Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation.

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Mukesh Ambani has built (is building) a skyscraper home in Mumbai that is estimated to cost around 2 billion dollars. He’s got the bread to do it so, why shouldn’t he? Steven Schwartzman said Obama was like Hitler invading Poland because of the intention to levy ordinary taxes on private equity funds. Steven Schwartzman also has big houses. You’ll have to do your own surfing for pictures of the palaces. One of them is a 30 million dollar apartment in NYC. Ira Rennert is another conspicuous consumer. Steve may have a billion or two more than Ira but Mukesh has more than four times the wealth of the two of them put together. It goes without saying that either of these men would do anything, literally anything, to have what Mukesh has and they’ve got a lot of company.

Most people don’t understand the mindset of a psychopath. It’s a foreign state to them. They can’t get their heads around being able to operate with a complete lack of conscience and to not actually feel any human emotions, so that it is necessary to mimic them. This is why they are compared to reptiles. One could say that the reptile brain has taken over and/or, they were built that way.

Yesterday I watched Winnebago Man. It was an entertaining film but what stood out for me was what happened when Jack Rebny mentioned Dick Cheney. The director told him that he shouldn’t talk about that. People didn’t want to hear that. Then again, in San Francisco, at a public venue, a woman who was at the event took exception to his mention of Dick Cheney. He only mentioned him once there and not often elsewhere. He was spot on about what he had to say. You don’t hear about it in any of the reviews that I have seen. The message I got is that you don’t talk about politics or politicians in public settings because it’s divisive. Anonymously on the internet is another thing but probably, even there, it’s divisive. It’s divisive to talk about the conspicuous consumption of the rich. That’s class warfare. You’ve all been nicely hosed and now you’re lining up for seconds.

You bent over for Reagan and then you bent over for Bush. They threw Clinton in for the appearance of alternative choices and you bent over for him too. You bent over for the Son of Dracula and then you bent over for 9/11, various wars in the Middle East, Katrina, The poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and a host of other things I don’t need to mention because they’re not that important apparently, because nothing is happening about them. Now you’re bending over for Obama who is bending over for a shitty little country on the other side of the world and who is supported in his posture by an impressive number of politicians, whose first loyalty is not to the country they serve. This comes about when an artificial country is manufactured to give sovereign protections to international bank thievery. It even comes with its own religion, The First Church of Usury.

The reasons for things are often not the reasons that appear at first glance. The loss of jobs in the United States, the rising unemployment and the specter of inflation are not necessarily because of the financial domination of international corporations and the swine that run them. It could well be about making the military an attractive option for everyone who can’t find a job because of the immense profits to be had from warfare. It’s also about cherry-picking certain personality types for police and airport security jobs. This may be simplistic but I’m less concerned with detailing what I have seen than I am that you think in a certain direction.

Culture morphing is a big deal these days because the more confused the public is and the more focused on entertainment and the press to embrace everything and anything as acceptable, the easier it is to control the public. All of this is calculated for effect. Cultures that embrace everything and anything as being acceptable soon cease to exist as a culture. Cultures exist by the maintenance of traditions. It’s one of the reasons people travel to other countries, when they used to be able to do that.

The public, barraged by corporate advertising, those who have already been meticulously dumbed down by the public school system, find it desirable and convenient to follow the corporation’s lead as to what they eat and drink and pretend to make merry about. The only defense for the public is to cease to purchase the goods and services provided by the corporations but that’s just too much for them to think about and they could get into trouble and even be labeled a terrorist, which is just how their overlords want it.

The public can refuse to serve in the military. The public can mass in the streets. The public can storm the public buildings and occasionally do that in other places but not in the United States. The people who have been born into the United States, at this time, came to the party with certain things in mind and the party was planned out for certain results and lessons and... it’s going to be a shitstorm of revelation, whose purpose is to educate them concerning what they believe to be true, in respect of what is actually true. The degree of the severity of the suffering that attends the appearance of the real and the resolution of the unreal, is dependent on the wideness of the gulf between them. When the public cannot motivate itself to become the instrument of change then change is thrust upon them, to the extent that it is necessary for them to become aware of it. Every bit of the suffering in your life comes about because of being, to some degree, out of touch with what is real.

We get deceived by people because we want something. We believe tales that are obvious constructions, due to the fantastic details, because we want to believe that what we want will appear. We go right back to the well again, even years later, when we are told some new tale because we want to believe it. None of us are immune to this. It’s part of life to catch on to the fact that you are being lied to. A lot of the time these things are done for the purpose of amusement. People take pleasure in the ability to mess with other people’s minds. This is what psychopaths do. The critical thing is to catch on quickly and let the lesson remain with you. Lying is the name of the game and they use it because the truth compromises their intentions. We don’t always need to know why people do certain things. We just need to see that they do them.

If you can’t let things go then they will be ripped away from you. If you become enthralled in the passion for one appetite or another it will burn you out. Letting go is not the easiest thing to accomplish because even though you suspect you know how to accomplish it, you can’t seem to go about it effectively. Why is that?

I suspect that good and bad are meaningless except for one important feature; do you learn from the experience? If you have learned something then you have become free of the ignorance that leads people into the experience. Everything in life is about one lesson or another. Some catch on much more quickly than others. For those who do not catch on, it repeats and intensifies until they do. That’s all life is about. Life is about lessons and allowing the lessons to act as a guide. It’s also about finding a guide. This happens when you are observed in your behavior, by certain forces that are on the lookout for that kind of behavior, no matter what kind of behavior it may be.

We get easily confused here. We see bad behavior being rewarded and the contempt that the practitioners hold us in and it shames us that we aren’t more like them. What’s wrong with us? Somehow we got stuck with a moral code that hinders our ability to mutate into full blown assholes that care about no one but themselves. The fact is that we are only seeing one side of the Mobius strip of existence. It’s set up this way and that’s what faith and certitude are all about. You’re not supposed to be absolutely dead certain, though some of us are. You’re supposed to be plagued by doubt to the degree that you are engaged in doubtful enterprise. That is, unless you are a psychopath and then it’s a piece of cake, for awhile.

You see the homes, the many homes, of those with enormous amounts of wealth. They are feted and wined and dined. If they are celebrities they often don’t pay for anything and many of them count on this and look for that advantage, even though they already have more than most of us will. You see the unmitigated greed that screams at the injury of taxation and really believes they are a breed apart. You see that they are getting away with it and something has to be wrong with this picture. You are not seeing the complete picture and there’s a profound addendum to this, which is the peculiar times in which we find ourselves. That is one of the primary reasons for the conspicuous damnation of those who see everything as something to ignore unless they can profit from it.

It’s about the lessons. The better and more quickly you learn your lessons, the quicker your eyes open, in order to see what’s really going on. Eyes can close too and they do, to a terrible end. It is always the moment for personal transformation. We are in that moment, every moment of every day. Seeing this is the key.

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Visible said...

The author would very much appreciate any assistance from any readers, especially in the UK who might help him with a concern about Special K. Imagining my hesitation to mention it should define the importance of it for me.

Anonymous said...

It's a strange Europe Les. Where I live, I can easily get a 55 gallon drum of untaxed ethanol. On the other hand, the vet would undoubtedly report me to the cops if I mentioned K.

There's already a snowstorm here. So much for global warming. I'm going to put an eyedropper full of ether in my cocoa and go to bed.


Pstonie said...

I saw that Mumbai home on the news and they noted that it was built in one of India's very poorest districts. While it was funny how the architect(s) obviously fleeced him, it will be funnier how the poor will know exactly where to find him when the food runs out.

There is a lot for me in this post, specifically:
"If you become enthralled in the passion for one appetite or another it will burn you out. Letting go is not the easiest thing to accomplish because even though you suspect you know how to accomplish it, you can’t seem to go about it effectively. Why is that?"

Recent flare-up of appetites notwithstanding, this hesitation to "jump in" is a problem I've had for as long as I can remember.

Visible said...

I know Tom. It's about to become legal in Sweden for depression and that will spread in a short period of time because there is nothing that comes close to its effectiveness. I speak from experience. Anyway, someone who reads here is in touch with it and I have the rest of it down to a science.

Anonymous said...

Friendly greetings Les.

Some words for thought:

"I always point out that the past five FED Presidents have been Jewish. If I were in Las Vegas and I saw the House draw five aces in a row, I would conclude the deck was stacked.

Now we have their attention. The next step is to explain to them that the Zionists want us to attack Iran so we can LOSE THE WAR and blame the Muslims for the failures of America and not the Zionist looters on Wall Street."


wv: pouniers
"The Rothschilds own the usury bank of England, not the working people of England, i.e. a real life Shylock who only wants to get a pouniers flesh."

horse237 said...


"The Zionists want us to lose the war so Americans can become slaves in the New World Order with no rights, no money and no property (the FED will own all the real estate.) The Hedge funds will own the gold, the international corporations, the media and the government.

We will all become Palestinians. Jerusalem will be the world capitol."


Anonymous said...

i had a night in a old wooden house in a semi tropical neck of the woods when a friend started doing a weird dance and making funny noises when these creatures started coming out of the walls you could feel they were no good i had to pull balls of light out of the back of my neck to throw at them they didn't like that and disappeared this really happened people saw it this vet wasn't the sort that believes the lies enough to report anything

Mouser said...

Innovative approaches to treatment - refractory depression: The ketamine story


GTRman said...

Les I was interested to read your earlier opinions / experiences of Ketamine as a cure for depression.

Ive done it once or twice for hedonistic reasons, and whilst being in a "novel" new state for a while I found it to be synthetic and "false".

I realise you are talking about a much more respectful use of this compound, but ,in the UK its use or should I say abuse is very widespread, especially among the gay scene ( cheaper than coke ) and the "traveller" (dreadlock variety) crowd. ( cheaper than smack )

I know a few people amongst the latter crowd, and apparently heavy use of K is causing a lot of urinary / bladder conditions, one young man has apparently lost all bladder control.

Ketamine and the new "designer" drug compounds, (miow miow etc ) is in very widespread "recreational " use here in UK.

As a person with depressive tendencies I am intrigued, though.

Visible said...


Like I said, it's abundantly present and therefore should be no problem for me once an intrepid soul is found. I hope everyone reading here intuits the use of email. Sometimes weird shit happens in the comments section (grin).

Yes, I am aware of those problems and that people drink while making use, which is a big no no and which also defeats the purpose. I know about excessive use. When I heard about the amounts I was stunned. My own experiences now 2.5 years on up the road have been exclusively positive and I've none of those complaints. There seems to be a middle line that is workable all round. I've also got very good karma with this sort of action. Those observing my employment of energies at the time would understand the reason for this.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, les.

People drink with everything and then it becomes poisoned/tainted. Especially heave drinking. Liquor and such. It changes everything. Mentally, physically and psychologically. (bladders included)

Even the electric Kool-aid was distorted and at least to me, an insult to the process.

Anonymous said...

Les the best S&M yet! Wow you got many of the themes youve been workin on for sometime now all glued together!

Just wanted to thank you for many things man, non need to be posted here, Ill just say them and youll hear me.

Ive been saying for somethime that your psychopaths are real but we are all psychopath if we so choose, dont cast off the lesser for the greater harm they do, without them many wouldnt awake up at all?

Its not about victory or winning a battle to free others, thats a psychopath's hope. Its all under control and far be it for us to know why.

Say the nov 11 thing is really getting turned up in volume around here, the yemen and mamia "stargate" ideas are coming to the surface. Hope people remember the power and wonder of the mother earth and dont fall for the aleins are coming story. A great lesson will be shown to all that ask. A tale of grace and wonder under our stary skys, and not the end time nor "great change," just a new face to look at and love! In as little as a few thousand years all will be back to this day again, what really should we take from this lesson?

Love Your Life

Love Your Life

Love Your Life

Dave Klausler said...


That is all.

Anonymous said...

worship of riches
thousand pound pens
a watch for a million
the cost of dead men
price ever cheaper
life sacrificed
to death cult images
dominating lies
existential victims
manipulated needs
by those inside
whos love was greed
the seed of the selfless
harmony taken
the earth hurt
been death cult laden.


Anonymous said...

Bombshell video.

Alan Greenspan admits to fraud and criminal activity at Jekyll Island conference.



Peter said...

Anonymous Alcoholic asserts that "people drink with everything". Wrong, Mr Booze Junkie. I have never drunk alcohol in my life, hence my brain is the same size it was 40 years ago, unlike yours which will have shrunk to half its original size. Don't take my word for it you drunken slob, check it out on the Internet. And congratulations for making bottle brain damage manufacturers the rulers of the world. Sorry, Les, but I've got to tell it how it is.

European American said...

I hope it was China that launched it in our back yard. "You gonna' fuck wid us? You bedda' paa uz back, watt U O uz, O else!"

America, the most creative country in the world, has dropped to the bottom of the shit pot. I hope we get exactly what we deserve. May it be swift, lethal and shocking, so those who survive will NEVER forget the damage our actions have had on the rest of the world.

Now leave me alone and just let me go back to sleep.

Pstonie said...

That's hardly an admission of anything, but quite a spot of luck for Greenspan's guys. Presumably we can now pay them to regulate away a fraction of the banks for us. Like a lizard casting off its tail, or a reptile taking out the competition maybe.

Anonymous said...

Les, please post your personal key

Anonymous said...

equality freedom
yearning for paradise
turning learning
observing to actualise
expressions revolving
involving revitalise
intergrating in all
supressed untill realised
open eyes mankind
supression of aspects
regress's universal
creative concepts
that effects societal
and falsifys precepts
the common mind
unless psychopathic
just protests and reject's


Anonymous said...

Peter, very aptly named.
What's your middle name? Dick?

Perhaps you should get a drink or two. That way you might even have a clue to "how it is."
For someone who has "never drunk alcohol in my life" you sure do have some strong feelings on the matter. Strange..

Well I don't drink either. I haven't for years.. but I did though for quite a while. Alcohol distorts to a negative degree by proportion every other drug you use with it.
It overpowers all of them deleteriously if used to excess and even in moderation sullies the effects noticeably.

Alcohol is a monstrously destructive agent whether you, a tea tee-toteler, think it is or not.

Rather odd in fact. A tee-toteler who uses such 100 proof language and so undisciplined at that.

Who'd a thunk it?

Visible said...


I don't know what a personal key is. You can tell me or email me lesvisible@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I think he meant a public key.
thats simply a number/string of characters you give out to everyone that they use to scramble (encrypt) the email (or whatever).
you have kept the private key and dont give this to anyone.
anyone can scramble, but only the holder of the private key can unscramble.
lookup public key cryptography, or pretty good privacy.
AFAIK all non encrypted communications are being monitored., but who cares maybe?
the security lies in the difficulty of finding the nth root of a large number (nth being the private key to guess for, as the message is raised to the power of the public key to scramble it into this large number). though when they get quantum computers, this might be an easy thing to do.(but like radar in WWII they will keep it a secret while they can).

Roger Waters - It All Makes Perfect Sense "why do I have to keep reading all these technical manuals"

Visible said...

Wow!! I've never gotten close to anything like that but I do have a hushmail account. I suppose if he writes me at my main address I can send him that.

nina said...

Before I run off to Mouser's link, I just wanted to say this essay ranks right up there with Waves on the Water, Worlds in the Sea. That means you are crystal clear and completely on top of your game. It also means I'm giving you the highest compliment I know how.

I trust things will work out for you Visible. We all need armor to survive. Everywhere is war, disaster, misery, lies, BS, hunger, vanity.

Anonymous said...

reflectional momentary
universal synchronism
focal projectional
intuning intuition
cosmic revitalising
in pressing sequencies
solar in magnetised
dimensional frequencies
vibrational patterns
equilibrium cultivating
consciously rooted
harmony liberating


nina said...

..neil.., do you think its just a coincidence your 10 lines of two words and two lines of three words, each word heavy with visuals, came eight minutes after my comment? That one was really meaningful, I might have to post it. You are continuing the theme begun in the early hours of our collective first lights. Thank you. >one love<

Anonymous said...

"Coercive utopia was an attempt at total control. It was based on the misguided notion that a political system could deine the totality of life, condition the individual completely, and a legitimate a system of permanent rule with a mysterious insight - through their dogma - into the meaning of life.

Permissive cornucopia creates the illusion that one's life is under control through the self-deceptive assumption that self-gratification is the exercise of control. In fact, it creates a condition in which the dynamic escalation of desire for sensual and material pleasure becomes the dominant cultural reality. Morally infused choice becomes irrelevant. In the context of worldwide political awakening and of the simultaneous reality of massive socioeconomic disparities, the foregoing hardly foreshadows the emergence of a gloally shared and unifying political ethic."

Z. Brzezinski

Anonymous said...

"The tribe" gets more than their fair share of the loot, but in exchange, they have to take the credit. The Indian guy is not a Jew, American gentile families like the Cargills and Waltons dwarf Jewish fortunes, and you've still got countless Habsburgs, "Windsors" and Thurn und Taxis running around.

Go look for a photo gallery of a big charity event in New York City. Notice all the obscure, non-Jewish ultra-rich, and wonder why we hear so much about the Rothschilds, and nothing about the world's shipping and raw material empires, the dope trade, European banks, etc.

Les, do yourself a favor and read Lyndon LaRouche's "Dope, Inc." and the article "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites."

ChewyBees said...

So I was going to write some of my usual brand of poser prophecy, but I came across 2 comments that looked like they belonged on a Yahoo! comments board.

One of the greatest things that Les and others constantly elude to is that no one person deserves to be any more than anyone else. When a rich man stands in his mansions thousands live in squat holes surrounded by guns. When one man points his finger and calls out others, acting as if he had the right to cast the first stone, then all mankind suffers.

If you've abstained from one brand of bullshit or another, then congratulations, but don't act as if you are the second coming of wisdom and everyone else that hasn't lived up to your Life of Brian, err Peter, is a (shhh) sinner. Try an ounce of compassion, or psychopaths forbid, love.

If you are just dying to see the beauty that is earth and mankind go up in a hellish ball of flame, then make it personal and quit including the rest of us in your psychopathic manifestations. Do you 2 even read the post, or just go to the comments to see what kind of fear, anger and hatred you can bring up?

I know it's hard. I know it's easier to lash out than love. But the people that are here are hardly the FU gimme your wallet types.

If you're having trouble determining what love is, since TV and most media make it into a sexual deviancy, just apply it to what you may know. If you know what is evil (evol) than that is not love. If it is not love than it is neutral or evol. hurting others with intent or not is evol. They may forgive you but you still are responsible for forgiving yourself, and ultimately that requires repentance. Crossed sticks and juice and cookie aren't going to do it. Only you can.

est said...

as far as i can tell

we are here be-cause
of the universe

the other way around

we are on a planet
spinning round a sun

we are tiny
in comparison

sort of like a fruit fly
we live we fly we die


we've flown into space
and dove down the sea

but still we can't
can't stop

that thing
in 'the keep'

Anonymous said...

'bout dat alleged missile...

1. 'Twas, in fact, and the US Military, which, can, reveal whether one has several or more fillings in one's teeth from beyond the pale (blue sky), i.e., space, has yet again, claimed, that they can not determine what/where/when this thing is or was launched from. I even read an early comment in one rag that a spokesperon said, "...oh, that's a very popular spot for these kinds of launches..."

2. 'Twasn't any such thing...just...another...scrap...of...a...visual...caught...on...TV camera...

What could this mean? I posit this for wiser heads to ponder: if it was condition 1 = 'twas courtesy of a certain Dolphin Class submarine recently sent to deliver a particular message to a wavering dog, by its tail end, now wagging furioursly. Or, if 'twas Condition 2 = watch out, watch out...

Either way, it is a message that bodes ill...for the people of the USA and of the World.

Make your peace with The Lord, and find a bit of LOVE in your hearts for those most in need...and, nil desperandum.

God bless one and all.

pax verbum

V. Ais said...

Les, I'll repost the message I just posted, this time using my google account so you can better trust I'm not trolling you. I won't reveal my name though (telling these things to a doctor would just about seal my doom; I'm still not living on the street, as I write, etc).

Les, I haven't been following your blog and especially not the comments section very regularly, but recent events in my life make me want to know: do you know if there are any easy ways (usable by people not millionaires or working for a government) to protect one's own thoughts from distant reading that's being done in some cases, on some people, by secret services using, I think, satellites? I'm not sure if you were aware of this, but they can even speak to your mind (so those voices you may have heard may have been some Mossad operative playing tricks on you). They can also use everyone with a brain and at least one eye as a mobile spy camera.

Some other things they can do: they can put thoughts in your mind (better not to be impulsive), I believe they can stop your heart or cause a cancer (with a satellite?). Do you know more? Obviously, I'm particularly interested in ways to protect one's self from such intervention and spying.


Visible said...

hk; This sort of thing has been going on for a long time; a very long time. The universe is thought born and everything is mind.

For me personally, I not only believe the divine exists, I know it beyond any and all doubt. My difficulties with the interplay have to do with failure to recognize control and intent. This is why faith is so important.

Because this is my way I have the shield of the divine which reflects back upon any source what it, itself is projecting and according to intensity it is done automatically and frees up the individual from messing with complex and powerful forces. Lots of alpha types think they have the will for it but the will comes from one location only, ever... confusion emerges when the will is compromised for personal intent. both seeming good and seeming bad.

It's not a good idea to be an alpha type because you will come up against it. Much better to find a guide and teacher. I speak as someone who has any number of these capacities available and the good fortune of mind not to use them except as they are used in automatic fashion.

The whole world is magic, hocus pocus. All wars are magical wars and everything is under control and the sorcerers are headed where they are headed.

Here is a simple technique. When a thought enters your head, snort and kick it out. Keep doing it until you understand what it is that you are doing. Keep your focus on the higher mind of any version you so choose that is the best representation for you and let your heart be the flame that warms your thoughts and you will get help.

Everyone is either in the home court or seduced. There may be some free rangers but that doesn't apply here.

Visible said...


"Seeing this is the key."

Last line of the post. It just occurred to me that it is about something else. It's a good lesson to learn, "I don't know." It comes around to me sometimes with the frequency of my breathing... and I don't know. That's actually so. People concretize things and they have to be broken up because they are not eternal and so it goes. This is the very short version (grin)

My personal key is to seek and to practice the presence of the divine.

Anonymous said...

Very fine last thought there, les.

The free ranger(s) comment.

There are exception(s) to the rule but they are indeed just that.

This always reminds me of Lord Shiva.
The ultimate exception.

Thanks for reminding me..

Anonymous said...

Visible, I'm at a loss. WTF can we do. This is gone too far.
I either want to retire from being a living human being to punch everyone I see in the nose.
I saw my local news channel about the body scanner vs patted down method at airports. I read it this morning also. Now the complaints from Pilot unions about this and how in the world can this get stopped if we don't get to the root of the 9/11 murders!
I really want to check out right now or punch my corporate snake oil salesman of a boss in the nose too.
I'm about to just quit everything, stop paying my car, my credit cards, my student loans, have cero cash and hope somewhere something can sustain my family. or else how can I keep living in the world of a lie. I feel like 2 people and they;re fighting constantly. Which one wins today. Usually it's the darker aspect but I will take your suggestion Les on stopping those thoughts over and over.
I'm just so mad. Want to explode. it's too much for those awake. it's too painful.
Sorry for this self pity pot.
I'm sure tomorrow, it will change and things more hopeful.
I got nobody to blame but myself but I'm mad at everybody else right now.
Love, Debbie,

Mark said...

More on stones…

The culprit in the development of stones is highly mineralized water. I used to live in a part of Arizona that only offered tap water full of grit. So about three years ago, I started distilling water with a Love water distiller. It was amazing to see what it left behind. By the way, even “purified” water contains flouride, because the particles are so small they go through the filter. Distilled is the only way to go. If you want some really beneficial water, add a very small amount (1 tablespoon to 5 gallons) of 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide. It will provide much needed oxygen to the system. What’s nice about distilling your own water is you can use it to make colloidal silver, assuming you have a generator. Maybe we should all throw something into the pot for Cool Hand, who needs to stay healthy, because his job has only just begun!

Anonymous said...

nina,it must be one of them universal synchro whatever they are thingmy's,they pop up from time to time,or they may always be there and we may happen to get a peak or something,I dont know,but whatever is feels good..neil

DaveS said...

Les and gang,

Another beautiful, cold and wintery Colorado day. As much as I wish everyone could enjoy it, I'm glad they aren't all living next door to me :)

"I suspect that good and bad are meaningless except for one important feature; do you learn from the experience? If you have learned something then you have become free of the ignorance that leads people into the experience. Everything in life is about one lesson or another. Some catch on much more quickly than others. For those who do not catch on, it repeats and intensifies until they do. That’s all life is about. Life is about lessons and allowing the lessons to act as a guide."

Nicely put.

The glass is always half empty or half full, depending on how you choose to see it, is my take on life.

Drove over McClure pass last night in practically a whiteout, what an experience! There is something quite magical about being the solo driver on a dark wintery road. Focuses me like these times are focusing me.

It's like we're living in the middle of a white out of lies, trying to keep the our souls on the road. Challenging, but also fun. That I think is the most important part of the puzzle to remember; Laugh!

Enjoy the absurdity of this world, laugh at the psychopaths, smile at the haters and keep praying to Pan. Eventually, with a wee bit more work, we'll laugh and dance and sing our way into a new lifetime. We owe this not just to the future, but also to the past.

Smile peacefully
wv: melca... The pilgrims were on a trip to Melca where they hoped to find some clean drugs :)

And a p.s. – Les (and everyone else) I wish you luck obtaining your alternate perspective. Everyone should try traveling thru inner space – it's nice to have a trip to that other side of the mirror where they watch us humans taking ourselves so seriously, and laugh. Hee Hee

Anonymous said...

Les --

I watched a great program on PBS last night about dog domestication. They determined with DNA that ALL dogs are descended from the silver wolf, with whom they share 99.8 the same genes. Then they determined the best test to determine "dogness." Simple test -- you point at something and if the animal picks up your cue and goes to the object pointed at it is a domesticated dog. Monkeys always fail this test as do all wolves. Dogs from 5 weeks on always pick up the cues.

Then they showed a study by the Russians. Over a period of 50 years they selectively bred silver foxes. Each generation they selected for breeding the foxes that were most centered and tame. After the 7th generation the foxes were domesticated, responded to human affection and were able to follow pointing cues. They also developed floppy ears, cute tails and variant color patterns. They also tried to domesticate silver wolves by bringing them up by humans. When the wolves reached 3 months old they reverted to wild behavior and could not respond to pointing cues.

It takes 7 generations to breed out psychopathic behavior.


Anonymous said...


Im the alpha type, and yes I run into the alpha side of people and problems, I sometimes look for it too? Its quite easy to be full of myself and ready to act on my will alone. To some degree, this is a gift that I can share at the right times, say helping others in times of need, but it can blind me to the divine.

"Here is a simple technique. When a thought enters your head, snort and kick it out. Keep doing it until you understand what it is that you are doing. Keep your focus on the higher mind of any version you so choose that is the best representation for you and let your heart be the flame that warms your thoughts and you will get help."

I havent tried to snort, but youre right, clear the mind and listen to the heart, and WOW!

Other then words from other kind and loving beings, my heart is the best source to the divine.

A few friends of mine that arent alpha types have this cool soft voice that surrounds them and my heart can hear it. Its weird, alphas seems to be giving of energy to affect the world around them, but really they are feeding of other peoples reactions and energy. Once I figured that out, I stop having to make everything an alpha battle?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...


OMG! You stated, "We get easily confused here. We see bad behavior being rewarded and the contempt that the practitioners hold us in and it shames us that we aren’t more like them. What’s wrong with us? Somehow we got stuck with a moral code that hinders our ability to mutate into full blown assholes that care about no one but themselves."

Damn your good bro. I had to read that twice.


Anonymous said...

I was wrong to tell you when to cry and when not to. I’m right to tell you that you need to cry sometimes and you do it whenever you damn well please because that is what crying is for. As far as the rest of that stuff goes, I don’t have a good answer. We have chosen our sides. We want to save everyone and do all the right things while we only have two hands to do it with. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. The good guys and the bad guys swim in the same shit; we try and push some of the people out while they try and pull everyone in with them. No one is ever good enough for what matters most to them. Staying on the right side of all this twisted business is the real victory. When you stop disliking it and questioning it and wishing you could do everything for everybody that means you are going over to be one of them, like the assholes who took off out of here and left the others to die. Nothing we do is because we just don’t care anymore or because we only care about ourselves. I took no pleasure in using a garbage truck to clear the bodies of our fallen heroes, but I didn’t complain either. Yes, it was a coldhearted bastard thing to do but it needed to be done because we are in this for the long war and we don't have the luxury of our best soldiers getting parades and ticker tape funerals.

- Fastillion

John C (UK) said...

I don't know where I am, but i'd like to quote a couple of poems if that is OK, they make sense and resonate with me.

Somebody said that it couldn't be done,
But, he with a chuckle replied
That "maybe it couldn't" but he would be one
Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.

So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done, as he did it.

Somebody scoffed: "Oh, you'll never do that;
At least no one we know has done it";
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat,
And the first thing we knew he'd begun it.

With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
There are thousands to prophesy failure;
There are thousands to point out to you, one by one,
The dangers that wait to assail you.

But just buckle right in with a bit of a grin,
Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start to sing as you tackle the thing
That cannot be done, and you'll do it


1 0f 4

John C (UK) said...

For life is the mirror of king and slave.
’Tis just what you are and do;
Then give to the world the best you have,
And the best will come back to you.

2 of 3

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't;
If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost a cinch you won't;
If you think you'll lose, you've lost,
For out in the world you'll find
Success begins with a fellow's will—
It's all in the state of mind.

"Full many a race is lost
Ere even a race is run,
And many a coward fails
Ere even his work's begun.
Think big, and your deeds will grow,
Think small and you fall behind,
Think that you can, and you will;
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are;
You've got to think high to rise;
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life's battle doesn't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later, the man who wins
Is the fellow who thinks he can.

3 of 4

John C (UK) said...

"I knew his face the moment that he passed
Triumphant in the thoughtless, cruel throng—
I gently touched his arm—he smiled at me—
He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be!

"Where I had failed, he'd won from life, Success;
Where I had stumbled, with sure feet he stood;
Alike—yet unalike—we faced the world,
And through the stress he found that life was good.

And I? The bitter wormwood in the glass,
The shadowed way along which failures pass!
Yet as I saw him thus, joy came to me—
He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be!

"We did not speak. But in his sapient eyes
I saw the spirit that had urged him on,
The courage that had held him through the fight
Had once been mine. I thought, 'Can it be gone?'

He felt that unasked question—felt it so
His pale lips formed the one-word answer, 'No!'
"Too late to win? No! Not too late for me—
He is the Man that Still I Mean to Be!"

and the best for last;

"To every man there openeth
A way, and ways, and a way.
And the high soul climbs the high way,
And the low soul gropes the low:
And in between, on the misty flats,
The rest drift to and fro.
But to every man there openeth
A high way and a low, And every man decideth
The way his soul shall go."


I am lost people, i know what is right but nobody that I know does, very sad.

ravenise said...

Urgent! Ken O'keefe and fellow aid workers have been taken hostage on a Greek ship. Apparently the convoy was set up to believing the captain would help them deliver the aid, things have gotten out of hand...

Kens text messages chronologically listed:

"stand off using our bodies on the back of the ship."

"We now have about 8 of our brothers and one vehicle on the back ramp as the captain is lifting it. Our vehicle is on the verge of sliding down the ramp and slamming into deck."

"Now the captain is threatening to leave without us despite 75,000 dollars being paid to his agent for the charter of this ship. We are on the verge of a" (end of text transmission)

"We are being forcefully taken out of the harbour with the captain going crazy ordering the ship to leave!!!"

Ellie Merton claims: "EMERGENCY - the Greek ship Captain's gone nuts. He's had a row with the Egyptian agent who was passing over the charter payment. Instead of waiting till morning, the Greek Captain has yanked the ship off moorings, with 10 Convoyers and some Libyan police already onboard. They are hostages now. Captain ploughing on out of Derna port. Very dangerous."
This all has occurrence in the past hour or so, and the main stream media is refusing to air any information regarding the situation. If you are a friend of Ken O'keefe on facebook you can keep up to date with his text messages there."

Ken "captain still crazy, has rammed the dock and nearly another ship. Call the media, have them call my Libya mobile 0020918020981"

BREAKING NEWS: 10 Aid Workers Held Hostage on Greek Owned Ship

Most recent article:

Greek Ship Captain Threatens to Leave the Gaza Road to Hope Convoy

It sounds quite dangerous. Please, send your prayers and positive energy to Ken and his crew! If I come across any new information I will keep you informed.

You can add ken on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/1worldcitizen?v=wall

ravenise said...

Ken O'keefe, 7 minutes ago: "The captain has left the harbour, we are 10 captives."

GTRman said...

Gong "And You Tried So Hard"

Mike in Lansing said...

"The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation"

I really like that turn of phrase. My mind goes a-spinnin' trying to comprehend it. But I like it.

In an alternate reality, this was the working title for the album collaboration between the Moody Blues and Alice Cooper.

New Reader said...

Personally, I say comparing psychopathic "humans" to reptiles is an insult to reptiles......

Reptiles are known to be affectionate to trusted humans for the sake of human company. Turtles will play ball, crocs will turn their heads for a neck scratch. Snakes will turn on a beloved "master's" killer*.

*In the last case, I remember a show where a man kept hundreds of snakes of dozens of different species, some venomous, some constrictors. He kept no tops on their cages. They roamed about freely in his basement. He was murdered in a botched burglary. The robber came back after the cops left with the body and was killed in the basement by the snakes. He literally had hundreds of envenoming bites and was crushed to death. This was AFTER the cops went into the basement to look around with not a single injury to speak of. One of the cops actually picked up the several non-venomous snakes and placed them into their cages. The animal control handler couldn't make it until the following day. The snakes were totally docile and non-aggressive toward the cops.

The dead robber was identified from hairs and blood. The snakes simply disappeared after-wards.

Whatever the Psychopaths are, they ain't reptiles. Heck, I don't know WHAT they are. No animal species I've seen compares with them.

wv: "infic"

"infic it's all gone weird ain'tit?"

Mark said...

To Debbie

"I either want to retire from being a living human being to punch everyone I see in the nose."

I understand the anger. I deal with it too. Because you look with disbelief at what people have become. I usually wind up feeling lucky for not being like them.

As for retiring as a human being, this world needs all the human beings it can get, so I hope you will reconsider. Because we need you and people like you, and will need you even more in the fullness of time.

If you "punch out" now, then they win. Because it's what they want you to do, and they are enjoying the pain you are feeling.
And it's not your fault, by the way, and you have someone to blame. Because the things which make you furious and full of despair were done to make you and everyone else feel that way. It's what they live for, and it puts a smile on their face.

My only advice is, don't give them what they want. I for one do not believe they are going to win anything.

Anonymous said...

The rothschilds dwarf the Cargills. I happen to know one of the Mcmillans and I know exactly what they have...

European American said...

She describes, in perfect detail, exactly how I've been relating to the world this week.

WaitingOntheWoo said...

Today, in spite of all the chaotic energy on our little floating rock, and all the worrisome things that must pass, I feel really...amused, hopeful and with a knowledge that we really do know nothing and everything is taken care of.
Yesterday, on my walk, I discovered something that I had heard about but dismissed as quackery by that annoying "power of positive thinking" crowd:) I discovered that it really was possible to make clouds disappear with our minds. I know...but I'll be damned if its not true! I did it with one, then another and another until I got tired..everytime the same result..after a few minutes of concetration there was only blue sky left where I had been focusing. I don't know what it means or what purpose it serves other than helping me to realize that if this is possible, what else can we do? If this interests you at all then check out some info...http://www.neilslade.com/cloud.html
It was so effortless and easy and anyone can do it. If I did it, obviously there is no "level" that you need to attain. It is not a spiritual thing, but the simple power of our brains that has been hidden from us. The thing that watching TV kills. Someone said here once that watching TV is like taking a can of black spraypaint to our third eye. We should recognize that we are being assaulted.
My point in sharing this is that I keep hearing the phrase "Things that you thought were impossible are now possible" (did Les say that?)...and I'm not saying this is new..apparently it's been alluded to for a while...
Go outside and start plugging in more if you're not already. I have a feeling interesting times are here and who knows what the possibilities are and what hidden abilities may be awoken within us. Plug in, praise God, and get ready for the ride!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I read through the comment list to your most recent blog. I'm clueless as to where 90% of these commentators' heads are at.

I don't know man..... the Artic winter is bearing down on me and I have no plans. It's too bad that humans can't hibernate. A Winter sleep would be nice; followed by Spring flowers and the smell of hope.

Tom frum Estonia

Anonymous said...

To: hk (l:54 PM)
Strange coincidence here. I happened to be reading your comment while listening to a recent Stephen Lendman radio show which was discussing surveillance and remote control of targeted individuals. The guest on the show was Derrick Robinson. His website is www.freedomfchs.com. Maybe you could get some useful information there.
M. Rocknest (Em)

Pstonie said...

That's a good point, New Reader. We should remember that we are actually (probably) evolved from reptiles ourselves. It's convenient to call them something, though. My pet term for them is mammonites, but I believe the accepted academic description is cunts, though that offends genitals by association and makes puritans shrivel up. Maybe we should source a new term or someone knows a really appropriate one from the old school.

We should probably also look into puritan shriveling as a source of alternative energy.

WRH 11.11.10 Mike Rivero said...

"Note that even back then, "Anti-Semite" was hurled at people who opposed the wars on Zionism's enemies, in this case Germany, which had not collapsed from the boycott imposed by the world's bankers to force Hitler back into using a private central bank for the public currency."

I don't want to generalize or to jump on any band wagons, but is it not possible that the "history" of the II WW is just as fake as 9/11?
That would mean maybe Hilter is jst a man painted black by the MSM and MS historians who did the same thing to Sadam Hussein in the name of megemony.

Stop. Think. We seen this all before recently.

I have zero faith in MS history.

The II WW and the man of Hitler are probably COMPLETELY different than the MS history we have been taught in school.


P.S. The Red Cross stated in writing in 1949 that a total of 366,000 jews died in the work camps during WW2 by way of disease and starvation. There were no reports of any gas chambers whatsoever.

Mark said...

You gotta check this out.

Go to Rense and click on:

German people beat 17,000 cops in DU protest

V. Ais said...

Thanks for the response, Les. I doubt you are correct, but in the same breath I suppose your focus is otherwise right. The important thing is to be, or become, good.


Thanks for that link, Rocknest. I don't know how accurate the explanations and history explained there, but some of the technologies certainly exist. I will comment more if I have more to comment after I have read more.

Anonymous said...

Just thinkin out loud.

Psychopaths are common to humans yes? Many here keep trying to put these Psychopaths into some system or class. Not sure why, as if it matters if we are the Psychopaths or "they" are?

Ive been lookin at it this a way for a few years and Im not saying to even near right.

Humans, dogs, turtles, birds, what ever, are all forms of divine will, a soul. Not sure what is and isnt a soul,not important here. These life forms have form and life by choosing to be here on this earth or maya.

At some point or as a product of being human, people begain to grow a bond with this maya and place. Again not important here.

At a fixed point in time, these beings that linked their will to earth became test tube babies for another lifeform, but one not linked to this earths vibs. Not sure how or why, again not important.

The outcome of this event is call modern man. His is both natural and a Psychopath.

Learn to deal with your our psychopathic ways and stop worring about others problems. In this way, over time, we will return to a earthly from. Look up the word yoga, it means to clean the body. Clean it of your psycho form?

Love Your Life

V. Ais said...

From the "what to do" page:


I personally suspect the UV sun glasses advice is a good one, to make it more difficult for them to see through your eyes. I remember my father at some point offering me his apparently expensive sun glasses, and I ended up using them instead of my own. Some weird bits of conversation preceded that gift-giving, too.

Another good bit of advice might be using the "misty water" device or an equivalent, since water absorbs micro-wave radiation. I have used a similar device to keep the air humid during winter, and have noticed the temperature inside the apartment becoming strangely hot (could've just been the heated water though).

Pstonie said...


I think it is important to know how they operate. Their system is largely voluntary, yes, but they use lies to sell it. They actively shove this shit in our faces and tell us it will solve all our problems, and so we have to learn to identify what crap disguised as a solution looks like. Fighting them won't help, I agree, but resistance is crucial if we have any hope of escaping their system.

I also agree that we have a measure of this same evil inside ourselves as well as the potential to become just like them if we're not careful, but in my opinion avoidance is not possible without identification.

Anonymous said...


Yep it seems correct to see others actions as the identification of what to do and what not, but you might find doing that will only force u to struggle at others hands?

I agree, we need to show people the shit being pushed but you and I both are shoving some level of shit out too.

By lookin within, we can stop pushing and start giving freely and naturaly. Push, force, want, make, all these are psychopathic actions when hoping to deal with another person?

Helping people is tricky, you have to not be involved in their world to really help them, or youd just be pushin more shit in their face that they already had, have?

Once you help yourself, your really done with the heavy lifting. Just keeping yourself for wants and pushing can take up the rest of your time, and thats all good brother! Thats the struggle psychopath push on us?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

armistice day
with afghan poppys
murdered children
oligarchal profits
lining of the pockets
of the worshipper of pig
warmonger sacrificer
genasidal dig
and dysfunction and mayhem
degenerating indigineous
with frustration and developement
that serves only corporate interest
divide the whole equal
but no one owns paradise
the everlasting all around us
equal is all life


Anonymous said...

armistice feathers
olives and poppys
moments of peace
and war mongers profits
images of death
deranging paradise
death cult constructions
manifested in lies
disconnected from truth
murdering theiving
deception and hatred
swagger in feeding
inbreeding itself
down it will fall
crumble and wither
death cult's rule.


Terrance said...

The psychos are only looking out for number one and they want the rest of us to step in number two!

Anonymous said...

for the technically intent.

this one shows how to configure a popular open source email program, Mozilla's Thunderbird to use PGP to do encrypted emails.


noting that blogger.com is not encrypted (http...), but the comments section is (https...) . so thanks to google for that one but https for the main blog would be appreciated (it doesnt work with https).

more paranoid people will investigate the TOR network and TORChat and email. (and other onion router type networks) the navy developed it and the government rues the day it got out.

click click bing bing

Anonymous said...

maybe better than a tin foil hat, a faraday cage
and new technology to make clothing do the same thing.
nanotech techno burqua?


or go live in a cave where Osama(rhymes with Obama) Laden cant be found.


V. Ais said...

My previous message about sun glasses etc now seems more embarrassing than anything. I'm sure the page I linked to has good advice mixed with disinfo. A mylar or aluminum covered space would probably insulate from most interference (experimenting with my cell phone, that would seem to be the case). Personally I've only tried aluminum though, as I don't have a very clear idea where and in what form I can get "mylar" (recommended to me through hints by a certain person I can trust, but I'm not a native speaker and maybe different things are sold where I live, at least under different names if it's the same things). I would appreciate any more advice on these things, preferably as clear and personally tested as possible. Magnets, for example, do they work? I tend to have trouble finding anything useful when I shop for it in real life, and I can't trust the mail to bring me what I ordered (one such case so far, and the mail is normally absolutely infallible in this country).

V. Ais said...

This one about carbon *sounds* good:

Apropos your call for shielding techniques, I want to bring your attention to the element, carbon. This is the only element that will stop all forms of directed energy weapons. For years, I used aluminum "blankets" and sheet metal to disrupt electronic weapons. I still keep these in place for general, added protection. However, a year ago, the perps started using a more sophisticated form of technology that cuts through the shields. Since then, the attacks have been directed almost solely to my eyes. So far, about 20% of my eyesight has been destroyed. And, note that eye tissue does not regenerate. Caterachs will surely follow.

The government uses "carbon paint" to seal conference rooms against surveillance, etc. Taking my cue from this, I fabricated what I call a "carbon mask." This is a typical sleeping mask sold at any drug store. First, spray the outside face with a primer. Allow to dry for 24 hours to avoid breathing fumes while sleeping. Next, smash a single charcoal bricqet in a plastic bag until dust. Then, spray enamel paint on the primed surface, and put the dust on the paint. After covering the whole front side of the mask, spray again with the enamel to anchor the dust. Allow to dry for 24 hours, then repeat so you have 2 coats of carbon paint.

Later, I made another one using 4" wide silicon carbide sandpaper, which proved even more effective. It also has a natural curve that wraps around the face comfortably. You can purchase this in the form of a sanding belt for belt sanders (4"X24") at your local building supply store. You need to cut out a area for the nose. Make a pattern from cardboard.

Initially, the perfs didn't know what to make of my new found shield. They sure as hell weren't happy about it! I would defiantly face the window where they launched their most effective attacks. They tried frontal attacks with the power turned up to max, which merely used up their battery faster, frustrating them even more. The carbon converted the energy to heat. But as we vics all know, all victories are short-lived. The maggots figured out that they could direct the energy beam UNDER the mask. Furthermore, they have refined the technique by turning the power down low, so as to preclude immediate detection, which takes several minutes. You can tell by closing you eyes tightly: it feels like you have something in your eye, like a particle of sawdust. That's when I adjust position. But, the damage, though incremental, accumulates. Nevertheless, without this advance in my defenses, I would surely be blinded or nearly so by now. Frankly, it is little consolation to know that these bastards are going to burn in Hell. I need my eyesight now!

Here is a few words about carbon paint. Yes, you can make your own, and your should. Commercial carbon paint runs $100 per gallon, plus S&H. The "base" paint is plain old acrylic latex house paint. Carbon dust from charcoal bricquets is mixed in until fully black. The problem is producing the dust! Many types of equipment are used, including coffee grinders. There's even a web site that discusses this in minute detail, as horticulturists use carbon dust as a soil additive. Remember--you need two coats.

Carbon shielding stops all energy waves, everywhere, all the time. If I had the resources and time, I would line one room in the house with two coats, rugs over floor paint, and some kind of carbon painted covering like canvass over windows. With this arrangement, you could just "kick back" and forget the Nazi perps. This may be particularly suitable in a situation where targets have moved in together. To save time, money and mats, you could just shield little cubby hole type sleeping places like are common on submarines, trailors and boats.


Anonymous said...

hk, you're mentally ill and also don't know good advise when it is offered to you. I don't know if you are gaming the system here because it looks like that too but otherwise you're off your rocker.


DancingSpider said...

Just had to pitch in on behalf of HK--I strongly urge you to check out
ethericwarriors(dot)com. You can find great advice about how to protect yourself physically with products like a zapper, succour punch and orgonite. Also beyond physical protection these folks work in the etheric realm-click on the predator blasting techniques link to take you to Done by Dooneys site. There are numerous stories by the posters that share experiences of attacks like yours that might relieve you to know you are not alone in your suffering, as well as give you effective tools to fight back.

Adrien your comment was just nasty and unhelpful. Psychic warfare is real and your rude insult to HK was ignorant.

Another great website to further one's education about the psychopathic parasites that feed off the masses is


Hang in there HK and try not to stay in victim frame of mind, that's what they count on. We all have innate power and it is better to be proactive than defensive. Best wishes.

Aho Mitaukuye Oyasin~All My Relations

Visible said...

A New Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

A Congregation of Vipers at the Charity Ball.

Anonymous said...

Dancing Spider you are most certainly hk. I'm convinced you are here to delegitimize this site. You're probably not just rat shit crazy. You are also a disinformation troll trying to makes the writer and readers here look crazy. It won't work.


DancingSpider said...

Ha Ha Adrian--you have just outed yourself as a troll! To accuse me of being HK is absurd. I am a single mom, asst kindergarten teacher living in western North Carolina and I was simply moved by HK's story to offer some advice.
How on Earth such intent could be twisted into an accusation of trying to delegitimize this site (as if I could) is beyond me.
I'm curious how my comment could make any other reader or poster here look crazy? It is only after all my opinion, and it stands alone. Did you even take time to investigate the links I shared? Doubtful since you responded so quickly. Guess my chastisement hit a nerve.
I've been a LV fan for almost two years and have commented a few times in the past, long before either you or HK showed up.
So which of us has an axe to grind?--take a look in the mirror and try opening your heart and mind. My conscience is clear and intent to help pure. Is yours? Thanks for the laugh anyway--have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

For some silicon carbide sandpaper today, I will gladly pay you a hundred dollars next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Hey HK,

Is your shit for real?

Just wondering about the human condition,

Tom frum

Josey Wales ll said...


I read your last post first (Nov 13th) and understand the situation.

We need to have faith in the ordinary person , soul, to come to the realization of where we are. It is not impossible, I have faith in the unseen power of good. I know it looks bad, horrible, but still I believe.

I believe in your compassion and at the same time disgust at the apparent (visible) delay in the realization of the threat.

As in any good come from behind victory, the almost certainty of loss has to be convincing, and in this case way beyond that.

There is a bridge for those that have no escape, who are of good heart. A chance for those that have used up all their chances and then some, who are of good heart.

We will not go down in defeat. We will prevail in the midst of certain failure.

Thanks for being here les, you are a light in total darkness. I believe in you, and us, and good.

V. Ais said...


Go through this site & page, especially the bottom half:


It's real, and some of it isn't particularly new technology either.

The Mossad has been trying to condition me into becoming a maniac killer so they could get their yearly news story about a "mad Jew-hating nazi killer" or some such. It turns out they have misjudged me, so maybe they'll kill me soon now, although I believe they will simply continue the electro-magnetic harassment and the rest. Some of the things I can't get because of their interference: girl friend, education, job, new apartment (rent or otherwise).

V. Ais said...

To DancingSpider: thanks for your support. I have limited time on the net etc, so please forgive this delayed response. I looked at the forums you linked to, and googled your recommendations, but I will have to leave it for later as I'm experimenting with other things at the moment and am not sure where to start with those forums.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I reached your blog today and I can't say that I understand all that you write...but what I read is amazing. So many truths, so many bells ringing in my head.
Anyway, thanks for putting it out there, your words were (unknowingly) meant for me to read.
Be well-



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