Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mr Apocalypse Rides the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've had this scenario running through my head for years. It dates back to a time when I was in Hollywood, back in the psychedelic years and I used to see cartoon characters popping up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard; characters from Warner Brothers, Hana Barbara, "Uh what's up, Doc?"

It fit in with the whole sense of the unreal and transitory that that environment exemplifies. I saw things and people that were strange enough to remember to this day. I never fit in there in any way. That was about as strange and dark and surreptitiously evil as anywhere I've ever been. San Francisco wasn't much different except in size. I know there are people that look at those locations as the promised land and land of opportunity, probably based on what they've been promising themselves. Anyway, I always thought across the years that other creatures were going to be coming out of the sidewalks at some point, not cartoon characters and they were going to be especially visible in locations like the aforementioned, especially visible; an intensification of things like that scene in "Ghost" toward the end, or "The Frighteners". I used to think about Halloween and how it's said that the Gates of Hell were opened on that night and all the lower astral entities would soar around the world and get up to whatever mischief it was they got up to, which I always thought amounted to a kind of time delay construct, where certain things were set in motion for a later date. I feel like there's a lot of that about to go down- and up- as Mr. Apocalypse moves it up another notch and let's keep in mind that each of these notches are exponential. We be dealing with quantum good and evil. We're dealing with logarithmic expansions of time, circumstance and the amplification of human potential for most anything. We'll probably see what that is about the same time 'they' do, unless you got that early warning system.

Digression; I've been invited to participate in an event in London on Saturday, November 23rd. You can read all about it here. I'm not mentioned in the promo poster because I'm a late entry but... should enough of you decide to come in for the event, I'll go through the changes necessary to get there and bring my A game (grin). I know I have more than enough readers in the UK to give us an audience. The promoters have had a real problem with the usual suspects trying to kill the event and they're well organized in the banking center of the world, which they control. Their time is up and they're in panic mode. They'd be much more in panic mode, were it not for their colossal arrogance and presumption of power. Well, the train is in the switching yard and the power circuitry is being rerouted. How else are we supposed to get that golden age? ♫When the train left the station♫

Mr Apocalypse is the engine of a progressive series of intensifying realities, like video game levels, except that you are inside it. It's like the difference between watching people swim and swimming yourself; big difference. The environment is insubstantial illusion, which overlays the real concealed within it, or beneath it, however that sorts out in the schematic of of the undergarments of Maya; that dream woven web upon which we tremble. Once, I was in a state of psychedelic transfiguration and I was standing on an expanse of tile outside a house. It was in California or Arizona. All of a sudden, I was dressed in green and yellow robes and had an Asian mien, my hands were in that Kundalini state. The right hand was curled under my neck. My spine was arched inward and my head was back. I was slowly and slightly rocking in a state of utmost tranquility. I sensed movement below me and looked down to see a spider making it's way across the tiles and a cold wave of awe moved through my body. I've never forgotten that. I bring all this up for a reason.

Every now and then, someone comes along (even though I've explained it over and over) and asks, "How come you have your hands that way?" That symbolizes evil, the Illuminati, masons" etc ( their hand signs are different, by the way). People like to point out to me how Bush would make that sign and all kinds of nefarious personalities would make that sign. They were mechanically assuming the pose. My hands go into those poses all by themselves. There's a lot more going on than evil. If you look into other cultures and systems, you see other things. People can mechanically put their hands into positions, posing; doesn't mean anything. The hands and fingers can also form on their own account, due to the 'particular' etheric currents running through a person's body. The people with the actual dark power are backstage.

When I was in prison, I used to notice the gangsters would move around in what's called a pimp roll and their right hand would be pressed (back of the hand) on their thigh just under their asses (they would be bent forward some amount from the waist as they rolled like a land shark sailor) and it would be that same mudra form, with the interior fingers curled up and the outside fingers pointed down. This was unconscious on their part. Yet... you see RamaKrishna in one of the earlier links on this page, with his hands in a very similar position and he is one of the most revered saints over the last hundreds of years. What's going on with all of this?

There is ONE FORCE and that one force is defined in two specific and oppositional ways, depending on the intention of the one employing it. There is one other possibility and that is the middle way. Just because you see the hands held a certain way in western culture, or just because certain mudras have been adopted by certain secret or not so secret societies, does not mean they are not also in use by 'the other side'. It's simple. It should be easy to understand but sometimes these simple and eternal truths are impossible to grasp by those who have made their life a complexity of contradictions. When you've got your mind in a state where you has convinced it that you know all about all kinds of things, the inside of your mind is a cluttered place. You got all that mental documentation on all sorts of things and that is such a small percentage of all it applies to so that you are worse off than if you knew that you didn't know. Well, we've been over this ground before...

Here is the thing about secret societies. The bad guys mimic the good guys. They pretend to be them. They have whatever power they have, courtesy of the weak souled members from the good side that got subverted and perverted. They stole the secret codes of letters and numbers and perverted them with foul intention. That's how we got that reversed Kabala action going on. I know a lot of people, who think they are informed about all of this, like the people who don't know about the hand signs and have all this superficial knowledge about so called Illuminati, Masons and Jesuits and who believe we are in grim times and at the mercy of an unopposable power. This is incorrect. Whatever these fecal phantoms may possess of the higher mysteries, they only have information up to a certain point. The really important info is not in their hands and never will be. You should also know that the head good guys knew all along that certain secrets would be stolen. That was all part of the plan. It always happens in times of material darkness that negative elements get their hands on certain keys to the candy store and they are allowed to run amok for a period of time, under the tutelage of the Dark Lord, so that a whole lot of melodrama and tension (excitement) can go down; just like as if we were in a real movie about an apocalyptic period. Of course, at a certain moment, The Dark Lord abandons his charges and turns into the prosecuting angel, in the twinkling of an eye.

The purpose of the whole affair, in times of material darkness is about the harvesting of souls. It is to see which way we will individually and collectively go. The material circus cranks up with high powered lights, skimpily dressed bimbos, bimbettes, bozos wearing offensive cologne, with woke up in the morning hair that looks like rat's shit in it and then they added crazy glue like it was Brylcreem ♫A little dab'l do ya♫ and didn't pay attention to the fact that they don't look like Jude Law and furthermore, don't happen to be Jude Law. They got that perpetual 10:00 PM shadow and they be riding the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville. So... if you're all wrapped up like a fish in last week's newspaper, courtesy of the powerful force of the material world, you may likely be sleeping with the fishes in the Fukushima Narrows; spiritually speaking. Look! The whole game is fixed; has been fixed from the jump! The whole dance is choreographed! The whole landscape is mapped! The battle is already won. We are living in the echo as denouement goes down. It was all arranged before they even got around to writing anything down about it.

All of this may be garble and nonsense to those for whom none of this seems real ...but to which all of what is unreal appears to be real. It's all about what you buy into. One is instant gratification and one is delayed rapture. One goes on in the carnival realm of sensory delight (if 'delight' is the term you use to define 'unfulfilled'... longing never ends), the other is an internal affair that takes a long time to activate and then is composed of an equally slow arriving -incrementally concentrating into a greater density of luminous intoxication. Occasionally and rarely, you get the thunderbolt investiture, that scrambles your eggs for a good while until your new, upgraded gyro kicks in. Whichever way you get there, it requires determination and certitude. You need the two because you can't be determined without certitude. You drop off pretty quick once the dilettante dabbler thing wears off

I hope we've dispelled some of the smoke in the mirror this early afternoon (my time). If not, the comments section is a mere click away. that's 'click', not 'klick'. Now we're going to crank up that radio broadcast in the interim before Game Day starts (damn! I can feel people cringing from here). I get an education from everything I watch because that's my intention and that is the result anyone can have if they hold on to their objective sense and watch to see what's really going on.

End Transmission.......

Could be a radio broadcast this eve, depending on what happens once I get there.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I look at the game with great irritation that it's still there and that the board hasn't been cleared yet. It's beyond my contempt, and I'm just disgusted with it and have no further interest in it other than seeing the current reality obliterated, considering it a waste of time. I don't need it anymore and I can't wait until my contract allows me to retire from the cesspool.

At least I can sense the time is soon. I may be dancing in the streets when whatever comes down.

Unknown said...


Whose war
My war
Your war
Our war
Their war
Politicians war
Corporations war
Bankers war
The old lie
Betrayal today
Betrayal yesterday
And tomorrow
We stand
And hold ‘they’ to account There is much to remember
This Remembrance Day



seashell said...

What is even stranger in these times for three right feet in running shoes showing up within about 40 miles of each other washing up in the shores islands in the Strait of Georgia six months is anyone's guess.

Here's the article:

kenny said...

I sure hope you get to go to the London event and that it's recorded for those of us who can't make it.

A surprise, I see that Nahida is going to be there. She is someone I have admired for a number of years and who doesn't hold back and who is a pleasure to communicate with.

Anonymous said...

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I, David Paul Widner said...

Hi V / All,

Great Post, Thank You. I remember a book I read that said the tarot was the main way the True Sacred info was 'distributed', I AM paraphrasing.
It was pointed out that the Most High and the sacred secret socialites did it this way because 'they' knew that the core teachings would not be disturbed because of some groups 'money' issues(grin)...

Love to All and it really is getting fun

David Paul

Dan said...

I had a strong kundalini experience once where I found myself slowly going through all of these martial arts maneuvers, with my hands bending into interesting shapes right before my eyes! It was scary and interesting at the same time.. I would try to pull myself out of it and it would cause pain and discomfort. I had to go through the whole thing and at the end I was winding up energy with my hands and "throwing" it like a ball to my friends. Needless to say they were a little freaked out. The enduring consequences of this experience? Clairvoyance.
Love your posts Les, and remember to "check your light source!"

Visible said...

I had the martial arts thing going on all the time whenever I took LSD after my kundalini rising. It would spin and whirl me and then I would leap and actually ride the ether for incredible distances in the desert and forest meadows. Things that happened often defied the laws of physics.

Years later, friends of mine have vague memories of things that went down whereas I remember very clearly (when I remember at all-grin). It's probably because the things were happening to me and they were observers.

Here's something very weird that Susanne pointed out to me..

Most of you are familiar with my story about the man on the beach and how he told me to "take the reins" and other things, now here comes a short film that is eerily like my tale. Did this same thing happened to her? Did she somehow read my story (grin). Anyway, it's odd and the fact that "take the reins" is the headliner, well...

robert said...

Dear Visible,


Yet another, even more incendiary herald message! Funny in all the right places too!

By their fruits, you shall know them indeed!

Thank you for today’s link to the site referencing Sri Ramakrishna

My pragmatic mind likes to use simple perceptual tools (since I am but a simple tool!) and when sorting and filtering through the Cult’s industrial onslaught of chickens#!+ (their latest tripe is not even worthy of being called bulls#!+), doing my daily mind-cleansing, perception clearing ablutions, I find one simple measure that weighs it all:
What does that person, thing, idea, expression create?

Since those in opposition to the natural flow of Kundulini are:

Sterile (in the procreative sense only, since closed hearts and minds are havens for festering pus)
Barren (of anything new)
Non-creative (incapable of true creativity)

they must steal/vampire/parasite from those who still have the inner light shining (however dimly at times) and, unlike the dark fearers, are not afraid to use it!

Evil is EMPTY and Nature abhors a vacuum so guess where all the recycled detritus of desire gets dumped?

Yah, straight (or crookedly) into the aura or bio-electromagnetic life bubble of the cosmically clueless!

Even when I am feeling oppressed by the consequences of all the benighted choices I have made, I can ALWAYS find gratitude that I carry far less black gooey karma than those who are headed for the industrial version of the Refiner’s fire.

My burden may feel heavy at times but it is really a light yoke of my own making, through trial and error on the way home, NOT a Columbian necktie or steelbelted necklace being fitted for the faithless exploiters of others, thanks to the infinite mercy of the ONE when we sincerely aim for the high road with all our heart.

Greatly appreciate the lift and the example!

Carry on with your light luggage and feel the gratitude.


Visible said...

Yes Robert and it looks like the worm is going to turn soon.

Looks like registration is picking up for the seminar since we started mentioning it here. It looks like it's a go so... if you are anywhere in the area or on the train line and want to meet me or any of the other speakers, do so...

Anonymous said...

I believe Halloween "opens the gateway" to other worlds. A few years back I was driving with my girlfriend down a four-lane highway in North Carolina near Wilmington. It was about 10:30 p.m. on Halloween night. We passed this field and standing to the right of the car was a creature unlike anything I had ever seen. It was about 15 feet from the highway, standing in a field. It was huge, and all I can remember was it had markings on it that looked like Africa (the outline of the continent). We doubled back and took a second look; it was gone when we returned. It wasn't a cow, or any other known animal. And this is the tip of the iceberg. I had this encounter with a creature in North Carolina, out in the boonies, near a little town called Currie. My girlfriend had a cleaning business and I would help out make the rounds with her at her clients' businesses. This place was a wood processing company, and the property was really huge, surrounded by a chainlink fence. I would stand outside and smoke sometimes, while we were working there late at night. On several occasions I heard this cry, that sounded like a woman screaming or a baby shrieking (unearthly, though, not really like either). Every time I heard the noise, all the animal and insect life in the area would go quiet. It was creepier than shit. So one night, we are driving back from the wood processing company and we are rounding an S-curve near a farmer's field. The car's headlights swept from left to right across this open field. Standing there, was a creature like none other I had ever seen. The lights stayed on it for only a couple of seconds. After we had driven another 50 yards or so, I asked my girlfriend if she had seen what I had seen. She said, yes, but what the hell was it? I asked her to describe what she had seen. She said it looked like a cross between a dog and a huge cat. About four feet tall, maybe six feet long, with a broad chest, a cat's head, and a dog's body (complete with glowing red eyes). That was exactly what I had seen. Anyway, a couple weeks later, we had used our DVR to record the History Channel show "MonsterQuest", and the voiceover lead-in to the program, went something like this -"Tonight. Has the vampire beast of Bladenboro returned to rural North Carolina?..." And then they showed an artist's composite of what the creature looked like, based on eyewitness accounts. Damned if we didn't look at each other in amazement, because that composite was exactly what both of us had seen. Turns out the creature has a past, and you can check some of that out right here.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to stir the shit but I know you've had your read on a certain person also appearing at this event. It turns out you are correct in your impression of him though it should be obvious to anyone. Look at the quotes he puts on his website about himself You don't often see that wattage of megalomania. I flinched when I read them.

Like I said, don't want to stir the shit but I couldn't resist. It looks like a good collection of people, wish I could be there.

Yep. Anonymous is me

Anonymous said...

Here is the artist's composite rendition of the vampire beast I was writing about. That's almost exactly what both of us saw that night. So after we saw the MonsterQuest show, we were back out at the wood processing company one night, cleaning the offices. I was outside smoking, and it was about 10 p.m. I heard the cries of the creature again. There was a farmhouse across the road and every night you could hear dogs barking, pretty much all night long. When the creature let loose with its cry, the dogs stopped barking. I heard the cry again, about two minutes later, and it was much closer. So, being a dumbass, I walked toward the sound. I walked directly up to the chainlink fence out in front of the property. There were some tall trees, and some heavy underbrush, right outside the fence. Suddenly I heard something walking toward me through the brush. I actually saw the bushes and tree branches moving, as this thing walked toward me. When it was about 10 feet away (I couldn't see it, but I could hear its footfalls), I turned and ran back to the offices - a distance of about 50 yards. I've had similar encounters throughout my life. In Oregon, back in the mid-90's, there was a crop circle that appeared directly across from my apartment near Hillsboro, Oregon. It showed up in a field that was owned by State Farm Insurance. One night I was walking my dog, and I saw this creature come across the highway from where the crop circle was situated. It moved in this herky-jerky fashion, like something out of a fucked-up horror film. It was low to the ground, black, and once again, it looked like a cross between a cat and a...I don't know what, exactly. Not a dog, this time - something sleeker and creepier. It moved like one of those Digger the Dog toys, that were a big deal with kids back in the 1960's. Anyway, this thing crossed the highway, went through a field, and then crossed the suburban street where I was walking my dog. It then made it to the same sidewalk I was walking down, about 100 yards in front of us. It was directly under a street light, so I'll never forget it. Suddenly, it swiveled its huge head in our direction, paused, and then took off running straight at us. I wheeled around, and ran for my house as fast as I had ever run in my life. The scariest part was when I got to the door with my dog. I fumbled for the keys in my pocket for about five seconds. Once inside, I slammed the door and looked outside - nothing was there, and nothing showed up. Anyway...just one of many weird things that has happened to me over the years.

Visible said...

Wow! That's quite an article (well written too) on the South Carolina beast.

Anonymous said...

I saw this too

There's something about the tribe and big egos that I been noticing for awhile and in real life too.

still anonymous

est said...

ok l v
there you are,
up on the 'speakers'
page of the site :
'seek speak spread truth'
and > off you go
let's hope this gets recorded !

Visible said...

Geez... Yeah, there's a lot of strange things out there and sometimes it takes particular vibrations or eyesight to be able to observe them. I've had my share. Mine are mostly to do with extra dimensional creatures.

Visible said...

Oh, I'm sure it will.

Anonymous said...

You will notice near the end of that article about the vampire beast, the writer claims that, "It was as if something had popped into and then out of the space around the damaged vehicle." This is what I think is occurring, too, in these instances. Whatever these things are, they have the ability to imprint on our senses one minute, and then be gone the next. Much like UFO's, bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other anomalous phenomena. I located a woman near Raleigh, NC, who also had an encounter with the beast (her name is Tammy Worrell; read the comments underneath this article). Many people have seen it, and/or heard its cries. It is quite reminiscent of el chupacabras in the fact that it drains its victims' blood, while leaving the meat of the victim intact, although its countenance is markedly different. Which isn't unusual, because many viewers of el chupacabras, report seeing completely different looking creatures altogether. (El chupacabras is the correct spelling; meaning, "the sucker of goats"; "chupa" meaning "to suck" and cabras meaning "goats".) I believe crop circles appear in specific locations on the earth, which denote locales where the doorway between this world and the next is very thin. This would explain why so many people have seen weird creatures, and UFO's, near crop circles. One time, in Oregon, I saw a UFO. It was about 3:00 a.m., and I had this killer toothache which drove me to go the local 7-Eleven to get some aspirin. I opened my garage door, looked up, and saw this light, moving along the flight path of the local airport. No big deal, probably a jet. But then it veered off the flight path, came toward me, hovered above me about maybe 40 yards away (best estimate), and it started to shimmer, and dart around, in a tightly described area. It had blue edges, and was bright white in the center. Suddenly, an unmarked helicopter flew directly over me (about 100 yards overhead). The light zoomed up underneath the belly of the chopper, and disappeared inside it. The helicopter kept flying, from south to north, and eventually disappeared. I got down to the 7-Eleven a few minutes later. A cop was in line ahead of me, paying for some donuts (no joke). He turned to go, and said to the clerk, "Well, I'd better get out there and see what all this 'floating lights' crap is all about..."

Anonymous said...

Visible pointed out that anomalous phenomena can only be seen by people who are tuned into certain frequencies. I saw many UFO's when I lived in Oregon. One night I sat on a friend's porch in Lake Oswego, drinking a few beers, and watching the local light show. These darting lights were all over the sky. Some were green, some were blue, some were white. Some of these lights followed power lines, zipping down them, like they were competing in a weird race of some sort. The odd thing was, there were these larger, greenish ones, and every time one of them would zoom by, I'd say to him, "Did you see that one?" And he's say, "No." He couldn't see the larger green ones, apparently. But he saw some of the others. Which he explained away. He did not believe in such things. Some of them couldn't be explained away, even the ones he admitted to seeing. But that doesn't stop a person who is hell-bent on staying inside the comfort of their little box. What I find extremely humorous about such events, is that many times, the first thing a person will say to someone who sees such things, is, "What were you drinking?" And you'll notice I mentioned we were drinking a few beers that night. But alcohol doesn't cause hallucinations. Withdrawing from alcohol can cause them (DT's). It's just funny that society has been so conditioned to utter these knee-jerk, clicheic responses, when faced with certain stimuli. "What were you've been working too hard...did you get enough sleep that night", etc. There's always an explanation, and it's always that the person who witnessed the event was "off", somehow.

Visible said...

Those in denial will use any argument to defend against having to face that there are things beyond their ken, things that don't conform to their plastic model of nothing to see here, move right along... and they do.

It's like people who argue for the sake of arguing. They get off on it. I don't argue. If someone doesn't agree with or like what I have to say, fine but I'm not going to argue the point with them. Why join in with the conflict taking place in their mind already?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Although sometimes, if you hammer somebody long enough, cracks will appear. I gave up on trying to wake people up a long time ago. What's interesting in that last article to which I posted a link, is that in the comments, you can see people doing that very thing you were describing. Explaining it away. They commented that it was a mountain lion, or a black panther. Unless you experience something like that for yourself, it's impossible to believe in it (unless you've experienced other "out there" phenomena). I have often wondered about that vampire beast. The night I walked toward the fence, something told me that I had nothing to fear. It was as if I knew that it could not, or would not, harm me. Until I thought about it and ran - ha ha. I'm with you on the notion that a quickening is taking place. I think anomalous phenomena appearing for any and all to see, will happen at some point. Then they will either go mad, or come to accept it. Things are certainly speeding up in that regard. Should be a fun couple of years coming up here.

M said...

For whatever reason I was just thinkin' about that scene from the flick Jerimiah Johnson wherein Will Geer says, "Don't matter, weren't no griz left anyway."
If Will had read what you've just said...he'd be inclined to change his mind.
There ain't no lines on the front line 'cause the front line is a circle...and eye to eye, watchin' one anothers back...we keep on keepin' on.
Thank You, Vis


Not for Publication said...


1) Are the first two links supposed to be the same?

2) That story (in the first two links)--entitled, "FBI Fury As Men With Nuke Plans,
Valid Israeli Passports Escape,"
by Katty Kay at The Times, London
11-2-1--dates back to November 2, 2001, does it not?

Flecker's Magick said...

Sorry to have to break in with the hard-core blast on the horn, but here it is:

Zero Hour: Israel must now choose between attack and enslavement.

In other words, the tribe is getting revved up to bomb Iran SOON!

Meanwhile, the following has been going on behind the scenes...

Netanyahu scrambled to phone Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Putin, as deal with the Persians seemed near.

Then Putin phoned the Saudi King.

Bibi: "The deal threatens our survival and on matters of Jewish survival, I will not be silenced."

Netanyahu then goes big: "Iran wants nuclear tipped ICBM's that can hit North America."

Bibi: "Iranians murder Syrians, sponsor terrorism, they cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

French friend of Netanyahu stiffened Laurent Fabius' resolve at Geneva talks by telling him Israel might soon attack Iran - @Channel2News

‘Israel will attack Iran if you sign the deal, French MP told Fabius. Meyer Habib, a Paris legislator and friend of Netanyahu, called his Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius in Geneva to warn of likely response should accord be signed, Israeli TV reports.

The result saw Laurent Fabius scupper any agreement with the Persians, and the hawks are readying for an attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities.

Also, GRIDEX II goes on the 13th.

Be ready, something's gotta' give shortly.

Anonymous said...

one time back in 1993 on

28 February...a vicious VAMPIRE BEAST attacked my neighbors in their CHURCH HOME {compound}..

it was truly a horrible beast able to influence the "JEWISH" media...for 51 days...

anyway, most of my neighbors who were in the CHURCH {compound} wound up dead...

and most of my other neighbors said they supported the BEAST

Eudoxia said...

Does anybody remember a poem called The Goops?? It goes like this:

The goops they lick their fingers
The goops they lick their knives
They spill their broth on the table cloth
Oh they live disgusting lives
The goops they talk while eating
And loud and fast they chew
So that is why I'm glad that I am not a goop aren't you!

I'm quite certain that Bibi Nitwityahoo's mother never read that poem to him over breakfast as a child. So fear not he'll be completely covered in shit in no time. Peace All

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Support the Dupes who Die in the Banker Wars.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Dragon of the Apocalypse at the Crossroads of Impasse.



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