Friday, October 25, 2013

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always sniff out the truth.

Choo Choo!!! Here comes that Damnation Train ( gotta write a song with that title to go with Armageddon Train). It's the Hillary, Zombie Pullman and Baron Samedi is the engineer. There be coffins all up and down the cars. The demons be sleeping till it come into Washington Union Station. Little George Sorrows be banking the bitch. Big six pointed star on the front engine (6 engines in all). The biggest frustration for the Israelis who, own the train, is that you can't reverse a six pointed star but The Devil don't mind. He knows that "by their works ye shall know them," He also knows that "by their works he shall own them." ('and the headbangers go', ♫down, down, we're going down... to the bottom♫

The Battle of the Morannon continues to come to mind repeatedly. There are our heroes, their backs to each other, surrounded by an overwhelming number of Orcs, fell men, trolls, AshkeNAZI storm troopers; legions and legions of the damned, were closing in on our heroes when The Ring went into Mount Doom. Suddenly the lidless eye swiveled to see what was taking place right within his own kingdom and the mental control that The Dark Lord had upon his servants was suspended. Confusion descended on the ranks and they ran off in all directions, very much like those who, in the final days, will run looking for the very stones of the Earth to cover them, crying out for the mountains to fall on them and hide them from that fearsome light. Many of them are riding on that Damnation Train (can I get the witless!) with Hillary. Doesn't she look hot in her Tommy Hilfiger hat with the red foam horns on the top? Did you know if you play Tommy Hilfigger backwards he turns into Julian Assange, who starts quoting from the CIA, black bag manual, while having a threesome with Noam Chomsky and Miley Cyrus on Fox and Friends? The soundtrack is done by Elton John singing, ♫Dildo in the Wind♫

Flames and black smoke are coming out of the blowhole of the lead engine. It's coming out of all the engines. In the country behind its passage it's like an opaque mist for miles. It looks like the final scenes in Steven King's "The Mist". You can see monstrous Super PAC creatures moving in and out of view. The air is filled with screams and the sounds of crunching bones and exploding IUD's provided by Planned Parenthood; a division of Rockefeller Eugenics Industries; carpet bagging Lizard Boy from West Virginia is not amused.

Riding along on the Damnation Train are Mike Florio and Bob Costas, two very white boys. They've jumped on the PC train, raising self righteousness to previously unseen heights. The stink matches the stink from the Damnation Train. It's stereo stink! These two white boys are excoriating all the other white people for not flagellating themselves with knotted ropes over the name of The Washington Redskins. Ah well, it's all about the money isn't it? It's always 'follow the money" and Cui Bono. I smell lawyers which also matches the stink of the other two trains, Choo Choo!!! I'm thinking they should change the name to the Washington Palefaces, however, since it is Washington D.C. how about The Washington Weasels? The Washington Bottom Feeders? The Washington Metrosexuals? I know, yes! The Washington Child Molesters or... well, the list could be endless.

Hillary, the Goddess of Coy and a bondage freak goy, isn't sure she wants to run. "Please! Stop me before I run again! The Damnation Train is years early because you got to get up early in the morning in order to fool all of the people all of the time. This means you have to get up before midnight, which means it's impossible.

On the other side of the aisle ( understand, they're all on the same side of the aisle, so you need MC Escher to get the real picture.) we have The Michelin Tire Republican, Chris Christie, Mr. Phony conservatives, Israeli stooges, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum= Rand Paul and Ted Cruz AND... in case there is a need to siphon away money from those people for whom Nancy perpetually holds the football, they can bring out The Stalking Horse himself, Ron Paul. He'll run and run and run and then he does a Houdini with the money. I hear rumblings from the banks of the Denial River. Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!

Choo Choo!!! ♫I hear that train a coming. It's coming round the bend and I ain't seen Vincent Foster since I don't know when, cause I'm stuck in Liar City and lies keep rolling on. I hear that Damnation Train and now the truth is gone" Actually it committed suicide; seppuku by Sushi knife. Yes, the pants suit Nazi is revving up the old goosestep. She's getting ready to goose the public. She's got a trail of bodies behind her. She's got a trail of bodies ahead of her. Is that possible? If it's Hillarious Clinton, anything is possible as long as it's not for the common good. Hillarious is known as a Central Banker Fluffer and she likes her work. Bill's looking for a wet humidor, which is sort of a contradiction in terms but he's sure that if Hillary can get into The Oval Orifice, he's going to be seeing trains all the time, like interns pulling trains. Close your eyes and you can imagine it. If you saw The Human Centipede (which I did not because I shut it off as soon as I saw where it was going) you'll have an idea about the kind of train pull that Wild Bill Clinton is contemplating, once the White House transcends into a glossolalia, speaking in tongue, Vagina Monologues, once Hillary starts channeling her inner Margaret Thatcher, colloquially known as The Iron Twat. Of course there is a chance she might start channeling her inner Madeleine Albright and half a million children will die. Then again, she could channel her inner Condolezza Rice and wind up as a security guard at the Hotel Rwanda, ♫Tut Tut Tutsi goodbye♫ Is that a little strong or in poor taste? I agree. Imagine the inside jokes shared by these clowns in those cloistered corridors of power 'while' it was all going on.

Damnation Train!!! Full speed ahead, chop up another line of that blue meth for Baron Samedi. Walter White is the conductor. ♫Don't stop that train, I want to 'get off'♫ Oh yeah. Sure, there are a lot of train songs. Maybe we can just move on to something else.

Damnation Train!!! I guess not. I guess we'll just ♫keep on choodlin"♫ Um hummm, that Damnation Train is coming. It's got Hillary riding on the top of the train, dressed as The Cowgirl from Hell. She's doing that Buffalo Bill Cody thing. Didn't I hear that he shot 10,000 buffalo in a single day? That sounds impossible. Okay, apparently it was ten thousand in his lifetime but... I know there was a particular day on which he murdered a horrendous amount of buffalo. He's the proto-typical American hero, like the guys who sold the Native Americans whiskey and small pox infected blankets, or was that yellow fever? Does it matter?

Anyway, the reason I brought up Buffalo Bill Chody is because ,"Thar she blows!" There's Hillary up on top of the train with a Gatling Gun, mowing down endless ranks of EBT cardholders. It's bad enough they are seeking to restrict the use of these cards but there is Hillary, laughing hysterically with that Madeleine Albright laugh, body parts flying in all directions... time for some Les Visible lyrics. ♫They're digging in the trenches, you know they're having fun, bodies blowing right and left, there goes somebodies son. There goes somebodies mother. There goes Abdul Haddad, they all got blown to pieces but I don't feel so bad, cause I'm sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun cause I sold those towel heads the guns. They got the Druze Moslems, the Christian Phalange. They're going to cut the fingers off your left hand (can't remember the next line) David Rockefeller gave them all aids. They always got more bodies to die for the cause and as your life drains from you, you can hear the applause in Bei Bei Bei Beirut... Lebanon. Bei Bei Bei Beirut... Lebanon; sitting in the Caribbean, soaking up some sun, cause I sold those towel heads the guns♫ Oh well, missing lyrics, how it goes when you don't play anymore.

Thinking about Hillary on the Damnation Train, that song leapt unbidden into my mind because it's a reflection of her coming foreign policy. It's a reflection of any and all of the possible selection to come for just so long as The Central Bankers own them body and soul.

The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! The Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! the Central Banker's must go; out demons out!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!! Om raksha, raksha, raksha phat!!!

I apologize for the exorcism in the middle of the posting. At no time did my head swivel on my shoulders, nor did pea soup spew from my mouth.

Hillary and Wild Bill are pressing the flesh. In Bill's case that's a literal, somewhere out there behind dark paneled wooden walls, Bill is getting all tantrically meditative in his lubricious humidor. Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar. Is that a banana in your ear or are you just happy to see me? Just think. Imagine what it will be like, if the descending resonance doesn't show up and we get all the way to 2016, with the Damnation Train going full steam, pumping and humping on the public's purse. Will there be anything left to steal once the Damnation Train pulls up to the White House? This is a serious question. What are all these pathological thieves going to steal? Well, when in doubt, start another war. As long as there are wars there will be an economy and there will be something to steal. This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns. It burns the hopes and dreams of the people. It burns the devastation surplus overflow of war. It burns the lies, the treachery and betrayal of public servants, it burns the insidious deceits of priests so, as you can imagine, this train can run forever and ever, world without end, amen. Except it doesn't run forever according to the perversions and tyranny of ill made men and their consorts. the only reason it runs as long as it does is... on the one hand, mercy, on the other hand, a massive dossier for the purpose of convictions ...and on the other hand, I don't know.

End Transmission........


Anonymous said...

did you hear the larry nichols, clinton hit man, interview?

Visible said...

Breaking news! Proof that abortion should be retroactive

Anonymous said...



Visible said...

No, I haven 't

Doug Pearson said...

Yeah, I read the other day where the name 'Washington Redskins' was offending a lotta people, so they changed it to 'Redskins'.
Also saw on Mantiq, where he said that anybody in Alabama that could count to 10 ended up teaching physics. Little humor there...yuk yuk

PK said...

Oh, here is another name, Washington Foreskins. Woops! How crass of me, some tribe might be offended.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! My head swiveled once or twice and thank you very much, prabhu!

Visible prabhu for whatever that comedy award is. The big one..

PK said...

Vis, you think the future potential 'vagina in chief' who you called the 'Iron Twat' is some sort of Banai Birith masonic symbolism-the circle represents the vagina; the dot in the center of the circle representing the penis in the vaj-j. So Hillarious' wet spot is the O-rifice of the central bank who's insertioning of their organ is the dot of the sons of the cut, the dot to connect all dots--meaning, essentially, that there will be a continued raping and screwing of we the people if said future forecast should actualize. Great post Vis, maintain in The Crazy Train, just no go insane in the membrane. Just recently figured how to post, but have been reading for years thanks to the french connection, Aloha

Anonymous said...

Wow, Visible! Dessert too?!! Mmmmm. Many here understand the Central Bankers need to go. So does their product. And before that can be done, and so that they (the Banker-types) can't do it again, WE need to rid ourselves of thinking in those type of exchanges, or that "tit for tat" thinking. I don't think Love keeps a scorecard or a tally sheet.

Love to All, Serena

Chinese Sneakers said...

Thanks for the lift, bro; although i couldn't say that any of it is funny per se--more like a tragic farce unfolding everywhere we look.

For the record, the fascists are back with a vengeance here in the land of the setting sun. We also have a bellicose new auzzie leader who has quickly sworn his fraternal allegiance to the war wurlitzer.

Back in Japan, a new state secrets law will cover everything, forever and a day. It will soon make it so that no one will be able to say a damn word about anything serious without facing stiff jail time and god knows what else.

No doubt the 7.1 earthquake that just occurred off of the coast of Fukushima will never never have happened in the near future. Nor will all the radiation ever officially show up anywhere. Should make everything alright--right? Right.

By the way, i want to thank you for setting the record straight by posting that link ( a few days back) that reveals just what an ongoing global catastrophe Fukushima is....

Be well, go(o)d people.

Anonymous said...

Guess who that representin' from the streets mind that can think holes in the boilerplate messiah Barry S. lived with while attending that inflation adjusted $20,000 a year private school in Hawaii? That's right white bank executives.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I don't see how the u.s. can survive until 2015, let alone 2016. Everything is telling me we're gonna be a big mess before 2013 is over. I eagerly await your cryptic mid-November forecast that is shared by so many.

Anonymous said...

Eudoxia said...

I heard the Larry Nichols interview but don't buy a word of it other than the black widow spider of all time making mistakes prior to BWAK becoming el Presidente. She's just going to continue to make mistakes, the more mistakes she makes the more will be shown about what type of monster this woman is. She made two serious errors before it left office. 1. Laughing at Gadaffi's murder on MSM and 2. Bengazi. Time is not on her side in fact I doubt she has anything left on her side other than a shit load of karma. Have to agree with Viz on this - back to the mineral world for that one. What depraved people will do for power. What's the story with Congress being flown to Florida - anybody know anymore details about this?

Lee said...

I read somewhere that Slick Willy Dewhittle Little Clinton, has a little member. That's why he had so many women beat up to shut them up. He has that "Short Member Syndrome" and there aint no cure for the Vienna Sausage blues.

Pretty sad that a little thingy like that rules his life. Maybe Hillarious just have a case of penis envy despite her use of steroids.

Give me a break, give me a break, give me a break of that Klit Kat Bar.

You are on a roll man, and it's contagious.

Keep it up, I mean, *cough* the roll.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too harsh on New Jersey Governor Krispy Kreme. He never met a donut he didn't like.


the gardener said...

hahahaha "Washington Foreskins"

out demons out! out demons out! out demons out! out demons out! out demons out!

the gardeners

out yourselves you stupid demons! out demons out! out demons out! out demons out!

(one minute of hate there)

Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

Gotta make multiple posts. Didn't know about the HTML character limit, and I'm just throwing this spiel out there, and won't try to become a broken record about what I mention in commentaries, so the next ones will just be much shorter now that I know. These times are times for a lot of soul searching, honest introspection and utilization of honest intuition. I don't honestly know where to start in thinking along very, specifically channeled lines as Mr. Visible did about: 1)normal and average nowadays means, at least, potentially not very sane. 2) "things"/actual truth and justice need to get done for the purposes of DEMONstration, to whom that will poignantly concern once they find out what "the deal" is with their raunchy, "shmonsequential" behavior, and 3) that we've been living in a metaphysical twilit zone that I've only been able to perceive and experience, and which many aforementioned, self-proclaimed "sane" people always "know" is just a bunch of "crazy conspiracy theories" as some sort of hive mind getting ready to have its bubble popped, I believe too.

Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

Oh, ok, so that's just my take of what I interpret and can never stand as someone else's metaphysical take, but it seems rather similar and these thoughts were there before I heard Les mention his take. It's a synchronicity of thoughts of sorts, I guess. At any rate, I strongly intuit that many of the same people that loved to laugh at crazies in regards to us actually trying to understand the esoteric rubric, which is largely ineffable, will be yelling "SUPERNATURAL, PARANORMAL, and it's scary", given how much context they ever tried to intuit about "crazy stuff", all while laughing and "letting" their own veils work them over with a smile on their faces soon enough. Another very similar philosophy that helps the intuitive mind work that I tell myself, as he does, is that "I don't know", given just how much can only be deduced if you don't have the inference-based facts about the true extent of gangsters who constantly lie, hide and cheat their way to the bottom, ultimately. This just underscores how "willing to think outside the box" the self-proclaimed sane people were, if we do run smack dab into rough, astral seas/apocalyptic territory. I strongly intuited, for a little over a decade too, that the apocalypse is a revealing of the truth and not a bad thing for poor Mother Earth at all.

Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

No rapture for the Bible thumpers trying to escape into Heaven while literally setting the world, along with all those "non-Christians, non-believers", on fire. It'll never be "a different story" once such "sane" people get effected by societal rot that the hive mind didn't notice, but once elements of the Cosmos do step in, that'll, uh, sort of underscore and emphasize just how sane that never was, and that's their own demon/dumb-onstration to themselves, despite all that "deep, introspective pontificating" about the state of the world...and beyond, and they'll have to own that crap as individuals and not as the "righteous choir/mob". Sorry about all these """"""" marks. It's me showing both how cynical I am about what they say they know, vrs just how much I don't know, but strongly intuit, often enough, precisely in the face of what all those people I'm talking about, in a massive majority of the american populace, always "know". Hope they figure it WAS all worth it, once they find out about what they were aiding and abetting. Won't be too equivocal, and yeah, the members of the Cosmos of whom I'm referencing are pretty into that, so I'll find out what I was to be vindicated about and disabused about, as far as intuition goes, as they lay out the facts. The truth will not, most likely, be very pretty about what happened, but that which comes to light about the amount of evil that went on will ensure that such sick dynamics that "normals" called conspiracy theories or non-existent craziness, come to an abrupt-ass end for all hardcore criminals in "high places" involved. I don't like very much being so harsh about self-proclaimed sane people that laugh at me, but I'm not the judge, and the actual truth was and is always worth being ostracized for. What's the whole truth?...: I do not know but have strong suspicions that I'm honest with myself about. I'm not sure, honestly, if they're not honestly bullshitting themselves, but we'll all find out together at this rate, won't we? Chins up about where this is headed, I recommend. Not out of the woods at all, but I have high, hopefully reasonable hopes about an actual Golden Age coming about after the gangsters get "handled". It'll be quite the spectacle, who's been doing what and why! As I said, I'll keep the next one nice and short. Got a little carried away with typing, it more than seems.

Anonymous said...


Military-Washington D.C.
Spirit-The Vatican

insiam said...

Mr Ellesworth,

You certainly have a way with words. But unfortunatley i cant really undertstand them.

Maybe im out of my depth :)

Took me years to get a lot of Vis's stuff though so don't take that as a slur.

Just saying :)

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic but it needs to be said. I am convinced that Fukushima is a gigantic psyop - and I'm not the only person who has come to that conclusion...

Mike Rivero is a pretty big Fukushima gloom-and-doomer. Not as over-the-top as Jeff Rense, but he does indeed get after it. Here's the juice - they want us to believe that all of our water is tainted. Ditto for the air. And ditto for seafood. Seafood is the last bastion of untainted foodstuffs. They haven't figured out a way to get into the ocean and turn all the sea creatures into frankenfish. So they want us to be back away from eating it - thus, Fukushima (and the gulf oil spill). Yum, eat those GMO foods and/or "organic" foods (organic my ass) from your local grocery store instead.

Back to Mike Rivero. There was a news release recently which stated that radiation from Fukushima had hit the Hawaiian islands. Mike lives there. So Mike, being a good scientist like he is, got out his geiger counter (or whatever device he used), and took some readings. Lo and behold, he didn't get any radiation readings that were abnormal at all. He even made a post about this. He was so puzzled.

There's nothing to be puzzled about. The whole Fukushima thing is a scam. (So is nuclear power, and, most especially, nuclear bombs, for that matter. But we don't want to take you there just yet, because it's too far "out there" to get the mind around.)

Conspiracy theorists have an unwritten code: Anything outside the boundaries of their designated "normal" playing field is "dangerously crazy". They get more rabid about people who stray outside those boundaries, than the fast-asleep people do. It's all about mind control here. Slipping out from under one set of mental constraints, only to get fitted for a different set. On and on it goes - where it stops, nobody knows. (Actually it never stops.)

Here's another news flash - the Fukushima scam plays right into the elitists' plans to control the entire water supply. If people believe that all the potable water is tainted - except for that which is controlled by Nestle, et al - mommy soccer mom and her family of dumbed-down retards will hustle to the local FEMA compound to get a few swigs. Game, set, match. Mission accomplished.

FYI, there is indeed a cure for the Vienna Sausage Blues. Just another lie there, that people accept as being the gold-plated truth - "What you're born with, you can't improve upon." What you are born with can indeed be enhanced (and in a major way, at that), and I'm not talking surgery here. But I'm also not giving anybody the secret. You gotta work for everything, man. It's a law. Y'all have a nice day.

Visible said...

A few traceable facts would not go unappreciated. Hard cold traceable facts, not declarative statements without provenance. I'm not opposed to being convinced yea or nay, I just need some corroboration.

Also, according to your argument, the mass media ought to be blaring info on Fukushima all day long. They don't even mention it. Now this... this puzzles me.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are interested, if you spend an hour or two checking out the evidence put forth at the forum below, you're likely to see through the nuclear hoax in fairly short order (unless that Nuclear Kool-Aid you've chugged your entire life is part of your DNA now - which is very possible, especially if you were a child of the 1950's or 1960's and were conditioned to dive underneath your desk at school, during those myriad faux nuclear fallout drills you had to endure).

Quite interestingly, the owner of this website lays the blame for the nuclear hoax at the feet of...guess who? (That would be the Tribe.)

You can check it out here -

Interesting stuff..

Visible said...

Still waiting for a cogent argument backed up with verifiable facts, not opinions, declarative statements, links or what all.

Surely, if you believe as you do, you have these at your disposal because; how did you convince yourself? See... there is a huge amount of evidence out there coming from sources all over the place about radiation spills and proliferation... dead fish, mutating animals.

My own position is that I don't know but I do know that nuclear radiation is no good. According to your argument, Chernobyl never happened either? I've seen proof about Chernobyl and many a European has told me about anomalies and changes that occurred following it. I find it hard to believe it's all a hoax. I find it hard to believe that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not nuclear events. What were they then?

When they do nuclear tests what is the explosive that makes the mushroom cloud. That's of course marginal and unimportant. Without convincing proof, I'm unlikely to entertain any of this.

Anonymous said...

There have been numerous articles and new stories in the MSM about Fukushima, and the danger posed by nuclear radiation.

Go to your favorite search engine and do this search - Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Here are a couple of links to CNN news stories about Fukushima and radiation, for the laziest among you -

Here's a link to a Washington Post story about Fukushima -

Mike Rivero got his panties in a wad recently, as previously mentioned, about "rising radiation levels on the Big Island", because of a radiation report that was cited at the following link -

Here's Michael Rivero's verbatim quote, which is still visible on his site; you can find the thread at What Really Happened, about two-thirds of the way down the page (as of this writing, about 6:30 a.m. PST, USA), title, "Hawaii Went Radioactive Wednesday" -

"My understanding is that these spikes were recorded down on the Big Island. But I did a radiation reading here on Oahu and got normal background levels. Not sure what is going on here."

(It's all bullshit, Mike, that's what's going on - nuclear power, nuclear radiation, nuclear bombs, all elitist creations.)

The MSM does indeed cover the Fukushima radiation story, as the links above point out, LV - and as a little counterpoint to your musings about the MSM's lack of coverage on the story (which as you can see by the links posted above, is not even marginally true), consider this:

Why would Hollywood put all the major players front and center - all Tribe members - if they were trying to conceal Israeli control over the industry? That is perhaps a bigger riddle than your query about the scarcity of Fukushima stories in the MSM...

Now I'm not on a soapbox here. My beliefs are entirely my own. I don't care what anybody believes. And I'm not going to debate this, ad nauseam, and burn up my energy; the information I linked to in a previous post (to that nuclear hoax forum) will shed ample light on everything I've written to this point. (That, and some good old, common-sense discernment.)

But if you aren't exposed to any idea, and the evidence that backs it up, well, I guess your mind has already been made up for you. (So consider yourselves exposed.)

Anonymous said...

For cogent facts, information and arguments, anyone who is interested can check out the forum I already linked to...all of the answers to the questions you posed, LV, can be found there. I will give you the link again -

This info is for anybody who is interested in it. I'm not trying to convince anyone (least of all, you, LV), but, for the sake of argument, those "mushroom cloud" videos that proliferated during the Cold War were all quite obviously faked. An ample load of TNT will produce the same result; mushroom clouds are not endemic to nuclear explosions.

If a person spends some time at the above forum, and checks out this section, "Nuclear Movies, Stills, Soundtracks: Check the Media Yourself, for Fakes & Lies!", they will be able to figure that one out pretty quickly. It's just like the Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker hoax; the Boston Smoke Bombing hoax; and countless other faux events that were completely staged or never happened. (This one is just much, much bigger.)

Anybody who wants to do the research, hey, go for it. It's all found at that link. Thought-provoking stuff. It's up to the reader.

Isn't that what it's all about, LV? The free exchange of ideas and information? And isn't that a good a thing? I have no doubt you'll agree with those statements.

That's all on the subject, from my end, anyway. Y'all have a spectacular day.

insiam said...

some convincing videos re. victims of Chernoble. a quick flick through the attached short video would take some explaining. if you would care to .... Mr Anon

I am, as always, open to being updated. Anyone can state an opinion based on a few articles read from a few unverified sources.

Im sure everyone here would be interested in exploring alternative views

the gardener said...

I'm sure it is just me but I'm having a hard time settling down enough to read comprehensively today.

Felt the urge to go to friend Carl Boudreau's site this morning-I can't even really remember the first of October...eeek! but his interpretations of what is going on astrally was a bit enlightening/uplifting.

Carl's for Sept/Oct/Nov

here's his prognosis for November from his linked above site. And he references this message throughout his 'monthly for all signs' segment

For All Sun Signs ~ If recent events have had a pattern, it’s a variation on the old dog-eat-dog formula. Progress has nothing to do with it. But an invisible cosmic tide is about to shift. Justice, fair play and common decency will come back into fashion. Impassioned demands for a more humane way of life will overwhelm the soulless, self-serving rhetoric of the markets that we’ve grown used to. More compassionate rhetoric will drive change in a kinder, gentler direction. It will start feeling like we’re getting somewhere.

This 'dog eat dog' and all-y all-y all in free rules for psychopaths has been a horrible cycle for demon-strations. Very debilitating to have been an experimental factor with those types.

I've always had a fascination with cycles and have really put efforts into discerning when this one came about so voraciously.

the gardener

Visible said...

The mushroom clouds are unimportant. What about Chernobyl? And no... mainstream media hardly mentions it, certainly not to the extent that they would if they were pushing it, like gay sex for instance. I haven't seen anything in Mass media but a couple few times and I go every day. What about the people being poisoned by radiation? Murders have been carried out via this medium . How can it be fake, if people die from it?

Anyway, I'm busy.

Anonymous said...

Here's the scoop on the ongoing, intentional elitist takeover of the worldwide water supply, which dovetails perfectly with the Fukushima hysteria -

insiam said...

Hmmm, Maybe thats why they were built on coastal fault lines. Not some elaborate plan to destroy the planet. Simply that they are not as destructive as we've been lead to believe. Makes more sense.

Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Here are some guiding principles to go by:

There is no truth in them

By deception, they make war

They prosper on death. Usury capitalism depends on war and death. From the baal priests to the modern war mongers, they've exploited the ignorance of the people that they sowed in them to kill themselves and eachother. All talmudically legal. You can poison the water well of the goyim and they kill themselves when they drink it. You can find a goyim digging a pit and take his ladder and not kill him. You can convince them that on Dec 22, the sun will keep going south and disappear over the southern horizon, unless appeasement is made to Mithra in the form of human sacrifices. You can give a goyim "medicine" and the kill themselves when they swallow it. It's all lawful in their "holy" book.

Ever since those rhyming names have been showing up in the science books, science has gone to hell and born no fruit. They're never the pioneers, but the carpetbaggers and scavengers who come in after the pioneers to corrupt and subvert and destroy.

There's no doubt in my mind that they've corrupted science too. The technological bling that we all have was well known in 1900. The tools and materials for producing it have become a lot better.

There's at least one chink in their façade, besides Mucho Kuku: The sun's light and the sun's gravitational pull don't come from the same direction. This means that gravity exceeds the speed of light. Everything scientific based on that premise can be roundfiled, and that's a lot. You can find the scientific proof of that at The Fathers Manifesto under Einstein Hoax.

Question everything they've had their grubby hoofs in.

Anonymous said...

The banksters aren't really bankers, but are scam masters.

The scam, one of the greatest of all time, down the list a little from the greatest of all time - the holohoax - is that the west and much of the non-west now, has a jewish-global money system, which is not a money system in the least, but is a debt system.

Proof - look at any of US dollar bills - the facts of the scam debt system is printed on every one: Federal Reserve Note: legal definition of note is "an instrument of debt payable as interest to the owners of the notes - that is the Federal Reserve - which is privately owned with primary owners being tribalists. The IMF, World Bank, all international banks, financial institutions are part of the same system of debt - the debt scam, the global jewish so-called money system.
If people of the world were to come to understand this, then there might be some true change...

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

Sooner or Later, Out of the Hearts of Humanity

Pete said...

We are, collectively, George Bailey after the old man tells George that he just ran his car into the oldest tree in Pottersvillle. "Pottersvillle, you mean Bedford Falls? "
As George runs into the city he beholds a sink of iniquity.
Well, that's the movies. In real life Mr. Potter, warped twisted old man, actually won a long time ago.
The hoi polloi just can't see it. They don't have the Roddy Piper glasses that we have.
HP Blavatsky , in Isis Unveiled said, " In every age the masses have been a rabble. " I used to think HPB was being a bit harsh, but not anymore. Like you have stayed before , LV, that the first people who would nail Jesus up on a cross if he returned , would be his so called followers. What the hell is this reality. Cue The Doors, "People are strange, when you're a stranger."
You realize Viz, that Sarte and Nietzsche were one comestible ingestion away from getting all their questions answered? Miserable fuckers those existentialists. In my youth, to be an intellectual you were expected to worship these mental monsters. Can you imagine being awakened and not having the Internet ? I am grateful for all your work, creativity and soul LV. I can't imagine the last several years without your blog.
You use literary devices that I cannot remember the names of :-)

PK said...

Les, only a fool would believe that 'zee nuclear veapon' is a hoax; my dad was a ecological scientist at the Nevada Test site, and had Q security clearance at Area 51 and the entire test site, when I was a toddler. He was at numerous shots, in the early 60's. He did research in the Marshall Islands, Bikini, Anawetok, Kwajalein. The nuclear weapons archive online has all the history and photos, even about the Soviet nuke program and that the father of the Soviet nuclear weapons was, like the US program, Tribal--no surprise their. The Nuke Hoax site above is disinfo, I'm sure you'll figure that out, seems like an attempt to create antipathy to those who have exposed genuine hoaxes, like the Holohoax.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns."

The above, along with 'Battle of the Morannon' comments, got me thinking of the Tolkien elves. Sauron gave out Rings of Power to each race. The elves accepted the three proffered to them, as did all. However, the elves put theirs away and never used them. They knew that ANY use of their sub-rings would be tainted, regardless of the good motives, and ultimately turned toward evil.

This is how I regard Vis' "fuel". There is some mind-set which exists that does not involve the principles of our money system. Somehow, that is pure Sauron-based. And, anything that is created out of that mind-set will ultimately be corrupted.

Personally, I believe that we are under some 'trance' that forbids us seeing/implementing an alternate (more enlightened) system. Whether this is more from the dark-side still being in charge, or more from Vis' "purpose of demonstration" is unclear.

I know that the planet where our money system was imposed-from has been found, and appropriately 'dealt-with' in some way. In that sense, the One Ring has already hit the lava. (My contacts still refuse to tell me what occurred there.)

I am like Vis in having a feeling that 'something' is close. When I ask about it in terms of days, weeks, months, years, etc., I consistently get the response of 'days'. Boy, I hope that is true and majorly enlightening...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I didn't go PK. I've got too much to do.

Eudoxia said...

@Mr Chinese Sneakers - I live in Oz too but have not paid one ounce of attention to what the Abbott is on about. I've not watched Oz MSM in years now except for the night of the election where I made two interesting observations. 1. During Peter Beattie's "I'm a loser speech" there was this very large woman behind him who was smoking a pipe and blowing billowing amounts of smoke out (wondered what was in it??). No shit that was quite hillarious. The second was Kev's "I'm a loser speech" and from what I could make out of that he was grateful he actually lost. But as in all cabal controlled countries they are all tarred with the same brush. You just go from bad to worse every time.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"A chorus of voices has been sounding alarm over the never-been-done-at-this-scale plan to manually remove the 400 tons of spent fuel by TEPCO"

Let them eat radioactive isotopes!
(literally and figuratively)

minor inconvenience

But not to worry folks, they're just trying to scare us. This is all just much ado about nothing.

Right Ray?

Visible said...

I just don't get the payoff point about using the threat of Nuclear fallout when they're not using the Mass Media in tandem with that. Go to Crass Media and see if there's anything significant being said. The usual gay stuff is there. Today it's about a note left instead of a tip in a restaurant asking for God to forgive their gay waiter. This stinks of just that kind of manufactured event not unlike swastikas on college dorm room doors and graffiti vandalized cars.

Anonymous said it's being broadcasted regular on the Crass Media, I'm not seeing that. I'm not seeing anything about the Gulf either which I believe he said was also a part of the fear control agenda.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., October 27, 2013 3:55:00 PM

"But not to worry folks, they're just trying to scare us. This is all just much ado about nothing. Right Ray?"

Hi! I'm sorry that there is such a large perceived gap between us. In reality, it is a much smaller gap.

When I was responding earlier to Gene and then to you, I was commenting mainly on the reason why Gene's Geiger counter in San Francisco (and another in Hawaii) were not responding as all the fear-mongers decreed. That reason (massive dilution of the radioactive particles in the Pacific) is still valid.

On the Japanese mainland, I tried to separate out the 'normal' problem of two reactors having partially-melted cores (via Stuxnet) from the massively-greater problem of having a reactor's fuel rods turned into a fine dust by a nuke (via a nuclear-capable camera) and dispersed wherever the winds took it (Reactor 3). None of this is "much ado about nothing." It is all serious, especially the latter. I was simply trying to tone-down the nuclear-paranoia side of it. "Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts..."

I see TEPCO's main problem in removing the spent fuel as having to work in the dustified-core environment, rather than the massive lifting/sorting required. Without that lethal dust, it would simply be a large-scale industrial operation. With the dust, it is going to be dangerous, expensive, and very drawn-out.

I observe the Fukushima experience through a 'conspiratorial lens'. First, the Japanese government has been told, "We have you by the balls. Obey, or worse will happen." Second, the nuclear industry (especially in France and Japan) had been building a fine reputation as a reliable, fairly cost-effective power source, overall. This, over time, might have made nuclear-power-based nations relatively independent of the oil companies. So, it was time to ramp-up the nuclear-paranoia, again. Get the 'rabble' in fear of Anything nuclear. Never mind the facts. I see the above as the real Agenda.

The situation in the affected-area of Japan is indeed scary. And, probably long-term. Just not for the reasons given the public.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

No intent to dilute Ray's realistic pointing to the dioxins and their filthy anti-life relatives as death dealing horrors.
And also the TV/Media poisons.
It's a regular Psycho-Techno witch's brew of Black Art assaulting us all.

Nonetheless, we all have it coming 100%. No one escapes.

Not you or me or Lord Brahma or the baddest demon in the universe. (gulp)

Who would believe these neo-demons (same as the old demons) can't and don't possess fantastic neo-Brahmastra weapons?
Nuclear weapons.

You're kidding!

Srila Prabhupada..
And then Krishna informed that “This heat is due to the Asvatthama’s release of brahmastra,” and Arjuna was advised counteract it.

Now they do not know how to counteract this nuclear weapon. Formerly they knew. I throw one kind of weapon, and if you are expert, you can counteract it. Now they have discovered the nuclear weapon, but they have not yet discovered the counteraction.

nuke me nuke you

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The demon by the balls part sure got my attention!

All very plausible, possible, probable and also no doubt problematic to the the nth degree, come right down to it.

Murphey's Law which no one likes to hear or say these 21st century days of let the neo-good times roll.

Yogi was right again - "the future ain't what it used to be"

Right up to the very end, I'd guess..

Anonymous said...

I read and write on the run ... so I make mistakes here and there, like the one from my last comment allowed by Visible, here, this past Saturday, October 26, 2013 6:35:00 PM:

The so-called money, the dollar of the USA is not money are debt notes, which by legal definition is an instrument of debt with interest attached and that interest is payable to the owner of the note. Anyone who accepts these debt notes - is agreeing to the scam. They - the Tribe scamers get away with this, because they have actually printed the facts on every piece of paper mistakenly called dollars, money, ... The fact is these are debt notes...
The rest of the comment was accurate.

Once people in USSA and around the world understand the simple scam, they will realize that things like annual budgets, balancing national budgets are not possible - by design, the banksters' design. It is impossible to have a balanced budget because there is no money. There is only the scam system -jewish money for non-jewish- which consists of debt notes.

Or the people of the world can look at this way they, we, ignorantly give up all things - of real value inclduing your physical labor, your soul, for pieces of talmudic magik paper - The majority recipients of the things of real value are the Tribe members. This is not anti-semitic, just fact.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., October 27, 2013 9:43:00 PM

“neo-Brahmastra weapons.”

I like that wordage. I had known of the advanced weaponry mentioned in the ancient Indian texts, but to hear it in a semi-native phrase gives it context. Thanks.

I have been reading several books on the 'ancient aliens' perspective, trying to put my head around what may have happened back in humanity's formative years. The more I read different authors' viewpoints and evidence, the more it seems likely we were majorly affected. Also, India was mentioned as one of the living 'depositories' of ancient alien lore in the "Ancient Aliens" TV series - as in the present (Hindu) population taking this stance as matter-of-fact.

By the way, I was basing my explanations of Fukushima on known technology. You are right in questioning whether more advanced technology is out there. I am intrigued by the following quote from your link:

“Brahmastra is the last weapon. Just like it is similar to modern nuclear weapon, brahmastra. As by releasing nuclear weapon there is radiation, similarly, we have got description that when Asvatthama released his brahmastra, there was a big radiation, people were feeling very terrible heat. And then Krishna informed that 'This heat is due to the Asvatthama’s release of brahmastra', and Arjuna was advised counteract it. Now they do not know how to counteract this nuclear weapon. Formerly they knew.”

Several authors believe that the above conflict was the effective swan-song of the Anunnaki. They had a worldwide bout for supremacy that escalated to them throwing their biggest weapons at each other. Not long after that, most withdrew from the planet and the concept of the 'supernatural' (i.e., not present) god was born.

Another quote, “This, at the present moment this warfare is carried on gross weapons. But finer than that, there is mantra war. By mantras the warfare can go on,” was also interesting. It implies psychic warfare - or 'telepathic interference' as Vis calls it - was an active part of ancient 'arsenals'. Preservation of THAT knowledge down through the years would explain a lot of things...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Soulless Corporate Whores, Doing the Inverse Cowpie in the Pig Sty

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, from a Vedic perspective the book I recommend is Richard Thompson's (Sadaputa Dasa)
"Alien Identities"

and the UFO Connection

Vymanika-sastra (8 parts)

Vymanika Shastra

Anonymous said...

I hope to ride with Curtis Mayfield.. On that train of LOVE. If you miss this train you only got yourself to blame because the door is open wide...for you and you and YOU!

"People get ready, there's a train comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
You don't need no ticket you just thank the lord

People get ready, there's a train to Jordan
Picking up passengers coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board them
There's hope for all among those loved the most
There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner whom would hurt all mankind
Just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there is no hiding place against the kingdoms throne

People get ready there's a train comin'
You don't need no baggage, just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
You don't need no ticket, just thank the lord"

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., October 28, 2013 3:16:00 PM

Thank you for those wonderful links! It will take me some time to fully read them, but at first glance it looks like a motherlode...

In addition to the technological aspects, I am interested in the 'context'. Were we playthings, slaves, beloved children, prisoners, insane asylum inmates, fallen angels - What? Was our planet a physical resource, a DNA extravaganza, a militarily strategic 'island' in some galactic war - What? As you can see, I have an active imagination (grin) and a passion for truth.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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