Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haute Tension in the Broken Heartland.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the home of Smoking Mirrors. We don't generate them, we just acknowledge them. They are not what they are, They are what they are not. In the history of humanity this time around, there has NEVER been so many feckless characters prominent on the world stage. You can't tell the politicians from the entertainers. The consistency of their relative performances is at the same level of excruciating. Never have we seen so many representatives of the people, so up front about their corruption, so shameless and so hungry for more. Not in my lifetime, this time, have I seen entertainers and programming that goes to the extremes that it does. Since I never watch TV, I thought I would watch some cable series to catch the mood of those creating them and also catch what the people see so... I watched all of "The League" and am nearly finished with "House of Lies".. I've got to say, I'm impressed. I had no idea they have sunk to the level they are at. In the first one, the basic plot structure is around a Fantasy Football League. The cycling sameness of interactions all focus on sex, body excretions and a certain amount of gratuitous violence presented under the guise of comedy. They never vary through the whole two seasons. Of course, there is also consistent mention of Jewishness and Jewish mores and holidays, as there is in 99% of most programming. There's very little of them in "House of Lies" ( they do have one token representative and he is the most vile person in the show and that is saying something so... I don't know.), probably because the subject matter fits the profile of Tribe personnel to a 'T' and they want to avoid making the obvious associations. In real life they occupy most of the positions defined in this drama and a cursory search will prove this out. Mostly, you would already know they run these industries. This one pushes the envelope in terms of sexual ambiguities and nasty behavior, to advance one's self interest and place in the pecking order. It's very well done for what it is but the way it paints humanity in the areas of activity is awful and probably... just how it is, except for the people playing the roles. As usual, they have a black man standing in for them.

One of these programs is from FX and the other from Showtime. I can only imagine what's taking place in Network series. Most likely it's more innuendo and less full contact. I haven't watched the news either. I see rare bits of it as I travel about looking for material but I usually don't watch videos, just read copy. I do remember Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and that sot they drag in to embarrass 'the left' with scripted argument. Then there was that bad hair lawyer who does all the upskirt investigations. I can't remember her name. I do remember how bad it all was and how infuriating so... I stopped watching. The last time I saw any of that was the 2000 election, right around the time I got to Europe. Of all the things that surprise me, what surprises me the most is how long it has all dragged on. I think the Tribe authored PNAC, 9/11 attack authoring cabal expected to be much further up their bloodstained highway than they are. When I (in my own fashion) remote view them I can see them scheming and thinking more and more about an all out Final Solution because they fear their window is going to close. Their main problem is whether they can get the U.S. to go along with them.. If they act in isolation they will put themselves where they actually rightfully belong, in the shit. It is much more tense behind the scenes than we are being informed about. Snowden's revelations has shaken the very foundations of all previous unity and factions of alliance that were in place previously. This has raised the profile of BRIC's, which was rising anyway and assuredly re-places Iran into a better position. Ergo, Satan's little helpers are very annoyed and their master is pretending to be annoyed in order to see what new outrage they will come up with. In fact it's very antsy out there, all of the worst parts of their nature are being pressed upon. Meanwhile the power to act is shifting and they haven't tumbled to it ...but the subconsciousness knows and that is making it all more antsy still. This is why Mid-November looms as a period of pregnant potential. It's more like a boil actually, pressing for the release of its pustulence (hmmm... nice turn of a phrase... NOT!) What to do , what to do (or not do).

As should be obvious, all is not well behind the scenes and this most recent public reaction from the White House, affirms that the Tribe has plenty on the empty suit in the Executive Office. The Police State marches on and will continue to, until awareness in the mass changes. How big an object lesson has to be made for the rest of the world? We shall see. Certainly the Snowden debacle has changed the whole game board in respect of the European Union, which Germany is in charge of, believe what you like. Let's keep in mind Germany's historical nature over time and what is likely in the future. The dark side preempted the info game with Julian 'the snake' Assange. The cosmos countered with Snowden. Pretty much everything The Dark Side does now will be countered by something, when it's not fast tracked toward the ridiculous. I've been assured that there is going to be plenty of that.

Russia is haymakering while the sun shines and those going mad are getting madder. Add to the mix of all of it the incredible pressures acting out in the provinces and congested areas of the broken heartland. Add to this the incredible burden Nature is being forced to bear. Nature is patient but the time comes and a point is reached, where Nature will respond to restore balance, no matter what. Add to that the dance of the planets as they bring about the conditions for what 'might' come. My take on the 'what Iran does and does not have defensively' equation is that they have more than anyone thinks they do and I believe they have assurances that are known to the players behind the scenes, if not to the public at large. Oh... haute tension that has such trembles in it, Sayonara mon amour. Large bodies of tumbling infrastructure depart and whirl in silent space; now to translate into dead asteroids. The mad go madder, accompanied by stronger wine and madder music. the temporary night is thine, oh Hecate and every single life shall find it's destiny in how it joins or parts with you. The road splinters and travels in many tributaries to their individual ends. Such is the nature of destiny. It is a very personal affair. It is wrought in the crucible of the heart, according to the directives of the mind. In times of darkness the promise is not good. The mind has been hijacked by monsters, who ride the night mare to the land of bending edge. Watch how the rider rears the horse above the precipice. He's drunk as a lord and inflamed with confident arrogance; to each according to their greatest desire, failing that, the aggregate of competing sins. (apologies to all of the poems I siphoned style from)

Avast ye scum! Put yer backs into it! (the whip cracks and there is the smell of sulphur and blood in the air with the taste of pennies in the mouth. How did we come to be here? character is fate.)

It can go so many ways. It will go many ways, out along the tributaries of that splintered road. In this moment every one of us is weaving our Ariadne rope of fate. We may look upon it as something other than it is but... I assure you of this much, it is what it is and not as it too often appears; what it is not. The cause of this is that we lie to ourselves. Sometimes the process is so chronic we are unaware of it. It's become reflex, as if an honorary law degree had been conferred on us. This is how our motives become confusing to others and to ourselves. We have to paint them with an acceptable face and this mirrors the false persona we present to the equally false world for... the world is a mirror too and herein is concealed one of the greatest secrets of life, hiding in plain sight. Most people look right at it every day, experience the consequences and rewards of it in real time and never tumble to it's presences or operation. It is embodied in the tale of Rama and Sita, as Sita keeps walking in front of Rama's view and compromising his line of sight. I might have gotten the scenario a bit off kilter but the point does not change in kilter. We be gyroscoping!

Well, my friends, I must, alas, bid you adieu for the moment, wishing upon you all benevolence and beneficence, as you go on your way, provided your way is not contrary to the better interests of your fellows. Keep in mind that even though all may not be well across the board, all will be well in certain cases, individually and collectively. Hang your hopes upon the promise of what your finer efforts may bring. It is never too late, until it is too late. As long as there is breath, there is hope. This is a MOST IMPORTANT consideration to keep in mind. Where there is little hope (save that trauma or epiphany intrude or descend) is when one's Nature is intractable and not inclined to the exhortations of their higher nature. These are the people that can read words like this and their eyes glaze over, as their hand strays to their crotch, or someone elses, or travels in their mind to the vision of an elusive and much desired behind. The mind rotates on a hamster wheel of predictability, according to individual tastes. It is a rare soul that can stop the wheel and focus; "concentration is the secret of the magical art." and "all magic is in the will". Those are basically the same.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

I give up!

Really, I do. I have no idea what's going to happen and no idea when. I've prepped for the outer and have recently started prepping the inner. I'll concentrate on keeping the mind quiet (please wish me lots of luck!) and it seems from today's blog that my will is required to continue with said concentration (please wish me luck on that one, too!). :)

Other than that, it's out of my hands. Good luck to all!


David Alan McBride said...

Thank you Mr. Visible for the message from Bacchus that you posted on a previous blog (Visible Origami, maybe). I don't have a home much less my own internet access, so I couldn't comment at the appropriate blog. There are moments when your voice is the only one I hear. "Strive hard." Thanks also for the Peter Duenov links. I can endure. I can do this. I too will not quit. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les for reminding me to focus. Therein lies our true power. It's cool to be reminded of something I already knew.


Anonymous said...

My wife and son have taken to streaming episodes of "Leave it to Beaver" lately. We don't have cable and are mostly out of the loop with the sewage that spews forth from the depths of that Bastian of hell. I have always categorized "the Beave" and his family in the "ohh my god what white ass BS!" file. It seems though, that this is some kind of strange grasping for something 'normal' in the cess pool of the media onslaught. Who would have thought that Ward and June would be some kind of island of tranquility for my family. I like to sit and watch with them and get into the 'wholesome fantasy' that they are grasping at..it is a weird escape. I keep quiet about the real situation, not wanting to mess with their tranquility. The crucible of the heart is another matter. I know that I have not traveled very far towards real truth and that most of my efforts are undermined by my ego's tricks and my own lack of sincerity. Time is ticking by and there is not much time to firmly step across the threshold of that crucible. I am watching my own slow motion train wreck to some degree. I hope when the time comes that I will have committed to the real work of love in the real world of love's reality. I know no time like the present... as Yoda said "There is no try ...only do". Or something to that effect. I like a lot of us, have no excuses because I have been warned. I have been shown glimpses of truth and a glimpse of that is eternal and bright even at a distance. There is no safety in Leave it to Beaver. Actually, safety is the last thing that I should seek. Diving headlong into the Crucible is the only way open to me. I have a million excuses though and there is a mountain of Beaver episodes available... I have no idea why I am sharing this but, hopefully amount the vast amount of self bullshitting, there is a small amount of honesty and a bit of courage building in this post. Truth WILL out and I know it...In the end I am the only obstacle to fulfilling my mission in this realm. Deep breath.ahhhhh.,mmmmmm

Thanks for the work you do...and the comments section.

I just had a nice moment :)

Ginnie said...

The power of focalized/unified intention. Awareness is the supreme power. Scientists know that the PRESENCE and observation of the SCIENTIST changes the OUTCOME of every experiment they try to do. Conducting a scientific experiment is CHANGED by the presence of the scientist observing it.

Kinda like the old "if a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear/observe it...does it make a noise?"
You changed it by showing up with "ears to hear". Also "eyes to see."

File that under "things you were told but never knew why they asked the question or told you the story"

Never take your eyes off the ball!
And it will happen.

The Ineffables "True Magic Show". Front row seat. Price of admission?
Everything you are!

Experiment=experience! Are you experienced? (couldn't resist!)

David V said...

The old Andy Griffith show still reruns on local TV. It looks increasingly like one of the best quality shows ever made. Mayberry is not too far from where I live. There still are towns like that, buried in the Appalachians. The dark underbelly, though, is that Aunt Bee is on food stamps and Goober sells meth on the side. As for Floyd the barber, well...anyone can see what he is all about.

What's "new and hot" on network TV increasingly resembles what I see when I take the contents of my garbage can down to the local dumpster: lots of featureless plastic bags, nicely bow-tied and sanitized for your visual protection, but filled with rotten shit nonetheless. It looks like the creation of comedies and dramas has gotten to be too burdensome and expensive, as more and more air time is taken up with "reality" and star-wannabe shows.

On a side note, even the Weather Channel is now the Weather Reality TV Channel. Its new owners don't want us to see what the weather is actually doing, in real time. Might catch on that somebody is messing with it?

Perhaps the most -- if only -- interesting show, in my thinking, is "Person of Interest", where the actions and words of everyone in NYC are monitored in real time by a super computer located in Nevada or some other undisclosed location. Of course, it's just fiction, it can't have any basis in reality, can it?

Another show called "Revolution" is about what happens when the electricity quits. Interesting in concept, but it falls flat when it comes to how a ragtag bunch of survivors can wander around in the great outdoors for months at a time and never get rained on, snowed on, diseased, need to wash their clothes or wipe their butts. Couldn't show that last one on TV, anyway.


Anonymous said...

i'm listening to a post-mortem
on lou reed on npr as i write

there was always something
that bothered me about the guy
and now my memory is being jostled
i liked a number of his tunes
but he had a bad attitude in my view [a jew hating self ?]
perhaps that was part of the attraction
i have been listening to npr a lot
lately and my aggravation level
is increasing incrementally
it is insidious really 'all things
considered' my ass the last thing
they are, along with pbs is public.
they are obviously a wholly owned
enterprise of youknowwho 'nation'
along with that i have noticed
that 'they' insinuate themselves
at every level - community, local,
statewide, nationally and supra-
nationally. why is this ? is it that no one else is willing or capable ? i seriously doubt that
they want things their way
they want us to be [very] afraid
they want to control > everything
i have concluded it starts with
their mothers, who relentlessly
tell them how smart and special they are, this is also the cause for their angst as they will never
'measure up' deep down, they know they are just the same as the rest of us > imperfect, disconnected and lost. they see their reward as an
earthly one, hence the smash and grab mindset, no thought to any real justice or equanimity or
even any forgiveness, an empty heart
consumed with achievement and
acquisition, only material gain
will quell their un-still hearts
they want what you have and they will take it, by any means necessary
and what they want now, is security
with no threat to their hegemony
in the levant and beyond all the way to every little town back, in
the late great [been a while, now]
federation of the former colonies

alright that 'program' is over
and i will 'simmer down' now

Ginnie said...

Like the movie "Men Who Stare At Goats" I wish to be part of "The Generation Who Stared At Evil".
It is so on!
Eyes wide open and focused.
What a privilege this is if you look at it properly.
I am so humbled at my sometimes lack of faith.

robert said...

Vis to the Max; Thank you for being you!

When the barking bluff of the nasty little doggy inside the scary Big Dog costume threatens my inner peace, I find the following perspective handy:

No matter the depth of their intentions, the bad ass-clowns have a MAJOR logistical constraint on their wet dream of ruling over the slaves: not enough true psychopaths available to carry out the total totalitarian lockdown plan!

Yes, there have been major efforts to create psychopaths ARTIFICIALLY (as opposed to those born and bred to be soul-deficient) through experiments in the military and LEO industries, through MK-Ultra, trauma-based training, accompanied by psychotropic drugs and chemical lobotomizing agents.

However, note (gleefully!) that even there, where near total control of the subject is possible due to controlling the gates of money (employment, pensions and bribes) , power (to do crimes with impunity and the approval of your Jizreali Military/SWAT team adviser), and access to the gang (the threat of losing exalted gang status), even in the best conditions, holding all the cards, the quality of the psychopaths being manufactured just doesn’t cut it!

Man-made psychopaths break down too easily, are too unstable and unpredictable for use in anything other than patsy duty in false flag ops. There are simply not enough real players, originally born and bred to serve as surrogate slaves for a demi-god from off-world (once providing that inhumanly-long view of history before abandoning Its squat last century) to carry out this plan, “best-laid” only in the minds of the licentiously lecherous!

The process of piping a passive population of MEdiaMatrix-dazzled fools into following their leaders’ corruption straight to hell seems to be working , generating JINO clones from among those eager to learn to degrade one’s soul like a dark lord, in exchange for fame, fortune and sex slaves.

This may have over-leavened their pustule of hubris into a premature “pop”ulation!

Quite different controlling toady sycophantic follower playthings versus dead-eyed wet workers! Even the ruse of playing musical chairs with foreign armies practicing war games in other countries, hoping that they will, when called upon, fire upon the cattle NOT from their own, will not compensate the manpower need for operational psychopaths.

Even plans with intentions closer to alignment with Universal law fail, from entropy, attrition and ignorance. The specter of logistical breakdown haunts ALL plans concerning large numbers of sentient beings. We note that the over-achievers have been busy and have gone all out with the duct tape and bailing wire (gaining control of money, mass media and communications), but what the dark-loving gang is missing is any antidote to Murphy’s Law or to Peter’s Principle!

Why have we believed the con about the inevitability of totalitarian regression to the mean?
Since when has a con of this ambitious scope ever succeeded?

What has diverted our sense of humor from seeing the true Rube Goldberg nature and insanity of the dark design?

The only answer must be the usual one: up until this moment, we have chosen to avoid using our intrinsic power and the responsibility that comes with it, entertained in our twilight dream state by the fascinating chimera of world domination and coerced conformity.

Unfortunately for the benighted spiritual infants, once intuition/common sense is accessed free from a fear-locked state of mind, the preposterousness of their evil crack dream lays there in humorous stark nakedness! So many ways for Murphy or Peter or Mr. Apocalypse to intervene, to trip the golems as they try to execute their orders!

Verify but trust….
We watch and share our observations with other watchers but CLEAR THE FEAR from our mind’s eye, in order to get a better view of the Demonstration of the Millennia, courtesy of The Ineffable ONE!

Prepare your belly to laugh the would-be masters off the stage!


Lee said...

Hi Ginnie. I came to that same conclusion the other day. How the observer changes the observed and the tree falling, heard or not heard.

I was reading a free online story from a book called, "The Holographic Universe". It says that everything is a hologram or a projection and that things that look solid with substance, are just images.

I'm starting to believe that too. Everything about science and what we learned in school is an illusion.

How do we know that the universe is 5 billion old or so? It makes sense that George Lucas's Star Wars story about " A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". Maybe the universe is just one of many and each with it's own laws pertaining to them?

We humans have yet reached our full potential. Mr. Visible's job here is to expose those who are hampering who we really could be.
The hidden powers that be are fearful of our own hidden potential.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Anonymous said...

Following on Robert's excellent summation of Evil's Achilles Heal...
The NSA and the assorted collection agencies are basing their decisions on algorithms, which are composed of variables, variables that were assigned by humans, making educated assumptions about behaviors and actions. One of my favorite sayings is "Assume and you make and ass out of you and me." The foundation on which they've constructed their "empire" is based on assumptions just waiting to be proven wrong.
I've been witnessing these failing assumptions affecting a lot diverse industries, from NASDAQ having to shut down the exchange due to high-frequency shenanigans, to the medical services industry unable to use their procurement services because of faulty code, to the debacle that was the Obamacare rollout.
Nothing like a little hubris and greed to color assumptions. After all, it was the self-appointed "world's smartest people" who came up with system. What could possibly go wrong?!
As Vis has stated many a time, they're their own worst enemies, over time.

Torey Sabatini said...

Secrets in plain sight. Yeah, the fundamental laws of the universe aren't too hard to figure out, if you want to, and can bear the consequences of that knowledge. Man, most of us are 99and 1/2% bullshit. Hope the "Ineffable" can make due with that half a percent. Great post.

Torey Sabatini

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Gratitude arises spontaneously, quite a piece.

Especially as the date coincides with Granpa's anniversary, may the Armagnac flow freely as the toasts to Idiots are made.
Be well, Be Alert

Unknown said...


You're honestly at your best in I don't know mode. Also, another two thumbs up for Men who stare at Goats ! !

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

My ability, through astral projection and subsequent remote viewing and sometimes influencing, comes on strong when in play, but there are very finite strictures for me ever being able to do those things from time to time, and now not the time for me. In short, nothing for me to able to see on the radar, so to speak. Nevertheless, the ability to channel the feelings of certain types is still there, and I sense a range of negative emotions amongst negative satanic types, whose minions, through my intuited perception, have somewhat of a clue that "something's not right" (raunchy fools) but will press forward, albeit knowledgeably hamstrung by more mundane reasons, while the elite villains are truly frighted, willing that much more to connive to themselves and said minions about where they're all headed. There's some sort of Cleopatra thing with beyond pointless denial while consequences haven't manifested yet prodding them forward on the way to perdition, albeit at a slower pace, it seems. They now they're going down, but know no details, the satanists, so they figure there's wiggle room, but aren't exactly trying to wiggle to fast about that. Just my intuited take.

Lee said...

David V.

That television show "Person Of Interest" is quite entertaining to me.
It is based on a true story of a software company in southern California in the 1980's.

The program was a data base called "Inslaw" to quickly retrieve law files for research to law firms. The program morphed into another called, "Promis". It had the ability to search, analyze, compile data on criminals and terrorists.etc.

The program was sold to the CIA on scheduled payment plan. However, the CIA reneged on further payments.

The company later went out of business after dealing with the CIA and it's endless resources.

The software has morphed into other programs and names to hide it's tracks.

In the series, "Person Of Interest", Mr. Finch is the author of the program and knows it's potential for misuse quite well. He is also aware that it has been enhanced.
Good series for a change and steeped in real truth to a degree.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

@Robert: Good one with the "pop"-ulation statement! I don't know exactly what you're getting at, given that I'm only intuiting what I'm getting at, and I'm not asking, but 2006 was a pretty poignant moment in time where ideas involving my take on "POP" in cosmogeny terms were pretty vivid, and I'm noticing precise verbiage that is most likely not coincidental. The issues of Earth were and still are, obviously, very important to the continuity and correction of much of what went wrong in space/time terms in regards to Earth's role in creation, effecting both positively and negatively other parts of creation, which is an ongoing process which needs some serious fixing up. As usual, it's just my strong intuition and some experience, but there's a lot more to the story of life in the universes than what the majority, as of yet, "know isn't even slightly possible", laughing all the while. Gonna be a surprise for us all, but the level thereof was and is contingent on the steeling of ourselves for what's to come, introspectively and honestly so.

Anonymous said...


Your comment IS perfect. The price of admission is your life. A true bargain for passage into the real world.

David V,

Funny I was recently discussing "Mayberry RFD" with someone :) I bet Aunt B. and Goober are still just folks. Meth and food stamps aside.

Thanks guys..."This little light of mine..I'm gonna let it shine"

Anonymous said...

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee did a real nice record or two this is off one of my favorites. I learned to play blues harp to it when I was 12. This song has stayed with me my whole life.


Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and when I can't make men act like men, there is no reason to be a woman anymore.

It was that easy. I was to set the example for:NO MORE

But I guess nothing is easy, and I didn't realize how many were as sick as I am still.

Linda M

Anonymous said...

Every day pray to the prime creator to fix this mess of evilness. I do everyday.

Linda M

Anonymous said...

No real love
just big mouths and
cheap talk
or he'd knock on my door with those flowers

Linda M

David V said...

Yeah, they're still just folks. Given a choice between a banker, a lawyer, or a meth head for a neighbor, I'd about have to choose the meth head. I love the smell of match heads cooking in the morning...

Hey, speaking of new TV shows, how's this for a new crossover hit? "Ass Wiping with the Stars". Combines the best of "reality" no-talent shows with post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Turn 'em loose out in the back 40, with full bowels and no TP, and see who comes out the cleanest. Make full use of the overhead and slo-mo cams, with instant replay. Heck, sell some ads for anti itch creme, too. You know, for poison ivy and all that...

No, I haven't been smoking anything. Maybe I should be?


lightandlongshadows said...

We don't have TV but I've been watching stuff like Inspector Morse, Inspector George Gently, Judge John Deed, Sea of Souls, etc. on youtube. Lots of hit and miss in the related videos, some not bad older series out there for what it's worth.
Thoroughly bored with news these days, rinse and repeat ad naseum. Reality is stranger than fiction but at least fiction can hit some finer points.

wiggins said...

Les..I think the 'Dark Side' may well be pushing the Julian Blancmange, Snowden Agenda......the Matrix is a bigger bitch than Sophia.

Visible said...

It's a little troubling that Wiki-leaks shadow leech queen was allowed to attach herself to Snowden and do whatever it is that creatures like that do when they're doing what they do.

Anonymous said...

you're one of our inspirations over at e-lemental.com... can't say i can always receive what you're beaming, but we read time and time again...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kill Shot

Interesting what you said about mid-month, as do others, and the feeling I have about before December 1st, and this comes along. . .on the same day as the power out drill. I might not be posting after the 13th, but who knows?

So many dates, so many duds. Hopefully this one WILL be different.

Anonymous said...

i was cheap and she was easy
i used to like to tell her

i never got her a card
or sent her flowers
i'd nod when she would speak
'cause i never heard nothin'

'cept her lovin' me, in her way
what started as screachin'

turned into a bright mountain stream
it took awhile, i'd say ten or more years
i had to concentrate and take my time but
she'd be waitin' every evening, for me

Anonymous said...

perhaps of some interest :

glass bead game


Eudoxia said...

I can't handle American sitcoms never have, never handled any of them to be honest. Don't like TV don't watch it. Sometimes I'll switch on British Brainwashing Corporation or Al Jazeera (snort)to see what propaganda they are busy spewing forth but most of the time I opt for RT or Press TV or any numerous amounts of others that are a bit closer to the reality of the situation based on ones reality of the situation. Here's one for the books though, this is truly the meaning of "The terror of the situation" ewwwwwwwww


Anaughty Mouser said...

Assange never names israel - so he is controlled opposition.

israel runs/owns the CIA, they couldn't keep the denial up about spying on everybody - so Snowden was a deliberate leak/limited hangout to confuse the world.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"The purified heart casts no reflection in the smoking mirror." Aztec Calendar

Anonymous said...


Al Jazeera - Al Ja-zio-eera.

What is Quatar besides Saudi Arabia's Mini Me?

the gardener said...

ahhhh 'Bob Smith' if you are as savvy about all the 'lies les tells' as this piece of your comment to dublinmick's hit piece on Vis at his site Vis, imo, had every right to delete or dismiss any of your posts here to his site... "MORE EVIDENCE..." *lol*

"I will be glad to send you more evidence of Visible’s snake-like nature, if you are open to publishing it here. I admire you for standing up to that snake – very few people do at his blogs…or so it would appear. I have a hunch that he gets assailed with negative emails on a regular basis, and posts very few of them. I also have a strong suspicion that many of his regular posters are either controlled-opposition cartoon characters created by somebody’s tax dollars, or characters invented by Visible himself, who miraculously jump to his aid as soon as someone questions his character or questions the import of his “All Israel, All the Time” rants."

I hope Dublinmick's piece "It is Time We Discussed Les Visible" was productive for him. Sorry to see that it was a link at aangirfan's site wedged in between articles about the pedophiles raping babies and other serious criminal anti-life behaviors.

Sometimes we all got to think a few steps ahead-like how this can/could/would impact others in these times of idiots run amok. Tax paid public employee idiots and just the off the range idiots.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Drunk and Stupid, with Doomsday in the Event Horizon

Visible said...

heh heh, Bob 'Smith'. Why are these people such cowards? I presume it's because should they use their real name it would immediately register the background of past interaction, which they do not want.

Well, of course I'm not generating characters and as God ,is my witness I get very few negative comments. I could provide proof of all this but then be told I made that up too so... why bother.

What I don't understand is why? Why do those who are offended by me or dislike me for whatever the reason, why don't they ever have any reasons? Why is it always just name calling and wild speculations with no substantive backup? I don't get it but I do appreciate that they got nothing. That reflects well on me.

Well, Gardner, I had no idea this was going to get legs but since Cap'n Spadgett Steve wove that whole fantasy I've had one thing or another coming at me pretty regular. the first two comments at today's Petri Dish are indicative of a bedrock relationship of mutual respect that exists between me and many readers.

Just finished the broadcast with Robert Phoenix. It went better than any broadcast I've done, I think.

Anyway, I am aware of the truth about me, who comments, who gets published and most of whatever else relates to me so, I'd say everything is just fine and getting better.

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