Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haute Tension in the Broken Heartland.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the home of Smoking Mirrors. We don't generate them, we just acknowledge them. They are not what they are, They are what they are not. In the history of humanity this time around, there has NEVER been so many feckless characters prominent on the world stage. You can't tell the politicians from the entertainers. The consistency of their relative performances is at the same level of excruciating. Never have we seen so many representatives of the people, so up front about their corruption, so shameless and so hungry for more. Not in my lifetime, this time, have I seen entertainers and programming that goes to the extremes that it does. Since I never watch TV, I thought I would watch some cable series to catch the mood of those creating them and also catch what the people see so... I watched all of "The League" and am nearly finished with "House of Lies".. I've got to say, I'm impressed. I had no idea they have sunk to the level they are at. In the first one, the basic plot structure is around a Fantasy Football League. The cycling sameness of interactions all focus on sex, body excretions and a certain amount of gratuitous violence presented under the guise of comedy. They never vary through the whole two seasons. Of course, there is also consistent mention of Jewishness and Jewish mores and holidays, as there is in 99% of most programming. There's very little of them in "House of Lies" ( they do have one token representative and he is the most vile person in the show and that is saying something so... I don't know.), probably because the subject matter fits the profile of Tribe personnel to a 'T' and they want to avoid making the obvious associations. In real life they occupy most of the positions defined in this drama and a cursory search will prove this out. Mostly, you would already know they run these industries. This one pushes the envelope in terms of sexual ambiguities and nasty behavior, to advance one's self interest and place in the pecking order. It's very well done for what it is but the way it paints humanity in the areas of activity is awful and probably... just how it is, except for the people playing the roles. As usual, they have a black man standing in for them.

One of these programs is from FX and the other from Showtime. I can only imagine what's taking place in Network series. Most likely it's more innuendo and less full contact. I haven't watched the news either. I see rare bits of it as I travel about looking for material but I usually don't watch videos, just read copy. I do remember Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and that sot they drag in to embarrass 'the left' with scripted argument. Then there was that bad hair lawyer who does all the upskirt investigations. I can't remember her name. I do remember how bad it all was and how infuriating so... I stopped watching. The last time I saw any of that was the 2000 election, right around the time I got to Europe. Of all the things that surprise me, what surprises me the most is how long it has all dragged on. I think the Tribe authored PNAC, 9/11 attack authoring cabal expected to be much further up their bloodstained highway than they are. When I (in my own fashion) remote view them I can see them scheming and thinking more and more about an all out Final Solution because they fear their window is going to close. Their main problem is whether they can get the U.S. to go along with them.. If they act in isolation they will put themselves where they actually rightfully belong, in the shit. It is much more tense behind the scenes than we are being informed about. Snowden's revelations has shaken the very foundations of all previous unity and factions of alliance that were in place previously. This has raised the profile of BRIC's, which was rising anyway and assuredly re-places Iran into a better position. Ergo, Satan's little helpers are very annoyed and their master is pretending to be annoyed in order to see what new outrage they will come up with. In fact it's very antsy out there, all of the worst parts of their nature are being pressed upon. Meanwhile the power to act is shifting and they haven't tumbled to it ...but the subconsciousness knows and that is making it all more antsy still. This is why Mid-November looms as a period of pregnant potential. It's more like a boil actually, pressing for the release of its pustulence (hmmm... nice turn of a phrase... NOT!) What to do , what to do (or not do).

As should be obvious, all is not well behind the scenes and this most recent public reaction from the White House, affirms that the Tribe has plenty on the empty suit in the Executive Office. The Police State marches on and will continue to, until awareness in the mass changes. How big an object lesson has to be made for the rest of the world? We shall see. Certainly the Snowden debacle has changed the whole game board in respect of the European Union, which Germany is in charge of, believe what you like. Let's keep in mind Germany's historical nature over time and what is likely in the future. The dark side preempted the info game with Julian 'the snake' Assange. The cosmos countered with Snowden. Pretty much everything The Dark Side does now will be countered by something, when it's not fast tracked toward the ridiculous. I've been assured that there is going to be plenty of that.

Russia is haymakering while the sun shines and those going mad are getting madder. Add to the mix of all of it the incredible pressures acting out in the provinces and congested areas of the broken heartland. Add to this the incredible burden Nature is being forced to bear. Nature is patient but the time comes and a point is reached, where Nature will respond to restore balance, no matter what. Add to that the dance of the planets as they bring about the conditions for what 'might' come. My take on the 'what Iran does and does not have defensively' equation is that they have more than anyone thinks they do and I believe they have assurances that are known to the players behind the scenes, if not to the public at large. Oh... haute tension that has such trembles in it, Sayonara mon amour. Large bodies of tumbling infrastructure depart and whirl in silent space; now to translate into dead asteroids. The mad go madder, accompanied by stronger wine and madder music. the temporary night is thine, oh Hecate and every single life shall find it's destiny in how it joins or parts with you. The road splinters and travels in many tributaries to their individual ends. Such is the nature of destiny. It is a very personal affair. It is wrought in the crucible of the heart, according to the directives of the mind. In times of darkness the promise is not good. The mind has been hijacked by monsters, who ride the night mare to the land of bending edge. Watch how the rider rears the horse above the precipice. He's drunk as a lord and inflamed with confident arrogance; to each according to their greatest desire, failing that, the aggregate of competing sins. (apologies to all of the poems I siphoned style from)

Avast ye scum! Put yer backs into it! (the whip cracks and there is the smell of sulphur and blood in the air with the taste of pennies in the mouth. How did we come to be here? character is fate.)

It can go so many ways. It will go many ways, out along the tributaries of that splintered road. In this moment every one of us is weaving our Ariadne rope of fate. We may look upon it as something other than it is but... I assure you of this much, it is what it is and not as it too often appears; what it is not. The cause of this is that we lie to ourselves. Sometimes the process is so chronic we are unaware of it. It's become reflex, as if an honorary law degree had been conferred on us. This is how our motives become confusing to others and to ourselves. We have to paint them with an acceptable face and this mirrors the false persona we present to the equally false world for... the world is a mirror too and herein is concealed one of the greatest secrets of life, hiding in plain sight. Most people look right at it every day, experience the consequences and rewards of it in real time and never tumble to it's presences or operation. It is embodied in the tale of Rama and Sita, as Sita keeps walking in front of Rama's view and compromising his line of sight. I might have gotten the scenario a bit off kilter but the point does not change in kilter. We be gyroscoping!

Well, my friends, I must, alas, bid you adieu for the moment, wishing upon you all benevolence and beneficence, as you go on your way, provided your way is not contrary to the better interests of your fellows. Keep in mind that even though all may not be well across the board, all will be well in certain cases, individually and collectively. Hang your hopes upon the promise of what your finer efforts may bring. It is never too late, until it is too late. As long as there is breath, there is hope. This is a MOST IMPORTANT consideration to keep in mind. Where there is little hope (save that trauma or epiphany intrude or descend) is when one's Nature is intractable and not inclined to the exhortations of their higher nature. These are the people that can read words like this and their eyes glaze over, as their hand strays to their crotch, or someone elses, or travels in their mind to the vision of an elusive and much desired behind. The mind rotates on a hamster wheel of predictability, according to individual tastes. It is a rare soul that can stop the wheel and focus; "concentration is the secret of the magical art." and "all magic is in the will". Those are basically the same.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train.

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May your noses always sniff out the truth.

Choo Choo!!! Here comes that Damnation Train ( gotta write a song with that title to go with Armageddon Train). It's the Hillary, Zombie Pullman and Baron Samedi is the engineer. There be coffins all up and down the cars. The demons be sleeping till it come into Washington Union Station. Little George Sorrows be banking the bitch. Big six pointed star on the front engine (6 engines in all). The biggest frustration for the Israelis who, own the train, is that you can't reverse a six pointed star but The Devil don't mind. He knows that "by their works ye shall know them," He also knows that "by their works he shall own them." ('and the headbangers go', ♫down, down, we're going down... to the bottom♫

The Battle of the Morannon continues to come to mind repeatedly. There are our heroes, their backs to each other, surrounded by an overwhelming number of Orcs, fell men, trolls, AshkeNAZI storm troopers; legions and legions of the damned, were closing in on our heroes when The Ring went into Mount Doom. Suddenly the lidless eye swiveled to see what was taking place right within his own kingdom and the mental control that The Dark Lord had upon his servants was suspended. Confusion descended on the ranks and they ran off in all directions, very much like those who, in the final days, will run looking for the very stones of the Earth to cover them, crying out for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from that fearsome light. Many of them are riding on that Damnation Train (can I get the witless!) with Hillary. Doesn't she look hot in her Tommy Hilfiger hat with the red foam horns on the top? Did you know if you play Tommy Hilfigger backwards he turns into Julian Assange, who starts quoting from the CIA, black bag manual, while having a threesome with Noam Chomsky and Miley Cyrus on Fox and Friends? The soundtrack is done by Elton John singing, ♫Dildo in the Wind♫

Flames and black smoke are coming out of the blowhole of the lead engine. It's coming out of all the engines. In the country behind its passage it's like an opaque mist for miles. It looks like the final scenes in Steven King's "The Mist". You can see monstrous Super PAC creatures moving in and out of view. The air is filled with screams and the sounds of crunching bones and exploding IUD's provided by Planned Parenthood; a division of Rockefeller Eugenics Industries; carpet bagging Lizard Boy from West Virginia is not amused.

Riding along on the Damnation Train are Mike Florio and Bob Costas, two very white boys. They've jumped on the PC train, raising self righteousness to previously unseen heights. The stink matches the stink from the Damnation Train. It's stereo stink! These two white boys are excoriating all the other white people for not flagellating themselves with knotted ropes over the name of The Washington Redskins. Ah well, it's all about the money isn't it? It's always 'follow the money" and Cui Bono. I smell lawyers which also matches the stink of the other two trains, Choo Choo!!! I'm thinking they should change the name to the Washington Palefaces, however, since it is Washington D.C. how about The Washington Weasels? The Washington Bottom Feeders? The Washington Metrosexuals? I know, yes! The Washington Child Molesters or... well, the list could be endless.

Hillary, the Goddess of Coy and a bondage freak goy, isn't sure she wants to run. "Please! Stop me before I run again! The Damnation Train is years early because you got to get up early in the morning in order to fool all of the people all of the time. This means you have to get up before midnight, which means it's impossible.

On the other side of the aisle ( understand, they're all on the same side of the aisle, so you need MC Escher to get the real picture.) we have The Michelin Tire Republican, Chris Christie, Mr. Phony conservatives, Israeli stooges, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum= Rand Paul and Ted Cruz AND... in case there is a need to siphon away money from those people for whom Nancy perpetually holds the football, they can bring out The Stalking Horse himself, Ron Paul. He'll run and run and run and then he does a Houdini with the money. I hear rumblings from the banks of the Denial River. Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!

Choo Choo!!! ♫I hear that train a coming. It's coming round the bend and I ain't seen Vincent Foster since I don't know when, cause I'm stuck in Liar City and lies keep rolling on. I hear that Damnation Train and now the truth is gone" Actually it committed suicide; seppuku by Sushi knife. Yes, the pants suit Nazi is revving up the old goosestep. She's getting ready to goose the public. She's got a trail of bodies behind her. She's got a trail of bodies ahead of her. Is that possible? If it's Hillarious Clinton, anything is possible as long as it's not for the common good. Hillarious is known as a Central Banker Fluffer and she likes her work. Bill's looking for a wet humidor, which is sort of a contradiction in terms but he's sure that if Hillary can get into The Oval Orifice, he's going to be seeing trains all the time, like interns pulling trains. Close your eyes and you can imagine it. If you saw The Human Centipede (which I did not because I shut it off as soon as I saw where it was going) you'll have an idea about the kind of train pull that Wild Bill Clinton is contemplating, once the White House transcends into a glossolalia, speaking in tongue, Vagina Monologues, once Hillary starts channeling her inner Margaret Thatcher, colloquially known as The Iron Twat. Of course there is a chance she might start channeling her inner Madeleine Albright and half a million children will die. Then again, she could channel her inner Condolezza Rice and wind up as a security guard at the Hotel Rwanda, ♫Tut Tut Tutsi goodbye♫ Is that a little strong or in poor taste? I agree. Imagine the inside jokes shared by these clowns in those cloistered corridors of power 'while' it was all going on.

Damnation Train!!! Full speed ahead, chop up another line of that blue meth for Baron Samedi. Walter White is the conductor. ♫Don't stop that train, I want to 'get off'♫ Oh yeah. Sure, there are a lot of train songs. Maybe we can just move on to something else.

Damnation Train!!! I guess not. I guess we'll just ♫keep on choodlin"♫ Um hummm, that Damnation Train is coming. It's got Hillary riding on the top of the train, dressed as The Cowgirl from Hell. She's doing that Buffalo Bill Cody thing. Didn't I hear that he shot 10,000 buffalo in a single day? That sounds impossible. Okay, apparently it was ten thousand in his lifetime but... I know there was a particular day on which he murdered a horrendous amount of buffalo. He's the proto-typical American hero, like the guys who sold the Native Americans whiskey and small pox infected blankets, or was that yellow fever? Does it matter?

Anyway, the reason I brought up Buffalo Bill Chody is because ,"Thar she blows!" There's Hillary up on top of the train with a Gatling Gun, mowing down endless ranks of EBT cardholders. It's bad enough they are seeking to restrict the use of these cards but there is Hillary, laughing hysterically with that Madeleine Albright laugh, body parts flying in all directions... time for some Les Visible lyrics. ♫They're digging in the trenches, you know they're having fun, bodies blowing right and left, there goes somebodies son. There goes somebodies mother. There goes Abdul Haddad, they all got blown to pieces but I don't feel so bad, cause I'm sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun cause I sold those towel heads the guns. They got the Druze Moslems, the Christian Phalange. They're going to cut the fingers off your left hand (can't remember the next line) David Rockefeller gave them all aids. They always got more bodies to die for the cause and as your life drains from you, you can hear the applause in Bei Bei Bei Beirut... Lebanon. Bei Bei Bei Beirut... Lebanon; sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun, cause I sold those towel heads the guns♫ Oh well, missing lyrics, how it goes when you don't play anymore.

Thinking about Hillary on the Damnation Train, that song leapt unbidden into my mind because it's a reflection of her coming foreign policy. It's a reflection of any and all of the possible selection to come for just so long as The Central Bankers own them body and soul.

The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!!

I apologize for the exorcism in the middle of the posting. At no time did my head swivel on my shoulders, nor did pea soup spew from my mouth.

Hillary and Wild Bill are pressing the flesh. In Bill's case that's a literal, somewhere out there behind dark paneled wooden walls, Bill is getting all tantrically meditative in his lubricious humidor. Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar. Is that a banana in your ear or are you just happy to see me? Just think. Imagine what it will be like, if the descending resonance doesn't show up and we get all the way to 2016, with the Damnation Train going full steam, pumping and humping on the public's purse. Will there be anything left to steal once the Damnation Train pulls up to the White House? This is a serious question. What are all these pathological thieves going to steal? Well, when in doubt, start another war. As long as there are wars there will be an economy and there will be something to steal. This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns. It burns the hopes and dreams of the people. It burns the devastation surplus overflow of war. It burns the lies, the treachery and betrayal of public servants, it burns the insidious deceits of priests so, as you can imagine, this train can run forever and ever, world without end, amen. Except it doesn't run forever according to the perversions and tyranny of ill made men and their consorts. the only reason it runs as long as it does is... on the one hand, mercy, on the other hand, a massive dossier for the purpose of convictions ...and on the other hand, I don't know.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stop Living in the Back Room of the Central Banker's Underwear.

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May your noses always be cold and wet!

Absurdity continues to pile up on absurdity. The ever so clever, and savvy and self involved, consider themselves Masters of the Universe. They pat themselves and each other on the back, watchful that the hand does not contain a knife. They boast openly and in private about their absolute control over the temporal plane. They point at J.P. Morgan and laugh; "13 billion dollars! Is that all? Dimon stole a lot more than that!" Then, one of them turns and addresses an underling and says, "Peterson, I want you to look into the possibility of us doing something similar over at our shop."

They're like trap door spiders living in a woven cocoon of imagined security. They are the true Untouchables, or so they think. They emerge, periodically, to suck the life blood out of whomever is handy. Occasionally they get together with members of their own kind and feed en masse, like the Lost Boys heading down to the beach for a bite to eat. They've watched their parents do it. They've watched their mentors do it and they have personal evidence of doing it themselves. Who's going to stop them? The government isn't going to stop them. They own the government. The Justice Department isn't going to do anything about it. They tell the government who to have appointed to the Justice Department. The police and the military aren't going to do anything about it. They promote and appoint the heads of police and the military leaders who follow policy or... they get rid of them, like they just did last week and again this week.

The west is largely based on the capitalist system. That basically means the powerful eat the weak. The foreign policy arm of capitalism is imperialism. The country, whichever country that might be, runs on one thing. It runs on money. So... it stands to reason that those who print the money run the country AND whenever someone tries to put an end to their control of the country, they kill them, as they did with President Kennedy. The Central Bankers, who are near exclusively Zionist Jews, killed the president of the United States for attempting to mess with their income. Interestingly, the document Kennedy signed has never been undone or retracted. Meanwhile, across the span of American history, Central Bankers have been killing presidents on a regular basis, if they should happen to threaten their income and more importantly, the control their money gives them. They've been at this game for a long time. They are Satanic from generation to generation. They are emblematic of those powers and principalities in high places.

If it weren't for that basic flaw in their nature, who knows how long they might get away with their psychopathic low jinks? However, they are evil. They are deeply and densely evil and evil, as we all know, is suicidal. There is a feature in their programming that is on a timer and when the timer goes off, self destruction ensures. The whole extended panorama of life is a movie. It's made up of good guys and bad guys and a whole bunch of extras, who don't know what they are and who tend to gravitate in the direction of the active will of the closest power base. They are easily programmed through the subconscious, via telepathic invasion and the usual ongoing subliminal massage, along with the obvious sensory overkill that results in routine short circuiting that pacifies the public so affected and makes them malleable to whatever ends they are directed to.

The overall climate and vibration of existence is dependent on the time zone it takes place in. You can't judge the vast reach of existence simply by the episodes you are familiar with. For instance, this is a very dark age and it's been dark for quite some time.

Absurdity piles on to absurdity. We're in the closing stages where ridicule is exponentially emergent, the ridiculous is commonplace, affairs of state are operational satire, the leadership is as clueless as a chicken in a physics lab. The entertainment is at the level of circus clowns, the music is so bad it sets your teeth on edge and now... in publishing, there are romance novels about sex between dinosaurs and women. Then, there is bestiality, which, along with pedophilia, are the next civil rights issues to be hammered into the compressed turkey fat of the brainialis-humanus-ordinarius by Tribe Lawyers and Tribe Social Reformers. If you don't know by now that they are behind all of these things, you don't want to know. If you insist that it's actually some other organization, victimizing these hapless and blameless stooges, for the hundreds and hundreds of years, millennium actually... that they have been operational and active, at the same consistently redundant tricks, you'll have to walk me through how that was handled, all round the world in so many places, across such a reach of time from well before nailing up Jesus, to presently nailing up the rest of the human race and controlling the Central Banks around the world, while engineering world wars as well as smaller regional conflicts, for the sole purpose of financial profit, or genocide... when it comes to the ruthless (also ridiculous) attempt toward the legitimization of land theft and the forced diaspora of the original inhabitants. I'll need you to point out how all of this happened when they were already at it well before the competition (or whoever you blame) showed up.

When you go to your door and passing through it, enter out upon the wider world, you probably note there's a kind of anti-garden party taking place, courtesy of Gloom and Doom. It's all weeds and rusting appliances but, "a rose by any other name" as I'm sure you know. AND THIS IS ALL TRUE! It's all one hundred percent verifiable. If you don't know this yet, you don't want to know it or... you're a member or a willing whore.

The screaming, blaring, toxic truth about who did 9/11 has been answered in detail. Why has nothing been done about it? You! The people not reading this posting and some who are. You are the reason. You are either too stupid, too self involved, or too much of a coward to rise up collectively and see that justice is done. Maybe it isn't time yet; I'll allow for that. Maybe it's got to get much more flagrant and obvious before the veils come off of the sensation fried eyes of the materialized... general public. Maybe it's all on a timer, like so many things are. The awakening of the wider mass is on a timer. The awakening of each of us is on a timer, baring some act of powerful zeal on our own parts. The judgment of those acting out in the roles of the evil ones, is on a timer. The passing away of the old and the appearance of the new is on a time lapse timer, going by too slow to see but changing everything regardless. One day you turn around and everything is different but you never saw it happen. That's the good news and that's the bad news too. That's all on a timer too; the moment when your eyes open and 'what's really what' replaces what you thought was 'what'... or in many cases, 'whatever'.

Here's the thing about dreaming. You can be told you're dreaming. You can be told you're dreaming by someone who is awake and whom you know to be awake but... it doesn't compute. You nod your head in agreement but it doesn't compute. We all daydream and our day dreams are generally different from the dream of our day but, we can come out of a day dream and realize that is what we were doing. We cannot and do not step so easily outside of the dream that is our life. Some of us are so involved in the dream that it is all we know. Some of us think that the dream is all there is. They are like the people who sit down to watch a movie and, in a short time, are completely absorbed in the movie and no longer aware that they are watching one. They have little objective detachment. They are fully engaged. Then the movie ends and they see the white screen. Okay, they know the movie is over. The white screen is what is real. The movie is temporary. When you see the white screen in life that is known as death. Some of us see that white screen prior to. What does that mean? You'll know if and when it happens.

Because we are so caught up in the dream, we are easily manipulated. We are also easily frightened and coerced into things we might not ordinarily do. It's also like a hypnotist getting you to do something while you are under. Dreams and hypnotic states have a lot in common. They say you can't get people to do things against their nature while under a hypnotic spell. Whether that is true or not is of no consequence because you can get someone to do most anything if you convince them it is something else. It's like going to war for bankers and those are nearly all of the wars that take place. They are banker initiated. If you are convinced that you are defending your country and acting with chest bursting patriotism, with stars and stripes streaming across the sky in front of the imagination's eye, it's not all that difficult to machine gun down women and children and chalk it up as valor and courage.

That's one of the religions in capitalist states, the worship of service in Banker's Wars, where a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet. It's where the veterans are treated like shit in general but paraded out at ceremonial events, where they get all misty eyed about those special moments with their fellow dupes in arms. Can they possibly admit that they went to war only to generate a profit for Central Bankers? Their minds can't take that so they allow elaborate fantasies to be woven into their consciousness. They got the t-shirt. The problem is that they refuse to take it off. They want to be buried in it and they will be. Heck! most of them were buried in it while they were alive.

Yeah... the truth is an undesirable item. Everyone is capable of admiring it from afar and it's no sweat to celebrate nearly anything as the truth, so long as it is not the truth. That makes it easy on everyone, marking time on their way to death but... no one wants to get too near the truth. It singes. It will burn all of your clothes off of your body; given that your clothes are devices of concealment, just as your personal personality is. Ah these things we are so loath to part with will, sad to say be ripped from us forsooth.

The illusions under which we labor, in heavy chains, to which is also added the weight of time (variable from place to place and person to person) is only there for so long as we are inclined to carry any of it. It's up to us. We get up every day and decide to obey the will of the bankers, or embrace our freedom to be who we are. The worst of criminal elements has taken over the world. If you can't see it, you don't want to, or... you're feeding off of the crumbs that fall from the table of your supposed betters, ever hopeful that one of them will reach down and scratch your ears; not in a world of such incredible irony, where a handful of wealthy, Zionist Satanists can get together and create a Jewish Nobel Prize of one million dollars (no doubt stolen from the public coffers) to be conferred on a billionaire, eighteen times over who is, not surprisingly, the mayor of the city hosting the densest collection of AshkeNAZI's on the planet. Like I said, absurdity piled on to absurdity.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Ass Neon, Las Vegas Style and O Solo Mio Frottage.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

They are rioting in Rome. Fairly soon it will be closer to home, unless, of course, you live in Rome. Diocletian has gone into Active Zombie Mode with the same old, same old, "problem, reaction, solution." The reality of the affair, although they create the problems, set the reaction in motion and then apply the solution is that they are the problem and no progress can come until they are removed from power. They are not going to be brought to heel by any form of negotiation. They will not listen to reason and the reason for this is that they are OWNED by the central bankers and until those opposed to Central Banking are put into office to replace them, things continue as they have. They have no will of their own to exercise.

It IS HAPPENING however. It just happened in Hungary and as the natives grow restless and are pushed beyond the boundaries of endurance, they will run these sleazy sycophants out of office. In America they are seeking to turn errors into positives. The majority of mass media is in support of the democrats because that is the particular sewage system preferred by Zionist Jews, who control both the media and the American government, on both sides of the aisle... mostly. You see it everywhere in the news now about how much the shutdown hurt the Republicans. When you control perception (invented perception) you 'usually' control public opinion. They are hard at work on this because Lady Macbeth, Hillary Clinton, is getting freaky with some O Solo Mio Frottage. She's all ready to twerk on the national stage. She's like 20 year old Scotch, except that she's been aged in the casket. We can't put this link up too often. It's like the ISRAEL DID 9/11 link. These links need to be in big ass neon, Las Vegas style, all along the highways of that gone dead nation of couch surfing zombies (zombies again!~). It pays off to take a deeper look at what is being generated out of the culture because there is always a connection between the garbage entertainment and the garbage culture. Have you not noticed the proliferation of vampire and zombie flicks? This is is not accidental.

Yes they are rioting in Rome but... they are also rioting in Portugal. The dominoes are falling. All the proof you need as to whether the Central Bankers and their sycophants are insane, can be seen in the conditions they are generating, due to a most repulsive, pornographic need. In no body of people on this planet is greed more excessively resident than in the persona of the Central Bankers and to a lesser degree, the legions of the damned that serve them in all their various capacities. At the present they have a vampire lip-lock grip on the most materialistic of all planetary cultures. None too slowly, the culture has morphed into a modern day version of "Rollerball". It makes the top ten list of worst movies ever made for a reason. It takes the corporate mindset to task. It really nails it. In real life we now have football stadiums called 'Lincoln Financial Field', "Met Life Stadium" or they are named after cellphone companies, banks, one or another of the 3 piece suited up whorehouses, where they mind the bottom line, while at the same time minding the bottoms of underage boys and girls. It comes with the territory. Here's a little something about their poster boy. Fix-it Jimmy was sitting in a car one night when a beat cop walked over and asked him what was going on. He said "I'm waiting till midnight when this girl turns 16. If you want to keep your job you'll go away now."

Yes, you've got your pedestrian pedophile networks AND you've got your upscale designer Barbie pedophile networks. You've got your Walmart's and your Marks and Spencers. There's easy street and not so easy street. As long as the twisted reptiles and human centipedes keep to the background and skim only a certain percentage of the cream, chances are they will get away with it because the public is just so damned dumb. Unfortunately for them, they are unable to restrain themselves and they push and push, until they generate the push-back. Push back is coming and it's going to be coming hard, born out of desperation and panic

I think it was back at the beginning of the 60's, when a couple of physicists came up with the anti-proton. That was a big deal in physics. It's a really big deal in metaphysics and... properly understood, should give you an optimistic attitude for however long you are around and wherever you might happen to be around at. I am always impressed by all of what has been discovered by material science, which proves what I believe to be true about the immaterial. It used to confuse me that people did not see what I saw. I have come to understand that whatever people hinge their belief system on, everything that follows tends to echo it. If you are wrong about the essential, pretty much everything that follows is flawed. This is not to say that there is or is not a corresponding parallel existence on the other side of here. We are all free to make up our own minds about that. I've no pressing passion toward convincing anyone of anything. The way I see it is that the whole system operates on a Fail-Safe and you can interpret that any way that you want to.

If creation, seen from outer or inner space, for instance, or through the lenses of a pure science, can be so symmetrical, so cycling and circular, it would stand to reason (should one prove to be reasonable) that there's some kind of a plot and intention to it all. Having personally had hundreds of irrefutable evidences of this smack me upside the head and tweak (as opposed to twerk) my nose, I'm not uncertain about things that most people consider highly speculative, imaginary, or generally interfering of sleeping, eating, shitting and fucking; not necessarily in that order, well, depending on who you are, I guess.

Some very good points are made about where we find ourselves at the moment, in this article. Only certain crimes are punished. Crimes having to do with Wall Street and Central Banking are 'usually' not punished because they run everything, at the moment, or think they run everything but are actually just pawns in a much more complex tale...

I find myself compelled to say the same thing over and over, while looking for new ways to do it. Let me try again. Things ARE NOT what they seem. If you have a poverty mentality, you will be impoverished, or you will be impoverished for the purpose of demonstration. There's a lot of purpose of demonstration going on at the moment. Whatever is going on inside of you is going to be mirrored outside. This phenomena is connected to both awakening and judgment. There is more than one kind of awakening and not all of them are pleasant. Not even the ones where the objective is pleasant are always pleasant, initially.

If one were to give a penetrating look to the world around them, which is not much in the vogue of the moment, one might see that we are passing through a subtle series of changes. Most people will be completely unaware of this but those looking for what is what, might see it and... also might be informed about it via other mediums, should they have gone through the trouble to make such an effort at contact, as opposed to thumbfucking a cellphone or reading a Victoria's Secret mail order catalog. Sad to say that becoming Aphrodite is impossible via the fashion and cosmetic industry. It requires an actual contact with Aphrodite and the same applies to anyone you want to emulate or become. You don't need instruction manuals or a blizzard of words, all you need to do is to make whatever it is you are looking to manifest, preeminent in your consciousness. That's all it takes with anything, high or low. You don't have to be a genius. You don't have to be well read.. You don't need to be connected in any material sense. You just have to want whatever you want more than you want anything else. That's another one of those cosmic secrets that hangs around in plain sight.

If you look at the state of the world, you will note that it is all set up to distract you and gain your attention with one thing after the other, keeping you constantly off balance and unfocused for long, on anything; fragmenting you, splintering your will and making you impotent in all the ways that count. If you can step outside of this circus of stimulations and titillations, you might be able to get your bearings and figure out what it is that you want more than anything else, to have or to be. Otherwise, the train of constant distraction and misdirection, will keep pulling in and out of the central switching yard of your mind, at all hours.

It stands to reason that if it is very confusing in these times, if the distractions are near overpowering, there must be a significant reason for this. There must be an important reason for all the noise and lights, for the intense sensory assault taking place. What might that reason be? This is what I would put my attention on.

End Transmission.......

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheel of Obscenity.

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May your noses always help you to know where to step.

♫Congratulations Mr.(shudder) President. Congratulations to you♫ Can anyone still doubt it? Can anyone still compile a mature argument against what I am about to present? Certainly not until I present it (grin). 'We', my friends and I, have said here ad infinitum, that the fools, clowns and bloated, stick figure, perverts who are running around smacking themselves with pig bladders, provided by the promotional arm of of the "Let's wear Orange for Bladder Cancer.porg", will gradually and then... more quickly, as the plane of descent increases, turn into ridiculous lampoons and caricatures of themselves. How is it possible that only one person in a particular state could manage (after 7 hours on the telephone and internet) to join up with this Obamacare obscenity against humanity? Who wrote this obscenity? It was the pornographers from the insurance companies, with help from the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine. You've heard of the military industrial complex? They lobby and pressure for wars against nations ill equipped to defend themselves, for the sole purpose of financial profit. Well, the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine makes war on everyone, also for the sole purpose of financial profit.

The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine deliberately promote the most expensive and ineffective treatments available. The most highly desirable of these are the ones that take the longest to carry out because? Because, 'Time is MONEY!" As hard as it may be to believe, whether individual doctors know it or not (or even give a shit), the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine promotes as many unhealthy lifestyles as possible in order to maximize profits at their end. I'm speaking in terms of the US and UK for the most part. There are countries where doctors still engage in healing pursuits. Heck! There are still countries where a good percentage of the population are more or less sane. the US and the UK would not make this list.

I remember back when the original Max Headroom was president of the United States, as Ronald Raygun. He was, more or less present during his first term; not that that was a good thing and mostly absent in his second term, during which George, Son of Ashtaroth, Bush was running things. As a telling indication of just how seriously mind-fucked the American public was and is, a large percentage of the public believed and still believe that he was a great president. At one point, Ronnie Raygun had an idea shoehorned into the rat and bat infested attic of his cobwebbed and lightless mind. That idea was that the country could save a whole lot of money by closing down all of the mental institutions, except those necessary for the government to keep open, like the White House, Congress, the Justice Department, the FBI, the Supreme Court and others. Raygun argued that the vast majority of these patients did not need to be hospitalized. They could just go home, provided they had one of those and... take their medications and they would be okay. What Raygun and whoever put these ideas in his head overlooked (quite likely intentionally) is that these are crazy people and crazy people don't take their medication, unless someone in a white coat comes around with a little paper cup and hands it to them; much as what happened with The Astaroth Kid and his Haldol and Ronald McDonald Raygun, with whatever complexity cocktail they were giving him.

So... Raygun and The Bride of Ashtaroth, overnight, created the American Homeless Problem. It was right around this same time that rents started going through the roof all over the raped and looted American landscape. The plotted and planned murder of the middle class was underway and has continued to this day.

Daily Breast Cancer Alert! The most dangerous and pervasive cancer of all is virtually ignored and that is the Cancer of Western Culture. In any case, they create cancer on purpose and the cure for cancer (various cures) have been around a good long time. Most charities are scams and the bigger the charity the bigger the scam. Charities are businesses that feed off of fear and manipulated emotion, attended by the usual assortment of lies.

America cannot survive Obamacare but... that is only one of the ravenous beasts tearing at its hindquarters. The great carcass of what might have been lies rotting in the sun, surrounded by hyenas, vultures and other carrion feeders. This is what I see. What most other people see are lawyers and various official personages shuttling around a large desk stacked with reams of paper; grinning, cackling among themselves, rubbing their cold little hands together and thinking about what percentage of the profit from every page they sign will come to them. Unfortunately for them, as they were blowing their way up the ranks, it never occurred to them to keep in mind the particular emphysema that attends that route.

There are few things as obscene as Western Medicine. Western Medicine is more obscene than Divine eating poodle shit off a Baltimore sidewalk. Western Medicine is more obscene than George Bush Sr. having a Cub Scout sleepover at The in-house, Hotel Carlyle but... it is not as obscene as what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians since 1948. Western markets are driven by the Wheel of Obscenity and the direction and degrees of obscenity are mapped and charted on Wall Street, by the same people responsible for the disappearance of Palestine. Everything is connected, fortunately in some cases and most unfortunately in others ...and this all speaks to the force of attachment, which those possessing a particular strand of intelligence, realize is among one of the primary things we need to free ourselves from, while temporarily marooned on this plane, or... the cosmic travel agent is going to keep printing the same destination on every in bound and out bound ticket we get. It's known as a vicious circle; the majority of us to be known as evolutionary moonwalkers.

We know who owns the press. What we may not know, even though they control both houses of Congress, upper and lower, is that they favor the democrats so... all the news you read now is how the democrats have come out on top in the struggle to do something about the shut down and blaring across the headlines is the news of Mitch 'Purse Mouth' McConnell slipping 3 billions dollars worth of pork into his hip pocket. Once corruption has gone past a certain point, it doesn't matter how much worse it gets. It's like Stage 4 Cancer. There is no Stage 5.

It's time for Smoking Mirrors, Bold Predictions. We predict that the Loony Tunes atmosphere that has become so intense that cartoon characters are materializing on the sidewalks (should be fun come Halloween) is about to go into Hyper-Drive. I've got it on pretty good authority that a major power front is about to come down on the air heads who think they're running everything and all their resistance is about to be blown right out of the backs of their heads, at which point they are going to lose all control over everything they had no control over in the first place. It's an any day now situation and the first evidences of complete loss of self control should be manifesting real soon. I can hardly wait. In concert with this are major scandals and exposes that are going to rock the corridors of entrenched power; one on the heels of the other.

Mr Apocalypse is done lifting up covers and concealments with his walking stick, for a short peek beneath. He's now going to start ripping them entirely off of what ever is hidden beneath them; tick, tock, tick, tock.

It's been a long time getting to where we are. It's going to snatch the breath right out of your lungs with the sudden speed of its materializing.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

A World of Flaming Shit and Shake 'n Bake Truths.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Alex Jones just keeps getting worse and worse. He's been outright lying for some time and most especially fear-mongering; a true rabblerouser, raking in the bucks, as do his comrades in arms, some of whom have been named here a time or two. Here he is, or his organization, doing a Fox News Thing, which is running a sensational headline where the content doesn't add up to anything more than, "Boy what a waste of time." Maybe I didn't see whatever it was. I might have blinked once or twice but... I'm not going to go watch it again. I try not to get too much Alex Jones, if any ...because it causes a certain kind of Chakra burn. The Crass Media, on the other hand seems to activate the Riddle of the Sphincter; luckily I have solved that riddle, otherwise I might have to deal with routine, bowel loosening experiences. Well, it makes sense. The Crass Media (wholly Zionist owned or compromised) is leavened with so much shit, such a godawful amount of shit, that any contact with it sets up a sympathetic chain reaction. I imagine any number of sincere souls over the years have been compelled to wash up and change their clothing as a result of having, unfortunately read, some version of The Daily Talmud or watched it on TV. It can be a real drag when you have company over. It doesn't happen in the wider brainwashed enclaves. There's some kind of synced-up thing that happens in those locations. I suspect that when you voluntarily ingest shit on a daily basis and to a certain extent, it militates against the impetus to expel it.

Our biggest looming threat on the planet at this time is not Global Warming (which is a different kind of shit but... still shit). It's not the ongoing lack of potable water, or even the continuing threat of World War 3. It's the very high flammability of shit in all it's various forms. There is no product on Earth that is produced on the same scale as Shit. Most people have no idea how many different things are made of shit. Since The Tribe is the major supplier of Shit in most of its forms, it is no wonder that they are fascinated with the item and the means of its production to a sexual extent.

Shit... mountains and mountains of Shit; smoking shit, threatening to combust, acres of shit drying in the sun. Shit to the left of us! Shit to the right of us! Into the Valley of Shit marched so many millions.

It's not just the physical shit that is increasing by thousands of tons a day. It's the other kinds of shit that make the very air we breathe flammable. I'm talking about all the people talking shit. Even the President of the United States talks shit all day long. so does everyone who works for him. So does many of his counterparts around the world. However, the most ominous critical mass is centered in The Crass Media, publishing and and entertainment industry, the music industry and The Art World and the same shit slickers are nose deep in them all.

We are in grave danger. The combination of certain opportunistic conditions, could turn large portions of the Earth into instant conflagrations. Think of the spiritual implications of passing out of this world in a cloud of flaming shit. It doesn't sound good. No doubt some amount of readers think I'm kidding here. I am not. We are rapidly approaching the stage where we will be shit out of luck, or floating down the Mary River in a shit canoe without a paddle.

Yes we have Breast Cancer Awareness Month, produced and promoted by the massive international industries that feed off of the cancer created by other arms on the Globo-Octopus Industrial Complex. They're high profile and raking in the bucks. They're even auctioning off the various pink accessories used by the football players who were blackmailed into wearing this shit. Very little cancer is going to be cured by this bullshit, money scamming circus. They've had the cure for cancer for a long time but... THERE'S NO MONEY IN CURING CANCER! There is only money in stretching out the treatment of cancer until every last cent possessed by the one suffering from it is sucked off or siphoned out of them. It's a fact that most people spend 90% of everything they have in the last year of their life on outrageous medical expenses. The people in the shit businesses that profit from this know all about it. That is why they are at war with the natural cures sector of the still sane populace. Here's a good yardstick that is mostly always true. If the government makes something against the law, it is probably much less toxic for you than the poisons being marketed by the corporations that control the government. If it's against the law, it is usually worth looking into as being something useful.

You may have heard that the world is full of shit. I'm hear to tell you, "exactamundo." The biggest problem is the quality of shit. There used to be a much higher and less flammable form of shit that pervaded the Earth. These days the shit is composed of the cheapest and most noxious ingredients available. Even the old school shitmeisters are aghast at the level of crap that makes up the composition of contemporary shit. Like 'Olaf's Son' I must declare, "There is some shit I won't eat." But... put it out on The Big Buffet Table on Main Street and it's all spoons and elbows There are great steaming piles of shit everywhere. There are enormous hog lagoons of shit all over the South. It's not just your generative organs that are below the Bible Belt, your excretory organs finalize there as well. They raise these pigs in cages where they can't stand up. They spend their miserable lives lying on their sides. Somehow they collect all of this shit and create great lakes of it. I'm talking about great lakes of fire, potentially.

Why is there such a massive consumption of pork all over the world except in those places where they have the good sense not to eat it? That particular species is the main reincarnation form of this time zone. Well, it makes sense doesn't it? When selfishness and mindless consumption are rampant, surely this is what follows.
Everything in the cosmic sense is neat and tidy, whether you can see it or not.

When one's thoughts are generally shit, fascinated by and focused on shit, it stands to reason that at some point your brain turns to shit and then begins to generate shit, in concert with all surrounding shit and because this tends to make you one with your environment, you're just as harmonious and satisfied as all get out, except you can't get out. Not that that is a pressing objective. People caught up in the massive dance hall of glittering shit don't really identify it. They just dance and whoop it up saying, "Yeah baby, this is the shit!"

If you look closely, very closely, you can actually see shit flowing out of Obama's mouth as he speaks. You can see a cloud of shit particles suspended around the head of Janet Napolitano, James Clapper and General Alexander. The largest army of shit zombies that the world has ever seen are on the planet at this time. Seriously, expect a whole lot of spontaneous combustion in the near future.

You could say we're in deep shit. Seen from a certain broader perspective, where they mostly can't see shit, that is probably true; more true there than elsewhere where people can see the shit and are none too happy about it, meaning they are not as happy as a pig in shit. It is disheartening that there are so few of us that can see the shit, or who give a shit. It makes one despair of a positive conclusion to the matter. Many of the people protesting against the government in D.C. are doing it because they want to go back to work. As long as they get to do that, they won't care about any of the rest of it. "I just want mine! I don't care what happens anywhere else!" ♫I I Me Me Mine♫ Unless the root problems are addressed, nothing is going to be okay eventually. So many people are all ready and eager to fix everything with duct tape and chewing gum. "We'll worry about it tomorrow."

I am reminded of Paracelsus announcing that he was going to reveal the First Matter of the alchemists, finally pulling away the covering to display a turd. He was not factually incorrect though, like so many things, there's a lot more to it. It's always the details that murk up the easy passage expected by so many. The passage is not easy. Don't shit yourself (stay away from the Crass Media). Those choosing the higher road are tried and tested and the numbers diligently weeded out. If you're not one hundred percent committed, you'll be funneled or channeled back the way you came. That's how it works. These days this is especially so. The amount of poseurs and false teachers is larger than has ever been seen before in recorded history. The number of scams and instant enlightenment grooves of Shake 'n Bake Truth is huge. How do you find your way? Try heading inward as opposed to outward..

Well, I can't see where I can say more and add anything to this... whatever it is so, I'll just sail off into the afternoon and see what's next. Mind how you go and watch your step. There's shit everywhere these days.

End Transmission.......

Problems getting the radio show up at the moment. It's over on James Site if you can find it. I had some code sent to me but it didn't work so... later.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sinnergogues of Mannischewitz at the Circlejerk De Soleil

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, 'Push and Shove' are getting together for a little hoedown this weekend. Charlie Daniels and his band are rehearsing in one of the Senate meeting rooms. They're rewriting an old favorite, now entitled, "The Devil Came Down to D.C." also reworking an old Clapton song, "Tears in Heaven", now entitled "Humjobs in Hades". They'll definitely be wanting ice cubes in the cheeks for those. Way down under the band rehearsal room, members of Congress will be celebrating a Friday Night Black Mass, led by the minister of mayhem, Schlomo Baal. Half a dozen young boys and girls are on an Amber Alert from National Cathedral School and St. Albans. ♫Dead in the wind, (never coming back again), all they are is dead in the wind♫ You'll be seeing their pictures on Red Bull cans all over the Metro Area. Leperchauns are dancing, as well as they can with a missing limb here and there. Atonal recorder music is weaving dirge like fantasies through the no headroom room. The effect is so powerful that Obama is sporting wood way down Constitution Avenue, so is Dickhead Cheney, who dropped by for the cannibal dinner. Condolezzie Rice is playing the piano, dressed in a neoprene Waffen SS outfit, with Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots. She's playing a rewritten version of "Bringing in the Sheaves", now tilted, "Slaughtering the Sheeps." General Alexander is a tad too proud of his ragged baritone and dominates the room. Nobody seems to care much, they've been snorting Coke and dehydrated fetus shavings since the night before during their brainstorming session; what to do about the truckers.

It's not just the truckers they have to be concerned with now. It's the million man veterans, the million man V masks, the million man/woman metrosexuals, who are concerned about the effect of inflation on the cosmetic industry so... they're not actually on board with the general state of dissatisfaction but they will add noise and nonsense to the general chaos, as will the million man Minotaurs, the million man Munchhausen's, the million chick Retards, with the pink balls on the backs of their sneakers and few million of this and that.

The paramilitary police have been getting double doses of mystery chemicals in their MRE's. They're pumped up like thousands of Riddicks, waiting on the bounty hunters from space. Looks like their hyena dogs have been getting their portion too. They're all howling at the buffoon moon that rises every ten thousand years and as always we get it in multiples when Mr. Apocalypse comes to town, like Blue Moon-wise. It's scary is what it is. The vampire elite know they can't just 'let it all go down' but... if they over react, which they will... uh oh, uh huh. Yes, this is one of the main features of Evil in forced decline- supreme over reaction. It's the final segments of "The Lost Goys". This episode is called, "the Wolf Shepherd Shag."

Saturnalis is coming... but first we got All Hallows Eve. It's that time again, 'things that go bump in the night' time. The bones of dead children will rattle in the wind of not so silent screams, deep in the bowels of The Vatican and all satellite stations. ♫I'll Have a Feel Yah♫ is resounding through the Sinnergogues. Jeroboams of Mannischewitz mystery blood, are frosty on the shaved ice. Baphomet went to Brazil and got himself a bikini wax job for all the upcoming festivities. Anti-Life imitates fashion and evil imitates good but does a very bad job of it, sort of like how Orcs are a perversion on elves.

One of the down and coming Satanic clowns, Governor Chris Christie out of New York is doing the beer barrel polka, He's got that barrel secreted in his abdomen. It's got a time release leak system so that he can always be ♫a jolly good fellow, that only the sane deny♫ He's the kind of guy that dresses up like Santa Claus on Halloween cause it's just a costume, sort of like The Pope; speaking of which it was nice to see a German Arch-Bishop not buying into that faux austerity and spending 25 million pounds on his dwelling. The new Horse Manure Pope says that they should strip themselves of "vanity, arrogance and pride". The general response was, "Sure, we'll strip cause baby, we're going down to Buggertown. Don't know much about that vanity, arrogance and pride, never heard of them before." That sounds about right. That's a nice photo of The Pope. He looks like he's got a couple of altar boys hidden in his cheeks. That might mean bunkbeds on either side from the look of the size of them. the Pope says they got to pay more attention to the poor, since they are primarily responsible for the poor, I think that's a good idea. It's not going to happen 'because' it's a good idea but hey, that's showbiz in the world's largest drag revue. They're thinking of naming it the Circlejerk de Soleil in honor of one of The Popes favorite boy toy extravaganzas. Gee, you think I'm coming down too hard on certain subjects? If there were a more balanced coverage of all this obnoxious shit, I would probably back off but... until that day, it stays this way. I don't know how many times I've had to say that none of what I have to say is a judgment on gay people per se. They are the most intelligent and side splitting humorous group I've ever encountered. They got that 'cutting eye' and when they skewer someone (pun not intended) it can be uproariously funny. It's the pernicious political angle with bad intentions that I don't care for. My perception is that everyone passes through all phases of human experience and those experiences can be furthering or not, depending on attitude, intention and acquired capacity to let go. Ultimately, one has achieved ultimate success, when one is capable of letting go altogether. See, if you can't let go, something has you captured. If you can, you're free and that's what liberation is all about.

It's been said here many times, the deeper you go into the darkness, the more confined it gets and the hotter it gets. Pressure creates heat. The further you go in the other direction, the less confining it becomes and you discover the essence of Cool.

Here's where the gen pop presently abides in terms of their inglorious leaders. It's not that far off from the hanging Lampposts of Neo-Babylon. Not to be outdone, the talking heads, who are the catamite offspring of the corporate control center that runs the whole board, under the relentless gaze of the lidless eye, are making sure they keep pace with the power junkie jerks. And... at Hellstorm Central, it's business as usual, of course. So, it's a natural expectoration that Crass Media would take a deep dive into the ghastly, vomit bag of irony to keep the Chosen Ticks ticking. More likely it's to distract from the inflexible slamdunk dung of yet another Tribe vampire in charge of the ghost money (lies, lies and more lies) and... therefore, directly in control of most of your material plane difficulties.

Digression alert; and how about those Giants? Hopefully it's a virus and can make its way to Denver before long.

One of the main conditions, always in play these days, is irony and here's a classic case of it. If only 99% of all research would dry up and blow away. People, a golden age is coming. Granted it's a mini golden age, as befits what you would expect when we are somewhere in the Kali Yuga, or on the outskirts of departure from the same. Some say we've left it but, my position is that you haven't left anything when it is still in progress as the same. People can feel free to argue that as much as they want, given how intense their wishful thinking is but... my suggestion as ever, is, when you're wishing in one hand, always be sure to keep an eye on the possible contents of the other hand. I want to be as optimistic and positive as anyone but I don't like lying to myself. I might as well go to work for The Climate Change Industry in that case or hang out with Paul and Mick at the Milan Fashion Show, for whatever their reasons may be.

Cheer up comrades, the more ridiculous and outrageously stupid it gets, the closer we are to the anticipated conclusion. They haven't gotten to the fullness of their insanity yet. We're still due a monster-load of amusement yet. One thing they can't abide is scorn, no more so than their real master can. So... scorn is what we have. Could it possibly be anything else, given how it's been?

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How about a Nice Slice of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

500 hundred tons of dust lands on the earth every day so, if you don't regularly clean your mirror, as a matter of critical routine, eventually you won't be able to see yourself in it, much less everything behind you, even if all of it does appear to be in front of you. Sometimes appearances aren't just deceptive, they're not visible either. That's when they start to automatically project, like economists, religious bagmen and everyone who makes money by convincing you that they are a meteorologist, in respect of their field of acumen. Generally they are cosmetologists, masquerading as cosmologists. You can get your working papers as an expert in your field and by simple disagreement with the other experts, establish yourself as someone who should be well paid for being so certain about what they don't know.

These days, dust isn't the only reflection liability you will encounter. There's also the ever present, smoke from impure fires, generated by collective low level desires. This group miasma is directly related to the disappearance of manners. Once it was considered the right thing to do to admit you were wrong and strive to improve upon whatever personal failing was responsible for you trying to slip one past the distracted hordes. These days, you huff and puff and get all offended about being caught short of veracity; not even in the company of a distant relative of the truth do you find yourself and it gets harder and harder to find yourself every time you trade off a true reflection, for one more likely to generate a profitable return. That's what we see these days about the climate change vampires. The last thing they care about are any actual solutions to the alleged problem. What they want is something like Breast Cancer Awareness month, brought to you by Dove Advanced Beauty, Clear Tone Skin Renew, Antiperspirant and Deodorant. What you want are legions of soccer moms with fluffy pink balls bouncing on the backs of their sneakers, as they march into the Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Clinic with their World War Z T-shirts, accompanied by their, every color of the rainbow, adopted progeny. This is known as the "Madonna PC Look at Me Syndrome". There's a whole new field branching out of the Hollywood interior decoration industry that does child placement, usually it's cheaper to pick them to match the furniture rather than to have to replace it all later.

It's little wonder that the general population of North America, is bristling through the abrasive sandpaper slithers of their daily contacts, with their equally pissed off fellows, dancing around like wolverines with hemorrhoid flare ups. It's no wonder that Peyton Manning gets 12 million dollars a year encouraging children to eat death foods like Papa John's Pizza, who refuse to list the sources of their ingredients, well, Peyton owns about 30 outlets in the Denver area. This is the age of lying pitchmen and pitchwomen, shilling for anything that will give them scads more money than they will ever be able to spend, while the majority of their compatriots, slowly and not so slowly, sink beneath the waves of contemporary, cynically manufactured want and depravity. Now we get Miley Cyrus, 'the little hooker that could' in a media blitz of justification for, "this is just how I am" and "I never meant to offend anyone. I mean, Jesus H. Satan, I wasn't popping ping pong balls out of my vagina or anything!" The stench of hypocrisy and craven self justification is worse than that of the garbage pits around Guatemala City.

We've broken into a whole new area of blatant offenses and outrages against John Q. and Jane Q, Public as 'the man who wasn't there', Bwak! Howdy Doody, Obama./// Whoa!!! Digression time, there's the Legion of Pinked Up Two Airline Seat Women, "Yoooouuuurrr breast cancer survivors!" They're right there on Monday Night Football just to the side of this posting in progress ...this Tuesday Morning. They're grinning and pumped up ( it wouldn't have been a bicycle pump). As anyone in the business knows, nipples are where the pump needle gets inserted. Ain't Nature prescient? End digression and back to Bwak!!! The petty, unfocused swatting of small and insignificant homeowners, monument and park visitors, restaurants in season and anyone he can hurt, while making sure his own corps get nicely paid is nauseating, disgusting, demonic and childishly petulant. Heck, there's so much childish petulance going on at the moment that even I'm running into it. We're obviously talking about a whole lot of dust-laden and smoke obscured mirrors. Well, this smogging of the mirrors has it's benefits. When you have lost contact with your essential being, due to selling your soul for a mess of pottage and... your false self is now in the driver's seat, the effect you want is for anyone and everyone to think it's still you, cause that lends an appearance of veracity to the actual lying sack of shit you have morphed into. It doesn't happen overnight. It's like losing your hair. You could see it was thinning out and then, one day, poof! it's all gone. The same applies to appendix like vestigial features (these days) like integrity, honor, courage when weaselly discretion might have been the better part of valor, given the general drive for avoidance of all sense of sacrifice for the greater good. "What has the greater good ever done for me? More Chicken McNuggets!!! More Chicken McNuggets!!!  Hey Payton! How about some snake oil eyes and exorcism voiceovers for a few million more?

Yes, the blog contents and concerns have shifted temporarily because we're halfway between the Slog of Despond and the Dark Beyond. Something strange is rising in The Event Horizon. It all comes down to what is really going on behind the scenes. All we see are effects made difficult to interpret because the cause is hidden under the dust on the mirror. Far too few of us are at the mirror in the day to day with Windex and a towel. At first, the dust is just a static overlay but eventually, the dust adheres and coagulates into a hard surface that hides you from yourself for however long it takes for temporary fate to achieve it's manipulated permanence; more Chicken McNuggets? How about a nice slice of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza? Afterwards we can head down to that Asian eatery at the mall for some Duck A La Agent Orange. Sooner or later all the flavor enhancements and preservatives are going to preserve you just like all those martinis did the Queen Mother. She still looks exactly the way she did when they put her six feet under. Anything that tries to eat her dies from cirrhosis of the liver before they can even get going. It's permeated the ground for yards around. You don't even need a liver to succumb to the force of it.

People, just keep reminding yourself, no matter how bad it gets,"At least I'm not John Kerry. At least I'm not Hillary Clinton. At least I'm not Jenna Bush. At least I'm not Miley Ray Cyrus. At least I'm not Ben Affleck's understudy, Justin Timberlake. At least I'm not Mila Kunis. At least I'm not an insanely genocidal Israeli. At least I'm not a Hollywood agent. At least I don't wake up each morning confronted by by a reversed pentagram on my ceiling." I could go on and on. That is the unfortunate truth of these times. I am reminded of an old joke. A Hollywood agent is sitting in his office when The Devil Walks in. The Devil says, "I'm here to cut a deal with you. I am prepared to make you the most powerful agent in town and all I want is your soul and the souls of your wife and children." The agent looks at The Devil and he sits there thinking for a moment. Then he asks, "Okay... but what's the catch?" This is precisely where most people are at these days. It's all that dust on the mirror. It skewers priorities and values. It moves you closer and closer into the Land of Moral Relativism. First it screws up the bearings on your moral compass. Formerly True North now begins to point you in the direction of True South, along the lines of 'gone south'. What happens along with this, due to the dust on the mirror, is that your surrounding environment adapts itself into a supporting role that affirms all the bullshit you start to believe, in order to grant you a conscience free passage into the trackless wastes of the Gone South Swamplands. These do not end like the Tamiami Trail, no matter what the signage at the entrance says, cause that's just demon graffiti written into the mirror that conceals the actual message of 'abandon hope all ye who enter here.'

You might think that your life is no more than the days of waiting between your weekly Friday Night Poker Game. The truth is that you are playing in a high stakes game but this is also hidden from the attention of most people; more Chicken McNuggets? Yes, you are playing in a high stakes game and the chips are symbolically representative of your most priceless possession. You'll be able to figure out what that is by simply taking a little stroll through the Toxic Media of the Times... no, I'm not talking about your ass, since that will be the first thing that comes to mind, as you witness the storming crowds of witless celebrities and power shakers, pressing the people up front like tuna fish for brains groupies, storming the stage, at a Justin Beiber concert, waving those paddles like they have at a Tribe owned Southeby's art auction and screaming at the top of their lungs, "My ass is for sale! My ass is for sale!" No... that's just a physical metaphor for something else you can't see, due to the dust on the mirror. I don't see where I have to name it for you, rather let me describe what it does. It's a containment vehicle that travels the metaphysical universe and is the only vehicle that makes it possible for you to do that. Without it, your range of locations are extremely limited and confined to only a few very undesirable destinations and locations. It is the most important thing you will ever possess besides the resonant proximity to the force that assisted you in its construction.

These times, at the end of a grand cycle of 26,000 years are created specifically for the purpose of separating you from this priceless component or... in the rarer instances, it is a singular time sensitive period, in which you can make leaps forward, which far exceed what is possible at any other time. This is a living truth that you are in the midst of; another slice of Papa John's GMO laden, Full blown Acne Pizza? How about some Wasabi coated Rat Turds? You can just settle back on the couch with all those solid and liquid poisons and pop that hot oil mudwrestling marathon into the DVD player. Or maybe you just want to kick back with a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray Porn. The critics say its literature. Given the level of your reading skills it might well qualify as literature.

I never imagined I would see whole generations turn into clueless nitwits over such a short expanse of years. It's mind blowing. I am finding it very difficult to love the human race, or the fact that they came in in last place. I haven't given up but I would love to find a solitary living zone to pass the time in between now and whenever they get around to destroying themselves.

Well, it's not all bad. A goodly number of the formerly sleeping classes has woken up and gone into action. A million truckers are headed to DC to protest and 'arrest' members of Congress (yahoo!). Twitter shut down their communication threads. All over the place, revolution is brewing. This is a conflict the elite cannot win. They may kill a lot of people (they're already doing that) but eventually they will be torn to pieces, as cosmic justice closes the window on the compassion timeline. It's inevitable. It is becoming unavoidable. When you are an irreversible shit, what you should do becomes what you won't do and this results into you cornering yourself in an indefensible position. It's all easily predictable metaphysics. Sooner or later, it's later.

I don't mean to stay overly long in the state of mind I have chosen to temporarily occupy. Certain things need to be said and then... it's on to something else. Be well.

End Transmission.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Twerking Whores and Chicken McNuggets are Made from The Same Ingredients.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Reality TV is gearing up for their latest cinderblock buster, entitled "Elizabeth Smart 24/7". This will be a non stop media immersion suite, all about being, 'broken beyond repair'. Along with the real time video of every single 'dead zone moment' with Lizzie Girl, they will be launching a massive product line of cosmetics; ready to eat processed Raimen cups, desert delicacies and a Victoria Secret, horses and penguins, poor little, rich white girl, bedtime outfits and... anything that can be imagined as a Mormon competition to whatever is too tacky for the Catholics to sell at Assisi. They're going to have bobble-heads, feather duster butt ornaments and tattoo and piercing templates for Toddlers and Tiaras at all the franchise outlets of, "You Go Girl' fashion emporiums. Roman Polanski has been chosen as the director for the European programming end. It's definitely going to be, ♫a gas, gas, gas♫. They've hired Amy Smart to be her fairy godmother and Karen Black is coming back from the dead to play the evil stepmother.

Members of the International, Anti-Human, Israeli formed, Tribe consortium, have chosen Elizabeth (Lizzie) to be the False Flag Poster Girl diversionary, red herring pinup, to fill the air spaces of the world and suck all the oxygen out of the room (until they dirty bomb some big city), as their reverse Cabala agents chant,"in demons in, in demons in, in demons in". It will be a sort of playing the record backwards chant like "Om Raksha, Raksha, Raksha Phat!" Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are going to be doing the soundtrack and then, of course, a threesome with them and Elizabeth will follow for the YouTube video; already viral before it's out. The results of her DNA test found that she was composed of exactly the same components as a Chicken McNugget. Isn't that special? Presently, she's about to be adopted by the Ozzie Osborne clan. Now there's a tight little family unit with more than meets the eye, thankfully.

The Florida Chapter of the Tribes, "If it ain't a Menorah, it can't be shown in public" branch is hard at work circumcising all human rites from public view. It's business as usual here in the mid-term of The Apocalypse. New technology has made it possible for all of the 666 tattoos on their asses, to glow in the dark like demon's eyes. This makes those midnight streaking runs through Riverside Park, a thing of beauty to behold. Remember, as we said yesterday- as per Thursday Night Football, ♫you've never had a party like the party when you party in my pants♫... or something like that. The latest news out of the Pop Warner league is that they're going to come out with pre-teen hooker cheerleaders, modeled on Jon Benet, prior too, not after she was dead. After each game they'll be passed around as party favors among big time political movers and shakers like John Kerry, Bwak! Obama, John McCain and Lind-seed Graham. No, wait!!! Not Lind-seed. Lindseed will be foraging at the Pre-teen Boyband after parties thrown by Calvin Klein.

Condolezzie Rice is resurfacing into the media mind control landscape. She's being all flirty and fresh at NFL.com, where she talks about never missing a super bowl but... why stop there? So... she's also talking about how you can't trust the Iranians because they refuse to circumcise their civil rights and this is just a small part of the Satanic Tribes of Israel's windup to the biggest false flag ever. Along with that, we've got Jenna the Hut Bush, talking about how she's related to 'Smilin Bill Clinton', the Arkansas Cocaine King and his mass murdering wife, the reincarnated Elizabeth Bathory, who arranged the death of Vincent Foster and many, many, many others. The plug-ugly Jenna, see her modest Twitter-like rap and the ghastly Halloween countenance, as she also mentions her interaction with Hollywood Intel, CIA groupie, Ben Affleck's wife, Jennifer Garner. Yes!!! Save the children! Just like Obama does; "Hey, child soldiers need to eat too." Remember folks, when you see all those football players and celebrities wearing pink gloves and tacky pink ribbons, it's Breast Cancer awareness month. This means that if you are any one of the dozens of large corporations that make a fortune spreading breast cancer,or bankrupting people diagnosed with, or misdiagnosed with breast cancer, without, of course, actually effectively treating it, this is your month to rip and gouge every dime you can get out of the Silly Puttied brains and pocketsees of the stupefied public.

It's a little more than coincidental that they have discovered that deodorants are responsible for a whole lotta breast cancer. If you stink, which contemporary dietary mores pretty much guarantee, you'll soon be headed for The Big Stink in the cold, cold ground. Mr. Visible (true story) often doesn't shower for two months at a time, just to see if anyone notices anything. They don't. This is achieved by eating a lot of certain things and none of the others. As is the case with any claims made here, I can prove this. I know, I know, big deal. Still, what's an elderly, perpetual 12 year old boy, with the energy demonstrably witnessable (right, not a word but... I create my own words) supposed to do except to prove his points, thereby achieving at least a little credibility?

I don't know if this is some kind of a ghost metaphor, created by yours truly but... whatever it is, here it comes. Whenever something is hidden, whether it be good or bad, it is much more difficult to find and also more difficult to understand because it's lack of visibility makes visible comparison with what you can see more difficult. You'll get what I'm talking about because stupid people don't come here. Stupid people watch Piers Morgan, get sexually aroused by embarrassing perversities, like Miley Cyrus (achy breaky ass; as in twerking is to bad booty gyrations, what Twitter is to conversation) and who, without any hesitation, after learning what's in a Chicken McNugget, will order a Pink Slime shake to go with a 24 pack of them. It used to be that rats would run all around the ceilings of Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and then the rats would more than occasionally, fall into the fryers. Now they leave tubs of batter around so that when the rats fall they are suitably prepared for the fryers the next day. It sure is "a Brave New World that has such people in it." Okay then, when you can't see something, it can be difficult to identify. However... however... when anything is forced out into the public view, it can be identified. It can be compared and by their acts be known as what it is because, "by their works ye shall know them." This is the essential proof of the Apocalypse and it's 'revealing' and 'uncovering' efforts. So, when you see monsters in human form, cavorting in international blood baths; laughing about it, reveling in their presumed invulnerability, you can (or should know) "their hour has come round at last."

It is in the worst and most horrific of contemporary appearances and publicly witnessed acts of outrage that these soulless husks of animated evil condemn themselves, while imagining an endless impunity. No, once they have outed themselves, they are out ...and judgment is on the approach. Lest there be any doubt what monsters they really are, they have been given ample time to demonstrate the truth of it. This should energize your faith and the sails of your hope can billow on the main mast of the great ship of destiny, which is now looming on the horizon. there are all kinds of ships that come in; speaking of waiting for your ship(s) to come in (which we weren't). Some travel under the dark sails of death and some travel under the luminous sails of light.

Despair is the edge they seek to push you to, don't let them push you by convincing you that false appearances are real. We only buy into them because our desires are what they are, shaped by the Tinker Toy society that veils what is of value and promotes what is absolutely useless, when it is not also toxic and deadly. Get your priorities and aspirations in order and it will be real oysters in the shell, not simulated oysters made from demon's phlegm.

Well then, my friends, hopefully something useful has slipped between these words and briefly glimmered like a candle in the dark. We're not done till we're done and it ain't over till it's over. Hang in there; be conscious, be aware- Help is on the Way.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Old Soft Shoe Outside the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, it seems the more things don't change, the more they remain the same.They are at work all over the planet, in most every field of endeavor that involves making a profit, controlling or overthrowing governments, revising history and all available religious scriptures and traditions. It's bad enough to be engaged in these things in the first place but to be performing these things with an in your face indifference and contempt well, that's something else.

Every single day, the same old same old intensifies and the pathological rich behave exactly as they always have. More and more the planet looks to me like one massive insane asylum. The various mental and emotional compulsions, obsessions and what have you, are easy to spot. Through the ranks pass their minders in the white coats and other official outfits and they uniformly diagnose chronic illnesses as normal behavior and rational and objective awareness as examples of dysfunction, although being called a 'terrorist' is the new catchall.

The reincarnated Marie Antoinette, in these black days in the White House, now has around 30 personal servants. The whole of the top level of the pyramid landfill is swarming with rats, cockroaches and half visible, lower astral larvae. They dress well and their red, martini flushed faces make them appear to be legitimate servants of those they were elected to serve but... their works betray their true intent. If if were not for the cloud of false reality that contains the parameters, of the great spectacle in which so many of us cavort within or stand transfixed by, observing people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, the Zio-Twin senators of Kalifornia, Nancy Pelosiand a host of their orc peers would be akin to watching the Three Stooges, or Beavis and Butthead, although... there are a lot more of them. For some reason, they seem to be representative of the will of the people, which only goes to show how incredibly stupid a lot of people are. Of course, voter fraud is an international tragedy but still, there are tens of millions of brain washed lemming, Christian fundies who want and pray for Armageddon because somehow they have convinced themselves that as soon as it gets into gear, they're going to be swept up into the air and shoehorned into Heaven for ever and ever, into the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum. Just imagine the degree of your misfortune to find yourself welcomed into such a Heaven, with the sort of crab lice that are in free range mode, below the Bible Belt. The old Bible Belt had to be replaced because there was no more room to add new holes for the metal prong that holds it far too tightly, against the ever expanding gut of self satisfied, permanently saved, for no particular reason, two legged mastodons, grunting, feeding and sleeping on the vast plains to nowhere.

Meanwhile, in Blingville,any possibility to advertise exclusivity, however ill deserved will not be overlooked. Then there are people and things that are, to say the least, interesting. After all, we "live in interesting times." the full blown emergence of those twin pillars of malice and deceit, Satanism and Scientology are glowing with an internal efflorescence and River Styx lighting, like animated Chinese lanterns that eat the unwary, of which there are many. There are far too many, here in the midst of The Apocalypse as the unveiling and revealing continue by the hour.

Psychopathic poster boy from the Synagogue of Satan and Rothschild catamite, Bennie, the rat, Nitwityahoo is off on his defame and destroy Iran tour. Steam is coming out of his ears. The blood of Palestinian women and children coagulates at the corners of his mouth. What we see him engaged in, should be an indication of just how horrific what we don't see him engaged in, amounts to. We, who retain a conscience,who have elements of humanity active within us, cannot find the measure of this creature. It's like running into a hedge fund trader in The Congo. There's nothing to make a comparison with.

It cannot be that they and their fellow travelers shall prosper for much longer. It goes counter to cosmic law, insofar as I understand it. You could say, "Well, visible, look at the last several thousand years. Terrible monsters, camouflaged in human form have done what they wished." I would respond to this by saying, "this is the Apocalypse now. In the Apocalypse... everything changes. Any other time, they'd be much further down the line with all of their wicked intents.

First the Israeli run PNAC unfurled their blueprint for planetary chaos. Then Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and...feeding on the false passions of the moment, they engineered the invasion of Afghanistan, for geo-political advantage and to regain control of the opium fields for all kinds of reasons, not the least of them was to finance international black bag ops and to manifest an epidemic of addictions in Russian territories but... there are many motivations at work and here is a detailed look at one of them. Oxycodone is one of the most difficult pharmaceuticals to get your hands on. They're handing them out like Halloween candy at a pedophiles house. When you read this article, provided you still have objective reasoning capacity and an unpolluted perspective, through which impartial observation is possible, this looks like madness. It is. It is desperation on the cusp of madness. There is no reasonable or justifiable answer to this sort of thing, just like there is no explanation for the actions of law enforcement in these times. However, when you look a little deeper, it becomes easy to conclude that those operational in law enforcement have been specifically recruited according to how morally bankrupt and perverted they are.

It stands to reason that those of us who spend our days pointing these things out, would eventually come into the crosshairs of the lidless eye. There's a phrase in one of those old books that talks about someone going around like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour. In the Apocalypse this sort of activity is on steroids and depending on your level of employment, on that depends who gets eaten for dinner. We who are employed by the other side are in no danger of being eaten but the level of harassment can be pretty intense.

Each day we have to catch ourselves early on and remind ourselves why we are here and what it is we are here to do. Not taking the necessary moments to accommodate this can lead to days that act like runaway horses. Be vigilant, be aware, be good, regardless of the cost.

End Transmission.......

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