Friday, October 15, 2021

"Never Forget Who is Walking with You... Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The female aspect of humankind attracts the male. In the animal kingdom it is most often an olfactory thing, because... at that level, Nature goes into Heat. In the human kingdom, it is a combination of the senses. Culture is a feminine expression. It has a preliminary rightness which, in civilization, precipitates into a wrongness. On the one hand, we have pristine Lady Nature. In an advanced state, we have those adaptations of Nature. We have fashion. We have malls and countless variations of shops, where adaptations on Nature are displayed as wares. Woman is transformed into a Bitch Hydra cocktail with a Hysteria chaser, and Man is rendered girlish and Incel(ish).

You've heard of pheromones. That's just part of it. Men and women are Magnetic in one area and Electric at the other, when discussing the head and the groin area. Women are magnetic at their sex and electric at the mind area. The men are reversed. It can give a whole new meaning to various sex acts (grin). All of our culture and... so-called level of civilization, are the product of human sexual exchange. When the male-female dynamic becomes polluted, you get a cultural-social degeneration.

When certain negative interests can pervert the human sexual nature, they can manifest the chaos and confusion necessary to enslave the world. We all have aspects of both male and female. It is getting them in the proper relationship within that accounts for whether one is bound or free. By now... it should be apparent, to anyone who cares, that there are two different agendas at work. One serves The Light, and one serves The Darkness. The power struggle is defined by the state of The World in any particular time frame. When there is more light, there is more light reflected in human exchanges. When there is more shadow, there is more darkness extended overall.

Again... I must repeat that if the darkness is concentrated in certain locations, The Light WILL BE concentrated somewhere else. During World War One and Two, there were many places that saw no sign of any of it. Oh... their supply chains might have been a tad disrupted, BUT... they did not see any of the fighting, hear any of the bombs, or the screams. It will be like that again. IF... your focus is The Divine, The Divine WILL guide you. The Divine IS Sanctuary itself.

Given that there are other ways for people to arrange their world perspective, no doubt, what I say will conflict with some of them. I've no argument with anyone else. Find what works for you. You are not a problem for me unless you become a problem for me. Even then, it is up to me how I respond to ANYTHING. For me, the key is to Still the Reactive Mind. All of your conflicts and troubles in life are caused by The Reactive Mind. You can learn a great deal from children, studied in a comparative way with Youth, and Adulthood. The progressions are... interesting.

When a child is born, in their early years you see them evolve from humanity's Stone Age origins, on and on, until they reach the level of the culture they are resident in. Some never get that far. There is more than one kind of Arrested Development. Some few evolve past the present point of the culture. They are considered to be 'ahead of their time'. They MAY do great things in the world, but... it is usually no fun for them to be here.

What you see at present, is a concerted effort by The Usual Suspects and their catamites, to destroy human nature, and to bring Hell on Earth. They are ALWAYS after this, but... because of The Awakening, we can see them now. Some of us can see them. They labor in every age to bring a darkness across the face of the Earth. On the other side are The Lightworkers. It goes on as day follows night, and provides us with the dramas of Good and Evil, contending against one another. This is, of course, an illusion, because Heaven ALWAYS wins, and Heaven is ALWAYS in control. However, these dramas provide context and meaning for those caught in the pinball interplay of duality. Both Duality and Unity are constants. They rely on our inner world for their existence. Most of the time, it's one of them on one occasion, and then... it is the other one. This wears a body down.

This is not just another New Age coming to replace the previous one. This is not your usual apocalypse. This is a Grand Apocalypse, which is why there are so many of us here. People, according to their tendencies and intent, are being possessed by the forces their perspective and desire body attracts. If you don't serve as a playing field for carnal appetites, you WILL NOT attract the sort of parasites that devour their host. The Bad Guys paint wrong as right, and bad as good. This creates a climate of Moral Relativism; as in, ”if it feels good, do it!”. This leads to people not knowing their ass from a hole in the ground, and both locations, appearing as something other than they are, get a whole lot of action.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that no matter how powerful The Dark Side might appear to be, it has no power over you unless you give it power. Fear IS fealty. All this external life is about is... choices. This is why you damn well need a guide. I certainly do. Some of you hail from the Invictus point of view and you are welcome to set out on your own, with whatever tools you may have. You won't get very far unless Heaven really wants to make an example out of you. Then, once you realize you went and got your ass lost, you can cry for help. There is a reason I am using the folksy, down-home language occasionally in this posting.

You will find in this world that there are quite a few people who KNOW all about whatever it is, and they are not shy about letting you know. Some will rail at my use of Duality as a staging area for what I am trying to say. It is merely a theatrical prop for something else. Some, on the other hand, will rail at my Advaita references BECAUSE... I use BOTH of them. They are both real and they both go on forever and ever in their particular zone of enterprise. What is the point of explaining something in a gestalt unity fashion, if the audience sees everything in black and white? Conversely... what is the point of convoluting opposites, when people have convinced themselves that they are some kind of Zen Master who... as they will be glad to tell you... no longer has any need for Zen?

If you don't think The World is trending for ever greater and more comprehensive Wack, I suggest you listen to some portion of that In5D interview in the links below. In these times, with the Silly Putty Mind shapers, who form your opinions for you, you have put yourself at the mercy of forces whose sole intent is your destruction. You SHOULD NOT let other people shape your perspective. Accept all things as possible, and then? Go and prove it... as it is... or... as it is not; neti-neti.

If you allow your emotional and mental bodies to be in thrall to appearances, you will be operated and played by an invisible remote control agency. Well... you already are. If you are not serving the one camp, you are serving the other. If you don't even get this, you... by default, fall into the gray area that is the planetary brothel, visited by the ones with the remote control, for their various PLEASURES. You are rendered into a vaccine pin-cushion, and human trampoline, for the horizontal hula antics of Pinhead and the Cenobites. I cannot stress this enough= As The Avatar sweeps out the invisible planes of all the long-entrenched centers of Evil, they are driven down into human form, where they take over any unattended vehicles. You don't want to be the central figure in a joy-riding-demon event. They don't care what happens to the vehicle. They will just find another.

I don't care how unsafe and frightening The World may appear to be at the moment. If it doesn't apply to you, it doesn't apply to you. Never forget who is walking with you through The Valley of the Shadow of Death. The dramas you see playing out in front of you were scripted a long time ago. Invites were sent out to The Department of Reincarnation and it looks like practically everybody got one.

It is CRITICAL. It is ESSENTIAL that you recognize that the whole of existence is UNDER CONTROL. It may not seem so if you are out of control, due to passions and appetites. The World might seem to be a random exercise of pointlessness to the atheist. Some might think, “well... you only get the one life.” Some might think there is nothing to follow but an eternal darkness without memory. BZZZT! Wrong answer. You can convince yourself of ANYTHING. We see that proven out for The Purpose of Demonstration every day, in this Bootcamp for the Stars. Some fail basic training over and over. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Yes... people can convince themselves of ANYTHING. Are they right to do so? From my perspective, I either prove it out or recognize it is Out for Clearance... and that for the moment, I don't know. It matters to me; what is and what is not. It matters to me when people suffer again, and again, at their own hands, through whatever proxy they drummed up for the occasion. It matters to me that people suffer. It matters most that there is nothing you can do, except to lead by example; Unbearable Compassion. I tell you... Go to The Well and drink your fill. There IS something in The Water. It will purify your body and intoxicate your soul. Otherwise...

End Transmission.......

You have to be deep asleep to not being celebrating God right now. Mr. Apocalypse is in The Big Tent and he is a ringmaster par excellence. The feature act is about to begin!

I got links for you. I apologize that some of them reflect the level of sleaze some find themselves in, and the contrived Gabby Petito-Potato Circus, which WE WILL NOT be showcasing=

Via The Real History Channel
Some more from someone who does not fear to speak the truth=
NY Times: Anti-Semitism and What Feeds It
Rebuttal by The Anti-New York Times


Via toofab
There's bad karma, and then... there's REALLY bad Karma=
Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin Are New Parents -- To Twins!

Lance Bass and Husband Michael Turchin

Kim Foxx

Via In5D
It's back up! So I repost it. It's three hours long so... skimming is a better move. Actually, just reading the article is enough. If you want to see what happens when The New Age goes round the bending end, this is it (cue Kenny Loggins)=

Having listened to more than I wanted to, I can say with great certainty, she is full of shit.

Interview with Kimberly Ann Gougen by Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot

And then there are the REALLY... REALLY stupid people;
a Houdini trick for our modern age=

'AGT: Extreme'
Stuntman Almost Dies in Horrific Accident

Via toofab
I'm guessing that The Apple (definitely NOT an apple) does not fall far from the tree=
Spawn of Madonna


Ray B. said...

Vis, a Magnetic and Electric column. (grin) Thanks!

Thoughts brought-up by this column:

“‘Odors are processed a little bit differently than the other sensory systems, because all other sensory systems are routed through a structure in the brain called the thalamus, which is sort of like a gatekeeper,’ Dalton said. Smell bypasses the thalamus, which Dalton calls the ‘consciousness detector.’ ... Because scent skips the thalamus, smells can enter our brains and attach to memories without us consciously registering or processing them. Research shows smell is the only sense that is active even while we sleep, or are in a coma.”

In short, odors (including sexual smells) will trigger an unconscious response in us. Period. There are no conscious intermediators...
Vis: “Woman is transformed into a Bitch Hydra cocktail with a Hysteria chaser, and Man is rendered girlish and Incel (ish).”

Part of formal male dress is submission indicators: Think of a collar. Now, think deeper of where the word 'collar' originates. Pets wear collars. Captive animals in general wear collars. Think about it.

Also, think of a tie. The more complete term is a 'neck tie'. Now, think deeper of how the phrase 'neck tie' originates. Neck ties are looped around prisoners, to enforce submission. Not to mention rope ties around the neck of people about to be hanged.

Women are not the only sex to be manipulated...
Shout-out for a wonderful book on human development through Stages (including psychic and spiritual): The Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce. Recommended.
Vis: “It matters to me that people suffer. It matters most that there is nothing you can do, except to lead by example; Unbearable Compassion.”

There appears to be a large segment of the population that Will Not wake up. (It may be because they are not done Experiencing. Awakening would be counterproductive for them.) In that case, the only way to reduce their suffering is by removing those who enjoy causing suffering. (Let's call what-they-do 'excessive' suffering.) That is underway, starting from higher planes to lower planes. In that way, those who still want to Experience will have an easier time of it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One to Many,

There are fiery fusillades and then there are auric arc lamps!

The flow of consciousness transmitting state of mind through the pattern of words is the thing!

An antidote to the torpor of a long sleep, while we rub our eyes instead of our privates!

Both Duality and Unity are constants. They rely on our inner world for their existence. Most of the time, it's one of them on one occasion, and then... it is the other one. This wears a body down.

There is a clear motivation from the club of confused confusers-for-a-living to make people "mathophobic":

The extreme contrast between what our intuition KNOWS is perfect pattern order and the deliberate degradation into technical bullshit being presented as elegant cow pies would make the most intrepid turn away in disgust!

WHat an effective method to hide the truth when one of the purer forms is made repellent to the masses, by dark design!

Even geometry, so beautiful to the mind when still enough to contemplate it, was maliciously mangled.

A component of inner knowing callously corrupted, making our radar blind to essential patterns hich rule projected creation.

How can our minds reconcile Duality and Unity absent the calculated cant?

Only through a holistic version of geometry, which we can run in our inner holodeck, our stepped down version of the Imagination of the One, the very mechanism which manifests all of What-Is!

Problem: if it has become a survival mechanism to shut down the imagination, to stay in the Matrix or to remain in denial of who we are, when opening the door to our cloistered imagination just a crack, lets in the gothic goblins and orcs programmed subliminally by mass mind control media!

How do we clear our mental space of emotionally charged fear and loathing in order to run proper simulations of any kind, not to mention full geometric journeys?
How to make room to climb around on a kaleidoscope manifold in our internal holodeck when there are scary monsters programmed into our minds under seige to attack all feelings of felicity which arise when we exercise our mental power?

When we are free enough of the weight of ancient piles of crap, we can test every idea for fit and taste, before accruing karmic debt trying it out in physicality.

Just as pure mathematics has never been proven false, only limited by human campfire self-stories, so the Integrity of the One Idea has never been affected by the contrarian control freaks.

We may see through the rumpled even filthy clothing of creation to the beauty of the bone structure.

As The Avatar sweeps out the invisible planes of all the long-entrenched centers of Evil, they are driven down into human form, where they take over any unattended vehicles. You don't want to be the central figure in a joy-riding-demon event. They don't care what happens to the vehicle. They will just find another.

This is the reason NOT to be lukewarm, NOT to huddle in the middle, NOT to be indecisive, NOT to hesitate to respond to our inner spirit, now that we know that love is It's language and NOT slimy simpering fear talk for the feral!

Assert our will to align with the Will of the One and follow our heart's desire all the way home!

The dramas you see playing out in front of you were scripted a long time ago. Invites were sent out to The Department of Reincarnation and it looks like practically everybody got one.

Soul satisfying sagacious scribing!

Another charge induced, more faith-fashioned perceptions, more love to warm our hearts above absolute zero!

Thank you brother, and all who are here to witness heaven raising hell into healing!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Shadow of Death? But all 'Death' is, is transition. Granted some ways to get to the Otherside I could really do without, but hey. Headshot is cool, nuked at ground zero ain't bad, burnt at the stake? No!!!!!!! Not to mention all those delightful Mediaeval torture devices, and all the more modern crap they came up with. NO!!!!!!!

Well, what ever. My contract's up when my contract's up.

Nostrils up on the post.

Ray B. said...

If you use a VPN (or are thinking of using one), this article might be of interest...

Anonymous said...

Ray B, everyone should know the VPN is a mirage. Every electronic communique, letter, note and comment is monitored and collected by A.I.(cia). People don't know and are lulled into complacency.

There is no hiding on the WWW via VPN or any other fake security measure. Not anymore. Very soon there will be no hiding, period. Case in point, China, which has some 300-400 MILLION surveillance cameras monitored by A.I. Central and this is coming to the U.S. with the buildup already in progress.

Realizing of course this is just a taste, a small peek into our future.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

LV, your columns have always been weighty in meaning, but lately they have been very heavy in bandwidth. I'm afraid I'm on a satellite connection with a daily budget of about 300-some MB. Each page load has exceeded 10 MB before I cut it off. They didn't used to be so big.

Too big for me to read regularly, sorry. Still appreciate 'em though.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Similar Minds in Other Cultures Adapted it Because It had The Ring of Ancient Tyrannies."

Visible said...

Mr. Nah;

If you email me, I can send you the text of the post before I publish. I can't believe they STILL haven't improved satellite coverage. I looked into it years ago. Obviously, I am not looking to expand this on a wider range because this is an unlikely kind of problem.

Hopefully this addresses your concern.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

LV, thank you for such a kind offer. I also like to see the comments as well. I will stick to a stop loading/disconnect practice as it works well enough, but I thought you (or 3rd Elf, or someone) should know. Not everybody has unlimited data.


Mr. Nah

Visible said...

Our knowing wouldn't change anything. You are, perhaps, the ONLY person to ever bring this to my attention. It might have happened once before but I have no memory of it. I will gladly help in whatever way I can. The 3rd Elf does a magnificent job but few are aware of it; just the way he likes it (grin).

Carry on... The ride is going to get pretty bumpy soon. Best to be concerned about where the rubber meets the road.

Anonymous said...

"Even geometry, so beautiful to the mind when still enough to contemplate it, was maliciously mangled." That Robert is a very telling statement.
I learned all of Euclid in primary school by age 11 where all 13 books were drummed into us. It was a Jesuit school so perhaps this isn't surprising. For myself,at least, I loved it and still do.
I'm a carpenter/joiner and obviously find this most useful and satisfying in real life. I've often had engineers and architects tell me (when,for example, looking at a roof I've done) that they have no idea how I do this.I of course am equally mystified at their lack of knowledge or love of geometry,that beautiful science.


Visible said...

I know what you mean about the divine beauties and perfections of Geometry, most especially in Nature with The Fibonacci Sequence... Golden Mean... I like it when The Golden Mean meets The Golden Rule. Now that... that's Metaphysics!!!

Anonymous said...

Visible-Saturday, October 23, 2021 2:20:00 AM

To me it's one of the bridges between the physical and metaphysical which all of us can directly experience;technically ,by intuition or both. The Fibonacci sequence as you say is found all over nature as are ratio and proportion and Symmetry.These are unmistakeable signs of design and therefore a designer. There's no way these patterns "just happened".They proved insurmountable obstacles to my attempts at atheism.




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