Tuesday, August 30, 2022

"It is Not Your Imagination When You Feel Unwholesome or Inharmonious Thoughts and Feelings Pressing Down on You."

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What we know and do not know, at any time, are what we are permitted to know by higher authority, AND... if The Cosmos wants to teach you a lesson, it makes sure that you know and do not know all that is necessary for the purpose of the demonstration that has been arranged for you.

I was at the gym this afternoon. Usually, there are only a few people there at the time I go; not so today. I also passed a much larger number of people who do not use the gym. The much larger percentage of people who live here do not use the gym. It is almost exclusively older people that I encounter... since I live in a Snowbird Getaway Zone.

I am able to see what the years amounted to with those coming and going here. Since I have ceased to use those components that suppress a certain level of perception in me, which I did on purpose, given the time frame of the age that I found myself in; the less I was forced to know about others... the better. That's how I used to see it. The victims trapped in the Swamp of Materialism, cry out in the silence of their thought until death hears them, and some of us hear them in regular fashion. It was often difficult for me to bear because my karma and the psychedelics opened up levels of extra-sensory perception in me.

The Kundalini Rising accounted for most of that area of extra perception, and... my karma accounted for The Kundalini Rising. In the beginning, I could hear people's thoughts the way one experiences a radio switching from frequency to frequency... from station to station. Over time that died down somewhat, and I found all sorts of comestibles that facilitated filters and barriers for my comfort. In recent times, since I have done away with these protections, I am hearing it all again.

So... I was at the gym and people were coming and going... and I finally had to cut my routine short for the day. I was far too aware of what was passing through the minds of the others there and it was... difficult. As The Mind Traffic hummed around me, I was REMINDED that every one of these people is ME at another level of evolution on The Spiral Stairway into The Light. I'll tell you... it is a hard concept to process.

I live in a world where I am continuously being made aware of events taking place... near and far. I have to, continuously, make adjustments to this. It is not always pleasant. The amount of bitterness and resentment in people's minds surprises me. All of these people are well off, compared to the rest of The World. They've gotten old and everything hurts, and... that comes with the territory... but their bitterness and resentment are not the product of their physical pain but... rather the product of their mental and emotional distress about the way their life went.

As you are evolved (or choose to evolve) to higher states of consciousness, The Cosmos REQUIRES you to pitch in OR... otherwise... get fixed at the level you have arrived at, like it is in the materially rich enclaves of Rakshasa Clans. If you don't want to become more and more selfless... more and more a conscious, serving component in The One Mind, you are sentenced to The Loop, and you get the fruits of the realm AT THAT LEVEL of integration. It's a kind of Peter Principle Payback.

I have no problem with it because it suits my nature, AND... I have experienced some amounts of the joy of surrender and utter reliance on The One life; not so for many others. They just... do... not... want... to... let... go... of... their... stuff. We are NOT talking about only physical stuff. I ran into a lot of this at the gym today.

Much of the rage and violence in The World in recent centuries is because people are UNHAPPY with The World's promises. They either do not have enough and live in a perpetual state of wanting OR... they have too much and it is an empty wasteland for them. This is The Kingdom of Saturn, having to do with the form-making power, of The Shake n Bake Mind, AND... the limitations thereof.

When your eyes open, you are compelled to see the suffering on all sides. Empathy... formerly unknown, arises in you, AND... it can be a hard thing to process, AND... inevitably leads to Unbearable Compassion due to... not being able to do much except to listen and hear with the ear of God, and to suppress all the feel-good commentaries that may not apply what-so-ever, at the time.

People ask me if it bothers me when someone I do not know comes around under an assumed name and begins barking at me. Honestly? It makes me laugh at first, and then it makes me sad that they are in such a state of suffering for... which... I... can... do... nothing, except pray for them. Actually, The Power of Prayer is beyond the imagining of those who do not employ it, AND... The Power of Prayer, in your prayers for those who hate and despise you, IS... profound.

Yeah... so all those people in the gym who have little or no gratitude for their good fortune, and who don't like each other; those people are me, in an unawakened state, AND... those luminous entities that I cannot see, most... of... the... time, are also me in a more awakened state. When you are fully awakened, you reside in a world of light... in a Body of Light. Thoughts and feelings are actual things and you can move unseen through The World, dispensing them as you please BECAUSE... the more you give out, the more you have to give.

Some zones of misery are self-contained locations, where the residents collectively block the light. Not much you can do about that... except use the water-on-rock method of wearing away the hard resistance with something softer. Of course... there is that element of aether that interpenetrates everything and which is mostly completely unknown to the things and lifeforms penetrated by it. Everything ALSO comes out of it... through the process of ADAPTATION... via the medium of vibration.

When people are deliberately mean and nasty... curmudgeonly and misanthropic... snarling at shadows that appear by a trick of the light... they are hurting. It is an irrefutable sign of greater suffering in those engaged in it. They seek to spread their misery so as to pull you down into the hole they are in BECAUSE... Misery REALLY does love company.

Christ said... that which you do to the least of them you do to him, cause he is there within each of those people in the gym. He might be sleeping BUT... there are ways to summon him forth should you be so inclined, though... very few of us are. I am grateful beyond the showing for having not been saddled with that smug contempt you see so very much in vogue these days.

I had no overt problem with anyone at the gym, BUT... for me... by this time... thoughts and feelings are things, just like a rock and a hard place would be for those who engineered their presence in betwixt them. The World is EXACTLY as it is supposed to be, BUT we observe it through all kinds of personal filters. Freedom... true and lasting freedom is so... close... so... very... close... to us all. It is a posture of the mind in relation to the heart that... is like the oxygen in your lungs, bringing you to the surface of the water where The Sun shines.

Below the surface is the Subconscious Mind. Above the surface is the Self-Conscious Mind. Above that is the Superconscious Mind. All of us have some exposure to The Mind Chatter of others near and far. Some of us feel uneasy but don't know why. Some of us have to lose ourselves in some form of escape, due to the unidentified discomfort we feel. Some of us have varying degrees of focused discipline that allow us to shield ourselves from The Babble-On Factor. Few hear. Most don't. That is changing.

Why I bring this up at all... has to do with The Dark Conning Towers that we have mentioned before. All day and all night, they broadcast through speaker systems of hijacked Humanity, spreading the message of fear and despair... hopelessness... and all that is negative. If you don't defend yourself against this conscious assault against The Greater Good, you'll be in some gym somewhere... at a café... walking your dog... attending an event, and you will be an unconscious speaker component adding to the general static and disharmony of the times.

Poisonous thoughts that did not originate with you, land and take off from The Runway of The Mind. It's like an army of zombie computers that have been hijacked by hackers, to flood the internet with Spam. When thoughts come into our minds, we often amplify them on their way THROUGH us to the weakest link in the chain... that place where physical actions happen through the inspiration of a thought or feeling that hit at the strategic moment of susceptibility.

Surely... you are noticing all the public violence breaking out at seeming random all over the country... on the streets, and at concerts and sporting events. Everything is vibration. If you possess the tech, by material extension or... from within yourself, due to spiritual association with the Infernal Realm, you... can... cause... a... lot... of... damage and not even know it at the time or... with the full intention and commitment to do so.

This world is in torment from Spiritual Warfare. It is not your imagination when you feel unwholesome or inharmonious thoughts and feelings pressing down on you. Those whose SPRITUAL immune systems are compromised become bad actors in a life drama, directed by unseen forces.

People working out in gyms, sports fields, and parks are often processing all sorts of mindsets and emotions having nothing to do with their location. It's the same in any place where people gather for common enterprise. If you have stilled your own mind, you find you are privy to all kinds of information you were previously unaware of. If you can still it even further, even more surprising revelations occur.

You are either spreading cheer or gloom and doom. You are either in the green or the red zone on The Dial. It's heating up or it's cooling down. If you don't have command over yourself, something or someone else will.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

"History is Personal. History is The Record of The Antics of Personality. There are No Records of The Self.."

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The most important thing for anyone to remember in... times... like... these, is that appearances are deceiving, AND... the manner in which appearances are deceiving is dependent on the quality and kind of deception in you. That last part is the kicker. Lots of people know that appearances are deceiving. A goodly number of them are manipulators... of... appearances. They do not know that the first person they deceived was themselves. They have condemned themselves to The Hall of Crooked Mirrors, where The World does not look like it is, but rather as they think it is.

Let us next consider, The Dream Web. It is within The Dream Web... that the fabrication and manipulation of appearances take place, and it is The Separated Mind that accomplishes it. The Separated Mind is aided by The Desire Body, AND... The Imagination, AND... that portion of The Will that has been apportioned to the use of that... specific... separated... mind.

The Separated Mind has no concept of The Unified Mind; those who live in the consciousness of The One Mind. The Separated Mind lives in a world of its own creation. The One Mind is the author of creation itself. Consider this carefully, if you will. Consider the implications, since... you... are... a... reflection... of... it.

Consider that all who exist in a separated mind are separated from The One Thing that makes life meaningful, AND... all of those in separated mind, experience this lack in everything they place their affection upon. NONE OF THESE things answers the call of The Heart, that is The Voice of the Soul, crying out in the suffering of separation. Generally... in Times of Material Darkness, we starve our soul and spirit for comfort and carnal appetite.

We are, at some seeming distance from the ineffable core of our being. This distance is imaginary. It is created by the attention given to temporary things. It is created by the disconnect brought about by our fear. It is created by the investment in temporary things. One who lets go of all the hallucinations they have convinced themselves of will be welcomed in grand style by The One Mind.

Think of it! The masses of The World live in a mirage that is out-pictured by The Separated Mind. Because of the tumult that is caused in The Separated Mind by The Desire Body, you have... by turns... war and peace, famine and plenty, and all of the opposing changes of life that come and go along a biorhythmic continuum of valleys and mountains, ups and downs, all while progressively fading from the picture, only... to... return... again... and again... and again until the day that one sees that this is so.

It matters not what arguments you might seek to make against what has just been said here. If it is true, AND... it... is... demonstrably... true, then what good are your arguments to the contrary? Better to meet it at the core rather than contending with what you have... absolutely... no... power... over.

The ONLY power you have is to embrace The Divine Plan or to oppose The Divine Plan. Now... intelligent people, driven by The Personal Will (which is another illusion) have found many ways to close their minds against seeing... things... as... they... are. Denial is a powerful force. It can close The Mind off entirely, from seeing... things... as... they... are, by separating it from What Is.

God is love. That is a fact. Let us say that God is Love insofar as we can understand what God and Love are. God, very likely, is far more than love... as... we... understand... it. Love moves beyond our reach in one direction, (thank Heaven) and beyond our comprehension in the other. If you want to change The Past, change The Present, and... one day that will be what there is of your past.

History is personal. History is the record of the antics of personality. There are no records of The Self. There are traditions and religions that say this, that, and the other thing, but they only hint at what is there. One has to experience it to have any idea of what it is. Thereby we come to ajnana, jnana, and vijnana. Ajnana is ignorance. Ignorance is the identifier of those who walk in darkness. Wisdom is the identifier of those who walk in the light, and Vijnana is the state of those who dance and delight in the company of God; those who are on intimate terms with The Almighty.

There is more variation and unique characteristics to those who live in The Kingdom of Heaven than is found in the widest reach between those coming and going on The Earth, YET... all of them seem very much the same in a particular way, and they are thereby recognizable to their kindred spirits wherever they may encounter them, no matter what temporary appearances may seem to conceal them from the sightless dreamers... they are instantly known to one another because the same SELF is resident in each of them.

What we are discussing here makes no sense to The Separated Mind, and even when some part of it rings a distant bell, they will reject it out of hand because, NO... ONE... TELLS... THEM... WHAT... TO... DO!

Heh heh... au contraire, unless you are willingly and consciously taking your direction from The One, by default... you are the plaything of The Many... also called, Legion sometimes... and many another name at other times. The Divided Mind is a marching pawn of The Prince of Darkness, who... is... a... creation... of.... the... separated... mind.

The reason for this posting is to show the elegant simplicity of what is available to every one of us, the... moment... we... give... up... our... resistance... to... it. We unconsciously block out our experience of freedom with those things we give ourselves in bondage to. The Separated Mind REACTS. It says... I would never do such a thing to myself. Take a moment to study the world around you and tell me this is not so. So it goes in The Penitentiary of The Mind; ♫ Oh Lawd... I got (you got a lot more than) 99 ♫

You could spend eternity running around trying to fix everything that you THINK is wrong with The World, while one generation after another repeats the same mistakes in a different way, AND THEY KEEP ON A COMING... generation after generation. Over the long haul... humanity comes into greater, and greater states of refinement. It might take millions and millions of years, BUT... that... does... not... have... to... be... the... case. You can swim upstream.

Let go of these things that bind and torment the spirit. Stuff is Stuff. I don't care how radiantly it glitters. I don't care how intoxicating and fascinating the form may be. I don't care how hard it might be to get or what its value may be in the marketplaces of The World, it's... still... just... stuff.

Those who do not have... dream day and night about having. Those who do have... spend all their time trying to possess and protect it. Mortality comes to them both. Then their places are switched and the same thing goes on again... and again... and again, in the Temple of Stuff. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?” I suspect there is a deeper meaning there, because... how can you lose your soul? That is God's property. It is what houses The Spirit that gives it life. Yes... there must be more to it.

Reflection... like Contemplation, bears much fruit for those who regularly employ it.

Day by day, people see what is happening around them, and day by day, they become more angry and more terrified. Yet they do nothing to change the conditions that cause all the problems they see everywhere, AND... which... they... will... never... change... by trying to change The World around them. That is like trying to adjust the objects in a display window. That is shuffling appearances, AND people... like cards in a deck; which... they... are, just playing cards.

Some people imagine they are very good at shuffling the cards and dealing from the bottom of the deck. They cause havoc everywhere, and... laugh about it. It makes them feel good. They do Evil simply for the joy of doing it. Many others scream about this... that... and the other thing, and do nothing but try to get their end, and keep it safe from the ravening hordes.

If you don't like what you see, change the one who is seeing it.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 22, 2022

"Until Then... Until Every Last Drop of Desire has Been Milked From Your Being, You'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse."

(Blogger shut me down over the links. How I know this is because I took the links out and went to Petri Dish and there was no problem. They said I violated their community standards BUT... the links they are objecting to are I THINK The Libs of Tik Tok links WHICH ARE POSTED IN THEIR COMMUNITY OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Makes you wonder... right? Anyway... keep in mind. All of this is day-to-day. I might be here today and gone tomorrow. Quite a birthday present for me to get today. Coincidence?)

Facebook did the same thing and I stopped posting there. I have no problem moving on.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is awash in a form of viral de Clerambault Syndrome. It's seriously contagious and is transmitted through Social Media and cellphone resonance. The Dark Conning Towers are broadcasting it night and day... to set the stage for The Anti-Christ, The False Prophet(s), and Beavis and Butthead as The Gemini Twins. In this case, it's not a matter of Good And Bad; more like Dumb and Dumber and subterranean Limbo bars. Leeeembo!!!

It is a peculiar trick of The Mind. I KNOW that Everything is Under Control, BUT... The Mind keeps working to confuse my certitude and create doubt about that for which there can be no doubt. The rollercoaster is not going to go off the rails coming down from the high point of The Twist, BUT... the thrill of The Possibility... adds the edge to the excitement. Why should that excite anyone? There... there is a mystery that deserves inquiry.

The endless panoramas of The Undiscovered Self are a replicating wonderland of revelation, yet... The Mind is tuned to the externals. That is the hypnotic pull of Material Culture; “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” The Senses are so very much like horses, and... easily as powerful. They pull the chariot of your being, and... without a triumph in The Mind; without a stilling of The Reactive Mind, you'll not control them with the reins for long. The reins are an extension of The Mind.

The Mind is an extension of The Spirit, just as The Heart is an extension of The Soul. You might say The Spirit and Soul resonate at a higher density of vibration, for residence in a greater concentration of light. At the same time... The Soul is a vehicle for The Spirit, just as The Personality is a vehicle for The Individuality.

A reader made reference to my use of The Singularity, saying it has something to do with the merger of humanity and AI. I know nothing about that. I use the language for my own purposes in the expression of meaning as it rises in me. I also do not permit the hijackers of The Chaldean Mysteries (and other times) to abuse the meaning of The Six Pointed Star made of interlaced triangles What I see is The Star of Vishnu. They did something like this with the Swastika too. Symbols are often hijacked for nefarious purpose.

Symbols occupy a place beyond words. It is wise to remember that beyond symbols there is yet another plane of even greater refinement... and beyond thought? There is yet more. LOVE is the one force that exists on every one of these planes AND... IT is what harmonizes all of the planes of your being, with each other... and with all life. If you had ONLY Love and nothing else, you would not need anything more. All else would be added unto it on the way.

Here is where the real and enduring problem manifests in its worst possibilities. It seems like no matter how long you work at the effort to control The Mind, it... keeps... going... out... of... your... control. The Masters say it can be done but it takes a concerted, and continuous effort to accomplish it. VERY FEW of us are up to the challenge. The rewards are past telling, BUT... the distractions and entertainments are many, and... relentless. Oh my!

If I just had the time. If it wasn't for this. If it wasn't for that. If it wasn't for me, I'd be where it's at. It's that separated (reaching and grabbing monkey) mind that gives no peace. Everything you think you wanted turns out to be something other than what you thought you were getting. Once your heart has been irreparably broken, you understand. You understand, neti-neti. In the meantime... until every last drop of desire has been milked from your being, you'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse.

You'll be his squeezy toy, and every time he squeezes you... you cry out, and the ears of every predator in The Darkness perk up. You can hear the leaves crumple beneath the pads of their feet. The Imagination is a cruel mistress if... you... are... not... in... control of it. Either you are wearing the gimp mask or... she is. It's one of the tricks to shutting down The Reactive Mind. You put blinders on The Imagination, and... you can actually see what you are looking at, and... more importantly... where it wants to take you.

About that milked desire... you could also weave all of your desires together, and direct them to a single objective, and thence... avoid all the milking, as well as the lips of The Devil, though... it is true... for reasons beyond my capacity to explicate, (grin) there are those who seek after the milking and the lips. If you only desire God's Presence... God's Presence you... will... have.

Besides... in today's playgrounds, none... of... them... are... clean. The pressure of body heat in the crowded cities, trends toward the nether points of demonic romance in The Land where The Monkey Poxes dance.

It gets hotter and hotter... the deeper you go, till you set yourself on fire with your own perversities and bodily afflictions, chasing after the painkillers of nihilism, and escapes into bondage (what?). It hurts more and more... you might, temporarily, forget the pain in the absence ways of the heart... gone fishing for succor in Saturn's Playground, while despair holds your hand... something... something.

"Ten ineffable sephiroth; their appearance is like that of a flash of lightning, their goal is infinite. His word is in them... when they emanate, and when they return at his bidding... do... they... hasten... like... a... whirlwind."

Dr. Case said that a lightning flash is a whirling spiral motion that is doubled by outgoing and incoming currents. That sound like anything familiar?

There is a solid connection between what causes speech and the electronic energy that is the basis for ALL physical form. Let it penetrate your thoughts about the meaning of The Word of God, and how... in the beginning was The Word... and it's giving birth to all things. I know you can put it together, it is a simple association. Like The Emerald Tablet says; “And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by ADAPTATION.”

Electromagnetism Is consciousness. Consciousness exists by the process of electromagnetism. Flying Saucers use this too. It is possible to travel at The Speed of Thought, AND... some do. Meanwhile... most people are concerned about shopping online and m-a-y-b-e going to The Mall OR... increasingly... the dreadful specter of a world going sideways.

Everything... all energy... all movement... is CONSCIOUSNESS. It is The Word of God continuously repeating on itself. Is that an echo I hear? Mind, force, and matter are triune aspects of The Life Power in expression. Either you care about such things or you do not. God is Eternally Present. The question is... are you?

This is a critical time for humanity. A quantum leap awaits. So does a fall into the next cycling of dramas for The Coming Age. People are pushing and shoving to get to the head of the line that... runs... in... circles... going... nowhere... looking for ♫ paradise beneath the dashboard light ♫ It's all part of the process of false-self-replication playing musical chairs.

These dramas are pointless fantasies like your dreams from the previous night, fading... all of it fading.

HOWEVER... there is something... something that is eternally new... something that is exquisitely singular. Something unchanging, that yet... appears to change. It's something like a character in a robe of flowing white light, that... with even the slightest movement... breaks into color. See there? Ah... now it's gone again. It is a shining unqualified light that expresses its qualities in color AND sound.

It's hiding in plain sight, folks.

Ah... my friends, The World as we knew it is soon to change in remarkable ways. A new age is aborning. Childbirth does not come without travail... suffering is the wages of The Material Plane. At any moment, cataclysm may come or... it might be averted at this last minute. What I suspect is that BOTH will happen in the locations appointed to them.

God is merciful. God will hear you if you call out with a sincere and contrite heart. I KNOW this to be true, BUT... we all THINK we have to make our way in this world. This is not so. There is one who will go before you if you rely on him. There is one that will walk beside you while also being within.

It does not have to be so hard, and even in the greatest difficulties of The Spiritual Path, there is Joy to hearten you. Faith, Certitude, and Determination are your boon companions as you go. Then there is no difficulty because there... is... NO... INTERIOR... CONFLICT.

It's hiding in plain sight.

End Transmission.......

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

"God Proves his Existence to an Unbelieving World, Lost in Transit. This is Why He Comes When Things go Astray."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World has progressions that it passes through. War is one of them. So is Fat City, and... every different kind of Famine, by turns. It comes and goes, and... whaddya know? So... do... you. If you look at the perishability of all forms that rise out of the constancy of The Ineffable, via the Aether... if you are any kind of a student of history or... even if you learn as you go... you should soon see that The Circus Existence is not for you. I'm like that.

I'm not into high wire acts or the public taming of beasts with no love lost. At a certain level of perception, Fame and Fortune are a tremendous allurement. They come with mesmerizing vapors. Then you see. They are not what they make out to be. It... is... all... a... sham. It's also a party house with metered parking. I don't like my odds when I see what they have done to everyone else. Sometimes recognition is forced on you from birth, but... there are very few like King Janaka or The Lord Buddha.

Some prefer the course of less recognition. Remember when we brought up Shakespeare and they still don't know who he was, and how Jesus Christ was the same? A very high initiate stepped in to play this cosmic role of Avatar. It could have been Apollonius of Tyana. Obviously, the Initiatic Brotherhood was deeply involved in that, BUT... there CERTAINLY was such a character. Look at the architecture and the art. Some kind of POWERFUL faith and love propelled all of that.

It's not possible to explain these things to The Prisoners of Duality. They live in a world where thoughts of God and The Devil occupy them by turns. They may not call them God and The Devil. Let us call them... Restraint and Temptation. They might call it Good and Evil; could be a candy... like Good and Plenty. However, you divide and complicate it, you... live... in... a... world... of.... confusion. You live in a world of argument. You live in a world of contention, and deception.

Surely... you have wondered why it is that more laws do not make fewer criminals. The more pervasive government becomes... the more grasping and controlling it will be. The Bolshevik experience tells us much of this sort of thing. It was invented by the most mercantile among us. What a strange combination that is. Governing policies go through stages. It is not unlikely for the celebration of Liberty to turn into Tyranny.

Governments are seized all the time in slow motion. If you don't have the eyes for it you won't even see it happen. One day... you'll just be there. These conditions are just the routine products of a culture going through changes. We'd be doomed if this were not an apocalypse. In an apocalypse, all... bets....are... off. In an apocalypse, people do not get away with it... as has been customary for so long. Justice can become quick indeed, and the set-ups... ho... ho... ho, ah... yeah; ingenious.

Something happens to the entire world when The Avatar materializes. For some... it will be like living in The Springtime of The World. The opportunity and possibility of this exists for all living things. The regents of the different kingdoms come before him; mineral... flora and fauna, and human too, come and pay their respects. This is true theater; God proves his existence to an unbelieving world. This is why he comes when things go astray. He comes to put them back into order.

He sets the stage for the next 2.200 years (or so). Now is coming The Age of Brotherhood. It will most certainly have its challenges. Every age has them. In any case... if you get with the program, things... will... go... well... for... you. See if you can develop on the theme of Brotherhood. Go with it or go against it, that is the prevailing theme of the times.

Imagine now that there are those who have been conscious since the making of The World. The Rishis... AKA Elohim are some. The Lord of the Sun and the many Devas... The rulers of The Directions... The Logos. You could be among them. To what do you aspire? That is what you will attain, like... it... or... not. This is why you should make it high indeed. You might aspire to be like The Sun. To some that would seem impossible, BUT... the countless stars in The Heavens dispute that by their presence. Every star is a conscious entity that shines its own music into The Celestial Orchestra, playing in The Music of the Spheres.

Be in unity with all that. Become an impersonal vehicle for The Divine. Hertz has a fleet. Avis has a Fleet. Lots of concerns have fleets. God's got a fleet too. Are you driving or driven? God taking over is not the same as pushing you out of the way. God is you at your personal best, which is your Impersonal Self that reflects God's Light in every whichaway you go.

I'm guessing this sounds fantastic to a lot of people. “Try joining The Real World, visible!” Ahem... I am in The Real World. God IS The Real World... everything else is The False World. Impersonality is your true self, everything else is The False Self. Not every false self is bad. Not all art is kitsch; just most of it... rata... tat... tat... and... l'dat. Heh heh.

It's simple for me but... then... I'm not complicating it. I don't want anything from it except for its Presence. The Presence contains all the best of everything within it. Now... I know there are those who doubt this, because... they... have... not... experienced... it.

Of course, they would already have it, if... it... were... to... be... had... like... everything... else. It doesn't work like that. God knows what you are up to every blessed, and... cursed minute. You make it the way it is for you. God simply facilitates your progress, BUT... you are the one who told him where you wanted to go to begin with.

The Subconscious FAITHFULLY replicates what is present in every seed idea. God is The Sun of Life that shines on it, AND... waters it with Love. You... are... the... beneficiary. You, being... all three. Oh right! You might not have read yesterday's Origami where this was mentioned. That's in the blog-list at the masthead above. Sorry about that... moving right along.

Now... where were we?

The difference between those who listen to God, and those who listen to The World is that one of you is being lied to, AND... if you are listening to God, you also have the honor and the joy of seeing it come true. It happens for those who aspire to The World as well. It just never turns out like they thought it would. Quite the opposite is true with God. Although... in a way, it is the same. It doesn't turn out the way you thought it would either. It turns out much, much better than that.

Let God do the heavy lifting. That's his job. What happens when you carry The World on your shoulders like so many do or... are whipped in all directions by the storms of carnal passion? Well... you can see the fruits of that in The World around you every day. You can read about it in the newspaper or online. There are books that tell you what happens to so-and-so when he does this-and-that. There are movies and plays about it. It's The Human Conditions, and... for the carnally minded it goes South or... Down, into what is no longer Private(s) if you prefer.

Let God carry you. Toss all of your concerns to The Wind, and live in the moment of constant expectation about what God will do next. I'm looking to God, not just for guidance and sanctuary. I am looking to him for every single need I have; for entertainment, fellowship, and companionship, and for color commentary along the way. “The way where, viz?” Back home.

Even though... in a sense... you are already there, it takes all the drama and enjoyment out of it to already be at your destination, just... like... that. Yes... angels could fly you there this very minute. You could take a plane, (metaphorically speaking) BUT... the countryside is marvelous, and you meet people on the way. Things happen. There's good food and company. Why not take that Slowboat to China? (metaphorically speaking)

I've never been a fan of barking dogs and I don't like acting like one. I don't know what all the fuss is about, not really; I suspect it is caused by people taking themselves too seriously. Some people seem to like combat and contention. I do not. I like, serene-in-a-cabin-in-the-forest-by-the-side-of-a-running-stream. I like Peace of Mind (cue Boston), and ANYONE can have it who ceases to fight with themselves, by proxy or... in their minds.

It is a very simple thing if you keep it so.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 12, 2022

"Often... The Intentions of The Logos Make No Sense to Mortals... Coming and Going on The Slipstream of The Helix."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a fascinating thing to watch a culture in free fall. Everywhere... the manifest evidence of blood, sweat, and tears, worked into stone and steel, stands as a testament to the watermark it reached at its high tide. Now... vandals... vampires... pirates... and barbarians, tear at the legacy of centuries that mean nothing to them. They have their own variant of a movable feast, in a fixed focus of killing... fucking... and eating.

The armies of The Anti-Christ, swarm the battlements of sanity like a zombie apocalypse. They seem to be radio-controlled from a distance by spiteful little boys with remote controls. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. All that hard work... all the careful planning and joys of accomplishment, run like the urine of drunken soccer yobs... overflowing the pissoir, and... seeking its own level... somewhere down with the sewer rats and ghouls in the catacombs... there to worry the bones of the builders, now... mercifully... dead.

What is this strange virus of ravening insanity that afflicts entire segments of the population? Legions of Buffalo Bills, torture whatever they can catch... while listening to the screaming of the lambs.

In cubicles and private offices, in university boardrooms and halls of government, sexual psychopaths work to manufacture laws to protect perversity... and destroy every semblance of Normal. In a single generation, they have created a gelatinous mass of once-human slacker-bots, snake-dancing their way to Childhood's End.

Who? Who is behind this? Who is responsible for this? Ah... there is the question that has plagued the human mind for centuries. Because... this has all happened before. Why build all this only to tear it down? Everywhere you look, genuinely stupid people, conspire with creatures of the darkness, lodged within their own Fisher-Price, Ass-burger brains. The Mind Parasites have come to Sunnyvale.

Orcs roam the city streets, humming with the hive mind of poisonous swarms, unleashed upon the Formica wonderland of an America that... got... so... far... and... then... was torn... to... pieces.

You can forget about either coast or... maybe not. Certainly... the cannibal hordes will kill and eat each other... until there is only one fellow left, gnawing on his own foot; probably the one he doesn't use, or... so he thinks. The madness in the streets is what you get, when... The... Avatar... comes... down... the... planes... and drives the shadows out into physical forms... for judgment.

Wait a minute, Vis! Are you saying that there is a method to this madness? Are you saying there is a scheme to this bad dream? Are you saying... Yeah, that's what I'm saying. This whole phase of TRANSITION is part of a process. Yes... indeed it is.

It's hard to get your head around it... no? Why? I mean... what is who thinking? What The Hell is going on? Some things got ♫ left out in the rain ♫ out of the refrigerator... out of sight, and out of mind until... that nagging uncertainty... compelled us to look at what can no longer be ignored. A lot of things went bad, and... it wasn't just the absence of refrigeration. It's the 5 of Cups on its way to the 8 of Cups, for he who has Understanding... and doesn't ruin the present or predict the future. How's that worked out so far?

If it were not for the Marriage Equality Act all this tranny nonsense would not be taking place. We would not be awash in protected feces, that were made special by government fiat... if... not for that euphemistic sleight of mind that put it in writing for the benefit of those who cannot read and think at the same time... or bake a loaf of bread.

Be of good cheer... my friends. Do not let your hearts be troubled. This is ONLY weather. It... will... pass. It WILL pass. I understand. I really do. I get the absurdity of what makes no sense. How can...? Why... oh why...? Someone, PLEASE tell me! I am telling you. This is not the first go-round of catastrophic meltdown. You should have been in Rome when the lead from the aqueducts kicked in. Some say this was not a factor. They were probably sleeping with the architects.

None of this was EVER meant to last. There is a zone of many levels, where conditions perpetuate. Where stability is a given. This... is... not... that... zone. This is The Zone of Change. This is that place where lessons are learned for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

A whole lot of what you see is not going to stay visible in... its... present... form. In some places, the landscape will seem to have been untouched. In others... it will look the way it looked after the tanks have come and gone... after the missiles have all been fired... after the zombie hordes have killed... and fucked... and eaten their way through MacArthur Park. I'm guessing they have a thing for green icing. It probably goes well with paint chips and the ankle bones of children.

Hard cheese, old man. Isn't that what they used to say in Kensington? Of course, there's your uptown Kensington of the aforementioned, and your Sidewalk-Cheese-Steak-Kensington of the better left unmentioned. Materialism has this way of causing people to forget to raise their children. The World is a poor substitute for a role model, but... it's what... you... have... now; the whole world on a small self-refreshing screen, speaking in tongues that would put The Tower of Babel to shame.

If you can't give people what they want then... promise... them... what... they... want. With today's holographic tech, they can put that pie-in-the-sky right up there in the blue... like Broadway neon. Does it matter if it is all falling apart... so long as you are feeling no pain? It's a funny thing about feeling no pain... when the chemical detachment ends, the humor fades in dramatic fashion. Sometimes, ♫ waking up is hard to do ♫ Ah... to be young again and dead already.

Okay... Vis... stop square-dancing through the wreckage and get to the point.


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean there isn't a plan. Just because the plan goes around a corner you can't see past, does not impact on the efficacy of The Plan. It's been said that The Logos is far-seeing. Often the intentions of The Logos make no sense to mortals coming and going on The Slipstream of The Cosmic Helix. You have to get that thousand-year-stare. You have to be set in the knowledge of having been here before, even if you can't remember where... or when it was.

This is all scripted. What is not scripted is that small space between one moment and the next, where you harmonize or strategize; embracing or avoiding. God loves watching people who think they're smart. He arranges for them to discover what the truth of that is. If you are not moving in humility... you are headed for a fall, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

The Lord God walks with impunity wherever he may be. It is all his creation and immediately begins to transform at his slightest indication of a whim. If you walk in concert with him, the 23rd Psalm becomes a living reality. If he is outside of you, he becomes The Devil simply because appearances conceal the truth of what... cannot... be... made... visible... by... the... colors... of... the...sensory... palette.

What is The Devil but a distortion in perception; seeing what the untrained imagination presents to you? The Devil is The Carnal Mind. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. God is both angel and devil, and speaks in the language of desire and aspiration, according to your manner of approach. and... your... intentions.

Oh no!!! The whole world is going to Hell! No... the WHOLE WORLD is not going to Hell. Some part of it is ALREADY in Hell. This is another reason that The Avatar comes calling. He WILL liberate... and free those who sincerely seek it. Hell and Suffering are conditions in The Separated Mind.

Oh no!!! I'll lose my identity if I merge with The Divine. Really? How unfortunate for you. Perhaps you should remain as you are. Actually... The Divine is what you really are. You are only imagining everything else that is seen... as if in a dream... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

This world is rife with demonic intelligences, and never more so than now; having been driven from their nooks and crannies in The Invisible. Yet... there is that within you that is master of all you survey. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the World.” Don't be a fool. The Way of The World and The Way of Heaven, are... not... the... same. One is a circle. The other is a spiral. One keeps pressing outward. The other keeps coiling inward.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

"A Cabal of Tamasic Retrogressive Orcs has Taken Over The School Cafeteria, and... We have A Hostage Situation."

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Hmm... Ahem... (hand extended into invisible space is pulled back, holding the nothing it reached out with.) Oh well... hurry up and wait, as someone once said. Though the context escapes me, I close my eyes and see a series of images of people, racing to get somewhere for nothing to happen. It's... what I call, Playing Tag with The Gunas. An elder stands in a schoolmarmish posture and wags her fingers at two little boys. One of them is hardly moving and the other is standing still. She says, “Now you listen up here, Sattva and Tamas, you stop this nonsense and go back to your rooms or I am going to tell Rajas.”

Yeah, I realize that hardly anyone is going to get that, much less the humor of it, BUT... what has that got to do with anything? Tell you what, I'm going to explain how it seems to me; Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas are the names for the three modes of action that are involved, singly or in combination, with all action ever taking place... period. It is a tenet(s) of the Hindu Perspective.

Sattva is effulgent and resplendent awareness. It is luminous intelligence... positive awareness, though... much more can be said. This is a Cliff Notes summation of a Cliff Notes summation. Bear... that... in... mind. Rajas is full-on energy, defined by intention as good or bad. It is also passion. Tamas is sluggish, sleepwalking, dull zombie mind. Go look them up for yet another explanation, s-u-r-r-o-u-n-d-e-d by yet more explanations, with new ones coming every day.

They interact forever. The idea; an idea I share with a long tradition of others... is, to get free of them.

They've been described as string-like and woven through manifest existence. Does this have anything to do with String Theory? (good question) I have no idea, it's not... my... department.

Keep all this in mind as we proceed, though... it doesn't matter if you do... as long as you remember the ceaseless interplay of 3 variations of force is going on at all times.

Donald Trump's Florida residence was raided yesterday by officials from The Marxist Revolutionary Command, presently operating in lieu of a governing agency. We're in a bit of a hiatus, You see... there was a coup. A cabal of Tamasic retrogressive life forms has taken over the school cafeteria and... we have a hostage situation.

This could seem alarming to many people who simply cannot understand how the most successful country in The World has devolved, seemingly overnight, into a banana republic. You have to understand, there... is... ONLY... one... source... of... force. No matter how Evil or Good ANYTHING can seem to be here, The Divine is in complete control of it, and weaving ALL OF IT together into a magic carpet ride of The World going through changes, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The hand is often quicker than the eye, by way of misdirection. The Mind is quicker than the hand or the eye. Both hand and eye are extensions of The Mind. So... even if you can't see the origins or intentions of something, you can get a really good idea of what's going on through dispassionate observation. When you have no investment in the outcome, it is very much easier to see what is REALLY going on.

I don't concern myself with predictive methodologies. What is the point of reading the future when you are in a position to change the future? Predicting the future is only useful when the future is unpredictable, meaning... out-of-your-control. Neither the past, present nor the future are out of control. They... and EVERYTHING else... exists for one purpose... which is to celebrate and glorify God.

If you can't see this, that's not my problem. If you can't see this, you are presently engaged in a dream of The Purpose of Demonstration, for yourself... and everything, and everyone that the demonstration applies to.

He created this, that, and the other thing and... said it was good. HE SAID IT WAS GOOD! Ponder that at your leisure. It is not that all these things and conditions are right or wrong... or good or evil. It is that you have defined and cataloged them as such (in... your... singular... fashion), thereby... thereby... placing you in a world of your own creation; a prisoner of your own design, in the... penitentiary... of... your... own... separated... mind.

The Marxist-Satanists that took over the government cannot... afford... to... be... put... out... of... power. This is just another step in a series of steps they are taking to stay in power. They are victims of an unfortunate mindset. This is the mindset that reinforces the idea that they are in control of The Big Machine. They ARE NOT IN CONTROL. They are not even in control of themselves, which... is... soon... to.... be... demonstrated.

You are presently witnessing (if you are even paying attention) the denouement phase of an agenda that has been in the works for a long time. A lot of time, money, and lives have been invested in this agenda. It is... all-of-it, just theater. That is all-it-is, theater. It is God enjoying himself with the spectacle, while also PLAYING CRITICAL PARTS!

I have said this on a number of occasions; the Greatest Commandment is not the whim of a narcissistic deity, swooning over his own importance, and demanding fealty and adoration from you. I know it looks that way to... the... people... playing... God, BUT... that is not how it is. It is a guide to how to REALLY live your most authentic life; how to live your best life, AND be... your... authentic... self, which is not by celebrating the miserable lack of all you claim to possess.

God IS... your... very... self. When you are FINALLY empowered to look into the mirror of existence and not through a glass darkly, (which is what happens when your self-interest blocks the light) you will see that this is true. So... when you are advised, yes... advised to... love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength... and with all your mind, you are being given a SIMPLE directive that WILL result in Liberation and Self-Realization. This will be made especially clear when The Qualities of God begin to emerge in you.

Donald Trump and all of his enemies... are cartoon characters playing Frisbee with subconscious playing card icons that picture what they believe everything else looks like, in... their... dreaming... stupor. All these main players, and a cast of thousands... are performing for the entertainment of a vast, unseen audience, which includes themselves, despite their not even paying attention. They'll have time to reflect on that up (or down) The Road, later on.

This is a very significant turning of The Age. The forces of apocalypse and awakening (which I have personalized in these postings) are empowered to bring the human consciousness... by stages... to a fuller awareness of what is... and what is not. It is happening like a stadium wave in slow motion. Some of the patrons have already left the stadium. Everyone else is watching their hopes and fears... personified in the players... catching and dropping, falling and rising, living and dying, while being replaced by endless new versions of themselves, going round and round on a wheel of fire.

By... the... day... celebrities and power players are losing their minds. In the corridors of power, and the side alleys of the disenfranchised, EVERYONE who is not already possessed of a higher calling, is being swept up in nets of entanglement. As they struggle to free themselves, they become ever more tightly bound. Meanwhile... The Liberator is coming to sort it all out.

Look at how certifiably crazy an ever-increasing number of people... twisted up in illusion and dark appetites... have become! They are the walking... talking... nutjobs from Batshit Central. Soon now, all of those slathering, impotent chihuahuas... screeching, and howling for the head of Donald Trump, are going to discover their own heads were not attached at all. They're going to turn into Robin Williams in Baron Munchhausen; lunacy cards from Luna.

Their heads are going to explode. Step by step... the mass of them... get closer and closer to Crazy Town by... the... day. You can see it happening from moment to moment. Sabers are rattling. Spears are hammering on shields. Orcs are headbutting each other... and screaming for flesh. The thin veneer of civilization is being worn away to reveal the beast behind the mask.

None of these things should concern you... if your attention is directed to The Indwelling. The rudders of the separated minds have broken apart on unruly seas. They are going more and more haywire as their masters become distracted. This is ALL by design. Soon enough... the most self-important among us will no longer even know who they are; not... that... they... ever... did.

Glory to God... who comes closer by the hour. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

"Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons Set Sail in a Beautiful Pea-Green Boat and... Never Saw The Dragon in The Water."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Bad Guys... the actual coalition of The Bad Guys, is not composed of only bad guys. If that were the case, they'd be very easy to deal with. The Bad Guy's Demographic is contained under a wide umbrella that includes everything thing carnal, everything stupid... everything vain...AND... everyone influenced against their better judgment when it comes to what... they... think... they... want over what's right and fair.

It includes everyone who can be influenced through their appetites. It includes everyone without self-control, making it possible for someone else to control them. It BASICALLY accounts for The World we live in, and most of the people in it.

I'm not saying The World is filled with bad people. I'm not saying everyone is inherently evil. I AM SAYING that most people have lost their way and they let others make decisions for them, based on what... others... want... from... them. Only a few people actually WANT to go to war. Everyone else gets involved through suave argument, calls to patriotism, shaming, threats, and laws constructed by the people who... don't... go... to... war but who profit from it.

To see who rules over you, look at the ones who send you to wars that they created for their own profit but... do... not... fight... in.

When Appetite and Appetite Satisfaction become the preeminent drive-by-stop-n-go... b-e-c-a-u-s-e you can have anything you want, any time you want it... in this Automat existence of endless snatch and grab, merry-go-round consuming of whatever's in reach... it is not long before you lose your rudder and your optics, and... destruction is assured. The final result of Materialism is... a dumpster fire at The End of The World.

It's not only The Bad Guys you have to look out for. It is The Army of Stupids that follow their lead and their orders. This world you live in operates in an atmosphere of peer pressure. It is a subtle and invisible force that compels you to adhere to the whims of the moment, constructed by The Bad Guys. Don't get out of line. Don't do this... do that. Is it any wonder that people with poor impulse control and seething internalized rage are acting out on the sidewalks of the pressure cooker cities?

The Bad Guys, who created the icons of culture worship in the first place, are now force-bending humanity into unnatural positions so they can... have... their... way... with... them. LITERALLY. This is why they are after The Children... for two specific reasons. One of those reasons is to please their master who delights in the despoliation of innocence more than ANYTHING ELSE. The other reason is to program them early so that they will become compliant adults.

They already control most people under the threat of taking what they have away from them... if they don't comply with ever greater, and greater threats against them, created by The Bad Guys.

It's pure Kafka. Chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death. These are all instruments being wielded against humanity by those who are themselves deceived by The Lord of Darkness. It now behooves me to point out that The Lord of Darkness and the one wielding chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death, IS another aspect of The Supreme Controller who uses the influence of both sides to temper carnal passions and sublimate them into heavenly virtues. This world is Boot Camp.

The Supreme Lord is in ABSOLUTE command of BOTH SIDES of the seeming conflict between Good and Evil. Bad Guys are just Good Guys disguised from themselves in their minds. If you had the right scepter, you could simply tap them on the heads and change them from one to the other, like a fairy godmother who transforms a frog into a prince. Sometimes God does just that. Usually... it is a longer road... over a continuous appearance of events, and conditions that impresses The What Is into the minds of The Who Am I's.

Some of us are more obliging than others. We learn faster and we get out of The Mosh Pit quicker. Some of us take a great deal more persuasion; which gets increasingly more hard-handed as they go. Sometimes that ends up on The Road to Damascus, and sometimes it just continues to be The Hard Highway. It is ALWAYS a matter of choice AND... those who go along to get along... find out sooner or later that they no longer know Down from Up or Back from Forth. Of course... it truly depends on who and what you are going along with to get along.

In the end... it comes down to who you decide is... going... to... tell... you... what... to... do. You can surrender to The Will of God or... you can resist The Will of God. There are no other options, and all the complexity that tells you of other options, are parts of the process of mind-enslavement, employed by the one resisting God. That is the province of The Fallen Angel.

Of course... you are free to be a Fallen Angel, and you get the twinkly glitter of The World... the enchantments... the promises (oh! The promises)... you get the slick bodies of eager flesh that writhe against you... (eyes closed and dreaming of... who or what?)... in The (literal) Fires of Desire. You get STUFF... and more STUFF. You get anchors of all kinds. You get all the weights you need to carry you to the bottom of The Sea. You get disease... old age... and death. You get the battlefields of The World, which travel like caravans from one place to another.

It's a sweet scene here, in times of greater light, and... those... times... are... coming, BUT... it's still a trap that turns you into a trained seal with temporary name recognition. No matter how good it advertises and pretends to be, it... does... not... last, AND... neither do you. Oh! Of course... that which is eternal in you lasts, BUT... what do you know about that? I do not see the profit in playing the hero here, and the villain there; being rich and poor by turns... being young and turning old... and always... suffering, and suffering... and suffering. You might forget that for a moment now and then.

You don't have to wonder anymore how it is that people came up with all those weird beliefs... marched off as cannon fodder into stupid wars or killed themselves off with ignorant fads and ridiculous traditions. The Gender Hoax tells the tale. It's all contained in that comic line that should be emblazoned on the lintel over the door to Perdition; 'gender assigned at birth.' ALL these titles after their names... doctor of this, master of that... Piled Higher and Deeper... dear God! “Vanity... all is Vanity.”

Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons set sail in a pea-green boat, and... never saw the dragon in the water. I don't know about owls and pussycats, but I do know that you wind up with a ring at the end of your nose. Some... as we have said... delight in being here. They are like children who never grew up, but their bodies did... and I am not talking about innocence. They easily convince themselves of ANYTHING that is required to justify the pursuit and the possession of whatever they think they want. This is the essence of the Jnana yogi saying... neti- neti ( not this... not this; meaning none of any of the choices presented).

The Jnana yogis realize it CANNOT be found out there; speaking of the exterior... The High Wide and Lonesome. These unruly children do not know this... and they chase their shadows across a glass darkly. It might be half-full and it might be half-empty. What possible difference can it make? IT'S A SHADOW!!! You are dancing with corpses at a banquet of empty plates covered in spider webs. I'm not being whimsical with poesy here. This is a literal truth. If you cannot see this, one of Circe's sisters has placed a spell over your eyes.

There are no Bad Guys. There are those who play one on TV or in person for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is possible to NEVER run into a Bad Guy because you see them coming long before they appear. There are systems of thought that exist in Ageless Wisdom that have to do with The Magic of Light, as it passes without obstruction through the one capable of the necessary stillness... and lack of resistance.

What does a person do when they want no part of what is going on around them? Don't be a part of it, AND... don't get in the way of it; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” When you no longer want anything, you are no longer contending with anyone. Yes... there are a lot of REALLY crazy people running amok at the moment. Some of them have all those degrees and titles before and after their names. They know all kinds of things. They WILL do themselves in without your help.

Perhaps you wish to help them understand? Have you tried helping them understand? Uh-huh. How did that go? People going The Wrong Way are either short-term or long-term, but... they... come... to... term. They won't be staying around, but they will be right back. They are not your concern. You want to fix something that is wrong in them? Fix... it... in... yourself, and you will no longer even be aware of it or them.

End Transmission.......

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