Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Old Soft Shoe Outside the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, it seems the more things don't change, the more they remain the same.They are at work all over the planet, in most every field of endeavor that involves making a profit, controlling or overthrowing governments, revising history and all available religious scriptures and traditions. It's bad enough to be engaged in these things in the first place but to be performing these things with an in your face indifference and contempt well, that's something else.

Every single day, the same old same old intensifies and the pathological rich behave exactly as they always have. More and more the planet looks to me like one massive insane asylum. The various mental and emotional compulsions, obsessions and what have you, are easy to spot. Through the ranks pass their minders in the white coats and other official outfits and they uniformly diagnose chronic illnesses as normal behavior and rational and objective awareness as examples of dysfunction, although being called a 'terrorist' is the new catchall.

The reincarnated Marie Antoinette, in these black days in the White House, now has around 30 personal servants. The whole of the top level of the pyramid landfill is swarming with rats, cockroaches and half visible, lower astral larvae. They dress well and their red, martini flushed faces make them appear to be legitimate servants of those they were elected to serve but... their works betray their true intent. If if were not for the cloud of false reality that contains the parameters, of the great spectacle in which so many of us cavort within or stand transfixed by, observing people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, the Zio-Twin senators of Kalifornia, Nancy Pelosiand a host of their orc peers would be akin to watching the Three Stooges, or Beavis and Butthead, although... there are a lot more of them. For some reason, they seem to be representative of the will of the people, which only goes to show how incredibly stupid a lot of people are. Of course, voter fraud is an international tragedy but still, there are tens of millions of brain washed lemming, Christian fundies who want and pray for Armageddon because somehow they have convinced themselves that as soon as it gets into gear, they're going to be swept up into the air and shoehorned into Heaven for ever and ever, into the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum. Just imagine the degree of your misfortune to find yourself welcomed into such a Heaven, with the sort of crab lice that are in free range mode, below the Bible Belt. The old Bible Belt had to be replaced because there was no more room to add new holes for the metal prong that holds it far too tightly, against the ever expanding gut of self satisfied, permanently saved, for no particular reason, two legged mastodons, grunting, feeding and sleeping on the vast plains to nowhere.

Meanwhile, in Blingville,any possibility to advertise exclusivity, however ill deserved will not be overlooked. Then there are people and things that are, to say the least, interesting. After all, we "live in interesting times." the full blown emergence of those twin pillars of malice and deceit, Satanism and Scientology are glowing with an internal efflorescence and River Styx lighting, like animated Chinese lanterns that eat the unwary, of which there are many. There are far too many, here in the midst of The Apocalypse as the unveiling and revealing continue by the hour.

Psychopathic poster boy from the Synagogue of Satan and Rothschild catamite, Bennie, the rat, Nitwityahoo is off on his defame and destroy Iran tour. Steam is coming out of his ears. The blood of Palestinian women and children coagulates at the corners of his mouth. What we see him engaged in, should be an indication of just how horrific what we don't see him engaged in, amounts to. We, who retain a conscience,who have elements of humanity active within us, cannot find the measure of this creature. It's like running into a hedge fund trader in The Congo. There's nothing to make a comparison with.

It cannot be that they and their fellow travelers shall prosper for much longer. It goes counter to cosmic law, insofar as I understand it. You could say, "Well, visible, look at the last several thousand years. Terrible monsters, camouflaged in human form have done what they wished." I would respond to this by saying, "this is the Apocalypse now. In the Apocalypse... everything changes. Any other time, they'd be much further down the line with all of their wicked intents.

First the Israeli run PNAC unfurled their blueprint for planetary chaos. Then Israel orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and...feeding on the false passions of the moment, they engineered the invasion of Afghanistan, for geo-political advantage and to regain control of the opium fields for all kinds of reasons, not the least of them was to finance international black bag ops and to manifest an epidemic of addictions in Russian territories but... there are many motivations at work and here is a detailed look at one of them. Oxycodone is one of the most difficult pharmaceuticals to get your hands on. They're handing them out like Halloween candy at a pedophiles house. When you read this article, provided you still have objective reasoning capacity and an unpolluted perspective, through which impartial observation is possible, this looks like madness. It is. It is desperation on the cusp of madness. There is no reasonable or justifiable answer to this sort of thing, just like there is no explanation for the actions of law enforcement in these times. However, when you look a little deeper, it becomes easy to conclude that those operational in law enforcement have been specifically recruited according to how morally bankrupt and perverted they are.

It stands to reason that those of us who spend our days pointing these things out, would eventually come into the crosshairs of the lidless eye. There's a phrase in one of those old books that talks about someone going around like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour. In the Apocalypse this sort of activity is on steroids and depending on your level of employment, on that depends who gets eaten for dinner. We who are employed by the other side are in no danger of being eaten but the level of harassment can be pretty intense.

Each day we have to catch ourselves early on and remind ourselves why we are here and what it is we are here to do. Not taking the necessary moments to accommodate this can lead to days that act like runaway horses. Be vigilant, be aware, be good, regardless of the cost.

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Visible said...

Here is what gifted astrologer, Robert Phoenix just had to say to me about what I've been going through-

So here's the deal. You have Pluto now moving forward to your 12th House. It's been retrograde, squaring your Mars in the 8th. Frankly, I'm surprised you're not dead. Honestly. Mars in the 8th House is violence. In Libra, it's violence associated with injustice. You piss people off for the demand and desire to be fair and there can be heavy consequences. This is a life aspect. However, you are blessed with Jupiter as the overlord of the house, trining your True Node in Gemini. You have nine lives there Mr. Viz.

Normally, you can handle the intensity around Pluto. With all those planets in the 8th, you are a Plutonian type. Death and rebirth is an algorithm in your life, but this is different. This is violence and not of your own accord. You are not doing it to yourself. You see, Pluto in Capricorn is the full, crushing weight of the corporacratic, fascistic state that wants to put the boot on the neck, from Tel Aviv, to London, to NYC, It's also Baphomet and the invocation of dark and unholy forces. This is planetary and yet we all have our individual dance with this energy. Remember, what they want is for you to do violence to yourself via their stalking, prompts and triggers.

This is a major test for you as you already know.

Now if it were just Pluto, well, I think you could handle it, but there is also Uranus in Aries opposing your Mars in Pluto. This is troubling as Pluto and Uranus form a T-Square to your Mars.

Uranus in Aries is swift and sudden energy, opposing Mars, it comes from out of the blue, like these attacks that are sprung on you.

Uranus is in your 2nd and this does not = grounded energy. On the contrary. There is nervous tension and an uneasy restlessness. I would look into magnets, healing magnets. They have them in Europe. I would also be taking magnesium supplements to help with your grounding. I'm betting your nervous system and all around electrical in your body is shot.

Gotta stay grounded. Now Uranus is going to be in your 2nd House for quite a while. We're talking another 5 years. The good news is, is that by the end of the transit, you'll be able to channel more energy than you have ever had before. :-)


Visible said...


I'm concerned though that your electrical system will be so taxed and out of balance through the attacks and manipulation that again, the harm that will be done will be to yourself. This is a stroke aspect, so you have to, have to, have to take care of those nerves.


So the throw down, the final chapter in this version of the story happens in November. That is when Pluto and Uranus do their final square off on your Mars. The attacks will cease after November. So at least you can get some respite there. But in 2104, you will face different challenges, like relationships. The scales come into play. Emotional bills come due.

You see Pluto and Uranus are your teacher---or at least manifestations of the great teacher. Think of it as going through a pyramid ritual without the pyramid. You're going to have to find your way through the dark a bit, without getting bit by the asp.

This is what happens to people that have considerable power and I'll even wager that this time and the months ahead are what your life in some ways is about. That it's all been a prelude for you to get through this deep and heavy initiation.

Uranus trines Mercury in December and flashes of insight, unparalleled come to you. Grab them and hold on.

By January, you are re-defining both death and life as Uranus comes into trine with your natal Pluto. Those that think they have you have another thing coming.

Believe it or not, someone connected to royalty steps in for you--someone quite powerful.

You just have to get through November. That's the chamber for you. Acceleration on the other side.

In 2015, Pluto goes into your 12th House. All of this, and I mean all of it is a prelude for that transit. Great mysteries are revealed, but you will have to prove yourself ready.

Alright. I'm passing this back to you.

Let me know if you have any insights or questions.

Big love.


Visible said...

Alright, maybe that explains the degree of intensity I am going through. I'm thinking if my donations pick up a bit I am in a position to go somewhere warm for the next couple of months BUT... not too far from where I am now; something like the Canary Islands or maybe someone out there could recommend a location to me?

With a little serendipity I should be able to muster around 3,000 Euro. That should cover me for a couple of months, don't you think?

I know there are people who have offered me sanctuary but there is a very powerful reason why I must not be too far from here.

I can't see myself going to my next residence and spending a month to six weeks putting in insulation and removing years of dust and so on and so forth. I think, for my own health and sanity, I should go somewhere easy going where I only have to post these blog entries, maybe play the guitar a little, or work on the next book. I would very much appreciate any recommendations anyone can give me. It is typical of me to be hard core in terms of staying upright and doing what the universe has put before me. This time, I think I will actually look out for myself.I'm guessing if you have read what that fine astrologer Robert Phoenix said you can see what I mean.

I know there have to be islands all over the place. It would have to be affordable but there should be such spots too. I found a room in Tenerife for 16 dollars a night. It's got good reviews, and looks good and there's a folk music club there and all sorts of things.

Well, we shall have to see what surfaces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis

Greek islands have always been a balm to my soul personally. I went to Crete this year and the pace of life was wonderful, the climate is mild and welcoming and the people friendly.

I've been to numerous others as well and I have always found somewhere to just and sit and contemplate the world with nothing but the sound of the breeze and the tinkling of goat bells. Often propped up against the whitewashed wall of a tiny church, perched atop a high rocky hill looking out over the glittering Med.

Oh my God, now I've made myself all depressed!

Anyway, you can choose one to suit just however remote or isolated you want to be, each island has its own identity.

Give it some thought anyway!

Jenny said...

vis-glad your well, keep on keepin' on- I wish I could go anywhere, but I am stuck in nowhere. now it will cost me to be a poor uninsured folk here too-jen

Visible said...

Well, I know Greece has it's problems but... maybe not everywhere there. If I come across a cheap location maybe I will.

Grae said...


good words my friend, as usual.

i've just come back from a soujourn on the island of Menorca, if it's peace, sun, happy faces and a shift down in the gearbox, check it out, i was in the south, plenty of music, have a look...

mind how you go in Nov.


Odin's Raven said...

If you want to live in Greece, the author of this blog may be able to advise you. He is an acerbic commentator on political and economic matters and is living in southern Greece. He has written much about corruption there and elsewhere.
The Slog,

Visible said...

I checked out Menorca but can't find lodging... I'm thinking of camping as I notice the Greek isles has many places. I'm sure something will show up or... I'll just go do all that work I have to do.

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult the Stooges by comparing them to the rot down in Mordor. The Stooges were funny and had heart. The beasts in DC, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

Generally I don't share, but given your generosity in these trying times, I offer this....

if the pen is mightier
than the sword,
and with sword fully deployed,
what sayeth that,
about the pen?

You are the pen my friend. Keep on keeping on.


zepheri said...

red rover red rover not nearly over

Anonymous said...

Les my friend,

I always know it is you. Your titles jump off the page. Keep on keepin on is right. You have clipped my wings on more than one occasion. Thanks for reminding to take my socks off and go play with my dog in the backyard, even if there is dog-shit laying about.Everyone knows you can't ground until you take your socks off. Thanks again, brother.

Eudoxia said...

Does the government shut down mean Marie Antoinette will have to do her own laundry now? The irony of it all, they have to shut down 800,000 government workers but they can still bomb people at the drop of a hat. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate,

Great stuff


lightandlongshadows said...

Hang in there Vis. I'm feeling fried too. Oh well, it'll pass. So much bullshit, there's no end to it.


I've wanted to go to Sardinia but we didn't make it last time we were in Euro. Maybe next time around.


Visible said...

Wow! Ikaria is something else. The video is banned in this country. Hope we can meet up one of these days soon.

lightandlongshadows said...

You never know, perhaps one day it'll happen. My brother-in-law lives in Berlin. We have no plans to jump the pond anytime soon.

The video is The Waterboys stolen child, I forgot to hyperlink

Take care, what an absurd shitstorm.

Visible said...

Well, next Spring I will be an hour away from there.

lightandlongshadows said...

I'll be in touch if we make it back over. An hour outside Berlin you say, hmm. If you're landing on a communal farm situation you may be getting closer than you think. My bro' and family are often an hour outside Berlin. It can be a very small world, wouldn't surprise me at all.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, Visible - and good to see you steering clear of references to Satanism. I think that's what brought on your personal shit-storm. Stick with Israel, Scientologists and Mr. Apocalypse and you'll sail through the waters unimpeded. (Good call there.)

Visible said...

Actually it wasn't Satanism that brought the recent difficulties but, I've said all I want to say about it. I've moved on.

Anonymous said...

Some of US wish for a full scale nuclear war, because basically the Human experiment has run its course. There is no chance for any Humans to be alive by 2020 AD, which is humorously not going to have meaning then. With plastic waste, petrol spills and nuclear radiation wiping out the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Gulf of Mexico and other large bodies of water, a looming full scale nuclear war, most aquifers depleted and/or poisoned, GMO crops and animals, electromagnetic radiation pollution everywhere, etc..., the Human Race is literally killing itself.

No other known species has ever intentionally murdered itself, so think about that.

Anonymous said...

Canary Islands is a good spot for the money. I used Ryanair when I lived in Germany. (btw, last year when your web counter showed 1 in germany, that was me).

My new residence is in Georgia (ussa). I still find North America the best place to ride out the coming storm. Europe is way to populated. Not a lot of back country left. The US has a lot less people per acre and lots of fertile land.

My experience so far in Georgia has been surprisingly good. My first month here after visting a couple farmers markets, I already built up my food network. I've got 3 sources of raw goat milk, 4 for raw/grassfed eggs, a beef connection, and countless veggies. I have no need to ever go into a grocery store (except for my cookie fix).


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Nimrod Collective and the Hail Satan Brigade.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Hookers in Lycra and their Last Gasp Demon Pimps.

the gardener said...

dear Vis, you've got one "l" too many on your 'lycra hookers' link... peeps just use link and take off that extra l at the end of 'html'.


the gardener

Visible said...

I don't know what link you are talking about.



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