Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they're Done.

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As I understand it, airlines operate on small margins of profit. Maybe I’m wrong but this seems to be the reason they keep cutting services to reduce costs and also charging for things that used to be free. I think you can stick a fork in the American airline industry. You can stick a fork in The Constitution too and every other protection that used to exist.

How they did all of this was to groom those for political office and appointed position who were/are compromised and blackmail abled. Public opinion is not something that springs from the collective body of the same name. it is something that is crafted elsewhere and then applied as if it were a real item. Polls are conducted with target audiences that are the most likely to support the agenda that the polls were created to gain support for.

On the news today is the ludicrous statement that a majority of Americans support openly gay military personnel. If such a thing were the case then gay marriage and so many related interests would not be getting shut down all the time. Gays in the military is a much bigger deal than these other things.

There is a systematic effort afoot to combine the forces of political correctness with socialism in order to create a soviet style atmosphere in the US. We all know who was behind the original Bolshevik Revolution and what they did in that time. One can readily assume that the same directives and conclusions are intended here as well. Stick a fork in America, she’s done.

None of the people storming the malls and shops on this recent Friday have any clue about what is happening. Their eyes are glazed over and their vision compromised by the smoke of material fires. Their minds are fixed as they trample one another on their way to some item offered for less that the usual fare. They know someone is under their feet but they just don’t care. Materialism is a fever and it is what makes political correctness and socialism a fait accompli for the US.

For inexplicable reasons, the Americans, unlike the Europeans, have held back from taking to the streets. Maybe they think this is just a rough patch. Many of them are too stupid, self involved or distracted to understand the mechanics of what is happening to their society. If they don’t know what’s happening then how can they object? Well, because they are unwilling to stand against what is happening to them, they are going to be forced into the streets by the ever steady increase of worsening conditions. At some point they will have no other option. This is what the police state controls are being put into place for.

Any number of things can combine to send the dominoes tumbling. Any one thing can be the catalyst and it is right around the corner. Global upheaval is on the menu but it’s not prix fixe. There’s a sliding scale depending on how much force and effort it takes to wake up. It varies from country to country. ‘A hard rain is going to fall’. America is in the unfortunate position of being the most willing and susceptible to the evils of the day. The focus on materialism and materialistic religions, controlled by those whose intent is to destroy Christianity, is a main feature.

The arrogance of Israel in all of this is staggering. Nitwityahoo demanded a large cash payout to stop building settlements for a few months. Exactly what is the point of that? Then he demanded it in writing. He wanted a written guarantee. Then he wanted it right now and Jonathan Pollard thrown in, in the bargain. These are the creatures that orchestrated the whole 9/11 thing to begin with and which has directly led to and been the biggest influence upon everything that surrounds you today. Israel is the enemy of your life and the cause of your misfortune. Stick a fork in George Galloway, he’s finished.

Global warfare and nuclear actions are being planned out as you read this. It’s all about the money and the agendas of those who have it. Food and fuel shortages are on the horizon. Economic collapse is only some months away, if that. It is only fitting that people should trample each other on the way to the abyss. What kind of madness possesses those who are bringing all of these horrible conditions about? That is a very good question. I think they are being driven to it to stand as an object lesson of what happens when you let go of your humanity. Others suspect more temporal forces. I can only defend my position by pointing out that no one has ever taken over the world. I’ve got other evidence too but it will only convince the willing and annoy the unwilling.

How bad will it get? It will get as bad as it has to in order to wake people up. There will be no restraint on the cosmic forces employed because awakening is the point; awakening and lasting lessons. See, I believe it’s all under control and happening for specific purposes. Others believe it’s all out of control and unpredictable as to the consequences. The timing is interesting and it’s another irony that such things occur at the changing of every age. Glaring evidence will be given and then, in the space of a generation or two it will be mythologized and made into a religion. The same thing happens again and again because the same forces in humanity are at work again and again.

Self control and self inquiry are the wisest course. Materialism argues against this. Wisdom and the testimony of the ages support it. You be the judge, after all, everyone makes this decision one way or another. They make it consciously or unconsciously and that determines the choice that is made also. If you are awake and aware then your capacity to see is a protection. If you are not awake and aware the cosmic jackboots are coming for your ass.

It’s a very simple matter, awake and aware or not awake and aware. That is your destiny just as character is fate. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head is an actual cultural phenomenon. It’s what happens to materialists. Their heart goes dead and their brain goes soft and their bodies reflect their status. In many cases you can expect wild-eyed panic running blind, down streets of insanity in pursuit of sanctuary, from the end result of ignorance and self interest gone out of control. The universe is all about balance adjustments. Depending on the degree of imbalance, on that depends the severity of the adjustment. It’s a fixed and inviolable rule. Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they’re done.

Everything is made to look just like what anyone believes it to be, until reality intrudes at specific times, dependent on how off course the belief system is. People who are trapped in materialism get their information from the controlling media and the institutions of their belief. They believe what they are told and they adjust to what they are shown. The reason people call their genitals ‘junk’ is because that is what they produce. That is the sort of reverence they hold the reproductive force in. It’s like the difference between being high and stoned. It’s why alcohol is legal and pressed upon the masses and why a certain religion objects to its use. The main byproduct of alcohol is guilt. Guilt is a whip that drives those afflicted onward. Perversion is now the normal state of affairs and it is celebrated over that which tends toward balance. People support what assures them of normalized passage through the abnormal. They defend the conditions that enslave them, without ever understanding what it is or how it happens. First they cease to be their own masters, after that they can be had by anyone.

The rich are making war on the poor and the middle class. The governments and religions support the reason and rule of the rich. The rich print their own money. The curious reality is that there is never enough. No matter how much they have it is not enough and this is what inclines and herds them to their destruction. They are automatons with the illusion of free will.

We are here now and it is going to accelerate and accelerate until it is undeniable to anyone and yet it will still be denied. It is a nation of slaves who are prepared to believe their oppressors instead of their lying eyes. All around them are the irrefutable conditions of their imprisonment. It’s being done to wake them up, that’s the only conclusion I can come to and the least depressing from the list of possibilities.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Israel and the Global Frottage Pat Down Rape.

Max Keiser says, boycott Coca Cola and you can bring down the system. He also says that if people start demanding physical silver, instead of buying the paper that says they own the silver, then J.P. Morgan- a front for Rothschild enterprises- will fall. This is because they are selling many times more silver on paper than they actually possess. This is typical of the swine (apologies to the people who love swine and appreciate their many virtues and would possibly go to bed with one to prove their point) in all areas of global and regional commerce who are playing variations of the oldest scams on the newest suckers. Max is probably right and it would be a wonderful thing if more of you started to ‘get right’ in the same way.

Max explains all of this and apparently all you have to do is purchase two silver coins. I guess that means everybody though and I can imagine how that will work out. Still, the public is getting incensed about the frottage rape by Pistole’s TSA thugs.

Don’t buy any Coca Cola products and if you have paper that says you own silver then get the silver. What good is the silver going to do you when the banks close their doors and you can’t get to the silver? You don’t even know where your silver is right now. Do you want to know where your silver is? Your silver has been sold to a line of punters who are waiting outside the same door for the same woman to come out of it while the bankers ride away with her to new grounds of plunder... with the silver. Lloyd Blankfein is public enemy number one. He’s the real Osama Bin Laden and he comes from the real nation that was behind all the terror attacks and that is Israel. Like Eric Cantor, he has no allegiance to American. You are sheep to be sheared and then hung up on hooks.

Here’s what I heard in prison years ago from a wise con, “Gypsy, there is three kinds of people in the joint. There are the bulls and they run the place. There are the foxes and they know how to get around the bulls and there’s the sheep. They wind up on the hooks.”

You really can see all of it coming round the mountain and it’s not riding six white horses either. It’s riding a hydra and though it’s been unleashed by those who intend to use it as a weapon against humanity, the ones releasing it are its natural food. They’re going to be air-kissing the screams in the vestibule on their way to doing lunch. It gets a little tiresome for me to repeat the same scenario in so many different ways as if the universe really does operate according to an unalterable cosmic plan but it does. What else am I supposed to say? As you can imagine, there’s a reason why the blog entries are slowing down… or maybe just migrating to Visible Origami and other efforts for awhile.
Now I see that South Korea, at the behest of the world ruling Zionist parasite monsters has stirred up trouble with North Korea. I know that the wholly owned Zionist press will say the opposite so I know that that’s the lie and whatever the opposite of that is, is the truth. The dictator of North Korea is like St. Francis next to the Zio-Ogre, H.P. Lovecraft inspired beast from unmentionable deeps.

Is something going wrong in your life? The cause is Israel. Are you having a bad day? The cause is Israel. Has someone lied or done something ugly anywhere in the world today? The cause is Israel. Any country interested in its own survival must immediately seize all Zionist owned banks and businesses and seize all their assets and evict every single one of them. Through history nearly every nation on Earth has done this at least once. There must be a reason. This is a parasite lifeform that attacks the host countries body and then sucks the life force out of it. It’s got a canny little defense mechanism that is based on a questionable historical event that can’t be questioned and a slander tag/badge of honor that has a dual use, which is to preempt the actual Semites that they are presently genociding out of existence after having stolen their land, while super-imposing themselves over the originals and then treating all criticism as if it were the darkest act possible at this or any time.

If you’re being forced through scanners and frottage rape pat downs it is because of Israel. If your economy is in the toilet it is because of Israel. Israel is a satanic crime syndicate, masquerading as a nation and it is the enemy of all life on Earth except their own. It was created in a backroom smoker where pedophile Gila monsters with names like Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff decided they needed a country to bypass the usual, legal enforcements again multiplicities of malfeasance. The nations of the world should decide now to wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth and hunt down every Zionist wherever they may be. They are already doing this to you. Ahmanedijad didn’t say this, I am saying it. Otherwise I recommend suicide; it’s quicker and has more dignity.

Going through airport security? Defend yourself in any way you can. Having your country stolen out from under you by paid lackeys for Israel? Defend yourself. Facing death by cancer in the Gulf States, along with penury and loss of all properties? Defend yourself. Israel is behind it all.

Israel is a fiction based on a fiction based on a people who do not exist except as the victims of these monsters. Does the name Jack Abramoff ring a bell? What were Mohammed Atta and his associates doing on his gambling boat just before 9/11? Does the name Lloyd Blankfein ring a bell? Why are all of the heads of the Federal Reserve Jewish? Because they own the banks which allowed them to buy the media and the politicians and to guarantee that no one gets elected that doesn’t agree to serve them. Does the name Michael Chertoff ring a bell? This is the man who let the real 9/11 players leave town and who covered up the evidence and who is now selling the airports the cancer scanner modules.
There are only two reasons that you do not share this outrage and only two reasons why you do not join together with your countrymen to do something about the Synagogue of Satan and their fellow travelers who murdered 10’s of millions in Russia and have the same thing planned for you. Those reasons are fear and stupidity. You are either a coward or an ignorant fool and deserving of whatever you get. Let me give you a little clue, fear is not a defense. Fear has never and will never protect you or allow you to prosper.

Why are you afraid? You are afraid because you are not based in a state of strength. You don’t believe in anything and everything you do believe in is not real. This means you are also stupid as well as frightened. Do you remember the playgrounds of childhood? Do you remember the bullies? Did the bullies go away because you said you were afraid and they were hurting you and you didn’t like it and would they please stop? No they did not. They went away when you showed them what happens when they mess with the wrong person. Some of us know what it took to stand up against many things much more frightening and dangerous than schoolyard bullies. The biggest schoolyard bully and collection of conscienceless cowards on the face of the Earth is Israel and any and every Zionist anywhere else.

There’s no joy in having to stand up and engage in things that you would rather never engage in if there were any way around it but there isn’t any way around it. You can either do something about it or you can just suffer through as entertainment for the psychopaths, until they have extracted every last measure of enjoyment from your misery and pain and then they kill you but… not before they kill everyone you love in front of your eyes and laugh while they do it. Is this an exaggeration? No, it is not.

Zionism is a capital crime. Israel is a pre-meditating mass murderer. Bankers are viral entities that attack societies in order to degrade them and then profit from the corruptions. Corporations are organized crime syndicates.

Governments are brothels filled with ugly chicks that can’t even pleasure themselves, much less you. Religions are transvestite sex clubs where sex is not permitted except among the clergy or for the purpose of propagating slaves for the empire. You’re not hearing me and that’s okay. Sooner or later you will come to these same conclusions when it is far, far too late.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Demons Among us at the Cannibal Feast.

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When you look up into the night sky there is a predictable symmetry. The moon has its reliable phases. The planets can be seen in their courses by those informed enough, or technically empowered enough, to view them. Astronomers see one section of bandwidth and astrologers see another and what is stated to be so and what is intuited to be possible, are both extreme limitations placed upon the unknown and life goes on independent of the findings of either. The sun appears every morning, as the Earth rotates into it. You would have to say that balance is the key to the whole apparatus, independent of understanding it. Balance expresses itself in the cyclic repetition of seasons and events. It all has the appearance of being arranged. Someone like me would say it’s all under control.

We’ve heard that evil destroys itself. That implies that components within the schematic are in opposition to other components in terms of intention and agenda. You can think of evil as something like cancer, where the host body is attacked by elements which compose it. Ergo, you get people like Glenn Beck attacking George Soros. A representative of Little Georgie Sorrows told Glenn Beck that he was hurting Georgie’s business. The implication of a dead fish coming in a UPS truck is not to be missed.

The main feature that you notice about Wall Street and the multinationals; the bankers and other major players on the world stage is that there is no limit to their need to acquire at the expense of others and each other. Some of them have tens of millions of dollars. Some of them have hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of them have billions of dollars and some of them have tens of billions of dollars and all of them want hundreds of billions of dollars and more and more and more.

They will do anything to get more. They will steal and kill. They will engineer wars in which millions die and millions more are enslaved in crushing debt, just to increase their holdings of something they already possess far more of than they will ever need. They turn to philanthropy, in which none of what is given away reaches the target audience, except when they are building hideous monuments to themselves, in buildings and institutions, under the guise of education, the arts and medicine, which not only do not serve the needs of the public but maliciously attack the essence of what they presume to edify and disseminate. They are a breed apart, a monstrous amplification of Fred C. Dobbs, on a lunatic rampage amidst the winds of Heaven.

The public information channels have been routed through the municipal sewage systems so that it’s shit in and shit out every day. These mincing martinets prance upon the stage, in the gravitas of dung golems, whose reek is barely masked by the distance provided through the mediums of transmission. They bedeck themselves in bling that would make a gangsta rapper blush, as they applaud one another on their vast accomplishments on the public’s behalf. It’s no time at all before large numbers die, as the result of fountain pens following the pronouncements at some narcissistic conclave of self congratulation.

They present themselves as spokes-personages for the equality of all, which is nothing more than a push for the preeminence of minorities, whose agendas stand in direct conflict with the lives and traditions of the majority. They seek to destroy everything that does not represent their personal vision of how it should be, in order to grant them an unopposable, imperial hand over the destiny of everyone beneath them. It’s no time at all before they then present these minorities as the enemy of the masses, in order to manifest a blood bath of guilt among the populace, who are mystified at their own capacity for violence and who then cry out for a more pervasive hand of leadership from the very fiends who orchestrated it in the first place.

A reasonable mind would quickly understand that all bankers, lawyers, politicians and priests should be quarantined for the good of humanity and that there can be no extremes in the definition of such quarantine because, quite frankly, they are the enemy of life, of balance and symmetry and of every good thing imaginable.

In the middle of the chaos of the moment, with the full evidence of mass murder, felony fraud and unbridled greed, these desperate creatures lobby for immunity from their deeds, while seeking unlimited license to commit more of the same. In the middle of plunging the world into chaos, they demand further freedom to accelerate the process, so that no one remains, except a manageable servant class to administer to their needs. They define evil simply through their efforts to kill whatever good they encounter. Even in their dreams they plunder and murder, as if there were no portion of their mind that did not meditate upon these things.

Mass opposition and expedient death are the least of what they deserve and gaining this, they have one final victory in which they have turned their destroyers into monsters, just like themselves. Do they know all of this? They do not. It is the atavistic, reptile mind behind the façade of their human masquerade that manipulates them in a simulacrum of Fred C. Dobbs, screaming into the maelstrom. They are fiends unknown to themselves. They go through the motions of terrible acts, in a loop of cognitive dissonance, where they cannot hear or see themselves as they are, nor the effect of their behavior. This means nothing in terms of the necessity for them to be gone, anymore than does the unawareness of a mad dog, concerning its hydrophobia.

The most grievous thing is the mass of the ordinary, who wish for nothing more than to be like them; who would leap at the opportunity to replace them, independent of the skills or capacities needed to do so. Sarah Palin and the legions that support her are a clear evidence of this. They are all bound together for a common land where revelation will at last descend upon all of them.

I am already supposed to be somewhere else for several weeks now. I can’t seem to manage it. I’m completely ready and my car is packed, with all manner of items that I have needed for the last several weeks (grin) and don’t want to go after because, any day, I may know that that is the day when I am meant to leave. I’ve never been in this position before. Whenever I am intending to go somewhere, I do. It may sometimes be a day later but never more. Why is that? I keep expecting something to happen. I don’t actually expect something to happen. Something is keeping me in a place where I don’t actually need to be and keeping me from somewhere else that it seems I really ought to be, for all sorts of good reasons from property maintenance to potentially inspired actions.

I think something would have happened by now but there are too many eyes. What might have been easily accomplished in the past, now carries trepidation of discovery that has hamstrung the vile and irredeemable among us. The governments of many countries are alerted to the dark possibilities. There are none who will remain unaffected by what hangs in suspension, seeking the dark of the moon or a moment of fell opportunity.

Evil does destroy itself and it knows that something is up, with all of the long awaited and intricately researched realization of their plans. Something doesn’t feel right and they are waiting like I am waiting. They can’t possibly restrain themselves. They are compelled to carry out the destiny of their destruction. They are as eager as goats in rut, pissing all over themselves, as goats do, in anticipation. There’s no consideration that perhaps they might be wrong and that discretion might actually prove the better part of valor. No, they are committed but nervous. They reason that even if they are caught; what difference would it make? Such is not the case of course and some part of them knows this.

So we sit here. The world and its tormenting fiends and sleeping heroes, wait like incipient cold sores, hot and pregnant with pulsing discomfort. Cold sores aren’t romantic but neither are the times in which we find ourselves, surrounded by cowards and cretins and hedonistic louts who don’t even know how to enjoy what they take so many liberties with. These people with everything do not even have the capacity to enjoy it. They have no idea who the enjoyer is.

Well... so it goes. One more posting about the unpredictable, the inevitable and the inexplicable, in search of motive and meaning. Sooner or later we pass the point of no return, just as these demons in human form, lash themselves toward the righteous entrance to their own version of the Ring Pass Not. We won’t be breaking for commercial. We are the commercial.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation.

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Mukesh Ambani has built (is building) a skyscraper home in Mumbai that is estimated to cost around 2 billion dollars. He’s got the bread to do it so, why shouldn’t he? Steven Schwartzman said Obama was like Hitler invading Poland because of the intention to levy ordinary taxes on private equity funds. Steven Schwartzman also has big houses. You’ll have to do your own surfing for pictures of the palaces. One of them is a 30 million dollar apartment in NYC. Ira Rennert is another conspicuous consumer. Steve may have a billion or two more than Ira but Mukesh has more than four times the wealth of the two of them put together. It goes without saying that either of these men would do anything, literally anything, to have what Mukesh has and they’ve got a lot of company.

Most people don’t understand the mindset of a psychopath. It’s a foreign state to them. They can’t get their heads around being able to operate with a complete lack of conscience and to not actually feel any human emotions, so that it is necessary to mimic them. This is why they are compared to reptiles. One could say that the reptile brain has taken over and/or, they were built that way.

Yesterday I watched Winnebago Man. It was an entertaining film but what stood out for me was what happened when Jack Rebny mentioned Dick Cheney. The director told him that he shouldn’t talk about that. People didn’t want to hear that. Then again, in San Francisco, at a public venue, a woman who was at the event took exception to his mention of Dick Cheney. He only mentioned him once there and not often elsewhere. He was spot on about what he had to say. You don’t hear about it in any of the reviews that I have seen. The message I got is that you don’t talk about politics or politicians in public settings because it’s divisive. Anonymously on the internet is another thing but probably, even there, it’s divisive. It’s divisive to talk about the conspicuous consumption of the rich. That’s class warfare. You’ve all been nicely hosed and now you’re lining up for seconds.

You bent over for Reagan and then you bent over for Bush. They threw Clinton in for the appearance of alternative choices and you bent over for him too. You bent over for the Son of Dracula and then you bent over for 9/11, various wars in the Middle East, Katrina, The poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and a host of other things I don’t need to mention because they’re not that important apparently, because nothing is happening about them. Now you’re bending over for Obama who is bending over for a shitty little country on the other side of the world and who is supported in his posture by an impressive number of politicians, whose first loyalty is not to the country they serve. This comes about when an artificial country is manufactured to give sovereign protections to international bank thievery. It even comes with its own religion, The First Church of Usury.

The reasons for things are often not the reasons that appear at first glance. The loss of jobs in the United States, the rising unemployment and the specter of inflation are not necessarily because of the financial domination of international corporations and the swine that run them. It could well be about making the military an attractive option for everyone who can’t find a job because of the immense profits to be had from warfare. It’s also about cherry-picking certain personality types for police and airport security jobs. This may be simplistic but I’m less concerned with detailing what I have seen than I am that you think in a certain direction.

Culture morphing is a big deal these days because the more confused the public is and the more focused on entertainment and the press to embrace everything and anything as acceptable, the easier it is to control the public. All of this is calculated for effect. Cultures that embrace everything and anything as being acceptable soon cease to exist as a culture. Cultures exist by the maintenance of traditions. It’s one of the reasons people travel to other countries, when they used to be able to do that.

The public, barraged by corporate advertising, those who have already been meticulously dumbed down by the public school system, find it desirable and convenient to follow the corporation’s lead as to what they eat and drink and pretend to make merry about. The only defense for the public is to cease to purchase the goods and services provided by the corporations but that’s just too much for them to think about and they could get into trouble and even be labeled a terrorist, which is just how their overlords want it.

The public can refuse to serve in the military. The public can mass in the streets. The public can storm the public buildings and occasionally do that in other places but not in the United States. The people who have been born into the United States, at this time, came to the party with certain things in mind and the party was planned out for certain results and lessons and... it’s going to be a shitstorm of revelation, whose purpose is to educate them concerning what they believe to be true, in respect of what is actually true. The degree of the severity of the suffering that attends the appearance of the real and the resolution of the unreal, is dependent on the wideness of the gulf between them. When the public cannot motivate itself to become the instrument of change then change is thrust upon them, to the extent that it is necessary for them to become aware of it. Every bit of the suffering in your life comes about because of being, to some degree, out of touch with what is real.

We get deceived by people because we want something. We believe tales that are obvious constructions, due to the fantastic details, because we want to believe that what we want will appear. We go right back to the well again, even years later, when we are told some new tale because we want to believe it. None of us are immune to this. It’s part of life to catch on to the fact that you are being lied to. A lot of the time these things are done for the purpose of amusement. People take pleasure in the ability to mess with other people’s minds. This is what psychopaths do. The critical thing is to catch on quickly and let the lesson remain with you. Lying is the name of the game and they use it because the truth compromises their intentions. We don’t always need to know why people do certain things. We just need to see that they do them.

If you can’t let things go then they will be ripped away from you. If you become enthralled in the passion for one appetite or another it will burn you out. Letting go is not the easiest thing to accomplish because even though you suspect you know how to accomplish it, you can’t seem to go about it effectively. Why is that?

I suspect that good and bad are meaningless except for one important feature; do you learn from the experience? If you have learned something then you have become free of the ignorance that leads people into the experience. Everything in life is about one lesson or another. Some catch on much more quickly than others. For those who do not catch on, it repeats and intensifies until they do. That’s all life is about. Life is about lessons and allowing the lessons to act as a guide. It’s also about finding a guide. This happens when you are observed in your behavior, by certain forces that are on the lookout for that kind of behavior, no matter what kind of behavior it may be.

We get easily confused here. We see bad behavior being rewarded and the contempt that the practitioners hold us in and it shames us that we aren’t more like them. What’s wrong with us? Somehow we got stuck with a moral code that hinders our ability to mutate into full blown assholes that care about no one but themselves. The fact is that we are only seeing one side of the Mobius strip of existence. It’s set up this way and that’s what faith and certitude are all about. You’re not supposed to be absolutely dead certain, though some of us are. You’re supposed to be plagued by doubt to the degree that you are engaged in doubtful enterprise. That is, unless you are a psychopath and then it’s a piece of cake, for awhile.

You see the homes, the many homes, of those with enormous amounts of wealth. They are feted and wined and dined. If they are celebrities they often don’t pay for anything and many of them count on this and look for that advantage, even though they already have more than most of us will. You see the unmitigated greed that screams at the injury of taxation and really believes they are a breed apart. You see that they are getting away with it and something has to be wrong with this picture. You are not seeing the complete picture and there’s a profound addendum to this, which is the peculiar times in which we find ourselves. That is one of the primary reasons for the conspicuous damnation of those who see everything as something to ignore unless they can profit from it.

It’s about the lessons. The better and more quickly you learn your lessons, the quicker your eyes open, in order to see what’s really going on. Eyes can close too and they do, to a terrible end. It is always the moment for personal transformation. We are in that moment, every moment of every day. Seeing this is the key.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monsanto and the Hellraiser Clan of the Damned.

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Last night, in the beginning I dreamed of a powerful vampire clan. For some reason, although they were dangerous in the extreme, there was an understanding that existed in which I was in no danger from them. I had done, or was doing something, that affected all of this. For the rest of the night, I dreamed about 9/11 and the people behind it and was engaged in something that was bringing the knowledge of the participants out before the world. They were toast and it was an indisputable reality that they were doomed and could not repair the incipient, emerging reality of their downfall. All night I was up and then back to bed and each time I was, once again, into the proactive, engaged scenario of 9/11 exposure.

Larry Silverstein made the most appearances, as his involvement was being detailed, prior to some sort of specific judgment that was in reserve for him. He bought the WTC just shortly before the attacks. He was in charge when the building security was shut down and no one was allowed to monitor whatever was taking place, just before the attacks, with the assistance of Marvin Bush’s security company. He took out massive anti-terror insurance and afterwards sued for double what was initially expected. He called for Building 7 to be pulled and spoke with his good friend Bennie ‘the rat’ Netanyahu every Sunday.

Barak, the mastermind of 9/11 (along with Dov Zakheim) was in New York City on 9/11 with Olmert. Where was Zakheim on 9/11? I never seem to be able to find that out. It’s probably a simple answer that evades me, like the more intricate components of a dream. I get the overview and my intent but often the details escape me.

It stands to reason that the concept of the Synagogue of Satan is a real thing. Even Jesus Christ referred to the members of specific tribes as the children of the devil. So this explains the source of the power, which seems so inexplicable to us; how do they do it? They have supernatural help of the demonic kind. I’m not a Christian and I’ve little use for religion of any type. They are all obfuscators but... I am presenting this in the context of the manifest realm in manifest words, regardless of more invisible implications. It explains the obsession with money and further explains the control of outer circumstance and temporal powers.

In times of The Apocalypse, all of this is revealed to us in stages and by means dependent on one’s unwillingness to awaken. It also implies the end of their run of core deceptions for the purpose of ruling the world. They are in deep shit and all of those who are silent will be seen as guilty by association. This is one wakeup call that ought to be heeded more than any other.

A few days ago I was thinking about the bat plague, which interrupts the feeding duties of the bats that control the insects that eat the agriculture, which feeds the world. This requires a massive increase in the use of pesticides and it dawned on me that Monsanto was behind whatever was happening to the bats. Then it occurred to me that Monsanto was behind whatever was happening to the honeybees. The two are connected and it became a near indisputable plausibility in my mind that Monsanto (My Satan) was behind these and other conditions as well. Part of the motivation is profit and control and part of the motive is eugenics. Monsanto is also a creation of the tribe. Here you can see just how widespread the proliferation is and why the world is the way it is.

Is it a crime or a moral offense to point these things out? The question that should be asked is, “are these things true”? The ownership and control of all of these companies is right there to be seen. Either it is so or it is not. If this is not true, then point out to me how I have erred and what is true so that I will not be further deceived. Here a member of the tribe boasts about the control. Here names are named about the 96% control of the media. When one looks at the Federal Reserve, the same phenomenon appears. Are these things not true? I’m waiting for the clear and informed mind that is going to set me straight, if I am being misled on any of these counts. I have people telling me tall tales about things that don’t happen and things they are doing for me that play havoc with my schedule when they don’t happen, as if their intent was to confuse and disrupt me. Maybe it’s all not what it seems but... there it is in black and white.

As clear as it all appears to be, it doesn’t register with those oppressed by the actions of their slave masters. They even defend their slave masters and die in their wars. Their lives are ruined by financial manipulations and yet they become advocate mouthpieces for the ones who do this, using inapplicable terms of slander, created as a defense mechanism by their oppressors, against those who question the obvious. Theodor Herzl said that the slander of anti-Semitism should be applied, whether it is true or not, as an effective weapon against criticism. You can scan the expanded intent of this in many places and agendas.

Now comes this most curious of events, the Obama trip to India where we have been told that 65 planes; 34 warships, thousands of personnel, 200 CEO’s and family friends and retainers are accompanying a zombie president whose name rhymes with another dead man who keeps rising from the grave. The Pentagon denies that he is shadowed by such a massive collection of war material.

Cliff High of Half Past Human has predicted tension builds and tipping points to occur between November 5th and November 14th of this year and that is the exact span of Obama’s trip to The East. It’s in January where it is supposed to get really severe but that’s for later consideration (grin). There’s a lot to think about and as far as Obama’s trip goes, Obama is a liar and The Pentagon is a collective of liars so no matter what the truth is, it’s not coming from either of these plumbing outlets. What’s coming out of these outlets is the sort of stuff that normally moves through plumbing outlets, on their way to flammable septic tanks of the sort that spontaneously ignites. It’s flaming shit, with the inferno generated by the outrage of the offended water that has to ferry it.

Those who expose the reality of what is, are pushed to the sidelines by the endless drone of lies on behalf of selective empire. The mass that follows or is herded toward the thresher teeth of the judgment that awaits ignorant destinies, do not hear the voices of those who call out to them on their behalf. Once again, it is like the voices from strange rooms, in a dream of the acknowledged parameters, of the deadly confinements of a lie that circumscribes all that the dreamer sees and hears... and accepts as real. It is not real. It is a dream that inexorably cycles into nightmare and frightful awakening.

If the things said in this posting are true; if the names and places are accurate, in respect of the claims, then... what does that mean? If they are not true then surely there is some other explanation and it will be seen today in the comments section and I can adjust myself accordingly. If these things are true but are denied as being true, what is one to make of this state of being? What does one make of the wide agreement of so many who demand the continuance of lies, as if they were the very bread of Heaven? What kind of terrible cowardice and denial motivates the greater herd of deceived and doomed sheep?

Given the result of centuries of lies, which define history as it never was, it seems a fool’s errand to declaim against them. They just go on and on, giving life to new lies that consistently mean more to those being hoodwinked than the truth has ever done. The religions that advertise liberty from the playing fields of manifest torment and suffering, have also been hijacked in support of the lies from which they claim we shall be freed, by avatars and masters, which they are at singular pains to misinterpret and obscure. It’s all done for power over the living in the temporary plane of existence, whose purpose is to redirect them through recurrent death into yet one more lifetime of servitude to the beast, on an endless, rotating wheel of fire.

I can’t remember if it was Kierkegaard who said “we must work out our salvation through fear and trembling” but whoever said it, it sounds about right. It’s in the meaning of what is to be feared and what the trembling is where we go astray. The fear should be the concern that we do not give in to the deceptions, at the risk of a separation from that which liberates us and the trembling is the presence of the very same. Why is it trembling? Because of the uncertainty in the heart and mind of the supplicant... and so it goes.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse.

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The fixed and fake elections of 2010 don’t mean anything because they were fixed and fake. That’s the case with every American election for some time. Change isn’t something that happens in America except to say that it changes into more of what it was. It becomes more extreme and you can call that change but it isn’t change, it’s a modification of degrees.

Howdy Doody Obama came into office on the promise of hope and change. He rode into office because of a national reaction to the polices of possibly the worst president in American history, which was George W. Bush. George Bush, along with the rest of his family, were directly involved in the 9/11 attacks. Previously to that, an argument can be made that George H. Bush was directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The major influence behind the assassination of Kennedy and the 9/11 attacks was the Zionist lobby whose control of the Federal Reserve made it possible to bring about the assassination of the president whose intention was to abolish the Federal Reserve. Here’s a look at the sort of influence which is operating in Howdy Doody’s administration.

Zionism represents a tiny fraction of the American social and political spectrum. The gay rights movement represents a similar tiny fraction. Whether they are directly aware of it or not, The Teabagger Movement (no small irony in the term ‘Teabagger’) was a direct reaction to the policies of The Federal Reserve and the gay marriage movement. Both of these are controlled by world Zionist operations. Zionists sit on the boards of all gay organizations and in some cases are exclusively represented. It’s the gay marriage thing that actually gave rise to the Teabagger movement.

Howdy Doody Obama promised to end the gratuitous, profit driven wars in the Middle East, which were engineered exclusively by Zionists for the benefit of Israel and the military industrial complex, in tandem with the energy industry. Not only did he not stop any of the conflicts, he increased and escalated them. His cabinet, with his rubber stamping support, was deeply involved in the stimulus bailout of the banks, which served the psychopathic Zionist agenda which owns Congress.

The agenda of these mercenary psychopaths has been going on for centuries but gained its biggest coups via the tale of the holocaust, which led to the creation of the state of Israel which is nothing but a crime syndicate masquerading as a country. The truth about this odious affair is coming out in many ways from many locations. In some instances the truth is powerful and inescapable. Here is the present moment status of the Zionist ogre with its distended spider’s belly, perched over the lives and fortunes of the world. Its greed and arrogance can be seen by the degree of tolerance between the boat and the bridge.

In the meantime, these holocaust profiteers are murdering the original inhabitants of the land they stole from the original people of the Bible and harvesting their organs to replace their own. Why do they need so many organs? It is because they are an alien life form and their own organs are so corrupt that they will no longer support life. These are the same murders that orchestrated the Soviet revolution and killed tens of millions of Christians in gulags, who starved the Ukrainians to death and who were responsible, as the Young Turks, for the Armenian holocaust. The truth is that, regardless of the truth of the holocaust, they deserved it many times over, even at its most extended possibilities. That’s how it is.

The Teabaggers and everyone else who is outraged in America and elsewhere are finding out, without actually finding out, who their real enemy is. It is the real enemy who came up with the terms of liberal and conservative and uses them to divide the people from each other so that they can plunder and kill without mercy.

The sailing luxury boat is a metaphor for this beast of a people. It is a metaphor for them sailing out of town and it is a metaphor for their treatment and contempt of the people they robbed for their right of passage. It may be that many do not want to hear this message. That doesn’t alter the truth. There are several tribes of the various tribes; be they twelve or thirteen, who are stone cold evil and who are now being exposed for their historical evils. There are your Rothschilds; your Paul Wolfowitzes, your Madeline Albrights, your Rahm Emanuel’s, your media and entertainment owners, your founders and operators of Monsanto and BP. They are the heads of Israel. They are the ones who carried out 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombing and the Mumbai attack.

They now want war with Yemen because there is a chance that the Ark of the Covenant has been discovered to be buried there. It was one of the main reasons for the Iraq War; to loot the antiquities. They are all about changing and controlling history and it is how they profit and defend themselves. The Apocalypse is bringing all of these things to light and they are frantic to gain power over what is revealed but they are powerless to do so. Their attachment to what they have and what they desire is what will destroy them in the end. They can’t let go of the benefits from their demonic and materialistic god.

They are sleazing their way into every forum and chatroom. They are emailing and lobbying without cease in order to hold on to their ill-gotten gains and to steal yet more on their way to the enslavement and destruction of the human race, which they are not a part of. I receive regular emails from a Zionist entity named Worldchanger who wants me to declaim against Jews in their entirety so that he and his fellows will have the angle they desire to make the arguments they wish to make for their own survival, but it is not to be. They are going down and many who might not truly deserve it are going with them because they have remained silent; often because of their own profiteering.

We have to speak out against this reptilian community of predatory trolls. They work the gay agenda to protect the concept of beleaguered minorities. They infiltrated and hi-jacked the civil rights movement to give the impression that they are champions of the underdogs. They are presently relocating themselves on the other sides of all of the fences, as they hunt relentlessly for someone else to blame it all on while they take the credit for exposing it and presenting themselves as heroes. As I have brought out before, how many members of the tribe associate Israel with 9/11? Anyone who doesn’t is a gatekeeper and an enemy of the human race. How many of them speak out about the holocaust and the uses to which it has been put? Of them, how many discuss the numbers? Any of them who do not are also enemies of humanity and they had better get a clue soon.

It’s past time to cease to cater to the feelings of a powerful elite that presents itself as a champion of the oppressed, to give the impression that they are members of the oppressed, as they incessantly sell their professional victim mythology to the formerly sleeping masses. They are controlling the money and the information in order to fatten themselves at the public’s expense while they sail away on their big boat of luxury, crying out about their sacrifices for the human race. They murdered the prince of sacrifice because of the very nature of the acts of sacrifice by the prince which preceded it. These acts went contrary to everything they stand for an continue to expect.

They think that now they have reshuffled the deck again and have put a bunch of knobby heads in place to run interference for them. The Apocalypse is not going to permit it. They are screwed and anyone who doesn’t want to be screwed with them had better wake up soon. That luxury boat of the damned is not the only ship sailing.

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