Thursday, October 28, 2021

"It's a Whole World in a Fish Bowl, Like Bubbles Interwoven with Other Bubbles."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was watching the latest Bruce Willis movie, hoping it wouldn't be as bad as what he usually does these days. I should have known better. I only made it halfway and that was ONLY because I wasn't paying a lot of attention. He doesn't look like himself. Earlier I saw Bruce Springsteen. He looked like they composed him in a vat at the Rand underground laboratories. They look like they got replaced by bad copies. What I am seeing doesn't make sense. It's like that film “Multiplicity” with the degenerating clones. Yes... actors lose their chops and musicians become hacks but... what I am seeing is beyond that. It is as if what they say about replacing people with doubles might be true.

Bruce Willis, in the last ten years, has been in more low-budget turkeys than Steven Segal. When I say bad, I mean really bad. I wouldn't be bringing it up if there were no good reason; how many film reviews do you see from me here? Then... I guess it was yesterday, Bruce Springsteen was in a video with (present behind-the-scenes president) Obama. Obama was talking about Clarence Clemons in the band; him being black and all. Well... the link is below and you can read the article. Basically... he called his fans racists and agreed that they would probably use that one word that only blacks can use with each other now. That was an act of self-destruction I haven't seen in a long time. I know he drinks... but... whoa!

I talk about Mr. Apocalypse a lot because he is around a lot. He does many things besides revealing the truth and exposing the lies. He also compels people to out themselves. It can seem like an okay idea, while it's happening, and then they look back in horror at what they have said or done. That... if you are paying any attention at all these days, is happening all the time now. Look at what that US Attorney General; the highest law enforcement position in the land. In the pecking order, he tells the FBI what to do. He... heh heh... heh heh heh... he reacted to a school board complaint about a collective of parents... one of which had his 14-year-old daughter raped by a boy in a dress in the girl's bathroom.

The school board had covered it up and transferred the student to another school where... HE DID IT AGAIN!!! So the attorney general, in the spirit of George Soros who runs him (and Obama, of course), starts to go after the parents with the weight of his office. He is now in front of a senate investigation committee where he is being humiliated in a serious fashion. He's not good at that kind of thing either.

All sorts of tumultuous events are about to happen. When you see what you see happening at present, you can usually intuit the sort of events to follow. There is a major power grab-power struggle taking place. The result of it... the outcome... will radically alter the world we live in. This could result in variations across the gamut from Heaven to Hell. How it USUALLY works, it happens simultaneously; closer to Hell in some locations, closer to Heaven in others. Let us agree that Hell, like Heaven, is a state of mind. You have only to travel The World, as you can now do virtually, and you will see what is likely. This is especially so in places where the population is heavily concentrated.

If you follow Trends and Patterns, a kind of perspective comes into your possession. Temporal Professionals, like economists, political operatives, law enforcement, and many more that I can think of study Trends and Patterns.

In the links below, is a video of a moment in a bike race in the Canary Islands. The crowd is waiting for a group of bicyclists to arrive. As they arrive, this woman walks directly in front of the lead rider who was moving at a good clip. Kaboom! She was on a cellphone. Cellphones take your attention when you should be paying attention in order to see the Trends and Patterns, and whatever is going on around you. Events USUALLY follow a certain order. When they don't, you get anomalies. What can be learned simply by observing, and focusing your attention, is much more deep-reaching and significant than most people think.

I'm saying, things happen for a reason. You say, “I know that.” At what level is your Certitude at? For instance, God is in control of everything. He's in Biden's head. He's in the head of Little Georgie Sorrows. He is intimate with The Rothschilds, though they know him under a different name. People have a hard time understanding how God can be both God and The Devil in different getups. On the frequency you tune into him at, he becomes that for you. It's all on a dial. Dial it up!

When I say that everything is under the control of The Divine and that everything happens for a reason, I am saying they are both the same. You have to have that level of Certitude. Karma is what we encounter when we play God. If you think you are running the show. ..You are not. Your appetites and desires are running the show, and you are steered wherever that takes you, and none of it is enough, so you FINALLY let go of it and take direction. This is what one should do. Don't make a move without acknowledging who is The Mover.

EVERYTHING becomes clear and falls into place when you realize that the whole of it is under control. Not a leaf blows by. Not a sparrow falls that is not noted. It is not so, that “many a rose is born to blush unseen” God sees EVERYTHING, and he uses your eyes to do it. Some know this. Many do not. When they think they are very smart, they hammer on about what an evil religion is. They throw the baby out with the bathwater. What has religion got to do with God? True religion is a lifestyle. It's NOT a day job.

I feel sorry for both Bruces. These are hard times for being Bruce. At least in some instances. Think of the level of fame both of them HAD. Now they are relics of a period that has passed them by. They are like animated curios in a diorama of another time.

You have your famous, and you have those who make money from the famous. You have those who pay to see and hear the famous. It's a whole world in a fishbowl, like bubbles interwoven with other bubbles. People move through these bubbles like schools of fish in the sea. Heaven and Hell are bubbles with self-contained atmospheres. I can tell you, except in certain cases, you know what direction you are headed in LONG BEFORE you get there. People scoff at the idea of things like destiny, fate, karma... God. That's like howling in a windstorm. It's like facing life with your eyes closed. God is real, my friends. Adjust to it how you please, but YOU WILL adjust to it. The Trends and Patterns of life see to it and they are woven out of Karma, from which Destiny (some call it Fate) emerges.

I watch movies because they tell me a great deal about the mindset of those who think they are running things. I look for the programming and its manner of presentation. This reveals surprising insights when you watch movies while you are aware of what the filmmaker is doing. Films are an expression of The Lower Mind and carnal appetites at play. They celebrate that while plotting out the ego dances that interweave through Smorgasbordia, which is also a place in a bubble. You can use your dial to call up any bubble. They all cost something or have an overall fee. This is one of the perks of selfless service, you get in and out with the least amount of attrition when you don't want it in the first place.

I looked with all my might and I found what I was looking for. It renders The World inconsequential, while, at the same time, allowing me to appreciate and enjoy it, because The Supreme Enjoyer goes everywhere I go, cause I only go where he likes to go in the first place.

I know you've gotten some unusual fare from me of late, but this... The Theater of Divine Expression Within is where I hang my life... like one hangs their hat. These are very important and significant times. Anyone not fully aware of that is badly prepared. It is ALWAYS best to be ready and waiting, rather than to have the necessity thrust upon you.

I cannot predict. It is not my venue, but I can see the general playing board in at least 4 dimensions, as could you. Sometimes we even get the input that truly clarifies it, and gives it meaning. Many writers have tackled this land of life as a metaphor; Lewis Carroll, Johnathan Swift, Mark Twain, and others. Life really is how you see it. So... when you see it through the eyes of a child, it is a never-ending wonder. For those of us who misplaced it at some point, and that is nearly all of us, it CAN reappear as something called Regenerated Innocence. This, and many another wonderful quality and curiosity is in the province of God, and he does confer them upon those who sincerely seek them; after a time on The Proving Ground. That can vary widely, but if you want it... you get as far as you can go, and then... you wait.

You can live in Serenity. I am absolutely serious about this, and it doesn't matter what the state of The World is, as it goes through its Controlled Stages. It is such a SIMPLE thing, and it is near impossible to talk about so as to transmit it. Hinting at it, or dressing it up in familiar clothes, can sometimes be useful. I want to REALLY stress the importance of seeking within. NOTHING. And I mean NOTHING has any value by comparison, because what you find is Priceless. It is The Thing Itself, which so many of us are seeking in something else, or someone else. Finding it is the fulfillment of The Great Work, and results in The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. What... in all The World could have as much value as that?

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 25, 2021

"I Do Not know the Details, but I Do Know if You Rest in God, He WILL Give You Sanctuary."

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What happened to Alex Baldwin is the sort of thing you can't protect yourself against, if you haven't protected yourself against it. Not the gun. That you can easily protect yourself against by being absolutely certain to treat any and every gun as if it were a loaded gun. You have to be trained in firearms. It is a state of mind. Some of us get it while growing up. These days, in many locations there is no training, only aversion. Yet... anti-gun advocates like Alex insist on playing with them.

I am not a gun guy but I am gun savvy. People want to get rid of guns. I would rather get rid of the need for guns. I do that in myself and The World accommodates. If you believe it, you radiate it. Everything is controlled by invisible means, including thoughts and emotions, though this is often unseen. When is the last time you have seen an emotion or a thought, except in your head? We see the evidence of them in people's actions, but we don't see them.

Satanism, and The Gay and Tranny Agenda, are arm in arm. Since the one is far older and uses the other as a culture destroyer, they are not equal when making policies. This is why The Usual Suspects finance all of these organizations and control their boards, and also make up for the largest groups in one of the smallest groups. Their intentions are expressions of infernal malice. Fortunately, they do not go where there is too much light.

You have to have an awareness of what they are up to or you are walking blind. Even in a normal world, there will be same-sex attractions, but they always compose a very small percentage of the whole of humanity. People are karmically disposed to certain behaviors. It is a phase they have to pass through on their way to being none of these things, or even male or female unless wearing a certain suit of clothes= your body. It is an identifier on this plane. If they can screw up your view of it, they can screw you up. The war being waged now is for the human soul. Do not let fear put you in the wrong company.

Were it not for heterosexuals there would be no gays or other non-reproducing entities. I was a hippie. I was a clean and idealistic hippie. We were a small part of the rest of it and we had our own niche for being, as should ALL other splinter lifestyles. The tyranny of the minority is not to be endured. We are experiencing this right now. Those who have and print the money are making the rules. Here is an example of the Tyranny of the Minority making rules for the rest of us.

They do not make any rules for me. I am not susceptible to them. I do not rely on visible means of support. I have no hostages to fortune. I have no ambitions that they can thwart. Almost no one resides in this state of being. You can't have much of anything this way, but... if you don't want anything, what are they gonna do? Meanwhile, I have EVERYTHING worth having, including the tools of my industries. I ONLY need to be useful, and I ONLY need enough fuel to keep doing that. Nothing else is on the menu.

What do you know? Saturday Night Live, which I won't watch... because even when I'm not trying to be funny I am funnier than that, and so are you... I hear they were making fun of Biden. He must be on his way out when he becomes fodder for his former supporters. I'm guessing word has come up from The Pit that he is to be replaced. Once Heaven signs off on it... we shall see.

Hmm... well, it is Heaven signing off on it that brings about the “we'll see” meme. And... because there is so much irony and coincidence these days; I expect The World to shake as a sympathetic string to shake-ups in human affairs, which LOOK LIKE they are coming this winter. As I watch the moving display of existence, I can only marvel at the sense of God's industry. He's doing it all. Obviously, he has his own ideas about how it goes, when it ends, and what it turns into on a case-by-case basis . He is surgically precise. I'll let him handle the details. That's what he told me to do, to begin with.

They are softening up the public ahead of time to acclimatize them to BIG CHANGES. They've already got the distractions in the paddocks; supply chain shortages, The Ghost of Christmas Past, the sinking economy, all those vaccine deaths in The Coming Attractions, and always COVID... COVID... COVID. They got a stable full of restless beasts, yearning to be free. I'm really looking forward to the denouement. You see, as I often say... “I don't know,” There are two reasons I say it; if I don't know then I can be informed, and also... I don't know. However... there are some few things I DO KNOW, and one of them is that God is Real . Another is that God is in absolute control. So... I know it doesn't work out the way The Bad Guys and Usual Suspects want it to. That is why I am looking forward to the plot dynamics.

Yes... there is a rule of process in the universe where everything that can happen, will happen, for as long as the demonstration continues to be necessary. Am I certain there is such a rule? Heh heh... no... I am not. I get a strong sense about everything being Thought-Born. This also means you WILL NOT experience anything you didn't think into being consistently long enough for it to materialize . Karma works in BOTH directions!

We are all frozen sunlight. Not frozen, actually, because we do change on this plane. We are sunlight vibrating at a certain level of density. The Sun is the source of everything ON THIS PLANE (and much that we can't see as well); NOT for the Good and Bad of it, but simply for the means of being here. The Sun is also the source of Love, being the manifest way in which God can be known; as LOVE. The ineffable, incomprehensible aspect of God; the Impersonal being, is The Dark Sun which is too bright for our eyes to see, but once Glory becomes possible for us, we will surely see with new eyes. As for The Dark Sun... there is some connection between the visible and the comprehensible aspects... Can we actually see what we do not understand? Would we not shape it into something comprehensible? That would not be IT though, would it? We fashion this world out of our desires. We are all sculptors. We are, few of us, good at it.

The Avatar comes from The Sun. They are all living embodiments of The Sun in physical form. On occasion, I get nasty commentary about The Avatar and my belief in him. My saying The Avatar is coming is the same as if I said winter is coming, or grass is green. The Avatar is a recurring phenomenon. We have historical records of a number of them. I'm believing in something I know to be so. I do not say WHEN he will appear. What little details I get intuitively, I share. Others are, of course, free to believe as they wish. Some people... many people these days, are Doom-Heads. They are easily discouraged. Nothing really bad has happened yet. I suspect it will... in places where the Doom-Heads, the Greed-Heads, and sundry types congregate.

A drama that can be visibly observed is forming up in certain locations. The Pacific Northwest comes to mind as one of the staging grounds. Chicago and New York City are drumming up their own version. Out here in the hinterlands, we too are radiating our version. Yes... I know that Sauron has heard about The Shire, and that there are riders abroad. How did that work out?

I've been all over the place today. There are a number of swirling weather fronts in our invisible worlds becoming more active. I am talking about the emotional and mental climates. These are your real climate concerns. Controlling them has much to do with controlling The World around you. This I have experienced. It is the result of Self-Control. It becomes effortless when you know it is not you doing the controlling. It is a lot like learning to dance or anything that expresses the spirit in you. Don't let your heart be troubled. I cannot answer for everyone, I do not know the details, but I do know if you rest in God, He WILL give you sanctuary.

It could be... my friends... that tumultuous and RADICAL transformations will come upon the planet. These dramas will be worked out in the various theaters of demonstration. It's going to be brutal in places and untouched in others. In some... life will vastly improve. There is a LOT MORE going on here than meets the eye. We are in a time of tremendous change. In some cases, it is completely irrational and bodes no good for anyone. In some cases, a sort of zombie hypnosis exists. In other places, there are rampages of Greed. Lust... and all the vulgar personifications of it will prevail in other locations. They each have a destiny. In some of the larger urban congestions, all of these are present.

Mind how you go and what you do. Aspire to the highest point of that which is in residence within. Invoke it! Call it forth. Let it bathe you in its luminescence. There is a science of The Sun which has been around for many thousands and thousands of years. Each tradition has a part of it. Christians call it The Body of Glory. Some call it The Atman. It all comes from The Sun... that part we engage in on this plane every day. I am OFTEN reminded of The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. There are two, very different kinds of sun-worshipers.

I am sorry to include so much that is pedestrian. It is a backdrop to the deeper issues. It is also the curtain of appearances, ALL of which are designed to influence you. If you take your influence from the higher invisible parts of yourself, you will be alright. The World is The World is The World. The World, The Flesh, and The Devil. I guess The Deep Blue Sea comes in somewhere (grin). Rise above the lower nature and you will be in The Kingdom of God.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

"All of One's Suffering can be Alleviated by Resolving the Condition of The Separated and Reactive Mind."

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The vaccine putsch is not working as they wish it would. They are working a lot of angles. Meanwhile, The Human Spirit keeps breaking through the shield walls of fear. Stadiums are ringing with, “Let's go Brandon”, and “Fuck Joe Biden.” Joe Biden is NOT a romantic figure unless you think a combination of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam stokes your passions. He's surrounded himself with other cartoon incompetents, not the least of which is his backup; The Wiffenpoof of Color, hereafter referred to as The WC. That's got a nice double entendre feel to it.

Lao Tzu said that a country is well ruled when the people barely know the leader exists. It gets worse when they praise and honor him. It gets even worse when they fear and despise him, but when they mock and make fun of him... it's as bad as it gets. That is where we are.

I have given some study to the phenomenon where public figures permit themselves to say and do things that would cause any normal person to feel shame and embarrassment. They don't seem to have that feature anymore. It is some form of cluelessness that shields them from seeing how preposterous and ignorant they seem to the fast vanishing species of Normal. Paris Hilton comes to mind. Her entire being is aflame with the desire for notoriety. She's come up with a new scam, since the entertainment thing has gone South, due to her having no talent whatsoever.

Her rich parents sent her to some cutting-edge rehabs when she was young because her demands and her vanity were out of control. To hear her tell it... they... why they... gave her mean looks and did not treat her with the respect she did not deserve. Egyptian cotton was nowhere to be found. The bidets were common porcelain, and the food wasn't even catered. Now, she has refashioned herself as a spokestard for the young who are subjected to similar restrictions, just cause they did a lot of Meth and pulled a few trains. Hey!!! They're young! Where's the understanding? Today, she was in some congressional parking lot. I saw a dozen or so reporters on this slow news day. They were milling about and trying not to look like they were posing for the camera. Half of them were wearing masks.

Paris had not shown up yet; always keep them waiting. In a time of epidemic wastes of space, Paris and the Kardashians, along with all the others trying to break into name recognition-land, are a new breed of light bulb moths. Even so, Paris is unique in her relentless struggle to remain relevant, when she was never relevant in the first place. When you have to make sex tapes to get recognition, it indicates you have as much natural, crowd-drawing charisma as a barfly with Herpes sores.

We have arrived at the time of the Self-Evident, Peter Principle. One of our noteworthy examples is a Peter to begin with. It is our beloved Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg. Here's a good Cliff Notes summary on The Peter Principle. If you note Buttigieg's upward rise, you can see that he failed at everything on his way. He was groomed early on by deep pocket Satanists, in the hope that he would serve as a role model for the sexually confused, especially those who got emasculated by Mommy. They even gave him a husband and a Pop-Tart Family; talk about bad cradle-Karma.

Joe Biden, train conductor K-Y Harris, of The Monica Lewinsky Tradition, Blinken (Winken and Nod), Mayorkas... probably everyone in that administration meets the criteria for Failing Upwards. There is no clearer way to put it than to say, “They are a joke.” I KNOW that I could do better, and so, probably, could you. The point is not to do better in the first place. The point is to be incompetent until they have destroyed the education system and social order to the point that only The Stupid survive. There's an Elvis Presley song I could rework for the occasion.

This winter should prove to be Interesting Times. They intend to hit America where it lives, right in The Appetite Zone. With Buttigieg as the Transportation Secretary, I think you can count on the worst-case scenario. As I said, the vaccine putsch has not worked out as they might have wished. At some point very soon, the amount of people going down through Gene Therapy Poisoning can no longer be swept under the rug. That's going to set off a ruckus, I can tell you.

The Critical Race Theory programming, as a precursor to Communism, has also not gone well, but they are nothing if not stalwart and determined in their pushing the envelope. The wheels are grinding to a halt. What's a collective of trans-humanists to do when they run afoul of bedrock humanity? They turned the entertainment industry into a cesspool of depravity. Talent is now a disqualifier in the arena. There is no more inspired songwriting. There is little good writing of any kind. The schools do not teach objective reasoning skills or how to think. Dumbing Down IS the curriculum. Add in designer drugs and alcohol. Add in the ever twisting and ratcheting torsion of Human Sexuality. Add in suicidal despair and unfocused RAGE, and you've got a script written by Cronenberg.

You see the RAGE at sporting events EVERY WEEKEND now, and other times as well. Something is fueling this. Is it the vaccine-5G conversion? Is it the rising of The Subconscious against the frightening aspect of appearances in The Event Horizon? Is it the application of mind-altering energy beams? Is it simply the reaction to the uncertainty of The Coming Age? Most of us have little information in that regard. They just want to hit Popeye's or that Chinese takeout on the way home to watch Netflix. What are they going to do when there is no more chicken? They got viruses for that too.

Now they are transplanting pig kidneys into people. 12 people die every day waiting for a new kidney. They've been using pigs for burn victims and other recreations. The people sciencing the endlessly recurring problems are kindred spirits of the ones who caused the conditions leading to kidney failure. It is an infinite looping of ever-intensifying mind-fuck. They have actually regressed from bleeding those suffering from conditions they cannot heal.

Were it not for The Avatar, we would be in deep shit. We are substantially out-gunned, but not nearly so much as the European countries. They have all the money and illusion of POWER. They are convinced of this, even though the best-laid plans most certainly go gang aft agley. Yes... if you want to make God laugh, make plans. A few events that they did not strategize for ARE going to happen. They also haven't considered the potential of newly arriving generations. Oh... they're doing what they can from cradle to grave, but there is something in The Human Spirit, whose primary impetus is to Freedom, which they are unaware of. Also... keep in mind, Evil ALWAYS destroys itself.

I'm not here to rah-rah-shish-boom-bah, with over-the-top positivity where EVERYTHING material is Temporary, certainly not so far as the material plane goes. Every time The Divine wants a new presentation, he sends in the wrecking crew who dismantle the stages, and the infrastructure formerly in place. Following that, he sends in the builders who construct what will replace it. As often as not, there are periods of unpredictable chaos which engulf the land. Sometimes that is not the case, and I am informed that this time... this time... there will be both chaos and order simultaneously, but apart from one another. You can already see this shaking out between that area inland of the coasts, and the coasts themselves... and the heartland (cue George Strait). Florida is the sole anomaly.

It is a common mistake to see The Avatar as someone apart from us. The Separated Mind-The Reactive Mind is the greatest difficulty anyone faces in coming to a true understanding of what is. The Avatar is not just arriving in a specific personage. He is also going to be appearing in the human heart WHEN PERMITTED TO. Once you have that experience, you will no longer have questions where the answer does not immediately rise in counterpoint.

All of one's suffering can be alleviated by resolving the condition of The Separated and Reactive Mind. We seldom look within for the solutions to our problems. In Times of Material Darkness, we immediately seek out professionals who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. This is effective if you are dealing with a plumbing issue or need a wall spackled; any problem with external tech, BUT... what about internal tech? What about problems with our own internal nature, seeking to adapt to untenable circumstances? Aye... there's the rub.

I have no concerns whatsoever about what may or may not be coming. If it karmically involves me, well... there I jolly well am. If it doesn't it is not a concern of mine, except where help might be offered. Everything is under control. I DON'T CARE what it looks like to you, everything IS under control. It might make sense for you to integrate with that so that you can be under control as well. Panic and desperation can well drive one mad. How does that USUALLY work out? Uh-huh.

What is the point of Prayer if you don't believe? What is the point of Doubt if you do? You carry the resolution to any and every problem that might ever come before you, within you. This is a difficult concept to pass on to another when they are continuously assaulted by external appearances. There is less to worry about than you might think unless your time has been spent causing worry for others. The World CAN BE transformed in an instant. Even The Adversary can be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Cease the internal war and there will be no war.

End Transmission.......

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Trump Surgeon General Adams Blames Unvaccinated for Colin Powell Death
‘Didn’t Take the Proper Measures to Lower Spread’

Friday, October 15, 2021

"Never Forget Who is Walking with You... Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The female aspect of humankind attracts the male. In the animal kingdom it is most often an olfactory thing, because... at that level, Nature goes into Heat. In the human kingdom, it is a combination of the senses. Culture is a feminine expression. It has a preliminary rightness which, in civilization, precipitates into a wrongness. On the one hand, we have pristine Lady Nature. In an advanced state, we have those adaptations of Nature. We have fashion. We have malls and countless variations of shops, where adaptations on Nature are displayed as wares. Woman is transformed into a Bitch Hydra cocktail with a Hysteria chaser, and Man is rendered girlish and Incel(ish).

You've heard of pheromones. That's just part of it. Men and women are Magnetic in one area and Electric at the other, when discussing the head and the groin area. Women are magnetic at their sex and electric at the mind area. The men are reversed. It can give a whole new meaning to various sex acts (grin). All of our culture and... so-called level of civilization, are the product of human sexual exchange. When the male-female dynamic becomes polluted, you get a cultural-social degeneration.

When certain negative interests can pervert the human sexual nature, they can manifest the chaos and confusion necessary to enslave the world. We all have aspects of both male and female. It is getting them in the proper relationship within that accounts for whether one is bound or free. By now... it should be apparent, to anyone who cares, that there are two different agendas at work. One serves The Light, and one serves The Darkness. The power struggle is defined by the state of The World in any particular time frame. When there is more light, there is more light reflected in human exchanges. When there is more shadow, there is more darkness extended overall.

Again... I must repeat that if the darkness is concentrated in certain locations, The Light WILL BE concentrated somewhere else. During World War One and Two, there were many places that saw no sign of any of it. Oh... their supply chains might have been a tad disrupted, BUT... they did not see any of the fighting, hear any of the bombs, or the screams. It will be like that again. IF... your focus is The Divine, The Divine WILL guide you. The Divine IS Sanctuary itself.

Given that there are other ways for people to arrange their world perspective, no doubt, what I say will conflict with some of them. I've no argument with anyone else. Find what works for you. You are not a problem for me unless you become a problem for me. Even then, it is up to me how I respond to ANYTHING. For me, the key is to Still the Reactive Mind. All of your conflicts and troubles in life are caused by The Reactive Mind. You can learn a great deal from children, studied in a comparative way with Youth, and Adulthood. The progressions are... interesting.

When a child is born, in their early years you see them evolve from humanity's Stone Age origins, on and on, until they reach the level of the culture they are resident in. Some never get that far. There is more than one kind of Arrested Development. Some few evolve past the present point of the culture. They are considered to be 'ahead of their time'. They MAY do great things in the world, but... it is usually no fun for them to be here.

What you see at present, is a concerted effort by The Usual Suspects and their catamites, to destroy human nature, and to bring Hell on Earth. They are ALWAYS after this, but... because of The Awakening, we can see them now. Some of us can see them. They labor in every age to bring a darkness across the face of the Earth. On the other side are The Lightworkers. It goes on as day follows night, and provides us with the dramas of Good and Evil, contending against one another. This is, of course, an illusion, because Heaven ALWAYS wins, and Heaven is ALWAYS in control. However, these dramas provide context and meaning for those caught in the pinball interplay of duality. Both Duality and Unity are constants. They rely on our inner world for their existence. Most of the time, it's one of them on one occasion, and then... it is the other one. This wears a body down.

This is not just another New Age coming to replace the previous one. This is not your usual apocalypse. This is a Grand Apocalypse, which is why there are so many of us here. People, according to their tendencies and intent, are being possessed by the forces their perspective and desire body attracts. If you don't serve as a playing field for carnal appetites, you WILL NOT attract the sort of parasites that devour their host. The Bad Guys paint wrong as right, and bad as good. This creates a climate of Moral Relativism; as in, ”if it feels good, do it!”. This leads to people not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground, and both locations, appearing as something other than they are, get a whole lot of action.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that no matter how powerful The Dark Side might appear to be, it has no power over you unless you give it power. Fear IS fealty. All this external life is about is... choices. This is why you damn well need a guide. I certainly do. Some of you hail from the Invictus point of view and you are welcome to set out on your own, with whatever tools you may have. You won't get very far unless Heaven really wants to make an example out of you. Then, once you realize you went and got your ass lost, you can cry for help. There is a reason I am using the folksy, down-home language occasionally in this posting.

You will find in this world that there are quite a few people who KNOW all about whatever it is, and they are not shy about letting you know. Some will rail at my use of Duality as a staging area for what I am trying to say. It is merely a theatrical prop for something else. Some, on the other hand, will rail at my Advaita references BECAUSE... I use BOTH of them. They are both real and they both go on forever and ever in their particular zone of enterprise. What is the point of explaining something in a gestalt unity fashion, if the audience sees everything in black and white? Conversely... what is the point of convoluting opposites, when people have convinced themselves that they are some kind of Zen Master who... as they will be glad to tell you... no longer has any need for Zen?

If you don't think The World is trending for ever greater and more comprehensive Wack, I suggest you listen to some portion of that In5D interview in the links below. In these times, with the Silly Putty Mind shapers, who form your opinions for you, you have put yourself at the mercy of forces whose sole intent is your destruction. You SHOULD NOT let other people shape your perspective. Accept all things as possible, and then? Go and prove it... as it is... or... as it is not; neti-neti.

If you allow your emotional and mental bodies to be in thrall to appearances, you will be operated and played by an invisible remote control agency. Well... you already are. If you are not serving the one camp, you are serving the other. If you don't even get this, you... by default, fall into the gray area that is the planetary brothel, visited by the ones with the remote control, for their various PLEASURES. You are rendered into a vaccine pin-cushion, and human trampoline, for the horizontal hula antics of Pinhead and the Cenobites. I cannot stress this enough= As The Avatar sweeps out the invisible planes of all the long-entrenched centers of Evil, they are driven down into human form, where they take over any unattended vehicles. You don't want to be the central figure in a joy-riding-demon event. They don't care what happens to the vehicle. They will just find another.

I don't care how unsafe and frightening The World may appear to be at the moment. If it doesn't apply to you, it doesn't apply to you. Never forget who is walking with you through The Valley of the Shadow of Death. The dramas you see playing out in front of you were scripted a long time ago. Invites were sent out to The Department of Reincarnation and it looks like practically everybody got one.

It is CRITICAL. It is ESSENTIAL that you recognize that the whole of existence is UNDER CONTROL. It may not seem so if you are out of control, due to passions and appetites. The World might seem to be a random exercise of pointlessness to the atheist. Some might think, “well... you only get the one life.” Some might think there is nothing to follow but an eternal darkness without memory. BZZZT! Wrong answer. You can convince yourself of ANYTHING. We see that proven out for The Purpose of Demonstration every day, in this Bootcamp for the Stars. Some fail basic training over and over. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Yes... people can convince themselves of ANYTHING. Are they right to do so? From my perspective, I either prove it out or recognize it is Out for Clearance... and that for the moment, I don't know. It matters to me; what is and what is not. It matters to me when people suffer again, and again, at their own hands, through whatever proxy they drummed up for the occasion. It matters to me that people suffer. It matters most that there is nothing you can do, except to lead by example; Unbearable Compassion. I tell you... Go to The Well and drink your fill. There IS something in The Water. It will purify your body and intoxicate your soul. Otherwise...

End Transmission.......

You have to be deep asleep to not being celebrating God right now. Mr. Apocalypse is in The Big Tent and he is a ringmaster par excellence. The feature act is about to begin!

I got links for you. I apologize that some of them reflect the level of sleaze some find themselves in, and the contrived Gabby Petito-Potato Circus, which WE WILL NOT be showcasing=

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

"It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... The World isn't what most people think it is. Ancient scriptures all agree that The World is a sham and general hallucination of deceptive appearances.

I could give so many examples of this that I would never come to the end of writing it, and that's just me. Let's see... the sitting Attorney General of the United States (link below) has a conflict of interest in going after the parents who object to Critical Race Theory and Gay cheerleading. It turns out that his son-in-law reps Critical Race Theory, selling the various educational supplies for it.

Subway, which is the largest of the fast-food chains in the U.S., makes tuna sandwiches that do not contain tuna or possibly even fish, for that matter. It's bread isn't bread (link below). It has FIVE TIMES the allowable sugar that separates bread from pastry, and... their chicken is only half chicken.

For decades now, I have avoided processed foods and I don't eat out. Others are welcome to. I CANNOT find food in the public thoroughfares that can match what I eat at home. It DOES NOT taste as good, and it IS NOT as healthy. There were times that I checked this out. It is convincingly so. I KNOW The World is poisonous. One of the reasons for blessing what one eats has to do with protection from this. Food cooked without Love is not worth eating.

To say that The World is poisonous can be a little misleading. A lot of it has to do with the poisons you carry within you; poisoned thoughts and emotions... poisoned intentions and ambitions, which slowly, and surely, find their way into the physical body and become a pathological condition.

The World is a false-front Hollywood house. It's a lot of glitter and noise without substance and the reason why so many people exist in a constant state of disappointment and regret later in life. I got to that understanding when I was a child. Thankfully... I found components of existence that were not a disappointment. Of course, this WILL separate you from others over time. I have known many people in this life and I can say that it is a rare thing to meet an individual committed to the spiritual path. I've met many with some personal philosophy. Most of what I have seen is some hodge-podge of justification and rationalization for what they think, and say, and do, within an agreeable template.

The spiritual path can be a rough road, but... ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness, as is presently the case. I know there are many who believe they are on the spiritual path. They follow a religion. They follow New Age remedies. They follow some construct that was put together by those seeking power and fortune, for their many splintered-way formulae for communicating with the ineffable. What they achieved was an intermediary priest class that... allegedly... acts as an interface between you and God. I could never be a member of any religion, because I WILL NOT accept any intermediary other than angels, as step-down transformers of the presence and glory of God.

This is why I belong to The First Church of the Presence of God. There are no priests and no churches, aside from the vast cloisters and sanctuaries of Nature. There is only one ritual and that is the celebration of the Indwelling Presence. As a member, this is what you do, while TRYING to remain compassionate for all life.

I do not intend to demean religion for others. Religion can be a good set of training wheels for your life, but eventually... you should be able to ride without them. Unfortunately, the much larger majority of us never even attempt to. Religion, like political affinities, and aught else; every construct you can imagine, are coffins. They are for the mortally inclined among us.

I gave few examples of the deceptions and lies presently deceiving the public mind. There are just too many of them. I see them NON-STOP in my travels. This can lead to depression, and then to despair for those inside The Box. There is ever so much more that can be found, but few know where to look. It is ALL contained within you. Of course, you have heard this before, many times. After a while, you can come to believe it, but it doesn't mean anything to you. It is like saying there is life on other planets. Sure... I am quite positive of this, but... either you have been there and seen this or you have encountered them HERE. I have had that pleasure, but I don't know any more than I did before it happened.

By Reason, Logic, In-spiration, and In-tuition, it is clear to me what forces APPEAR to rule this world. It is clear to me who is behind these forces, and who is a front for these forces. The term, Temporal World, will clarify much, but you still don't REALLY know. Most of us live a life based on assumptions or hearsay. If enough of your colleagues and friends share your assumptions and early programming, well... that makes it all fine and dandy.

The conflicts in this world are not accidental. They are contrived. They involve those who have involved themselves, according to their belief systems, their appetites, and their ambitions. There are also those who manipulate and profit from these belief systems, appetites, and ambitions. Suspicion of what is different is a lever, operated by those who employ suspicion and superstition for their own ends. They are as manipulated as the ones they manipulate. The big secret is to vanish... disappear... while you are still here. It is possible to become so foreign to the commonplace that you are no longer perceived to be present. There are entire populated worlds that exist alongside our own, and which remain unseen, by those existing within the sensory bandwidth. I KNOW this from direct, and repeated experience.

There are those who see into the other worlds, and who are considered mad. Then there are those who know enough to keep it to themselves. Your more luminous companions will not come around if you make your relationships public. You can, of course, as many do, pretend to be associated with them for the material advantage it will bring you, given that it was what you were after in the first place. Religion is hocus-pocus employed to subjugate and shear the masses, and it has been going on for a REALLY long time. We are about to see the lid ripped off of this, and all the other subterfuges that have been performed to confuse Humanity and then get rich from it.

Have you ever watched a card sharp practice their art? Have you seen the legerdemain in slo-mo? Can you tell the means by which a magician works with misdirection? Imagine, if you will, those so much more skilled at similar things... that you have no knowledge of who they are or what they do. The World IS a Magic Show. God employs a magic called Maya, from which The World, as you think you know it, is fabricated. It is God, via Cosmic Agencies, Who Both Deceives and Reveals; Who Ensnares and Liberates You. Have you looked more deeply into the camouflage of Nature?

It is not possible to discuss the deeper implications of it all. People would find certain explanations to be highly offensive and unacceptable. It does not mean anything, life continues as it continues. You can scream and shout and wave your hands in the air at the unfairness of it all, which we especially see in these times, but... it will do you no good. You will be brushed to the side or plowed over, as irresistible change continues. Try explaining that strange passage in The Lord's Prayer to a fundie Christian; “Lead us not into Temptation.”

It is ALL one force at work through every application of force. God and The Devil are the same thing, (although one of them doesn't actually exist) and both of them are misinterpreted as to their functions and intent. It is a matter of how you perceive existence. It is a matter of perspective. If you view existence through a carnal lens then you see one Under-lord through a glass darkly. If you view existence through a metaphysical lens, then you still see The One through a step-down transformer. What is envisioned is experienced and comprehended according to the plane of awareness you function on.

Go up to the next level and you will see something entirely different, and so up... up, and up, and up, and up. Down, and down, and down. In this world, the main level of awareness embraces the common theme so many of us believe to be what is real. It's that Average aggregate of average intelligence. Then... there is a somewhat smaller demographic below and a much smaller demographic above. Is it any wonder there is so much conflict? The new trends of diversity and inclusiveness are DESIGNED to amplify ever greater conflict among us. They are a part of the Communist Manifesto of The Usual Suspects, and their partners in crime.

If you are able to fit in HERE, there is NOTHING I can tell you, and you wouldn't be coming here anyway. You'd be at Facebook or some other sleaze fest of pedestrian attractions and appetites. You'd be okay with Subway's bread, and Subway's tuna. You wouldn't care much if the attorney general was a sociopathic criminal; which he is. As long as he was on your side of the endless conflict, in this game of musical chairs, you would be okay with it. It's like wearing your team's jersey and yelling at the people wearing the other jersey. You would not care that Washington D.C, is presently overrun with Chi-Com intelligence operatives.

Mind how you go in these times. Mind what you are attracted to, and magnetized by. We are sailing in uncharted waters.

End Transmission.......

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Breakdown of those receiving the vaccines;
79% of those surveyed experienced tingling, vibrations and shaking
57% had numbness
53% reported heart issues
45% experienced muscle weakness and pain
44% experienced headaches
43% had fatigue
42% had stomach issues
39% reported brain fog
36% experienced involuntary twitching
29% had tremors
27% reported blood pressure issues
20% reported tinnitus