Friday, January 28, 2022

"NONE OF THEM Comes Close to Being as Important as Having The Gene to Search for God."

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I go through The News every day. This includes a VERY FEW trusted resources, The Crass Media, and The Sewer Press. You will see examples from each in the links below. They all tell a kind of truth, they titillate and tell salacious and ridiculous lies, or... they fearmonger. They work the gamut of attraction and aversion. They seek to whet your appetite or to ignite apprehension in you. It is what they do because they feed on your attention. Your attention provides them with the currency to go on doing what they do and to live off of the proceeds.

The sensationalists, like Stew Peters, Hal Turner, and others must work hard for The Money. It astounds me sometimes, the fabrications they spin, when The Truth, these days... is far more riveting than the lies.

These days it comes down to who has the most money for lawyers. Lawyers are professional muddiers of the water. Their job is to entangle and untangle. They don't do a great deal of the latter because they might expose themselves in the process. Lawyers don't work with sunshine. Sunshine is a disinfectant, Lawyers are a bacteria and you see them most in times of cultural decline. This country has been protected by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights for a long time now. I don't know what the future may hold. I do know that this year is what the I Ching would call a Changing Line. The I Ching is also called The Book of Changes. I spent a lot of time with that book. I had it with me when I was in prison.

I discovered that the book was not about what it appeared to be about. It is the same with The Tarot. The Tarot is not a fortune-telling device. That is a perversion of the original intention. What is the point of telling The Future with something... when you can, INSTEAD... change The Future with it through attentive meditation on the images? Life is in flux. A few things are set in stone (so to speak). The rest is mutable. Like The Tarot, the I Ching is really about Archetypes. You use these systems to activate The Archetypes within, so as to come into resonance with them, and have yourself transformed.

You can accomplish the same thing... simply by sitting in The Sun and presenting an emptiness to be filled. You do not have to sit directly in The Sun because the light of it goes everywhere. It comes in through your windows. It also shines through your window from within, should you permit it to. Most do not want anything shining through them because it gets in the way of their appetites, desires, and ambitions. You have to get out of the way for The Sun to shine through you. People possessed by The Separated Mind do not want this. It is like death to them. Indeed it is Death. It is the death of The False Self.

I have often said that I am a student of Phrenology. I should have added that... in the practical sense, I am really a Physiognomist. I don't really pay any attention to the bumps on a person's head. I do observe features like cranial construction and how it presents through a person's appearance. The lines on your face, your hands, and your feet, all tell a story about you. This is more precise and revealing than having your cards read by Sapphire Moonchild Morning Glory in a purple pants suit. Astrology is also more precise than a random tossing of Yarrow stalks, coins, or cards, but where do you find an astrologer who has The Gene? You might as well throw runes or knucklebones. None of this matters, either you have The Gene, or you do not.

Some fortune-tellers read tea leaves. Some will ask the client to spit their tea onto a surface. If they have The Gene... they can tell you what your future looks like.

I have been curious about seeing beyond the moment all of my life. I have intensely and extensively studied Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Gematria, and related occult sciences for decades. It is a kind of hobby of mine. It hasn't gotten me too far. Early on, I learned that I did not have The Gene, and YOU MUST have The Gene. If you have The Gene, the hand reveals itself, and the life patterned by the liver is uncovered to your sight. Very few people have The Gene in this area of inquiry. I was much improved by not having The Gene so that I could study the deeper aspects of The Sciences.

Still... one does pick up a great deal of knowledge and insight simply on the academic plane. People who have studied Biology know a great deal more about it than people who watch Nature documentaries. However... for every ten thousand botanists, there is hardly ever one Luther Burbank. He had The Gene. For every hundred thousand Madame Cleo's you might still not get one Nostrildamus or Mother Shipton. This causes me to ask if ANYONE has gotten anything of any value from Nostrildamus yet... in any case? Do we actually know anything from his inscrutable quatrains?

There have been many more prophets than anyone can name or remember. Take a look at The World around you. How have the prophets improved the general lot of Humanity? I can assure you that great benefits have come to us through the lives of those who set a higher standard for themselves but... it is hard to pinpoint the influence. Then again, The Sun sustains every living thing on this planet and has for a great length of time. How many of us are aware of that on a sort of regular basis? No... we have more important things to think about; more important things to do. I... fortunately, do not have more important things to do.

When I talk about The Gene, I am really talking about this; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones." This is the really important gene to have. Talents are nice and they do travel with you in your long journey, but of all the genes one might possess... for whatever talents, NONE OF THEM comes close to being as important as having The Gene to seek God. It is a profound blessing and accomplishment to be driven to seek The Source of one's Being.

Strangely enough... there are individuals here who take violent and inflamed exception to anyone talking about God. It is as if coals of fire have been placed on their heads. They are outraged beyond any reasonable expectation. It drives them mad. As we have said many times, the thief... when he looks at others, sees a thief. The insincere see someone who is insincere. The liar hears a liar. Everyone projects their deficiencies upon others in the world around them. Look at how those who have sought to help The World were treated by The World. I'm not talking about Social Reformers who comprise the greatest mass murderers The World has ever seen. I'm talking about those industrious in the higher octaves of the human heart. I am talking about the servants of Higher Love.

If it is your intention to serve Heaven, you MUST be free of self-interest. That is one of the absolute requirements for The Job. You must possess Impersonal Love. You cannot charge for the service. You cannot perform the service with expectations of profit or reward. It must be 'the waters of The Spirit freely given.' You must walk the talk. If you can meet that criteria then it does not matter what people might say about you. They are ONLY talking about themselves. This is one of the enduring truths of life. The animals come to the drinking pond. The deer sees a deer in the water. The lion sees a lion. The snake sees a snake. This is why you must learn to see beyond appearances, otherwise, it is a bunch of self-revealing claptrap. Everyone outs themselves ALL THE TIME, whether they know it or not.

This is why I have studied the arcane arts throughout my life, to help me better understand the warp and woof of what people are and why they do what they do. There are those who can look not at... but into others, and see from whence they have come, and whence they are bound. I KNOW this to be true because I have met such people. It is not a common occurrence but it has happened to me several times. That's mentioned in the Shankara quote I inserted earlier.

If you are on the caravan bound for that spiritual oasis, past all Fata Morgana and mirage, you do not mind the barking of the pariah dogs who follow for a time. It is not what you are listening to. It is ALL music to your ears now because Divine Harmony has chosen to reside in you. It is a waterfalling melody that drowns out everything else you might hear. Whatever you make a place for, create the suitable environment for, WILL come to live in you. You have residents within you at this very moment. You invited them in through your thoughts, words... and actions. The Key is to Still the Reactive Mind and to stand guard at The Entrance to Thought. The power and potential of this are immeasurable.

There is a strong and ceaseless wind blowing today. This rarely ever happens here. Such days are indicative of changing times. Perhaps you have heard of The Winds of Change? The Wind also carries messages and warnings of things to come, for those with ears that are tuned to hear them. I used to marvel at the voices in the wind at different times, and in different states of consciousness. If I had The Gene, I would say there are indications of something big coming up or down The Pike. I don't know which end of that spectrum you are on (grin).

It does not matter what is coming unless it has your name on it. That can be good, and that can be bad news. I don't know what arrangements you have made for yourself. If it has naught to do with you then its impact will be nil. Go with God and God will go with you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

"If You Want to Find God, First Find Love. It is The River that Runs from The Source of Sources."

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One of the things you have to get your head around is that The Virus was manufactured. The vaccines were already waiting. If you trust The Science, then The Science (that place with all the microscopes and other things) tells you the vaccines are toxic... in all kinds of ways and initiates wars in the human body; as if there wasn't enough of that already.

Many are taken in by the drama. Some trust the government. Some trust the medical establishment and the doctors they see. Many trust The Experts and people who talk on TV. “Well... they wouldn't be on TV unless they were supposed to be.” In a way that would be true, because what is controlling the events that take place on your TV is also controlling you.

If you back it up a few steps, you can see where it is that The Good and The Bad come from in Humanity. It's like two very different rivers... and there are many tributaries. At a certain point, you realize that there is no Bad. That is just life operating without Understanding. It is the place where appetites and desires hold sway. It is The Carnal Realm. Beyond what we call Good and Bad is a place of infinite light... of many densities, and colors. We are light at this very moment, at a particular density in particular colors. We are Frozen Sunlight... sunlight in extension.

The idea is to get to a higher plane of being. One way to accomplish this is to make friends with those who live on these higher planes. I hope you don't think this is strange. People make friends with those on lower planes all the time. Surely you have seen what goes on in The World? Most certainly you have heard about events happening afar.

The Celestial Kingdom is exactly that. It is celestial and it is most certainly a Kingdom of male and female counterparts who are not so engaged in the level you see demonstrated down here, BUT... it most certainly takes place. In the realm I am talking about, you might be sitting by a rock, above a passing stream. Some one or more others are nearby. They might send music in living color with palpable sound that washes over the other(s) with Love. Whatever sexual aspect you have down here shifts over lifetimes... depending. Karma has a lot to do with that so... you have a lot to do with that.

The reason The Cosmos, over very long periods of time, is not fond of same-sex activity, is because it creates degenerate cultures. That is why you seldom see it unless a culture is in decline. Very quickly it has spread out into all sorts of variants, like a mutating virus. We see signs of this degeneration all around us. Fortunately... it will not hit its less tolerable levels everywhere. It also won't come about the same way. Look at where Draconian government-by-force is taking place. Those fond of those environments will call them home. You DO NOT have to live there.

Materialism has caused all of these conditions, including all the weird twists to the sexual force. All of these passion dances, like Gracie Jujitsu, wind up on the ground. They act out as a parody of normal life. People try to copy what they see on TV. Some of them want to live in Ozzie and Harriet-Land or over the rainbow. Material life is temporary. You can't stop the rivers of Time and Change. They will flow around you and they will flow over you. They are a Force of Nature on this plane of being.

Our sexual drive is a Force of Nature. One could have sex with anything that fits their fantasy. Fantasy and Nightmare are next to each other. The River runs through all sorts of landscapes. It can run into a swamp and not run back out. It can run off into the desert or a thousand smaller locales and it is all scenery through which you are passing. If I have a choice, AND I DO, I want to pass through beautiful scenery, and on to ever more beautiful scenery. Your emotions color your landscapes. The precision and focus of your mind accounts for the detail. What you can visualize, you can materialize.

This brings me around again to The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. If you can visualize that, you can materialize that. We are all dreaming. Some of us are creatively dreaming. Some of us are grateful for inspiration and some are not. Many consider the inspiration of The Higher Mind to be an intrusion. Someone set a table for The Gods, but they all went to Burger King. I have a choice of the scenery I pass through. I also have a choice about how I feel about the scenery I pass through. This is why I consider Love to be The Universal Currency.

People use various mediums of exchange, and I tend to believe one should render to Caesar what is Caesars. Money will get you into all kinds of places, but... do you really want to be there? Love will get you in anywhere, and out of there too. This doesn't mean one should tempt fate. It means you are good to go wherever you are if you have Love. If you don't have Love, your river is going to dry up or run into a swamp.

There are rules of existence and laws of Nature and Super Nature. You don't get highway signs to everywhere. There are some manuals... like The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, The Dhammapada and others. There are hard to get works of spiritual beauty; hard to get because you have to hunt through all the rest to find them. More importantly, The Everlasting and Living Scripture is written on your heart. Yeah... you have to find that too.

Finding anything... ANYTHING... is accomplished by wanting it more than anything else. That is one of those rules and laws that we mentioned. Knowledge of these rules and laws is a priceless acquisition. You don't have to know everything. You don't even have to know anything. You ONLY have to know the one who does know everything, as it is in essence.

I mention Patanjali's Aphorisms now and again. It's a how-to manual for The Mind. I don't recommend playing Sorcerer's Apprentice with it. It is good to know how you work though... not what the doctors and experts who can't find their asses with both hands tell you, CAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW! Within you is the entire library of human history. Within you is the source of sources. It is that which all the rivers in this, or ANY world... emerge from.

You have ONLY... ONLY to find this source of sources and your search is done. Yes... you can be a battered pinball of Karma, careening through the pomp and circumstance of The Material World. You can, LITERALLY, do this forever. As long as it entertains you, you will be welcome there for whatever the Purpose of Demonstration is. Love suffuses the whole of life, and the general understanding of what that is... sets the climate and atmosphere of the culture you are moving in. If you want to find God, first find Love and Love will take you there, because it is The River that runs from The Source of Sources.

Love is the primary expression of God. It is part of a triumvirate of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Truth is less a factor HERE than is Love. Love is present on all planes, and... as we said, the understanding of the general meaning, sets the climate and atmosphere of the culture you are moving in. It also sets the level which... itself... is the descriptor of the plane you are on. That's as close as I can get to saying what can't be said (for the moment-(grin)).

In the links, you will see the rapid and incremental progression of Madness in these times. I provide little of the volume of it. It is so ubiquitous... and, like a river or an ocean, it has various states of being. Sometimes it rages over rocks or great falls. Sometimes massive whirlpools of force send the waves as high as buildings. Sometimes it is near serene in places, like the Doldrums or The Horse Latitudes. There are places in this world and many others where the atmosphere rings of Joy and Beauty. It is less common here in these times, but it is always present somewhere; somewhere over the real rainbow.

The Promise of God runs much further back than floods and much deeper than fables might tell you. We should remember, even if we do not recall (grin) that our present historical record is very, very small by comparison with all that has happened on this planet. We really need to get a sense of our own insignificance in order to more fully appreciate what is present within us. Surrender is ever so much more meaningful when you have even a small idea of what you are surrendering to. Of course, if you are surrendering to Higher Love you don't have to worry about that or anything else.

This is why... the simplest among us, some who could not even read or write, attained to Divine Luminous Wisdom. It is ALL present in Higher Love. All you could possibly ever want is contained there OR... leads there on The River of Love. You will note that there is an excess of Love in children by comparison, in quality and kind, with what you usually find after childhood ends.

End Transmission.......

Here are a few excerpts from The Dhammapada=

Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.

Those who mistake the unessential to be essential and the essential to be unessential, dwelling in wrong thoughts, never arrive at the essential.

Just as rain breaks through an ill-thatched house, so passion penetrates an undeveloped mind.

The fool worries, thinking, "I have sons, I have wealth." Indeed, when he himself is not his own, whence are sons, whence is wealth?

A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.

Though all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he no more comprehends the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavor of the soup.

Well done is that action of doing which one repents not later, and the fruit of which one, reaps with delight and happiness.

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

Better than a thousand useless words is one useful word, hearing which one attains peace.

Think not lightly of evil, saying, "It will not come to me." Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the fool, gathering it little by little, fills himself with evil.

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Some people have spent a lifetime being difficult and thinking themselves far more important than they are, thus making it impossible to deal with them. When you are from other decades and seek to topple contemporary voices (not that I am a fan of Rogan's. I've never even heard him yet) you find that you really are not as important as you imagined yourself to be=

Thursday, January 20, 2022

"An Apocalypse is to a Full Moon What a Tsunami is to The Tide. I Hope that Puts It in Perspective."

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Have you noticed, in recent weeks, certain people with a common distemper... losing their minds? Jon Stewart went off on some kind of Save the Goblin Banker's crusade. It didn't get any closer to The Holy Land than Riker's Island. Shortly thereafter, Howard Stern began to froth at the mouth and roll his eyes in a Pentecostal seizure. Then he went on a crusade to burn the unvaccinated witches and we hope he gets no further. This was some days ago. He seems to be still at it. I'm still hearing about it. I don't think it's an echo.

I can't stress this thing about the Insanity Pandemic enough. I am probably mentioning it in every posting now. It has reached a point where anyone should be able to see it. It is partly Materialism. It is partly The Awakening, and it is mostly... Mr. Apocalypse. This is certainly one of The Seven Plagues of the New Egypt, ♫ sunning on The Nile, waiting for my crocodile to swim by ♫ Never mind. Certain people are being driven more noticeably mad than others. Certainly, the criminal element is visibly affected. The mentally ill element is definitely affected, but... you would expect that.

An apocalypse is to a full moon what a tsunami is to the tide. I hope that puts it in perspective. A large part of the Justice coming, which is ALWAYS an aspect of an apocalypse, is to be seen in the rising insanity of these times. Certain groups of people are going to be more affected than others. The madness is a feature of the Justice and the Judgment that is coming. Of course, there is a great deal more. There are rewards coming too. Some of us are going to be recognized within and that is going to dramatically change our lives.

There is going to be great confirmation for those who seek and serve God. Of course, these times are going to reveal exactly who is and who is not doing this. Some are pretending. Existence being a continuous procession of acts, you are going to get actors. The more of ourselves is revealed to us, the more we reveal to others. This is the reason why one is known by their works. There are times when some people get away with all kinds of nonsense for an unfortunate period of time, but... sooner or later, their time runs out. Some of the natives are getting restless. It's like that period before an earthquake when all of the animals go quiet.

Every day now, self-important people are making memorable statements that they are wishing they had not made. It's a cosmic Tourette's Syndrome, jack-in-the-boxing out of public personalities. There are times when it is good to be a celebrity, and... there are times when it is not good to be a celebrity, especially for the people who do not know the difference between notoriety and fame.

Are you seeing this patterning moving through the human snake dance culture? It is the sex-walking, one way or another. It is meant to bring you to all fours. It is also meant to make you upright. It depends on what you intend to use it for. You can use a hammer for all kinds of things but it has specific uses where it is most effective. Yeah... sometimes you need a crowbar. That's another story.

We are tools. You might not think of yourself as a tool, and... there are those people referred to as 'tools' but not in a good way. However... you are a tool. Many of us study and train for years to be a particular kind of a tool. Every time we are perfunctory or acting out of automatic consciousness, in some behavioral routine, that routine is employing us as a tool. You see large masses of humanity that behave like schools of fish... flocks of birds... herds of cattle, etc. They are part of a body that acts in unison from certain stimuli. I call it The Hive Mind. Some have called it herd-consciousness. Lockstep is one of the images that pass through my mind when I reflect on it... apart from it.

They are all tools, and... in the wrong hands, they can be tools wrongly used. They can be sent into a panic. They can be zone-dialed into a zombie state. This is why I seek to be a tool in God's tool-chest. If God isn't using us, who is? You've heard that saying about, idle hands being somebody's workshop?

Anyway... the warp and woof of it are that there is this great mass, sometimes called The Salt of the Earth, sometimes called The Great Unwashed, and no doubt other things as well. Then there are the two groups who are of another order of awareness. They represent the inclinations of the carnal and spiritual paths. To put is simply, some could be called shepherds and some could be called wolves. An age-old drama continues through time. Some of us are about helping others find themselves, and some of us are about helping people get lost.

In a pedestrian sense, you have the guys on the corner handing out pamphlets about how Jesus is coming and you better repent. Then you have the guys handing out the fliers from the strip joints and if you bring the flier into the strip joint, you get half off your first drink. The drinks are watered down so you're not getting any bargain. If you are looking for a woman, you are not going to be finding any bargains there. Yes... The Divine Mother is in all women, but she covers a wide range of personas and not all of them are tools suitable for long-term engagements. One thing about fallen women, however... is that there is always someone around to pick them up.

One thing you can rely on is that people do stupid things under the influence of certain forces. You ever notice how many dead animals are on the side of the road in Spring? You see them in winter too. Animals cross the road for two reasons; sex and food (yeah... migration too). It is the same with people. They will act irrationally while under the spell of Love Potion #9. These shepherds and wolves know all about these things because they have been initiated into certain perspectives and states of awareness. They work their angles and their angels. Usually, it seems like the bad guys are the only ones who are winning, but you are never seeing more than one side of the equation.

An Avatar is coming. This is going to supercharge the shepherds and cause dismay among the wolves. Before someone gets into a lather about my using wolves as symbols of disrepute... I happen to like wolves a great deal. In fact, I have studied them because of the complexity of their society; maybe it came about from my reading, The Jungle Book. Kipling was a major influence on my childhood. Anyway... I am only using wolves as examples because they have TRADITIONALLY been used in parables, allegorical tales, and the like for a very long time. I also know that dogs, of which I am most fond, come from wolves.

Moving right along... events are coming. Big events are coming and there is going to be a whole lotta shaking going on. All the time in the run-up to these events was meant to be used to get oneself into harmony with The Grand Scheme. At least that is how I took it. The Avatar is the main event. It cannot occur as it has in the past when there were far fewer of us... unless it is intended for there to be far fewer of us by the time it happens. When I look into The Event Horizon, which involves looking at the trends and patterns of existence at this time, I see many disturbing appearances.

If you take conditions at large and turn them into equations or even symbols of particular lifestyles composed of specific forms of behavior and you measure them against the cosmic dynamics of Natural (and supernatural) Order, you see that some trends, patterns, lifestyles, and conditions cannot last for any length of time. You can also see that many of them are direct products of the conditions of these particular times and will disappear when the system rights itself... AS IT ALWAYS DOES.

Big change is coming. Many are not going to like this because, in some cases, their whole idea of what is real is based on a lie. As Materialism intensifies, and depravity proliferates and insanity becomes more and more common, you are going to get what you get until Mr. Apocalypse cleans the kitchen. The kitchen light is off. When you turn it on, the vermin run wild, looking for a place of darkness to conceal themselves in. The Big Change Light is going to light everyone up. In some cases, this is a very good thing, and opposite-wise it is not a good thing, BUT... it is all good in the aftermath, only that everything that was there before is no longer present.

These public displays of lunacy on the part of our former predators are an indication of what is to come. The Light of Truth and the Power of Love is coming in great force. Some number of us will bathe in it, will immerse ourselves in it to a common delight. ANYONE who wishes to, can. However, there are many who will not welcome its coming. The Light of Truth and the Power of Love is anathema to them. They will be racing for those places of darkness. No one is keeping anyone out, but... people will be keeping themselves out. What they are looking for is not found in Truth or Love.

End Transmission.......

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Let's cleanse the palate, shall we?=

Monday, January 17, 2022

"It Is in Times Just Like the One We are Passing Through that We Either Find Ourselves or Lose Ourselves."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The more you let go of The World, the more clearly you can see what is happening. When neither Desire nor Appetite holds sway over your thoughts, no more smoke is getting in your eyes ♫ The more you let go of The World, the less there is to say about it. There's nothing you can do about it, except on a personal level. Over time... who knows what is possible?

There is you, and there is everything else. This is what appearances say, but it is not reality. Reality is... that the whole of it is a single thing in vibrational relationships within itself. This leads to my personal objective to Be in Harmony with ALL Life. There are mysteries in life, that, once solved, allow you to be in harmony with others, even when they are not in harmony with you or themselves. That is just how appearances make it seem to them. That is not how it is. So... if you are in harmony with all life, you are in harmony with the level of their basic nature and how it really is in its basic nature. Then the Higher Nature opens up.

Lao Tzu said something to the effect of...

'there is a man so sure of his inland course that no tiger claw can tear him, no bull can find a place to gore him, and why? Because he has no death to die.'

On the matter of Immortality you most certainly still have to die. You can accomplish that while you are still in your body. You have to die to all things mortal. Hmm... what does that mean? Attractions and attractions, distractions, attention-getting phenomena. It's not as complicated as some paint it to be. I don't know... maybe it is complicated for them. You can be 'quickened' at any time. Why not put yourself in the way of it?

This is what makes Love the grand instrument that plays every kind of music and makes it sound good. It precedes the music itself and is what sings the other notes into harmony. Love is that music and the ever-flowing fountain of holy oil that glides you through existence without friction. Of course, friction might be desirable at times, if you need Heat. Love is Heat. Love is a warmth. Truth is a Light. Dance with it, even when you are very still. Get used to God being around all the time. Make him your intimate companion, the one you go to with even the most minute concern. Sometimes he gives you concerns in the hope that you will go to him about them. That is something to think about.

Yes... God is real, but you have to make him real in your mind and heart. The Soul is the higher octave of The Heart. The Spirit is the higher octave of The Mind. One gives rise to the other, and in a perfect relationship, there is no war within. Then there will be no war without. The Higher Nature is ALWAYS more powerful than The Lower Nature. It is you between them, who host both of them, that decides which way you go. I'm really leaning toward the Higher Nature.

People hear God is Love through the whole of their life, but it never dawns on them that this is exactly so. If you permit Love to have freedom of expression in you, that means you are letting God express through you. Who else is he supposed to use anyway? What? He's going to send out for someone? God hires In House. The wages are small at first; not like The Wages of Sin. People make serious bank from the latter, but... you ALWAYS have what you need and you are supposed to keep the rest in circulation anyway. Sometimes, too much is too much... and you clog your system, and it finds its way to the lungs or the elimination aspect or wherever... it puts you out of sorts.

As you see from the links, the fabric is rapidly tearing. The titular Tweedledum in charge is not in charge. People with bad intentions are in the teeth of it. They will break like foam upon the rocks. It's really best to be water if you are going to do that. I am astounded by the day, as I watch the relentless march of Insanity through Material Culture. All the time and no one sees The Awakening marching as well. I would not want to bet on the outcome. It really is a mystery where it could go from here.

People are waking up to God. That is part of The Awakening is it not? And meanwhile, famous people; politicians, entertainers, the rich... are saying really strange things (whoops) in a sort of contagious Tourette's Fit Syndrome that is going around. It's Mr. Apocalypse of course. I have a feeling some REALLY funny-ironic events are about to take place. The bad guys have had their time to play. Now we shall see how ridicule and being stripped naked before the eyes of The World goes.

The weapons of Heaven are wielded internally as well. God wins every fight before it even begins. This is why I have him as my trainer. Since... at certain points, one is bound to have to mix it up with the darkness on the way to the light, so... one should at least have some skills. You'll be wanting to go to the top man for that. I really don't get the disconnect... the general pervasive disconnect. God IS REAL! God is listening. He IS The Eternal Witness. You can communicate with him. You can let him know what you want. If God likes you (grin), he will give you what you really want and steer you away from, or through whatever comes at you through world-magnetics. This is why it is so very important to love God. He is the ultimate fixer and NOTHING is beyond his powers.

God knows what you are doing right this moment. You may not (grin), but God knows. He's sitting there. He sits there through lifetimes, waiting for you to wake up to his Presence. When you do... heh heh, that's when the fun begins. God loves to have fun. I don't know where people got the idea that God was a stern and demanding no fun guy. He's not like that at all. I've met him in several personas and I can tell you he's not like that. I know there are sides to God that you would not want to run into in a dark alley or broad sunlight for that matter, but why would you ever have anything to do with that side of God?

Don't let The World make you tired. It wants to wear you down so that despair and regret will have somewhere to crash. There are many these days who are bitter and who scoff and mock their own higher being. Don't give the naysayers a place to hold forth in your head. If you get down, play some Jackie Evancho. Play some Pavarotti. Take a walk in Nature. Let your heart soar. We can be reminded of the beauty in life. We do not have to put our attention on the slime. Material Culture is a glue-board. Watch your step.

If you have access to the great reservoir of God's love you can feed the hungry and make it peaceful where you are. Read the great poets and those whose hearts sang about the majesty of God... who was also singing through them. There... and in so much great art and tales of redemption and sacrifice, there is your evidence of God. There is where you find your part in the splendor of his love. Read the words of The Masters, who all agree with one another that God is Love, and who know that the highest wisdom is to share it without reserve. Let The Sun be your model. What do you want to be when you grow up? I know what I want to be.

When you are able to love in the higher dimension, you are a healer whose ability is beyond the reach of the corrupted medical establishment. You just move among them with the Balm of Gilead, with the power to transform The World and be gone the next day... over the hills and cross the river, through the forest, and to the next gathering of souls. Is that not a more worthy aspiration? All you have to do is forget yourself. There are those among us who move like the wind through the forest. The World has no claim on them. We might not even catch their name, but contact with them is life-changing.

Everything is a sign. It Is in Times Just Like the One We are Passing Through that We Either Find Ourselves or Lose Ourselves. It is in times just like these where our Faith must blossom in the positive certainty of Divine Presence. Much of The World is going mad. You can not only see it in front of you, you can see how it has PROGRESSED over the passage of time. You can also see it speeding up if you are watching. COVID fear... Vaccine genocide... porous borders. People... I could list concern after concern for a while. None of it matters. It's just the dying cries of a fundamentally transitioning world.

One thing is certain, an Age of Brotherhood is coming. What will come to pass in the transitionary stages... I couldn't say. From trends and patterns, it seems that it will be both terrible and quiet, depending on the location. Where there is an intense population density, there will be more intense transitioning. BUT... what if the force of The Awakening is so great that something happens in the heart of collective humanity? What if the best of all possible outcomes takes place? That can happen too.

End Transmission.......

I wanted to share with the reader, a selection of Nature films. Each of them is a series. These are remarkably well done if you like that sort of thing= “Wild China”. “Life in the Undergrowth”, “Africa”, “South Wild Pacific”, “Japan; Earth's Enchanted Islands” This will keep you occupied for some days at the right time of year for it.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"Find The One Who has Been Up and Down that Highway, Since that Highway Got Put There, and You'll be Fine."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Oh well... times like these... times like these... Lordy... Lordy, sounds like an old blues tune, and it is The Blues that we are getting. If you like The Blues there are places for that and more blues to you. I am not a fan of The Blues, though I do enjoy the music, apart from the circumstances, which is the part of The Blues that I don't like. The part where you go through some shit that gives you The Blues.

I like Jazz but only within certain parameters, which does not include the screeching dissonant torments of the Freeway to Nowhere. I love Rock. I love the poets and troubadours. When music resonates with what you really are and brings it out in you, then angels are involved somehow and it thrills you. There are sweeter musics playing between bodies in space and their relationships within us, those inner body forces, when brought into tune, which means accord, which implies a mutual understanding... brings us into harmony and resonance as a perpetual state. See...

it doesn't matter what The World gets up to in its growth throes, in its painful awakenings. What matters is your relationship with yourself because that is your relationship with everything else. Life is a mirror. You are performing in front of it. Make it worth the time. Leave good impressions on life. Leave good footprints. I did not always do so, but God was somehow involved. Having too much passion will get you into trouble, but as long as ONLY GOD can satisfy that passion, you'll get where you're going. Those who love much are forgiven much.

The Highway of Life... THE highway of life, that highway of living experience that gets written into us. We have to find the one that has editorial control. The one who can change us into anything, or remove everything that conceals what we are. He is about. He knows where you are. You can get his attention, depending on how serious AND sincere you happen to be. He's not got time for casual encounters... except when he does so in passing... that which lasts well beyond the passage.

When you find the one who has been up and down that highway, since that highway got put there, AND he happens to have built the highway to begin with, it is understandable that you would turn over all control at that point. It certainly was for me. Yes... I know that there are people who are sure they know where they are going and what they are doing, and that could be, I ain't saying cause I don't know.

The thing is that The Divine is right there within us. We can interact with him all day long. We do anyway unless we're interacting with someone or something else, according to what our mind is telling us is real. Yes... he might not answer you right away. I don't know what went on between you previously. He's different with everyone. He might not use words. Sometimes he uses symbols, signs, colors. He uses words and impressions with me... that is our medium of exchange. It took many years for a conversation to develop outside of psychedelics; reason I took so many for so long. But the day came and he said, “I'm here.” He always had been, of course. Since then... not much else gets much of my attention, meaning The World and The Blues that we started this post with.

I know there are readers out there who are concerned about what is happening around them. Everything happens for a reason and God is present at all times. Get right with God. Walk and talk with him. Make him a part of everything you do. Eternal relationships are born out of this, AND friends on both sides of The Veil.

If you are only going to be here for a certain length of time, and... you don't even know how long that is, shouldn't you... make friends on The Other Side? When Higher Love is resident in you, this is a flashing neon sign on The Higher Planes. Few of us have this with any consistency and power but... even a little can go a long way. You have to work on it. I like to think of it as a warm fire in a cabin. It needs some help to get to where I want it. So I put more wood on the fire and I get the bellows. I use forced air to energize the fire. Higher Love as an objective puts everything else in perspective.

People REALLY have no idea of the true power of The Mind and The Imagination. The whole world came out of them. People who think all you see is all there is have no conception about the vastness and splendor of The Cities of Light... ever more and more luminescent, radiant and incandescent. There is a great heavenly city in The Sun. I do not know its name. I have been in a room there for a very brief moment. The incredible feature of this is that it is REAL!!! It is more real than here, which is a dreamscape, like a city in the clouds passing by. It shape-shifts all the time. Nothing is permanent here with the appearances.

There are portals in this world that lead directly to other worlds. There are ladders in your mind that lead to different states of consciousness. The Heart is the bellows that fires The Imagination to do its work in The Mind and propel you up The Steps. This is one of the cardinal reasons why Love is so important. It fuels existence. It powers it. It IS the power of it. Higher love is like rocket fuel compared to what you get at the gas station. That isn't even a good measure. The gap is much wider than that. Higher Love is much more concentrated than Carnal Love and it can easily turn Carnal Love into itself. Aspiration, I think, is the Speedy, in the success of the energetic, that Krishna talks about in The Gita.

The World is presently the battleground for a massive struggle taking place between the power players who dance to whatever tune their master calls. Since their master is God in disguise, I suspect they do not know what awaits them. They are getting very agitated. They are getting shrill, about the vaccines, about making voting a perpetual fraud, making dictatorship a certainty. They are in-your-face perverting your children, and we know who the They are. As I have mentioned, my pronouns are who and what. I'm gender rigid and I don't play Golf; just in case anyone does those microaggression bios.

Those who are causing the store shortages, who are the vaccine thugs, who are up to these nefarious enterprises are all part of a group. There's a link below where one of them uses his media reach to howl in rage about what his associates want to manifest. They keep agitating. They keep threatening. There are reasons. One is that they are behind a horrific mass murder scheme, and The Truth keeps coming to light, AND... The Awakening is intensifying and Mr. Apocalypse is The Bellows.

People have all kinds of he said- she said, he wrote- she wrote ideas about what an apocalypse is. They also have Wikipedia for a collective gathering of he said- she said, he wrote-she wrote stuff. Here is what I know, none of them have been through an apocalypse in this life, nor recently, given how much time is involved, and they might well have never been around a Grand Apocalypse, so...

It seems to me that people pretty much believe what they have convinced themselves of. Sometimes what they think they know is only about their survival or protection. There are a number of forces you can't protect yourself against. In horticultural speak, you want to be cedar or redwood or similar. The vermin often get you from within. Nature is really good about cleaning up her messes. We are not so good at cleaning up ours, though some are doing better than others.

I find it hard to get over being sad about the people who know too much and are now inconsolable. Somewhere it is said that with much knowledge comes much sorrow. I read these people, as seldom as I can manage, because what they have talked themselves into is a perpetuating unhappiness. Hear me, world... you need to get with lightness and simplicity. You need to harmonize with existence, not fight it because you CANNOT win... not even close. To be in harmony with all life is to be in a state of serenity. Don't make rules for others that you don't follow yourself, and... don't make rules for others in the first place. Be mindful and keep your heart, your mind, and your eyes open.

The World sometimes seems like a woman giving endless birth. The wail of her sorrow and pain circles the planet. So often it is to no good end. A change is coming. A change beyond what we imagine is taking place, within and without. Your destiny is contained in your relationship to it. Be a clear reflection. Carry no enmity in your heart. Find and generate compassion, it is not going to be pretty everywhere... but what is coming is a force and a source of light seldom seen in these parts. It will not appear the same to everyone. Whatever your relationship to it is... that defines you... and your circumstances.

End Transmission.......

Via Fox News
The heat intensifies on the backs of their necks and they lose all sense of decorum, especially those that never had any like this classic member of the enemies of humanity=
Howard Stern slams Novak Djokovic in profanity-laden tirade over vaccine stance:

Howard Stern

Via Fox News
They are really catching Hell from their master below=
WaPo columnist:
It's time to make life a 'living hell' for the unvaccinated

Yeah... they're getting desperate and they never played fair to begin with. Really not much good against the true light, but they work in darkness anyway, until The Avatar lights it up.=
'Did a child predator write this?'
LGBT outlet runs story about Ted Cruz's 13-year-old daughter's sexuality

Via The American Sun
This is the soulless force of the corporate world. It's always been this way. They just get you to do it differently. There was a movie in the '60s called Rollerball. In many ways, what is shown there has come to pass=
Resetting the Corporate World

Via Breitbart
Whether this is true or only partly... or a fabrication, I've been watching this progression for a while. A none-too-bright guy with very little talent was made into an icon. He becomes ever more transcendent, which means he is of the anointed of the other guys=
Kanye West to Meet Vladimir Putin:
Make Russia His ‘Second Home’

Friday, January 7, 2022

"Eventually, One Develops an Allergy to Aspects of The World and can't Enter into Them Without a Reaction."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My week in words comes to an end. I do not understand why, for so many people, The Divine is not the centerpiece of their life. It is... as if... on a cold night, there is a roaring fire on The Plains. The warmth is unmistakable. Love is to heat and warmth... as Truth is to light. Those cowboys, freebooters, settlers, and such, who congregate around the fire have no reason to move on. Everything comes to them if they remain there. I am, of course using allegory here. Perhaps... on the Plains, in real life, this would not be the case, ALTHOUGH... the powers of The Heart and the Mind are very real. I have seen the effects of them on material life, and... indeed! One can call up or down... anything to themselves if you know how. People do it all the time without realizing it... when good or ill enter into their life.

I, of course, do not know how... even though I have studied it at length, BUT... I do know someone who does, and my single chore in the mix is to PERMIT HIM TO KNOW and act... in me. You might be amazed to discover that everything you do is done by borrowed power, and the whole of your life can be defined and summed up by the degree to which you aligned to or resisted The Divine from free expression through you. That... actually is your Destiny, woven from whatever relationship you do, or do not have with Heaven.

“If you do not look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

That is not meant to be taken as a hard and fast rule. It speaks to one's disposition. Perhaps I could say, if you don't think of God earlier in life, you are unlikely to think of him at the end. Sometimes, he will intrude into life, via crisis or loss, because he wants your attention. Even then, people often do not give it any attention. Materialism is a self-contained atmosphere. It is a world of magnets going haywire. It is most especially one of the birthplaces of Insanity, which worsens as the materialism intensifies. It is also an old story. There is NOTHING new here whatsoever, simply different permutations of the same thing.

I never know, when I sit down to write one of these, what it is that will get said. Since it is Smoking Mirrors, I thought I would set out with something topical and bring it round to The Divine. I seem to have bypassed the topical. Like I said, there's nothing new going on here. The same deluded power junkies are back for another round. There is no unity among them, except for the enemy of their enemy being their friend. It always destroys itself. Unfortunately (for them) a large number of people have shown up to be collateral damage. They have chosen to believe what is not real, and they move further and further away from that campfire on The Plains.

Those with the fire of Divine Love burning in their hearts can generate a campfire anywhere they choose to. The candle in the window is not only a metaphor. People stay in the sewers of existence until they can't take it anymore. Until that happens, there is not much that anyone can say to change their minds. They haven't had their fill of The Swill yet. Eventually... one develops an allergy to aspects of The World and can't enter in there without a reaction.

A few years after my initial Kundalini period, I remember being in clubs, bars, shopping areas; pretty much anywhere that people congregate, and seeing that I could not fit in with any of it. There was always that part of myself watching myself and I could not get swept away by The Dream River because it was always there as a continuous interference in the day-to-day.

I remember seeing people embrace and feeling the degree of the warmth between them; not wanting any of that myself, but enjoying them enjoying one another. Sometimes, I felt like I was that intimacy that moved from heart to heart, though it seldom stayed in those hearts. I was free in a way that I could never explain. It didn't last. The level of intrigue at work to subvert me was astounding. I could see it happening and do nothing about it. Such are the ways of Karma, AND obligations one has taken on, even if you don't know what they are.

There is a salvation card and a get-out-of-jail-free card; a divine caveat of which I knew nothing, that attended the relentless, tumble-dry washing cycles that were life. First, there was a clarity that was present at all times, then there was that long procession of existence, seemingly without purpose, with trial and trauma, routinely attendant... then, suddenly, and without warning, that ended and I was back outside it again.

The reason I am mentioning this is that God is watching you ALL THE TIME. He has eyes everywhere, and eyes within you as well. There is NO TELLING what he will put you through. I am living witness to that, BUT... if the investment was solid and the effort was made; which I might add... can span decades, well... even lifetimes, then God shows back up as if he had never been anywhere else, and he hadn't.

There is no upside to putting your faith in the things of this world, especially if that is all you get; the things of The World. If you have loved God from The Beginning, and through all of your tribulations, he WILL NOT abandon you. He's been there all along. Self-interest blinds us to this fact. He's like Santa Claus, well... yes, he is Santa Claus too; ♫ he knows when you've been sleeping and he knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake ♫ A little attention to the lyrics, a little reflection will repay the time handsomely. For instance, ♫ be good for goodness sake ♫. I might as well give you a couple of sources.

What's Santa got to do with any of this? What's St. John of Patmos got to do with it for that matter? Your true home and sanctuary are hidden behind the veils of The World. When you desire the things of The World, that desire creates smoke. The more impure the desire, the more smoke. You will attract these things, these Things of The World; Karma permitting, and they will disappoint you and leave you sad. This should be its own form of crypto-currency. Some conditions can part the veils for a time. Trauma can do this. Intense spiritual aspiration can do this. Epiphany can do this. Psychedelics can do this, but you are still left with what you are in the aftermath.

I knew this painter. He considered himself an artist. I did not think he was an artist. He had a lovely wife. He lived in the disorder of his profession, and he was disordered to begin with. I often thought him to be crazy. He took LSD and all he got out of it was SEX. Sex was the big reveal for him. He proceeded to drive his wife crazy and she left him. He went on to be... for the time that I knew him... an insatiable sex-freak. That was as far as he ever got, to my knowledge. It turned out that he was from a seriously wealthy enclave of Connecticut and his parents were multi-multi millionaires. I never knew that until someone told me. I knew a lot of people like that, people with no sense of purpose, who were heir to enormous sums of money. They were no fun to be around, though... I guess the predators and scavengers took note of them and became their friends.

Money attracts a very undesirable element, just like Celebrity and the other spotlights that come out of the sky and isolate you before the eyes of The World. In all honesty, I feel bad for these people. I feel bad for The Rich and those who live off of them. Sooner or later the party ends and there is no more money... nor celebrity. You don't stay well-off from life to life unless you are a good steward. If you are a good steward you can stay well-off for as often as you come and go.

Anyone who wants to be rich can be, for periods of time. It only requires focus and effort. You can LITERALLY think it into being. Once you get past the point of having too much, the desire for more increases beyond your control. KARMA... always has a hand in what you experience. Dancing with it in a state of continuous surrender is the best I could come up with.

Things are meant to turn bad for The Haves at some point. Judgment is coming on a grand scale. It is in the order of things. Our individual destinies are dependent on our relationship to Heaven. Certain behavior trends to Heavenly Estate. Other behaviors trend downward. Look to what you do to see what will become of you. It should be a simple matter. If it is not, you definitely should labor to see that it becomes so. Detach BEFORE you get detached. It makes a world of difference.

End Transmission.......

It may be difficult to find the theme that runs through that post, but... it is there.

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