Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"Find The One Who has Been Up and Down that Highway, Since that Highway Got Put There, and You'll be Fine."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Oh well... times like these... times like these... Lordy... Lordy, sounds like an old blues tune, and it is The Blues that we are getting. If you like The Blues there are places for that and more blues to you. I am not a fan of The Blues, though I do enjoy the music, apart from the circumstances, which is the part of The Blues that I don't like. The part where you go through some shit that gives you The Blues.

I like Jazz but only within certain parameters, which does not include the screeching dissonant torments of the Freeway to Nowhere. I love Rock. I love the poets and troubadours. When music resonates with what you really are and brings it out in you, then angels are involved somehow and it thrills you. There are sweeter musics playing between bodies in space and their relationships within us, those inner body forces, when brought into tune, which means accord, which implies a mutual understanding... brings us into harmony and resonance as a perpetual state. See...

it doesn't matter what The World gets up to in its growth throes, in its painful awakenings. What matters is your relationship with yourself because that is your relationship with everything else. Life is a mirror. You are performing in front of it. Make it worth the time. Leave good impressions on life. Leave good footprints. I did not always do so, but God was somehow involved. Having too much passion will get you into trouble, but as long as ONLY GOD can satisfy that passion, you'll get where you're going. Those who love much are forgiven much.

The Highway of Life... THE highway of life, that highway of living experience that gets written into us. We have to find the one that has editorial control. The one who can change us into anything, or remove everything that conceals what we are. He is about. He knows where you are. You can get his attention, depending on how serious AND sincere you happen to be. He's not got time for casual encounters... except when he does so in passing... that which lasts well beyond the passage.

When you find the one who has been up and down that highway, since that highway got put there, AND he happens to have built the highway to begin with, it is understandable that you would turn over all control at that point. It certainly was for me. Yes... I know that there are people who are sure they know where they are going and what they are doing, and that could be, I ain't saying cause I don't know.

The thing is that The Divine is right there within us. We can interact with him all day long. We do anyway unless we're interacting with someone or something else, according to what our mind is telling us is real. Yes... he might not answer you right away. I don't know what went on between you previously. He's different with everyone. He might not use words. Sometimes he uses symbols, signs, colors. He uses words and impressions with me... that is our medium of exchange. It took many years for a conversation to develop outside of psychedelics; reason I took so many for so long. But the day came and he said, “I'm here.” He always had been, of course. Since then... not much else gets much of my attention, meaning The World and The Blues that we started this post with.

I know there are readers out there who are concerned about what is happening around them. Everything happens for a reason and God is present at all times. Get right with God. Walk and talk with him. Make him a part of everything you do. Eternal relationships are born out of this, AND friends on both sides of The Veil.

If you are only going to be here for a certain length of time, and... you don't even know how long that is, shouldn't you... make friends on The Other Side? When Higher Love is resident in you, this is a flashing neon sign on The Higher Planes. Few of us have this with any consistency and power but... even a little can go a long way. You have to work on it. I like to think of it as a warm fire in a cabin. It needs some help to get to where I want it. So I put more wood on the fire and I get the bellows. I use forced air to energize the fire. Higher Love as an objective puts everything else in perspective.

People REALLY have no idea of the true power of The Mind and The Imagination. The whole world came out of them. People who think all you see is all there is have no conception about the vastness and splendor of The Cities of Light... ever more and more luminescent, radiant and incandescent. There is a great heavenly city in The Sun. I do not know its name. I have been in a room there for a very brief moment. The incredible feature of this is that it is REAL!!! It is more real than here, which is a dreamscape, like a city in the clouds passing by. It shape-shifts all the time. Nothing is permanent here with the appearances.

There are portals in this world that lead directly to other worlds. There are ladders in your mind that lead to different states of consciousness. The Heart is the bellows that fires The Imagination to do its work in The Mind and propel you up The Steps. This is one of the cardinal reasons why Love is so important. It fuels existence. It powers it. It IS the power of it. Higher love is like rocket fuel compared to what you get at the gas station. That isn't even a good measure. The gap is much wider than that. Higher Love is much more concentrated than Carnal Love and it can easily turn Carnal Love into itself. Aspiration, I think, is the Speedy, in the success of the energetic, that Krishna talks about in The Gita.

The World is presently the battleground for a massive struggle taking place between the power players who dance to whatever tune their master calls. Since their master is God in disguise, I suspect they do not know what awaits them. They are getting very agitated. They are getting shrill, about the vaccines, about making voting a perpetual fraud, making dictatorship a certainty. They are in-your-face perverting your children, and we know who the They are. As I have mentioned, my pronouns are who and what. I'm gender rigid and I don't play Golf; just in case anyone does those microaggression bios.

Those who are causing the store shortages, who are the vaccine thugs, who are up to these nefarious enterprises are all part of a group. There's a link below where one of them uses his media reach to howl in rage about what his associates want to manifest. They keep agitating. They keep threatening. There are reasons. One is that they are behind a horrific mass murder scheme, and The Truth keeps coming to light, AND... The Awakening is intensifying and Mr. Apocalypse is The Bellows.

People have all kinds of he said- she said, he wrote- she wrote ideas about what an apocalypse is. They also have Wikipedia for a collective gathering of he said- she said, he wrote-she wrote stuff. Here is what I know, none of them have been through an apocalypse in this life, nor recently, given how much time is involved, and they might well have never been around a Grand Apocalypse, so...

It seems to me that people pretty much believe what they have convinced themselves of. Sometimes what they think they know is only about their survival or protection. There are a number of forces you can't protect yourself against. In horticultural speak, you want to be cedar or redwood or similar. The vermin often get you from within. Nature is really good about cleaning up her messes. We are not so good at cleaning up ours, though some are doing better than others.

I find it hard to get over being sad about the people who know too much and are now inconsolable. Somewhere it is said that with much knowledge comes much sorrow. I read these people, as seldom as I can manage, because what they have talked themselves into is a perpetuating unhappiness. Hear me, world... you need to get with lightness and simplicity. You need to harmonize with existence, not fight it because you CANNOT win... not even close. To be in harmony with all life is to be in a state of serenity. Don't make rules for others that you don't follow yourself, and... don't make rules for others in the first place. Be mindful and keep your heart, your mind, and your eyes open.

The World sometimes seems like a woman giving endless birth. The wail of her sorrow and pain circles the planet. So often it is to no good end. A change is coming. A change beyond what we imagine is taking place, within and without. Your destiny is contained in your relationship to it. Be a clear reflection. Carry no enmity in your heart. Find and generate compassion, it is not going to be pretty everywhere... but what is coming is a force and a source of light seldom seen in these parts. It will not appear the same to everyone. Whatever your relationship to it is... that defines you... and your circumstances.

End Transmission.......

Via Fox News
The heat intensifies on the backs of their necks and they lose all sense of decorum, especially those that never had any like this classic member of the enemies of humanity=
Howard Stern slams Novak Djokovic in profanity-laden tirade over vaccine stance:

Howard Stern

Via Fox News
They are really catching Hell from their master below=
WaPo columnist:
It's time to make life a 'living hell' for the unvaccinated

Yeah... they're getting desperate and they never played fair to begin with. Really not much good against the true light, but they work in darkness anyway, until The Avatar lights it up.=
'Did a child predator write this?'
LGBT outlet runs story about Ted Cruz's 13-year-old daughter's sexuality

Via The American Sun
This is the soulless force of the corporate world. It's always been this way. They just get you to do it differently. There was a movie in the '60s called Rollerball. In many ways, what is shown there has come to pass=
Resetting the Corporate World

Via Breitbart
Whether this is true or only partly... or a fabrication, I've been watching this progression for a while. A none-too-bright guy with very little talent was made into an icon. He becomes ever more transcendent, which means he is of the anointed of the other guys=
Kanye West to Meet Vladimir Putin:
Make Russia His ‘Second Home’


Anonymous said...

Looks like I have become someone with too much knowledge as I am very sad about the state of our families, our country and the world at large. ‘’Hope is good thing to have but it stinks as a strategy. “” I read that somewhere and believe it. God works through us and it seems the good among us must have a strategy in order to defeat these demons. In Tolkien’s books there was a war where the forces of good came together to defeat the forces of evil. I don't see this happening now , except for little victories here and there, only the evil is getting stronger I live in a very good place , it’s almost as though none of this crazy pandemic is happening here and for that I have tremendous gratitude. I am also in my mid 70’s so the world is no longer mine however I feel extremely sorrowful for the younger folk. I believe that God is in control and I have no idea how He works but I would feel an awful better if I saw the Good amassing to push back against the Satanic forces bullying so many into submission. Satan’s legions seem powerful and mighty with plenty of foot soldiers and I see nothing on the other side to stop it. Anyway, sorry if I stepped on your frogs by writing this but it think it takes more then just wanting God as your best friend. I think prayers of guidance are needed and a leader must appear soon before all is lost. Last time I said something like this one of your readers called me a dimwit. Perhaps I am and I hope so and that none of this is a serious situation and it’s something I just got in my head and it will go away. Thanks for all you do you are a beacon of hope after all.

Visible said...

My frogs do not live in the area of your mention and it is the reader's frogs that are in that statement, not mine. I'm not sure I have any frogs. I hear what you are saying, but... all is not yet visible.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just passin' through. . .this self-imposed prison, waitin' fer parole. Though I must admit when in dire straits in the past, I always asked for a circumstancial change so I could fulfill my self-imposed obligations I came down here with. I always had my request heeded. . .some times the next day. Well, 'shoot me yesterday' never happens, so. . .

Thank the gods (OK! Source and demigods, to be technically correct.) nothing lasts forever. Anyone so focused on this realm needs their Cosmic head examined. To want to stay as long as you can in a realm of perpetual inconvenience and illusions makes no sense, but they again; most are misprogrammed from birth. Most also aren't blessed with a NDE. The longer I live, the less I understand the human race. The collective is NUTS. Of course occasionally you find a sign of sanity, but the sane are obviously outnumbered in the here and now.

Nostrils up.

Anonymous said...

Team bad guy seem to be panicking.They're getting a bit shrill with the non-vax ,vax push and I know a few people who've had it say to me they screwed up taking it and that these people in power really are crazy.
They convinced themselves it would all go away if they complied just this one more time.The first line of the Henry Delacroix article ie "The Great Reset progressed from conspiracy theory to desired policy quickly." neatly sums up their attitudes now.
I have the feeling that this sentiment is more widely spread.This is due to small things like the previously scared witless not wearing masks ,smiling and talking without keeping distant,
the disappearance of security guards in supermarkets,etc.All of this raises my spirits no end.
ps. I've watched about half that "Just so you know , God of Mammon" video.Ouch! I'm a Gemini so that's turning into something of a downer. Then again, I know nothing about astrology so
I'm not worrying and will finish watching it.
pps Bizarrely (or perhaps to be expected) I put mammon in all lower case and it gets squiggly underlining to show a spelling error, though the same doesn't happen if I type God in lower case. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Powers of Heaven are Beyond Comprehension, and They Have Not Gone into Action Across the Board, Yet."



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