Friday, August 12, 2022

"Often... The Intentions of The Logos Make No Sense to Mortals... Coming and Going on The Slipstream of The Helix."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a fascinating thing to watch a culture in free fall. Everywhere... the manifest evidence of blood, sweat, and tears, worked into stone and steel, stands as a testament to the watermark it reached at its high tide. Now... vandals... vampires... pirates... and barbarians, tear at the legacy of centuries that mean nothing to them. They have their own variant of a movable feast, in a fixed focus of killing... fucking... and eating.

The armies of The Anti-Christ, swarm the battlements of sanity like a zombie apocalypse. They seem to be radio-controlled from a distance by spiteful little boys with remote controls. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. All that hard work... all the careful planning and joys of accomplishment, run like the urine of drunken soccer yobs... overflowing the pissoir, and... seeking its own level... somewhere down with the sewer rats and ghouls in the catacombs... there to worry the bones of the builders, now... mercifully... dead.

What is this strange virus of ravening insanity that afflicts entire segments of the population? Legions of Buffalo Bills, torture whatever they can catch... while listening to the screaming of the lambs.

In cubicles and private offices, in university boardrooms and halls of government, sexual psychopaths work to manufacture laws to protect perversity... and destroy every semblance of Normal. In a single generation, they have created a gelatinous mass of once-human slacker-bots, snake-dancing their way to Childhood's End.

Who? Who is behind this? Who is responsible for this? Ah... there is the question that has plagued the human mind for centuries. Because... this has all happened before. Why build all this only to tear it down? Everywhere you look, genuinely stupid people, conspire with creatures of the darkness, lodged within their own Fisher-Price, Ass-burger brains. The Mind Parasites have come to Sunnyvale.

Orcs roam the city streets, humming with the hive mind of poisonous swarms, unleashed upon the Formica wonderland of an America that... got... so... far... and... then... was torn... to... pieces.

You can forget about either coast or... maybe not. Certainly... the cannibal hordes will kill and eat each other... until there is only one fellow left, gnawing on his own foot; probably the one he doesn't use, or... so he thinks. The madness in the streets is what you get, when... The... Avatar... comes... down... the... planes... and drives the shadows out into physical forms... for judgment.

Wait a minute, Vis! Are you saying that there is a method to this madness? Are you saying there is a scheme to this bad dream? Are you saying... Yeah, that's what I'm saying. This whole phase of TRANSITION is part of a process. Yes... indeed it is.

It's hard to get your head around it... no? Why? I mean... what is who thinking? What The Hell is going on? Some things got ♫ left out in the rain ♫ out of the refrigerator... out of sight, and out of mind until... that nagging uncertainty... compelled us to look at what can no longer be ignored. A lot of things went bad, and... it wasn't just the absence of refrigeration. It's the 5 of Cups on its way to the 8 of Cups, for he who has Understanding... and doesn't ruin the present or predict the future. How's that worked out so far?

If it were not for the Marriage Equality Act all this tranny nonsense would not be taking place. We would not be awash in protected feces, that were made special by government fiat... if... not for that euphemistic sleight of mind that put it in writing for the benefit of those who cannot read and think at the same time... or bake a loaf of bread.

Be of good cheer... my friends. Do not let your hearts be troubled. This is ONLY weather. It... will... pass. It WILL pass. I understand. I really do. I get the absurdity of what makes no sense. How can...? Why... oh why...? Someone, PLEASE tell me! I am telling you. This is not the first go-round of catastrophic meltdown. You should have been in Rome when the lead from the aqueducts kicked in. Some say this was not a factor. They were probably sleeping with the architects.

None of this was EVER meant to last. There is a zone of many levels, where conditions perpetuate. Where stability is a given. This... is... not... that... zone. This is The Zone of Change. This is that place where lessons are learned for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

A whole lot of what you see is not going to stay visible in... its... present... form. In some places, the landscape will seem to have been untouched. In others... it will look the way it looked after the tanks have come and gone... after the missiles have all been fired... after the zombie hordes have killed... and fucked... and eaten their way through MacArthur Park. I'm guessing they have a thing for green icing. It probably goes well with paint chips and the ankle bones of children.

Hard cheese, old man. Isn't that what they used to say in Kensington? Of course, there's your uptown Kensington of the aforementioned, and your Sidewalk-Cheese-Steak-Kensington of the better left unmentioned. Materialism has this way of causing people to forget to raise their children. The World is a poor substitute for a role model, but... it's what... you... have... now; the whole world on a small self-refreshing screen, speaking in tongues that would put The Tower of Babel to shame.

If you can't give people what they want then... promise... them... what... they... want. With today's holographic tech, they can put that pie-in-the-sky right up there in the blue... like Broadway neon. Does it matter if it is all falling apart... so long as you are feeling no pain? It's a funny thing about feeling no pain... when the chemical detachment ends, the humor fades in dramatic fashion. Sometimes, ♫ waking up is hard to do ♫ Ah... to be young again and dead already.

Okay... Vis... stop square-dancing through the wreckage and get to the point.


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean there isn't a plan. Just because the plan goes around a corner you can't see past, does not impact on the efficacy of The Plan. It's been said that The Logos is far-seeing. Often the intentions of The Logos make no sense to mortals coming and going on The Slipstream of The Cosmic Helix. You have to get that thousand-year-stare. You have to be set in the knowledge of having been here before, even if you can't remember where... or when it was.

This is all scripted. What is not scripted is that small space between one moment and the next, where you harmonize or strategize; embracing or avoiding. God loves watching people who think they're smart. He arranges for them to discover what the truth of that is. If you are not moving in humility... you are headed for a fall, for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

The Lord God walks with impunity wherever he may be. It is all his creation and immediately begins to transform at his slightest indication of a whim. If you walk in concert with him, the 23rd Psalm becomes a living reality. If he is outside of you, he becomes The Devil simply because appearances conceal the truth of what... cannot... be... made... visible... by... the... colors... of... the...sensory... palette.

What is The Devil but a distortion in perception; seeing what the untrained imagination presents to you? The Devil is The Carnal Mind. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. God is both angel and devil, and speaks in the language of desire and aspiration, according to your manner of approach. and... your... intentions.

Oh no!!! The whole world is going to Hell! No... the WHOLE WORLD is not going to Hell. Some part of it is ALREADY in Hell. This is another reason that The Avatar comes calling. He WILL liberate... and free those who sincerely seek it. Hell and Suffering are conditions in The Separated Mind.

Oh no!!! I'll lose my identity if I merge with The Divine. Really? How unfortunate for you. Perhaps you should remain as you are. Actually... The Divine is what you really are. You are only imagining everything else that is seen... as if in a dream... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

This world is rife with demonic intelligences, and never more so than now; having been driven from their nooks and crannies in The Invisible. Yet... there is that within you that is master of all you survey. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the World.” Don't be a fool. The Way of The World and The Way of Heaven, are... not... the... same. One is a circle. The other is a spiral. One keeps pressing outward. The other keeps coiling inward.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

how does one merge with the divine? I mean how is it possible to live with a body but no mind or separate ego?

Visible said...

One of these days you'll find out cause at some point (over and over again) EVERYTHING is reabsorbed into The Divine, BUT... not all of it in a conscious fashion.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Visible! Thank you, sir.

. said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
'how does one merge with the divine? I mean how is it possible to live with a body but no mind or separate ego?'

Friday, August 12, 2022 9:21:00 PM

One merges with that which is Divine by aligning their self with that which resonates with the Divine. This requires the alignment of one's energy centres (chakras) with that which the Divine requires. This is mapped out in all Holy Texts. I found Tibetan Buddhism wonderful in regard to the ease with which this information is conveyed. God's Grace is essential in this process because whilst under God's Grace the process naturally unfolds.

This sojourn is one of self mastery, not mastery over others. One does not remove their mind or ego, they learn to control and master them in order to be a more effective co-creator so they can be of more service to the Divine and their fellow Man. Reading the words of masters such as Jesus the Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu etc help to shift ones consciousness to a higher resonation. Until one undergoes such a transformation of mind it is unlikely they will be able to comprehend what they read and embrace the challenge necessary, but their is always hope where faith resides.

One must approach such a labour with love because fear will badly inhibit all efforts. In short one must learn to avoid exhibiting the 7 deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, and embrace the 7 Heavenly virtues chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, forgiveness, kindness and humility.

Most of us get caught up in the world of form and find such things ill advised because '...natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned' (1 Corinthians 2:14).

God Bless
Luv Kazz

steve said...

Dropping the mind off and moving into the heart-space is the simplest way i have found- the mind does not even need to be operating but everything gets done

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les for another Profound (and hilarious) posting. Our lives are all enrichened by you work, thank you so much.

No matter how many re-reads this statement flew right past me:
"Legions of Buffalo Bills, torture whatever they can catch... while listening to the screaming of the lambs".

Would love to catch the meaning.
All the Very Best to you.

Visible said...

It's taken from The Silence of The Lambs and based on a conversation between Lecter and Starling with some editorial license on my part.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
This link may provide some data of visual (words on a page) information for the 'Fundies' in the west...

cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

robert said...

Gracias, Visible!

This is all scripted. What is not scripted is that small space between one moment and the next, where you harmonize or strategize; embracing or avoiding.

This is the space between the personal and the Impersonal, where we learn to love being more than a human limitation.

The Apocalypse reveals that the only factor delaying the blooming of heaven on earth is the manufactured denial of the activities of the people herders trying to create hell on earth.

The will of the people, united in a comprehensive vision, cannot be denied.

The primary element in manipulating suggestible minds is to manufacture passive consent by projecting that the deluded are the majority, that the mob has the mentality approved by the underlords, that the social sea will sweep anyone resisting off their feet to drown in the undertow.

Making it seem hopeless to see the Emperor's nakedness, to see through the infantile lies thrown up with contempt all over the mass mind.

If the mindless mob is moving to the beat of the media matrix, where can the sane be to ride out the storm?

Despite the massive industrial effort to portray the anti-life agenda as sweeping all before it and becoming the de facto new normal, the delusion is not dominant, the willfully deluded are not the majority.

The illusion of ubiquity of madness DEPENDS on the despairing acquiescence of the soul-connected under the bell curve.
The logic of keeping silent while tyranny expends its culture-cancelling load in impotence has silenced the lambs

Too many decent folks have been programmed to fear the lions of truth, while cuddling up with psychopaths while watching streaming media primers on how the most venal vampires are the cool customers to be emulated!

Nod your head in agreement with the mutilation and sterilization of the children as the in-the-know thing to do
Or else
Face the trauma-induced ire of disconnected dependents living for the dystopia of their vain imaginings

Compare the actual numbers:

Media pumped coverage of a few hundred agitated agitators compensated for their destructive rituals?
Thousands who go to rallies, take their protest on the road at their own expense, and show up to vote in person?

The dwindling hard-core fear porn addicts suckling the corporate media teat?
The silent majority turning off the media swindle, actively researching the intermind library and going local with their actions?

As the Apocalypse drums up soul activity, the almost lost minions provide stark contrast in morality plays more over the top every day.
The seeming tsunami of tortured soul-strangled activity presents teaching moments to the ENTIRE PLANET!

Everyone will learn the lesson deep into their DNA and even deeper into their soul-libraries:
Connect and stay in permanent relation to our Higher Spirit's guidance
Superficially feel connected to the force of Mob Mind and its leading pole dancer and go down the drain dreaming of sensual satisfaction

All the effort expended on pysops, gaslighting, sabotaging the economy and locking down freedom indicates where the real power lies dormant.

The awakening is inevitable as it comes from deeper than the superficial distractions can hide.

To love our neighbor now demands we share positive vision by example of delighted calm wherever there is a crack in the grand delusion
Casually and calmly we shine our confidence in the One creator generating the world for us to co-create.

The adherents to the media religion of fear and self-hatred may go all emotional but when the rant is exhausted, the light of day will dawn upon them along with everyone who lets go of controlling others...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Making Sure The Cows don't Come Home. They Built Slaughterhouses Along The Routes of Their Migration Zones."



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