Tuesday, January 4, 2022

"You Have To Go Beyond Appearances to See ANYTHING Real at All. Appearances are a Lie."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A friend alerted me some days ago that a commenter at Truthseeker has said something about me in one of the links that scroll across the main page there. I hear about that sort of thing, now and then, sometimes I come across it. No doubt I miss most of it. However... for some reason, I remembered this and, even though I knew it was no longer in the scrolling links of the day, I had no concerns about finding it. It was a video of some lady doing a Cliff Notes on the invisible planes that... she did not seem to have a comprehensive grasp of (only a few have that siddhi). I did see that she was sort of a gamine-pretty, elfish-looking creature... so, some guys would come and listen to her anyway.

I didn't come here to put her down, those were just my initial observations. The thing is, I wound up in this comments thread that was the longest, by far, that I had ever seen at Truthseeker, and it looked like most of the usual players showed up to make a statement. In the process of looking for the comment, I wound up reading every comment... every comment.

At first, I wondered to myself how it was that so many, very seriously intelligent and well-read people, could be so fatalistic, grim... sad... without hope and... more importantly... little faith as well. I don't have my work at Truthseeker because of the company there. I am there because I am fond of Rixon Stewart. There is an endless list of places where one can put their work. I don't bother anymore. I've been on quite a few, some of them with a global reach, but... places also that are run by people who banish conversation about God. Rixon is a man of faith. I KNOW this. There must be something about him that attracts so many eclectic (and in some cases, towering) intellects to his site.

That they think as they do is one thing. Many are rendered curmudgeonly and unpleasant by the steady passage of time, and the disappointment they made of their life, BUT... to go about day after day, trying to convince others that life is shit and we are all screwed, well... that is something else.

However, this posting is not about the lady in the video, which I think I watched only a few minutes of. It is also not about Rixon. It is not about the comment that mentions me. I cannot even remember what that was. What it is about is a... not insignificant number of similar mindsets, that appear at Truthseeker on a regular basis. Some are obvious trolls and some are mentally ill, and some are both (in one particular case). Some are mystical Christians. Some are obviously products of higher education, and... in almost all cases, they are deeply curious about The Cosmos and... it is a great sadness to me that some amount of them have only been able to come up with doomsday, prison planet perspectives on it. What a Hell they must be in; the very Hell they speak of. Do I need to tell you how powerful The Mind is?

The question keeps coming to my mind, how could they... as smart as they are, as educated as they are, as well-read as they are, not have been able to see past APPEARANCES by now? It is mystifying that they do not see that all they think they know, they got from what someone else said. One CANNOT come into the presence of spiritual truth... thinking they know what it is. One cannot pour more water into a bucket that is already full. This is NOT possible. It is just a continuation of the same relentless self-deception.

You decide what you want to believe, based on things you heard and sensory experiences you had that made you sour. We've all seen those teenage girls with the look of disappointment already etched into their faces, because The World has not treated them like their parents did; that down-turned mouth in a pout.

The sour perspective is all-encompassing. It paints every article whose presence your senses report to you. ALL of the possible OTHER perspectives are also encompassing; consider rose-colored glasses and the glass half-empty. They each come with their basic emotions and mindsets. ALL of us gravitate toward the company of those who share our perspectives OR... we are alone, or nearly alone because no one really wants to be there and hear that awful doom and gloom... EXCEPT... where misery loves company.

I am NOT talking about all the commenters there. Some are lucid and profound. Some are wrapped in the faith of that which they have perceived as they imagine it to be. The question keeps rising; how does this smaller group have such a negative perspective on things when they are so intelligent? Once again... APPEARANCES. You have to go beyond these to see anything real at all; at least more real than you are presently experiencing.

It occurred to me that most of these characters, LIKELY, have never taken psychedelic mushrooms, or LSD, or Ayahuasca; there is quite a varied selection. I'm not recommending this, but some of these individuals present themselves as desperate characters without hope of succor. In such cases, I do recommend one consider it. Perhaps you need a baby step first? Get some REAL MMDA; not the Israeli Ecstasy that now dominates the circuit. I'm talking about that compound from the University of Kalifornia.

If you are persistent, you can find anything. This is something I KNOW to be true. No... I do not have any such psychotropic substances anymore. The Mind can easily replicate all these experiences, once it has been TRAINED to.

Lady Nature has provided us with a cornucopia of natural aids. You just need to know what you are looking for, and... who it is that is looking... the why and wherefore, so to speak.

I was NOT going to write a post today. I was not going to do so until next week. I was also not sure how much longer I would continue in this particular enterprise. I don't want to bury the few timeless truths I possess in a snowstorm of words. Then... I am reminded that we do what we do for as long as we can do it; as long as we are inspired to do it. That is our dharma. So... I actually write these posts for a particular group of dedicated visitors with whom it resonates. Weekend warriors do come around. Day trippers... sightseers and, of course, The Mockingbirds.

If you have ever been on a larger stage where thousands, even tens of thousands of people compose the audience, you see things you wouldn't see from another perspective. You can see in the faces their reasons for being present. You can see it in smaller venues too. I remember on one occasion thinking to myself that I wished I had a couple of buckets of raw meat that I could throw into the audience. It seemed as if they were very hungry and not in a good way (is there one?) Beware the fate of Orpheus.

I also recommend being mindful of The Selfish (and cruel) Nature of The World. People could evade a great deal of suffering by having such an awareness. The World is no real fun anyway... not the material world... this pinball palace. You can live in Heaven and carry it with you when you go. There ARE those who do so. It is a worthy aspiration that WILL be fulfilled in persistence, whether you possess it yet or not.

Once again... we are returned to the consideration of these commenters and why they are such negativists when they are also so intelligent. Everyone who discovers The Skeleton Key of Life, KNOWS that afterward, one is positively brimming over with Love, since that is the key and the substance it is composed of, AND... since everything is in a state of vibration... you can raise and lower it by thought, if... you are TRAINED to do so.

I am speaking directly now... to those poor unfortunates, not just at Truthseeker, but also in all those other places where I encounter them every day; less smart, perhaps... less fully informed than at Truthseeker, BUT... they are a breed; a growing breed... BECAUSE material culture is intensifying, AND... APPEARANCES are more dramatically, negatively... radiating. Love reduces everything to itself. No force on Earth can stand against Love, which is what ALL of the great teachers and Avatars have said, in their particular fashion.

I feel sad for these unfortunate souls who conspired with their lower nature to throw themselves into The Brier Patch. All the tangling up... the sticky situations... the binding of circumstances... the bondage in The Mind.. the desperate fatalism, comes out of attachment to appearances from the egoic perspective, and the innate resistance to Change, which is The Universal Constant, as well as The Cornerstone of Eternity. Remember what Christ said about The Rock on which his church is built; more mysteries, riddles, and enigmas, but... not really. EVERYTHING is susceptible to Love, be it living or seemingly dead.

There is no great mystery here, besides Mystery Babylon. The mystery, if mystery there be... is you. Figure that out and you will have no further problems.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

The crypto guy on fox 🤣
Justin V

Alfred Dornemann said...

You were missed!.......Al

TotoFromOz said...

"I actually write these posts for a particular group of dedicated visitors with whom it resonates"...so pleased to see you back Les...always am, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year & it sure has been more than just a few of the latter with me. Thank you for hanging in there & sharing yourself & your connection with the Ineffable, it always has meant a great deal to me.

Iyou said...

Get in contact or go there now. as you know you will not be able to in the moments ahead. the choice is yours as it has always been and always will be..

We are now at the confluence of the old world of hell..kaliyuga and the new world of heaven..satayuga..


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Welcome back.

Earth a 'prison planet'. Well, compared to the Otherside; me thinks it rather is. Considering the limitations, the illusions, the inconveniences and all? But we asked to be here. I repeat myself, but it's like a lifelong game of Dungeons and Dragons that we play over and over again until we sort ourselves out, get sick of the game and then move on. That's my take.

Me thinks this is gonna be a great place for the survivors of the current mess, though it's gonna take a bit of work to clean it up from the looks of it. If all the mystics I listen to are right, this is the year where things are gonna be turned downside up due to critical mass bein' awakened. This is supposed to start in spring, if. . . This is not my prognostication, but that of Teal Swan and Levi (Celtic Seer), and a couple of others who I just came across who I'd have to go through the alternative news sites to find. (One post was called 'The Prophet', and she didn't even give a name. Was that on Sta-Rising, or Rumormill News? I canna remember, and I ain't gonna look for it.)

Of course I have no idea myself, but 3-4 months of waiting ain't that long in the scheme of things. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "daytripper",I come here everyday to see if you've written a new post. Glad you're back.
I'm amazed the crypto guy got to say his piece without being cut off (remember Gingrich on Soros?).


Visible said...

I really do appreciate it when some of you show up to let me know you are there. Since I have up to the minute tracking available, should I want to check, I know the numbers of people coming and going, which runs to several thousand for each posting; sometimes more, sometimes less, but... fairly consistent over time. Still, it is a boost to me to hear from you and on that note, I will go ahead and write again today, although I was going to let my absence run until next week... as I had originally planned. You did this (grin).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Duntoirab said...

I always show as as a "reader from Uxbridge", snigger, it's several hundred miles from my actual location!

Been checking to see you back, happy joy, you are!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Surely You Know People are NOT All as Stupid as They Appear to Be. They Work for Their Own Suicidal Self-Interest."

Anonymous said...

Amen Less, internet without your posts would be seriously lacking, for us your posts are kind of holy mass and as is case with the ordinary one we have not much to say after that, we are in state of contemplation awe or joy over your worlds or beauty of creation, so your job is important for us silent readers but don't give you too much feedback which would be surely helpful for you.
Yep, i've been thinking other day, that ordinary religion while may be dominated by all sorts of inappropriate people is necessary and not bad in its core, but is is just first small step to discovery of God, psychedelics are by magnitude better, massive overdose of lsd or smooth in comparison psilocibe trip will literally turn inside out your worldview and change your life forever, those are the things i hold dearest and i'm absolutely grateful for being permitted to meet the God that way, yes i've been looking for it very hard.
But readers beware, those are the keys but doors won't open before everyone, some may had them shut in the face, others end up in asylum, some won't even know that there are doors to be opened, have seen many of each of those cases.
So it makes me wonder of next step, as you said somewhere back, storming heaven is not a way, and it is obvious but we are left with insatiable taste for it, there is no way back now and only pushing forward till someone there will have pity and take care for poor us is a way.
So good luck to all seeking, sooner or later we will do it, the good thing is that there is a place where we can go and doors we can bang and God is good and listen to all prayers

Missing Munich said...

Hi Les,

nice to see you back. Happy New Year!!! Here in KY were busy rebuilding after two rounds of tornados... life goes on.

Always looking forward to your postings!!



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