Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How about a Nice Slice of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza?

Dog Poet transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

500 hundred tons of dust lands on the earth every day so, if you don't regularly clean your mirror, as a matter of critical routine, eventually you won't be able to see yourself in it, much less everything behind you, even if all of it does appear to be in front of you. Sometimes appearances aren't just deceptive, they're not visible either. That's when they start to automatically project, like economists, religious bagmen and everyone who makes money by convincing you that they are a meteorologist, in respect of their field of acumen. Generally they are cosmetologists, masquerading as cosmologists. You can get your working papers as an expert in your field and by simple disagreement with the other experts, establish yourself as someone who should be well paid for being so certain about what they don't know.

These days, dust isn't the only reflection liability you will encounter. There's also the ever present, smoke from impure fires, generated by collective low level desires. This group miasma is directly related to the disappearance of manners. Once it was considered the right thing to do to admit you were wrong and strive to improve upon whatever personal failing was responsible for you trying to slip one past the distracted hordes. These days, you huff and puff and get all offended about being caught short of veracity; not even in the company of a distant relative of the truth do you find yourself and it gets harder and harder to find yourself every time you trade off a true reflection, for one more likely to generate a profitable return. That's what we see these days about the climate change vampires. The last thing they care about are any actual solutions to the alleged problem. What they want is something like Breast Cancer Awareness month, brought to you by Dove Advanced Beauty, Clear Tone Skin Renew, Antiperspirant and Deodorant. What you want are legions of soccer moms with fluffy pink balls bouncing on the backs of their sneakers, as they march into the Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Clinic with their World War Z T-shirts, accompanied by their, every color of the rainbow, adopted progeny. This is known as the "Madonna PC Look at Me Syndrome". There's a whole new field branching out of the Hollywood interior decoration industry that does child placement, usually it's cheaper to pick them to match the furniture rather than to have to replace it all later.

It's little wonder that the general population of North America, is bristling through the abrasive sandpaper slithers of their daily contacts, with their equally pissed off fellows, dancing around like wolverines with hemorrhoid flare ups. It's no wonder that Peyton Manning gets 12 million dollars a year encouraging children to eat death foods like Papa John's Pizza, who refuse to list the sources of their ingredients, well, Peyton owns about 30 outlets in the Denver area. This is the age of lying pitchmen and pitchwomen, shilling for anything that will give them scads more money than they will ever be able to spend, while the majority of their compatriots, slowly and not so slowly, sink beneath the waves of contemporary, cynically manufactured want and depravity. Now we get Miley Cyrus, 'the little hooker that could' in a media blitz of justification for, "this is just how I am" and "I never meant to offend anyone. I mean, Jesus H. Satan, I wasn't popping ping pong balls out of my vagina or anything!" The stench of hypocrisy and craven self justification is worse than that of the garbage pits around Guatemala City.

We've broken into a whole new area of blatant offenses and outrages against John Q. and Jane Q, Public as 'the man who wasn't there', Bwak! Howdy Doody, Obama./// Whoa!!! Digression time, there's the Legion of Pinked Up Two Airline Seat Women, "Yoooouuuurrr breast cancer survivors!" They're right there on Monday Night Football just to the side of this posting in progress ...this Tuesday Morning. They're grinning and pumped up ( it wouldn't have been a bicycle pump). As anyone in the business knows, nipples are where the pump needle gets inserted. Ain't Nature prescient? End digression and back to Bwak!!! The petty, unfocused swatting of small and insignificant homeowners, monument and park visitors, restaurants in season and anyone he can hurt, while making sure his own corps get nicely paid is nauseating, disgusting, demonic and childishly petulant. Heck, there's so much childish petulance going on at the moment that even I'm running into it. We're obviously talking about a whole lot of dust-laden and smoke obscured mirrors. Well, this smogging of the mirrors has it's benefits. When you have lost contact with your essential being, due to selling your soul for a mess of pottage and... your false self is now in the driver's seat, the effect you want is for anyone and everyone to think it's still you, cause that lends an appearance of veracity to the actual lying sack of shit you have morphed into. It doesn't happen overnight. It's like losing your hair. You could see it was thinning out and then, one day, poof! it's all gone. The same applies to appendix like vestigial features (these days) like integrity, honor, courage when weaselly discretion might have been the better part of valor, given the general drive for avoidance of all sense of sacrifice for the greater good. "What has the greater good ever done for me? More Chicken McNuggets!!! More Chicken McNuggets!!!  Hey Payton! How about some snake oil eyes and exorcism voiceovers for a few million more?

Yes, the blog contents and concerns have shifted temporarily because we're halfway between the Slog of Despond and the Dark Beyond. Something strange is rising in The Event Horizon. It all comes down to what is really going on behind the scenes. All we see are effects made difficult to interpret because the cause is hidden under the dust on the mirror. Far too few of us are at the mirror in the day to day with Windex and a towel. At first, the dust is just a static overlay but eventually, the dust adheres and coagulates into a hard surface that hides you from yourself for however long it takes for temporary fate to achieve it's manipulated permanence; more Chicken McNuggets? How about a nice slice of Papa John's Acne Breakout Pizza? Afterwards we can head down to that Asian eatery at the mall for some Duck A La Agent Orange. Sooner or later all the flavor enhancements and preservatives are going to preserve you just like all those martinis did the Queen Mother. She still looks exactly the way she did when they put her six feet under. Anything that tries to eat her dies from cirrhosis of the liver before they can even get going. It's permeated the ground for yards around. You don't even need a liver to succumb to the force of it.

People, just keep reminding yourself, no matter how bad it gets,"At least I'm not John Kerry. At least I'm not Hillary Clinton. At least I'm not Jenna Bush. At least I'm not Miley Ray Cyrus. At least I'm not Ben Affleck's understudy, Justin Timberlake. At least I'm not Mila Kunis. At least I'm not an insanely genocidal Israeli. At least I'm not a Hollywood agent. At least I don't wake up each morning confronted by by a reversed pentagram on my ceiling." I could go on and on. That is the unfortunate truth of these times. I am reminded of an old joke. A Hollywood agent is sitting in his office when The Devil Walks in. The Devil says, "I'm here to cut a deal with you. I am prepared to make you the most powerful agent in town and all I want is your soul and the souls of your wife and children." The agent looks at The Devil and he sits there thinking for a moment. Then he asks, "Okay... but what's the catch?" This is precisely where most people are at these days. It's all that dust on the mirror. It skewers priorities and values. It moves you closer and closer into the Land of Moral Relativism. First it screws up the bearings on your moral compass. Formerly True North now begins to point you in the direction of True South, along the lines of 'gone south'. What happens along with this, due to the dust on the mirror, is that your surrounding environment adapts itself into a supporting role that affirms all the bullshit you start to believe, in order to grant you a conscience free passage into the trackless wastes of the Gone South Swamplands. These do not end like the Tamiami Trail, no matter what the signage at the entrance says, cause that's just demon graffiti written into the mirror that conceals the actual message of 'abandon hope all ye who enter here.'

You might think that your life is no more than the days of waiting between your weekly Friday Night Poker Game. The truth is that you are playing in a high stakes game but this is also hidden from the attention of most people; more Chicken McNuggets? Yes, you are playing in a high stakes game and the chips are symbolically representative of your most priceless possession. You'll be able to figure out what that is by simply taking a little stroll through the Toxic Media of the Times... no, I'm not talking about your ass, since that will be the first thing that comes to mind, as you witness the storming crowds of witless celebrities and power shakers, pressing the people up front like tuna fish for brains groupies, storming the stage, at a Justin Beiber concert, waving those paddles like they have at a Tribe owned Southeby's art auction and screaming at the top of their lungs, "My ass is for sale! My ass is for sale!" No... that's just a physical metaphor for something else you can't see, due to the dust on the mirror. I don't see where I have to name it for you, rather let me describe what it does. It's a containment vehicle that travels the metaphysical universe and is the only vehicle that makes it possible for you to do that. Without it, your range of locations are extremely limited and confined to only a few very undesirable destinations and locations. It is the most important thing you will ever possess besides the resonant proximity to the force that assisted you in its construction.

These times, at the end of a grand cycle of 26,000 years are created specifically for the purpose of separating you from this priceless component or... in the rarer instances, it is a singular time sensitive period, in which you can make leaps forward, which far exceed what is possible at any other time. This is a living truth that you are in the midst of; another slice of Papa John's GMO laden, Full blown Acne Pizza? How about some Wasabi coated Rat Turds? You can just settle back on the couch with all those solid and liquid poisons and pop that hot oil mudwrestling marathon into the DVD player. Or maybe you just want to kick back with a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray Porn. The critics say its literature. Given the level of your reading skills it might well qualify as literature.

I never imagined I would see whole generations turn into clueless nitwits over such a short expanse of years. It's mind blowing. I am finding it very difficult to love the human race, or the fact that they came in in last place. I haven't given up but I would love to find a solitary living zone to pass the time in between now and whenever they get around to destroying themselves.

Well, it's not all bad. A goodly number of the formerly sleeping classes has woken up and gone into action. A million truckers are headed to DC to protest and 'arrest' members of Congress (yahoo!). Twitter shut down their communication threads. All over the place, revolution is brewing. This is a conflict the elite cannot win. They may kill a lot of people (they're already doing that) but eventually they will be torn to pieces, as cosmic justice closes the window on the compassion timeline. It's inevitable. It is becoming unavoidable. When you are an irreversible shit, what you should do becomes what you won't do and this results into you cornering yourself in an indefensible position. It's all easily predictable metaphysics. Sooner or later, it's later.

I don't mean to stay overly long in the state of mind I have chosen to temporarily occupy. Certain things need to be said and then... it's on to something else. Be well.

End Transmission.


Alan Jong said...

The code of conduct, has to be based on boundaries, instead of the way it is presently staged as a human rights declaration, that is a blanket of ideals and it is the first hypnosis, because it's not right in front of you, it's like a cloud, that you have to dream about that never comes to reality. I know how the mind works. Someone inverted out Michael Jackson's soul, with psychological blocks he couldn't see. God is another hypnosis, people are ritually projecting their prayers, hate and bullshit using a word they define for themselves, and can't see it, and if they go to a church they are pacified by a stage performer, and hypnotist. Who tries to lock out psychologically whatever they can out of them, so they feel fake hypnotic bullshit only while they're there; they get home, and they're back to a routine they hate. God was the problem in the first place, but they can't see that. Anyway anyone using Psychological Hypnosis and don't have a conscience, here is what nature let me see, they're owning people who are looking for their soul that was partially or completely locked out of them. Even the law of attraction is a gimmick, and hicks? what a name for a hypnotist. That is a violation of the Planets Laws, that's why the planet is falling apart. I have no have stake in you, you have no stake in Me. If I read you it's to entertain my mind. Wherever I Go, God doesn't exist to Me. Not after what I've seen, the Planet is smart enough to know what the fuck is going on. Tolle did a fucked up hypnosis to people on national TV. You continue writing up stuff that can kill. someone who's been hypnotized, and didn't recover a bleeding heart, a fucking rotten artificially induced christ consciousness, which doesn't exist, except in the people who believe it, and have it driven into them, the good ones nature does protect. You can't sell your conscience in this world, and expect nature to protect you, and lead you out of something like the krishnamurti death dance. I was was already in a trance from the time I was child listening to Madonna, because she does the same thing in a different way, and I still didn't sell my conscience. Anything projected into a mind of an individual is fair game, it's property of the person it was projected into. Because there is no collective consciousness(es) there are shared beliefs, and some are invasively rooted through hypnosis, and some are the result of natural boundary dissolving between consenting individuals, all this includes mind body, and soul which is the emotional system. Anyway when and if it resets, happen they will be nature driven, I don't know, and I don't care, just getting closure here, and letting you know I was reading and sharing your stuff not knowing I was under a fucked up hypnosis, and some of the other readers might be I don't know, but boundary relativity™.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Another one for the Hall of Shame, bravo, even Payton has the key to the entrance !

Dancing around like wolverines with haemmoroid flareups - priceless. Must have had some of Payton Pizza.

Then there is the one of Putin's frustrations at negotiating with the Yale brood and this boss Bwak! : 'it is like playing chess with pigeons, they jump all over the chess board, knock all the pieces off, shit on the squares and the prance around like peacocks proclaiming they won¨.

In all the diamond mines, incredible tons of matter have to be processed to find one jewel, the the hard work begins, cutting, then the rrrrealy hard work , the polishing and shaping to bring about the best in the intrinsic beaty of the nature-formed jewel.

Ahh well, on to better and more virteous matters, Shiva /Shakti tango. Saving the piece for a re-read, whenever the tears or a belly-laugh may be in need of a uncorking.

Be well, be Alert

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I read this, and think; 'ARE YOU IN 'OUR' BRAIN AGAIN', considering me and the flat mate have one between us. It's like I'm always asking him, "Why do we even bother talking anymore?", considering we're saying the same thing at the same time all day long, and if one says it, the other is often thinking it. And we saw 'Event Horizon' for the first time yesterday. After I saw the clips I was expecting something way more graphic, but oh well.

What you describe about wanting to basically find a solitary place until it's over is why I don't go out unless I have no choice, or if it is for a solitary walk. I have given up on the collective and considering how people are, I don't want anything to do with them, unless I already know them. Like a cashier who I like at a certain store. . .someone was trying to get her to sign up for obummer care. I told her you don't want to do that, the dude who was saying all these wonderful lies about it asked me what was wrong with it, not to mention MSM which I trashed in the same sentence (he told me he used to work for NBC), so I told him about BBC telling about the fall of the tower before it happened, and he shrugged. I dissed him telling him the conversation was a waste of time since neither one of us was going to change our minds to which he agreed, and I gave the cashier the links to rense and whatreallyhappened the next day. She's already on to al lot of crap, so. . .

Talking to so many people is a waste of time. Willful ignorance abounds, and I have no patience with it. Thoe that wanna wake up go out of their way to do so. The lazy ones in their illusory comfort zone that want to stay there will be awoken from their nightmare soon enough, and it's not my problem in this realm of duality. My life is mine, there's is there's, and oh well. Why bother with those that are so infatuated with the system that they can't see anything else as anything other than a threat? If they want to stay in the cesspool, they decided to do that before they were born. I don't know why, but that's their choice, and why should I take a pointless detour to make them see something they'll refuse?

Everyone has their own road. I do my best to be inconvenienced as little as possible these days when theirs crosses mine. I've had enough of that in the past, and I've had it. I consider myself 'retired' from the human race. What's left is for my own evolution and information gathering. Anything that attempts to interfere is considered a liability to be removed from my presence as fast as possible.

Yes, some would say I have a 'tude problem; but I'm sure you understand why. (I'm NOT as nice as you.)

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud about six times while reading your post, Visible. Great stuff. I have little patience for people these days, as well. I hate being around them. My tolerance has morphed into contempt. I can't stand it when people are out of their element and they start blabbing about shit with which they have absolutely no familiarity. Which pretty much sums up the way 99% of the people comport themselves in the world today. I was at the grocery two days ago and the customer service desk was literally covered with pasted-on fliers advertising the Susan M. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure. Some brain-dead feminist bitch was getting ready to pay the cashier $20 for a contribution. I told her to light the money on fire, all she was doing was insuring that no cure would ever be forthcoming from the foundation to which she was contributing. She looked at me like I had sprouted six heads. I told her cancer was easily curable, there are many cures for it. She looked at the cashier and pointed a finger at her temple, and did the "crazy" sign, spinning her finger around and laughing at me. I just shook my head and walked out. Maybe I should buy some pink tennis shoes and dance around like a fag - anything to fit in right? Ha ha. Fuck these people - they aren't people. They're fucking robots, soulless ass jockeys on a train to nowhere. Let 'em Papa Johns themselves to death. More room for us.

Visible said...

Wow! I'll tell, it gets weirder and weirder all the time. This guy Chris offered to proof my new book over a month ago, then he kept running into delays, about 2 weeks ago he said, "Okay, now I'll get it done" Time kept going by so I wrote and asked him and he sent me this "Visible, I'm toast. Overwhelmed by emotions and trying not to destroy my family in the process. I feel under constant attack. Pretty much done with myself at least......

I guess another let-down has occurred. My desire to be of assistance has been crushed by the reality of my ongoing crisis, and I apologize. I hope doing the first 1/3 was of some help, but I can't be relied on to bring this home. I'm sorry. That can be applied in every sense of the word. I'm losing it big-time and don't even know what is real or who I am. I can only hope that by this process of completely destroying every sense of what I thought I "knew" that something else emerges that is functional. Barring that, I welcome death."

I thought, WTF? and I also thought, "This sounds a little staged, so I replied, thanks for keeping me informed and no matter what oppositions I come up against the book will come out.;" Then he went into a screaming ego rage which included trying to post a self justifying comment and now he's got a whole blog post out about it. All of a sudden all the doom and gloom went away and there has just been a run of nasty emails. I haven't said much except after the last one. The funny thing is that I never mentioned his name but he jumped big time into identifying himself when he never got mentioned.

He played me real good for a month. I'm guessing the book has caught some amount of attention. Somehow, he thought I was saying he worked for the government which I never said but... the lady doth protest too much.

Crazyness is really getting epidemic. I still can't figure out the defensiveness when his name never came up nor would have. Mysterious

the gardener said...

Yeeehawwww Vis, what a keeper this one is. Today's my eldest bro's birthday, I know he'll be reading this and feel honored that this Libra day's energies is working on friend Vis so perfectly. It's that "Venus rules Libra" thang.

RE: Alan Jong you are trippin me out man. Keep up with that "K" talk will ya? One thing I noticed affecting/afflicting me a while ago was the 'taking of vows that haven't been surrendered' how does one nullify a VOW? I know many don't seem to have issues with taking them, breaking them or nullifying them to the degree that they 'just move on' but I have and it does feel like a bit of a spell work.

All of this life I've seen myself, past present future all rolled up in one as a tiny little old being tucked into a dug out berm hidden in plain sight... like a bog person or something. Tiny little dwell with a tiny little door but yet roomy inside for all my pets and animal friends.

Temperature controlled so no fire or anything dangerous or tiresome is needed. No intake necessary as there is no garden and certainly none of the others of my status being killed to sustain me.

I've seen this place all of my life-look for it in earnest right now. I think it is in plain sight but I can't find it. Gets frustrating but the wait is worth it.

I was doing some dialogue with myself last night about the 'others'... wondering what name tag being unable to be around them has available. "Societal Anxiety Disorder"? I heard that one popped out on the tv a few years ago. Seems like whenever I pop into another's home with a tv there is an ad for medical issues playing out on it... and they always suck me right in...talk about hypnosis. They've really gotten it down or else they are really getting sloppy with the production because I notice it always now and avoid the 'brainwashing machine' (my dear departed funny friend called it that)...tee hee.

Wish I could commit to your proofing needs. I felt compelled to do it as I read along and found them...but didn't know how. Read Eudoxia's methods of proofing and remembered the old ways of 'manual and with a word processor'... we've all had tons of data in these past ten years or so. Tons of new gear and equipment to learn before the new wave of equipment runs out and makes everything we've learned obsolete or kind of.

love you,

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, good one! Wherever you're at, stay there a while. I like your current line of thought.

Buttons and anonymous: I know exactly where you're coming from, and feel the same way myself. I'm tired of all the self-imposed ignorance and insanity, and ready for it to be over. The people who get it, did so a long time ago. The ones who still don't get it, never will.

We're going to see more and more people coming uncorked. These are insane times. Either I'm crazy or pretty much the rest of the planet is. I have it on good authority, from recent talks with a psychologist, that I'm not crazy, so... (The talks came about because I had the stones to do creative writing about the shit my boss and my employer were putting me through, and my employer thought I was fixing to go postal. I don't work there anymore)


Anonymous said...


Why not parcel out the proof reading in sections among several folks? That way no one person will feel overwhelmed by the task and you'll have a result sooner than if a single individual tries to tackle it whole.

Regarding cancer--the surest 'cure' is a healthy immune system. Tumorigenic cells pop up continuously in the body. It may be due to some slight malfunction or other in stem cell differentiation or a consequence of external toxic insult, or a genetic deficit. A healthy immune system rids the body of these rogues just as it rids the body of external pathogens such as bacteria.

The most significant contributor to the cancer process---psychological stress.


the gardener said...

Vis, RE: your book. Don't want to pressure you or anyone working on it but Merc does go retrograde Oct 21 for three weeks. And 'the book' does have quite a lot of weight it is carrying around ready to be properly born into this realm. *grins*

So asscrack using your site venue linked here by the always generous and good graces of Les Visible... shame on you ya big flake!!! It's just his BOOK due out into this world! 2nd time someone who's had their site linked to Vis' high volume sites use them to say weird shit! I think everyone should read it and see for themselves the mass 'splainin' this guy is doing.

No shame in biting off more than can be chewed. Shit happens and shit happens a lot. That's why 'work' is called 'work' and why 'work' has a deadline to be met or there are losses to be suffered.

Maybe what I need is another read of Vis' latest book? It is that good and like all his writings in need of a few digestion and then a follow up intake to see what was missed the first time.

the gardener

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Craziness running epidemic? Huh! I assume you've seen the news headlines. WRH has most of it covered. Everything is falling apart, and it's the most wonderful thing that can happen in the Cosmic scheme of things, despite the fact that a lot of individuals of varying species are gonna die, but that's what we're here for, aren't we? Only a LOONYTICK want's to live forever in this self imposed prison of questionable reality and corrupted knowledge.

It's best to have let go of everything. To throw yourself into the wind and not care about what's next since it all ends good in the long run. The HELL with self-imposed obligations that you don't even owe anybody. Do we even have any time for them?! And things are escalating incredibly. I wonder if we'll recognise the u.s. by December. Or any equally vile country that's closely connected to it?

Visible said...

There's nothing overwhelming about the work, except for the quote marks (and software covers that) it's pretty simple. Parceling it out can mess with the uniformity. Anyway, there's no longer a problem. I look at everything that happens these days as having Mr. Apocalypses hand in it. Everything is happening on purpose for the purpose of demonstration. Nothing else makes sense.

Zoner said...

"Everything is happening on purpose for the purpose of demonstration. Nothing else makes sense."

Indeed. I agree 100% We should be grateful.

the gardener said...

"The most significant contributor to the cancer process---psychological stress." Mandocello

I feel (due to the reactions) like the only one in the world who's constant question when anyone is told they have 'cancer' is 'what brought that on?" NOBODY ever wants to go there with that one!

Here's a perfect example Six out of seven sisters with breast cancer

No family background of it at all... what did these sisters get a load of all their lives in 'southern california'? But it never goes there, just a lot of talk about how 'stressed they all are' of course.

But here's one with comments I am encouraged by seeing! court order for chemo of 10 year old Amish girl in another article the 'lawyer' is also a registered nurse at the hospital who's been given medical POA... but the comments are good showing a shift with even aggressive calling out of those 'who believe the lies about cancer/chemo' so that's good to see. I wish those sisters and that little girl nothing but the best and brightest coming their way.

All the technology of the past hundred years with each decade getting more techno and now each year getting so many gadgets gadgets of the past 100 years is an exhausting look back.

the gardener

PS anyone have the Commodore when it came out in '83? I'm wondering why I didn't have one then??? was it still in DOS etc?

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned, a goodly amount have suddenly woken up. It's nearly midnight and they are flying in under the wire. Good for them, let's hope a few more slip on through.

The whole reason we're hanging around here at zero hour is for them, so I'm hoping they are making it time well spent.

Gently trying to remind all souls that it is very, very close to last call around here.

You know what to do.

Bernard Fyfe said...

I know it's a matter of taste, not truth, but I think much of what you write is brilliant literature -amazing use of the language.

Your piece today reminded me of this rip on murecans by the great Carlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGKEkI8IV2o

The sad thing is that there are lots of fine people, but they're snowed under with mindgames shit.

I'll never forget when a couple from where I live went to tour the empire back in the days of the get Saddam boogie. When they returned, they told me how astonished they were at the newscasts - what war was being described on US TV? - not the one they watched in their home country.

People living there don't have much chance of getting the real picture unless they work really hard to free themselves.

I hope your new digs provide easier living. This neck of the woods has its pluses and minuses, but I still can't get used to it.

Visible said...

Heh heh, is Bernard Fyfe a pseudonym?

Anonymous said...

No 'whining' here...Brother L...you are an island of sanity, in a seething sea of seriously, suspect psychotics, in my wee world! Just wanted to say....Thanx muchly and...you 'nailed it'. I've 'worked this Shift' for years and am at last seeing people truly WAKETHEHELLUP in large numbers. It has been exhausting and like you, no doubt, at times, I'm pooped from it all, but everything is Temporary! Stay loose...remain vigilent and verbal about it...love your stuff...be safe. Always, Annabelle xo

Visible said...

Thank you Annabelle. Thank all of you for your support during these days, weeks and months, years even, of my being messed with pretty continuously, sometimes extremely so. I haven't been writing a great deal about it most of the time.

I got some very good news yesterday and have been high as a kite ever since. It's amazing how good news transmitted simply by vibrations with few words can have such a profound effect on ones state of consciousness.

I sit here in my chair and and few minutes of time pass before I look up. It's happened many, many times by now. I don't know what it all means yet but I passed over some kind of Rubicon and nothing is like it was before. It's not clear what all is involved yet but it's impressive to say the least and judging by the way it makes me feel it's something I've been waiting on longer than I can remember. Whatever it is, it's finally here. That's what I hear too.

Only a couple of weeks ago I was in a life critical zone near equal to my state in Italy a few years ago.

It's something... how we can wait so long for a certain event or thing that parts of us have ceased to expect it at all, only to find it comes when it was meant to. It is so very true, God's clock keeps different time. Some very remarkable things are on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Each of us must choose our own path to Enlightenment...or not. As much as we would like to assist those around us in this endeavor, many people will steadfastly choose to remain asleep. The disappointment and anguish that I feel when I am ignored, shunned, and/or marginalized for my efforts can be overwhelming, and I frequently struggle to remain positive in the face of such obstinate negativity. However, all is well in my perceived existential reality. As for my immediate near-term plans, I intend to continue the research of the great psychonauts who have come and gone before us. I would greatly enjoy an ethereal, psychadelic conversation with Dr. Leary, Terrence McKenna, or perhaps even Michael Talbot right about now. Thank you Les, for all that you do. Peace and Love for everyone and everything.

Eudoxia said...

I agree with nearly everybody here except the dip shit in the first post of which I won't even bother to comment on other than to say, I'm sick of humanity with it's infantile, superstitious beliefs still firmly in lock and load and totally unretractable. The lunatics are out in full force alright. My friend who works for the shrink is working incredible hours at the moment - that's never happened before. Makes mental note to give her a call tonight and find out what in particular is imposing the additional hours but I really already know that.

Oh yes and of course the cancer vultures are out in full force here also. It makes me almost ill when I see them trying to fleece the public for donations when so much research has been done, we know what causes it and how to prevent it, perfectly good cures exist but are under threat. There was a couple of women aiding and abetting this lie at the shopping center the other day, and what where they raffling - a hamper full of all the shit that causes and feeds cancer! You couldn't have had a worse hamper, in fact there wasn't one item in there I would buy, in fact you couldn't pay me to eat it. There is NO POINT in talking to these machines. They are beyond it. They have their heads jammed so far up their ass they have to stick a toothbrush down their throat to clean their teeth. I like another reader have to agree I'm at that total contempt for humanity stage, I've been there for some time now and can't seem to raise any compassion for these mindless bots floating around in our space taking up room and stealing oxygen. Brings to mind the so called zombie pandemic the elite parasites are trying to push. Don't these fools realise we are already in one! They've already successfully created one, it's been here for years.

I'll be riding out the coming months in relative peace and tranquility. Will arrive at the new digs in early November, because it's fairly isolated we will be stocking right up on everything. We can get fresh milk and cheese from a local farmer, there is an abundance of orchards also. So soon enough this little group of people who come here will soon be my only link to the outside world. Couldn't think of a better bunch to be around, few I personally know that's for sure.

Keep chilling and peace all :-

Anonymous said...

That-thar conspiracy crap y'all talk about, is just a bunch of bull. Nobody is social-engineering anybody else to act a certain way, etc. Oh no? Check this out - an online clothing store for slutty women who want to let the world know they are whores: http://www.nastygal.com/ - this is being pitched all over the Internet, I see ads for it everywhere. Their motto? "Nasty girls do it better..." I would wager a large sum that virtually every whore (er, woman) who goes there, contributes money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's "Race For the Cure", idolizes at least five or six mind-controlled celebrity slaves, visits her local serial killer (er, doctor) on a regular basis, thinks it's empowering to have sex with any man other than a white man (and more than one man at a time, at that), owns at least three sex toys, and bases her sense of self-worth on how many men express the desire to bang her at any given moment. Oh yeah. "Nasty girls do it better." Mm-hmm. Sure they do. This is just more proof of the malleability and overall depravity of human beings on this planet. Can you imagine actually having a conversation with a woman who shops at that store? Neither can I...

Alan Jong said...

I am completely sober, not doing any drugs, or alcohol You fucking douche. Come-passion for assholes. You Deserve Everything Your Father did to you, got a problem keep it. You don't have a soul, and you know it, you a brain running dry. and you will leave I.

Mike said...

Whenever I'm scrolling down the page at WRH, your titles jump out at me. I can recognize them a mile away. I know the next few minutes are either going to find me laughing or marveling at your gift with words . Thanks Mr Visible!

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff, Les.

Visible said...

Whoops, is that a meltdown?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Rectal Dysfunction Rats from Lodi with the Darkside Blues Again.

Anonymous said...

Well we do agree with all of this but never forget: It's all good.

Fantastic writing . Vitriol of the highest degree. But all deserved.

I am donating a few bucks to say thanks.

Alan J I think some DMT would not go astray. more giggling never hurt anybody!

howisthere42 said...

I was going to treat myself to a nice pizza after todays little effort.But no.


the gardener said...

I read at one of 'Alan J's' blogs and suggest those who are eager to pounce on him to do the same. Curious about the hypnotic locks and other works.

the gardener

Anonymous said...


Rise and rise again. You will do the right thing.

I wouldn't call you on anything grammatical or misspelled. Spelling wasn't even a subject in Shakespeare's day. He would spell the same word differently in the same paragraph. People were far more literate in his day (and spoke twice as fast as evidenced in the opening of Romeo and Juliet). Your writing is in a category outside petty rules and never that far off. I did notice both you and Icke tend to put periods and commas outside quotation marks. They made that rule because the little marks look silly hanging out there by themselves. It's inconsequential. Hyphenation rules take up the most space in rulebooks (my favorite rulebook is the American Medical Association Manual of Style).



Anonymous said...

Bad Alan, bad bad Alan. God exists. I have seen him.


Visible said...

I learned the quote mark thing recently as a result of my new book. I attribute most of my errors in writing to being all right brained, just about. Even in my astrological chart the only thing on the left hand side is my rising sign. Interestingly that is the only place the rising sign can be.

Thanks for the good words.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Fasting through The Hunger Games in Freak Out City.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Alan knows a swindler when he hears one, just not every time.

Nothing unusual about that.
That's nature, thank God.
The par we wish for..

But a no holds barred neo-adwaita type outlook? This type action which is unabashedly promoted by Alan as he displays a (haha) photo of himself as an example?!!
Yikes and
C'mon man!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

You're welcome, Visible prabhu.

Alan knows a swindler when he hears one, just not every time, like pretty much everyone..

Why else would a he advertise himself via that photo? (haha)

C'mon Man!

ChewyBees said...

What a fantastic post and an equally fantastic comment board! From the first comment to last I am highly impressed! I don't use exclamation points lightly.(!)

This is what I am talking about. Critical thought at it's best. People challenging one another to reach a greater height of ideals. People putting their self out there, naked & virgin at times, and full of their own beliefs of vim and vigor. I am all geeked out.

OK Chewy, drop it down a notch.

Les Visible, you create the stage, and the backdrop for all of this. It is ever reflected in these comment boards. How much I appreciate your efforts cannot be measured in words, thoughts, or wishes. Very cool stuff. Thank you.

For one moment, let's imagine ourselves as the ruler of all. I know that is the exact thing we rail against, that one man is the ruler of all, but give yourself the opportunity to imagine the world, the means, the relationships necessary to make the dream happen.

I truly believe that each and every one of us is responsible for manifesting the world that we engage in. It's not about ourselves! It's about earth. What is the earth YOU see forward? Where does earth evolve in YOUR mind? This is creation. We create the earth. Earth responds. Do it with the appreciation of earth, and life, and it cannot fail.

This post questions everything about the complete bullshit enslavers of the earth. The challenge to those self-imposed kings is an usurpation of their ideals. Despite what anyone says, there is a meta-consciousness; alive, and kicking - if you're willing to do the kicking.

The means to change the world is creation based on imagination. Why else would a 24/7 advertisement campaign be drilled into your mind to make your mind a creation of the status quo? We the people are mind controlled, via advertisement, far more than anything physical.

People are a profit mechanism. Labor value makes liars filthy rich murderers. The media is there to assure that the herd believes that their lives are trivial output necessary for the whole. No thing could be farther from the truth. We are here to be God, no thing less. God is the Creator. We are the Creator.

When a living Child of God succumbs to words written on paper by fools that only seek profit, the Child of God becomes the slave of machination.

Anonymous said...

Would you share your birth data please? I would be interested for study purposes.

Visible said...

Email me at lesvisible@gmail.com for my birth info.



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