Friday, October 15, 2021

"Never Forget Who is Walking with You... Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death."

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The female aspect of humankind attracts the male. In the animal kingdom it is most often an olfactory thing, because... at that level, Nature goes into Heat. In the human kingdom, it is a combination of the senses. Culture is a feminine expression. It has a preliminary rightness which, in civilization, precipitates into a wrongness. On the one hand, we have pristine Lady Nature. In an advanced state, we have those adaptations of Nature. We have fashion. We have malls and countless variations of shops, where adaptations on Nature are displayed as wares. Woman is transformed into a Bitch Hydra cocktail with a Hysteria chaser, and Man is rendered girlish and Incel(ish).

You've heard of pheromones. That's just part of it. Men and women are Magnetic in one area and Electric at the other, when discussing the head and the groin area. Women are magnetic at their sex and electric at the mind area. The men are reversed. It can give a whole new meaning to various sex acts (grin). All of our culture and... so-called level of civilization, are the product of human sexual exchange. When the male-female dynamic becomes polluted, you get a cultural-social degeneration.

When certain negative interests can pervert the human sexual nature, they can manifest the chaos and confusion necessary to enslave the world. We all have aspects of both male and female. It is getting them in the proper relationship within that accounts for whether one is bound or free. By now... it should be apparent, to anyone who cares, that there are two different agendas at work. One serves The Light, and one serves The Darkness. The power struggle is defined by the state of The World in any particular time frame. When there is more light, there is more light reflected in human exchanges. When there is more shadow, there is more darkness extended overall.

Again... I must repeat that if the darkness is concentrated in certain locations, The Light WILL BE concentrated somewhere else. During World War One and Two, there were many places that saw no sign of any of it. Oh... their supply chains might have been a tad disrupted, BUT... they did not see any of the fighting, hear any of the bombs, or the screams. It will be like that again. IF... your focus is The Divine, The Divine WILL guide you. The Divine IS Sanctuary itself.

Given that there are other ways for people to arrange their world perspective, no doubt, what I say will conflict with some of them. I've no argument with anyone else. Find what works for you. You are not a problem for me unless you become a problem for me. Even then, it is up to me how I respond to ANYTHING. For me, the key is to Still the Reactive Mind. All of your conflicts and troubles in life are caused by The Reactive Mind. You can learn a great deal from children, studied in a comparative way with Youth, and Adulthood. The progressions are... interesting.

When a child is born, in their early years you see them evolve from humanity's Stone Age origins, on and on, until they reach the level of the culture they are resident in. Some never get that far. There is more than one kind of Arrested Development. Some few evolve past the present point of the culture. They are considered to be 'ahead of their time'. They MAY do great things in the world, but... it is usually no fun for them to be here.

What you see at present, is a concerted effort by The Usual Suspects and their catamites, to destroy human nature, and to bring Hell on Earth. They are ALWAYS after this, but... because of The Awakening, we can see them now. Some of us can see them. They labor in every age to bring a darkness across the face of the Earth. On the other side are The Lightworkers. It goes on as day follows night, and provides us with the dramas of Good and Evil, contending against one another. This is, of course, an illusion, because Heaven ALWAYS wins, and Heaven is ALWAYS in control. However, these dramas provide context and meaning for those caught in the pinball interplay of duality. Both Duality and Unity are constants. They rely on our inner world for their existence. Most of the time, it's one of them on one occasion, and then... it is the other one. This wears a body down.

This is not just another New Age coming to replace the previous one. This is not your usual apocalypse. This is a Grand Apocalypse, which is why there are so many of us here. People, according to their tendencies and intent, are being possessed by the forces their perspective and desire body attracts. If you don't serve as a playing field for carnal appetites, you WILL NOT attract the sort of parasites that devour their host. The Bad Guys paint wrong as right, and bad as good. This creates a climate of Moral Relativism; as in, ”if it feels good, do it!”. This leads to people not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground, and both locations, appearing as something other than they are, get a whole lot of action.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that no matter how powerful The Dark Side might appear to be, it has no power over you unless you give it power. Fear IS fealty. All this external life is about is... choices. This is why you damn well need a guide. I certainly do. Some of you hail from the Invictus point of view and you are welcome to set out on your own, with whatever tools you may have. You won't get very far unless Heaven really wants to make an example out of you. Then, once you realize you went and got your ass lost, you can cry for help. There is a reason I am using the folksy, down-home language occasionally in this posting.

You will find in this world that there are quite a few people who KNOW all about whatever it is, and they are not shy about letting you know. Some will rail at my use of Duality as a staging area for what I am trying to say. It is merely a theatrical prop for something else. Some, on the other hand, will rail at my Advaita references BECAUSE... I use BOTH of them. They are both real and they both go on forever and ever in their particular zone of enterprise. What is the point of explaining something in a gestalt unity fashion, if the audience sees everything in black and white? Conversely... what is the point of convoluting opposites, when people have convinced themselves that they are some kind of Zen Master who... as they will be glad to tell you... no longer has any need for Zen?

If you don't think The World is trending for ever greater and more comprehensive Wack, I suggest you listen to some portion of that In5D interview in the links below. In these times, with the Silly Putty Mind shapers, who form your opinions for you, you have put yourself at the mercy of forces whose sole intent is your destruction. You SHOULD NOT let other people shape your perspective. Accept all things as possible, and then? Go and prove it... as it is... or... as it is not; neti-neti.

If you allow your emotional and mental bodies to be in thrall to appearances, you will be operated and played by an invisible remote control agency. Well... you already are. If you are not serving the one camp, you are serving the other. If you don't even get this, you... by default, fall into the gray area that is the planetary brothel, visited by the ones with the remote control, for their various PLEASURES. You are rendered into a vaccine pin-cushion, and human trampoline, for the horizontal hula antics of Pinhead and the Cenobites. I cannot stress this enough= As The Avatar sweeps out the invisible planes of all the long-entrenched centers of Evil, they are driven down into human form, where they take over any unattended vehicles. You don't want to be the central figure in a joy-riding-demon event. They don't care what happens to the vehicle. They will just find another.

I don't care how unsafe and frightening The World may appear to be at the moment. If it doesn't apply to you, it doesn't apply to you. Never forget who is walking with you through The Valley of the Shadow of Death. The dramas you see playing out in front of you were scripted a long time ago. Invites were sent out to The Department of Reincarnation and it looks like practically everybody got one.

It is CRITICAL. It is ESSENTIAL that you recognize that the whole of existence is UNDER CONTROL. It may not seem so if you are out of control, due to passions and appetites. The World might seem to be a random exercise of pointlessness to the atheist. Some might think, “well... you only get the one life.” Some might think there is nothing to follow but an eternal darkness without memory. BZZZT! Wrong answer. You can convince yourself of ANYTHING. We see that proven out for The Purpose of Demonstration every day, in this Bootcamp for the Stars. Some fail basic training over and over. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Yes... people can convince themselves of ANYTHING. Are they right to do so? From my perspective, I either prove it out or recognize it is Out for Clearance... and that for the moment, I don't know. It matters to me; what is and what is not. It matters to me when people suffer again, and again, at their own hands, through whatever proxy they drummed up for the occasion. It matters to me that people suffer. It matters most that there is nothing you can do, except to lead by example; Unbearable Compassion. I tell you... Go to The Well and drink your fill. There IS something in The Water. It will purify your body and intoxicate your soul. Otherwise...

End Transmission.......

You have to be deep asleep to not being celebrating God right now. Mr. Apocalypse is in The Big Tent and he is a ringmaster par excellence. The feature act is about to begin!

I got links for you. I apologize that some of them reflect the level of sleaze some find themselves in, and the contrived Gabby Petito-Potato Circus, which WE WILL NOT be showcasing=

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Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin

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It's back up! So I repost it. It's three hours long so... skimming is a better move. Actually, just reading the article is enough. If you want to see what happens when The New Age goes round the bending end, this is it (cue Kenny Loggins)=

Having listened to more than I wanted to, I can say with great certainty, she is full of shit.

Interview with Kimberly Ann Gougen by Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot

And then there are the REALLY... REALLY stupid people;
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

"It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You."

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Well... The World isn't what most people think it is. Ancient scriptures all agree that The World is a sham and general hallucination of deceptive appearances.

I could give so many examples of this that I would never come to the end of writing it, and that's just me. Let's see... the sitting Attorney General of the United States (link below) has a conflict of interest in going after the parents who object to Critical Race Theory and Gay cheerleading. It turns out that his son-in-law reps Critical Race Theory, selling the various educational supplies for it.

Subway, which is the largest of the fast-food chains in the U.S., makes tuna sandwiches that do not contain tuna or possibly even fish, for that matter. It's bread isn't bread (link below). It has FIVE TIMES the allowable sugar that separates bread from pastry, and... their chicken is only half chicken.

For decades now, I have avoided processed foods and I don't eat out. Others are welcome to. I CANNOT find food in the public thoroughfares that can match what I eat at home. It DOES NOT taste as good, and it IS NOT as healthy. There were times that I checked this out. It is convincingly so. I KNOW The World is poisonous. One of the reasons for blessing what one eats has to do with protection from this. Food cooked without Love is not worth eating.

To say that The World is poisonous can be a little misleading. A lot of it has to do with the poisons you carry within you; poisoned thoughts and emotions... poisoned intentions and ambitions, which slowly, and surely, find their way into the physical body and become a pathological condition.

The World is a false-front Hollywood house. It's a lot of glitter and noise without substance and the reason why so many people exist in a constant state of disappointment and regret later in life. I got to that understanding when I was a child. Thankfully... I found components of existence that were not a disappointment. Of course, this WILL separate you from others over time. I have known many people in this life and I can say that it is a rare thing to meet an individual committed to the spiritual path. I've met many with some personal philosophy. Most of what I have seen is some hodge-podge of justification and rationalization for what they think, and say, and do, within an agreeable template.

The spiritual path can be a rough road, but... ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness, as is presently the case. I know there are many who believe they are on the spiritual path. They follow a religion. They follow New Age remedies. They follow some construct that was put together by those seeking power and fortune, for their many splintered-way formulae for communicating with the ineffable. What they achieved was an intermediary priest class that... allegedly... acts as an interface between you and God. I could never be a member of any religion, because I WILL NOT accept any intermediary other than angels, as step-down transformers of the presence and glory of God.

This is why I belong to The First Church of the Presence of God. There are no priests and no churches, aside from the vast cloisters and sanctuaries of Nature. There is only one ritual and that is the celebration of the Indwelling Presence. As a member, this is what you do, while TRYING to remain compassionate for all life.

I do not intend to demean religion for others. Religion can be a good set of training wheels for your life, but eventually... you should be able to ride without them. Unfortunately, the much larger majority of us never even attempt to. Religion, like political affinities, and aught else; every construct you can imagine, are coffins. They are for the mortally inclined among us.

I gave few examples of the deceptions and lies presently deceiving the public mind. There are just too many of them. I see them NON-STOP in my travels. This can lead to depression, and then to despair for those inside The Box. There is ever so much more that can be found, but few know where to look. It is ALL contained within you. Of course, you have heard this before, many times. After a while, you can come to believe it, but it doesn't mean anything to you. It is like saying there is life on other planets. Sure... I am quite positive of this, but... either you have been there and seen this or you have encountered them HERE. I have had that pleasure, but I don't know any more than I did before it happened.

By Reason, Logic, In-spiration, and In-tuition, it is clear to me what forces APPEAR to rule this world. It is clear to me who is behind these forces, and who is a front for these forces. The term, Temporal World, will clarify much, but you still don't REALLY know. Most of us live a life based on assumptions or hearsay. If enough of your colleagues and friends share your assumptions and early programming, well... that makes it all fine and dandy.

The conflicts in this world are not accidental. They are contrived. They involve those who have involved themselves, according to their belief systems, their appetites, and their ambitions. There are also those who manipulate and profit from these belief systems, appetites, and ambitions. Suspicion of what is different is a lever, operated by those who employ suspicion and superstition for their own ends. They are as manipulated as the ones they manipulate. The big secret is to vanish... disappear... while you are still here. It is possible to become so foreign to the commonplace that you are no longer perceived to be present. There are entire populated worlds that exist alongside our own, and which remain unseen, by those existing within the sensory bandwidth. I KNOW this from direct, and repeated experience.

There are those who see into the other worlds, and who are considered mad. Then there are those who know enough to keep it to themselves. Your more luminous companions will not come around if you make your relationships public. You can, of course, as many do, pretend to be associated with them for the material advantage it will bring you, given that it was what you were after in the first place. Religion is hocus-pocus employed to subjugate and shear the masses, and it has been going on for a REALLY long time. We are about to see the lid ripped off of this, and all the other subterfuges that have been performed to confuse Humanity and then get rich from it.

Have you ever watched a card sharp practice their art? Have you seen the legerdemain in slo-mo? Can you tell the means by which a magician works with misdirection? Imagine, if you will, those so much more skilled at similar things... that you have no knowledge of who they are or what they do. The World IS a Magic Show. God employs a magic called Maya, from which The World, as you think you know it, is fabricated. It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You. Have you looked more deeply into the camouflage of Nature?

It is not possible to discuss the deeper implications of it all. People would find certain explanations to be highly offensive and unacceptable. It does not mean anything, life continues as it continues. You can scream and shout and wave your hands in the air at the unfairness of it all, which we especially see in these times, but... it will do you no good. You will be brushed to the side or plowed over, as irresistible change continues. Try explaining that strange passage in The Lord's Prayer to a fundie Christian; “Lead us not into Temptation.”

It is ALL one force at work through every application of force. God and The Devil are the same thing, (although one of them doesn't actually exist) and both of them are misinterpreted as to their functions and intent. It is a matter of how you perceive existence. It is a matter of perspective. If you view existence through a carnal lens then you see one Under-lord through a glass darkly. If you view existence through a metaphysical lens, then you still see The One through a step-down transformer. What is envisioned is experienced and comprehended according to the plane of awareness you function on.

Go up to the next level and you will see something entirely different, and so up... up, and up, and up, and up. Down, and down, and down. In this world, the main level of awareness embraces the common theme so many of us believe to be what is real. It's that Average aggregate of average intelligence. Then... there is a somewhat smaller demographic below and a much smaller demographic above. Is it any wonder there is so much conflict? The new trends of diversity and inclusiveness are DESIGNED to amplify ever greater conflict among us. They are a part of the Communist Manifesto of The Usual Suspects, and their partners in crime.

If you are able to fit in HERE, there is NOTHING I can tell you, and you wouldn't be coming here anyway. You'd be at Facebook or some other sleaze fest of pedestrian attractions and appetites. You'd be okay with Subway's bread, and Subway's tuna. You wouldn't care much if the attorney general was a sociopathic criminal; which he is. As long as he was on your side of the endless conflict, in this game of musical chairs, you would be okay with it. It's like wearing your team's jersey and yelling at the people wearing the other jersey. You would not care that Washington D.C, is presently overrun with Chi-Com intelligence operatives.

Mind how you go in these times. Mind what you are attracted to, and magnetized by. We are sailing in uncharted waters.

End Transmission.......

Some links reflective of the conversation=


This looks interesting, and there are links to small-town America=
The Historical Small Town of Water Valley, Near Nashville, TN Is For Sale

Brazilian flag was added to a display representing the 600,000 people who have died from Covid-19 in Brazil

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Terresha Lucas

A 6'0" Red headed white male and member of the Ku Klux Klan, yesterday

Breakdown of those receiving the vaccines;
79% of those surveyed experienced tingling, vibrations and shaking
57% had numbness
53% reported heart issues
45% experienced muscle weakness and pain
44% experienced headaches
43% had fatigue
42% had stomach issues
39% reported brain fog
36% experienced involuntary twitching
29% had tremors
27% reported blood pressure issues
20% reported tinnitus

Thursday, October 7, 2021

"Those for Whom Science is their God, Will Come to the Absurd Resolutions that Material Science Arrives At."

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On The Tree of Life, the highest triad contains the most essential and enduring qualities of The Divine. We can't say much about the top sephiroth; no one can. However, the next two are known as Wisdom and Understanding. One is a male aspect and the other is female. You could say that they are the realm of The Father God and The Mother God; two eternal expressions of a basic life dynamic. Heaven is an extended family. They have been together for a very long time. The human mind cannot comprehend it whatsoever. You can most certainly be absorbed into it, and become a reflection of it... if you make it there.

Once again, there is that ageless conundrum; HOW do you get to where you already are? This, once again, indicates that EVERYTHING is understood, and controlled by your awareness of it. It is controlled regardless of your awareness, but you are unaware of it. Look at The World around you. Awareness sets the margins for everything. Just as your personal world is a projection of your mind, based on your level of awareness, the greater world is also a projection of The One Mind.

Everything is always in Harmony or engaged in achieving it. Here again, what does your awareness tell you about that? God is aware of everything at all times. This seems impossible to understand at your present state of awareness, but then... you're not God, but... but... you are also, after a fashion. All of us possess the potential of Godhead within. Very few of us possess it actualized, but... ANY and all of us could. It is a matter of basic plumbing. For most, The God Force is randomly expended each day in pedestrian congress and pursuit of the same.

If you do not expend and waste it, the pressure will build and the force will rise through the allocated channels until Godhead occurs. You can see what a fantastic force is The Power of The World. Millions... Billions... striving and contending with one another for nothing worth having. Possession... Programming... Brainwashing with dirty water; call it what you will. It is a spell-making and spell-binding force, and it works through the desire body and the appetites. This should ALL be obvious, but it is generally not, due to insufficient awareness. Those who know this, seldom have anything to say, as they are in a state of perpetual awe. Those who do not know this, and whose minds are on other things, cannot shut up; chipmunks on a log. All that nervous energy of idle chatter is also the result of The God Force turned to pedestrian interests and enterprises.

Though we may not be aware of it... or identify it as something less, there are laws that run through the whole of existence and we are ALL subject to them. We've all heard of Gravity and the various thermodynamic strictures. Many of us are familiar with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Polarities. There are many permutations of Heavenly Law, all of which come from a single source. When they are perverted by the compromised, they operate as a perversion of Nature, through which The Will of God expresses itself. The further The Water runs from the snow-capped peaks of PURE mathematics/spirit, down into the valley below, the less clear and pure is The Water, until it catches fire from the impurities and pollution, like the Cuyahoga River once did.

The human mind is a microcosm, a reflection of The Divine Mind. The same is true of the human heart and all of its attendant systems and components. I think we can collectively agree that at this time, Humanity is NOT a clear reflection of The Divine. It was so at one time, ever so long ago, but... it is not so now. This is the expected result of Humanity precipitating down into the realm of matter, by the force of Desire, for the purpose of experience and demonstration. People will tell you it all went sideways here or there or somewhere. They might even show you books written about it that confirm their perspective, which is determined by their level of awareness.

Ectshully, it was all planned from beginning to end, from descent to ascent, from dark and dirty to brand spanking new. God ALREADY knew all the ins and outs, all the comings and goings of Humanity in descent and ascent, from devolution to evolution, like the snake and Typhon in The Wheel of Fortune. HE KNOWS from whence we have come and to what we are directed. So... there are no concerns in The Cosmic Order. In this coming age, Humanity will exhibit some of the promises buried deep for so long, and which so many have given up on. We've hit bottom! Well... not just yet we haven't, but... some of us will. Then it is a gradually ascending and gathering together of disparate, (seemingly) independent moving parts toward a reunion in The Father's and Mother's House. He sees us, as The Prodigal Son, coming from a long way off.

People who read the story of The Prodigal Son imagine that his return was a simple matter of heading home and getting there in a few days or weeks or months. Quite often, it is the work of successive lifetimes to fully return. Some return surprisingly quickly. Some dawdle and get distracted and the pitchfork has to be employed. Some buds open before the others, and some do not open at all. This is a vast landscape of subject matter and we are all on our own with it... seemingly.

Your level of awareness accounts for the degree of Wisdom and Understanding that you possess. RAISE YOUR AWARENESS! Though I am going to mention drugs in a moment, I AM NOT promoting or recommending them. Some of us (like myself) have had a karmic dispensation in the matter. MANY of us do not and wind up casualties by the roadside. I am mentioning them ONLY to show how hidden laws work, and you will not be getting anything earthshaking from me on the matter. I am rather The Earth that gets shaken, not the one doing the shaking.

There is another law called The Law of Parallels, having to do with how different things connect to the whole and also operate through other MEDIUMS. I have mentioned The Gunas before. They are representative of the Eastern system. In the Western Tradition, we have Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury. This article is a good primer on The Gunas with plenty of brevity (grin), succinct, and to the point. The 3 gunas are Sattva (luminosity and clarity), Rajas (passionate industry good and bad), and Tamas (torpor, delusion, and sleep). These are VERY basic descriptors.

If you shoot Heroin or Fentanyl, you can expect a lot of Tamas. If you take Cocaine or Meth, you can expect a lot of Rajas. If you take/took Mushrooms, LSD, or Ayahuasca, you MIGHT be looking at mostly Sattva, depending on your level of awareness. Think of all the ways that these three forms of actions could be expressed in human behavior. Diet would be much affected by one's tendencies toward one of the 3. One's sexual nature would surely be affected in similar fashion; some more bestial, and some more refined. Think of ANYTHING and it applies. Your level of awareness and degree of Wisdom and Understanding are demonstrated through the interplay of your gunas. Here is another example of The Wise Man rules the Stars. It is why detachment and being unattached come up so often in Eastern Teachings.

Obviously, I could have used better examples, and gone into greater detail, but... something like that might never end. The point is to create thinking points and the reader can extrapolate on their own. Now reflect on all the types of people you see each day. Consider those you are familiar with and those you simply observe as they go by. Each of them is in a particular relationship with The Gunas, depending on their level of awareness. You CANNOT remain Still. ONLY God is still, everything else is in ceaseless motion. If you dedicate all of your motion to The Stillness; if you direct it, consecrate it to Godhead, your arrival will be very speedy, depending on how energetic you are. We are all composites of unique, individual arrangements between The Gunas.

I received a very interesting transmission yesterday. Here is what I was told; because of the great size of present human population, when The Avatar comes, he will need satellites, like human cellphone towers, and those chosen for the job will be like radiating centers, whose auras encompass entire communities during the coming storm. They will provide a protective sanctuary, where no darkness can enter. They will be KNOWN sometimes and UNKNOWN in others. This has been happening for as long as there are sheep and shepherds, BUT... it will be more apparent.

The violent storms may rage on the periphery but The Weather-Master will have an invisible shield. I know this sounds like science fiction or a Dennis Wheatley novel, maybe, but... it is what I am being told. I am told all kinds of things but I do not write about all of them. I can only write about what my heart becomes convinced is true. As verification continues, Trust increases, and more comes into the discussion.

Some of these human radiation devices (not to be confused with trans-humanism), will first disappear and then come back transformed. Some will have never been seen before so... whatever that means. There is going to come a time when supernatural is the order of the day. It might not even be that supernatural, only that it hasn't been seen in a very long time.

Those for whom Science is their God will come to the absurd resolutions that material science arrives at. We shall, each of us, arrive at what we fashioned it into, through the heart's desire, within The Separated Mind in search of Unity. We will have the Wisdom and Understanding that our chosen path provides. If it is moving in the direction of Stupid, the Wisdom and Understanding will reflect this by their absence. If destruction is the port of call, the ship will be guided there. If it is redemption, then circumstances will be adjusted to that end. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

As we have said any number of times, The Avatar comes bearing gifts. He also comes bearing lessons, and punishments as well. Some of you believe in no Avatar. What did the mob say, “We have no king but Caesar?” Some of you wish and hope. With a few of us, there is a degree of Certainty. How can you not believe in something that operates as a regular seasonal appearance on The Cosmic Clock? The Avatar comes and goes and comes again like Summer follows Spring. We may not know the hour, but we do know the ballpark.

End Transmission.......

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AG Garland's Family Getting Rich Selling Critical Race Theory Materials To Schools

Monday, October 4, 2021

"What I do Know is that NO ONE can Fail to Have Success in This Area IF THEY PERSIST."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Day follows day and I see the infrastructure of the passing age being reduced to compost. Day by day, I see a multitude of examples of Mr. Apocalypse, turning over the covering appearances and revealing what lies beneath. Day by day, I watch the opportunists, who ALWAYS appear in times of disturbance to see what it might profit them. Screaming lunatics abound, as both Fear and Madness intensify, and Pan's pipes can be widely heard, even if it bears no resemblance to the sound one might expect. Few of us knowing who they are anymore, accounts for a rising hysteria in the masses pressed together in urban confinements. The links below reflect this, and for every example given, there are many, many, many, many, many more.

I am often reminded of the lines from “A Tale of Two Cities”;

“It was the best of times;
it was the worst of times.”

This is because it is how it seems to me. For the few in their cloistered towers, where everything can be sent out for, and where private flights are contracted for their pocket change, it couldn't be more splendid. For the huddled masses, it is a protracted agony of uncertainty. What new horror may still emerge from the industries and intentions of The Few?

I noted, a few years ago, that the astrological chart of The United States (at that time) had a striking similarity to that of Revolutionary France. Now... we see Jacobins and thug armies everywhere, but especially in those living zones controlled by The Left. The horrors of political correctness and Cancel Culture are upon us. What about those places where it was given free rein, such as Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge, and Red China on various occasions? I can hear the dread cry, “Citoyen, J'accuse!” It often reminds me of Donald Sutherland and his voiceless cry toward the end of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

It is a dreadful tableau set before us. It is filled with specters and looming apparitions of out-pictured fear. An ominous resonance is drumming on the human subconscious. Uneasiness is the order of the day. Yet... these are just appearances. In Times of Material Darkness, people are obsessed with their personal appetites, desires, and agendas. When selfishness rears its ugly head inside your own, you have every reason to be fearful in times of great transformation. Those who are not thinking about themselves have little to fear. Who would they be fearful for anyway? The personal self has been shelved and forgotten. This is a state not easily reached, but we must reach it.

Almost NO ONE survives this visitation here in the Land of Temporary Pleasures and Pains. Of course, this warring duality of self-offense ONLY exists in the lives of The Separated Mind, and its various identities that come and go; there is that person who ran wild as a child, and then turned into callow youth in a hormonal war. Then there is the young adult, then the adult in prime or as Tom Wolfe put it, a man in full.” Then comes so-called, mid-life, when The Separated Mind brings forth the accusations of a life not well lived. Then you are old and dotage comes... in most cases. It is like Shakespeare's, “7 Ages of Man.” For the insightful mind, Shakespeare summed up all of the interplay's of humanity in their tawdry dramas and venal plots.

One can be forgiven for their apprehensions when faced with The World in transition. It looks, now and again like all Hell is going to break loose, and... it might. It CERTAINLY will in certain places. It will go unnoticed in others. The key is to be in the latter, but... how do you accomplish that? You are a reflection of the environment that contains (seems to contain) you. If you are in resonance with Heaven, Heaven WILL come. I could go on and on about this, though I doubt it would be any more clear.

Much of what you hear from me in these times, presupposes the reality of The Coming of the Avatar. It is what I believe to be true. What if it is not true? In that case, time will tell and we shall see. My perspective is MUCH influenced, and much shaped by Vedic texts, traditions, and teachers. HOWEVER... ALL of the traditions have an Avatar construct. In the Hindu tradition he is called, Kalki. In the Buddhist tradition he is called, Maitreya. In the Muslim tradition, he is called The Mahdi. In the Christian tradition, it is taught as The Second Coming of Christ. What are we to make of that?

Let us go a little further into why I am convinced of The Coming of the Avatar. The Intuition plays a large part in anything that comes to mind or reports itself to me through the senses. It is seldom, if ever, wrong, and then it only seems to be wrong because I misinterpreted what I was told, as I find out later. This can be a little freakish for those who have no Interior Teacher. That is what The Intuition is, after all. How do you explain something to someone who has never seen nor experienced it? How do you describe to another what they have never even heard about? I am not talking about The Intuition now. I am talking about the countless wonders of the invisible which has simply not come up for them.

When you are awash in Materialism, that is the voice you hear. Strange events take place in everyone's life. They interpret these events in the manner that their programming tells them. You might have noticed a peculiarity in the lives of Old People. They OFTEN have the radio AND the TV playing through the whole day. Often they have lights on in their house throughout the day and night. Why do they do this? The chatter protects them from the inner voice that becomes more noticeable as their time here draws to a close. They do not want to be subjected to the conversation in their own minds, which is filled with recrimination and regret for the failures of a life, and which is ALWAYS a staging area for their fears.

I am well aware that as Materialism becomes more present and pervasive in human life, fewer people believe in God, or they believe in some anthropomorphic projection of a deity that is a larger being very much like themselves, filled with the same vindictive nature and judgments upon all else for the preservation of a personal sanctity of enforced personal stupidity. I am sure that they see me in similar fashion, although that is not how I see them. I see them as poor unfortunates in a perpetual denial of The Real. Which of us is right? Time will tell and we shall see. Indeed.

The suffering of humanity in a collective sense has never been greater because there was never so many of us, nor has there been such a quantity of products for their appetites or possibilities of experience on the sensory plane to disappoint themselves over. People do not look happy to me. Is that because I am unhappy? I am neither happy nor sad. I have found what I was looking for or... should I say it has found me? It was there all the time and would announce itself at certain moments, here and there in my consciousness... until it was ALWAYS there ♫ here... there... and everywhere ♫

I cannot account for why what has happened to me has happened to me. I do know of many others that it happened to, from the long ago to the present day. What I do know is that NO ONE can fail to have success in this area IF THEY PERSIST. It can take a long period of banging on the door to get results. The time frame will differ, depending on how much effort you may have put into it during your other visits here.

Somehow... I KNOW that a cosmic, spiritual, world-transforming event is in The Event Horizon. It readily explains all that is happening, but... what if you don't believe any of that, and instead, believe that what you see is all there is? Physics PROVES otherwise. Physics has proven that The World is thought-born. Maybe you didn't get the memo? Whose thought would that be? Well... since you are a macrocosm of The Creator, you give life to thoughts all day. AND... since we, as thinkers, strongly imply an original thinker... I can actually see the “Yeah but” reactions that are always present when others deny the reality of something because they cannot describe or explain what it is. Their argument ALWAYS turns to religion to justify their arguments.

Religion is only a preliminary stepping stone on the way to something well beyond the capacity of religion to contain it. Meanwhile, most of the religions are in sharp disagreement with one another. Religions that believe in killing the infidel are Satanic, and I would say that all religions, in these times, are Satanic constructs to confuse the meanings of what remains inexplicable regardless. They are all about the money, with SOME FEW EXCEPTIONS. They are 'mostly' fading as I write these words. A new age is upon us and that means new religions are in the making. They will, of course, be only variations on a theme. It will be the same old- same old, reconstituted, and New and Improved; just like it was the last time when the new religions were grafted over the ones they replaced, and the time before that, and the time before that.

You may argue about the causes for present troubles and changes. You may be for or against them, but you will have no impact on their coming or their going. The best you can do is to be in harmony with it. That is ALWAYS the best answer for everything. Once again, I point out that Jesus was known to have consorted with publicans and sinners. That's where the work is after all, but it must first begin with work upon yourself. ANY EFFORT which does not contain this as the first concern is certain to fail.

End Transmission.......

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