Thursday, January 20, 2022

"An Apocalypse is to a Full Moon What a Tsunami is to The Tide. I Hope that Puts It in Perspective."

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Have you noticed, in recent weeks, certain people with a common distemper... losing their minds? Jon Stewart went off on some kind of Save the Goblin Banker's crusade. It didn't get any closer to The Holy Land than Riker's Island. Shortly thereafter, Howard Stern began to froth at the mouth and roll his eyes in a Pentecostal seizure. Then he went on a crusade to burn the unvaccinated witches and we hope he gets no further. This was some days ago. He seems to be still at it. I'm still hearing about it. I don't think it's an echo.

I can't stress this thing about the Insanity Pandemic enough. I am probably mentioning it in every posting now. It has reached a point where anyone should be able to see it. It is partly Materialism. It is partly The Awakening, and it is mostly... Mr. Apocalypse. This is certainly one of The Seven Plagues of the New Egypt, ♫ sunning on The Nile, waiting for my crocodile to swim by ♫ Never mind. Certain people are being driven more noticeably mad than others. Certainly, the criminal element is visibly affected. The mentally ill element is definitely affected, but... you would expect that.

An apocalypse is to a full moon what a tsunami is to the tide. I hope that puts it in perspective. A large part of the Justice coming, which is ALWAYS an aspect of an apocalypse, is to be seen in the rising insanity of these times. Certain groups of people are going to be more affected than others. The madness is a feature of the Justice and the Judgment that is coming. Of course, there is a great deal more. There are rewards coming too. Some of us are going to be recognized within and that is going to dramatically change our lives.

There is going to be great confirmation for those who seek and serve God. Of course, these times are going to reveal exactly who is and who is not doing this. Some are pretending. Existence being a continuous procession of acts, you are going to get actors. The more of ourselves is revealed to us, the more we reveal to others. This is the reason why one is known by their works. There are times when some people get away with all kinds of nonsense for an unfortunate period of time, but... sooner or later, their time runs out. Some of the natives are getting restless. It's like that period before an earthquake when all of the animals go quiet.

Every day now, self-important people are making memorable statements that they are wishing they had not made. It's a cosmic Tourette's Syndrome, jack-in-the-boxing out of public personalities. There are times when it is good to be a celebrity, and... there are times when it is not good to be a celebrity, especially for the people who do not know the difference between notoriety and fame.

Are you seeing this patterning moving through the human snake dance culture? It is the sex-walking, one way or another. It is meant to bring you to all fours. It is also meant to make you upright. It depends on what you intend to use it for. You can use a hammer for all kinds of things but it has specific uses where it is most effective. Yeah... sometimes you need a crowbar. That's another story.

We are tools. You might not think of yourself as a tool, and... there are those people referred to as 'tools' but not in a good way. However... you are a tool. Many of us study and train for years to be a particular kind of a tool. Every time we are perfunctory or acting out of automatic consciousness, in some behavioral routine, that routine is employing us as a tool. You see large masses of humanity that behave like schools of fish... flocks of birds... herds of cattle, etc. They are part of a body that acts in unison from certain stimuli. I call it The Hive Mind. Some have called it herd-consciousness. Lockstep is one of the images that pass through my mind when I reflect on it... apart from it.

They are all tools, and... in the wrong hands, they can be tools wrongly used. They can be sent into a panic. They can be zone-dialed into a zombie state. This is why I seek to be a tool in God's tool-chest. If God isn't using us, who is? You've heard that saying about, idle hands being somebody's workshop?

Anyway... the warp and woof of it are that there is this great mass, sometimes called The Salt of the Earth, sometimes called The Great Unwashed, and no doubt other things as well. Then there are the two groups who are of another order of awareness. They represent the inclinations of the carnal and spiritual paths. To put is simply, some could be called shepherds and some could be called wolves. An age-old drama continues through time. Some of us are about helping others find themselves, and some of us are about helping people get lost.

In a pedestrian sense, you have the guys on the corner handing out pamphlets about how Jesus is coming and you better repent. Then you have the guys handing out the fliers from the strip joints and if you bring the flier into the strip joint, you get half off your first drink. The drinks are watered down so you're not getting any bargain. If you are looking for a woman, you are not going to be finding any bargains there. Yes... The Divine Mother is in all women, but she covers a wide range of personas and not all of them are tools suitable for long-term engagements. One thing about fallen women, however... is that there is always someone around to pick them up.

One thing you can rely on is that people do stupid things under the influence of certain forces. You ever notice how many dead animals are on the side of the road in Spring? You see them in winter too. Animals cross the road for two reasons; sex and food (yeah... migration too). It is the same with people. They will act irrationally while under the spell of Love Potion #9. These shepherds and wolves know all about these things because they have been initiated into certain perspectives and states of awareness. They work their angles and their angels. Usually, it seems like the bad guys are the only ones who are winning, but you are never seeing more than one side of the equation.

An Avatar is coming. This is going to supercharge the shepherds and cause dismay among the wolves. Before someone gets into a lather about my using wolves as symbols of disrepute... I happen to like wolves a great deal. In fact, I have studied them because of the complexity of their society; maybe it came about from my reading, The Jungle Book. Kipling was a major influence on my childhood. Anyway... I am only using wolves as examples because they have TRADITIONALLY been used in parables, allegorical tales, and the like for a very long time. I also know that dogs, of which I am most fond, come from wolves.

Moving right along... events are coming. Big events are coming and there is going to be a whole lotta shaking going on. All the time in the run-up to these events was meant to be used to get oneself into harmony with The Grand Scheme. At least that is how I took it. The Avatar is the main event. It cannot occur as it has in the past when there were far fewer of us... unless it is intended for there to be far fewer of us by the time it happens. When I look into The Event Horizon, which involves looking at the trends and patterns of existence at this time, I see many disturbing appearances.

If you take conditions at large and turn them into equations or even symbols of particular lifestyles composed of specific forms of behavior and you measure them against the cosmic dynamics of Natural (and supernatural) Order, you see that some trends, patterns, lifestyles, and conditions cannot last for any length of time. You can also see that many of them are direct products of the conditions of these particular times and will disappear when the system rights itself... AS IT ALWAYS DOES.

Big change is coming. Many are not going to like this because, in some cases, their whole idea of what is real is based on a lie. As Materialism intensifies, and depravity proliferates and insanity becomes more and more common, you are going to get what you get until Mr. Apocalypse cleans the kitchen. The kitchen light is off. When you turn it on, the vermin run wild, looking for a place of darkness to conceal themselves in. The Big Change Light is going to light everyone up. In some cases, this is a very good thing, and opposite-wise it is not a good thing, BUT... it is all good in the aftermath, only that everything that was there before is no longer present.

These public displays of lunacy on the part of our former predators are an indication of what is to come. The Light of Truth and the Power of Love is coming in great force. Some number of us will bathe in it, will immerse ourselves in it to a common delight. ANYONE who wishes to, can. However, there are many who will not welcome its coming. The Light of Truth and the Power of Love is anathema to them. They will be racing for those places of darkness. No one is keeping anyone out, but... people will be keeping themselves out. What they are looking for is not found in Truth or Love.

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Anonymous said...

Hope springs eternal. Thank you great post today.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I read and hear everywhere, things are gonna be totally awesome in the future, but it's gonna be a MAJOR bitch gettin' there. I personally hope to go out with this era. After all, no matter how good it gets here, there are still limitations, inconveniences, and demands on everyones' time that are reluctantly given. Not to mention lack of nose hair coats, tails, and Akashic Library Cards that give you FULL ACCESS to every last secret of the nose-iverse

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"There has Been a Half Visible, Flaming Hoof-Stamp on the Formica World Surface of Temporary Things."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible! Always a tonic.



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