Friday, August 12, 2022

"Often... The Intentions of The Logos Make No Sense to Mortals... Coming and Going on The Slipstream of The Helix."

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It is a fascinating thing to watch a culture in free fall. Everywhere... the manifest evidence of blood, sweat, and tears, worked into stone and steel, stands as a testament to the watermark it reached at its high tide. Now... vandals... vampires... pirates... and barbarians, tear at the legacy of centuries that mean nothing to them. They have their own variant of a movable feast, in a fixed focus of killing... fucking... and eating.

The armies of The Anti-Christ, swarm the battlements of sanity like a zombie apocalypse. They seem to be radio-controlled from a distance by spiteful little boys with remote controls. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. All that hard work... all the careful planning and joys of accomplishment, run like the urine of drunken soccer yobs... overflowing the pissoir, and... seeking its own level... somewhere down with the sewer rats and ghouls in the catacombs... there to worry the bones of the builders, now... mercifully... dead.

What is this strange virus of ravening insanity that afflicts entire segments of the population? Legions of Buffalo Bills, torture whatever they can catch... while listening to the screaming of the lambs.

In cubicles and private offices, in university boardrooms and halls of government, sexual psychopaths work to manufacture laws to protect perversity... and destroy every semblance of Normal. In a single generation, they have created a gelatinous mass of once-human slacker-bots, snake-dancing their way to Childhood's End.

Who? Who is behind this? Who is responsible for this? Ah... there is the question that has plagued the human mind for centuries. Because... this has all happened before. Why build all this only to tear it down? Everywhere you look, genuinely stupid people, conspire with creatures of the darkness, lodged within their own Fisher-Price, Ass-burger brains. The Mind Parasites have come to Sunnyvale.

Orcs roam the city streets, humming with the hive mind of poisonous swarms, unleashed upon the Formica wonderland of an America that... got... so... far... and... then... was torn... to... pieces.

You can forget about either coast or... maybe not. Certainly... the cannibal hordes will kill and eat each other... until there is only one fellow left, gnawing on his own foot; probably the one he doesn't use, or... so he thinks. The madness in the streets is what you get, when... The... Avatar... comes... down... the... planes... and drives the shadows out into physical forms... for judgment.

Wait a minute, Vis! Are you saying that there is a method to this madness? Are you saying there is a scheme to this bad dream? Are you saying... Yeah, that's what I'm saying. This whole phase of TRANSITION is part of a process. Yes... indeed it is.

It's hard to get your head around it... no? Why? I mean... what is who thinking? What The Hell is going on? Some things got ♫ left out in the rain ♫ out of the refrigerator... out of sight, and out of mind until... that nagging uncertainty... compelled us to look at what can no longer be ignored. A lot of things went bad, and... it wasn't just the absence of refrigeration. It's the 5 of Cups on its way to the 8 of Cups, for he who has Understanding... and doesn't ruin the present or predict the future. How's that worked out so far?

If it were not for the Marriage Equality Act all this tranny nonsense would not be taking place. We would not be awash in protected feces, that were made special by government fiat... if... not for that euphemistic sleight of mind that put it in writing for the benefit of those who cannot read and think at the same time... or bake a loaf of bread.

Be of good cheer... my friends. Do not let your hearts be troubled. This is ONLY weather. It... will... pass. It WILL pass. I understand. I really do. I get the absurdity of what makes no sense. How can...? Why... oh why...? Someone, PLEASE tell me! I am telling you. This is not the first go-round of catastrophic meltdown. You should have been in Rome when the lead from the aqueducts kicked in. Some say this was not a factor. They were probably sleeping with the architects.

None of this was EVER meant to last. There is a zone of many levels, where conditions perpetuate. Where stability is a given. This... is... not... that... zone. This is The Zone of Change. This is that place where lessons are learned for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

A whole lot of what you see is not going to stay visible in... its... present... form. In some places, the landscape will seem to have been untouched. In others... it will look the way it looked after the tanks have come and gone... after the missiles have all been fired... after the zombie hordes have killed... and fucked... and eaten their way through MacArthur Park. I'm guessing they have a thing for green icing. It probably goes well with paint chips and the ankle bones of children.

Hard cheese, old man. Isn't that what they used to say in Kensington? Of course, there's your uptown Kensington of the aforementioned, and your Sidewalk-Cheese-Steak-Kensington of the better left unmentioned. Materialism has this way of causing people to forget to raise their children. The World is a poor substitute for a role model, but... it's what... you... have... now; the whole world on a small self-refreshing screen, speaking in tongues that would put The Tower of Babel to shame.

If you can't give people what they want then... promise... them... what... they... want. With today's holographic tech, they can put that pie-in-the-sky right up there in the blue... like Broadway neon. Does it matter if it is all falling apart... so long as you are feeling no pain? It's a funny thing about feeling no pain... when the chemical detachment ends, the humor fades in dramatic fashion. Sometimes, ♫ waking up is hard to do ♫ Ah... to be young again and dead already.

Okay... Vis... stop square-dancing through the wreckage and get to the point.


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean there isn't a plan. Just because the plan goes around a corner you can't see past, does not impact on the efficacy of The Plan. It's been said that The Logos is far-seeing. Often the intentions of The Logos make no sense to mortals coming and going on The Slipstream of The Cosmic Helix. You have to get that thousand-year-stare. You have to be set in the knowledge of having been here before, even if you can't remember where... or when it was.

This is all scripted. What is not scripted is that small space between one moment and the next, where you harmonize or strategize; embracing or avoiding. God loves watching people who think they're smart. He arranges for them to discover what the truth of that is. If you are not moving in humility... you are headed for a fall, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

The Lord God walks with impunity wherever he may be. It is all his creation and immediately begins to transform at his slightest indication of a whim. If you walk in concert with him, the 23rd Psalm becomes a living reality. If he is outside of you, he becomes The Devil simply because appearances conceal the truth of what... cannot... be... made... visible... by... the... colors... of... the...sensory... palette.

What is The Devil but a distortion in perception; seeing what the untrained imagination presents to you? The Devil is The Carnal Mind. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. God is both angel and devil, and speaks in the language of desire and aspiration, according to your manner of approach. and... your... intentions.

Oh no!!! The whole world is going to Hell! No... the WHOLE WORLD is not going to Hell. Some part of it is ALREADY in Hell. This is another reason that The Avatar comes calling. He WILL liberate... and free those who sincerely seek it. Hell and Suffering are conditions in The Separated Mind.

Oh no!!! I'll lose my identity if I merge with The Divine. Really? How unfortunate for you. Perhaps you should remain as you are. Actually... The Divine is what you really are. You are only imagining everything else that is seen... as if in a dream... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

This world is rife with demonic intelligences, and never more so than now; having been driven from their nooks and crannies in The Invisible. Yet... there is that within you that is master of all you survey. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the World.” Don't be a fool. The Way of The World and The Way of Heaven, are... not... the... same. One is a circle. The other is a spiral. One keeps pressing outward. The other keeps coiling inward.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

"A Cabal of Tamasic Retrogressive Orcs has Taken Over The School Cafeteria, and... We have A Hostage Situation."

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Hmm... Ahem... (hand extended into invisible space is pulled back, holding the nothing it reached out with.) Oh well... hurry up and wait, as someone once said. Though the context escapes me, I close my eyes and see a series of images of people, racing to get somewhere for nothing to happen. It's... what I call, Playing Tag with The Gunas. An elder stands in a schoolmarmish posture and wags her fingers at two little boys. One of them is hardly moving and the other is standing still. She says, “Now you listen up here, Sattva and Tamas, you stop this nonsense and go back to your rooms or I am going to tell Rajas.”

Yeah, I realize that hardly anyone is going to get that, much less the humor of it, BUT... what has that got to do with anything? Tell you what, I'm going to explain how it seems to me; Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas are the names for the three modes of action that are involved, singly or in combination, with all action ever taking place... period. It is a tenet(s) of the Hindu Perspective.

Sattva is effulgent and resplendent awareness. It is luminous intelligence... positive awareness, though... much more can be said. This is a Cliff Notes summation of a Cliff Notes summation. Bear... that... in... mind. Rajas is full-on energy, defined by intention as good or bad. It is also passion. Tamas is sluggish, sleepwalking, dull zombie mind. Go look them up for yet another explanation, s-u-r-r-o-u-n-d-e-d by yet more explanations, with new ones coming every day.

They interact forever. The idea; an idea I share with a long tradition of others... is, to get free of them.

They've been described as string-like and woven through manifest existence. Does this have anything to do with String Theory? (good question) I have no idea, it's not... my... department.

Keep all this in mind as we proceed, though... it doesn't matter if you do... as long as you remember the ceaseless interplay of 3 variations of force is going on at all times.

Donald Trump's Florida residence was raided yesterday by officials from The Marxist Revolutionary Command, presently operating in lieu of a governing agency. We're in a bit of a hiatus, You see... there was a coup. A cabal of Tamasic retrogressive life forms has taken over the school cafeteria and... we have a hostage situation.

This could seem alarming to many people who simply cannot understand how the most successful country in The World has devolved, seemingly overnight, into a banana republic. You have to understand, there... is... ONLY... one... source... of... force. No matter how Evil or Good ANYTHING can seem to be here, The Divine is in complete control of it, and weaving ALL OF IT together into a magic carpet ride of The World going through changes, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The hand is often quicker than the eye, by way of misdirection. The Mind is quicker than the hand or the eye. Both hand and eye are extensions of The Mind. So... even if you can't see the origins or intentions of something, you can get a really good idea of what's going on through dispassionate observation. When you have no investment in the outcome, it is very much easier to see what is REALLY going on.

I don't concern myself with predictive methodologies. What is the point of reading the future when you are in a position to change the future? Predicting the future is only useful when the future is unpredictable, meaning... out-of-your-control. Neither the past, present nor the future are out of control. They... and EVERYTHING else... exists for one purpose... which is to celebrate and glorify God.

If you can't see this, that's not my problem. If you can't see this, you are presently engaged in a dream of The Purpose of Demonstration, for yourself... and everything, and everyone that the demonstration applies to.

He created this, that, and the other thing and... said it was good. HE SAID IT WAS GOOD! Ponder that at your leisure. It is not that all these things and conditions are right or wrong... or good or evil. It is that you have defined and cataloged them as such (in... your... singular... fashion), thereby... thereby... placing you in a world of your own creation; a prisoner of your own design, in the... penitentiary... of... your... own... separated... mind.

The Marxist-Satanists that took over the government cannot... afford... to... be... put... out... of... power. This is just another step in a series of steps they are taking to stay in power. They are victims of an unfortunate mindset. This is the mindset that reinforces the idea that they are in control of The Big Machine. They ARE NOT IN CONTROL. They are not even in control of themselves, which... is... soon... to.... be... demonstrated.

You are presently witnessing (if you are even paying attention) the denouement phase of an agenda that has been in the works for a long time. A lot of time, money, and lives have been invested in this agenda. It is... all-of-it, just theater. That is all-it-is, theater. It is God enjoying himself with the spectacle, while also PLAYING CRITICAL PARTS!

I have said this on a number of occasions; the Greatest Commandment is not the whim of a narcissistic deity, swooning over his own importance, and demanding fealty and adoration from you. I know it looks that way to... the... people... playing... God, BUT... that is not how it is. It is a guide to how to REALLY live your most authentic life; how to live your best life, AND be... your... authentic... self, which is not by celebrating the miserable lack of all you claim to possess.

God IS... your... very... self. When you are FINALLY empowered to look into the mirror of existence and not through a glass darkly, (which is what happens when your self-interest blocks the light) you will see that this is true. So... when you are advised, yes... advised to... love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength... and with all your mind, you are being given a SIMPLE directive that WILL result in Liberation and Self-Realization. This will be made especially clear when The Qualities of God begin to emerge in you.

Donald Trump and all of his enemies... are cartoon characters playing Frisbee with subconscious playing card icons that picture what they believe everything else looks like, in... their... dreaming... stupor. All these main players, and a cast of thousands... are performing for the entertainment of a vast, unseen audience, which includes themselves, despite their not even paying attention. They'll have time to reflect on that up (or down) The Road, later on.

This is a very significant turning of The Age. The forces of apocalypse and awakening (which I have personalized in these postings) are empowered to bring the human consciousness... by stages... to a fuller awareness of what is... and what is not. It is happening like a stadium wave in slow motion. Some of the patrons have already left the stadium. Everyone else is watching their hopes and fears... personified in the players... catching and dropping, falling and rising, living and dying, while being replaced by endless new versions of themselves, going round and round on a wheel of fire.

By... the... day... celebrities and power players are losing their minds. In the corridors of power, and the side alleys of the disenfranchised, EVERYONE who is not already possessed of a higher calling, is being swept up in nets of entanglement. As they struggle to free themselves, they become ever more tightly bound. Meanwhile... The Liberator is coming to sort it all out.

Look at how certifiably crazy an ever-increasing number of people... twisted up in illusion and dark appetites... have become! They are the walking... talking... nutjobs from Batshit Central. Soon now, all of those slathering, impotent chihuahuas... screeching, and howling for the head of Donald Trump, are going to discover their own heads were not attached at all. They're going to turn into Robin Williams in Baron Munchhausen; lunacy cards from Luna.

Their heads are going to explode. Step by step... the mass of them... get closer and closer to Crazy Town by... the... day. You can see it happening from moment to moment. Sabers are rattling. Spears are hammering on shields. Orcs are headbutting each other... and screaming for flesh. The thin veneer of civilization is being worn away to reveal the beast behind the mask.

None of these things should concern you... if your attention is directed to The Indwelling. The rudders of the separated minds have broken apart on unruly seas. They are going more and more haywire as their masters become distracted. This is ALL by design. Soon enough... the most self-important among us will no longer even know who they are; not... that... they... ever... did.

Glory to God... who comes closer by the hour. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

"Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons Set Sail in a Beautiful Pea-Green Boat and... Never Saw The Dragon in The Water."

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The Bad Guys... the actual coalition of The Bad Guys, is not composed of only bad guys. If that were the case, they'd be very easy to deal with. The Bad Guy's Demographic is contained under a wide umbrella that includes everything thing carnal, everything stupid... everything vain...AND... everyone influenced against their better judgment when it comes to what... they... think... they... want over what's right and fair.

It includes everyone who can be influenced through their appetites. It includes everyone without self-control, making it possible for someone else to control them. It BASICALLY accounts for The World we live in, and most of the people in it.

I'm not saying The World is filled with bad people. I'm not saying everyone is inherently evil. I AM SAYING that most people have lost their way and they let others make decisions for them, based on what... others... want... from... them. Only a few people actually WANT to go to war. Everyone else gets involved through suave argument, calls to patriotism, shaming, threats, and laws constructed by the people who... don't... go... to... war but who profit from it.

To see who rules over you, look at the ones who send you to wars that they created for their own profit but... do... not... fight... in.

When Appetite and Appetite Satisfaction become the preeminent drive-by-stop-n-go... b-e-c-a-u-s-e you can have anything you want, any time you want it... in this Automat existence of endless snatch and grab, merry-go-round consuming of whatever's in reach... it is not long before you lose your rudder and your optics, and... destruction is assured. The final result of Materialism is... a dumpster fire at The End of The World.

It's not only The Bad Guys you have to look out for. It is The Army of Stupids that follow their lead and their orders. This world you live in operates in an atmosphere of peer pressure. It is a subtle and invisible force that compels you to adhere to the whims of the moment, constructed by The Bad Guys. Don't get out of line. Don't do this... do that. Is it any wonder that people with poor impulse control and seething internalized rage are acting out on the sidewalks of the pressure cooker cities?

The Bad Guys, who created the icons of culture worship in the first place, are now force-bending humanity into unnatural positions so they can... have... their... way... with... them. LITERALLY. This is why they are after The Children... for two specific reasons. One of those reasons is to please their master who delights in the despoliation of innocence more than ANYTHING ELSE. The other reason is to program them early so that they will become compliant adults.

They already control most people under the threat of taking what they have away from them... if they don't comply with ever greater, and greater threats against them, created by The Bad Guys.

It's pure Kafka. Chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death. These are all instruments being wielded against humanity by those who are themselves deceived by The Lord of Darkness. It now behooves me to point out that The Lord of Darkness and the one wielding chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death, IS another aspect of The Supreme Controller who uses the influence of both sides to temper carnal passions and sublimate them into heavenly virtues. This world is Boot Camp.

The Supreme Lord is in ABSOLUTE command of BOTH SIDES of the seeming conflict between Good and Evil. Bad Guys are just Good Guys disguised from themselves in their minds. If you had the right scepter, you could simply tap them on the heads and change them from one to the other, like a fairy godmother who transforms a frog into a prince. Sometimes God does just that. Usually... it is a longer road... over a continuous appearance of events, and conditions that impresses The What Is into the minds of The Who Am I's.

Some of us are more obliging than others. We learn faster and we get out of The Mosh Pit quicker. Some of us take a great deal more persuasion; which gets increasingly more hard-handed as they go. Sometimes that ends up on The Road to Damascus, and sometimes it just continues to be The Hard Highway. It is ALWAYS a matter of choice AND... those who go along to get along... find out sooner or later that they no longer know Down from Up or Back from Forth. Of course... it truly depends on who and what you are going along with to get along.

In the end... it comes down to who you decide is... going... to... tell... you... what... to... do. You can surrender to The Will of God or... you can resist The Will of God. There are no other options, and all the complexity that tells you of other options, are parts of the process of mind-enslavement, employed by the one resisting God. That is the province of The Fallen Angel.

Of course... you are free to be a Fallen Angel, and you get the twinkly glitter of The World... the enchantments... the promises (oh! The promises)... you get the slick bodies of eager flesh that writhe against you... (eyes closed and dreaming of... who or what?)... in The (literal) Fires of Desire. You get STUFF... and more STUFF. You get anchors of all kinds. You get all the weights you need to carry you to the bottom of The Sea. You get disease... old age... and death. You get the battlefields of The World, which travel like caravans from one place to another.

It's a sweet scene here, in times of greater light, and... those... times... are... coming, BUT... it's still a trap that turns you into a trained seal with temporary name recognition. No matter how good it advertises and pretends to be, it... does... not... last, AND... neither do you. Oh! Of course... that which is eternal in you lasts, BUT... what do you know about that? I do not see the profit in playing the hero here, and the villain there; being rich and poor by turns... being young and turning old... and always... suffering, and suffering... and suffering. You might forget that for a moment now and then.

You don't have to wonder anymore how it is that people came up with all those weird beliefs... marched off as cannon fodder into stupid wars or killed themselves off with ignorant fads and ridiculous traditions. The Gender Hoax tells the tale. It's all contained in that comic line that should be emblazoned on the lintel over the door to Perdition; 'gender assigned at birth.' ALL these titles after their names... doctor of this, master of that... Piled Higher and Deeper... dear God! “Vanity... all is Vanity.”

Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons set sail in a pea-green boat, and... never saw the dragon in the water. I don't know about owls and pussycats, but I do know that you wind up with a ring at the end of your nose. Some... as we have said... delight in being here. They are like children who never grew up, but their bodies did... and I am not talking about innocence. They easily convince themselves of ANYTHING that is required to justify the pursuit and the possession of whatever they think they want. This is the essence of the Jnana yogi saying... neti- neti ( not this... not this; meaning none of any of the choices presented).

The Jnana yogis realize it CANNOT be found out there; speaking of the exterior... The High Wide and Lonesome. These unruly children do not know this... and they chase their shadows across a glass darkly. It might be half-full and it might be half-empty. What possible difference can it make? IT'S A SHADOW!!! You are dancing with corpses at a banquet of empty plates covered in spider webs. I'm not being whimsical with poesy here. This is a literal truth. If you cannot see this, one of Circe's sisters has placed a spell over your eyes.

There are no Bad Guys. There are those who play one on TV or in person for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is possible to NEVER run into a Bad Guy because you see them coming long before they appear. There are systems of thought that exist in Ageless Wisdom that have to do with The Magic of Light, as it passes without obstruction through the one capable of the necessary stillness... and lack of resistance.

What does a person do when they want no part of what is going on around them? Don't be a part of it, AND... don't get in the way of it; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” When you no longer want anything, you are no longer contending with anyone. Yes... there are a lot of REALLY crazy people running amok at the moment. Some of them have all those degrees and titles before and after their names. They know all kinds of things. They WILL do themselves in without your help.

Perhaps you wish to help them understand? Have you tried helping them understand? Uh-huh. How did that go? People going The Wrong Way are either short-term or long-term, but... they... come... to... term. They won't be staying around, but they will be right back. They are not your concern. You want to fix something that is wrong in them? Fix... it... in... yourself, and you will no longer even be aware of it or them.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 1, 2022

"Either We Get Our Real Priorities in Order... or We Die Trying to Save What has No Real or Lasting Value."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know how it looks to me. It does not all look the same to each of us. We have similarities in perspective, and variations as well. The way it is measured is A MATTER OF DEGREE... mostly. We might see all kinds of similarities in common and uncommon conditions, BUT the degree can vary widely. Some are running about in a panic; The Russians are coming! We're running out of food! Crazy people are driving the country through The Gates of Hell! Then... there are those who see the same conditions and say to themselves, This-too-shall-pass. It's a matter of degree, at the twist of The Dial.

There are those who see little of any of it because they are focused on issues of self-interest or... could care less anyway or... are members in the ranks of The Great Army of Stupids or... are responsible for much of it, and delighted by their success, for... the... moment. For these last, I should add, ♫ the wheel's still in spin -and there's no telling who they'll be naming-♫

Look... people... wild tear-ass horrors have come down on the few, and the many... as a matter of routine throughout the length of our most recently recorded history, which doesn't reach much past 7,000 years (if that), and... that alone should tell you something.

Both Hell and Heaven are represented ON EARTH at all times- live and... at... a... distance, AND... when conditions become dire around The World... so that it would seem darkness is everywhere, and there appears no exit or... respite. ALL... THAT... MEANS is that The Light is more concentrated in the locations where... it... is... present. The key is to know where those places are. You find that out by locating the oasis within. From that point, you are guided to the external counterpart.

The majority of us tell ourselves that we HAVE... TO... BE... in a particular place because of our employment, our families... or whatever the reasons are, and there are always reasons... contained in what we tell ourselves... to reinforce the decisions we have made... which account for why we are wherever we are, BUT... it's Karma is what it is.

When the tanks and the infantry come over the hill... with The Four Horsemen, a man will grab his son and put him on his shoulders, and flee (so said, Chuang Tzu). This is somewhat similar to what Samuel Johnson said, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Calamity makes sure that we get our IMMEDIATE priorities in order, or we die trying to save what has no lasting value. This is the fate of those gone mad. A large portion of the public is suffering from some permutation of that, AND they are getting crazier, AND crazier... AND crazier.

Entire segments of the culture have lost their minds. The Monkeypox, Gay-Sex Flesh Rodeo is a classic example. The degree of denial is u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e!!! The sense of entitlement literally sucks the oxygen out of the room. The pup-play, fecal matter fascination of anal fixation, ever more and more degenerating... into an amusement park ride... that is a burbling cesspool... filled with creatures out of Hellraiser that... they like to take their adopted children on a ride-through... well... what do you expect?

Look at these Pride marches!!! Is that the best that life has to offer? Usually marginalized communities are... marginalized... for... a... reason! You can be sure that a good number of them were doing the marginalizing last time around. What goes around comes around... at the level it was operating on.

What did you think was going to happen when real-life monsters took over The Conversation? LOOK... AT... THE... CITIES!!! Look at what has been wrought by reverse kundalini siddhis (the similarities in rhyme by association is intentional).

Materialism has caused people to go haywire over sexual license. It is some form of Satanic Baptism, which opens the door to The Fires of Hell. People who SHOULD have the good sense to know that sex is mostly relevant ONLY to certain age groups, now want to continue to have sex until they perish in the pursuit of it. They now want sex at 60-70-80-90, AND... they want it with the prepubescent as well as animals or whatever else is at hand!

This fluid is what maintains youth and vitality. If you don't know this, you... will... find... out. Hey! Who tuned out the lights? You did.

Now there are pharmaceuticals that will render you sexually capable, despite Nature, compassionately, shutting you down for your own good... in lieu of Wisdom providing you with The Insight to do so on your own. I'm guessing they didn't get the meaning of the parable of The Foolish Virgins.

Now... the young are being made sexually impotent, due to the pervasiveness of Porn scrambling their libido, AND making hash out of their brains. It sounds a little like what they had for breakfast. Meanwhile... they eat shit; whatever is convenient and has been constructed for the taste buds. AND... the vaccines... and all the rest of today's black... magic... medicine.

The World today is filled with people who demand the freedom to have thousands of sex partners (not exaggerating at all), eat until they can't walk, babble-on about nonsense, and demand you hear them... and insist on filling positions they have... no... experience... or... ability... for. Okay...let's appear to digress.

I have had a small inguinal hernia for a number of years. I had one on the other side repaired and it's been fine, but then... this one came along. It had nothing to do with being out of shape, as I have been very physically active, off and on over the years... more on than off, AND... NO! That's not what caused it. Age caused it and it was directly caused by a colonic cleansing program that I was in the middle of. So... I wanted to fix this hernia, BUT... they won't let me do it without a PCR test.

Why should that matter to me? It turns out there are nasty compounds in these tests, and... you can go and find that information for yourself in no time at all. ALSO... this is a medium they are using to harvest your DNA. They also are KNOWN for false positives, and... in some cases, they use this medium TO... GIVE... YOU... COVID.

I WILL NOT COMPLY... EVER. I WILL NOT KNEEL DOWN AND KNUCKLE UNDER... EVER!!! EVER!!! My life is a testimony to that. I kneel for GOD... ALONE... PERIOD.

I mentioned to them that a blood test would be just as effective. NOPE! Has to be PCR. So... I went looking and I found Comfrey Poultices (in the links). This... IS... healing... my... hernia. I have palpable proof and visible evidence of it. How... about... that? HOW ABOUT THAT? This I combine with Marshmallow Root, Solomon's Seal, and Probiotics. It's a process.

It has been amazing... mind-blowing, and... very similar to what (I was inspired to do) with a kidney stone in Germany. I had a stone over 6 millimeters in size; 6.7 I think it was. The doctor said it was too big to pass and I needed surgery. I looked into the possible complications of this. I was also on a ward where patients were rehabbing from kidney stone removal. They were going up and down the halls, pushing a metal pole-stand that had hideous drainage in bags. They were all roughly the same age as I. I got that little voice again and it said... No! (You shall pass! heh heh). I went and bought many liters of Pepsi Cola... bottles of preserved asparagus, and... I jumped up and down for 3 days, and... it passed.

After that, I found the stone-breaker, Ayurveda treatments, and... I never had another. Contemporary medical practitioners are NOTHING MORE than a pack of dim-witted sidewalk whores, with the pharmaceutical industry as their pimps. I've known they were woefully uninformed... AND misinformed for most of my life. I did... used to... think that at least they could fix broken bones. No... they suck at that too. My balance has never been the same since my shinbone broke, and the doctor poorly realigned it. There went my reverse back-kick.

I had a period of several years... where I just had to tough out a lot of injuries and problems. I was told (by the inner voice yet again) that was the end of it and so far... it has been. Now, I am my own doctor (advised by my invisible friends), and unlike most of the allopathic morons running around in white coats, I am much better informed. I am not as informed as true healers, BUT... I'm working on it. The greatest feature of the internet, at least for me, is that you can learn ANYTHING! Yet people mostly watch porn or... play video games or... whatever their particular distractions amount to.

I get to go to school full time, for free on the internet, which is all I ever really wanted... to learn... and to learn... and to learn. I fully intend... to attend... one of the great halls of learning on The Upper Planes when I am free to do so. I might be there for many, many thousands of years... who cares? It's not like I don't have the time.

Yes... this seemingly conflicts with my position that loving The Divine is ALL one needs to do or to know. Yes... that is so, BUT... one is GREATLY informed in the process of doing this. My ultimate objective is to Heal; close up and at a distance. One is effected by proximity, and the other by prayer. Of course, one can heal by the possession of Virtue and Purity alone, like The Christ and his disciples. I am pursuing that too. Talking about these things sometimes makes the whole thing go sideways for The Yeah-But Crowd.

The first point of the Rosicrucian agreement; "That none of them should profess any other thing than to cure the sick and that... gratis."

I am well aware of how threatening it looks in The Event Horizon. I am also even more aware of who is in control of it all. Of course... if you are not aligned or in resonance with The Controller, results... may... vary. Best case scenario? Get right with God. Option 2? Get right with God. First, you throw yourself on the mercy of The Ineffable... then you learn... and adapt. Everything comes about through Adaptation, just like it says in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

“And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation. The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, and the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth. This is the father of all perfection, or consummation of the whole world. Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth.”

End Transmission.......

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