Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Victims of Foreign Banker Wars in the Land of Eternal Stupid.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

May your noses always have the facility of a proboscis (unless you're a cokehead).

I'm pretty good about not being seduced into bastardizing the English language (not that it hasn't happened at rare instances; or for the purpose of demonstration). I avoid phrases like 'so fun' the way I would a sidewalk with Paris Hilton on it; or Perez Hilton for that matter. I think his parents were big in the no-tell Motel business. I thought about migrating to sexual slang for this issue of Smoking Mirrors, calling it the 'flaming buttcheeks edition' but then I realized not only would I piss a lot of people off, I would also piss myself off for having to read the coming link in order to do this; it's not like I'm up on these things. Take my word for it, you don't want to go here (I warned you). I did not go there. Anyway, I also don't use, "my bad" or a host of other "I'm with shithead" t-shirt ideas. There are no sideways arrows on my t-shirts indicating anything. Remember a few years ago, those ballcaps that had a turd on the bill that said, "shithead" across the cap? Who wears something like that? We know who manufactures them. Who watches reality TV? Who eats Pop Tarts? Who still thinks Obama is a competent and trustworthy leader of the no longer free world? I could list questions like this for the rest of the month and not run short. Do I really need to explain why I think such a vast portion of the population (everywhere) is stupid?

Here's an example of "Hot Wheels for Stupid" (courtesy of Luis). This is the official Olympic charity fund for 'Stupid'. There's no difference between Hotwheels for Stupid and Hot Breast Cancer Hooters. Both depend on the diseases longevity, in order to grow as a corporation and both are intentionally incurable due to the necessity to make a profit.

I'm going to explain why that is (and take a lot of time doing it, while slipping in and out of digressions). It might make some people feel better about my conclusions, once they know how I arrived at them, unless they're stupid and then they won't get it. Okay, follow along with me and remember which stones I stepped on as I go. This way you can find your way back once our journey is finished. I won't be coming back with you so... it is important, unless you're one of those people that are already so lost that no one is ever going to find you anyway, must less note that you're missing, in which case, what difference does it make anyway? Ah... that brings us back to the topic under discussion, except for the following digression.

Since we aren't going to employ the colloquial porn angle, let's go time warp. We'll stay north of Chaucer. Few people pissed me off on my way through the unavoidable texts, as did Chaucer, after him was Freud and just about every philosopher besides Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, Swedenborg and Kierkegaard ...and whoever I left out on the western front, which most of them should have been all quiet on. Now, unless you're hippopotomorstrosesquipedaliophobic, you won't mind what's coming. Think of it as me attempting to broaden your horizons, without putting you through the expense of going to an optometrist and having peripheral mirrors inserted into your wrap around sunglasses.

The primary reason so many people are stupid has to do with the state of the world in the time zone it is occupying, like Paleolithic, Jurassic, Mesozoic. This period would probably be called Dumbassic, Retardian, Cluelessiferous or some such. Remember to watch the stones I take as you go. Metaphysically speaking (according to me in case I got this wrong) all of existence comes out of the unwinding vibration of Shiva's drum. Even if this is not so, the principles are sound. Everything is made out of the same thing. Each unique item, or life form, vibrates at a different rate and that is what accounts for the difference. Deluded alchemists subscribe to this truth and believe that comprehending it's meaning will allow them to transform physical lead into physical gold. That's not what the whole dynamic is about but when the lead is in your head, it's pointless to attempt to explain anything to you. Objects are not the only things that have a vibrational consistency. Atmosphere and... well, everything that exists has a vibration. Everything with a vibration, operates within certain parameters of bandwidth. Our senses register objects within certain parameters of bandwidth. Some of us have trained, or more powerful sense organs and can see and hear things most others cannot. This applies to the other senses as well, in case you are a member of the group under discussion. Some of us have super sensory organs activated (they sit on top of the usual sense organs). These allow one to see beyond the ordinary bandwidth. This also applies to the other senses 'if' they are so activated, in case you're a member of the group being discussed. If you are, you don't have any of these ultra senses active anyway, except for the occasional idiot savant.

If... that's 'if' you have your Kundalini raised to a particular floor of life's apartment building, you will see flaming letters, similar to hieroglyphics; a flame alphabet if you will, written into the fabric of every thing. The arrangement of the letters accounts for the specificity of the item and it's essential integrity. Very high end magicians are in possession of the magical language (reference The Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage) and this gives them the ability to turn anything into anything else, should they want to, which they usually don't. At the septic end of the profession are the reverse Kabala  boys who use it like sex professionals use Ben Wa Balls. They're only able to do so much and only on certain planes but this is not to say they can't be dangerous. Like Manly Palmer Hall said, "anyone who can burn an inch wide hole through a foot of hard wood should be considered dangerous (paraphrasing here). He wasn't referring expressly to reverse Kabala Boys but rather to authentic black magicians. Generally, if you stay out of their way, chances are they won't cross your path, ♫Chances are, though you're wearing pretty thin, the moment you come into view. Chances are I'm trying to stay away from you♫

I'm gratified that I can walk in an alexiteric envelope, restraining myself from bangstry, due to all the desticating inhabitants of the eternal world of Stupid. Notice the segue? Okay... Stupid comes about when the vibrationary force of materialism exceeds the force of personal detachment from it. What this means is that it doesn't matter what your IQ is or how smart you think you are, or how smart some others might think you are, if the vibrationary rate of materialism is greater than your resistance to it, you qualify as stupid and unlikely to survive, in the most important sense. The good news is that, possibly, you were never alive to begin with so... you haven't actually lost anything. That's not exactly good news but if you're a card carrying member (pull out your wallet and see if there's a completely blank card in there) you're not going to notice anything.

That's what happens, you don't notice. You don't notice that three buildings came down into their own footprint.. You don't notice that a foreign country is completely in control of your own and... they hate you. You don't notice that all wars are created by bankers and that you and those unfortunate enough to have a blood connection to you, are provably stupid enough to die in those wars because... you do, don't you? You do die in them and your dick gets hard every time John Phillip Souza comes on those Voice of the Theater speakers at your local Victims of Foreign (banker) Wars or down to the American Legion of Mouthbreathers who fought in Banker's wars. Yes, all of you Echopraxia addicts (don't) know what I'm talking about. You matriculate through this dumpster culture like hypnotized mungos, emulating the apes in Kubrick's 2001.

Stupid is the one who does not see the obvious because it has been explained to stupid as something other than it actually is, so stupid has accepted a definition that goes contrary to the evidence of elementary logic, common sense AND the senses. Stupid believes what it is told, even when it takes accepting complete absurdity to believe what it is told because of the impossibility of it being actual.

Right about now, or well before this, you realized or are realizing that much of this post is offensive. Really? Why? If it's true and more radically so than being shown, it's not offensive, it's true. Study this headline. Do you get any sense of the ironic there? One can be defined as seriously stupid, if they don't know this is going on, a coward if they don't oppose it at every opportunity and a monster if they support it. For me, stupid is not simply being quasi-operational in a narrow bandwidth of awareness. It's being unconcerned about man's inhumanity to man and blindly supportive of it because you are deaf to common sense and capable of being convinced of anything no matter how ridiculous the argument may be, because...? Because you are stupid. Because you are stupid, people die. Because you are stupid, people go hungry and homeless. Stupid does not live alone. Stupid lives in a crowded apartment with all of the other unsavory life forms that live off of stupid and are alive because of stupid.

Stupid is what makes it possible for billions of dollars known and many billions more, unknown, to go to Israel, while food stamps are cut in the US AND food stamps and all of the other poverty programs are only necessary because of what Zionist bankers have done and are allowed to do to the economy in the first place. The true cost of stupid cannot be measured. Once again, stupid occurs when the vibration of materialism is more powerful than the vibration of one's objective awareness of it. The true interpretation of religion is that which you give your devotion and fealty to ("where your heart is, etc".). It is what your internal genuflections are given to. It is what your focus of desire is set upon (there your treasures are). When your devotion is co-opted and programmed by the conscious force of what has been called Mammon, you are just one more pre-desiccation fly in a spider's web. You are on your knees at the altar of materialism, in the Church of Stupid. You think you are worshiping so and so but you are worshiping and serving The Devil and this is especially true of Christian Zionists; all fundies actually.

You can have college degrees. You can have a high IQ. You can be the practitioner of a skilled profession. You can live in a big house with a thin wife, with big grasping claws and flashing stones on many fingers. You can have lots of money in the bank. You can vacation in Bermuda with all the other tasteless dressers, where black people still know their place. You can be all these things but still be certifiably stupid because these things dictate the state of your mind and the level and direction of your awareness. The apex of stupid is to be cluelessly suicidal because all of your attention is on ♫I... I.... me... me... mine ♫ and driven by a frenzy for acquisition, at the expense of everything worth having and the loss of all of what makes life worth living. It happens every day. It happens all day long; smart, powerful and rich people proving that "stupid is as stupid does." Not only do they go down the tubes themselves but the sucking draft of their passage and their influence on the lives of others brings about a conga line of stupids behind them.

Materialism makes you stupid! I don't care how smart you think you are or anyone else thinks you are. I don't care how much money you have; how many lifeless manikins you fuck, how many private clubs you belong to, how many expensive restaurants you eat in, what celebrities you know or whether you caught hepatitis shaking Obama's hand and will never wash it again. If you are a materialist, the initial stages are increasing levels of blindness and increasing degrees of moral relativism that eventually results in stupid and then gravitates (down) into your being the conscious or unconscious bitch of a practicing Satanist ...and don't you look nice with that gag reflex red ping pong ball in your mouth? Television commercials tell you what the perceived level of your intelligence is. Your watching them tells you if you are stupid.

Oh well... hopefully this serves by way of explanation. I don't mean to be maledicent, all of this is likely no more than a psithurism. Now you can have at it with your tetrapyloctomy. I bid a less than fond adieu to all the quomodocunquizing junkies. You've got your millstones around the neck (not my kind of bling), enjoy the swim. I wish you good luck, since there's no such thing. Good fortune, on the other hand, that's something you make as you go.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better...myself.

I sooo HATE stupid..
"Good" Baptists especially.

really appreciate you taking the opportunity with increased TRAFFIC to "educate" the washed masses...
er um the self chosen few..

with the vocabulary expansion project, hopefully some of it sinks in. . . . we'll see.

plus I really enjoy how you work that vibration/resonance thingy in there for the readers who might get to have this literature shared with them, to you know...

bring them along...

what a good shepherd you are...

feeding the sheep with some real grass with serous {mental} spiritual nutrition...

now for the music...



Visible said...

There isn't any music anymore. The (cointelpro) Wicked Witch of the West shut it down.

Visible said...

This vicious lying Zio-Ogre needs to hear about what a shit he is.

Please go to his Facebook page and send him a message

I did.

Visible said...


lightandlongshadows said...

Night Run

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Summed up quite nicely. The jaw dropping stupidity is mind-numbing if you don't understand what's going down. In the land waaaayy down under, (it's way past 6 feet -- definitely hell-region, sorry Aussies,we got you beat on this one now),people seem past stupidity. It seems it's a whole combo of things (delusion, lack of empathy). One can't even guess what they're thinking of. IQs are definitely in the minus zone now. Recently, when I mentioned some of the things regularly occurring in the ME, I was told the grubberment knows what it's doing. My confidence lies elsewhere, if it didn't, I think I'd take a dive off the nearest bridge. Instead, I'm sitting under it watching the demonstrations, anticipating the grand finale thinking anytime now and intuiting something big. Love to All. Serena

Micky said...

Vis one word.......quality

Micky said...

Quality work Vis surrounded as I am by greedy stupids and TV heads your work helps keep me sane so thanks.

the gardener said...

Since absolutely demon infested meat bags posing as: doctors, lawyers, and other assorted entities' claiming life or death power over anyone and everyone's lives lie like the psychopaths that fill every industry in this country and are totally aided and abetted by those only of their own kind allowed to involve in those demon infested meat bag aggressive industries... 'Stupid is as Stupid does'.

Perfect example of both: the powers of the "Out DEMONS Out!" AND the powers of lies and lies of omission going on everyday in every way in this psychopathic enriched society here in the US... for those who 'don't think about things like this' do you think that any one of those involved in this family's medical case would have CARED when she succumbed to the experimental chemicals used in that(unknown to them) experimental treatment? NO, THEY WOULD NOT BAT AN EYE... IF CALLED ON IT IN ANY WAY BY THE LOVED ONES LEFT BEHIND THEY'D FIRST DECLARE HOW 'HUMAN' THEY ARE THUS MAKING 'MISTAKES' BUT NOW NOT EVEN GOING INTO ANY APOLOGIES-EXPLANATIONS OR ANYTHING BUT A MONSTROUS RUINATION OF A BILL.

Ohio Children's hospital lie and try to kill girl under court orders

Full detailed treatment of family on the run to heal their daughter

These diabolical demons have been outed! And I doubt that any of the thousands if not millions undergoing experimental cancer treatments who succumb to those experiments are even counted in the numbers 'killed by medical' of over 200,000 listed in stats.

Reason why, imo/experience, why this mandatory insurance bill came to pass. As more and more people realize through their losses how lying and psychopathic the liars running these experimental pograms are...the more that will refuse to participate in any way.

Instead of changing to a holistic/homeopathic course of actions or finding the causes of the cancers which are epidemic in this country... they make it mandatory to have insurance to get in these hell holes and heaven help anyone who gets into that seriously stupid web full of stupid lying psychopaths.

I've known many who've surrendered to the death threats and predictions of deaths by these quacks posing as scientists who 'care'... and everyone of them are DEAD now. Misdiagnosed, undiagnosed... all experimental treatments but their families and insurance companies still got the great big insane bills!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Doctors are serial killers in lab coats. This is a fact. I have a former friend who is chief of emergency medicine at a well-known clinic in Missouri. He is also an eye/ear/nose/throat specialist and a surgeon in that field.

He used to be my best friend in grade school. He was a hell of a guy back then. Had an open mind, was kind-hearted, had a quick wit - just a good, all-around guy.

Now he looks down his nose at everyone, especially lawyers (calls them "finaglers"), and does the same with everybody else, pretty much. Of course, his attitudes were enrained in him as a result of his education in the Black Art of killing people via medical processes. I was amazed at his overall transition, after he got his medical degree. He became a boorish, know-it-all elitist who was completely unlike the boy I used to know.

In his mind, doctors know it all. They are the brightest of the bright. They are healers. And because of him, I fully realize that doctors are the most malleable people on the planet (pretty much). They have to be, in order that they might not only willingly drink the Doctor Kool-Aid, but believe everything that they are told along the way. And believe it without question.

The only way I will visit a doctor is if I am unconscious (and dragged in against my will), or if I experience some sort of severe trauma (broken bones, etc.). Their job is to thin the herd. That's what they do. That's all they do. (I am reminded of that line in the movie, "The Terminator" - "That's what he does. That's all he does. And he will never, ever stop until you are DEAD." Yes, doctors are indeed TERMINATORS.)

Ironically, his son works for...are you ready for this...Goldman-Sachs. He recently graduated from Northwestern University, got a job with Goldman-Sachs, and oh my gosh, don't you know that his doctor daddy is just pleased as punch (and proud as hell of his elitist son's chosen profession). Hahahahahaha.

This guy used to be my best friend as I said; I no longer talk to him, nor will I have anything to do with him. He will die of ignorance and stupidity like everyone else does. Surrounded by material wealth, still thinking, to his last breath, that he was the smartest, the brightest, the best, and a purveyor of GOOD.

To put it succinctly, fuck him, and his super-human ignorance and self-absorption. When he dies, the world will be a better place. He's a murdering parasite. Period.

Visible said...

A couple of days ago I wrote a post and then had to toss it. Today I worked on a radio broadcast and my sensation was that I was mailing it in. It's a good broadcast conceptually, says all the right things, according to me but it doesn't feel right somehow. Something is happening to me. I feel very strange and not focused as I like to be with the emphasis in all the right places so I've tossed that too. Sorry.

I'll work on something to say this week and see what I can come up with. A lot of things have happened recently, I'm still sorting them out. I feel better making this decision. It's the right thing to do.

Visible said...

Yes, that's how doctors are, with few exceptions, although there are some. This is the case with all those professional careers; profit is God.

Lee said...

You didn't piss me off. You said what needed to be said. The truth and nothing but the truth.

Shame on all those Sunday preachers everywhere for not telling it like it is.

I had a small epiphany reading this article. Now I understand the "Less Visible" description and why you adopted it as your name.

You, and others here, are viewing the world for what it really is. We live in a Matrix construct. You are Morpheus and trying to free us Neo's still connected to the machines.

Many are still hopelessly locked into those machines and not ready to be freed. Why? Because they are fed artificial programs of "Stupid" reality. They are so engrained in the system, they will fight to the death to protect it.

I have two brothers that are living the good life because they are engineers. They excelled in mathematics and I didn't.

Their good life includes participation in the good life politics and official stories. Take 911 for instance. They believe the lies of 911, Sandy Hook, Holocaust and other good life crap like playing golf and going to Pebble Beach. etc.

Like you said, it doesn't matter how smart you are, how big your house is, college degrees, golf tournaments, hanging around the big shots.etc.

Being less fortunate/less successful as they are, is my own fault. They share the same Prosperity Preaching like Joyce Meyers. It's your fault you are poor because you didn't have enough faith. Or sent her money.

No wonder people come here. You put things straight. This is a forum for those of us who seemed to have lost our way in an insane world, are you are a light keeper.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I think this proves the points made in your post, Visible. When you boil it all down, most doctors are STUPID. And they are the worst kind of stupid. They are murderously stupid. They are unaware that they are killing the very people they believe they are helping. Which makes them the worst kind of stupid, in my eyes. And that makes them eminently worthy of expedient extermination (on so many levels).

But then, ah well, we all got it comin'...don't we.

Brian Crossland said...

Stupid is proud of this..

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great post Les Visible. Every word true. The only things worth anything in life are the ones you can't take with you when you die. Forget gold, houses and cars.
Love in all its forms.
The best things in life are free.


Anonymous said...

Metaphysical question number 33: What do you feel more pity for: Conscious or unconsious Satanists?
God bless, Chaukee

Visible said...

You are not less successful. that's only a measurement of what is valued by those engaged in their fields of interest. Ultimately and always it comes down to,"What is real?" Our lives and accomplishments are measured against this. It's the real we have to impress, not the unreal. What can the unreal do for you? It can only deceive you as the sand in the hourglass runs out. Nothing is more important than making the right kind of friends. Those who are able to help you both here and on the other side

the gardener said...

I remember a smart friend from long ago telling me 'the quickest way to raise your vibration level is to spin'... like little kids all naturally and love to do instinctively.

We tried it right then. It always made us laugh... ring around the rosy so fast that we'd get to spinning the marbles in our brains.

Then ... the other way. Clockwise, then counter clockwise. He said to do them both. That it really quickly raised our vibrational levels and if we aren't vibrating quick enough we would not be making the vibrational shift level cuts.

the gardener

Anonymous said...


I don't want to get you in trouble so I will only ask this one question.

I had a friend ask me a question. I ask it of you now.

What makes human beings so special?

Lee said...

Thank you, Visible, for the kind words.

It takes away some of the painful stings of their criticisms.

Doug Pearson said...

Man, I needed to hear this stuff today. I've had your post in my head for days with no one to say it to. As you know, I'm in a foreighn country too. I don't speak the language well enough to voice opinions about various shit so at times I go on Facebook and talk to people there. Fuck. People just won't say a damn word about all these abuses, materialism, fucking upside down world, etc. and sometimes it drives me nuts. GMO's? We feed the world. Wars of aggression? They're out to get the US. Just on and on crazy shit. Hell, we're old, least I am, and although I can't do too much to change the crap going down I can at least scream my head off about it. Tough being in self exile sometimes but worth it to me. Nutty fucking putty.........Fucking breeze for the devil considering his competition.

Doug Pearson said...

You said in comments that something is happening to you. I've kinda noticed it too in some way. It seems like you're more relaxed than usual or maybe....the calm before the storm...something though.

Chrizm said...

Stupid is merely a product, manufactured much as Pittsburg steel and Detroit automobiles, but for that the feedstock is human materiel. As all good manufacturers are apt to do, new inventions on making stupid even better come about from time to time, some incremental, others huge leaps in technology. The earlier crops of stupid were not accordingly of course as high quality stupid as were subsequent crops, it of course also not mattering once the critical mass of population percentage of stupid as a whole increased beyond the 90+% level. At present it appears stupid will proliferate indefinitely, provided the machinery remains manned and oiled. However, even a 20-year shutoff would not be enough, as the calm mental waters of stupid run deep. Those prone to despair need not, there being nothing new under the sun, this has all happened in prior generations of stupid all the way back. Perhaps the sine or energy wave of stupid merely increases in amplitude until the particles in the wave function can no longer stably resonate at the current quantum level, whence according to Schroedinger energy will be emitted just prior to relaxation of that which remains to lower amplitude in the EM radiation band of stupid frequencies reserved by the FCC just for stupid. One day I was enjoying the music on the radio when I remembered there were no batteries in it, its saved me a lot of trips to radio shack to get my card punched.

optimystic said...

say what??!

stupidly absurd. and i'm so stupid i can't figure out how to hyperlink here...

ChewyBees said...

Les Visible, music never existed in the mainstream. It has always been held aloft by the lower class. Even in our current era, all music is a by product of lower class laments and counter beliefs. Unfortunately, most of it transforms into corporate property, and therefore is transformed into corporate riches. The means to musical publication is a willingness to kill one's self. The ability to sacrifice belief in the real as an exchange for mammon is contractual. If any musician wants to be paid by a corporate label, they must first be willing to toss their silly youthful machinations in favor of taking money for their new found compliance. The fringe is outside of this, but even the fringe is troubled by the muck and mire of a life built by images of a life contrary to life.

Rap music has a place in this discussion, and though I do not listen to it, it is in certain instances a challenge to the authority of the slaveholder.

The oldies are still the goodies. I still believe that the hidden messages (upfront to those without blinders) in music are still there. You wont find them in a Bieber damn, but they are there.

Here's a gem I love to this day; Pink Floyd Animals - Dogs

You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need.
You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you're on the street,
You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed.
And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight,
You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking.

And after a while, you can work on points for style.
Like the club tie, and the firm handshake,
A certain look in the eye and an easy smile.
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
So that when they turn their backs on you,
You'll get the chance to put the knife in.

You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder.
You know it's going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you get older.
And in the end you'll pack up and fly down south,
Hide your head in the sand,
Just another sad old man,
All alone and dying of cancer.

And when you loose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown.
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
Dragged down by the stone.

I gotta admit that I'm a little bit confused.
Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used.
Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise.
If I don't stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this maze?

Deaf, dumb, and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone's expendable and no-one has a real friend.
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
And everything's done under the sun,
And you believe at heart, everyone's a killer.

Who was born in a house full of pain.
Who was trained not to spit in the fan.
Who was told what to do by the man.
Who was broken by trained personnel.
Who was fitted with collar and chain.
Who was given a pat on the back.
Who was breaking away from the pack.
Who was only a stranger at home.
Who was ground down in the end.
Who was found dead on the phone.
Who was dragged down by the stone.

ChewyBees said...

I separate corporate medicine into 2 camps, though in reality all things have grayed overlap and therefore both of these are supplements of another.

First is chemical medicine. This is the primary function of the family doctor, the clinical physician, the psychiatrist, the psychologist and any other doctor that uses pharmaceuticals to enrich self.

Then there is physical medicine, namely surgical medicine. The incredible skill and deft ability of the surgeon is magnificent. How else is a broken bone healed stronger than the appendage was before? How else are veins, arteries, nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscle tissue etc. given the chance to repair?

Yet one does not work without the other. Surgery requires anesthesia. Recovery requires painkillers and antibiotics. Stitches require nylon. It's a back and forth of what is necessary and what is artificial.

I can not make a determination on it. Does Peyton Manning's neck require stem cells to be functional again, or is the line crossed? Should Mike Tyson be allowed mood altering drugs, or do we let his psychosis go unchecked? Does the child with leukemia undergo life ending and traumatic procedure in favor of homeopathic treatment and cure?

BTW, I know of a family that did cure their daughter of leukemia, using homeopathic method. There are also many more recorded that survived the pharmaceutical method. Which family is right? I know what I believe, but I also know that when it comes to life, pain and the concept of healing, the mainstream beliefs are what will most likely be followed.

Is a shot to the muscle of 50 different chemical solutions toward disease prevention, known as inoculation, better than the the immune system with a natural, vitamin enriched diet? I know my opinion, but my opinion doesn't make anyone else money.

It's a shell game. Every proclaimed pharmaceutical "cure" is a path to more of the same. Every homeopathic cure is a risk of unknown consequence. One is advertised as sure, when it is hardly that, and one is advertised as unsure, when that is what every treatment to dis-ease amounts to.

Anonymous said...

Great post Les...

stupid runs the day is the insanity of it all and stupid does not see stupid is that to be so in your face and not see??

this dimension used to get by on opposites attract...this is not so anymore...opposites are dividing and like is seeking like both ways and for a purpose...we will all understand this great divide soon...even stupid will get it...

those of us watching stupid self destruct can be disturbing to say the least for they are truly displaying their true nature of nasty dark energy so we all understand why this dimension is self destructing for this sickness will not be allowed to contaminate any further of creation and will come to its end...

liberation from this hell hole as promised is near...

the rescue mission recently announced that now over 90 per cent of this evil aberration of a dimension (which included other minor dimensions associated to this one)have been corrected and the energies from those minor dimensions are now here......hence this complete and utter darkness of stupid at this is all part of the correction of this dimension...

stupid is certainly a form of disgusting to any awakened divine spirit to say the is difficult to comprehend...

as far as our doctors and so called medical system...they are trained by the Rockefellers since their takeover of health care in the early 1900's...these masters of satan revel in eugenics and death so it is no wonder it is one big failure of toxic proportions....they designed it that way a long time ago...

Lots of LOVE

Eudoxia said...

Okay so we are onto stupid, yep got that but funnily enough things just go right back to strange and downright fucking weird. Some really strange shit happened today. I've just got to go right past the stupid now. I did put up a post on stupid but that got lost - see it just keeps getting stranger by the minute. Sine June this year my dearest friends and I have been attempting to purchase what we consider to be the perfect property (gets us all out of debt) but to date we have had several major setbacks. Two contracts on my friends house have crashed while mine has sold. Two weeks remaining on the final extension and I contact the owner to cut another deal, change the contract and rent for 3 - 6 months what ever suited her suited us. We want this property, well not want it we were drawn to it in very unusual circumstances, looked at it and immediately felt like home, put a contract on it. Then things started to get weird. We made contact with the owner which is usually a NO NO but as events had it, we did. Thankfully as the real estate (stupid) woman wanted a quick commission which our contract was not and subject to sale of my friends property. I've completely fucked up my credit rating for taking on the banks and courts and you name it and no way will I ever get credit again YAY! Fuck you assholes, thank you Universe but acquiring this property leaves me out of debt completely with a roof over my head and nice home for my assortment of four legged friends. All manor of strange things started to happen which prevented us from moving there and taking possession. However, today at exactly the same time which was 2.00pm Oz time, two major shifts happened simultaneously to all parties without the knowledge of all parties at the time. SUDDENLY everything changed. Right when an out of the blue buyer for the property of said friends was happening, I was with my mother for her cardiologists appointment who gave her a clean bill of heart health (in other words, no further meds or surgery required). I got home and get the message that a contract is in place for friends house.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Success: Completing the assignments you gave yourself before you were born. What else matters?

Eudoxia said...

They loved it, they made the right offer, they were early for inspection and early for contract signing, with a strange stipulation. That the goldfish in their goldfish pond remain. OK not a problem.......... oddly enough again, those very goldfish were bred here on my property (and that in itself is another strange issue particularly relating to stupid people). Obviously there is some weird benefit to stupid, however, it doesn't stop there.

Shortly after we got home and all the good news started to flow, my dog begins to chew something I didn't like the sound of so I made him drop it. It was a large piece of glass, a piece from a large bottle or jar - something I didn't recognise from this house and there was nothing in this house that could have smashed on the floor during the time we were gone anyway. Moving along, the next dog comes in and after 10 mins or so she starts chewing something I didn't like the sound of, more glass!! the same type and thickness of the first. Then we start to find more of these strange pieces of glass all over the kitchen floor, large thick chunks. I'm pretty sure I've got all of them now, but what remained of a label is not a label I'm familiar with at all and there was nothing left out in the kitchen to break anyway....... So moving on yet again. I fed the dogs, let them out one came back and the other one Ruby, no go. Called and called her and she is the obedient one. Then she comes to the kitchen door, she's got something in her mouth.....she's not dropping it like she normally would, but acting really weird (here's weird again), I call her in then she reluctantly drops it. It's a dead baby bird (black), head off not sure what sort of bird other than it's night and my dog doesn't climb trees. Okay so, two major blocks removed, broken glass out of nowhere and hmmmmmmmm feathers ...............sounds like some creeped out voodoo shit to me. The label on the glass was black too.

Has some type of weird curse broken or has it begun? Any input on this one would be helpful if not gratefully appreciated. Truly weird and strange day indeed.

Eudoxia said...

@ Gardner I recall reading something about spinning a long time ago too, Pleiadeans I think Barbara Marcinak not sure. Gave it a try dam near killed myself. I might have another go, I think I tried it in the wrong place, I'll give it a whirl in the new place that way if I fall over I won't hurt myself or I might find myself in another place. There is some trigger about shift level cuts too, I just can't put my finger on it, psychedelics are on the way thank God!

Eudoxia said...

oh I forgot to mention Laurence Gardner in one of his books - Realm of of the Ring Lords I think, mentioned something about kids falling into fairy rings. The fairies were dancing around in a circle, one kid went in he was with his friend going to buy bread. The friend of the kid said he fell into a fairy ring. He was missing for 7 years only to turn up at his parents house 7 years later, he was the same age with a loaf of bread in his hand.....................this was documented apparently.

Visible said...

Pot kettle black- first negative comment in some days. You can't get posted if you won't use a verifiable name. If you're going to say these things you have to stand behind them; not that you made any sense or used 'societal' correctly. I have a real dislike for cowards and ambush artists. The only reason I can see for the continuous anonymity is... it's all the same person, or, the name revealed explains volumes. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this youtube video this morning. I found it uplifting and it could be an analogy of sorts to what goes on here. Love to all. Serena Lessons from Geese

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible, can you clarify this comment that you made, in Post 33, in this very thread: "You can't get posted if you don't use a verifiable name." I'm wondering what a "verifiable name" is - could you explain, please.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff here!
I have a 16 month old daughter. I am not 'with' her mom. I can tell you that stupid has become almost too much to bear. I see my daughter trotting around with a corn chip in a vise grip and a fresh needle mark on her shoulder. And not too much I can do about it at the moment. Surely stupid is the most destructive force in the universe. Just trying to track my own stupidity now.... so hard to catch yourself in the act. Anyway I hope the divine is really in control of all this because that is the only real solace possible it seems. Nothing left but to 'rely on me' Good fortune to you all!


Anonymous said...

"There isn't any music anymore"....I have to agree. I haven't heard a new song that I liked in a long time.

Personally, I feel elegance died in the 40's and charm died in the 60's. No elegance, no charm =no decent music.

Hip Hop reminds me of Nashville. The same kinds of people wearing the same kinds of clothes singing-or whatever-about the same kinds of things. No honesty just propaganda.

stupid can be endearing. Mean is a human trait that is pretty much the basis for all human, vile conduct. Personally, I would rather the company of a good hearted stupid person than that of a mean spirited genius.

Good luck everyone! I don't know what is going to happen or when it will happen but whatever happens
God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

With respect to Lee:

Why do so many engineers believe the official story. It boggles the mind. Scientific knowledge requires numerical precision and thorough, comprehensive investigation.

If the authorities wouldn't have sent the vast majority of steel overseas then at least engineers would have been able to tell us where the frames broke.

I am getting sick of being afraid of being labeled a kook. If I am wrong about 911 then I am just a fanciful and foolish man who has made a bad judgement. But if those who are buying the government line are wrong then they are traitors and accessories to murder.

By the way all of my siblings have done well in life unlike me. I will probably die in debt. But, I do have an aptitude for mathematics.


Ginnie said...

It seems things are was promised!

Truthman said...

Nice work, Viz! Not sure where all of the criticism of the medical profession stemmed from as it relates to this artfully created piece of yours, but it is refreshing to know that so many are in on the scam. My older brother, incidentally, is a very successful MD whose eyes I've been prying open for 30 years or so. He finally 'gets' it and does what he can. Unfortunately, however, the pressure he gets from his peers and even his patients is quite overwhelming. I surmised, and told him so, that I suspected long ago the plan was to find the smartest, most apt to compromise the 'system' and grant them admission to med school so that they might be 'indoctrinated' the most thoroughly. Thus, removing the largest subset of the populace capable of figuring out the ruse. I surmise the same could be said about law school and lawyers, as well. It certainly has worked nicely, can't you see? I currently have a stepdaughter in her 3rd year of med school. I try as tactfully as I know how to get her to question EVERYTHING she's taught. It's tough, as they are kept on super short leashes.
"Stupid" is something I don't believe that most med students learn until they get their first summer homes. And by then, it's too late, they're done. However, I would like to propose to you that the "stupid" you've attached to those humanoids in the populace who send their children to die for the banksters and the Tribe, are only a product of the mis-information that they are fed a constant diet of from birth. When your parents raise you to be cannon-fodder, you have very little choice 'but' to be. Knowledge is the absolute 'key' to the eradication of our Dumbassic Period. It is essential that an open an honest search for "TRUTH" become our most revered profession. Truthseeker, PHD. It needs to be uncovered and laid bare for ALL to see, so we can move forward to a recovery period from these dark, dark ages. It will not be easy or pretty, but is essential if human beings are to survive to see the future. Cannibis cures cancer, by the way, and shitloads of other chronic diseases. TRUTH FOR ONE AND ALL!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I visited a friend in NYC. We found ourselves smack in the middle of the most comprehensive, though temporary imposition of martial law you’re likely to find this side of the Next Big False Flag. It was all related, of course, to the security arrangements relate to the NYC marathon. I couldn’t much avoid it as the street outside her apartment was near the epicenter for the zombies finishing the marathon and subsequently herded into cattle chute maze of barriers. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this Dumbassic-era spectacle but I couldn’t turn away either. It was irresistible in its retardassic allure. It was a zombie fest all 'round. From the garbage trucks blocking every intersection from Columbus Circle on North the length of Central Park to the cops demanding ID, all in the heart of the zioland theme park known as the Upper West Side. And that was just the obvious palpable security. Who knows what DHS/FBI/CIA/NSA was up to. There were more NYPD police helicopters flying in and out of Central Park that afternoon for that single event than are owned and operated most third world governments. What distinguished the spectator dumbasses from the runner dumbasses were the bright orange ING Bank logo blankets that were handed out a to the participants at the finish line. It was all in all a spectacle of the bizarre that was psychedelic in its horror. Sensory overload at its hypnotic finest.

Bread and Circuses, and hold the bread.

I noticed that the windows in Yoko Ono’s Central Park West corner apartment were dark, she probably split for the Hampton’s for the weekend.
Why not hold marathons at those 2.5 mile NASCAR speedways instead? Ten and a half laps would do the trick. Maybe even while a car race was going on.

* * * * * * * *
Cancer and charities----the financial kabala gang and their goy minions aren’t any more interested in a cure for cancer than they are interested in finding a real fix for poverty in places like Haiti. There’s a hell of a lot more money in managing cancer/poverty than in curing it.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Warlock's of Wall Street and the Devil's Buttboys.

Visible said...

Post 33. The important thing is 'who' it applies to. Verifiable name is self explanatory. An example would be a Facebook page.

David Fiske said...

I have finished Visible's "Spiritual survival in a temporal world" and thoroughly enjoyed it; more so than much of what he writes in his blogs.
HIGHLY recommended.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Visible, thanks for responding, that's what I thought you were getting at. (Post 33.) Facebook page, Google+ account, that sort of long as someone has a verifiable account to link to their post, it's okay if they use some fictional name for their identity.

So you just want the post to be traceable to some hard page that "verifies" their identity, even if their screen name is BubbleGumYum. This will eradicate the danger of the anonymous factor.

I notice that Facebook recently requested that many of its users supply a "Government ID", after they were recently locked out of their accounts. So the Net is moving in that direction; the push is on. I guess we should all just embrace it, and realize it's for our own good.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Visible said...

Anonymnous, I can see you are trying to fuck with me. I didn't say any of that and didn't indicate any of that. I said, 'verifiable' and that's what I mean. Fleshing out what I might have said and didn't and woudln't have is disingenuous. This ONLY applies to the ambushing vermin who hide behind the cloak of unknown. It's simple. I don't get more than a few of those over the course of a month so... it doesn't matter

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Military Cocktails at the Feeding Ground for Ghouls.

The Tenth Dentist said...

My second corporate experience a the tender age of 25 was where I stopped being stupid. I was working in SE Asia in public relations. This would have been the summer of 1985.
I got the job solely because I was an accomplished golfer with a college degree. The Asians did and still do put a good golf game at an almost divine level. I was a gopher, pimp, cleaner and all round asshole.
My boss was a Brit who had been in PR for thirty plus years. He was a heavy drinker and after several Martinis would start ranting.
"The Beatles were nothing more than change agents for the youth of America after the shock of the Kennedy assassination. Caught in their most vulnerable state"
.....we all laughed !!!!!!
"The Beatles ended their run because the golden goose composer of theirs had died in August of 69 " .......we all laughed!!!!!!
"The WTC was built to be brought down, collapsible designed to fail" ....we all laughed!!!!!!!
"Your American Revolution...what a joke. Tell me how a bunch of starving ragtag militia beat back the world's largest standing Army"
.........we all laughed!!!!!
We were hosting a golf tournament in Thailand with quests from Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Hyundai and alike. I was responsible for acquiring the prizes for the 'goodie bag'. This consisted of young girls from the Soapies in Bangkok who had to be rented for the two day affair and transported to the resort. I went to the resort a few days early to check on preparations. It was my seminal moment. I witnessed video and audio equipment being set up in every other room with two way mirrors to record the dalliances of these corporate Kingpins.
I approached my boss with questions as to what was going on. "Welcome to the real world my friend, go ahead laugh this one off". He continued ," It never dawned on you as to why we have a virtual monopoly on these companies contracts, why they're practically no bid situations...information, information, information"
I don't think I really laughed again for years.

the gardener said...

@ Tenth Dentist... who was the 'golden goose composer who died in '69'?

reminds me of something I saw yesterday...

" 69% of readers will find something sexual in everything they read"

har har

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Then I must be brilliant, because I knew going back to the thrashing of the stupid-fest where the Light of the World signed His Own Earthly death-warrant! Want to know something else, the Leafs are going to keep their glass Richard sucking moron!
I think, though, a curve ball has been thrown, in that "scar=noggins" puppeteer is dropping the matzo for some halal!

dannyboy71 said...

OK, one of my post was discarded for who knows what! So I'll do it again. I have known about the control since I learned about Jesus destroying the temple. The money-changers His death warrant because no one, I mean. No One is going to cut them short! Nothing has changed in 2000 years! The irony is that "scar=noggin" has his puppeteer siding with the rag bearers and not the money-=changers. Syria blew my mind, unless this is an ultimate destruction planned by the printers!

Visible said...

Even if someone sounds deranged I don't drop posts. It happens around here all by itself.

dannyboy71 said...

Thank you for clarifying that. I slow down then next time I comment.



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