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The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse.

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The fixed and fake elections of 2010 don’t mean anything because they were fixed and fake. That’s the case with every American election for some time. Change isn’t something that happens in America except to say that it changes into more of what it was. It becomes more extreme and you can call that change but it isn’t change, it’s a modification of degrees.

Howdy Doody Obama came into office on the promise of hope and change. He rode into office because of a national reaction to the polices of possibly the worst president in American history, which was George W. Bush. George Bush, along with the rest of his family, were directly involved in the 9/11 attacks. Previously to that, an argument can be made that George H. Bush was directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The major influence behind the assassination of Kennedy and the 9/11 attacks was the Zionist lobby whose control of the Federal Reserve made it possible to bring about the assassination of the president whose intention was to abolish the Federal Reserve. Here’s a look at the sort of influence which is operating in Howdy Doody’s administration.

Zionism represents a tiny fraction of the American social and political spectrum. The gay rights movement represents a similar tiny fraction. Whether they are directly aware of it or not, The Teabagger Movement (no small irony in the term ‘Teabagger’) was a direct reaction to the policies of The Federal Reserve and the gay marriage movement. Both of these are controlled by world Zionist operations. Zionists sit on the boards of all gay organizations and in some cases are exclusively represented. It’s the gay marriage thing that actually gave rise to the Teabagger movement.

Howdy Doody Obama promised to end the gratuitous, profit driven wars in the Middle East, which were engineered exclusively by Zionists for the benefit of Israel and the military industrial complex, in tandem with the energy industry. Not only did he not stop any of the conflicts, he increased and escalated them. His cabinet, with his rubber stamping support, was deeply involved in the stimulus bailout of the banks, which served the psychopathic Zionist agenda which owns Congress.

The agenda of these mercenary psychopaths has been going on for centuries but gained its biggest coups via the tale of the holocaust, which led to the creation of the state of Israel which is nothing but a crime syndicate masquerading as a country. The truth about this odious affair is coming out in many ways from many locations. In some instances the truth is powerful and inescapable. Here is the present moment status of the Zionist ogre with its distended spider’s belly, perched over the lives and fortunes of the world. Its greed and arrogance can be seen by the degree of tolerance between the boat and the bridge.

In the meantime, these holocaust profiteers are murdering the original inhabitants of the land they stole from the original people of the Bible and harvesting their organs to replace their own. Why do they need so many organs? It is because they are an alien life form and their own organs are so corrupt that they will no longer support life. These are the same murders that orchestrated the Soviet revolution and killed tens of millions of Christians in gulags, who starved the Ukrainians to death and who were responsible, as the Young Turks, for the Armenian holocaust. The truth is that, regardless of the truth of the holocaust, they deserved it many times over, even at its most extended possibilities. That’s how it is.

The Teabaggers and everyone else who is outraged in America and elsewhere are finding out, without actually finding out, who their real enemy is. It is the real enemy who came up with the terms of liberal and conservative and uses them to divide the people from each other so that they can plunder and kill without mercy.

The sailing luxury boat is a metaphor for this beast of a people. It is a metaphor for them sailing out of town and it is a metaphor for their treatment and contempt of the people they robbed for their right of passage. It may be that many do not want to hear this message. That doesn’t alter the truth. There are several tribes of the various tribes; be they twelve or thirteen, who are stone cold evil and who are now being exposed for their historical evils. There are your Rothschilds; your Paul Wolfowitzes, your Madeline Albrights, your Rahm Emanuel’s, your media and entertainment owners, your founders and operators of Monsanto and BP. They are the heads of Israel. They are the ones who carried out 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombing and the Mumbai attack.

They now want war with Yemen because there is a chance that the Ark of the Covenant has been discovered to be buried there. It was one of the main reasons for the Iraq War; to loot the antiquities. They are all about changing and controlling history and it is how they profit and defend themselves. The Apocalypse is bringing all of these things to light and they are frantic to gain power over what is revealed but they are powerless to do so. Their attachment to what they have and what they desire is what will destroy them in the end. They can’t let go of the benefits from their demonic and materialistic god.

They are sleazing their way into every forum and chatroom. They are emailing and lobbying without cease in order to hold on to their ill-gotten gains and to steal yet more on their way to the enslavement and destruction of the human race, which they are not a part of. I receive regular emails from a Zionist entity named Worldchanger who wants me to declaim against Jews in their entirety so that he and his fellows will have the angle they desire to make the arguments they wish to make for their own survival, but it is not to be. They are going down and many who might not truly deserve it are going with them because they have remained silent; often because of their own profiteering.

We have to speak out against this reptilian community of predatory trolls. They work the gay agenda to protect the concept of beleaguered minorities. They infiltrated and hi-jacked the civil rights movement to give the impression that they are champions of the underdogs. They are presently relocating themselves on the other sides of all of the fences, as they hunt relentlessly for someone else to blame it all on while they take the credit for exposing it and presenting themselves as heroes. As I have brought out before, how many members of the tribe associate Israel with 9/11? Anyone who doesn’t is a gatekeeper and an enemy of the human race. How many of them speak out about the holocaust and the uses to which it has been put? Of them, how many discuss the numbers? Any of them who do not are also enemies of humanity and they had better get a clue soon.

It’s past time to cease to cater to the feelings of a powerful elite that presents itself as a champion of the oppressed, to give the impression that they are members of the oppressed, as they incessantly sell their professional victim mythology to the formerly sleeping masses. They are controlling the money and the information in order to fatten themselves at the public’s expense while they sail away on their big boat of luxury, crying out about their sacrifices for the human race. They murdered the prince of sacrifice because of the very nature of the acts of sacrifice by the prince which preceded it. These acts went contrary to everything they stand for an continue to expect.

They think that now they have reshuffled the deck again and have put a bunch of knobby heads in place to run interference for them. The Apocalypse is not going to permit it. They are screwed and anyone who doesn’t want to be screwed with them had better wake up soon. That luxury boat of the damned is not the only ship sailing.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

Only a few days remain.

The auction is now past, and the doors between that opened over the weekend remain open. Soon the tears in the illusion will rip apart.

Keep howling dog.


SouthernHungary said...

Awesome and so to the point!
Thanks for that link to last statement,should be essential reading for all.

GTRman said...

Hi Les, great post as usual.

I posted this at Incogman just 2 hours ago. You really do catch the wind:

"Best of luck to all awake people in USA. These “elections” will only enable the next step of “The Agenda”. UK radio has just been reporting on “Tea Parties” and asking whether we need a similar thing here. Yeah, in bone china cups, with biscuits. Too late for that, we need a bloody ( redacted by me)"

Ann Anon said...


As in first time I've commented.

Are we close to the tipping point yet coz I can sure smell the sea air.....

WV Romeedit

Odin's Raven said...

Torpedoes away!

Pstonie said...

It seems that whatever they'll try to do from here on out will ironically just speed their demise. They are attracting way too much attention to themselves now, when their secret to survival for so long has been to stay hidden.

Did somebody just try to buy the British government?

Tex said...

Yup, they faked the election in Texas. Stolen by the morally challenged christian republicans ... once again. Here's hoping the truth will shine the light on the dark, menacing mess soon. I'm feeling defeated.

Mouser said...

Les, right on.

When and where will it be - the certain false flag by the zionists desiring even more controll of us all.

David Irving is a breath of fresh air. The "history" we believe to be true is just fiction written by the same forces that pushed the holohoax 30 after the fact and gave us the 9/11 wonderment - a multimedia production of 100% mainstream media planned falsehoods.

The truth is leaking EVERYWHERE.
Oh the beauty of it all!

Thank you Les Visible for your part in delivering the truth to the world.


"Ingli any ideer when she's gonna blow?"

Unknown said...

I often read your posts and this is the first time that I comment. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your insights and this piece was awesome, the end just blew my mind. Thank you from a French reader and God bless you.

paolocaruso said...

Mariane, the wife of the now headless spy, Daniel Pearl, stated many times in interviews that Daniel was out to "change the world" That seems to be their cryptic call to arms, as it pops up from many of their tribe in the media. And they say it with a dazed maniacal look on their faces.

As for Gays and Jews, the corrupt Barney Frank who schlepped 800 billion dollars for Wall Street, was re-elected with 67% of the votes. Needless to say, Newton and Brookline, Mass. is the heart of his constituency and is heavily jewish and gay. Provincetown is also in his constituency. In between that are the portuguese blue collar towns of Fall River and New Bedford where he lost his 33%.

The Jews in Frank's communities know quite well that Barney serves their financial interests. As for the gays who arent jewish... well they're just gay and voted for the scumbag.

moon said...

..hi Les:)..long time no talk:)..hope All is well..

Anonymous said...

Les, the source of the "ark" information came from someone who claimed to have worked in the energy business (I suspect NEPOOL now ISO NE). FWIW the enron ties are there. As far as the "ark" being where he claims it is, is like looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That location is all about control of global resources and the central banks. There is no physical ark. It is a parable.

simon said...

This came today, serendipity –

Visible said...

As to the actual existence of the Ark. Life is full of metaphor and analogy. It matters not the existence of it but the belief in its existence. Futhermore, access to certain things are had through physical means when they only exist on the virtual plane or their would be no reason for ritual in magic.

I could be wrong (grin) but that was the sort of thing I was aiming at when I said it and when you consider the source of the comment as mentioned by you it adds a certain plausibility.

Freddamedgjedda said...

" The illuminati don't run shit no more"

Anonymous said...

Whenever I look at George Bush, I see, Sarkozy, Harper, Netanyahu, Kissinger, Berlusconi, even the Pope. I saw Bush on TV a few times, laughing it up for all it was worth with family members, always sitting in the front row during the World Series at home. Even with only a few quick glimpses it's easy to tell Bush loves a good chuckle. Like when he looked under his desk for those pesky WMD's.
Him and da'boys haven't stopped laughing since.

But they know what's coming. Big names in talkshows are cutting loose, heading for safe ground and knows what's coming.

Les, the average person is just as concerned about corrupt government like we haven't seen in a long time, and that's very encouraging.


Billy Geier

Seth said...

Waahhh, the Zionists have restricted the sale of ketamine! How are you supposed to reach the highest levels of consciousness in order to download these eternal truths if the Jewish master of the world won't let you take your horse tranquilizer?!?!?

Visible said...

They aren't affecting my access to Special K. My only problem seems to be a steady supplier but that seems to be working out too, although I wait in hopes that the discerning reader will inquire of me about my foolproof method of transfer (grin).

I've never let the government tell me what to put in my system and I never will.

Visible said...


I watched all that taking place at the world series and it was illuminating and gorge raising at the same time. One thing I did notice was that they looked like eternally doomed people. The looks in their faces was something to see.

H1 said...

Ki said...

I normally am sympathetic to what you say, but when you lump gay people with the zio-reptiles, in any manner, it feels to me like a subtle threat. I am a two-spirit person. Look it up if you don't know what that means. I absolutely, positively loathe these cold-blooded reptiles and everything they're doing: organ-trafficking, money-laundering, election-rigging, land-stealing, polluting, murdering, assassinating, warmongering, genocide-inciting, etc etc etc. They may be using gay people as a means to an end, but their view of two-spirit is nothing like ours. Their machinations and scheming have nothing to do with how I was made by the Creator. As far as I am concerned, the Great Mystery made me as I am for a reason, and I resent that aspect of me being connected--in any way--to the Zionists. They are stealing Palestine's land just as blatantly as the European colonists stole ours.

As a wiser being than I once said, "As far as I'm concerned, you're ALL illegal aliens on Turtle Island."

Visible said...

You either need to read a little more closely or not be so defensive. Nowhere was there an equating with gay people and the reptiles. It was about the gay organizations that are wholly controlled by the Zionists. if you don't believe they are then look up every organization and you will see that it is nothing but Zionists on the boards of directors. The mention of gay marriage had to do with the fact that that is one of the main bones of contention for the Teabagger movement; check the comments section on nearly every article on the mainstream press. I was trying to make a subtle point.

Gay people have nothing to do with what I'm talking about. It has to do with the control of movements by those who use them as fronts for their own victim industry.

brian boru said...

You tell it like it is, which is why I keep coming back to your blog. As you state, any commentator who doesn't name the jew monsters behind most of the world's problems is a traitor to the human race.
Also, that guy Horst Mahler is an admirable character. Would that we all had such courage when dealing with the vampires.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we know there are oil reserves and pipelines in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Yemen and that is certainly exploited by the Criminal Elite when they attempt to occupy those countries. And with the help of souless grunts, they also pilfer banks, safety deposit boxes, and private homes. These reptiles are opportunistic in the extreme, don't forget. But it's not about the need for oil (as there is more capped in Alaska than the U.S. could use in a hundred years), it's about controlling it and about historical artefacts, much like Les says, which is why they spent so much effort in looting museums and covering their tracks.

This is also why archaeological digs are aided by militaries now, and don't forget, during the 1st Iraq war, there was lots of high-security digging just North of Baghdad at the ancient site of Babylon. Surely, there were more important matters at the time??? Unless, they wanted artefacts.

When you truly understand that nothing is new under the sun, you realise that the ancients, at various times and places, built certain things and wrote about the mastery of nature. Some ancient groups used it for good and harmony, others for control and chaos, but the information and devices exist in the Middle East, China, Tibet, Malasia and perhaps on the North American continent. The Controlling Elite's current technology, although appearing like Star Trek stuff to you and I, can be trumped by numerous devices and knowledge from the distant past, much of which can exist in an enlightened mind, without the need for silicon chips and uranium tipped ballistics. This ancient stuff must terrify the Criminal Elite, even more so than all the suppressed alternative energy innovations, or the truth about the Federal Reserve scam.

The question becomes, who else has the ancient stuff and who else is after it? Could it be in any worse hands than the zionistic Criminal Elite? Doubtful. Could we be on the verge of a real Disclosure? Regardless of if a physical Ark exists, some magical things do exist, and ultimately, it is the belief of some big threat that makes the World go around. However, there is some huge burried Palace (Queen of Sheba?) in Yemen, considered to be much bigger than the Pentagon, and no doubt full of wild and wonderful things.

Keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

you say " that the agenda of those mercenary psychopaths has been going on for centuries ". That is so true !
The agenda includes infiltration of the top families of a country via marriage .
It has happened in England (a lot of aristocrats are Jews ) and in Australia .
In Australia there are about 100,000 Sayanims ( Mossad collaborators ) infiltrated in every walk of life and overreprensented in certain professions . This fact is reflected by the Zionist bias of the government .
People have to wake up about a certain group of parasites .

Pstonie said...

Holy hell, am I seeing this right?

Harbour collapses into the sea in Chibatão

It's all coming down, man.

Anonymous said...

@ Dr.F

Very true, the zio boys are lookin for objects and places from the past. Many they need to "rebuild" not to keep from us.

True too, there are powers and creations not seen in this new age. The keepers of these do a great job at not letting the zio boys see or understand certain powers. Better yet, the zio boys cant and wont have the mind or will to use them.
No worries, lots of thanks to these beings, keepers, and guides.

Love Your Life

Planet.Saturn.aka.Jahweh said...

Jew hell-bomb:

St. Einstein (pdf):

"At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies."

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.7.27

śrī-bhagavān uvāca

vetthedaḿ droṇa-putrasya

brāhmam astraḿ pradarśitam

naivāsau veda saḿhāraḿ

prāṇa-bādha upasthite


The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Know from Me that this is the act of the son of Droṇa. He has thrown the hymns of nuclear energy [brahmāstra], and he does not know how to retract the glare. He has helplessly done this, being afraid of imminent death.


The brahmāstra is similar to the modern nuclear weapon manipulated by atomic energy. The atomic energy works wholly on total combustibility, and so the brahmāstra also acts. It creates an intolerable heat similar to atomic radiation, but the difference is that the atomic bomb is a gross type of nuclear weapon, whereas the brahmāstra is a subtle type of weapon produced by chanting hymns. It is a different science, and in the days gone by such science was cultivated in the land of Bhārata-varṣa. The subtle science of chanting hymns is also material, but it has yet to be known by the modern material scientists. Subtle material science is not spiritual, but it has a direct relationship with the spiritual method, which is still subtler. A chanter of hymns knew how to apply the weapon as well as how to retract it. That was perfect knowledge.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

This is too long to be posted as one post so I'm having to divide it into two sections. Sorry about that.

This may seem a bit off the subject but it's not really. Back in the mid-90's I met an elderly couple in Calif. who were from the Pismo Beach/Five Cities area (they owned a strip mall I was working on and I stayed with them for a few weeks while I worked on it). During a dinner conversation they mentioned (boasted) that they were involved in a ministry to the Jews through a church they belonged to in a Jewish suburb of L.A. They were quite proud of the fact that they had been instrumental in gathering over 400 of the Jewish members of their church. I replied I had heard that the Jews were the hardest of all peoples to reach with the gospel. They said the Jews are definitely hard to reach but that the hardest by far of all people to reach are the surfers. I asked if it has to do with a cultural shared attitude kind of thing. They said no, the reason is because they're hypnotized. At first I almost thought they were kidding or exaggerating so I asked them to explain. They said the surfers have a set goal to wait for the 'ninth wave' because the ninth wave is always noticeably bigger than the previous eight waves. They said the die-hard surfers are obsessed with it and so they sit out there on their surfboards counting the waves for hours and hours a day, and because of the natural steady earth-rhythm of the waves they become hypnotized. They said something to the effect of that in the hypnotized state the person is left unprotected spiritually and may inadvertently open up their own human spirit to demonic control. They said most of the longtime surfers they had met over the years had serious spiritual issues (problems) in their lives.

The reason I wanted to bring that up is this: Back in early August there was an article posted on titled 'TV IS A PSYCHO-SOCIAL WEAPON' which is a well-researched essay on the mechanics of how TV is used by the oligarchs to brainwash and control the masses. In the essay the author mentions that the presentation of the radiant light and the flicker rate of the images is scientifically arranged to evoke the alpha brainwave state in whoever sees it. The author writes: "It’s worth noting that the goal of hypnotists is to induce slow brain wave states. Alpha waves are present during the ‘light hypnotic’ state used by hypnotherapists for suggestion therapy." The gist of the essay is that the power of control behind TV and movies is hypnotism because in the hypnotized state people can be influenced (manipulated) to believe whatever the hypnotist wants them to believe. Most people who are programmed through having been hypnotized will believe what the hypnotist programs them to believe even when they are presented with solid evidence that proves their programming to be in error.

DumbGoyNot said...

I guess the best thing we can do for our friends and loved ones is to try to tell them about the soul death through hypnotism scenario that they're exposed to every day by watching TV and movies. Most of them won't listen, can't listen because they're hypnotized. It's like a self-feeding curse kind of thing. All we can do is give it our best shot. Like in any endeavor, the more you do something the better you get at doing it.

As you well know, and, as most of the people who read your articles know, the Zionists control practically all of the major media in the world, certainly in the Western Culture portion of the world. Zionism can be likened to a parasite (the ultimate parasite) and one thing common to all parasites is the ability to protect itself using such things as deception and mimicry. Also by continually expanding its range of control. It's a law of nature in other words, something that parasites naturally do. In a certain sense, if the Zionists all of a sudden decided not to do the things they do and have been doing since their beginning they'd be going against nature. It's as if they can't help but be what they are. It's just as Solomon said in Prov. 16:4:

The Lord has made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

So it's all a test to see what we're going to do with what we know, and to see who is going to follow who. If we allow ourselves to hate the Zionists enough we'll become like them in time. I realize it's very difficult to resist evil without being influenced by it in some way. With the Lord's help we'll make it through, without his help there's no telling where we might end up. Here's the link to the article, it's a fairly short essay and definitely worth taking a look at I'd say.

See ya,

GTRman said...

So now the sea is evil? Dont eat the yellow wave....

I live by the sea and ive been indoors too long, tonight I walked down and let the sea splash on me.

Got rid of some cobwebs.

Lee said...

Les, I really liked when you mentioned,

"Their attachment to what they have and what they desire is what will destroy them in the end. They can’t let go of the benefits from their demonic and materialistic god."

It reminds me of how some monkeys are caught. A hollowed out gourd is filled with a little bit of food. The hole is just big enough for the hand to go in. When it grabs the food, it makes a fist which is too big and can't pull it out.

The monkey is too greedy to let go but trapped at the same time.

Anonymous said...

hatches battened and all crew accounted for, headed steady into the waves ain't no ridin this one out. (grin) wooo hoooooo! that tsunami looks like chaos on steroids!!!! may the gods be just and swift...


WaitingOntheWoo said...

DumbGoyNot said:

"They said the surfers have a set goal to wait for the 'ninth wave' because the ninth wave is always noticeably bigger than the previous eight waves. They said the die-hard surfers are obsessed with it and so they sit out there on their surfboards counting the waves for hours and hours a day, and because of the natural steady earth-rhythm of the waves they become hypnotized."

You sir,(because you posted it) and the people you were talking with obviously know abso-frickin-lutely nooothing about surfing or surfers! or the ocean for that matter.

Swells reach the shore in sets of waves ..sometimes 2 sometimes 6 or seven...the highest or strongest wave often comes in the middle of the set and its difficult to determine, and just because it's the highest doesn't necessarily mean it's going to have the best have to judge the waves, not count them. The timing varies and the reasons depend on many factors such as windspeed, direction, etc.

The 9th wave is a theory about freak rove waves that can tower to over a hundred feet and destroy ships,occuring when two giant waves from different directions meet in open water with perfect timing and form a giant rogue wave. I can assure you that no surfer is sitting out there on his board waiting for the 9th wave before he pops up.
Time varies between sets as well...sometimes sets arrive every 7 minutes, in groups of say 7 waves, then later it's bigger waves coming in sets every 9 minutes with only 3 in a set. depends.
As for surfers being possessed by demons....and hypnotized....errr.uuhh...heh heh...hmmnn.
Surfing is meditation. It is communion. It is the experiencing of raw energy in nature. Surfers (the older ones anyway) are some of the most grounded, alive, present people you will ever meet.
Watch some videos sometime. Surfing is pure life my brutha! Hypnotized and demonically possessed....ppfff.seriously.
...and 2 days ago one of the greats, Andy Irons died in Dallas, Tx in a hotel room on route back to Hawaii, to compete in the Rip Curl open,from Puerto Rico where he supposedly contracted Dengue Fever...although the jury is still out...32 years old and soon to be father. Killed not by a monster wave, but a fucking mosquito. R.I.P bro.

Pstonie said...

On the radio they're reporting on the organ transplants now that happened recently like it's news. Of course, the examples they use are the toddlers that were saved by the donated organs, and then comes the real reason from the DJ: "Maybe it's time to reconsider donating your organs." Motherfucker. Brazilians dried up then, you lowlife scum?

How do you explain this level of theft to people? "Oh, crazy dude's blaming Israel again. He blames Israel for everything."

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” -FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

WRH 041110 said...

(about the zionists)

"It is the story of the century and it is still not to be questioned by the leading so-called alternative news websites that have reached mainstream levels of viewership. 9/11 is the stinky fart in the newsroom, where everyone with half-a-brain knows who cut the cheese, but because the boss is the culprit they’re afraid to be ridiculed or fired for speaking out. It’s authentic cowardice in the first degree."


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Dumb, Dumber and Dead.

DaveS said...


Well said man! Well said!

You pulled the words right off my keyboard. I'm landlocked in Colorado and I love floating rivers... but catching sunrise sitting on a surf board with my hands tucked under my pits to keep warm is the truest religion I've ever practiced. What I found funny about Dumngoynot's post is that I lived in Grover Beach near Pismo back when it was called Grover City, and the idiots telling the tall tale were from that area too.

What memories I have of that place the house I rented was 13 blocks from the Pacific and two blocks from The Hole in the Sky head shop (which used to transmit a micro-powered FM station from the art space next door). I was surfing three sets a day, freelancing for a couple area papers and almost every day at 4:20 pm we'd have coffee and a smoke in my backyard. Those were good days.

What any of this has to do with Les's post I'm not sure.

Thinking about surfing has made me nostalgic for those halcyon days living near Halcyon and regularly making love to mother ocean. I can't believe how damn complicated we humans make living. What do we need to live? Air, water, food and shelter – in that order – and a couple of those we can go without a few days and not miss... Many of my fellow americans look like they could do without food for a week or two and they would still fill two stadium chairs.

But, really (speaking of eating), how hard would it be to feed the world? Once that was done, couldn't we spend our free time on projects other than creating wars? Imagine the crazy shit folks could create after they were free from being slaves... all that energy focused on something positive rather than just producing another fancy killing machine. As impressive as a nuclear weapon is, it still ain't doin' anything but destroying stuff that honestly could have been destroyed just as well with less cost. Hell, when I was ten, a buddy and I burned ten acres of forest to the ground with a pack of matches. Now that's cost affective.

Yeah, it's all too easy to destroy and once something is destroyed, it will never be replaced. I think our collective human efforts could be put to some better use, don't you?

P.S. I almost forgot, Les, great post and I hope you're on the mend :)

paolocaruso said...

Les, to add to your explanation of zionist control of the gay organizations, it is important to note much more sinister their manipulation of this group is besides controlling their votes.

The utter absence of the ANTI-WAR movement in the USA is due to the fact that gay organizations(controlled by zionists) have taken a lead position at every turn, flying their banners at every event.

Two fold effect since even the most slighttly homophobic anti-war protestors do not want to be photographed under a rainbow flag. So the zionists have created a repellent situation.
Secondly they do everything in their power in planning these events to achieve the least effectiveness.

We are dealing with some stealthy scroundrels. They have all bases covered and plan many steps in advance. The only way to prevent this is to avoid them ALL in such movements. Its hard to trust even the most sincere among them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an American that has not turned tail and run... The Tea Party is an opportunity. I have attended several and speak first hand. The majority are indeed still lost but NOT all. Many, myself included, started for the wrong reason but praying and seeking truth does work. There is a minority that sees past the paradigm and is not fooled by the election frauds (I wonder what Harry did to save his seat? The possibilities make me shudder). I also see signs of 'liberals' waking. They went through a false victory 2 years ago. We are all beginning to see Saruman for what he is. Should this awakening have occurred decades past? Maybe. A righteous and just God will decide the proper consequences for that. I will stay because I have too. I will not fall for their lies and I will not play their games any longer. I will stand here and live as I was meant to live, come what may. They cannot destroy me. I would have preferred your Shangri la but it seems some of us are meant to pass through Modor first. -mike

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear WaitingOnTheWoo,

I didn't mean for what I said about surfers to be offensive. You're probably right about the timing of the waves and all that, and you're right about my not knowing very much about surfing or about the ocean. The elderly couple I worked for had grown up in the Five Cities area and had both been surfers, and a lot of their old friends were former surfers, so I assume there is some truth to what they said. However, the point I was trying to make wasn't about surfers, it was about how the media democracy engine is being used to control our citizenry via hypnotism. I haven't had TV for 19 years and so I can see the effect TV watching has on my friends and loved ones. I have three close friends who have no TV and I can see a remarkable intellectual contrast between the three of them and my friends and loved ones who have TV. What it boils down to is that they're able to think for themselves with ease whereas my TV watching friends and loved ones find thinking to be a chore (to be avoided if at all possible in most cases). And as I said, they're beyond being corrected because they're hypnotized. Trying to reason with them is like trying to talk to someone who is in a perpetual trance. They can hear what you're saying and totally agree with everything you say, but then go away without the slightest clue as to what you said. Or so it seems to me. Or, if they do happen to pick up on what was said they will often try to find some fault in me or in my delivery that in their view disqualifies everything I said. Some people get really mad if you suddenly wake them up out of a deep sleep. There are different kinds of deep sleep.

Visible said...


I didn't actually run. I just started saying I was going to Europe to play my songs (while on stage) and it happened. However, in my case there was wisdom in the move because I was thrown into prison several times for being who I am and in times and circumstances less dire than this. There is no question I would have come up against it again. The last time they tried to give me a life sentence.

Once I started saying I was leaving, everything came together. I was supposed to leave. I'm not the sort to cut and run as I'm not afraid of those monsters and that may not be the best position to be in for remaining on the streets. As you might intuit, I am in greater peril here in some ways than there because of legal circumstances so it's not like I'm not vulnerable; not that that affects what I say and do at all.

The battle (for me) has been engaged all my life. I recognize that these days the battle is with me and it has made it much easier. Things have changed too in what 'they' can do now. They can't do much because of my change in internal circumstance. The New Shangri-La is anywhere you are.

Kelli said...

Les, Are you familiar with the book 'Political Ponerology, A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes' by Andrzej Łobaczewski? I'm reading an interview of the editors of his book since he was too sick at the time to be interviewed himself. Quite eye-opening as to what we are dealing with, psychopaths controlling society for generations!

Anonymous said...

Interesting topic from you as usual. My first comment here unfortunately, will not be one of unconditional support.

You are a great writer.
You are well informed and often cover the most important issues of the day. Your mix of humor, choice of words, anger mixed with idealism, all resonate with me and I have read about 20 of your essays.

As a Canadian, in my younger years I hated Americans........all of you! As the number 1 war mongering country on the planet, you have meddled in Canadian affairs, subverted our government, infiltrated our RCMP with your CIA swine, infected us with your cultural depravity, attempted to flood our nation with guns and cocaine.
Fuck I hated you people! But eventually, my travels to the US showed me how many wonderful, cool peace loving people lived there.
I had to find a way to square the neverending evil deeds of a nation worse than Nazi Germany, with the idea that so many of its citizens were good human beings.
I can see that apathy, incredibly sophisticated propaganda, fear mongering, drugs, crappy education, stupidity and fear... all contribute to the mix that allows the US government to destroy the world while its citizens stand by and let it happen.

Most people here trashing the Jews are Americans.
Do peace loving Jews deserve the same degree of tolerance despite the fact that their government and corporate power is pure 100% unadulterated evil?
If they openly criticize their evil government for ALL of its evil deeds, if they protest it, support peace efforts (Mavi Marmara being one example) then those Jews are totally OK in my books.
In fact those Jews are courageous and worthy of respect, just like genuine American pacifists and anti war people.

Sadly Les, I feel that you have crossed over my personal line. I could simply criticize you for being a god damned American baby killer and leave it there, but that would make me an ignorant racist. I won't tar you with the brush I use to paint Bushbama and all its loyal supporters as evil. You should extend the same courtesy to the Jews who have the balls to honestly criticize the crimes of their evil government.

Visible said...

I've read Political Ponerology


Anon-6:23 I don't know if you are disingenuous or uniformed but 94% of Israeli Jews supported Operation Cast Lead and many other evil enterprises. The amount of American Jews that speak out against the terror caused by their tribe is minuscule and none speak of the strange case of the holocaust and very few of 9/11. They avoid all mention of Israeli involvement. You're wrong about only Americans criticizing them to such a degree. I assume you haven't traveled much.

It could be that your comment is cloaking for something else and it could just be the result of being uniformed. Still, you give the impression of being informed so I don't know what to make of your comments. I will say this. I stand behind what I said one hundred percent and you've shown me no factual reason to feel otherwise.

When I was on the American mainland I had some number of Jewish friends, probably more than most people. I lived among them in the areas of their highest concentration for twenty years. One of them visited me here in Europe and is one of my oldest friends. That doesn't change a thing except to say he is still my friend. I take people equally until they prove otherwise and I do not abandon my friends simply for membership in the Tribe; there's more than one tribe.

I get taken to task here regular for not wholesale lumping all Jews into the same pot. I know it's not a black and white thing but I also know that they have the highest concentration of nasty customers that I have ever seen outside of a prison and possibly even more than I found there.

Anonymous said...

Two million Jews in NYC and when there's a pro Palestine gathering how many show up?

On a normal day a dozen or so.
On a good day a hundred or so.
On a great day..
Well.. what great day?

paolocaruso said...

I'll repeat:

We are dealing with some stealthy scroundrels. They have all bases covered and plan many steps in advance. The only way to prevent this is to avoid them ALL in such movements. Its hard to trust even the most sincere among them.

I am of the belief that many of the few jews that do protest zionism and its excesses, may in fact be an intential strategy to hedge against hatred of all jews. For instance, I personally distrust Brother Nathaniel, although he is speaking the truth most of the time. Well, the fact is, they know we already know what Brother Nathanial says before he says it. He's singing to the choir.

WaitingOntheWoo said...


I am in full agreement with what you say about the TV. Sorry I didn't take to the analogy so well :)
I have a 6 year old nephew who is very intelligent and his parents limit his television watching as best they can. However, when he comes into a room it is the first thing he is drawn to. If it is on he immediately goes into a hypnotized state. Glassy eyes, mouthbreathing, plate of food getting cold because his fork is hanging in limbo between his mouth and the plate, staring and literally hypnotized no matter what the program. The second someone turns off the TV he starts screaming, he cries and even gets violent by getting up and kicking whoever gets in his way to turn the thing on again. It is truly disturbing. I understand quarter hour shares and ratings and such because I had a career in radio broadcasting for about 12 years and I know that all the focus is spent on trying to get people to "stay tuned" as long as possible...I sense that they are now mixing in techniques that are beyond our knowing and that it is truly an addictive drug. It is literally mind control. Good on you for not watching the thing. I too gave it up a long time ago. I probably spend way too much time on the internet though :) Don't know if it has quite the same effects, but I do know that my attention span has decreased greatly as I rarely finish an entire article, much less a whole book. What would they do if everyone stopped watching dancing with the stars all at once?
Sorry if I'm not on topic...

Visible said...

Here is something you should all see.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible.

As my comment started with 'this is my first comment here' I can understand how that got your radar up. I comment prolifically on several politics blogs and often recognize disinfo agents and paid hacks by their opening statements. However in this case I was honestly stating my bad luck (or good) over the timing of this article.

I can promise you that I am neither uninformed or disingenuous. How petty and childish to offer only the A or B choice, just like the elite offering up Dems or Repukes. Kind of a well worn trick though, don't you think?
But since I am often quick to lose my temper and trash greasy commenter's who I take to be trolls, I will forgive you.

If your 94% figure is accurate.........then by logical extension I am OK with the remaining 6% who opposed the cast lead war crimes.
That you seem to advocate throwing those 6% into the volcano with the others is IMO wrong.
That 6% is vital and they are worthy of our respect. Besides the number of Americans who understand the goals of the New World Order, oppose war and the broken Dem/Repug shell game probably wouldn't be much higher than 6% either. And sadly, the percentage of my fellow Canadians who understand the big game would also probably be a single digit number.

I see the way to change things is to educate more and more people about the globalists and their destruction of sovereign governments everywhere.
Until we get a critical mass of informed people, we have no chance.
Since the illuminati swine use their personal media empires to denounce all well informed truthers as Jew hating Nazis, perhaps you might see how branding all Jews as the same, is a wee bit counterproductive??
If you can't see that you are playing right into their hands.

I remember a post from Les a while back that touched on the subject of hate. It was about hate being able to manifest and grow based on people's thoughts, and how the 'creatures' that feed on hate and evil are quite happy, as long as we buy into some sort of duality trip which includes hating the other side.
As a committed pacifist, half assed Bhuddhist (I would be a great one of pot smoking were allowed)and truth seeker, I buy into the idea that hatred, the hatred of any thing can give energy to the dark forces that enslave us.

You should re examine that idea and try to understand that lumping the 6% in with the rest is a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

First Half of Annon 6:23 to Visible.

Hello Visible.

As my comment started with 'this is my first comment here' I can understand how that got your radar up. I comment prolifically on several politics blogs and often recognize disinfo agents and paid hacks by their opening statements. However in this case I was honestly stating my bad luck (or good) over the timing of this article.

I can promise you that I am neither uninformed or disingenuous. How petty and childish to offer only the A or B choice, just like the elite offering up Dems or Repukes. Kind of a well worn trick though, don't you think?
But since I am often quick to lose my temper and trash greasy commenter's who I take to be trolls, I will forgive you.

If your 94% figure is accurate.........then by logical extension I am OK with the remaining 6% who opposed the cast lead war crimes.
That you seem to advocate throwing those 6% into the volcano with the others is IMO wrong.
That 6% is vital and they are worthy of our respect. Besides the number of Americans who understand the goals of the New World Order, oppose war and the broken Dem/Repug shell game probably wouldn't be much higher than 6% either. And sadly, the percentage of my fellow Canadians who understand the big game would also probably be a single digit number.

I see the way to change things is to educate more and more people about the globalists and their destruction of sovereign governments everywhere.
Until we get a critical mass of informed people, we have no chance.
Since the illuminati swine use their personal media empires to denounce all well informed truthers as Jew hating Nazis, perhaps you might see how branding all Jews as the same, is a wee bit counterproductive??
If you can't see that you are playing right into their hands.


Visible said...

I don't know what's wrong with you but I am going to need for you to explain why you ignored what I said and where you have seen me lump all Jews together or where I said anything about lumping the other 6% in with the rest.

You're fucking with me it appears. If you are going to make claims then back them up with direct quotes from me. I was very clear in my last post about the shit I catch for not lumping them all together.

Worldchanger (who may be John Kaminski because he never sends me anything where he doesn't mention him and praise him and trash me- there are reasons why this might be the case) is constantly on my case for not lumping them altogether. Here is Worldchanger's email. Maybe you should be talking to him.

You're deliberately intending to misportray and slander me and I'm not sure what your reasons are. You can't find anywhere that I have said what you claim. Now you will say it's inferred, which is bullshit. I've said my piece and that's it.

Anonymous said...

@ half assed Bhuddhist

Thanks man, more smokin and more thankfullness for the 6%. Without them, we here, wouldnt learn so fast!

Super powerful idea too, Les's, that hate feeds off the willingness of others to hate.

Not sure Les is being a hater at all, just sounds like that. English can be hard to understand, and words fall short. Thanks Les for doing such a great job at using words, we all love you, and your gift of gab too!

PS, Buddha had much help from this

Love Your Life

Visible said...

Here's Nazi boys email and his details Delivered-To:
Received: by with SMTP id me16cs50425qcb;
Thu, 4 Nov 2010 10:14:18 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id i12mr1729249ybf.75.1288890856534;
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 10:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ( [])
by with ESMTP id u23si5077202yba.85.2010.;
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 10:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of
Received: from MaxPCVostro220 (unverified [])
by (SurgeMail 3.0c2) with ESMTP id 200987112
for multiple; Thu, 04 Nov 2010 12:05:04 -0500
Message-ID: <1442F0C3147247689B632C9655CB9784@MaxPCVostro220>
From: "World Changer"
Cc: "Jack Williams" ,
"Counter Bias" ,

Subject: You real stupid if you think I am a Jew.
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 12:05:20 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
Importance: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 14.0.8089.726
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V14.0.8089.726
X-Server: High Performance Mail Server -

He's calling himself Worldchanger and soliciting donations for John Kaminski

WaitingOntheWoo said...


I'm also suffering from extreme nostalgia from those simpler times in my life. Just spending time in the rivers and oceans and outside in nature is what it's all about in my book. simplicity. We really don't need much to be happy. Our mother is worth fighting for, for all the joy and nourishment she gives us. It's so simple. The people that fuck it up should be done away with.
Man, you burned down a forest? damn.

Kelli said...

I figured you had read Political Ponerology. I have not read the book, just the interview I referred to. Really fascinating! What did you think of the book, would you consider it 'required reading'?

Visible said...

Anon 623, I don't take to manipulation. You are obviously a Zionist in mufti and looking to fuck with me and get a rise out of me. You're not welcome. You finally exposed yourself and that's the end of it.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Anonymous 7:55,
Your use of the apostrophe needs to be studied and worked on:

should be
with no possessive indicated as is the case when the apostrophe is used.

I figured that someone who comments on several political blogs would like to know.

Visible said...

Hi Peter;

Once I said the right words he has now vanished. His last communication to me, which I did not post because of the sleazy whining presentation, was textbook troll.

Anonymous said...

What a shame to see such juvenile responses.

Not a troll, but calling me one sure does relieve you of a lot of questions and concerns.

I won't be back to comment, that should please you. But seriously you missed out on one intelligent (sometimes belligerent, but hey we are all guilty of that sometimes) peace oriented informed person.

Your loss.

PS Grammar insults are also classic troll insults. I don't pretend to be an English major, just a well informed politics junkie.

Anonymous said...

why they bother
I just dont know
maybe their stupid
or their just cold
starve their fellows
and poison minds
make men slaves
tell them lies
and kill their brothers
to profit from
they must be stupid
to go that wrong
but the death cult march's
killing things
collecting death
and golden rings
and we the people
dont seem to care
and then complain
because hells not fair
but paradise is
its why we yearn
fill the moment
change and turn
and learn good ways
do our good
practise peace
we know we should.


Visible said...

I think we can live with the missed opportunities. it's doubtful you bring anything to the table except for an inflated sense of self importance. The readers here are a cut above what shows up anywhere else and that puts you in the category of being more trouble than you're worth. The snarky and petty nastiness of the post I didn't let through tells me what I need to know and I don't require further demonstrations so lets hope your as good as your word and good luck in finding a location suited for you. No one who has anything valuable to contribute just waltzes into an environment with so little self awareness and indifference to the feelings of those around them, especially they don't waltz in knowing everything but showing no sign of it.

Anonymous said...

I would have been happy to let your last insult laced comment go, but your lie about blocking a rude comment from me is 100% pure fiction, or as some might say, a big fucking lie.

In any case your hissy fit over my suggestion that the small, very small percentage of Jews who want peace being worthy of respect, says it all.

I'm working for peace and as such I oppose Israel in the same way I oppose the UK and USA.
You are too fucking stupid to see your own mindlessly hypocritical stance, OR you are a disnfo agent.

Either way, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself you loud mouthed cocksucker. Now that I have given you a comment worthy of being blocked go ahead and do it, it will make you feel powerful.
Me I just feel like I wasted about an hour of my precious time on you. No great loss.

Anonymous said...

WTF a port in chibatao brazil, falls in the ocean and no news on the MSM. Can't even find much on the net. It should be national news. If some celebrity lays a fart in public that is all we hear for the next three days.

That six percent of "good Jooz" still carry the cancer, maybe it hasn't metastasized. Their children could end up Zionist. Historically, when countries booted the Jooz all of them were kicked out. Can't take a chance. You can't separate them like male and female chicks.

Thanks for the HPH link. It could be interesting if anything comes of it. My vote is on disclosure. Hopefully it won't be aliens are real and they are coming to attack. Maybe the elite are ready to play their last card. Their other terror bullshit doesn't seem to play very well.


est said...

i fell down
the other day

e r

left on my own
jumped a cab

and ended
up at home
missed out
on a cat scan

i might of
hung around

if it was
a 'dog' scan

what can i
tell you

not a crime

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I remember the avocados you were free to gather-the size of footballs-avocado and tortillas. And the eucalyptus trees full of monarch butterflies.

You and I making heart shaped shadows with our bodies at the dunes.

You and I tripping with Terrance at Kennedy Meadows...

Halcyon daze... Never got to teach Merc how to drive the ghia. Me so bad.

the gardener

DumbGoyNot said...


Thank you for your kind reply. As for me not having TV for 19 years, the way it came about was that I moved to a secluded valley nestled amongst several mountains that blocked all TV reception. By the time satellite TV was available five or six years later I had already figured out how lucky I was not having TV. I could see what it was doing to people and I wanted no part of it. Like you, I spend too much time on the internet, and like you I also noticed that my attention span is a lot shorter than it should be. So I started trying to read books in order to try to bring my mental capability back up to par. And it has been working, or at least I think it has. I hope. As for your spoiled nephew, parents these days are threatened with all kinds of dire consequences if they spank their children so it seems to me it would be very difficult to correct an unruly child as needed. I spanked my three children when they needed it and they spank their children when they need it. Now my five grandchildren (ranging in ages from 7-15 years old) are all well behaved and are making exceptional grades in school. There's something to be said for the necessity of spanking I'd say. My oldest daughter no longer allows her three children to watch TV, and neither does she watch it herself. She's one of the few people I've been able to convince of the fact that TV is pure poison to the healthy soul. The way I see it is that in the struggle to retain our mental integrity the front line warfare is all about mind control and TV is the Satanists' primary tool of it. I think it's pretty much useless to be complaining about all the negatives of the world without addressing the TV problem first, because all the other evils spring from it. Without TV the ruling class would have no chance of taking over the minds of the world's peoples (which is the prerequisite for taking over the world itself). And if we're serious about saving our lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones we need to start trying to make people aware of what TV is all about. Daniel Pouzzner in his e-book 'The Architecture of Modern Political Power' (AMPP) coined the term 'media democracy engine' in reference to TV. His intro 1.5 has some especially interesting info in regard to the psychological warfare being aimed at us 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:57 must consider himself one of the good jooz. Amazing how he made my point.


Anonymous said...

The real or illusionary figure of 'authority' is a keystone. Because it is human nature to obey authority, his 'lie' will fool more people than it does not. Authority weights the balance in favor of lying. A large % of people will 'follow the mob'. The mob is Rome. If the lie works on more people than it does not because it came from authority; it then in turn gobbles up all the fence sitters who will just go along with the mob.

It doesn't matter if the Ark is real. What matters is, they will MAKE it real. It is another piece of authority. THAT TRUE POWER OF THE ARK is still as true today as it WAS THEN! He who commands the Ark, GETS TO LIE! and his LIE will fool more people than it does not, and those people will command the participation of the mob followers.

You the minority knows that I lied when I have the Ark? Who cares. The fools are emboldened by the numbers of the mob, making my authority BIGGER THAN EVER! They will obey the lies.

They NEED the Ark. Matters not at all that they manufacture a new one. You will never get within a kilometer of the thing to prove it is fake. If you say it, you will be conspiracy theory.

They WILL find the Ark, or BUILD ONE. Matters not either way, same thing really. It is the power to LIE AND LIE BIG AND HAVE PEOPLE BELIEVE! that was its power then and its power now, only fitting you make a new one as another big lie.

- Fastillion

Anonymous said...

thought Id put this link in here. Ive just dicovered it will study it as Mr Ford did in 1920. Im sure Les is familiar with it. It's Machiavelli for the Zio's.
a useful template for global domination should you lose your soul and go bad. would be ok if it was used for good to round up the sheep.
AFAIK les has never said "All Jews and their wives and children must die". But if the evil and trouble is an organised cabal, then that is the head of the Hydra that must be chopped off (by the divine or human elements - or self inflicted).
IMO there is much to be admired in the Jewish traditions, they punch above their weight it seems to me (but I also know I have been propagandised a lot). But they also have way too much leverage and undue influence, and , as said of Nurse Ducket in One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest "She likes a rigged game, you know what I mean?"

learning and turning...

Unknown said...

Yes, Zionist Jews are a MAJOR factor in the ruling elite but what about European royalties hand in matters, the Vatican and the Anglo American establishment...the old money families?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to fear. On a long enough timelime the survival rate of everyone drops to zero. Enjoy what you can while you can. Nothing is real. Nothing to get hung about.



Anonymous said...

The roots of Zionism go back to a secret occult government tracing back thousands of years. They became an empire after Rothschild became their king with the money to move ahead with their plans.

They adhere to the last empire standing having taken down empire after empire such as the Hapsbergs and Romanovs.

This why they want to destroy the American empire to be the only empire left. They are at war with every other power concentration.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best articles EVER man! Peace

Vaidilosvainis said...

People in essence can be divided into two categories: holocaust deniers and holocaust liars. The latter can be divided into conscious and unconscious. Deniers also can be divided into the same two categories- unconscious, which are racists themselves, and conscious, which deny accepting rumors if they lack even single slightest reliable historical evidence.

Good post, as usual. Respect.



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