Monday, October 25, 2021

"I Do Not know the Details, but I Do Know if You Rest in God, He WILL Give You Sanctuary."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What happened to Alex Baldwin is the sort of thing you can't protect yourself against, if you haven't protected yourself against it. Not the gun. That you can easily protect yourself against by being absolutely certain to treat any and every gun as if it were a loaded gun. You have to be trained in firearms. It is a state of mind. Some of us get it while growing up. These days, in many locations there is no training, only aversion. Yet... anti-gun advocates like Alex insist on playing with them.

I am not a gun guy but I am gun savvy. People want to get rid of guns. I would rather get rid of the need for guns. I do that in myself and The World accommodates. If you believe it, you radiate it. Everything is controlled by invisible means, including thoughts and emotions, though this is often unseen. When is the last time you have seen an emotion or a thought, except in your head? We see the evidence of them in people's actions, but we don't see them.

Satanism, and The Gay and Tranny Agenda, are arm in arm. Since the one is far older and uses the other as a culture destroyer, they are not equal when making policies. This is why The Usual Suspects finance all of these organizations and control their boards, and also make up for the largest groups in one of the smallest groups. Their intentions are expressions of infernal malice. Fortunately, they do not go where there is too much light.

You have to have an awareness of what they are up to or you are walking blind. Even in a normal world, there will be same-sex attractions, but they always compose a very small percentage of the whole of humanity. People are karmically disposed to certain behaviors. It is a phase they have to pass through on their way to being none of these things, or even male or female unless wearing a certain suit of clothes= your body. It is an identifier on this plane. If they can screw up your view of it, they can screw you up. The war being waged now is for the human soul. Do not let fear put you in the wrong company.

Were it not for heterosexuals there would be no gays or other non-reproducing entities. I was a hippie. I was a clean and idealistic hippie. We were a small part of the rest of it and we had our own niche for being, as should ALL other splinter lifestyles. The tyranny of the minority is not to be endured. We are experiencing this right now. Those who have and print the money are making the rules. Here is an example of the Tyranny of the Minority making rules for the rest of us.

They do not make any rules for me. I am not susceptible to them. I do not rely on visible means of support. I have no hostages to fortune. I have no ambitions that they can thwart. Almost no one resides in this state of being. You can't have much of anything this way, but... if you don't want anything, what are they gonna do? Meanwhile, I have EVERYTHING worth having, including the tools of my industries. I ONLY need to be useful, and I ONLY need enough fuel to keep doing that. Nothing else is on the menu.

What do you know? Saturday Night Live, which I won't watch... because even when I'm not trying to be funny I am funnier than that, and so are you... I hear they were making fun of Biden. He must be on his way out when he becomes fodder for his former supporters. I'm guessing word has come up from The Pit that he is to be replaced. Once Heaven signs off on it... we shall see.

Hmm... well, it is Heaven signing off on it that brings about the “we'll see” meme. And... because there is so much irony and coincidence these days; I expect The World to shake as a sympathetic string to shake-ups in human affairs, which LOOK LIKE they are coming this winter. As I watch the moving display of existence, I can only marvel at the sense of God's industry. He's doing it all. Obviously, he has his own ideas about how it goes, when it ends, and what it turns into on a case-by-case basis . He is surgically precise. I'll let him handle the details. That's what he told me to do, to begin with.

They are softening up the public ahead of time to acclimatize them to BIG CHANGES. They've already got the distractions in the paddocks; supply chain shortages, The Ghost of Christmas Past, the sinking economy, all those vaccine deaths in The Coming Attractions, and always COVID... COVID... COVID. They got a stable full of restless beasts, yearning to be free. I'm really looking forward to the denouement. You see, as I often say... “I don't know,” There are two reasons I say it; if I don't know then I can be informed, and also... I don't know. However... there are some few things I DO KNOW, and one of them is that God is Real . Another is that God is in absolute control. So... I know it doesn't work out the way The Bad Guys and Usual Suspects want it to. That is why I am looking forward to the plot dynamics.

Yes... there is a rule of process in the universe where everything that can happen, will happen, for as long as the demonstration continues to be necessary. Am I certain there is such a rule? Heh heh... no... I am not. I get a strong sense about everything being Thought-Born. This also means you WILL NOT experience anything you didn't think into being consistently long enough for it to materialize . Karma works in BOTH directions!

We are all frozen sunlight. Not frozen, actually, because we do change on this plane. We are sunlight vibrating at a certain level of density. The Sun is the source of everything ON THIS PLANE (and much that we can't see as well); NOT for the Good and Bad of it, but simply for the means of being here. The Sun is also the source of Love, being the manifest way in which God can be known; as LOVE. The ineffable, incomprehensible aspect of God; the Impersonal being, is The Dark Sun which is too bright for our eyes to see, but once Glory becomes possible for us, we will surely see with new eyes. As for The Dark Sun... there is some connection between the visible and the comprehensible aspects... Can we actually see what we do not understand? Would we not shape it into something comprehensible? That would not be IT though, would it? We fashion this world out of our desires. We are all sculptors. We are, few of us, good at it.

The Avatar comes from The Sun. They are all living embodiments of The Sun in physical form. On occasion, I get nasty commentary about The Avatar and my belief in him. My saying The Avatar is coming is the same as if I said winter is coming, or grass is green. The Avatar is a recurring phenomenon. We have historical records of a number of them. I'm believing in something I know to be so. I do not say WHEN he will appear. What little details I get intuitively, I share. Others are, of course, free to believe as they wish. Some people... many people these days, are Doom-Heads. They are easily discouraged. Nothing really bad has happened yet. I suspect it will... in places where the Doom-Heads, the Greed-Heads, and sundry types congregate.

A drama that can be visibly observed is forming up in certain locations. The Pacific Northwest comes to mind as one of the staging grounds. Chicago and New York City are drumming up their own version. Out here in the hinterlands, we too are radiating our version. Yes... I know that Sauron has heard about The Shire, and that there are riders abroad. How did that work out?

I've been all over the place today. There are a number of swirling weather fronts in our invisible worlds becoming more active. I am talking about the emotional and mental climates. These are your real climate concerns. Controlling them has much to do with controlling The World around you. This I have experienced. It is the result of Self-Control. It becomes effortless when you know it is not you doing the controlling. It is a lot like learning to dance or anything that expresses the spirit in you. Don't let your heart be troubled. I cannot answer for everyone, I do not know the details, but I do know if you rest in God, He WILL give you sanctuary.

It could be... my friends... that tumultuous and RADICAL transformations will come upon the planet. These dramas will be worked out in the various theaters of demonstration. It's going to be brutal in places and untouched in others. In some... life will vastly improve. There is a LOT MORE going on here than meets the eye. We are in a time of tremendous change. In some cases, it is completely irrational and bodes no good for anyone. In some cases, a sort of zombie hypnosis exists. In other places, there are rampages of Greed. Lust... and all the vulgar personifications of it will prevail in other locations. They each have a destiny. In some of the larger urban congestions, all of these are present.

Mind how you go and what you do. Aspire to the highest point of that which is in residence within. Invoke it! Call it forth. Let it bathe you in its luminescence. There is a science of The Sun which has been around for many thousands and thousands of years. Each tradition has a part of it. Christians call it The Body of Glory. Some call it The Atman. It all comes from The Sun... that part we engage in on this plane every day. I am OFTEN reminded of The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. There are two, very different kinds of sun-worshipers.

I am sorry to include so much that is pedestrian. It is a backdrop to the deeper issues. It is also the curtain of appearances, ALL of which are designed to influence you. If you take your influence from the higher invisible parts of yourself, you will be alright. The World is The World is The World. The World, The Flesh, and The Devil. I guess The Deep Blue Sea comes in somewhere (grin). Rise above the lower nature and you will be in The Kingdom of God.

End Transmission.......

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steve said...

Hello Vis, i really like your writing. I have been considering why billionaires have super yachts and i think i have an answer. could it be so that when the shit hits the fan they wont be on land ? Far out at sea and also not subject to any spiritual goings on ?just a thought

Ray B. said...

Vis, an "all over the place" column. Appreciated...

Vis: "Those who have and print the money are making the rules."

One time, an invisible teacher asked us to contemplate money. I took that seriously, and it led down all sorts of deep rabbit holes. It ultimately led to the topic of manifestation. Real manifestation. ***POOF***

View our current 'situation' this way: Speech is dumbed-down telepathy. Airplane flying is dumbed-down levitation. Eating is dumbed-down prana-injestion. Etc. In the same way, money is dumbed-down manifestation...

There is a now a potential problem: If you give your power away to money - and money is controlled by baddies - you have ultimately put yourself under control by baddies. That realization drove me crazy for a long time.

Fortunately, by that time I had also had a personal audience with Sathya Sai Baba in India. He was the Holy Man who could literally manifest Something from Nothing. I watched him do that with Vibhuti; sacred ash. Nothing -> Something. (You could even hear a kind of psychic 'pop' as it sprang into existence.)

I am not in Sai Baba's league. I can only 'request' things from all-God and Higher Self. Subsequently, they appear somewhere down the road. Indirectly. To get to Sai Baba's level of direct manifestation, you have to have a really good sense that you are somehow (can't find a really good term here) infused/identical/co-mingled/merged with all-God - beyond belief into certainty. If you really contemplate that, just Wow.

I ain't there yet, but I do know that the money-changers are not the top of the heap. There is more. Thank you, Sai Baba...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...

Visible One to Many,

So soul satisfying to read your word play and tune in to your cleared out space!

You invite your readers into a minimalist arrangement of mental furniture, where we can rest and behold the magnificence of creation, free of personal rooting for any particular kaleidoscopic sequence!

The ineffable, incomprehensible aspect of God; the Impersonal being, is The Dark Sun which is too bright for our eyes to see, but once Glory becomes possible for us, we will surely see with new eyes. As for The Dark Sun... there is some connection between the visible and the comprehensible aspects... Can we actually see what we do not understand? Would we not shape it into something comprehensible? That would not be IT though, would it? We fashion this world out of our desires. We are all sculptors. We are, few of us, good at it.

We morph the real into the unreal by the force of separatism, our will to oppose the flow, our inverted desire to be less than whole, less than unified, less.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, so abused by the usual deceivers, pressed into service as extruded waste matter to support mindless relativism, ironically, in pure research circles, points to consciousness itself as the primary substance, more fundamental than matter, which we now know is but an illusory projection of energy in resonance.

This segue is to relate how we warp perfection into concepts which make us suffer misery.

The pressure of an infinite wellspring propelling our life force into larger, greater comprehension while we become smaller and lesser centers, to be star points in a vaster nested doll's life, bends us out of shape IF we resist and persist in our folly.

One way out is to visualize the logical imperative that there is more there there when we hear here.

IOW, the evidence that we continue to veer away from something inevitable and undefinable IS the substance of things not seen.
We are eddy currents of a white water flow, shadows of the inner effulgence, sun spots getting boiled way into diamond stars.

What we are missing is what we are made of.
What we don't understand is what we stand under.

Our effort to write personal graffiti on the masterpiece, just to prove we are still loved regardless, is still missing the point that we can co-create masterpieces, only not from clinging to our slime trail.

The Avatar comes from The Sun. They are all living embodiments of The Sun in physical form.

The same mindsets which deny their own source and force in opposition to life, also envy those whose souls are free at all times.

Imagine living a life where there is nothing coming from the inside but directives to be selfish and strut and preen intellectual control over the central demands of the heart!

How dull must life be with no inner connection to the soul's expansive nature, only sophisticated fear!

By now, if people can be still for more than a minute, they can DIRECTLY sense the inner sun birthing the inner Son!

The objective proof of the Child birth is the inner knowing that the external projection is not the real, only the background of the shadow puppet play.
As usual, we have been misled into thinking that externalized factoids comprise the objective reality.

The evidence to the contrary is apparent every time people agree from their centers and harmonize to the tune of love and create a unity of life force which outshinces all circumstances!


robert said...


Corporate censorship of every spontaneous emission from the One through people with the spirit of freedom has warped our perception but a few dramatic turns will flash it back to clarity.
An inverse to the gadget in "Men In Black": a flash which REMOVES amnesia in an instant and we recover who we are.

The shadow creatures roil at the thought of ensouled avatars hosting the Avatar en masse!

We who wait upon the One prize calm and collected observation above all sensory experience.
Why miss a moment of the revelation due to a frenzied focus on the false?
How does a happy child see the world?

If you take your influence from the higher invisible parts of yourself, you will be alright.

What else is there, in the end? We learn that there is nothing else than the invisible that remains out of time....

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sanctuary, indeed. My existence here's gotten better after I realised I don't really own myself. Also, not playing the stupid mortal flotsam games we are programmed to play as a collective; has made me immune to the worst of this. I only find myself marginally inconvenienced.

I could add more, but me thinks I shan't. (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"If All the Manufactured Bullshit, Presently in The Shop-Windows of the Moment Were Real...



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