I refer to God by ALL OF THESE IDENTIFIERS when it pleases me to. Your low jinx are unlikely to have much impact here. Take your game playing somewhere else. Your syntax exposes you in ways you are unaware of.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"My Calling Attention to The Same Reconstituted Lies and Bullshit does not Alter or Inhibit Their Presence."

G-Zeus said...

You can't be Straight. The first Gay ruined Sex forever. God will punish them, just don't think about it.



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