Thursday, August 25, 2022

"History is Personal. History is The Record of The Antics of Personality. There are No Records of The Self.."

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The most important thing for anyone to remember in... times... like... these, is that appearances are deceiving, AND... the manner in which appearances are deceiving is dependent on the quality and kind of deception in you. That last part is the kicker. Lots of people know that appearances are deceiving. A goodly number of them are manipulators... of... appearances. They do not know that the first person they deceived was themselves. They have condemned themselves to The Hall of Crooked Mirrors, where The World does not look like it is, but rather as they think it is.

Let us next consider, The Dream Web. It is within The Dream Web... that the fabrication and manipulation of appearances take place, and it is The Separated Mind that accomplishes it. The Separated Mind is aided by The Desire Body, AND... The Imagination, AND... that portion of The Will that has been apportioned to the use of that... specific... separated... mind.

The Separated Mind has no concept of The Unified Mind; those who live in the consciousness of The One Mind. The Separated Mind lives in a world of its own creation. The One Mind is the author of creation itself. Consider this carefully, if you will. Consider the implications, since... you... are... a... reflection... of... it.

Consider that all who exist in a separated mind are separated from The One Thing that makes life meaningful, AND... all of those in separated mind, experience this lack in everything they place their affection upon. NONE OF THESE things answers the call of The Heart, that is The Voice of the Soul, crying out in the suffering of separation. Generally... in Times of Material Darkness, we starve our soul and spirit for comfort and carnal appetite.

We are, at some seeming distance from the ineffable core of our being. This distance is imaginary. It is created by the attention given to temporary things. It is created by the disconnect brought about by our fear. It is created by the investment in temporary things. One who lets go of all the hallucinations they have convinced themselves of will be welcomed in grand style by The One Mind.

Think of it! The masses of The World live in a mirage that is out-pictured by The Separated Mind. Because of the tumult that is caused in The Separated Mind by The Desire Body, you have... by turns... war and peace, famine and plenty, and all of the opposing changes of life that come and go along a biorhythmic continuum of valleys and mountains, ups and downs, all while progressively fading from the picture, only... to... return... again... and again... and again until the day that one sees that this is so.

It matters not what arguments you might seek to make against what has just been said here. If it is true, AND... it... is... demonstrably... true, then what good are your arguments to the contrary? Better to meet it at the core rather than contending with what you have... absolutely... no... power... over.

The ONLY power you have is to embrace The Divine Plan or to oppose The Divine Plan. Now... intelligent people, driven by The Personal Will (which is another illusion) have found many ways to close their minds against seeing... things... as... they... are. Denial is a powerful force. It can close The Mind off entirely, from seeing... things... as... they... are, by separating it from What Is.

God is love. That is a fact. Let us say that God is Love insofar as we can understand what God and Love are. God, very likely, is far more than love... as... we... understand... it. Love moves beyond our reach in one direction, (thank Heaven) and beyond our comprehension in the other. If you want to change The Past, change The Present, and... one day that will be what there is of your past.

History is personal. History is the record of the antics of personality. There are no records of The Self. There are traditions and religions that say this, that, and the other thing, but they only hint at what is there. One has to experience it to have any idea of what it is. Thereby we come to ajnana, jnana, and vijnana. Ajnana is ignorance. Ignorance is the identifier of those who walk in darkness. Wisdom is the identifier of those who walk in the light, and Vijnana is the state of those who dance and delight in the company of God; those who are on intimate terms with The Almighty.

There is more variation and unique characteristics to those who live in The Kingdom of Heaven than is found in the widest reach between those coming and going on The Earth, YET... all of them seem very much the same in a particular way, and they are thereby recognizable to their kindred spirits wherever they may encounter them, no matter what temporary appearances may seem to conceal them from the sightless dreamers... they are instantly known to one another because the same SELF is resident in each of them.

What we are discussing here makes no sense to The Separated Mind, and even when some part of it rings a distant bell, they will reject it out of hand because, NO... ONE... TELLS... THEM... WHAT... TO... DO!

Heh heh... au contraire, unless you are willingly and consciously taking your direction from The One, by default... you are the plaything of The Many... also called, Legion sometimes... and many another name at other times. The Divided Mind is a marching pawn of The Prince of Darkness, who... is... a... creation... of.... the... separated... mind.

The reason for this posting is to show the elegant simplicity of what is available to every one of us, the... moment... we... give... up... our... resistance... to... it. We unconsciously block out our experience of freedom with those things we give ourselves in bondage to. The Separated Mind REACTS. It says... I would never do such a thing to myself. Take a moment to study the world around you and tell me this is not so. So it goes in The Penitentiary of The Mind; ♫ Oh Lawd... I got (you got a lot more than) 99 ♫

You could spend eternity running around trying to fix everything that you THINK is wrong with The World, while one generation after another repeats the same mistakes in a different way, AND THEY KEEP ON A COMING... generation after generation. Over the long haul... humanity comes into greater, and greater states of refinement. It might take millions and millions of years, BUT... that... does... not... have... to... be... the... case. You can swim upstream.

Let go of these things that bind and torment the spirit. Stuff is Stuff. I don't care how radiantly it glitters. I don't care how intoxicating and fascinating the form may be. I don't care how hard it might be to get or what its value may be in the marketplaces of The World, it's... still... just... stuff.

Those who do not have... dream day and night about having. Those who do have... spend all their time trying to possess and protect it. Mortality comes to them both. Then their places are switched and the same thing goes on again... and again... and again, in the Temple of Stuff. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul?” I suspect there is a deeper meaning there, because... how can you lose your soul? That is God's property. It is what houses The Spirit that gives it life. Yes... there must be more to it.

Reflection... like Contemplation, bears much fruit for those who regularly employ it.

Day by day, people see what is happening around them, and day by day, they become more angry and more terrified. Yet they do nothing to change the conditions that cause all the problems they see everywhere, AND... which... they... will... never... change... by trying to change The World around them. That is like trying to adjust the objects in a display window. That is shuffling appearances, AND people... like cards in a deck; which... they... are, just playing cards.

Some people imagine they are very good at shuffling the cards and dealing from the bottom of the deck. They cause havoc everywhere, and... laugh about it. It makes them feel good. They do Evil simply for the joy of doing it. Many others scream about this... that... and the other thing, and do nothing but try to get their end, and keep it safe from the ravening hordes.

If you don't like what you see, change the one who is seeing it.

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Visible said...

There's a new Bob Dylan out there=

Yep... the times they are a changing.

Visible said...


I really appreciate what you do with reposting my work at other locations. I am not so aware of it since I have NEVER returned to Pocketnet again since they made my presence impossible, so... I was unaware of it. Really... thank you!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You're worth it, Les.

Now to the post. Quite frankly, I've had it with those who focus exclusively on this realm. I also wonder why my head hasn't exploded after I read through the news headlines this morn'. Ye gods, what a mess. Being dead and waiting for the body to catch up is the only way to be. Glad I no longer have anything vested in this. . .this. . .there is no epithet strong enough for this place.

Waiting for the world to go Sri Lanka. Revolutions are starting, and I have a feeling nothing we know is gonna be in another 6 months. I could be wrong, but I could be right. There's a first time for everything.

All I can say is I am trying to do less than what little I'm already doing, and just watching the stupid movie whilst a wee part 'o me is in it, until it's over. Good riddance it will be.

As far as I'm concerned, the new era can start without me. After all, no matter how good it gets here, the Otherside is still better. I'm not into limitations of any kind. I'm also a bit perturbed at not being fully self-contained and needing something outside of myself to keep going as I am. Not to mention, I WANT MY AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Every time i read you - every day, sometimes a few times in a day - all i can do is nod my head yes. Your posts are filled with the wisdom this world needs. thanks so much. I'm also planning on spending time in the posts from earlier years. I love reading what you write.


Gregory said...

Dear Vis,

This post was succinct in its profundity and insight and qualifies as a sacred text.

I too want to thank LTPTB for posting to RMN where I discovered you. Both of you deserve radiant nose hair coats of celestial light.

You gems of light are like those volunteers on the sidelines of marathons, handing out water and encouraging words like, "Keep it up! You are doing great. Only 17 more miles to go!"

Thank you. Be well knowing people are learning to point their nostrils skyward.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I Am Not Going to Kiss The Ring on The Hand of The Prince of Darkness. I Don't Have To. Some May Feel They Do."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You're welcome, Greg. Oh man. I just wanted a Celtic, red nose hair coat; but what you described leaves that in the dust. Aim high, huh?



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